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Senior Citizen's Eden by Jim Stanley Chapters 10, 11, & 12

Chapter 10

Katherine, Fred, and John

Katherine bumped into John on the grounds one day, smiled and said, "I
never got a chance to thank you for that wonderful evening with Fred and
me. It did Fred a world of good for his ego and his fantasies. Did Fred
ever get around to thanking you? He said he would."
John replied, "Yes. In fact, the next day, when I met Fred after
lunch, we strolled off alone and talked about our menage a
trois. Needless to say, he was extremely contented and happy."
"Did he mention another go at it?" asked Katherine. "He thought a
more active threesome might be even better," she added. John didn't think
it appropriate to relate all of Fred's remarks except to tell Katherine
that Fred was ready to try an active threesome the next time.
In fact, Fred invited John up to his apartment for a discussion on
improving the party the next time around. They had a couple of drinks and,
as Fred relaxed, he let his imagination roam in order to embellish their
proposed lovemaking.
"I really got turned on, John, by your presence that day," Fred
began. "In particular," he continued, "seeing you in the nude with a hard
on really got me going. Seeing your hand gripping your hard cock, watching
the head of your dick appear and disappear in the palm of your hand was an
exotic novelty for me. At the end, when you shot your load at my dick,
balls, and Katherine's hot cunt, I really turned on. It was the warmth of
your cum hitting my balls and dick that set me off. I ended up having an
orgasm unlike any I've ever had. It seemed to go on and on."
John nodded approvingly and added that his first experience with
voyeurism was just as delicious.
"I'm finding out, Fred," he observed, toasting Fred with his drink,
"that there are many facets to my sexuality, and, I suspect, to everyone's
sexuality. You're finding that out, too."
"Yes," added Fred. "And keeping an open mind about sexuality is
healthy," he observed.
John felt that Fred was trying to reconcile his desires by this
comment, perhaps still feeling a little uncomfortable by such openness. So
he interrupted Fred's observation with another. "Indeed, Fred, everything
I've read about sex, particularly from the viewpoint of aging, reinforces
your view. Men and women who explore their sexuality without any moral or
ethical encumbrances have healthy and happy sex lives. And age doesn't
dampen it" he added, thinking of Charlie's active sexuality.
Fred smiled in agreement, feeling for the first time a comfort in
discussing his sexuality. He also felt a slight twinge of lust in his dick
and grabbed at his crotch, saying, "Damn it. Just talking about it sets me
John could see a slight bulge in Fred's crotch and quickly added,
"See, you're finding out lots of things about your sexuality. Now you know
that talking about it can get you excited."
Fred laughingly but nervously asked, "And you?"
John uncrossed his legs to reveal a slight bulge in his pants. In
the same motion, he unzipped his fly and displayed a semi-erect dick to
Fred, commenting, "Can you see this coming into Katherine's hot cunt as you
lie on your back and lick her cunt, my dick moving in and out?" It was the
exact fantasy he had at the time of Fred and Katherine's encounter.
"I'm glad you mentioned that because, at the time, I wanted
desperately to do just that except that I didn't know how you'd react,"
Fred replied.
"Exactly my sentiments, too, Fred," John added. "I desperately
wanted to stick my cock in her cunt as you sucked it." He showed Fred the
underside of his now hard cock and said, "This is the side you'd be looking
at when I would be fucking Katherine."
"May I?" Fred asked, kneeling between John's legs and letting his
tongue lick the underside of John's cock. His tongue tasted John's cock and
balls and, when he came up for air, said, "It's just as I've always dreamt
it to be. Now we need the juices of Katherine's hot cunt to complete the
Fred undid John's belt buckle in another motion and slide his pants
and underwear from his legs. He untied his shoes and removed his socks as
well. John, in the meantime, removed his own shirt and sat naked before
Fred's face and exploring tongue. "This is new to me, John, and
exciting. Lay back and let me explore while you enjoy."
John's cock pulsed with excitement. The veins stood out boldly as
it arched upward toward Fred's accepting mouth and tongue. Fred took in
this excitement with more exploration. Seeing the prostate fluids at the
tip of John's cock, he took John entirely into his mouth. John felt his
cock slide deep into Fred's throat, passing the glottis on its way down.
