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Chapter 31 - Graham - Senior Citizen's Eden

Chapter 31


Life had its ups and downs for Graham before he came to Carter
Court. But he philosophized that he was no different from anyone else in
this respect. So when the death of his wife forced Graham to think about a
retirement home, he did what many others did. Outright, he rejected that
possibility; then he reconsidered; then he accepted. But his acceptance of
this new venue in life was based on an occurrence that was totally
unexpected. In his reconsideration phase, he paid a visit to Carter Court
on the pretext of studying its offerings. After talking to a counselor and
being taken on an extensive tour of the buildings, he thanked his guide,
took his information, and headed for his car. On the way out, however, he
felt an urge to urinate and stopped at the restroom in the basement of the
building on the way to the parking lot. He noted a couple of men standing
at the urinals. But he also noticed or thought he noticed, that upon
entry, they might have been playing with one another's dicks. He wasn't
sure, but it was enough of an observation to awaken in him a forgotten
memory from his youth of being taken by an older man in a public urinal at
a theater in his hometown. He felt his cock tingle to the thought and
harden slightly. Nevertheless, he moved to the one urinal that was
unoccupied, next to an old man that was probably in his late 70's. As he
did, the old man turned to him, smiled, and stepped back slightly.
"How do you do?" he remarked. "Are you new here?"
Graham's eyes turned to the older man, noting, at the same time,
that the old man's cock was hard and said, "No, I'm just visiting. I came
here today to talk to a counselor and see whether it's for me or not."
"And is it?" the old man queried.
By this time, Graham's ample cock grew rigid, unleashing the old
memories of his youth. His mouth grew dry and he began to shake, his
answer manifesting itself in staggered breathing if not breathlessness. "I
need some time to think about it," he stammered. "If I could talk to some
of the residents," he gasped, "I might be in a better position to decide."
"Well, why not come up to my room and I can give you some
insights," the old man added, at the same time reaching over and fondling
Graham's rigid cock tenderly.
The spontaneity and newness of this encounter were too much for
Graham. He stepped back, motioning for the old man's head, and shoved his
9" cock into his mouth shooting deep into the old man's mouth. He felt the
old man gag momentarily at the profusion of cum. But he recovered enough
to swallow it all and engorge Graham's balls in the aftermath. Graham
continued to ooze his passion into the old man's mouth, moaning his delight
aloud. The other old man also got into the action. He faced Graham and
with a few steady jerks of his cock, shot his hot load into the urinal.
After recovering, the old man turned to Graham and gasped, "Still
willing to come to my room and talk?"
"By all means," Graham responded, adjusting his still hard cock and
zipping his fly. They left.

So it was that Graham began his new life at Carter Court.

