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Senior Citizen's Eden by Jim Stanley Chapter 46 Luke Part Three

Chapter 46


Part Three

Luke's eight years of study in philosophy and theology helped form
his adult years and his posture toward religion and sexuality. By age 40,
he had formed his conscience through reading vociferously. By age 40, too,
he had concluded that religion had failed him and the human race miserably.
There was no rancor in his conclusion. He simply weighed the facts:
turmoil around the world, all of which was related to the major divisions
of religion. His own religion, Catholicism, had failed him as well. Here,
too, he felt no animosity. On the contrary, he felt deep gratification for
the discipline it taught him, particularly in his reasoning. Nevertheless,
instead of finding succor and peace in it, he found divisiveness and
condemnation. His sexuality was considered "disordered." There was no
solace in that. Nor did he see any possibility of change in the Church's
position. He felt oppressed by this quagmire of negativism. Thus he began
his own assessment of his faith, an assessment that ultimately led to
abandoning his faith and arriving at his own accommodation to the world and
his beliefs. Beginning with religion, in general, he concluded that the
so-called ten commandments, were, in fact, not ten, but reducible to one:
Do Unto Others As Thou Would Have Done Unto Yourself. Further, he
concluded, that this basic truth did not need revealed religion to
elucidate its meaning. It was implicit in life. Children learned it on
playgrounds and kindergartens everywhere. It came down to: I won't hit you
if you won't hit me. The "Thou shalt nots" of the Ten Commandments came
down to simple reasoning: Don't steal from me and I won't steal from you;
don't mess with my wife and I won't mess with yours. One didn't need
revelation or the guidance of a church to arrive at that seminal

Then there was the question of his faith. Faith implied a
confidence in a value, person or idea. The Church had consistently
condemned his sexuality as disordered based on its reading of Leviticus
18:22 and 20:13, Romans 1:27 and I Corinthians 6:9 and Timothy 1:10. His
reading of these same texts, however, came to another conclusion.
Leviticus forbade homogenitality as a violation of the Jewish law and the
notion of mixing roles, the role of penetrating males and females. In the
same context, Leviticus also condemned women's menstrual cycles, allowed
slavery, and condemned planting two different crops in the same field.
Luke reasoned that he could not put faith in such beliefs, a faith that was
required by his Church, when it's context, obviously, was misguided and in
error. It became eminently clear to him, too, that once one eliminated the
Old and New Testaments as divinely inspired, the problem of one's sexual
orientation disappeared. It disappeared to him, that is. In society, the
problem still persisted but, mainly, as a result of organized religion's
public stance on the subject. These insights brought others. He
understood that some people needed to believe in the supernatural. In his
heart, he respected their conscience and their beliefs. He felt an
obligation to never tear down another's beliefs, particularly since it was
those beliefs that kept individuals intact, mentally and psychologically,
much as his new belief offered him solace and peace of mind.

Finally, he reasoned that the concepts of homosexuality,
heterosexuality, and bisexuality had no meaning historically. The words
themselves were 19th century inventions. In historical fact, man was
always a sexual being. The further one went back in historical and
archeological time, the evidence was clear. Man engaged in all kinds of
sexual activity. The anguish and guilt we feel today is demonstrably a
result of religious beliefs. In fact, man is capable of every conceivable
form of sexuality precisely because he is man and has an imaginative
intellect that leads to the enhancement of his sexuality. Some studies
even indicate that sexual experimentation promotes sperm count development,
and in marriages, in particular, where both parties are in agreement on
their sexual experimentation, solidarity is greater and divorce rates

In the end, Luke achieved, not only clarity in his thoughts about
religion, faith, and sexuality, but, most importantly, peace of mind.
There was peace in knowing the world is not meaningful and ordered. That
meant, simply, that there were bad things happening in that world. That
meant, too, that, sometimes, the bad went unpunished and the good weren't
rewarded for their acts of goodness. There was peace in obliterating the
notion of teleology, that everything in life has meaning, has purpose.
There was peace in knowing that his destiny was not related to a Divine
Omnipotent Being who, as it were, manipulated humans through his churches
with the threat of Eternal Damnation.

Life, for Luke, now, had meaning. He learned to live it to its
fullest. He learned to love his neighbor, figuratively and literally.
Each day brought new promise and it was his obligation to find that promise
and fulfill it. Each day brought new vision. No longer did he need to
worry about damnation. He would live and then he would die. There was no
more need to resort to expressions like "God works in mysterious ways!" to
explain the inexplicable. There was no futurity! But neither was there
despair! His hope was found in his obligation to find that promise each
day had to offer and pursue it. His hope was measured by living life to
its fullest and accepting what it offered, be it good or bad.

