Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Water Leak

I stood in the kitchen cursing as water spewed everywhere from then sink.
I couldn't stop the water, and ran to my neighbor, Pete to help me out.
He immediately opened the cabinet underneath and shut off the valves, the
water wavered, slowing down its spew, then dripping and finally
completely off. I thanked Pete, but knew that he was looking at my soaked
thru t-shirt, where my taut 34c breasts showed thru, and my nipples were
hard from the cold water. Pete was gorgeous, tall and dark and handsome
to say the least. I needed to buy some time, so I asked him to show me
what he did. As we bent down into the cabinet our faces were close and he
showed me the two valves in there off position. Now was my chance, I
moved closer and kissed his sensuous lips, we played tonsil hockey for at
least four minutes without coming out for air. We moved out of the
cabinet and stood up. His sweats were soaked from the floor and were
tented from his obvious hard-on. I need that cock in me, somewhere,
anywhere and everywhere. I wanted to suck it, and I wanted him to fuck my
pussy and my ass.
I walked towards him and caressed his body, slowly taking off his shirt,
toying with his man nipples, and feeling his smooth hard, wet body.
Before I knew it he was doing the same to me, slowly taking off my wet
t-shirt, and playing with my hard nipples and fondling my wet boobs. We
kissed and explored each others body sensually touching, fondling,
caressing and undressing each other. We walked into the bedroom, and he
lay me down on the bed. He worked his way down my body, kissing a trail,
finally reaching my wet, hairless vagina. He blew some air into it,
making me shudder, and licked it and sucked in swapping his saliva with
my juice. I kept shuddering, and then he stopped, and kissed another
trail up towards my face, sucking each nipple, and fondling my breast. I
let out a low coo, from the pleasure of his manly yet sensitive touch. He
then turned over and his huge dark cock was oozing pre-cum, and dangling
near my open mouth, tantalizing me. He knew I wanted it, and teased me
some more. I reached my hand up and grabbed it and squeezed his balls.
Finally he let me have shoving it in my mouth. I licked his shaft and put
the rod inside me slowly, easing the nine incher into my salivating
mouth. I had the hots for this stud since the day we met, and knew that
the rumors are true, Blacks are bigger. I slowly sucked on his member, as
he continued to eat out my wet pussy, he licked everywhere, fingered me
and I moaned and came, my juices all over him. He took his pussy juice
soaked finger and slowly stuck in my ass. Then two fingers, then three, I
yelped as he continued. I let his cock fall out of my mouth panting for
him to fuck me. I wanted that huge cock in me. I lay there and he turned
around and gripped his own cock, motioning it into my very wet pussy. He
slowly teased me first with the head, until he finally had his entire
penis in me. I moaned his name as he road, me slow, then fast, then slow
and then over the edge, I was his bull and he riding himself into me. I
screamed out and he held onto my shoulders, where together we came. I
felt him explode and the feeling was pure ecstasy. He laid their still in
me, until he went soft and pulled out. We lay together cuddled all night.
Pete woke up as I straddled his morning wood as the sun was rising, and
smiled. I fucked myself on his rod, and he cupped my jumped breasts.
After we came together we lay there talking.
"Finally I got to fuck you, I've been fantasizing about you since the
day we met," breathed Pete.
"I know the feeling stud, I wanted that black dick of yours inside me,
but there is still one more hole you haven't explored," I said oh so
Pete looked at me and smiled.
"You know I love anal, don't baby?" Pete asked.
"I saw the hottie from Pizza Hut, leaving your apartment, last week. At
six a.m. were you ramming that gorgeous piece of meat in his ass?" I
Pete just looked at me knowingly; he was the hottest bi I've seen yet,
but after he fucked my ass, I needed to see him with a man.
I went down on him, and sucked his cock, that was hard again. He moaned
slowly,"I'm going to blow, if you don't give me your ass." I lay on
my back, and pulled my legs up to my head he tongued my ass, and rimmed
my hole, until his saliva was slick enough to get his cock in me. Slowly
his head poked thru, and I winced, he went again, and again, his huge
head, and rod finally in me. He thrust faster and faster, slowing down
when we were both read to come. He screamed my name, loud, as I moaned
louder and with one last thrust, he filled me with his hot, steamy jism.
