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Senior Citizen's Eden by Jim Stanley Chapters 4, 5, & 6

Chapter 4

Grace and Marie

One night, while John looked out the window to Grace for consolation, he
noticed she had a visitor. It was her next-door neighbor, a woman in her
early 70's. He often saw Marie in the dining room and remembered her as
attractive and friendly. Grace sat near Marie on the sofa, both obviously
enjoying each other's company. There was a lot of laughing and touching.
After an hour passed, he noticed that the mood of the living room had
changed. Grace rose and dimmed the lights slightly. She also went into her
bedroom and turned on the bedside lamp returning to the living room to sit
near her neighbor, Marie. The mood change also showed in Marie's actions.
Marie felt her breasts frequently, as if the discussion dealt with an
operation, or the purchase of a new bra. In any case, it was a breast
related conversation. Then Grace moved closer to Marie, felt her breasts
fully with both hands, and, as with one movement, removed Marie's blouse.
She examined the bra momentarily and then slid it over Marie's head. John
couldn't believe what he saw.
Suddenly, before him, sat Marie exposing two large, beautiful, and
firm breasts. The brown nipples beckoned to John for attention. Their
actions went further. Marie took Grace's hands, placed them on her breasts,
and lay back on the sofa in evident enjoyment of the moment. Grace
massaged Marie's breasts gently and kissed them tenderly. Next, she removed
her own blouse and bra, sat facing Marie, rubbing her breast nipples over
Marie's. At one point, she raised, turned her head slightly toward John's
window and smiled. It was her signal to John to enjoy the proceedings.
John's heart raced with excitement. He removed his pajamas and stood naked
in the window straining to take in every movement, every touch, every
nuance of this lovemaking. His prostate worked overtime, dripping from the
tip of the penis into his hand. He caught it and tasted his wetness and
pretended he was with Grace and Marie in their moment of ecstasy. This had
to do for now. Now Grace stood and slid Marie's slacks and panties off.
Marie raised her buttocks slightly to assist Grace. Marie now lay totally
naked, her gray pubic hairs glistening in the dim light. She was a slight
woman, too. A slightly protruding stomach was all that revealed her age.
Her breasts, however, were her prominent feature. Well endowed is how one
could describe them. Grace's lovemaking moved slowly from the breasts, over
her slightly protruding stomach to Marie's vagina. Grace obviously took
particular care to keep her head from blocking John's view of the
proceedings. He could see her tongue slide over the tips of Marie's
breasts, down over her stomach, and into Marie's vagina. This gently
probing continued for several minutes. The look on Marie's face reflected
her joy and she motioned for Grace to remove her own clothes. Grace removed
her slacks, panties, and shoes after which Marie's head rose from the
headrest of the sofa and kissed Grace's vagina. John witnessed a glorious
profile of Marie's tongue massaging the hairs and vulva of Grace. Grace's
buttocks and breast completed that profile as she drew her head back and
extended her stomach and vagina forward for Marie's tongue to enter her now
wet and hot cunt. Both Marie and Grace stood now, embraced, and walked into
the bedroom.
Their disappearance from the living room gave John pause to light
the bathroom light. As before, the dim light would allow Grace to
experience his pleasure. The bedroom scene was even more exciting. Grace
and Marie began their lovemaking intertwined in a close embrace. Their
faces and tongues met while Grace's right leg lay between Marie's legs.
John could see Grace's thigh massaging Marie's vagina as they kissed
deeply. This went on for several minutes. Then they separated. Up till now,
Grace seemed to be the aggressor. The roles, however, changed. Marie, the
slighter of the two, rose up over Grace and began a tongue massage. She
began with Grace's forehead and eyes. Her kisses moved down to the mouth
where they momentarily kissed and tongued. The gentle kissing moved to
Grace's breasts. She paid close attention to Grace's nipples. As she did,
Grace's hands fondled Marie's breasts and her own clitoris. Marie continued
her downward movement across Grace's stomach to the hairs of her vagina.
She lingered there lovingly but continued her descent to Grace's inner
thighs, legs, and feet, taking each of Grace's toes into her mouth. She
reversed her procedure now and returned to Grace's vagina and pubic hairs.
She slid a pillow under Grace's buttocks and proceeded to penetrate her
vagina with a combination of gentle to violent thrusts of her tongue. The
look on Grace's face showed nothing but joy. She lay, too, in a position
where she could take in John's window. John realized this and stood naked
with his hard cock silhouetted against the dim background light coming from
the bathroom. From John's vantage point, too, Marie was spread-eagled on
her stomach. Her legs were spread wide, and, as she thrust her tongue into
Grace's cunt, her buttocks and vagina responded to the pressure of the
mattress. The dim light of the bedroom illuminated her wetness for John and
John could only think of how lovely it would be if he could penetrate her
wet and hot cunt from behind. Grace motioned to Marie for an exchange of
roles. It was now Marie's turn to lay back and enjoy Grace's tongue
massage. When Grace finished, they turned to a sixty-nine position and
concentrated on each other's clitoris. John felt their excitement. He could
almost smell the sexuality oozing from the pair. He ached to be with them,
tasting their juices and loving their bodies. His memories of his wife
Marcie returned and he saw each as Marcie, loving, hot, passionate. The bed
scene became more and more agitated now. John could sense that Grace and
Marie were near a climax. Their buttocks gyrated and responded to each
thrust of the tongue. The movements came quicker until they both came in
tandem. He could feel the exhilaration of the moment. He felt the tension
ease; he felt the peace; he felt the joy.
They relaxed now and Grace turned to the window to see John. John's
orgasm neared. His testicles ached with excitement. He let his dick arch
outward so that Grace could observe the fullness of his shaft. Then he came
in hot spurts. He continued massaging his dick for several minutes in what
seemed to be an endless orgasm after which he lay on the bed and fell fast