Once he arrived at this new state of mind, his sexuality improved.
In his loving, he incorporated the concept of friendship as first
enunciated by Aristotle. This meant loving someone, not for what he could
get from him or her, but for his or her own sake. This was the highest
form of love. In sex, that meant giving the utmost pleasure to the other
person and not expecting anything in return. If that love were
reciprocated, fine. But he didn't enter into a relationship thinking of
what he could get out of it. He simply loved. He simply pleasured. He
simply gave of himself, applying his newly achieved insight of doing unto
others as he would have done to himself. He reasoned that, if a massage
felt good to him, it must also feel good to others. He applied all his
senses to his lovemaking: the sense of sight, taste, touch, smell, and
hearing. His lover became his obsession. He became the obsessed. He
became obsessed with the feeling of warmth and sensuality that pervaded his
body as he loved his loved one, his paramour.

With these thoughts in mind, he returned weekend after weekend to
August and Anna's to love and be loved by them. Jealousy didn't exist in
their relationship. If August were at work in the barn and Luke and Anna
made love in the house, that was acceptable. And vice versa. Anna's
awareness of August and Luke's sexual escapades in the forest or in the
barn only led to further delights when the three were together, touching
and loving. Once, for example, as Luke and Anna loved on the living room
floor, Luke's cock deep inside her hot cunt, August's entrance brought
continuity and excitement. Words weren't necessary. August simply stepped
out of his coveralls and boots and stood facing Luke, offering his
sweating, throbbing cock to his mouth as he fucked Anna deeply. Anna, too,
responded by massaging his buttocks and testicles as they dangled over her
face tantalizingly. Another time, as August fucked Luke's hot asshole in
the barn, Anna stripped and knelt over Luke's open and receptive hot mouth,
offering her moist, dripping cunt to his tongue, fucking it deeply in time
to August's deep rhythmic penetration of Luke's asshole. The threesomes
culminated in indescribably beautiful and intense orgasms that drained
each, only to have them lay in each others arms for long moments
afterwards, tasting, smelling, touching each others organs of passion,
often leading to another encounter an hour or so later.

During the week, Luke found the baths. He could luxuriate in his
sensuality, particularly since the majority of men were older. Most were
married to spouses who no longer were interested in sex and, other than
masturbating, these married men had no other recourse except the baths.
The nudity and freedom from constraint allowed them to fulfill their
fantasies. For Luke, this was nirvana, being able to love them, pleasure
them, satisfy them completely. He veered away from the love affairs.
There were many men to whom he was deeply attracted, and they, to him. But
he chose to discourage those relationships that cried out for monogamy.
Instead, he chose polygamy as his course of action, if for no other reason
than to luxuriate in the animal sensuality that pervaded the baths.

On one of his visits to the baths, he met an older couple, both in
their 70's. All three seemed to enjoy each other's company and all three
reveled in expressing their desires and fantasies to one another. And in
all instances, each tried to assist the other in the fulfillment of those
same desires and fantasies. The three first met in the hot tub. They sat
in close proximity to one another and massaged each other's cock and balls
into delicious hardness. They took turns draping their legs over each
other's shoulders, their heads resting on the side of the tub, offering
their throbbing hardness to each other's mouth. The roles kept changing
here. Sometimes, while one sucked the hard cock before him, the other
would massage his testicles, asshole and stomach. In this position, too,
one could lie below the one being sucked and insert his cock deep into his
asshole. At other times, as one sucked, one could massage the cock of his
buddy and be massaged, so that, at all times, each would be in maximum
sexual contact with the other.

In all cases, this was foreplay. Usually, Luke had a room with a
double bed and the three would end up there for the rest of the afternoon,
loving in indescribably beautiful ways. Albert, the older of the two,
usually lay on his back, legs spread apart, a pillow supporting his head.
Since Albert liked to suck or rim, Luke would accommodate his tastes by
kneeling over his face, allowing him to suck his hard cock, at times,
interchanging with his balls and asshole. At the same time, Ed, his
partner, would frequently sit on his hard and throbbing cock and ride it,
often to an orgasm. But depending on the length of their lovemaking, Ed
would most often lay with his head between his legs and gently suck his
balls and cock, at the same time enjoying the smells of his passion, the
salinity of his asshole and balls as they sweat in their protracted
lovemaking. Their tastes were catholic, so it was not difficult for them
to exchange positions and love each other accordingly.