He took Fred's head into the palms of his hands and pressed it
downward, feeling his foreskin retract tightly, exposing the fullness of
the head of his dick. Fred delighted in this touch and responded with a
moan that signaled approval. As he felt John's hard cock slide in and out
of his throat, he let his tongue playfully massage the head of his cock, at
the same time tasting the sweet tartness of the fluids emanating from the
tip of his cock. The fluids became more and more pronounced, signaling an
orgasm. Wanting to prolong John's ecstasy, Fred withdrew his mouth from
John's cock and began to playfully suck and tongue John's testicles. His
tongue would seek out the crevices between John's balls and groin and lick
in one motion the testicle and the inside of the groin, allowing his tongue
to glide as far as John's knee and then back. Once back at John's
testicles, he would take one entire testicle into his mouth and massage it
gently with a sucking motion of the tongue. His hands, too, worked in
tandem with his mouth. While he sucked, his hands roamed gently, but
firmly, over the gray hairs of John's stomach and chest. He lingered
playfully at the nipples of John's breasts, massaging them into a firmness
that sent shivers of delight to John's brain. The sucking and tonguing
went to John's feet, too. His insoles, the backs of his heels, the crevices
of the toes and the toes themselves experienced Fred's loving, massaging
tongue and lips. And he always returned to John's throbbing and hard
cock. The sensations came quicker now. Fred sensed it in John's hip
movement, meeting the thrust of his mouth. He sensed it in the intensity of
John's moans that came in greater frequency. He now gave John's hard cock
his undivided attention and, as he did, John exploded into Fred's mouth. It
took Fred by surprise since he never tasted or felt the warmth of a male's
cum and he paused momentarily to taste its salinity. It excited him and his
head movement on John's cock accelerated until the sensation of the orgasm
came to John in rapid-fire succession. His sphincter muscles contracted
rapidly and expelled the orgasmic fluids with force in spurts that
ricocheted off the back of Fred's throat. John literally screamed, a muted
scream, nevertheless a scream. This delighted Fred to such a degree he shot
in his pants. He experienced a wet dream in all its intensity, in full
wakefulness, recalling the days of his youth when he woke to the wetness of
his pajamas after a joyous and intense dream. His response, unlike John's
was a joyous, loud, but garbled, "Ummmm! Ummmmmm! Ummmmm," since John's
hard cock still throbbed in his mouth.
Minutes of silence passed, Fred's head resting in John's
crotch. John ventured to ask, "Are you sure you've never done this before?
I've never had such a delicious cocksuck in my entire life."
Fred responded, "And surprisingly, my instincts all through this
session were as if I'd been doing it all of my life. I think it may have
had something to do with mentally wishing someone to have done the same to
me all through my life. Doing it to you helped me live through that
fantasy. I even shot my load when you came. I've never had that happen even
with a woman."
After some light conversation about life and the world, John got up
to leave. "Fred, I had better get going to let you get some rest. I
certainly will sleep well tonight after that orgasm."
Fred grinned and added, "I'll talk to you tomorrow after Katherine
and I decide on an appropriate time for a real menage a trois. She's
going to be away for the weekend at her daughter's home in the country.

Chapter 11

Jim and Charlie

Jim was a newcomer to the building. He was a Canadian by birth and came to
the United States some forty years ago to work in the construction
field. He had just turned seventy and decided to pursue a more leisurely
life, putting behind him the years he worked hard. Added to the hard work
of his occupation, he came home to face the additional mundane chores of
housekeeping and lawn trimming. His whole life was dedicated to his work,
his home, and his mother who lived with him the last ten years of her
life. His life was hard, but it was also dedicated to caring for others,
especially his mother.
On his first day at Carter Court, ninety year old Charlie noticed
Jim's befuddlement over routines at meals. He seemed not to be sure of mail
and other institutional arrangements. After breakfast, one morning,
therefore, Charlie came to Jim, introduced himself, and offered to become
his mentor during this period of adjustment. They hit it off
immediately. Charlie's warmth and the younger Jim's need for assistance
seemed fated. For Jim, it was a reversal of roles. He had dedicated his
life to others, particularly his mother. Here, on the other hand, was
someone offering his help to him. He accepted in bemused silence. So when
ninety-year-old Charlie's said, "Let me be your guide while you're
adjusting to Carter Court," Jim responded with a firm handshake and a
partial, affectionate embrace of Charlie. An indescribable electrical
charge passed through Charlie and Jim in that embrace and their friendship,
unknown to both at the time, was sealed. Simply put, Charlie loved Jim and
Jim loved Charlie. Both noticed something new in their lives.
