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Senior Citizen's Eden by Jim Stanley Chapter 50

Chapter 50

Glen had never taken a cruise in his 72 years of living. Friends
of his at Carter Court talked incessantly about their tours, the grandeur
of them, the food and the sights that left all in wonder and awe. These
conversations, in addition to some literature that he'd received on
Antarctica finally clinched it. He contacted a t ravel agent and began
exploration immediately and ended up with a 22 day cruise beginning in
Santiago, Chile and ending in Rio de Janeiro on Carnivale.

Part of his interest in cruising had to do with his insatiable
curiosity for the off-beat, imagining himself to be an explorer of old,
traversing continents and lands in search of the unknown. He was
especially titillated by the sexual aspects of these explorations,
wondering, often, how other people of other cultures satisfied their sexual
needs. It wasn't long before he began to learn of these cultural
variations first hand.

On January 25, he left the cold, snowy weather of Ohio and flew to
Santiago, Chile where summer was out in full for over a month. He was to
spend several days here exploring this large Chilean metropolis and then
taxi to Valparaiso, its port, to board ship for his 3 week adventure.
Santiago surprised him. Aside from its tropical and old world beauty,
Santiago also manifested an urban decadence that is part and parcel of any
large metropolitan area. And his entry into this decadence began
immediately upon arrival at his hotel. The bell hop, an elderly man in his
late 60's, offered himself to Glen as mentor and guide for the duration of
his stay. Glen, to his surprise, was quick to respond. He took his hand
and squeezed it hard, a sign that was not lost on Carlos. Carlos embraced
Glen, kissing him gently on the cheek, his hand moving downward to Glen's
crotch. Glen's cock responded with vigor, standing hard, pulsing to
Carlos' gentle massage. In seconds, Glen lay prone on the bed as Carlos'
sleight of hands removed his pants and slid them off. Carlos' hot mouth
engorged his hard throbbing cock and sucked him deeply. The novelty of
this encounter was too much for Glen to bear. He signaled through his
moans that his hot load was imminent. It came in hot spurts, engulfing
Carlos' mouth with his love juice, the contractions of his prostate
continuing long after he had filled Carlos to repletion.

Carlos declined Glen's offer to reciprocate, noting, instead, that he
would be in touch with him after work and they could get together later to
engage in prolonged loving.

This unexpected encounter sapped Glen's energies for the moment and
he welcomed a quick shower and a nap. A couple of hours into his nap, he
woke to a tapping at his door. It was Carlos.

"I hope you've rested well. I'm done for the day and the weekend and
I want to be your guide and host in our beautiful city. But first, I need
to take a shower."

Glen took this opportunity to assay Carlos' body in a leisurely
manner. His grey hair was his greatest asset. It was a full head of gray
that exploded downward to his chest and stomach, ending at a 6" flaccid
uncut cock. Glen imagined it in its erect state, 8 or 9 or 10 inches in
length, 5 to 6 inches in girth. He took joy in Carlos' ease with his
nudity, walking freely, his cock bouncing in freedom, free from the
restrictions of a tight hotel uniform. He joined Carlos in the shower,
taking his time soaping his semi erect cock, delving deep into the crevice
of his ass, gently massaging a firm prostate through a pliant sphincter
that allowed Glen to imagine and feel his own hard cock penetrating Carlos'
firm buttocks.

It was now Carlos' turn. His cock pulsing and throbbing with
passion, he pulled Glen close to the blossom that was his cockhead, and
gently dipped it into Glen's receptive hole. They swayed to and fro in
unison, his cock penetrating Glen's asshole with all of its ten inches.
Glen, in ecstasy, succumbed to Carlos' manipulation, meeting his thrusts
with thrusts of his own.

"Take me on the bed," he whispered in Carlos' ear.

Carlos swept Glen into his arms, moved towards the bed and, kneeling
between Glen's raised legs, impaled his cock deep into his hole. It was a
slow and deliberate fuck, Carlos' long ten inch cock diving deep, then
shallow, then deep again. The rhythm drove Glen's senses into a frenzy.
He could not hold back with his moans of delight as Carlos' cock drove
deeper and deeper, faster and faster. The frenzy affected Carlos' passion
and he was no longer in control. The pace increased until he screamed his

"Take it my friend. Take it all. Taaaakkkkeee it!" he screamed as
he drove his throbbing, pulsing, steel cock into Glen's hot and receptive
hole. His cock still deep in Glen's asshole, Carlos moved them into a
fetal position and held tight as his cock continued to drain its milky
contents into Glen's passion filled hole which contracted continuously,
draining all of the juices from Carlos' cock and balls. They must have
dozed. The phone rang, startling both. It was the concierge, reminding
Glen of tour that was scheduled for the next day.

"No tours tomorrow with them," Carlos announced. I will be your tour
guide for the entire weekend.

The weekend turned out to be just that. Carlos borrowed his brother
in laws car and they went in search of everything that was of interest in
the mix of modern and old world colonial that was Santiago. One of their
first stops was at the race track, a grass track typical of European race
tracks. Carlos knew some of the riders and they were able to gain access
to the stables and the magnificent horses that rode on that particular day.

Old Colonial Santiago was another stop. They visited one of the
palazzos in the old quarter and strolled through the gardens of the estate,
taking time for some tender moments of loving, unseen, in an otherwise
quiet, secluded garden scented with the pungent aromas of the gardenia and
hibiscus that seemed to flower everywhere. Glen was taken by the modernity
of the city, huge skyscrapers and modern shops were everywhere. But the
highlight of this whirlwind weekend was a day trip into the Andes.

They left early in the morning, and, within a few hours, they were
well into the Andes. The lower pampas were an astonishing sight. The
peaks, capped with deep snows, were in stark contrast to the golden grasses
of the pampas. The day, too, was unusually clear. Santiago sparkled in
the summer sun beneath them. They parked the car far off the road and
hiked into the grasses for another 30 minutes until they came to an
overlook that offered an astonishing view of the valley below.