Their first encounter went like this.

"Kneel over my face Luke. Let me suck your hot asshole and cock.
Fuck me in the mouth."

Ed, enjoying the view of Luke's hot cock driving into Albert's
mouth whispered aloud, "Fuck that hot mouth, Luke." Acting as a Greek
chorus, he added for Albert's benefit and excitement, "Oh! Yeah! Look at
that hot cock fucking you, baby! Yeah! Suck it hard, baby. Take that hot
cock. Lick his balls, sweetheart! Yeah! Dip that hot tongue of yours
into his asshole, baby. Yeah! Fuck him hard with that tongue of yours,

As the intensity of their passion increased, Luke chimed in with,
"Yeah! Baby. Eat my hot cock and balls. Oh! Yeah! Baby, suck them hard.
Eat my hot asshole, baby! It's all yours. Take it. Take it."

Albert's response to this passionate encouragement was a garbled,
guttural appeal to Ed, "Suck me, baby. Take my hot cock," jabbing his hips
violently into the air to meet Ed's hot and welcoming mouth. Ed's
undentured mouth offered the smoothness and warmth that he needed. He
stabbed his hot cock deep into Ed's hot mouth and exploded, "Take it
sweetheart. Take all my love. Take it. Oh! Baby, take it!"

The hot spurts of cum bathed Ed's mouth with a profusion of sperm
that leaked from the side of his mouth onto Albert's stomach. But the
passion continued. Albert's mouth and tongue engulfed Luke's ass, cock and
balls and sucked passionately as the flow of his hot cum spewed into Ed's
awaiting mouth. The thrusts continued long after his cum had spent itself
in Ed's mouth so great was the feeling of delight emerging from his

It was Luke and Ed's turn now. Luke's hot cock, caught up in the
intensity of their passion continued to fuck Albert's mouth. He screamed
to Ed, "Fuck my hot ass, baby."

Ed, rising from between Albert's legs, stood behind Luke and drove
his hot cock deep into Luke's asshole, keeping in synch with Luke's thrusts
into Albert's mouth. It wasn't long before Luke's hot cum shot deep into
Albert's throat. His screams of fulfillment were more than enough for Ed.
He fucked him violently, his thrusts timed to Luke's thrusts into Albert's
mouth, and shot his hot load into Luke's receptive asshole.

Afterwards, they collapsed in a heap on the bed and dozed. Their
first day continued for hours, ending in a record of three orgasms each.

Albert, Ed, and Luke saw each other weekly after this first encounter.
Much later, their encounters developed into a deep and loving friendship,
with Luke spending nights at their home, all three loving the whole night
through. Since there was total trust between them, there were never any
jealousies, jealousies that might arise out of fear of losing one lover to
the other.

There were many other encounters. He continued to see Father
Maurus when he returned home on vacations. Occasionally, Father Michael,
another of his lovers from monastic days, would surface and they would
renew their passionate encounters, often surpassing the intensity of those
in the monastery by a factor of ten. Luke observed that, free from the
constraints of the monastery, his libido increased and the repressed
sexuality cried out for fulfillment. In the monastery, Father Michael,
was, for the most part, passive in his sexual responsiveness. He would
often lay passive as Luke sucked his cock or masturbated him to an orgasm.
In Luke's apartment, however, it was another story. A new Father Michael
emerged, an aggressive Father Michael. No sooner would he enter Luke's
apartment in the city, would he embrace him and kiss him passionately and
deeply. In two instances, they never made it to the bed. They fell to the
floor, frantically stripping each other, Father Michael driving his hard,
dripping cock deep into Luke's mouth and cumming violently. But it didn't
end there on the apartment floor. It only signaled a beginning. The
entire evening would evolve into a manic rush for sexual fulfillment, a
rush that seemed to have no bottom. Often, after these encounters with
82-year-old Father Michael, Luke would be the first to cry "Uncle," which
took its form in suggesting to Father Michael that they pause for lunch or
dinner. And if the dinner were liberally interfused with drinks, Luke
observed that there would be no sleep that night. At these times, the
dinners served only to continue their sexual exploits. In the restaurant,
under the table foreplay was common, with Father Michael groping and
massaging Luke's cock as they ate and drank. At one such session, Father
Michael begged for Luke's feet, removing his shoes and guiding them to his
exposed crotch where, Luke, excited by the newness of it all, massaged his
balls and cock with his toes. Once, to his surprise, he felt the warmth of
hot cum on his feet and the look on Father Michael's face telling it all.
Caught up in this excitement, Luke moved his foot to his hand where he was
able to swipe at the hot cum that bathed his foot and taste. The drive
home from the restaurant meant more of the same and the continued orgy at
home convinced Luke that repressed sex had distinct advantages. Beyond
that, he was always eager to hear from Father Michael. If he knew he was
coming for a visit, he made sure that there would be no interruptions.
Their sexual encounters required total commitment.

