Wednesday, April 29, 2009

trailer sex 6

Jack and I went fishing the day after I fucked his daughter in the mouth,
pussy and asshole. I also sucked Jack off while fucking his daughter. We
launched our boat and headed for our favorite fishing spot for sheepshead
some people call them shell crackers because the have huge molar like
teeth, and hover over oyster beds they peck holes in the oyster shells and
suck out the oyster threw the whole they create. We were fishing for about
30 minutes when jack said come here and suck my cock. I have always wanted
fishing head. I laughed and said I didn't know there was a such thing as
fishing head. He said I think we arfe inventing it right now. We both kinda
laughed. I looked around and didn't see anyone around. I went over to him
unzipped his pants and pulled his limp cock out of his fly. I sucked his
cock into my mouth like I was a seasoned cock sucking veteran. I have only
been sucking cock for less then a week but I have found that I fucking love
the taste, fell, and just the down right not supposed to be doing this of
cock sucking. I pushed jacks foreskin back with my lips and held his huge
cock head exposed to my mouth and tongue. He moaned in pleasure. He said
fuck yeah that feels awesome. I continued to suck his cock head, then I
went all the way on his cock. I felt his head in my throat. He put his rod
and reel down and placed one hand on my head and said damn man you are an
awesome cock sucker!! I went all the was back up the shaft and sucked my
way back down twirling my tongue around his cock. He put both of his hands
on top of my head and said suck that fucking cock. He said faster, suck it
harder. I picked up the pace and the amount of suction. I was sucking hard
making noises that are unmistakably cock sucking noises. He said ohhh fuck
yeah suck it!!! he had his hands on my head trying to control the pace of
this suck job pushing me lower on his cock everytime I would go down. At
the same time he was thrusting his cock upward with his hips. He was making
sure his cock was completely inside me on every down suck. He kept saying
ohhh yeah ohh yeah pushing on my head hard and thrusting so hard into my
mouth that I thought he was going to bust my lip. He let out a really loud
ohhhhh fuck!!!!! And pushed my mouth down hard at the same time thrusting
up into my mouth And I felt the first shot hit my throat. He usually likes
me to suck his cock head while he shoots so I tried to pull up until just
the head of his cock was in my mouth. He pushed my mouth back down on his
fat hard cock, and thrust it up into my mouth again and I felt the second
shot of thick hot cum hit my throat. Its hard to really taste his cum like
this and I wanted to taste it. I tried to do this again and he told me to
jack his cock off with my mouth and he kept telling me to suck harder. So I
did! He shot volley after volley in my mouth and his whole body started to
quiver. He said that was the best blow job he has ever had. I was

He told me to look over there and not 20 feet from us another much bigger
boat was fishing. Two deck hands if you will~ were holding up a thumbs
up. A different guy walked up on top of the boat and said you guys are
fucking nasty faggots! That pissed me off, and pissed Jack off, but I could
understand were the boat guy was coming from. a week ago I would never have
even begun to think I would ever taste a mans cock, and especially not even
imagine that I would like it and crave the taste of a mans cum. We flipped
them off and they went away. out of the blue Jack said My wife doesn't want
you fucking the girls any more.