Carlos came prepared with several blankets that covered the swaying
grasses and matted them into a bed of passion. He drew Glen down to him
and kissed him full on the mouth, deeply and passionately, at the same time
removing their sweat shirts in order to press their breasts to one another
and feel the warmth of each of their bodies. It didn't stop there. After
removing their shoes, each abetted the other in stripping their pants and
underwear until they lay together naked and passionate. Carlos was the
aggressor of the moment. His tongue and mouth searched the crevices of
Glen's body, pausing to nibble at the nipples of his sensitive breast.
Downward he moved, his tongue dipping into the softness of his gray pubic
hairs that surrounded a throbbing, dripping cock. He paused momentarily to
taste its content, the precum flowing in abundance. They moved into a 69
position, with Glen's head resting on Carlos' inner thigh, enabling him to
suckle at Carlos' testicles and cock. His hot puckered asshole became
another object of his lovemaking, driving his hot tongue deep into Carlos'
receptive asshole. It was Carlos' time to be pleasured, his moans of
delight giving way to pleas of penetration, the penetration of Glen's hot
cock deep into Carlos' hot asshole. Glen's gentle prodding prompted
exchanges of cock, Carlos' hot cock moving into a position to tender his
own loving, the thrust of his 9" hot cock deep into Glen. They loved this
way for over an hour, never rushing their lovemaking, instead, delaying it
for the moment that was forthcoming, the acme of their pleasuring, their
mutual orgasms. Glen's moment of truth came first. He rose, kneeling
between Carlos' legs which rested on his shoulders and penetrated deep into
Carlos, his hard cock thrusting, massaging a now stimulated prostate.

"Give it to me, Glen. Give it to me," he cried as Glen's thrusting
reached a climax.

"Take it baby, take it!" Glen screamed, pouring his love juice deep
into Carlos' hot ass. He pumped deep and vigorously for several minutes,
at the same time massaging Carlos' hot cock for its own apotheosis. That
was not long in coming. Carlos moved quickly from under Glen and knelt
atop his face, driving his cock deep into Glen's mouth. The load came hard
and furiously, filling Glen's mouth to satiety, its overabundance oozing
down his chin. Another several minutes passed as Carlos continued to drain
his cock into Glen's mouth. They moved into a frontal fetal position and
kissed each other deeply, each partaking of the abundance of Carlos' hot
cum, an exchange of the love juices each had offered to the other in their
agape of love. They lay quietly, dozing in the sun, basking in the warmth
of the blankets as it protected them from the gentle but cool wind of the
pampas. This was to be their last encounter and they savored the moment
for its tenderness and beauty. That evening, they settled into a quiet
dinner at a fine restaurant of Carlos' choosing and enjoyed their whirlwind
love affair of the weekend with promises to revisit their amour at a later
time in Ohio.

The early departure the next morning found Glen in good spirits,
anticipating the wonders yet to come on this first voyage into the unknown,
around Cape Horn into the Antarctic and beyond.

The bus trip to the boat in Valparaiso, Santiago's port, took a
couple of hours. Upon arrival, Glen boarded and settled into his veranda
stateroom. It overlooked the dock and he noticed something different about
the assemblages of people on the dock. A number of people stood on the
fringes as onlookers, apart. He wondered if they were there for other
reasons, perhaps hoping for some liaison with embarkees. It was an
observation that he filed to his memory cache to note at other points of
embarkation along the route.

After an overnight at sea, the boat landed at Puerto Montt, a small
port on the edge of the Andean range. Access to the town was by tender and
Glen was quick to note if his earlier observation of
fringe-crowd-hangers-on were visible. His suspicions gravitated to several
individuals, and he decided to check this out after his return from a walk
in the town.

It was a typical Saturday in Puerto Montt. The streets and squares
were crowded with street vendors selling their wares, mostly fresh produce
and fruit from the surrounding countryside. There were also the regular
tourist trinket hawkers, but he was mostly interested in the mix of racial
types that abounded. He noted that Spanish and mestizo mixes were
abundant. Near the tender terminal stood a huge bus terminal, Puerto Montt
being a mid point staging point for persons traveling south to points
leading to the Tierra del Fuego, the southernmost point of South America.
The terminal was crowded with travelers and, having an urge to use the
bathroom, he decided to check it out.

Apart from the open bathrooms being a bit messy, an air of sensuality
abounded. Men stood at the trough type urinals massaging their cocks,
looking for contacts. On one side of the open area were a number of
toilets, which where, as far as Glen could tell, being used for sexual
contact. Under the door, one could make out four legs in some of the
stalls. Glen's eyes met the gaze and smile of an older mestizo standing at
the open urinal, massaging his sizable cock and balls. He moved towards
him and removed his own cock, partially erect from the excitement of this
encounter. With his right hand, he reached over and took hold of the old
man's cock, only to feel it grow in size and enormity. He felt the wetness
of the man's excitement, the precum that oozed in abundance from his hard,
erect cock. The old man motioned to follow him to one of the empty stalls.
He closed the door and removed his pants and sat on the toilet seat
exposing his, now throbbing and pulsing six inch cock. Glen bent over and
took his fat cock deep into his mouth and throat, at the same time noting
the gray hairs that lined his stomach, moving upward to his navel and chest
where he toyed with his nipples as Glen's hot mouth sucked deeply,
alternating between savoring the saltiness of his balls and groin, a
testament to the length of time the old man spent at the urinal, searching
for fulfillment. It came quickly, too. Several quick thrusts of his hips
and a low guttural moan were all the clues that Glen received. The cum
poured from his engorged cock into Glen's mouth, the intensity and quantity
of which made it difficult for Glen to swallow. But he managed, at the
same time, rubbing the old man's balls and stomach to accentuate the flow
and excitement of the encounter. The old man was in no hurry. He allowed
Glen to savor his hot ejaculate that seemed to pour from his cock as the
seconds of his pleasure ticked downward. The old man's breathing slowed to
normal and he withdrew his partially rigid cock from Glen's mouth and
kissed him deeply, savoring his own juices as well as thanking Glen for the
relief he felt.

After the old man left, Glen sat, massaging his hard cock to
fulfillment only to be interrupted by another older man who wasted no time
taking Glen's rigid cock into his mouth and swallowing his hot cum that
came in the instant that his cock entered the old man's mouth. Spent, Glen
bowed his thanks to the old man and left, returning to the tender, savoring
what had just transpired unexpectedly on his first contact at this port of

Returning to the boat terminal, he surveyed the area for the
hangers-on. None were visible although the bathroom at the terminal seemed
to be quite busy with non-tourists.