At age 75, Carter Court provided new opportunities for sexuality.
He had met many of the men at Carter Court who were of the same mind as he
regarding sexuality. They were open minded and eager for expressing their
sexuality in varied forms. No one knew of Luke's background, the fact that
he was an ex-priest. Nor did he think it was pertinent to their knowing.
So, for the most part, he went about his pursuit of sexual liaisons
wherever he could find them and felt comfortable. All that was to change
radically. One morning, in the lobby, he encountered a cleric, an older
man whom he guessed to be in his late 70's. He sat, alone, reading a
newspaper. Normally, Luke avoided interrupting persons while reading.
But, in this case, his total aloneness cried out for attention. People
seemed to avoid contact, perhaps, because of the obviousness of his status
and the Roman collar. Intrigued, he moved toward the cleric and, sitting,
remarked, "It looks like a nice day coming up," adding, "Are you new here,

"Yes, I arrived this morning. I was Pastor of the Russian Orthodox
Church in Tremont and found it convenient to retire here so as to be close
to the Orthodox Church across the street. That way, I can keep active

"Good thinking! It's not often that one finds such an amicable

In the pause of conversation, Luke's mind took in the cleric. He
guessed him to be about 6 foot tall, weighing in at 200. The fullness of
his gray hair accented an ascetic face emblazoned with deep blue eyes,
attesting to Slavic influences. He romanticized his looks with the monks
described in Dostoyevsky's "Brothers Karamazov." A slight paunch attested
to his age. Even more interesting to Luke was the suggestion of a
tantalizing bulge in his black serge pants. He tried to imagine what lay
behind the serge and a twinge of lust in his groin, the lust derived from
desiring the unattainable, surfaced.

He saw in the cleric the unattainable, the apple from the tree in the
Garden of Eden. He wanted and needed to pluck it. The perversity of his
thoughts forced its way forward, and, for a moment, shame intruded itself
into the pause. He wasn't sure, however, what changed his mind. Perhaps
it was the slight movement of the clerics hand to his crotch. It might
have been the real or imagined pulse of the bulge. It might have been the
smile on his face as he said, "My name's Father Aleksei, Alex, for short.
Call me Alex."

"Call me Alex," screamed at Luke, waking him from his reverie.
Almost in a shout, he said, "I'm Luke. I've been here for a couple of
months. I hope we can be friends."

"I hope so, too. My apartment number is 372. Drop in some time
when you're free. We can begin our friendship by getting to know one
another better. For me, living outside of a cloister, is unfamiliar. By
cloister, I mean a rectory, a place where we, as religious, live protected,
as it were, from the outside world."

"I think I understand," added Luke. "You're having problems
relating to others who are outside that cloister, as you put it. It might
help you to remember that, despite our differences, we remain the same
underneath. We are all humans, men, with the same tendencies,
proclivities. That never changes whether we are clerics, politicians,
educators, steelworkers, farmers, or whatever. The status names change,
but the human factor remains the same."

"Yes, yes, you're right. I know this but I have a hard time
adjusting to my new status in a retirement home. Maybe you can help me
over this obstacle."

Luke's heart went out to Aleksei. It was much the same when he left the
monastery and he had to adjust to life in the real world. He remembered
applying for a gasoline credit card with a major gasoline chain. Rejected,
he inquired as to why he was rejected. The response was, "It's as if
you've crawled out of the woodwork. We have no previous record of you.
There is no credit record."

Luke's response, naively, was, "What's credit? How do I acquire

The answer was, "You buy something and then pay for it. Your
record of payment establishes your credit rating."