When Jim and Charlie met outside or in the building, real feelings
of warmth and closeness surfaced. It was evident in their smiles. It was
evident in their touching. It was evident in their actively searching for
each other's companionship. Jim may have initiated contact first. Neither,
now, remembers who was the first. But, one day, Jim, who drove, asked
Charlie if he'd like to take a drive in the country. For both, it turned
into a day of joy and wonder. It was a leisurely and slow paced outing that
ended with dinner at a country inn. Another time, it was Charlie who asked
Jim to join him for a walk through the park. Still, later, Charlie asked
Jim to join him for dinner at his daughter's house, an hour's drive from
Carter Court. But there were other, more intimate signs. Charlie spent most
of his time in Jim's apartment where they sat and talked and delighted in
one another's company. From the onset, they sat side by side on Jim's sofa
when they talked or watched television. Often Charlie would fall asleep
during a program, his head resting gently on Jim's shoulder or chest. Jim
would cradle Charlie's head gently in his arms in these moments of
spontaneous sleep. Neither was embarrassed afterwards by these
manifestations of intimacy.
As time went on, there wasn't even a subtlety about affection. When
watching television, Charlie lay on his back with his head in Jim's
lap. And as they watched, Jim's hand would find its way inside Charlie's
shirt and gently massage his chest and arms. There was no conscious
sexuality to any of these actions at first. Each felt free to touch and
love without resorting to genital love. Charlie often responded to these
mini massages with, "That's so relaxing, Jim."
One evening, Jim said, "Charlie, let's go into the bedroom and let
me give you a real nice massage. It should make you feel real good."
In the bedroom, Charlie sat on the side of the bed while Jim
removed Charlie's shoes and socks. Then he removed his shirt to reveal a
chest covered with gray hair that extended down below the buckle of his
pants. "Lay back now, Charlie, and let me get your pants and shorts off."
Charlie aided Jim by lifting his waist. Charlie now lay naked, revealing
gray hairs extending down his oval belly to his navel, to his flaccid
cock. "Now lay back, close your eyes and let me massage you into oblivion,
Charlie," Jim whispered softly. Jim began with Charlie's head. He massaged
his brow and face gently, taking pains to put gentle pressure on the eyes
and temples. Jim coupled this massage with tender kisses on the eyes and
mouth. These were only light lip caresses but they sent a shudder of
affection through Charlie. "Oh! That feels good, Jim," Charlie murmured.
The massage continued to the neck and chest. In a circular motion,
Jim's warm hands massaged his neck and nape, putting a light relaxing
pressure on the base of the spinal column at the back of Charlie's
neck. Jim's massage continued slowly and gently over the chest and stomach
area, interspersed with a gentle sucking of the nipples on Charlie's
breast. They hardened as he did so and Charlie felt a tingling sensation
that delighted him. Jim then moved to the pubic area, taking care to avoid
direct contact with Charlie's cock. He massaged the crevices between
Charlie's testicles and groin, alternating with a gentle circular motion of
the entire pubic area. He grasped Charlie's testicles tenderly in his hand
and kneaded them gently. Charlie's cock responded to these caresses even
though it remained in a flaccid state. But the sensuality of this massage
played on Charlie's excitement and sexual pleasure. Jim continued down
Charlie's legs to his feet. He worked the muscles of the groin and the
knees gently but firmly. When Jim reached Charlie's feet, he took special
pains to massage each toe and the crevices of each toe. He rubbed the
insole of Charlie's feet with the ball of his hand, putting hard and firm
pressure on those muscles. Charlie could feel the effects of this foot
massage in the upper reaches of his body. He turned Charlie gently on his
stomach now and began the massage again from the nape of the neck. Jim used
long pressured strokes on Charlie's back that started at the neck and
extended down to his buttocks. He spread Charlie's legs wide and kneaded
his buttocks tenderly, paying close attention to the base of Charlie's
spine and the anal region between Charlie's asshole and the base of his
cock. It was the area of the prostate and the extended musculature of
Charlie's cock. Under him, Charlie could feel his cock getting hard. He
also felt Jim's tongue probing his asshole and the base of his cock. He
moaned approval. They continued this way for what seemed hours to
Charlie. Finally, Jim turned Charlie over on his back again to reveal a
semi erect cock dripping with juices from his prostate.