Another two days at sea, and they arrived at another Chilean port,
Chacabuco. Chacabuco stood at the far end of an enclosed harbor,
surrounded by green mountains, the higher elevations in the distance
covered with snow and glaciers. It was an almost idyllic setting. The
town, if one could call it a town, was mostly a port of call for unloading
the ships wastes which were stored and trucked to landfills or processing
plants in the area. Access to the town was also by tender. As the tender
approached the dock, little could be seen of the town. At the top of a
knoll, stood a modern looking hotel. This was in stark contrast to the
clapboard, tin roofed houses that made up the rest of the village. A small
park with a gazebo harbored a small grouping of the town's winos who kept
to themselves, almost unaware of the few tourists who dared to walk among

As before, Glen took note of the gathering of people at dockside.
Most were dockhands, caring for the tourists embarking. But at the top of
the road, he took note of a colorful figure seated on a park bench near the
winos. He was an old man with black pants, unbelted and tied. A striking
red serape draped his shoulders and accented the gray hair and dark eyes
that were visible beneath the black gaucho hat that lay tilted playfully
atop his head. His strong, tanned hands rested gracefully on his knees and
pointed to his tanned, wide-squared bare feet encased in open leather
strapped sandals as he took in the comings and goings at the dock. As Glen
drew closer, he could make out the striations on his brow that told of his
exposure to the outdoor sun. A firm jaw and gentle mouth added character
and determination to his visage. The white park bench accented a large
bulge in his crotch, a fact that Glen would have noted anyway even though
the old timer massaged it demurely as Glen neared. A broad smile broadcast
his interest in Glen and he took that opportunity to sit next to the old

"Do you speak English," Glen queried.

"No, but I understand a little," came the reply. Along with the
response, his hand moved to his crotch.

No language was needed now. Glen reached over and massaged the bulge
that seemed to grow as he looked and touched. The old man responded
haltingly, as if gasping for breath, obviously excited by this new

"Follow me."

They walked down a small embankment toward some large ship containers
that lined the banks of the bay. In the midst of the containers, they came
upon some small crates where the old man paused and turned to Glen,
embracing him with his strong arms, kissing him deeply, their tongues
entwining. As they kissed, he stepped out of his sandals and, now
barefooted, unloosed the tie that held his pants. It dropped loosely to
the ground. Stepping out of them, he removed the serape and hat and stood
naked before Glen, motioning to Glen to do the same. In seconds, they
pressed their hot bodies to each other, their nakedness and exposure to the
fresh mountain air adding to the sensuality of the moment. The moment was
breathtaking for Glen and he lost little time loving this gentle man whose
body cried out for loving. His head and tongue moved from the old man's
mouth to his chest and nipples, sucking and tweaking them with his lips and
tongue, savoring the sweat and odor of his sexuality. He continued
downward, lingering about the slight protrusion of a stomach to his pubic
hair and his fat 6 inch cock that swayed and pulsed freely in the Andean
air. He lingered longer at his cock and balls and the inner crevices of
his groin sucking the pungent sweat that lay between his testicles and
inner thigh. Still further did his lovemaking go, moving down the thigh to
the calf to his feet. Reversing directions, he arrived once more at his
mouth and kissed him sensuously and deeply.

The old man managed two words here. "Fuck me."

With that, he lay upon the serape, his legs elevated awaiting Glen's
throbbing and pulsing 8 inch cock.

Taking his time, Glen sank his hot tongue into the old man's
receptive asshole, preparing it for his penetration. Alternating between
his hot asshole and pulsing cock, Glen drove the old man into a frenzy
which he delayed momentarily by rising and kissing Glen deeply.

"Fuck me," he whispered.

Holding both his legs high, Glen inserted his hard, throbbing cock
into and past a most receptive sphincter muscle as far as his cock would
allow. He kept it there for a long moment, savoring the warmth of his
lower intestine, kissing the old man full on the mouth. Then he began the
slow dance of love, driving his cock slowly and rhythmically, the rhythm
accented by the old man's reciprocal thrust. Each in his own reverie of
lust became aware of visitors. Two of the winos from the park took their
place in this orgy of lust, one lying with his head abutting the old man's,
the other driving his hot cock deep into his lover's hole. The moans of
lusting grew louder. Soon, two others of the winos arrived and the ballet
of bodies and cocks tripled into an orgiastic crescendo that culminated in
Glen's screaming orgasm into the old man's hot, sweaty, dripping asshole.
The moans and guttural intonations told it all. Language wasn't necessary.
Glen drove deeper and deeper into the old man and filled him with an ocean
of cum that seemed not to end, the oozing fluid dripping from his hot hole
onto the ground and Glen's bare feet.

It was Glen's turn now. He withdrew and lay upon the serape as the
old man sucked the remnant of Glen's cum that enveloped his cock after it
emerged from his asshole. He then drove his fat 6 inch cock into Glen and
within minutes of penetration felt the hot fluids of his ejaculate rise and
surge into Glen's receptive asshole. He fucked and fucked as if there were
no end to the ejaculate.

The other four followed suit and in their heightened excitement at
this sexual Olympiad, they drove their cocks deep into one another until
everyone, Glen and the old man and the other four winos lay spent upon each
other's bodies.

There was still time to reflect upon the meaning and beauty of these
encounters and Glen and the old man lay on the serape, their bodies pressed
together, tasting each other's salinity, the remaining telltale sign of
their loving.

It was time to return to the ship. Glen dressed and, accompanied by
the old man, walked to the pier and in one last gesture of love, kissed
each other tenderly before departing for the ship.

The next three days were at sea, sailing through the historic and
magnificently scenic Strait of Magellan. On one of his walks about the
ship, Glen noted a sign to the spa and saunas. He inquired about the
protocols of using the saunas and found none. All one needed was to get a
locker key from the person in charge, along with a towel and step into a
new world of enjoyment.

He found this world immediately. In the steam sauna, three elderly
and several middle aged men made room for Glen. He sensed upon entry that
he had broken up an encounter, and, to alleviate fears, he dropped his suit
and stood naked with the others. His guess was correct. Two of the men
renewed their play mode, massaging each others cocks as the others looked
on. One of the older men sitting on the bench removed the towel from his
lap to reveal a hard pulsing cock, which the other older man, standing next
to him, bowed down to and took completely into his mouth, resuming what
Glen had guessed was an ongoing party. The sucking didn't last long,
however. A minute or so into the resumption, the older man groaned his
imminent orgasm and, thrusting deep and hard, shot into his lover's
receptive mouth. The other's paused to take in his ecstasy. Glen's hand
meanwhile moved to the cock and balls of the older man standing next to
him. A quick glance at the man's face revealed that Glen had seen the
gentleman around the boat or in the dining room with his wife on numerous
occasions. The grope was reciprocal and soon they were taking turns
sucking each other's hard and throbbing cocks. At this point, the entire
sauna was engaged in this highly sensuous escapade, each striving to
pleasure the other. The old man signaled to Glen that he was about to
come. Glen knelt and sucked deeply to the sounds and moans that dominated
the room. A hot load of cum hit the back of Glen's throat, his hands
clenching the thighs and pulling him towards him so that no drops of cum
would be lost.