A couple of weeks went by before he finally settled into his new home, but,
in the meantime, he frequented Carter Court, visiting his new friend,
Randy. Graham fell into this newly acquired form of sexuality with ease.
He liked it because, even though he had been married some 50 years, these
new sexual encounters required no commitments. Randy and he spent entire
days together exploring their bodies and their sexuality and neither felt
compelled to press their demands beyond mutual pleasuring. Randy, of
course, was the initiator of this friendship and the active agent in their
sex exploits. He got Graham to relax in those early days and feel
comfortable in his nakedness. In addition, by experimentation, he brought
Graham around to laying back and enjoying his attentions, whether it be
sucking his cock and balls, whether it be gently prodding his asshole with
his hot tongue, whether it be bathing him with his tongue and mouth,
whether it be gently sucking his nipples, whether it be massaging his feet
and body, whether it be kissing deeply while locked in a frontal embrace.
Graham grew to like Randy's varied attentions, and, in particular, liked
fucking Randy's hot and receptive asshole as he lay on his back with legs
It wasn't long before Graham began to experience new drives. He
began to desire a more active role in their sexual trysts. It began first
with Randy's asshole. Since fucking Randy was the technique that led to
orgasms most frequently, he began there. He often thought of his wife at
these times and remembered how he wished to suck her hot and wet cunt after
intercourse, sucking out his hot juices. He also wished for her to suck
his hot cock after he shot his load into her. But her conservative
religious upbringing and his reticence in expressing his desires became
obstacles to expressing, openly, his feelings. But these resurfaced with
Randy, with this difference. He now felt comfortable in pursuing his
fantasies. So it was that, one day, after cumming hard and deep in Randy's
hot asshole that he lay Randy on his side and sucked deeply Randy's moist
and cum filled asshole, his tongue searching out his hot cum deep in
Randy's hot hole. Inevitably, after long minutes of loving Randy in this
manner, they would turn on their backs and Randy would fulfill that other
fantasy of Graham's, namely, sucking his semi hard, moist and cum covered
cock until the last remnants of cum were extracted.
Randy was, by far, the more experienced in sexuality, particularly
the opportunistic aspect of sex. So it was, frequently, on a drive through
the country, Randy would suggest stopping in a wooded area, getting out of
the car, and walking into the woods or bushes and stripping naked. This
always excited Graham and inevitably led to fucking Randy on a bed of pine
needles, or, sometimes, on a blanket that became part of these outdoor
escapades. Graham, too, began to respond actively. While driving, his
hand would seek out Randy's cock and balls and massage them until his cock
dripped of precum. This inevitably led to a wayside stop as well as Graham
lusting for Randy's cock in his ass. Thus Graham was introduced to a new
sexuality, getting fucked. At first, it wasn't pleasant. But, more and
more, as passion grew between Randy and Graham, he began to crave Randy's
cock. Being outdoors added a special freedom and sensuousness to this new
sexuality that both enjoyed. Once, they stopped at a trucker's rest stop
in mid-afternoon when few travelers were around. At the urinal stood an
older trucker, cock out and hard, looking for attention. Randy was the
first to respond, and, while Graham watched the door, Randy dropped his
pants and backed into the hard, dripping cock of the trucker. For Graham,
a new realization emerged. He enjoyed watching. It appealed to his
voyeuristic side, and, for the first time in his life, he realized that he
was on the brink of a new deep sexual emotion. He enjoyed watching the
trucker's big 8 inch cock move deep in and out of Randy's hot ass. He also
wished that he could be taken by the trucker along with Randy. Naturally,
he moved toward them with his pants down. The trucker slipped his cock into
Graham's hot ass and fucked him hard. They alternated for several minutes,
the trucker finally coming deep in Graham's ass with a passionate cry of
"Jesus, take it baby, take it all!" From then on, the truck stop became
one their favorite stopovers on their drives through the countryside.

One day, when things were rather dull, Randy suggested they take a
trip to the local baths. For Graham, this was new territory and he was a
willing student. That afternoon, they drove to the baths, checked into a
locker and proceeded to explore. This particular afternoon was busier than
they expected. It seemed that they inadvertently came on a discount day
and found lots of older men wandering about. They spent sometime in the
hot tub, sitting and conversing with some of the members. Then they
explored the locker areas and found lots of men lying on their bunks with
their doors open, an invitation to come and visit. Randy being the more
gregarious, often peeked into the locker, said "Hello," and, depending on
the reception entered or left. In one instance, an older man lay there
fondling his cock that stood at half-mast. Randy peeked in and asked,
"Need any help?"
The old man smiled a knowing "Yes," and Randy entered, along with
Graham and began to massage the old man's cock until it throbbed with
excitement. The massage held its own excitement for all. Randy's hands
worked the old man's cock, while Graham gently and tenderly massaged the
old man's balls and inner groin, letting his hands roam freely over the old
man's legs and feet. Graham felt the warm hand of the old man's hand grip
his now throbbing cock, wet with the juices of his precum. He motioned to
Graham to come closer and Graham moved to his side and his head and
inserted his hard cock into the old man's warm, wet mouth and fucked.
Randy, meanwhile, having massaged the old man's cock into a throbbing
firmness, climbed atop him, facing him, straddling his body and inserting
the old man's cock deep into his ass. A rhythm began with the old man
thrusting deep into Randy's hot asshole as Randy's asshole pressed down to
meet his thrusts. Sucking Graham's cock in keeping with this same rhythm
was too much for the old man. His thrusts grew more violent and his
sensuous moans louder until he groaned his ecstasy aloud, thrusting deeper
into Randy's hot asshole. Randy felt the spasms of the old man's cock as
he came deep inside him. Graham's orgasm was imminent but he withdrew at
the last moment thinking that the day was still young.
Another encounter occurred in the steam room. It was difficult to
see, at first, but after a few minutes, Graham's eye encountered several
bodies fucking and sucking. In fact, no sooner had he entered, he felt a
hand on his semi-erect cock. Mindful of the locker encounter a few moments
before, his cock grew hard quickly and he felt the man direct his cock into
his hot, moist asshole. Randy, meanwhile, was in a deep embrace with
another man on the other side of the steam room. They kissed deeply, their
frenzied hands searching out other parts of their body. It wasn't long
before his lover lowered Randy to the bench and knelt between his
outstretched legs and sucked him deliriously. The previous fuck from the
oldman and the skillful technique of his lover, sucking, kneading his
balls, and fingering his asshole, was too much for Randy. Graham heard his
moans as they crescendoed into a low guttural "Yeeesssss! Here it comes!!!
Take it! Take it!"
Graham took his cue from this and fucked his lover violently now,
with deep hard thrusts, his balls ricocheting off his lover's ass and
balls. His hands gripped the man's shoulders tightly as his lower body,
drenched in sweat pressed forward to a screaming climax for him and his new
found lover. "Here it comes, baby! Aiiiyeeee, take it!!!" he screamed,
driving his hard, wet cock deep into the man's asshole. His whole body
shuddered as he succumbed to his forceful thrusts into his lover's
accepting asshole.
His lover echoed his passion with, "Fuuucckk me baby! Fuck me
hard! Hurt me! Come to me!"