Now, for the first time in this encounter, Jim attended to
Charlie's cock. He took it deep into his mouth and sucked. He alternated
with continued massaging of Charlie's stomach and testicles. The whole
massage now led to a climactic end. Charlie, at the peak of his excitement,
thrust his hips and his now hard cock into Jim's warm mouth. He felt Jim's
tongue wrap itself around the head and rub it into a state of heightened
sensitivity. As Charlie's thrusts grew faster, so did his excitement. Then
it came. He took Jim's head into the palms of his hands, pressed downward,
stretching taut the foreskin of his hard cock and exploded. "Oh! My God,
Jim, I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming," he cried. It was an orgasm that
came from the deepest part of his body and mind, a result of a long, gentle
two-hour loving massage. Afterwards, Jim undressed and lay naked, his body
pressed tightly to Charlie for the rest of the night.
From that day on, they slept together and loved together.

Chapter 12


Cynthia just turned 80 when she came to Carter Court. She was a small
woman. Some would even describe her as diminutive. Charlie's off the cuff
remark described her as a "table top variety." Fred referred to her as a
"spinner." By that he meant you could put her on your dick and spin her
around like a top, an expression that dated back to World War 1. Cynthia's
demeanor was pleasant and everyone who met her fell in love with her
immediately. If one were pushed to give a reason for this liking, it would
be difficult to come up with a straight answer. Inevitably, people would
come back to Cynthia's engaging smile and looks and a sense of helplessness
that suggested fragility. In fact, her daughter put her in Carter Court
because of this aura of helplessness. In addition, she couldn't understand
her mother's naturalness about her body, a naturalness she practiced when
her husband still lived.
The daughter often came home to find Cynthia strolling about quite
naked. Oftentimes, if the daughter entered her mother's room, she would
find her on the bed or in a chair, her legs spread apart, masturbating. The
daughter's sense of prudery couldn't understand these moments and decided
to lay the blame on senility or Alzheimer's. In any case, she didn't feel
that her mother's actions were appropriate to her age and station. Needless
to say, Cynthia picked up on her daughter's tacit disapprovals and tensions
began to mount between them. So when the daughter suggested moving to
Carter Court, Cynthia jumped at the opportunity since she was not a person
to argue. She could have pointed out to her daughter that coming into her
room unannounced was inappropriate. Or that masturbation was a normal form
of release. Or that age had nothing to do with sexual responsiveness and
desires. But she disliked arguing and held her peace.
Her moving to Carter Court was not without apprehensions. What were
the people like? What adjustments would she need to make? Would she be
treated as an adult and not a child? These were questions that continually
lurked behind that ingenuous smile of hers, the smile that everyone warmed
to. Her adjustment to Carter Court was rapid. In no time, a sense of
tranquility overtook her. And the reasons were obvious. She could do as she
wanted without censure from anyone. She felt comfortable, for example,
walking around her apartment in the nude. She felt free to enjoy her body
without any recriminations. She made love to herself everywhere, on the
sofa, in the tub, on the bed, in front of mirrors, on the floor in the
warmth of the sun that shone brightly into her easterly positioned
apartment. Loving herself was not hard, either. When she looked into a
mirror, she saw a pretty woman. Her deep brown eyes stood out on her thin
aristocratic face. The silvery gray of her hair offered additional contrast
to those brown eyes. Her nose was finely chiseled and in perfect proportion
to the rest of her face. Underneath her clothing, her diminutiveness
revealed a body pleasant to behold. Her breasts were well formed and
firm. The mirror also revealed a flat stomach, accenting a pronounced vulva
with an abundance of pubic hair, unusual in an aging woman. The only thing
that betrayed her age were the gray hairs on her head and the pepper and
salt hair on her vagina. But what made Cynthia most lovable was her winsome
smile and, without exception, everyone at Carter Court loved her.
This winsomeness had its problems, too. Loving leads to touching
and everyone at Carter Court, man or woman, could not talk to Cynthia
unless they touched her. With men, in particular, she sensed a touching
which was sensual and inviting. But unknown to anyone, except her and her
late husband, there was always a fear of sexual intercourse because of a
constricted vaginal opening. Sex with her husband was mostly
obligatory. She never enjoyed it because of the pain the penetration
caused. She always had to masturbate after sex to experience the delights
of release, something her husband understood and abetted. But after he
died, how did one explain this phenomenon to anyone. Instead, she
masturbated, enjoyed herself, and avoided sexual encounters. Creative,
solitary sex was her answer. In fact, over the years, she became an expert
on loving self and searched her mind and body for innumerable ways to
please herself sexually.