Aleksei was having the same problem. He wasn't prepared to cope
with the real world. In the seminary, he was taught religious principles,
principles that guided others to spiritual ends. His purpose in life was
to guide his flock along those spiritual lines to attain eternal salvation.
Nowhere did it prepare him for living amongst his flock, sharing the
difficulties and traumas of living in the real world.

Aleksei realized the significance of Luke's remark. The Roman
collar on his neck suddenly became an albatross. He realized that, by
wearing his collar, he was making a statement, "I am different." That, in
itself, kept people away from him. He was forcing them to relate to him as
a cleric. More than ever, he realized that he needed Luke in more ways
than he could believe.

"Luke," he responded, "please be my friend. I've suddenly realized
that I need someone."

The plea mesmerized Luke. He couldn't have asked for a better
response. He almost felt guilty at the ease of the request. It was as if
the victim asked the spider to help extricate him from the web. Luke knew
in that instant that Aleksei and he were destined for one another.

"I'm in apartment 273. I would love to be your friend. Can we
meet later? After getting myself together, I'd be ready around 1:00 P. M.
Why don't you come to my apartment and we'll have lunch or dinner."

"I'd like that very much. I have some things I have to do before
that and 1:00 P. M. sounds fine."

They parted, Luke excited over the prospects forthcoming. His cock
twitched over the outcomes and he felt the precum juices flow into his
underwear. On the elevator, he slid his hand into his pants to feel the
oozing of precum and withdrew his hand to taste the outpouring of his

Aleksei left shortly after Luke. He crossed the street to the
church and met with the pastor momentarily, arranging for a time when he
could assist at the holy liturgy. At all times, he was aware of a new
feeling in his groin, the feeling of his agitated cock, and the feeling of
precum surging from the tip of his cock. He knew, of course, that it was
somehow related to Luke and that something more was to be expected.

He returned to his apartment and showered. Showering, he was aware
of the semi rigidity of his cock and aware of its meaning in relation to
Luke. Nonetheless, he continued massaging his semi rigid cock, enjoying
the feeling of sensuality of his hand moving back and forward over the 8
inches of uncircumcised cock. Naked, he stood in front of a full view
mirror, admiring his body and his hard throbbing cock. He hadn't done that
in a long time. Suddenly, he was aware of his sexuality. He allowed his
hands to roam freely over his face, chest and stomach. It felt good to
him, particularly as his hand drew closer to the gray hairs of his cock.
The gray hair on his head, chest and cock complemented each other. His
hands felt the inside of his groin and the thrill of sensuality drew a gasp
from him. His cock responded to his massage and pulsed hard, oozing precum
that he swept up into his hand and tasted. He wondered if Luke would like
his body but shut the thought from his mind as he continued to enjoy the
new feeling of sexuality that surged in his loins.

Luke's cock, meanwhile, grew hard at the thought Aleksei's coming
to his apartment. Like Aleksei, he, too, showered. He lingered long
around his cock and asshole, enjoying the stimulation of the warm water and
the smoothness of the soapsuds as he massaged his throbbing cock into
pulsing rigidity. It felt good, but he was conscious of his proximity to
an orgasm and he relented a bit, playfully massaging his nipples and
feeling the twinge of excitement from their sensitivity. Like Aleksei, he
stood admiring his body hoping that their relationship would develop into a
lasting friendship, a loving relationship, a relationship that they would
share unto death. He was ready for that now, ready, too, to abandon the
promiscuous nature of his sex for one of permanency.

One o'clock didn't come quick enough for either Luke or Aleksei.
Aleksei arrived punctually at 1:00 P. M. to be greeted by Luke with a long
warm embrace. The twinge of excitement was felt anew by both, their cocks
twitching with renewed vigor.

"Come in Aleksei. Make yourself at home. Can I get you a drink or
something?" Luke added, noting, as well, that he looked and acted a little
uncomfortable without his Roman collar.

Hoping for something to calm his nerves, Aleksei responded, "Do you
have any wine? A glass of wine would feel good right now."

Luke smiled at the request, thinking that their tastes were
similar. Wine was the choice drink for Luke and he couldn't help but feel
that this was a good omen. He mustered a faint, "Great. That would be my
choice as well, Aleksei."

The first glass of wine went down quickly. Luke quickly refreshed
their drinks and moved their conversation around to sex and celibacy.

Aleksei smiled, a knowing smile. "In the Orthodox church, Luke, we
are allowed to marry. I had a wife, once. We were married for ten years.
Unfortunately, she died of cancer and I chose never to remarry."