Chapter 5


John liked to keep in good shape. He watched his diet and he tried to walk
several miles every day. On clear days, the streets or the park were good
locations. On rainy days, he sometimes went to the mall where other seniors
like him exercised. In fact, he would often take Charlie to the mall with
him, since Charlie, when not exercising, enjoyed ogling the women. Often,
too, John walked the halls of the building for exercise. He would start off
on the 6th floor and work his way down to the 1st, and then back up again.
This had one other advantage. He often got to meet others who lived in the
building. That's how he met Katherine.
Katherine, a 75 year old, lived on the third floor at the far end
of the hallway. Often, on his walk, would pass Katherine's door and could
not help notice it was opened. The first time, he noted the neatness of her
apartment. It was in stark contrast to his which looked lived in. He
noticed other things in later walks. For one, she was fond of antiques and
mirrors. Since her apartment was at the end of the hallway, he often paused
to take more detailed inventories of her apartment. But he never saw
One day, however, while glancing at one of the many mirrors in her
apartment, he spotted a reflection of her in the bathroom. She was naked,
standing before a full-length bathroom mirror, combing her hair. Her hair
had a beautiful gray blue tint to it as well as length. She combed it out
in front of her and the hair lay in silky folds over her breasts. They were
long tubular breasts with dark nipples. Katherine might be described as
slender when clothed, but naked, she showed a slight roundness in her
stomach, with buttocks of medium proportion. The stomach and the buttocks
excited John. He liked a woman with a slight paunch and tubular breasts. It
was clear that Katherine had just stepped out of the shower. A damp towel
hung from the rack, which stood beside her. What excited John even more
were the pepper gray hairs on her vagina. The reflection in the mirror
seemed to accent them. He hesitated a little, embarrassed by his voyeurism.
But since no one could see him in the hallway, he succumbed to his emotions
and continued admiring Katherine's body. It was clear, too, that Katherine
was in the act of admiring her own body. She took obvious relish in her
appearance and let her hands roam freely over her breasts, her stomach, her
pubic hairs, and her vagina. As he watched, she directed more and more of
her attention to her crotch. This little reverie, however, was interrupted
by the sound of the elevator coming to a stop on the floor, and John
continued his walk. The next day, John resumed his walking in the building.