If one asked Cynthia, "Cynthia, what method do you like best for
satisfying yourself?" she would be hard pressed for an answer. She enjoyed
using her hand and index finger, for example, because it gave the sensation
of human contact. The palm of her hand would rub her vaginal area as her
index finger manipulated the extraordinarily sensitive clitoris. Her left
hand was free to explore her breasts and other parts of her body. At other
times, a dildo was her choice. This gave her a deeper penetration. It
seemed, too, that when alone, the muscles relaxed and the vagina accepted
the dildo without the pain of a human cock in her cunt. I say human cock
because Cynthia even tried it with her pet dog, a Schnauzer who had a
perpetual hard on. Perhaps the most exciting of these impersonal contacts
came with the Schnauzer's licking Cynthia's cunt. She would lay with her
legs outstretched, the dog lying comfortably between them, and allow him to
lick her clitoris into excruciating orgasms. The dog's rough tongue did
things to her clitoris that nothing else did.
She also liked making love in the bathtub. She would prepare for
it. She would make herself a candlelight dinner. At the dinner, she would
sip a pleasant wine, enjoying a menu that she had chosen for its
delights. Afterwards, she would turn down the lights, strip naked, draw her
bath water and submerge into its warmth. Still sipping on the same glass of
wine, she would begin her explorations of her body. She would probe her
vagina. She would probe her asshole, massaging the sphincter into utmost
submission. It would relax so much that her asshole could accept, without
complaint, a large dildo. She often coupled this penetration with a deep
massage of her clitoris and her cunt. This double penetration led to
indescribable ecstasies that drained her of desire for several days. Nor
was her sexual stimulation restricted to her home. She would make a day of
her sexuality.
Often, she would begin with a trip to the mall. She would sit on a
bench in such a way as to attract the looks of another man. She might have
her legs crossed, only to uncross them with a calculated awkwardness that
revealed the jewels beneath her dress. She never wore panties for this
reason. She enjoyed the excitement of knowing a man was looking at
her. Sometimes, she positioned herself on a mall bench, both feet planted
solidly on the ground, knees apart. If the sunlight were correct, the dark
outline of her vagina could be seen. Some men, in fact, looked forward to
seeing Cynthia. They would even position themselves to get a good glimpse
of Cynthia's inner thighs. The height of Cynthia's excitement at these
times came when men responded to this game with visual displays of sexual
excitement. Some would extend their legs forward and show the bulge in
their pants. Others would rub their crotches. Occasionally, men would sit
next to her and engage her in conversations, hoping for more. These
charades were not restricted to men. Women, too, responded to Cynthia. It
was the smile and the aura of fragility that appealed to the women. Her
comfort zone with women was greater since the sexual associations of pain
were absent. Cynthia had never had another woman suck her cunt, but she
often wondered how it would be. Thus, in these moments at the mall, her
fantasies for such a sexual encounter with a woman played out.
Once, in fact, an older woman in her 60's sat next to her and
engaged in a conversation. It was an amicable one that eventually led to an
offer to drive her home. In the car, the woman proposed having a coffee at
her apartment to which Cynthia agreed. After an hour of pleasant
conversation, the woman drove Cynthia home, exchanged telephone numbers,
and promised to be in touch. The friendship developed slowly but nicely,
each enjoying the other's companionship. Cynthia's seeming fragility played
greatly in their friendship.
Several months into this friendship, Marge, as the new friend was
called, suggested they take swimming exercises at the local "Y." Cynthia
was delighted at this prospect. On their first day at the Y, they had to
disrobe. Marge's attentiveness to Cynthia was obvious and it was the first
time either had seen the other nude. Cynthia contrasted her own slender
body with Marge's. Marge was broad hipped compared to Cynthia's small
hips. A pendulous stomach hung below Marge's large breasts. Her pubic hair
was ample and darker, Marge being some twenty years younger. There was
enough of Marge's vulva visible to pique Cynthia's curiosity and she even
dropped her towel before Marge so she could bend down and take in a closer
sideward glance at Marge's cunt. Cynthia, too, took note of Marge's
interest in her body. To get Marge's reaction, she bent forward to rummage
through her bag with her back to Marge. This position exposed her cunt and
asshole to Marge's viewing. Unnoticed by Marge was the fact that Cynthia
could measure her reaction through the floor length mirrors that surrounded
the dressing room. The view obviously excited Marge. In her excitement, one
hand touched her lips to stifle a gasp while the other reached down for her
own vagina. What Marge saw, of course, was Cynthia's vaginal lips spread
wide, the dark pigmentation of the surrounding area offset by the light
reds and pinks of the interior of Cynthia's cunt. Cynthia's arousal was
evident because the neon on the ceiling reflected her cunt's juices.
