Friday, April 24, 2009

Betting on Jeremy Chapter 1

Everyone looked as Jeremy literally swept into the betting area at
Lemington racecourse. Here was the tall elegant eighteen year old on his
first legal visit to the betting ring.

Everyone had to look at the handsome, some would say beautiful young
man. His blonde hair was cut and styled in the latest fashion, but what
really took people's eyes was his outfit. The light cram superbly cut suit
hung so well from his broad, but not exaggerated shoulders. Instead of a
conventional shirt and tie, he had elected to wear a light blue fashion
T-shirt with a plunging V neck. Accentuating his smooth lightly tanned
chest was a fine gold chain with a delicate gold cross.

His stylish dark glasses where perched on the front of his styled hair
allowing his bright blue eyes to flash.

His smile was certainly infectious as he turned and surveyed all who had
been studying him. As he smiled so everyone smiled back, and his beauty
became more stunning.

The crowd now moved a little as the handsome older gentleman moved
through. As he passed the blonde boy his hand cupped the neat bubble butt,
the boy turned and smiled as the man swept his hand to indicate the nearby

The boy knew the signal and, without drawing attention to his movement and
the act of following the man, he swept lightly through the toilet door.

The man was standing at the urinal, his large cock already relieving its
stream of man piss. The boy moved alongside and carefully unzipped his
cream trousers and pulled forth his massive boy cock. The large bulbous
circumcised head extremely prominent with its long piss slit. What really
excited most men was the length of the light creamy pink shaft, a nice
contrast to the deeper pink broad knob.

He allowed his fist to travel up the long thick shaft so that more than six
inches of massive cock was on view. The elegant man beside now moved his
hand to rub over the cock, which was still dry.

His eyes burnt into the boy, who smiled and stepped back from the stainless
steel trough. He walked casually to the far cubicle, as the man followed.
Inside the boy sat on the seat as the door closed and the man's now
stiffening cock was pushed towards his moistened and open lips. Soon the
cock was engulfed in the boy's mouth and his head began to bob back and
forth,, his tongue playing a symphony on the ridge behind the enlarged male
cock head. The man rested his hands on the boys expensively coiffured hair,
careful not to upset the style as the excitement rose in the man's groin.
Soon he was fucking hard into the boy's face and then with a strangled
gurgle he unloaded his man juice down the willing throat of the boy.

As the man left, another entered the cubicle, his cock already reaching a
good state of stiffness. The boy smiled and opened his mouth and started
his second suck session. The nicely shaped cock, this one also circumcised
but with a smaller cock head, almost the same size as the shaft. The cock
drove right into the boy's open mouth and soon was massaging his throat.
His tongue now lapped around the ridge behind the head and soon the man,
grasping the boys head fired volley after volley of cum right down the open
throat. Conditioned to this action the boy swallowed, then used his tongue
and mouth flesh to pulse against the cock.

The man pulled out and left but not before he pushed a race bet ticket and
two large denomination notes into the top pocket of the fine cream suit.

Jeremy left the toilet soon after, adjusting his fine clothing as he
re-joined the jostling crowd of punters.

In another pocket he discovered four large denomination bank notes and
another bet ticket, this one for a race that had just concluded. He looked
smiling at the number on the ticket, then looked up at the TV console. He
jumped a little as he realized that his ticket matched the number of the
winning horse. The odds were good and he strode, with his head held high to
the paying booth. He would profit on that race by a huge sum, almost two
thousand pounds.

Now he joined his young companion Christopher, who although also eighteen,
looked like a fourteen year old, and this had for the past six years been
his fortune. He too was dressed in the latest male fashion, his smart well
cut suit of dark grey with fine yellow and blue thread thin stripes setting
off his pale cream designer T-shirt, gold neck chain and wrist
bracelet. His dark hair was spiked with blonde streaks which accentuated
his boyish good looks.

Christopher too had paid a visit to one of the toilets. He had swallowed
three loads of cum. He also had a card in his pocket giving him the address
for an after race party. He knew what would be expected from him at the
party. He would strip provocatively in front of a group of wealthy men, and
then allow then to fuck his tight little bubble butt, as well as suck his
pierced tits and cock. He was completely submissive to these men and, like
Jeremy, had become their toy almost two years before he celebrated his
first teen birthday. Perhaps today he may be joined by another young boy,
as he has often done over the years. He felt his smooth pubic area, for all
his customers liked the fact that he had a smooth hairless little boy body
and that his cock and balls were small in size. They felt he was still only
thirteen, and he played the little boy part with great elan. He enjoyed
having sex with these men, and deliberately screamed and acted out
resistance as they penetrated his well fucked arse. They enjoyed the
thought that they were taking the boy's virginity, when in fact he had
given that away to an older man when he was eleven.

Jeremy also now sat and thought about his life now, and easily regressed to
his early years of sexual education. He clearly remembered the first time
he had gone with a man. He had been with his school chums at the afternoon
movies when he really needed to piss. He couldn't believe the number of men
standing in the toilet of the theater. Then he heard the sound of sloppy
squishing and was soon directed to look into one of the cubicles where a
young boy, not much older than himself was happily allowing an older man to
punch his big cock into the youngster's little arse. In the next it was a
similar action, the boy being a little older and he smiled at Jeremy as the
man rammed into his arse. In the third booth they attempted to remove
Jeremy's flimsy shorts, but he resisted. Then the nice man came to his
rescue and dragged him out of the booth and the toilet. Jeremy told him
quickly that he had to pee, so the man now ushered him into the vacant
ladies toilet, where he released his need to exit his piss. The man smiled
at his far from little hairless cock, and then grabbed his hand and whisked
him out of the building via a rear door and into a waiting chauffeur driven

The man ran his fingers up his leg as they drove off and soon his fingers
were playing gently with his stiff uncut cock, as he carefully remove the
shorts. Jeremy wore no underwear so his little arse was soon rubbing on the
smooth blanket like cloth of the fine car rear seat. The man now bent his
head and engulfed his growing cock. Jeremy had never felt anything quite so
wonderful, and was equally washed when the man's wet finger ran over his
tiny shit hole.

Jeremy didn't know where they went but soon the car stopped and the
chauffeur opened the door, allowed his master to alight and then bent
forward and lifted the half naked Jeremy into his arms, his fingers rubbing
up his little bum crack.

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