As usual, Katherine's door was open, only this time, he caught a glimpse of
her sitting on her sofa in a short smock. It was open at the top and her
breasts were in full view. Her bare feet rested on a hassock with her legs
spread wide. Unlike the mirror reflection, this view offered a much better
view of her vagina. It spread wide and one could make out the entrance
clearly. In fact, it was not hard to imagine her clitoris. She caught his
eye and motioned for him to come in. Unsure of himself or the meaning of
her motion, he hesitated. Katherine rose, came to the door, and said, "Come
on in John." As he entered, she closed the door behind him and put her arms
around him, pressing her vagina hard against John's dick. The pressure led
to an instant erection, and the bulge massaged her cunt. With one hand, she
opened John's belt, dropped his pants, and fondled his hard cock. They
stood this way for several moments, John feeling her buttocks, breasts, and
vagina. As he imagined while standing in the hallway, her clitoris was hard
and her cunt was hot and wet. He fell to his knees as Katherine spread her
legs wide, and sucked the wetness outside and inside her cunt. She moaned,
threw off her smock and fell on the carpeted floor. John had only enough
time to pull down his underwear before he slipped his hard and throbbing
dick into her hot and wet cunt. It didn't take long for either to come.
This was the outcome of two days of anticipation and hallway foreplay. They
both came as one in an unrepressed groan of ecstasy. For both, it was one
of those slow and prolonged orgasms that had the intensity of a 10 on the
Richter scale. That is how John used to describe his orgasms. They ranged
between a 1 and 10, ten being the epitome of sexual joy. And while
Katherine knew nothing of John's scale, she would have probably agreed that
the ecstasy was reciprocated. It took each another 10 minutes to get his
collective breath back, after which Katherine offered John a cup of coffee.
After cleaning up in the bathroom, John returned to Katherine's
kitchen where she sat nonchalantly and comfortably naked sipping her
coffee. It was John's first studied look at Katherine's body, and he liked
what he saw. She had a gentle face, softened by age and her gray hair. Her
breasts lost the firmness of youth, but still attracted him. Her hips were
wide, testimony of the four children she had borne and raised in her 75
years of life. Her pubic hairs were dense, grayed and silken to the touch.
Finally, there was a naturalness and pleasantness to her voice that made
John feel at ease. They chatted about sundry things for over an hour, after
which John excused himself. She sent him off saying, "Thanks. I needed
John could only whisper, "Anytime!"