My legs wrapped around his body, we were frozen in position as he went
limp inside me. He pulled out, and I shuddered again from the cool draft
taking the place of the warmness of his rod in me. We both lay there
When I woke up I smelled pancakes frying, and the bed empty. I went to
the kitchen, where and very naked, Pete, was making pancakes and cutting
fruit. As we sat we, ate pancakes, and as I went to get the cut fruit, he
looked at me, slyly and said "save that for later." I was speechless,
but mustered up a smile and we continued to eat. Our conversation was
meaningless banter, until he started to tell me about the hottie from
Pizza Hut.
"His name is Roger, he's in the local college, and like me, he likes
pussy, and cock meat. He delivered my pizza before, and when he got here
the first time, I was watching porn, with man on man action. He smiled at
me and said that's hot. I told him he should come back and we can watch
it together, when his shift was over, and he said he will. At midnight he
was back, and I was all hot and bothered, from the porn, and wondering if
this young stud was coming back to play later. As he walked in he grabbed
my ass and kissed me slowly and tenderly. We made our way to the couch,
where we blew each other off, until I was about to come. He took his rod,
and stuck it in my ass, and rammed me hard, we came together him shooting
in my ass, and my jism shooting up landing on my chest face, and some
even on his chest. He kept his withering dick inside my warm ass, and
licked my body clean of my come. After I was clean, he pulled out, and we
both fell into a deep sleep. At around ten to six I felt him get up, and
watched as he dressed. He left me a note, with his number, and said he'd
like to get fucked by me one day soon. It was too good to be true, but a
few days later, I gave him a call, and later that night he came over, and
we had a repeat performance, except this time I fucked his white ass
hard, came inside of him like I did to you ass and pussy last night."
As I listened to Pete tell me this story I felt warm tingles shoot
through my body. I was wearing his pre-come, stained boxer briefs that
were now wet with my juice. I got up from the chair and sat on his lap.
"Do you want to watch him fuck me?" I whispered in his ear invitingly.
Pete jumped up, and dialed the number for Pizza Hut, and ordered a large
pizza, to his apartment. Without a word, we took the fruit and ran to his
apartment, next door, him naked and me in his underwear. We jumped in the
shower, and soaped each other up, until we heard the doorbell. Pete went
to get it, wet and naked straight from the shower. He opened the door, to
Roger, who indeed was the hottie from Pizza Hut. As I heard the door
close and voices muffled, I walked out of the shower. My body was
glistening from the shower, and my nipples as attentive as Pete raging
hard on. Roger whistled as I walked towards him, I wrapped my arms around
him and kissed him. I felt the bulge in his pants, and started to unzip.
I went down and took his cock in his mouth. Pete moved us to the bedroom,
leaving the pizza box in the front. As Roger lay on the bed, I sucked on
his cock, and licked every crevice. As it stiffened in my mouth and took
it all in, and he shot load after load in my mouth; I swallowed it all
until the end and went up to Pete mouth and kissed him, as we swapped the
come, from this hunk.
Roger lay still as Pete went down and ate out my sopping wet pussy. Roger
regained his composure and went down to my pussy and helped Pete out.
They took turns licking my pussy and sharing my juices in deep kisses.
Pete whispered something into Roger's ear and he, moved himself on top
of me. Pete sucked his cock once, like tasting someone else's ice pop.
Roger lowered his cock in my wet pussy, with Pete's guidance. Pete
screamed words of encouragement to Roger, "Fuck her hard, fuck her fast.
Give it to her like I did last night." As Roger rammed himself in me,
Pete tantalized Rogers crack with his pre-come oozing cock. Roger moaned
to Pete, "Give it to me like you gave it to her last night." Pete slid
his cock inside Roger's ass; it was tight, and Roger screamed, and
thrust harder into my wet cunt. The three of us were in sync, thrusting
together, into and out of each other. After what seemed like forever we
came first, me, then Roger and finally Pete, with in seconds. We all lay
there limp on top of each other. Pete pulled his soft cock out of
Roger's ass. And Roger pulled his soft one out of me. They lay on either
side of me fondling my breasts, as we all fell asleep, our breathing
slowing down at the same rhythmic beats.

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