This new facet of the trip engaged Glen daily now. When there
weren't any shore tours, Glen made this his haven of love and peace.

The next port of call at Punta Arenas was interesting. This city of
100,000 residents is at the tip of the Chilean mainland, overlooking the
Straits of Magellan. "A city of this size," he thought, "could certainly
bring up some interesting contacts." He found his answer quickly. At
their first stop at a museum run by a missionary group, the tour director
was a kindly old monk, probably in his late sixties or early seventies.
Because of his hearing, Glen stood close to the monk to capture his lecture
on the native peoples, animals, and bird life in the region. It was a good
introduction to Patagonia and the Tierra del Fuego, subsequent stops on the

At one point in the group lecture, he felt the hand of the old monk
brush against his crotch. Almost immediately, Glen's cock stiffened. But
how could he be sure? It might have been an accident. Dogged in his
determination to find out, he stayed close to the old monk, and, once
again, he felt the back of his hand touch his cock. His cock now rigid and
throbbing, he was sure that these "accidental" brushes of hand were
conscious and intended. The tour was nearing an end and Glen took his
position directly behind the old monk, who gestured in his lecture with his
right hand and kept the left hand behind. He moved as close to the left
hand as he could without being noticed by other members of the tour group,
and, with expected predictability, the old monk squeezed Glen's throbbing
cock hard. Minutes later, the tour ended with the recommendation that the
tour members roam the museum at will and pointed to a gift shop where they
might also pick up souvenirs of the visit. Glen took this opportunity to
inquire of the old monk the location of the restrooms. He smiled kindly to
Glen and whispered, "Follow me."

They left the group to their own means and walked a short distance to
a door that opened into a monastic enclosure. "My cell is nearby,"
whispered the old monk. "You can use the toilet there."

The old monk opened the door and ushered Glen into his cell and
locked the door. With no loss of motion, they embraced, the old monk
groping for Glen's hard cock and Glen moving his hand under the long habit
of monk. He was surprised to feel that the old monk wore no pants, and,
more surprisingly, his hand felt the old monk's cock hard and rigid and
dripping with pre cum. He wasted no time in moving the old monk toward his
bed, and raising his habit to his chest, his mouth searched out the wetness
that pervaded his cock and balls and sucked deliriously. Apparently, the
old monk, excited by this unusual contact, came quickly, shooting an
enormous hot load into Glen's mouth, a testament to a long hiatus between
this cum and his last. He sucked long and hard, suctioning every last drop
of hot cum from the old monk, at the same time fingering his prostate.
Glen sensed that his asshole, hot and moist, was relaxed, three fingers
entering his asshole with ease.

"Come to me," moaned the old monk. Glen dropped his pants
effortlessly and moved his hard throbbing cock into the old man's mouth,
whispering, "Wet it; suck it." With that, he moved the old monk's body to
the edge of the bed, and raising his legs so that they lay over his
shoulders, drove his hard cock deep into the old monk's asshole. He fucked
him slow almost in tune with the low moans of pleasure that emanated from
the old monk's throat. Within minutes, he felt the pain-pleasure of his
imminent cum welling in his groin and drove deep into the old monk's
asshole, his moans alerting the old monk of his coming ecstasy. The old
monk met his thrusts with thrusts of his own and cock and asshole drove
toward that ultimate pleasure of orgasm. He stifled his ecstasy with muted
grunts and groans as his hard throbbing cock poured its contents into the
old monk's asshole. The old monk added his own moans to the chorus of
pleasure that they both experienced. Spent, Glen moved onto the bed, his
cock still penetrating the monk's hot asshole, and lay still in a spoon
position until their breathing returned to normal.

The silence was broken by the old monk. "Will you write to me? It
gets so lonely here."

"I'll be most happy to."

Rising, the old man washed Glen's tumescent cock gently. After
exchanging hugs and kisses and addresses, Glen took his leave sadly. In
this fleeting moment of ecstasy, he had really come to love the old monk.
As a postscript to this encounter, the old monk and Glen became intimate
friends, even though separated by thousands of miles.

The trip through the Strait of Magellan was interesting although Glen
could not get the thought of the old monk out of his memory. He felt sad
at this loss and wished it could have turned out differently.

Arrival in Ushuaia, Argentina revived Glen a bit for now he was in
the Tierra del Fuego, an archipelago of 76,000 square kilometers,
surrounded by the South Atlantic Ocean, the Strait of Magellan, and the
easternmost part of the Pacific Ocean. Soon he would be rounding Cape
Horn, headed for Antarctica. Ushuaia had the distinction of being the
southernmost city in the world. Until 1947, it was known as the site of a
large penal colony and many of Argentina's most notorious criminals were
sent here. In 1950, it became a major naval base which enabled it to
maintain a population in excess of 30,000. The ship tour that interested
Glen most was a ride on an old penal colony train that went into the
mountains surrounding the city. On the tour, he met an old couple from the
ship. Glen recognized the husband as his sauna "lover." A wink from the
old man acknowledged his awareness of Glen in the sauna, and the
conversation moved to ship chit-chat of a friendly nature. The wife was
more than pleasant. She was witty and jovial and, at one point, mentioned
the boat sauna as a point of interest for her and her husband. Joe, the
husband, with a twinkle in his eye, added, "Glen, if you haven't tried the
sauna yet, do so. It's a great spot for relaxation." The conversation
moved to other things, not before Joe's wife Mary extended an invitation to
Glen for cocktails in the Lido bar before dinner. Glen took them up on the
invitation before they separated. With several hours left after the tour,
Glen decided to explore the waterfront, dotted with sundry bars of a
dubious nature. The first one he chose was on the ground floor of a
pensione, and, judging from the looks of the bar's denizens, mostly older,
they all lived there. It was crowded and he noticed several of his tour
group at a table in the corner deep in conversation with one another. He
chose a seat at the bar next to a vacant stool that gave evidence of being
in use, a shot and beer waiting for its occupant. Glen ordered and sipped
his beer. Out of the corner of his eye, he noted an older man emerging
from the restroom heading, it seems, for the vacant stool next to him.

