Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Old Buddies -- Life With Yvette 3

Zach began meeting us regularly for threesome play. He would fuck Yvette, or
eat her pussy, or she or I would suck his cock. He would even sometimes come
over when he knew Yvette wasn't around, just so I would suck him off. I
liked that, but I was frustrated that he wouldn't go much further with me.
Once in a while, I could talk him into giving me a handjob, or fingering my
ass while I jacked off. I used to beg him to suck my nipples while I
masturbated, but he wasn't willing. Yvette could talk him into anything,
though. She told me not to worry; she would take care of things.

One evening, she teased him until he was so horny that he let herfuck his
ass with a strap-on. It was a delicious sight! There was this cute college
guy belly-down on our bed, moaning, while my lovely wife pegged his behind.
She caught my eye and winked. After he left, she and I enjoyed a long slow
fuck, while she talked in my ear about how she was going to prime his ass
for my cock, and how she couldn't wait to see me buttfuck him.

She started pegging him on a regular basis, and sometimes making him wear a
buttplug while we all played. One night, Zach was over, and we had an
exceptionally long playtime. I blew him, and he ate Yvette's sweet black
cunt, and then she lay on her back and asked him to fuck her. He crawled on
top of her and thrust his cock in. She signalled me. I lubed my dick and
mounted him from behind while he was in my wife. He yelped...and then
moaned. We pumped together. I was the first to cum, Zach soon after, and
Yvette seconds later. WE lay there in a heap. My cock softened and flopped
out of him. "That was great," he said. "Tomorrow, let's trade places!"

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