Wednesday, April 29, 2009

trailer sex 4

Kim looked back at me and said she has never been this horny! I could feel
how wet her little pussy was it was almost unnatural. She was pushing my
cock inside her and I wasn't even hard. She pushed a finger inside her
pussy and brought it to my mouth. I tasted her pussy for the first
time. She was so sweet tasting, so clean! She whispered fuck me in my
ear. I looked at her dad and he just kinda turned his back and rolled over
facing away from us. Kim was keeping my limp cock forced in her tight
little pussy. I got hard inside her she was squeezing my cock with here
pussy and grinding herself into me. I could feel my cock start to swell and
she was saying ohhhhh yeah give me that hard cock!!! When my cock was hard
I gave her a thrust of pure I want to make this pussy know im here
passion. She moaned and even kinda whimpered out loud. I could feel
something pointed in her pussy when I would go all the way in I could feel
my cock head bang into it. This turned me on. I started to fuck her hard
from behind. She started to make a lot of noise telling me she was cumming
and telling me her pussy was stretched to the limit. I told her she was
going to wake everyone to be a little more quiet. She refused with ever
thrust she made more noise. I started to not thrust so hard into her to
quiet her down but she just made up for it and thrust back on me and told
me she was cumming again harder this time. I put my hand over her mouth and
tried to quiet her down but this just turned her on more. She pushed back
into my cock hard and said she was cumming again!! I covered her mouth and
started to fuck her hard she was going crazy. I looked down and watched my
cock going in and out of this tight perfectly pink teenage pussy! I watched
as my cock would come out all glistening from her pussy juices and when I
would push back in her pussy lips would follow my cock inside her. I could
watch my cock come out and I could see the pink of her pussy, as I thrust
back in her pinkness would be pushed inside her, I could feel the pointed
thing banging into my cock head with every thrust. She was slobbering all
over my hand she was making so much noise, and pushing her pussy back on to
my fat cock, she started to shake again and she took a real deep breath and
kinda held it. she then drove her pussy into me and kept it there she would
not allow me to withdrawal and started to grinding her pussy back and forth
on my cock. She shook all over and bit down kinda hard on my hand. I could
feel the pointy thing inside her as she was grinding her pussy into me. I
forced her to allow me to pump her pussy! It felt so fucking good. She
looked me right in the eyes and said force your whole fat cock in my ass
with one thrust and the fuck me harder then you have ever fucked anyone. I
took my cock out of this perfect pussy I could see her pussy hole was still
open when I pulled out of her. I put it at her ass and started to thrust,
and she stopped me. She grabbed a bed sheet and wiped all her pussy juices
from my cock and said now give it to me hard!

I did, I put it to her ass hole and spread her cheeks she took her cheeks
from me and pulled them apart and I watched as my cock head passed her
opening and then I thrust it all the way!!! I felt her gasp for breath and
then I put my hand back over her mouth from behind. She continued to pull
her cheeks apart and I took my cock all the way until I saw the rim of my
cock head just outside the ring of her asshole and pushed it all the way
back in as hard as I could then I did it again!!! She was biting my hand!!

She started to push back on me! She had to be in a lot of pain but she
seemed to love it. I new Jack was up and watching but I wasn't paying him
any attention. I was so close to cumming in his daughters ass I could not
think about him. I pumped and I pushed into her and kept it there all the
way in her tight ass I could feel my heart beating in the vien in my cock
in her tight ass! I shot a long shot of cum ion her ass and she started to
suck my fingers not bite them then I shot again and again I kept shooting
she was wiggling her ass on my cock saying yeah baby that's what I want!!
She was squeezing me with her asshole and damn it felt good. She kept
saying yeah shoot again inside me and then she would squeeze me. I watched
my cock just sitting inside this beautiful teen girl who knew exactly how
to please herself and give a man more pleasure with her body then I ever
thought possible. She wanted me to keep my cock inside her. So I did. She
looked back at me and smiled and said look at that. I turned and I was
mouth level with Jacks big fat cock with his stroking the hell out of it. I
don't know why, but I opened my mouth and sucked the head of his cock
while he jacked his fat cock off. Kim said OMG that's so hot!! I was still
in her ass. I had Jacks cock head in my mouth for about 10 seconds when he
almost blew the back of my head off with his first shot of cum!! He kept
jacking off and then the next shot came. I don't know how to describe the
feeling I get when I have his cock in my mouth shooting long think ropes of
cum into my mouth. I never would have ever even considered this before now
I crave it!!! when I finished sucking all the cum from his cock I sucked
his balls one at a time into my mouth. This was new for me to I knew how I
liked mine sucked so I figured I could suck his good. He loved it!

Kim finally released me from her perfect little ass while I was sucking her
dads balls. I wish I could have seen the flood of cum come running out but
like I said I had her dads balls in my mouth. After about 5 minutes of
sucking jacks balls I was kinda tired and he was too and Kim was already
asleep with cum running out of her. I laid down and so did jack and we were
all fast asleep.

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