Chapter 6

Grace, Marie, and John

One night, as John looked out his window, he saw Grace and Marie. They were
in a quiet but animated conversation in the living room. They each sipped
what looked like a cocktail and John detected an occasional glance upward
towards his apartment. He could see Grace get up and go to the
telephone. Instantly, John's phone rang and he jumped. It was Grace. She
said, "Hi John. Marie and I were having a cocktail and wondered if you were
free to join us."
"Indeed," he replied, "but you'll have to give me a few minutes."
He thought he might want to shower before going down. He added, "I'll be
down in about twenty minutes."
"Great," Grace replied. "We'll expect you in about twenty
minutes. The door will be open, so just come in."
Since he was already in his bathrobe, disrobing was simple. He
jumped into the shower and in five minutes, he was bathed and fresh. He
sprayed a little deodorant under his arms and around his crotch thinking
that he had better be prepared. Perhaps something might happen. The air was
electric with anticipation. John took a big, deep breath, and admonished
himself saying, "Now take it easy lover boy. Calm down. Just take it one
step at a time." With that he dressed and in fifteen minutes time, he was
at Grace's apartment on the fifth floor. "Should I knock," he thought. A
voice called back, "No. Just go in. Grace said the door was open."
He quietly turned the knob and opened the door, which opened into a
small foyer. Everything seemed quiet as he entered. He closed the door
quietly and stretched to see where they sat. He could see Grace kissing
Marie on the mouth, her hand fondling her vagina under her dress. He felt
uncomfortable coming in this way and cleared his throat to get their
Grace responded warmly, "Come in John. We've been waiting for you."
After a brief introduction, Grace asked, "John, what'll you have to drink."
"I'll have whatever you and Marie are having, Grace," he replied.
When Grace went to the kitchen to fix John a drink, he turned his
attention to Marie. Close up, she was even prettier than he imagined.
Excitedly, he said, "Marie, tonight comes as a real surprise to me. I was
probably doomed to an evening of reruns. Instead, this delight of meeting
you comes."
Marie laughed. "That would have been two of us watching reruns had
Grace not called tonight. I'm grateful, particularly since it meant meeting
you. I've seen you around the building and in the dining room, but, as is
the case so often, we end up just nodding acquaintances. People are so much
more fun when you get to meet them in person."
"Agreed," John replied almost in a shout. His voice cracked, not
only because he agreed with Marie's philosophy but also because, as she
spoke, she moved her legs wide and John got a glimpse of her inner thighs.
In addition, when she spoke those words, her hand reached out and gently
patted John's knee. It was a light touch, gentle, airy, sensual.
Grace returned with the drinks and spoke, "I see you two have
already gotten comfortable. Let's offer a toast to a long and fruitful
"Here, here," replied John and Marie in unison, surprised that they
chose the same words in the same instant to reply to Grace's toast. They
all laughed.
The evening continued in that delightful mode. After an hour of
small talk, Grace suggested that John sit between them on the sofa and the
verbal foreplay began. John turned the expression, "A rose between two
thorns" around to "A thorn between two roses." Marie picked up on this
punning by suggesting to Grace as well as John that a thorn sticks and John
would have to stick them with something. They all laughed hard at that,
simultaneously putting their hands on John's inner thighs. John felt
arousal immediately. It was Grace's hand that touched his dick first.
"Oh! Oh!" she smiled to Marie, "it looks like were in trouble."
Then Marie's hand went to John's crotch and felt the swelling. They
both began to massage his inner thighs, his penis, and his testicles. John
needed no introduction to this foreplay. Each of his hands raised their
dresses and exposed the thick hairs of their vaginas. He massaged gently,
his index finger probing the outer and inner recesses of the labia. Marie
was already wet. Apparently, she began reacting to John the minute he
entered the apartment. Grace unbuckled John's belt and unzipped his fly to
reveal other treasures. The prostate already began to work, the inner part
of his underwear showing wetness. He raised his buttocks for Grace to pull
down his pants and underwear, which fell into a heap at his ankles. Marie
gasped. She told John later that she hadn't been with a man for over
fifteen years, and, when she saw John's hard cock, she remembered her
husband and the wonders of the sex they had. The feeling was so intense
that she gasped and desperately wished John's cock to penetrate her hot
cunt immediately. Instead, she bent over and took it into her mouth. Grace,
sensing the need for room, went to the bedroom to prepare the bed. Marie
rose and knelt between John's outspread legs and took his shaft deep into
her throat. It was ecstasy for her. John closed his eyes and moaned
ecstatically. Grace returned naked, unbuttoned his shirt, and removed his
shoes and socks. She turned to Marie, removed her shoes, stockings and
dress and motioned that they move to the bedroom. Marie, still in the
throes of lust, however, rose up and sat on John's hard cock. As she rode
it up and down, Grace knelt on the floor and sucked from behind the juices
emanating from Marie's cunt onto John's hard cock. Then it was on to bed.
Marie was the first on the bed and lay with her legs spread wide, an
invitation to further probing. Grace, however, took John's cock deeply into
her mouth and sucked to prepare it for entry into Marie's vagina. She then
turned to Marie's vagina and probed deeply with her tongue. She motioned
for John to enter Marie. As he did, Grace sat over Marie's face and offered
her cunt to Marie's lips. Above Marie, John and Grace faced each other in
an embrace and kissed. John's dick kept pounding into Marie's cunt, and,
with each thrust, Grace's tongue probed John's mouth. They traded positions
now. Grace knelt over Marie in a sixty-nine position with Grace's cunt
facing John. As they sucked, John knelt behind and penetrated Grace's cunt
with his hard cock, still wet with Marie's juices. This double massage of
Grace's cunt was too much. She exploded and came on Marie's face.
Exhausted, she turned on her side to allow Marie to feel the fullness of
John's very hot cock. John was beside himself now. His cock moved in and
out quickly and deeply. He was all the more excited because Marie's face
was covered with Grace's cum. He ate as if he were at a banquet and with a
fierce passion came together with Marie in an explosive finale. As the
juices flowed from Marie's cunt, Grace drank, her head pressed close to
Marie's vagina with John's cock inside.
They lay that way for another half hour, no one saying a word.
Finally, Marie spoke. "Grace, I will never be able to thank you enough. You
have brought me back to life. And, John, you resurrected old wonderful
feelings of lust. I shall always be indebted to you."
Grace smiled a smile of satisfaction.
John sighed, "When I came to Carter Court, I thought my life had
ended. Now I see that it has just begun. I have you two lovely ladies to
thank for that."
The evening ended quickly after that. Another drink, some intimate
and fond farewells, and Marie and John returned to their apartments.

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