I said why real quick because fucking his teenage daughters was on my mind
24/7. they are so young firm and beautiful and very sexual. He then told me
she just doesn't. she said she would fuck you, and I could fuck you but no
more fucking the girls. I said fuck that. Your wife is hot, and I really
want a chance to fuck her but all this started by you offering me the
girls, if I let you fuck me. He said sorry man I have to keep the piece you
know. I don't care if you fuck um they have some of the tightest fuck hole
I have ever had. I said yeah I know. So let me get this straight~ you can
fuck you daughters but I cant? That's about the size of it he said. I said
well that just isn't going to work, no teenage pussy no more playing for
any of us. He laughed and said you mean you think you can stop me from
fucking my wife or daughters if I want. I said no but nobody will be
fucking me. He smiled real big and said ok. Man I was pissed the whole rest
of the fishing trip I didn't say hardly two word to Jack. He said he wanted
to move to another fishing hole and I said no; I don't want to, after all
this is my boat. But he got his ass up started the boat and drive to where
he wanted to fish! I was so fucking pissed!!! I don't talk when I get mad
im real quiet. Jack walked down to the end of the boat I was in, and took
out his huge cock and dangled it in my face and told me to suck it. I just
turned away from him. I didn't say anything. He stretched his limp cock
out, and around the corner of my face and touched his cock head to my
lips. I don't know why, and I hate myself for it but I licked his foreskin
that concealed his perfect cock head. Then I sucked the corner of loose
foreskin into my mouth and held his foreskin with my lips and massaged his
cock head with my tongue he moaned and said man you sure know how to suck
cock for a beginner.. Then he turned my face towards him and pushed his
whole cock in my mouth. When he pushed his cock in my mouth I again used my
lips to push back his foreskin and hold it back while I suck and run my
tongue all around his cock head. I love having his cock get hard in my
mouth. When he got good and hard I stopped. And turned away and went back
to fishing. He kinda plopped me on the back of the head with his cock and
told me to take my shorts off and bend over the side of the boat. I just
smirked at him and said you wish. He plopped me on the head again with his
hard cock and told me to do it. I again said no. he started to rub my
shoulders and said bend that ass over the fucking boat now! I'm going to
fuck you right here right now! Again I laughed at him. He turned me around
and put his cock to my lips his head had some precum dribbling out of it,
and I could not help it I had to have it. I licked the precum from his cock
and he pushed his cock back inside my mouth. He said for me to take my
shorts off while he was fucking my mouth. For some reason, and again I hate
myself for it, but I started to take my shorts off. When I had them off he
pulled his awesome hard fat cock from my mouth and in a kinda easy but firm
voice told me to bend over the side of the boat. I did, and before I was
even got situated I felt his powerful hands pulling my cheeks apart. I
expected his tongue because he uses his tongue to get me ready for his huge
cock but got his huge cock balls deep inside me instead. I almost jumped
out of the boat, and would have if he didn't have an arm underneath my
waist. He said how is that and I said it fucking hurts. I expected some
time to adjust to him, but he gave me none. He pulled completely out of me,
and thrust back into me balls deep, and did it again over and over. It hurt
but it was getting easier to take. He started to fuck me hard and fast when
I started to get into it he said yeahh i knew you wanted this!!! He said he
was about to cum but he was going to cum in my mouth, I was ok with
that. He pulled out of me I turned opened my mouth for him to jack off in
my mouth, but he stuffed his fat cock straight from my ass into my mouth,
and told me to suck the cum out of him. I was shocked but did just that. I
sucked him for all I was worth. His cock tasted different but still I knew
I was going to get his ball juice. And boy did I he kept shooting volley
after volley into my mouth. I swallowed every stream of thick hot cum. I
love how his body starts to shake while im sucking his cum out of him. I
got the last of his cum and he just laid back almost spread eagle in the
boat his cock going limp but just hanging there. He laid back pulled his
baseball cap over his head and said ohhhh man what a fuck! I was still nude
from the waste down and I have not had any kinda release so I just looked
at him all sprawled out with his awesome cock going limp and started to
jerk off. I still have trouble believing I find a man attractive enough to
fantasize about while I masturbate. Jack is a good looking man by anyone's
standards. He 6'ft about 185 rock hard body his cock is not the only thing
about him that bulges. He has arms, legs, and a stomach that look as if
they should be on a Greek statue. When it comes to his cock he could, and
should be the poster boy for all these e-mail we all get about "do you want
the perfect Penis" or "Enlarge your penis" his cock is long and thick with
a huge vein running the length of his cock, while completely limp, and he
is not circumcised. When hard his foreskin doesn't completely cover his
massive cock head only about half of it. his cock head is nearly the size
of a beer can when hard and the shaft of his cock is about as big around as
a silver dollar. I haven't seen many cocks but I cant imagine any cock
being more beautiful or sexier then Jacks. I stared at his cock and saw a
last drop of cum seeping out of it I got on my knees and sucked his limp
cock into my mouth while I jerked off he kept the hat over his face and
just kinda ran his fingers up and down the indentions in my checks from
sucking down on his cock. He said I love listening to you suck cock. You
make the best sucking sounds. But he said he has had enough for now and
pulled his cock from my mouth with his hand. His cock was now half hard and
half limp. That's when I like it the most. he had to take it from me and he
did with a loud vacuum noise when his cock left my mouth. He saw I was
jerking off and I said hey man suck me. he just laughed and said no, that
he wanted to see me jerk off. I was disappointed but I shot cum to the
other end of the boat about 10 seconds later.

He cranked the boat and drove us to the boat launch were we loaded the
boat and headed for home.

At the trailer we noticed right away the curtains were closed so Jack said
I wonder what up in there.

We didn't knock or give any advance warning that we were coming in. what we
saw will stay in my mind as the sexiest scene a man could ever witness.

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