The old man sat and in accented English, spoke, "From the ship? How
do you like your trip so far. Not much to do here, that's for sure."

"Great trip so far," added Glen. "Your English is good. Are you
from these parts?"

"I've been here about ten years now. My home is in Germany, but
after the war, I took to the sea and made a life of it. Now I'm retired
and enjoy the quiet of the Tierra. Occasionally, I make a trip back home
to visit brothers and sisters, but there's nothing there for me anymore."

"Don't you get lonely?

"Sometimes. But there's always the bar and I meet some of the most
interesting people in the world."

The conversation continued for more than an hour, the old man
regaling Glen with stories of the sea and his life. At one point, Glen
excused himself to go to the restroom. The old man followed and, as they
stood at the open ended urinal, the old man retrieved his fat tumescent
cock, standing back far enough for Glen to get a good view of its enormity.
He flicked it continuously up and down, withdrawing the skin from the head
to reveal an enormous cockhead. Glen couldn't help but take notice and,
with one motion, reached over and felt the old man's semi rigid cock and
said, "That's a nice cock you got there."

"You can have it if you come up to my room in the hotel."

"We'll have to hurry. I have only a couple of hours left before I
return to the ship."

"That's no problem," added the old German. We'll leave right away.
Follow me out the door."

They exited the bar and entered the lobby of the hotel. The old
German waved to the clerk as an old friend and they walked down a corridor
to his room that stood at the end.

The old man stripped immediately. Glen took in his good physical
build that revealed a slight paunch attesting to his age. His cock was
even more enormous in his nude state. The gray hair on his head matched
the light patch of gray that stood between the nipples on his chest and
descended to his cock and balls. The excitement of the moment engorged his
cock which now stood hard and rigid, pulsing with excitement. Glen
disrobed quickly and embraced the old man frontally, kissing him deeply, as
the old man's cock lodged between Glen's legs. As they kissed, the old man
pumped his manliness between Glen's thighs, his cockhead teasing Glen's

"I want to feel that big hard cock in my ass. Do you fuck?"

He responded by handing a jar of Vaseline to Glen to lubricate his
now hot asshole. "You may need this," he added.

Applying the Vaseline generously, Glen lay on the bed on his back,
his legs outstretched and in the air, his asshole poised for pleasure. The
old man moved his hot cock gently into the hole, gradually penetrating it,
teasingly. His hips moved synchronously and slowly, in and out, never
penetrating Glen's ass completely. But as the dance of love continued, the
old man's passion accelerated. His hot, throbbing cock now began to drive
its fullness deep into Glen's receptive hole, massaging his prostate until
the pleasure of the fuck became almost unbearable. He signaled to the old
man through his low guttural moans that his pleasure was almost

The pace of the fuck increased now, from gentle to violent, the old
German's cock driving forcefully into the depths of Glen's hot asshole. It
was evident from the low moans of the old man that the moment of ecstasy
was imminent. He whispered into Glen's ear, "Mein gott! Nehmen sie. Take
it! Take it! The spurts seemed to have no end as the muscle of his cock
contracted over and over, his hot cum spilling deep into Glen's ass, some
of it running down his cheeks and legs. The old man paused to withdraw and
kneel above Glen's mouth and deposit the remaining hot cum in Glen's
awaiting mouth. Glen's cock throbbed and pulsed during this sensuous
moment. As the old man returned his still throbbing cock to Glen's ass,
Glen shot his hot load onto the old German's stomach. As he continued to
pump his still rigid cock into Glen, he savored the hot cum on his belly,
swipping it with his hand, eating it as if it were honey. They continued
to love in this position until the old man's cock went flaccid and slid
from Glen's wet asshole, dripping with cum and sweat. The old man knelt
before Glen's receptive and dripping asshole and sucked and licked him dry.

"Got to go now," Glen muttered.

"Go and thanks. I'll sleep for awhile now."

Glen dressed and left, getting back to the ship an hour before the
"All Aboard" notice went up. He showered and got ready for his cocktail
hour with the couple from the penal colony train ride.

Refreshed from the shower, Glen headed for the Lido bar. Joe and
Mary were already seated in the forward position overlooking the bow. Joe
stood and beckoned Glen to their table. Once seated, a waiter took his
order and he relaxed with his drink and his new found friends. The
conversation was pleasant. Glen learned that they were both from
Cincinnati, a four hour drive from Glen, and all were pleased to learn of
their proximity to one another. As with Glen, they were both retired and
enjoying their leisure with travel around the world. Glen offered to buy a
round. But they declined stating that this was already their second and
they would wait for Glen to finish and catch up. Mary, in particular,
seemed refreshingly bubbly. Her gray hair accented a gentle face. Glen's
eyes moved to the cleavage of her breasts and which he sensuously admired.
From her breasts, his eyes moved to her slightly paunched stomach. The
second drink had taken its effect on Mary, and from Glen's position, he
could view the ample gap between her legs. The drinks had relaxed her and
she unconsciously spread her legs, allowing Glen to steal glimpses of her
panties in the dimness of the bar. Having already sucked Joe's ample six
inch cock in the sauna, he sat tried to imagine him naked, hard and
throbbing driving it sensuously into Mary's hot cunt. He relived their
moment in the sauna, as Glen and he took turns sucking each others cock.
He saw vividly the hair on his stomach and the ample grayness of his pubic
hairs as his cock moved in and out of his mouth, cumming with an intensity
that surprised Glen. In his reverie, he imagined them both naked, watching
them fuck and suck in the quiet of their stateroom.

It was time for dinner and they separated. But not before Joe
remarked that they always come up for a night cap at the Lido around ten.
Glen agreed to meet them at that time.