Embarrassed by his oversight, Luke replied, "Of course. How dumb
of me. I knew that priests could marry in the Eastern rites, even in the
Catholic Orthodox Churches."

"No need to be embarrassed, Luke. But the question you needed to
ask was why didn't I remarry."

"Since you raised the question, why is it that you didn't remarry?"

The wine began to have its intended effect. Both Luke and Aleksei
began to relax. Aleksei, in particular, reacted to Luke's warmth with a

"Well, Luke, after Catherine died, I was lost. My immediate
impulse was to find someone quickly and remarry. But, fortunately, the
protocols of the church called for a period of grieving and bereavement,
and, in the end, this helped me. It helped me in that, while I loved
Catherine, something was missing. I look back on it now as a marriage of
convenience. I realized after several years of bereavement, that I didn't
want to be married in the first place. And in anticipation of your logical
question, Luke," he smiled, "it had to do with sex. In fact, I was never
comfortable with my sexuality. Most especially, I was never comfortable
with my sexuality vis-�-vis women. So I never remarried and hid behind my
collar for a reason not to."

Aleksei paused momentarily to catch his breath. It was difficult
for him to confess as he just did to Luke. But there was relief in the
confession and he looked painfully to Luke for some reaction. What
happened next, went beyond his wildest expectations.

Luke rose, sat beside Aleksei on the sofa, and embraced him fully.
His strong arms hugged him closely and he whispered over and over in
Aleksei's ear, "You've done nothing wrong. You've done nothing wrong,
Aleksei. You were just being honest with yourself."

Aleksei's response was more emotional. Tears flowed from his eyes,
responding to the strain of the secrecy he kept to himself all these years.
"Do you understand me Luke? I love you. I loved you from the first moment
we met in the lobby. It's a feeling I've never felt in my ten years of

Luke, acquiescing to the enormity of the emotion, hugged Aleksei
harder, kissing the tears that flowed from his eyes, kissing his face, his
nose, his mouth passionately.

"I, too, love you Aleksei. After we parted this morning, I could
only think of one thing, spending the rest of my life in your arms, loving
you as I've never loved before, pleasing you as I've never pleased anyone
before, pleasuring you as I've never pleasured anyone before. We have the
rest of our lives to make up for that loss of love that we've both desired
and craved."

Neither spoke for the next 15 minutes. They held one another
tightly and lovingly, trying to absorb the enormity of their admissions of
love to one another, anticipating the outcomes of their admissions in
prolonged loving.

Luke took the initiative. He undressed Aleksei tenderly,
whispering, "Lay back. Let me feast on that love."

He removed his shoes. As he removed each sock, he kissed his feet
passionately, tasting the salinity, allowing his tongue to probe the spaces
between the toes, massaging the soles with his hands, inducing a feeling of
complete resignation to Luke's attentions. Next, he unbuckled his pants
and slid them off. He spend long moments kissing and massaging the pulsing
bulge beneath his underwear, letting his tongue slide into the groin,
tasting the warm salty moisture between his thigh and his testicles.
Slowly, he removed his underwear and kissed his throbbing, pulsing cock as
it pulsed its uncut thickness before him, taking time to suck it deeply,
giving Aleksei the fullness of his warmth mouth on his throbbing cock. As
he lifted the T-shirt over his head, he kissed the gray hairs of his hard
cock and allowed his hot tongue and mouth to move upward towards his chest
and nipples, taking each into his mouth and nibbling and sucking tenderly.
He continued upward to his neck and loved his chin, finally, arriving at
his mouth where their tongues met and intertwined lovingly and tenderly.
Each sighed deeply at this meeting of mouths. As they kissed deeply, Luke
stripped and pressed his warm naked body to Aleksei's. They remained so for
the next 30 minutes in a strong embrace of love, feeling their pulsing
cocks on each other's stomachs, ecstatic over the warmth of their bodies
and their love for one another.

Luke spoke first. "Dinner can wait. Let's continue our loving in

In bed, Luke continued as the aggressor. As Aleksei lay
spread-eagled, Luke smothered and massaged his body with kisses, running
his hot tongue into all the crevices of Aleksei's receptive body. He loved
his eyes, his nose, his ears, his neck. His loving moved to his arms and
his hands, sucking each finger, loving the ascetic, artistic hands of his
lover, licking the underarms of their salinity and virility. He continued
downward, his tongue roaming among the gray hairs of his chest and his
stomach to his cock. Having clear access to the glory of his pulsing cock,
he sucked it deeply and lovingly, responding to each of the moans and
insistent groans of Aleksei's passion. His head came to rest on his right
leg, his left leg draped over his body, a positon that gave him full access
to Aleksei's cock, balls, and asshole.

