Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Old Buddies -- Life With Yvette 2

Poor horny Yvette allowed me to continue seeing Alan. She even encouraged
it, and afterward we'd fuck, or she'd masturbate while I told her how I
sucked that alpha male's cock, or how he'd fucked my ass. She really wanted
to join in, or at least watch it in person, and Alan wasn't interested.

Yvette wanted to lose her baby weight, and one thing she did was start
running. One afternoon, she told me about a guy she met a few days before.
He was a cute college guy who had an apartment nearby. They'd started
running together. She had her eye on him as a possible lover for us both.
She said he was shy around her, and she thought he hadn't had much sexual
experience, so he was probably horny enough to try some things. Every day
she would tell me about the run, about how he always got a hard-on around
her. One day she came in, sweaty and horny, and kissed me. I could taste a
man's cum. She laughed and told me she had sucked off her new friend, Zach
was his name. We started planning.

Yvette's folks took our daughter for a couple of days, so she called Zach
and invited him over, telling him I was out of town. When he arrived, I hid
in the baby's room, and waited. I heard Yvette's moans of passion, and
stripped and sneaked down the hall. I peeked in our bedroom and saw this
young stud flat on his back, and my sexy wife riding his stiff cock. She
would turn her head now and then, looking for me. When she saw me, she
winked and raised herself off his pole and lowered her black bush over his
face. He grabbed her dark buttcheeks and proceeded to tongue her pussy. His
cock waved in the air, hard and pink. I moved in quietly and begin licking
his dick. I heard his muffled noises of surprise.

"Just enjoy it, baby," Yvette told him. "Doesn't it feel good?"

He made a noise to the affirmative.

"Don't stop licking!" she commanded him.

I took his balls in my mouth, tonguing one, then the other, while jacking
his cock. Yvette was moaning from his frenzied licking. I knew she was
getting close. I left his balls and put his cock in my mouth. He started
pumping his hips, driving into my mouth. Yvette squealed and came, rolling
off Zach's face. He raised his head. His smile turned to a look of shock
when he saw me. Yvette kissed him, and again told him to just enjoy it. She
kissed down his body, mouthing his balls and cock base, while I worked the
head. Her fingers teased his asshole. He groaned. I felt his fingers in my
hair pushing me down further on his prick, and then he shot a sweet load
into my mouth. Yvette and I kissed lovingly before crawling up and giving a
Zach a taste.

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