The stage was set. When Marge and Cynthia returned to Marge's
apartment, each, as if with one voice, decided to shower. Once again, they
stripped. Marge suggested that Cynthia shower first, offering, in the same
sentence, to wash her back. Oh! That would be wonderful, Marge," she
replied. "I haven't had a good backwash since my husband died. He used to
wash it for me daily. I so miss those times."
"Maybe we can replicate those good days again, Cynthia," Marge
replied, as they entered the shower together. "Let me lather you," Marge
continued. Cynthia turned her back to her and allowed Marge to wash. The
soaping was gentle as was the massage. Marge's hands moved lovingly around
Cynthia's shoulders and down her back to her buttocks. She continued to
wash the buttocks, allowing her hand and fingers to dip into the inner
recesses of Cynthia's asshole. Cynthia assisted Marge's maneuvers by
spreading her legs and leaning forward with her head on the shower wall.
She also encouraged Marge by saying, "Oh! That feels
wonderful. You're going to spoil me." It was not lost on Marge. Her hands
continued this gentle massage to the cunt. She lathered and playfully
inserted her index finger into Cynthia's cunt. Cynthia responded by
spreading her legs wider, giving Marge the fullness of her labia.
The washing and probing went on for several minutes. Cynthia then
turned and faced Marge saying, "Let me reciprocate." Marge turned to face
the wall of the shower as Cynthia lathered and massaged Marge's ample
body. Her small hand reached for Marge's cunt. It played upon the labia and
reached up through her legs to feel Marge's entire stomach. It was one
gliding motion, the hand sliding from the asshole over the cunt through her
legs up the stomach to the navel. It excited Marge as well as Cynthia.
Marge said it first but could say nothing more than, "Oh! Cynthia!
Oh! Cynthia! Oh! Cynthia!"
Cynthia responded, "I hope that feels as good to you as it does to
me." She punctuated that feeling with an embrace. Her small arms encircled
Marge's body from behind, her hands cupping Marge's breasts. She pressed
her soapy body close to Marge, her vagina rubbing Marge's ass. After
several minutes of this interplay, they rinsed, faced one another, embraced
and kissed. "Let's lay on the bed Cynthia," Marge whispered.
Still wet, they lay in a close embrace, Marge's voluptuous arms
cradling tiny Cynthia. They kissed and explored in this position for some
time. Marge then rose and knelt before Cynthia in loving admiration of her
body. She pressed this admiration forward, showering Cynthia's body with a
profusion of kisses. It was really a tongue bath. She kissed her eyes, her
nose, her mouth, her neck, her breasts, and, finally, her vagina. Here she
lingered, her tongue dancing on the labia and the clitoris. It was a
teasing motion at first. Then her tongue probed the inner recesses of
Cynthia's wet and excited cunt. Marge's experienced tongue danced around
the rim of her vulva, alternately dipping deep into Cynthia's cunt. It was
a fucking motion, in and out, and, when her tongue retreated, it pressed
hard on Cynthia's clitoris in a sliding motion.
The sensation was excruciating. Cynthia's hips responded to these
thrusts with thrusts of her own, allowing Marge's tongue to penetrate her
cunt even deeper. This new experience was too much for her. She
exploded. Her hot cunt juices literally poured out of her cunt into Marge's
mouth. "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," she cried, at the same time digging her nails
into Marge's shoulders.
Marge moaned her approval with her own, "Uuuuuuuhhhhhnnnnnnnn,"
sucking dry the juices being expelled by Cynthia's hot and wet cunt. Then
she collapsed into a fetal position between Cynthia's legs, her head
resting on Cynthia's wet vaginal hairs, her hands continually roaming over
Cynthia's breasts and face in loving adoration of her ecstasy. They
slept. Fifteen minutes elapsed and Cynthia spoke first.
"Marge, I'm in heaven. I wish this moment would never pass," she
whispered. Marge could only smile and pat Cynthia's breast and belly with
an approving sigh.

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