The rest of the evening was quiet for Glen, particularly after the
rousing fuck by the old German in the hotel at Ushuaia. His asshole still
felt the enjoyment of that penetration, and, in a way, he suddenly felt the
need to be fucked again. After an hour at the slots, he made his way to
the Lido. Joe and Mary were already there, seated at the bar, and they
greeted him cordially as if they were old friends. Glen could not but feel
the genuineness of their friendship and reciprocated with an intimate
embrace of both Mary and Joe. The tenor of their conversation resumed
where they had left off earlier. And as the drinks increased in quantity,
all gave in to the pleasure of the moment. Mary, in particular, giggled
incessantly, paying particular attention to Glen. She was a toucher. She
seemed unable to talk except through her hands. In addition, Mary's leg
often came in contact with Glen's, a contact he did not resist. In fact,
he found himself reciprocating and moving his leg close to Mary. Since
Glen sat on the stool between Joe and Mary, he was in a position to engage
him as well except that the touch had greater relevancy. At one point,
Glen's hand moved to his right and groped Joe's cock as he talked to Mary.
Similarly, Joe's hands slipped down Glen's back in a motion of friendship
to feel his ass and crotch. The evening continued this way until Mary
suggested that she was a little drunk and that she'd better get back to the
stateroom. Glen joked that she'd better be careful or Joe would take
advantage of her. They all laughed at this, Mary adding, "That won't be
hard. You should see what he does to me." Again they laughed and

The next five days were busy from morning to night. After rounding
Cape Horn, the ship headed south for its rendezvous with Antarctica and the
American research base at Palmer Station. Each day was replete with
lectures on the geography and climate of Antarctica as well as sightings of
whales, seals and penguins. The icebergs were plentiful and everyone spent
much of the day photographing icebergs, large and small. It was a good
time for Glen to experience as much of the sauna as he could, and, daily he
met Joe in the sauna where they satisfied their immediate needs for sex and
passion. At one point in a conversation with Joe in the sauna, he
obliquely got around to his sex life with Mary and hinted at her passion
and need. It was never direct, but the insinuation was that a threesome
might be possible. Glen assumed that whatever intimacies and overtures he
might make to Mary would have his approval.

Three days into the 6 day journey through Antarctica, the camaraderie
among the tourists increased. More people were talking to one another,
probably because there was little else to do. So, too, was the friendship
between Joe and Mary. Their daily cocktail hours blossomed. Glen noticed,
too, that Mary's attentiveness to him was much more pronounced. Often,
Mary's hand would rest on Glen's leg as she made a point or two in a
conversation. The touching was freer. There was a great deal of open
reciprocity in showing affection and tenderness to one another. When this
happened, Glen's cock always stood at full mast. And whenever he stole a
feel of Joe's cock, it, too, stood hard and ready for action. The meetings
in the bar graduated to afternoon cocktail hours in Joe and Mary's
stateroom where things evolved along intimate lines. Five days into the
journey, Glen arrived at Joe and Mary's stateroom for drinks. Joe greeted
him in his shorts, barefooted and sensuous. The gray hairs on his chest
glistened in the dimness of the Antarctic light and accented the bulge of
his cock in his shorts. Mary wasn't around.

"Come in, Glen. Mary's still in the shower. Want to look?" he
At the same time, he shouted to Mary, "Glen's here. Want him to come
in and wash your back?"

"Why not!" she resounded.

They all laughed. Joe meanwhile, led Glen toward a mirror which
reflected Mary's naked form behind the shower curtain. Glen could make out
her nicely shaped body and her ample bosom. At the moment, her hands
playfully massaged her cunt, generously rubbing the external and internal
facets of her love box with soap. Joe and Glen massaged each other's cocks
as they watched her complete her bath and step out of the shower in full
view. Glen gasped at the loveliness before him and he imagined Joe and he
loving her ample breasts and gray tinted vagina, sucking and fucking her
tenderly, tasting each other's cocks as they emerged from her hot cunt as
each took turns fucking. He imagined Mary sucking each of their cocks as
they sat, together, on the divan, taking their hot cum into her mouth and
sharing it with each other with deep kisses, their tongues intertwining

The scene was too vivid for Glen. He felt his cock dripping
copiously as Joe massage it. Near cumming, he paused and held Joe's hand
still, fearing lest he have an orgasm right then and there. Joe's cock,
too, was wet with anticipation of today's outcome. He allowed Glen to lick
it dry but stayed him from further manipulation.

Meanwhile, Mary emerged from the bath covered with a light,
luminescent bathrobe that heightened her sexuality rather than diminish it.

Glen gasped at her beauty and managed a weak but guttural, "You look

"How come you didn't come in and wash my back, you naughty boy?"

"There's still time," he responded, moving towards her and hugging
her closely, pressing her breasts hard to his chest. His cock, still semi
hard, pressed against her stomach.

"What's this," she said, reaching down to feel the near erection that
pressed against her. "Are you going to share this with us?"

"I'll drink to that," Glen toasted to break the intensity of the
moment as Joe poured martinis that were already made.

Joe and Mary sat together on the divan while Glen faced them from the
loveseat in their stateroom. Her hand rested on Joe's crotch, his cock
peeking ever so slightly from the corner of his shorts. Mary made no
attempt to hide her loveliness as she sat open legged, revealing the
darkness that led to her love box. Her ample breasts rested easily beneath
her robe, the dark nipples penetrating the thin lace that bordered the
fringe of her robe. Joe broke the intermittent silence with a toast.
"Here's to a long and loving friendship. Mary and I want you to be a
close and permanent part of our life."

Glen toasted in return, shouting "Here, here" a little awkwardly.
And then, more seriously, he remarked, "Yes, indeed, I want that, too. Let
nothing stand in the way of our friendship for one another."

After two more drinks, Mary's hand moved down to Joe's cockhead.
"Joe's a wonderful husband, Glen," she slurred. "He really knows how to
keep a woman happy. Why don't you sit here on the divan with us, Glen."

Glen stood, his cock standing hard and protruding, and moved toward
the divan. The bulge wasn't lost on Mary and her hand moved easily to
Glen's cock as he sat close to her. At the same time, Joe's hand moved to
Mary's breast, signaling Glen to do the same. Her robe slid easily from
her shoulders, revealing her loveliness. She gave in to the sensuality of
the moment and rested her head on the back of the divan, spreading her legs
wide to reveal the tinted gray fur of her vagina. Glen's other hand moved
to her cunt, his finger dipping into the secret chamber, revealing the
warmth and wetness of her passion. She moaned in pleasure. Joe stood and
dropped his shorts, his cock throbbing, rigid, wet with anticipation. Glen
too removed his shirt, pants and shoes, standing naked with Joe as Joe
stepped on the divan, offering his hardness to the warmth of Mary's mouth.
She sucked gently, reveling in the pre cum that poured into her mouth.
Glen, meanwhile, knelt between her outstretched legs and massaged the inner
folds of her vagina with his hot tongue, driving her into a frenzy of
passion, thrusting her hips to meet the penetration of his tongue. Glen
tasted her sensuousness, her orgasms beginning in earnest. The fluids of
her love box poured from within as Glen sucked and delved deeper and deeper
into her vagina. Her moans translated to words, "Take me. Both of you!
Take me!"