A loud moan signaled Aleksei's ecstasy. He managed to whisper,
"Luke, never, never has loving been more beautiful. I never want this to

Aleksei's head moved to Luke's throbbing cock and balls as they presented
themselves fully to his mouth and face. He took Luke's cock deep into his
mouth, gagging at the thrust of Luke's hips into his receptive mouth. He
recovered to take Luke's balls into his mouth and suck them tenderly and
lovingly, at the same time, fondling and massaging his hard throbbing cock
into greater ecstasy. His tongue, too, found Luke's asshole. He drove it
deep, tasting the sweat that their loving elicited. He lingered long and
lovingly at Luke's crotch. Their moans indicated their assent to the
passion that flowed with great intensity from their bodies. And deep into
their passionate sucking, Aleksei's whispers of "I love you" intensified.
Luke, sensing closure, sucked deeper and more intensely until Aleksei's
whispers signaled his coming, "Luke, I love you. I'm going to cum. Oh!
God! Luke! Take me. Take it all. Give me yours. Please, give me yours.
Take me. Take me."

The words came in a torrent, almost gibberish. But it translated
to taking and giving as Aleksei and then Luke screamed, "Here it comes.
Take my love. Take it. Taaakkke it!" Each shot his hot load into the
other's mouth, Aleksei's cum, so voluminous, that it ran from Luke's mouth
onto Aleksei's stomach and groin. Their bodies intertwined, the lay for at
least a half hour, whispering sweet words of love, sighing, reveling in the
outcome of the early evening. The stress was on early evening. Their
loving continued deep into the night and morning.

Dinner followed their first encounter. They ate, naked, and took
time to love between bites of their food. But their desire for one another
overcame the desire to eat and they returned to bed.

"Luke. I want you to know something. This is the first time I've
been with a man. What amazes me is how natural it all felt. Everything we
did, or I should say I did, felt as if I'd been doing it for years. Never
in my married years did I have the same feeling."

"We'll have the rest of our lives, Aleksei, to explore each other
even more."

With that Luke rose above Aleksei's hard and throbbing cock and
impaled his hot asshole onto his cock. He rode it slowly, massaging
Aleksei's cock into even greater rigidity as Aleksei massaged Luke's hard
cock as it bounced before him, stroking his stomach.

"I need to feel that hard cock in me, too, Luke!"

Luke rose and knelt between Aleksei's raised legs and inserted his
pulsing cock gently into Aleksei's receptive and hot asshole. He moaned at
the insertion, not from pain, but from the sheer delight of Luke's cock
filling his asshole, penetrating deeply, at the same time, massaging his
prostate into ecstasy.

"Luke, I'm not going to be able to take your cock much longer before I
come. I can't describe the beautiful feeling of fullness and the delight
of your cock penetrating my hot asshole. Come in me, Luke. I want your
hot cum."

His plea was answered. Luke pumped deep and hard, his cock responding to
the emotion of loving as his cock penetrated deep into Aleksei's hot

"I'm coming Aleksei. Let me shoot into you and then take me. Oh! God!
Here it comes?"

The question was rhetorical. "Do you want it Aleksei? Here it comes!
Here itttt coommmees! Oh! God! Oh! God! Take it. Taaakkkeee it!" he
screamed as he drove it deep into his hot asshole.

No sooner had he filled Aleksei with his love, Aleksei cried, "Turn on your
back, quick!"

He leaped to his knees and drove his cock hard into Luke's asshole
screaming as he fucked him deep and hard, "Take it baby! Take it! Take

They rolled to their side, Aleksei's cock still deep in Luke, pumping his
continuous stream of hot cum deep into his asshole. The intensity of the
orgasm was prolonged for Aleksei, his moans attesting to its length. After
long minutes of hard pumping, Aleksei's still rigid cock slowed to a
moderate tempo and they loved this way for many minutes. The hardness of
his cock refused to subside as Luke squeezed it with his sphincter each
time Aleksei's cock drove deep. With his sphincter still milking his cock
dry, they dozed for some moments, waking only to whisper their love for one

And so the night continued as well as the days and months that followed.
Luke and Aleksei were lovers in the deepest sense of that word.

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