Joe stepped from the divan and motioned to Glen to take her legs as
he took her arms and lifted her onto the bed, naked, writhing, sensual.
Joe motioned to Glen to go first. Glen knelt between her raised legs and
licked her tenderly before driving his engorged cock deep into her cunt.
He held it there for a long moment, savoring the warmth and the
contractions of her pelvis. Afterwards, he fucked her passionately. Her
moans attested to the continuance of her orgasms and Glen responded with
his own moans which signaled an explosion of hot cum that filled her to
repletion, much of it oozing from her cunt, down her legs, into her
asshole. It was Joe's turn. Glen moved to her mouth, inserting his wet
and still hard cock into it for her to savor the juices of his cock and her
cunt. Joe began to fuck her wildly, reveling in the wetness that was
Glen's, and, in seconds, filled her hot cunt again with an enormous
explosion of passion and cum. Mary's orgasms continued long after. Joe's
cock continued to throb passionately in her hot and juicy cunt as they lay
in intimate conjunction of cock and cunt and cock and mouth. They dozed.

Minutes passed, perhaps a half hour. Mary spoke first, her face
covered with Glen's cum, "What a facial that was!" Glen moved toward her
and kissed the cum drenched face, licking the remnants of his passion.
Mary, too, moved from her position and sought out Joe's and Glen's cocks as
they lay together across the bed in total submission to each other's
passion. From this time on, their lovemaking knew no bounds. Glen, Joe,
and Mary strove to outdo each other in satisfying their hunger for passion
and love.

The passage through the Antarctic Archipelago ended and the ship set
sail northward into the South Atlantic for the Falkland Islands. Glen
looked forward to this stop, particularly since he followed closely the war
between Britain and the Argentineans which began with an April 1982
invasion of the island by Argentina. They arrived in Stanley by tender on
a bright, cool and windy sunny day. Glen chose a ship tour around the
island which took them to the mine fields that were still off limits to the
population and to the penguin colony. Returning to Stanley, he still had
several hours to waste wandering about the port and town which were
essentially one. An hour into his walk he came across a public restroom.
Positioning himself in a doorway nearby, he was able to take in the comings
and goings. There was some loitering but most seem to go in and linger
awhile. He decided to have a look and, to his delight, an orgy was in
progress on his entry. Everyone poised a moment to take note of Glen's
entry, but continued unabated after deciding he was not a problem. In the
m�nage of bodies, one man stood out with a large cock. The others took
turns sucking. One stood behind the middle aged cocks man and tweaked the
nipples of his breasts. An older man, in his seventies stood apart
watching the orgy, playing with his semi erect cock. Glen moved towards
him. He took his cock in hand and began to masturbate him. His cock grew
hard quickly and Glen sensed his excitement. He knelt before him and,
taking his 6 inch cock fully, began to suck in earnest. The old man
responded to Glen's loving and moved his hips to meet Glen's downward
thrust of his mouth. The movement increased, the old man taking Glen's
head between his hands, pushing deeply into his hot mouth. His cumming was
imminent and sensing that, Glen's hands moved to the old man's balls and
caressed them tenderly. A low moan announced his cumming and, driving his
hot cock deep into Glen's mouth, he exploded in a torrent of hot gism, none
of which escaped Glen's eager mouth and tongue. One of the men, older as
well, broke off from the orgy group and moved to Glen with his cock hard
and moist. Glen's receptive mouth took him fully and, within seconds, he
shot his hot load deep into Glen's throat. Excited by the suddenness of
these encounters, Glen pumped his hard cock, seeking fulfillment. The big
cocked man who was the focal point of the orgy, motioned for Glen to
participate. He whispered to Glen, "If you come, shoot it on my cock. I
want to feel your warm cum and masturbate with it."

Glen obliged. Within minutes, he turned his cock towards the man's
cock and stroking hard, exploded his hot cum over the man's cock and balls.
Obviously excited by Glen's orgasm, he stroked his hard cock faster and, at
the moment of cumming, drove it into the mouth of one of the orgiasts,
filling him with a mouthful of cum, some of which leaked from his mouth
onto his chin.

The others continued to play. Glen, meanwhile, found the sink and
washed his cock clean of his cum, zippered up and returned to the tender

The remainder of the trip, with stops at Buenos Aires, Montevideo,
and Rio were filled with lots of shore activity and the sexual variety that
Glen experienced heretofore abated. There were daily escapades with Joe
and Mary which continued to develop in variety and intensity.

Buenos Aires afforded a slight deviation from the monotony of the
moment. The bus tour to the cemetery to visit Eva Peron's grave allowed
Glen to survey the posh neighborhood in which the cemetery was situated.
Restaurants, shops, bookstores, gift shops were in abundance. He entered
one bookstore with the intent of purchasing some postcards. The elderly
owner was unusually friendly, Glen thought. He dallied longer than he
anticipated, having sensed that something more was coming. His cock jumped
when the owner put his hand on Glen's shoulder and in good English asked,
"You must be an American. I have a sister who lives in St. Louis."

"I'm from Ohio," Glen responded. "Do you ever get up to visit your

"Yes, yes. In fact, I visited her last Christmas."

Then, pulling Glen close to him, he added, "But it was so cold there.
Here, we associate Christmas with summer."

As he talked, Glen got a better look at the old man. His gray hair
and blue eyes were most striking. A slender body and handsome thin hands
that punctuated his conversation accented that visage. A touch of gray
hair emanated from under his shirt collar and Glen imagined that grayness
running down his chest to his stomach to his cock. He took in the sizable
bulge in his crotch and longed to explore its contents. This was not lost
on the old man.

He resumed his clutch of Glen's arm and moved it towards his crotch
which Glen grasped and squeezed tenderly. He searched for the zipper and
undid his fly, his hand reaching into the warmth of his legs, grasping a
hard 6 inch cock. He knelt before the old man and tasted the salt of the
summer heat on his cock and balls.

"Wait till I close the door," he said, moving toward the front of the
bookstore, placing a sign in the door that stated, "Temporarily closed.
Will return in 1 hour."

"Follow me," he said on return and Glen followed him to the rear of
the stacks to a small room with a bed.

Glen took the initiative. He removed the old man's shirt, kissing
his breasts and nipples. While suckling, his hands undid the pants and
removed them along with his shorts, his mouth continuing to taste each part
of the body as it appeared. The old man stepped out of his moccasin shoes
barefooted and stood before Glen sensuous and desirable. Once more, Glen
knelt before him and unencumbered by clothes, tasted his hard 6 inch
throbbing cock, taking it deep into his mouth, his tongue dancing
pleasantly on his cockhead. The old man beckoned for Glen to undress as he
lay prone on his bed of passion. Naked, now, Glen knelt over the old man's
face in a 69 position and drove his throbbing cock into his mouth, at the
same time, impaling his mouth on the old man's cock. It was more than the
old man could bear. His moans and thrusting gave signal to Glen of the
imminence of his cumming, and he sucked him deep to feel the intensity of
the orgasmic spurts as the sprayed the back of his throat.

A long "Oooooooooooooohhhhhhh, Dio," complemented the orgasm as Glen
kept his pace, sucking deep and lovingly. The hot cum of the old man
ignited his own passion and his cock, which until now, bathed the mouth of
the old man with the warm sweetness of his precum, released a torrent of
hot cum that the old man savored with sounds of "Ummmm," and moans of
pleasure. Glen rolled on his side and gestured to the old man to lay still
so that he could continue to savor the delicate aromas of his crotch, and
balls, and cock. They lay that way for several minutes, neither speaking,
both embedded in their own reveries.

Glen spoke first. "I must be going. Our bus is a few doors up the
street and it's probably time for me to get back."

He dressed hurriedly but took time to demonstrate his gratitude for
this encounter with an embrace and an exchange of addresses for future
correspondence and another possible encounter.

The trip back to the ship was bittersweet. He wished that his
encounter with the old man wasn't so hurried and that they could savor more
of the goodness and love that seemed to prevail. "But perhaps he could
make it up at a later time," he mused, dismissing his sadness.

Rio was the point of disembarkation for Glen. For Glen, Joe and
Mary, the separation was difficult. But there was the future to look
forward to, Cincinnati being only a 4 hour trip from Glen's. Glen caught a
taxi at dockside for the airport for a flight to Igua�u Falls in the
interior of Brazil, bordering on three countries, Brazil, Argentina, and
Paraguay. The falls was one of the wonders of the world. Upon seeing
Igua�u Falls, Eleanor Roosevelt was heard to say, "Poor Niagara!"

The falls were in a jungle, but his luxury hotel belied this fact
with its grandness and convenience. It sat only several hundred feet from
the falls. A large swimming pool was central to the hotel along with
several indoor and outdoor restaurants. Since Carnevale was in full swing
throughout Brazil, the same atmosphere pervaded this remote outpost of
luxury. Between visits to the falls, Glen spent much of his time relaxing
at the large kidney shaped pool or dining al fresco at the pool side
restaurant. On the first night, the restaurant was decorated with balloons
and all the guests were invited to celebrate Carnevale with a live
Brazilian combo. A Brazilian ranch cookout was the focal point of the
smorgasbord dinner with five different meats being grilled simultaneously.
The meal was sumptuous as were the drinks. Conviviality ruled and guests
representing about fifteen countries partook in the celebration without
gusto. At a table to his right sat an elderly Brazilian couple from Sao
Paolo. The drinks kept everyone fluid and the old couple danced almost
every other dance. He, Raul, also gave much attention to Glen, a fact
which was not lost on him. He surveyed the old man as he danced and his
slender figure was resplendent and graceful. Glen's eyes focused on the
old man's crotch as well, which displayed a generous bulge of cock and
balls as his legs moved gracefully and with agility to the tempo of a
Brazilian samba or mambo. As the night wore on, the old man's wife began
to wither under the drinks and he escorted her to their room. That might
have been the end except that the old man returned to sit with Glen. The
conversation eventually got around to sex and Glen suggested that they go
to his room for a drink. Agreeable and eager, the old man followed Glen to
his room.

No introductions were necessary after that. As soon as they entered
the room, the old man pulled Glen close and kissed him deeply, exchanging
tongues and saliva in a passionate embrace. Their legs interwove and Glen
felt the pressure of the old man's hard cock on his leg. Still kissing and
embracing, each undressed, albeit clumsily, flinging his clothes on the
floor, until each stood naked before the other.

They moved to the bed where Glen took the initiative, sucking the old
man's slender 7 inch cock as it throbbed and pulsed before him.

"Ooooohhhh," he sighed, cradling Glen's head to slow the momentum.
"Don't hurry, or I will come too soon," he added.

They settled into a sixty nine position in which they could each
explore one another's cock and balls and asshole. The old man's tongued
Glen's with such intensity and skill that Glen's only recourse was to cry
out, "Fuck me!"

The old man complied, lying on his right side beneath Glen's raised
legs and, unhurried, tantalized Glen's asshole with the tip of his slender
cock, inserting it partially, withdrawing, reinserting, ultimately driving
it deep into Glen in a dance of love. His artistry played on all the
emotional and sensuous chords of Glen's libido, fucking him and, at the
same time, manipulating Glen's cock sensuously. After an hour of loving
passed, the pace of the old man's thrust began to increase and Glen sensed
a finale. In control, the old man knelt between Glen's legs, raising them
over his shoulders and drove his cock deep and deeper, thrusting hard into
Glen's hot and receptive asshole. And then it came.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Dio, Dio," he screamed over and over again, as his
throbbing cock responding to each spasm of his prostate and cock muscles,
filled Glen's hot asshole to repletion with his passionate cum that
overflowed onto Glen's legs and balls. He continued to drain his cock and
balls into Glen until his passion subsided and his cock grew flaccid.

"Now it is your turn," he whispered. Glen did not have far to go to
achieve satisfaction. Standing on the floor beside the bed, he slid the
old man's ass to the side and drove his cock in deep. A few strokes were
all that were needed. The excitement of Carnivale and sexual tensions of
this night's passion were released. "Take it, Raul. Taakkke it!"
Afterwards, they slept, the old man unhurried to return to his wife.

The next day, Glen departed for Sao Paolo and a return flight home to
Ohio. The question of whether the cruise was worthwhile was answered for
Glen. On arriving home, he began planning his next vacation.

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