The day was a good one for both. Graham was now convinced that an
integral part of his sexuality had to do with a latent voyeurism and
exhibitionism that he would develop to a greater and greater degree in the
days to come. And those days came quickly. Several weeks passed and, on a
trip to AAA, his eye caught a glimpse of a brochure for a trip to the
Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. He mentioned it to Randy who was of German
extraction and they decided to take the trip. To make the trip more
interesting, and since neither had ever been to Germany before, they
decided to take in Frankfurt and Berlin as well as Munich. In Munich, they
found a hotel that had a famous bath connected with it. After checking in,
and having lunch, they checked at the desk for the entrance to the bath.
The desk, they found, was also the entrance. They entered a door at the
side of the desk into a new world of baths and saunas. A restaurant
greeted them where they checked in and picked up their clogs and towels. A
number of naked men sat around tables in varying stages of undress, eating,
chatting, laughing, and joking. Making a mental note of this, they headed
for their lockers, undressed, and set out to explore. The bath was huge.
On the top floor, were steam rooms, dry and wet, along with a large
whirlpool bath in which at least six men sat, obviously enjoying each
others sexuality. It was evident from the proximity of each that sexual
play was in order. On the three lower levels of the bath, they found a
labyrinth of hallways and rooms. There were TV rooms, quiet rooms, and, to
their delight, orgy rooms that were almost pitch black. In one orgy room,
there was a large plastic platform bed that could accommodate as many as 8
people. The darkness, however, stood in the way of seeing anything for at
least 5 minutes. But one didn't have to see to participate. The platform
writhed with bodies, touching, feeling, rubbing, sucking. And around the
platform stood a number of other participants, either engaged with the
occupants on the orgy platform or with one another as they stood around.
There were other rooms in this maze. There were rooms with glory holes
built into the partitions. There were rooms with cots. There were people
everywhere standing around in the darkness, touching, probing, loving,
fucking, sucking, and, in general, doing whatever they wished. But it was
the orgy room that intrigued them the most. They returned, climbed on top
of the platform bed into a writhing group of hot, sweating, sensual bodies.
For Warren, a new feeling came over him. He later likened it to a feeding
frenzy except that, in this case, it was a cock frenzy. He found the
nearest cock and sucked deliriously while his hands roamed over the other
bodies surrounding him, massaging their cocks and balls. Tiring of one
cock, he moved to another, and another, and another. His body, too, was
the focus of attention. While he sucked one cock, another mouth found his
cock, and still another found his asshole. The profusion of sense
experiences delighted Warren and he reveled in his newfound ecstasy. After
hours of exploration, Warren's climax ended quietly but ecstatically. A
younger man took him to his room and massaged him into a state of nirvana,
probing each and every crevice of his body with gentle love that ended in
climaxing gloriously into the young man's mouth. Afterwards, he searched
for Randy and found him in a state of reverie sitting on the edge of the
whirlpool, his hands on two cocks on either side of him, being drained of
his passion by a third person between his legs.
That night, returning to their room, they lay on their beds of joy
and slept the sleep of sleeps till morning. And so it went for the rest of
their stay in Munich. But the best was yet to come. After 5 days of fun
and games in Munich, they headed for Frankfurt. They had heard of a bath
there that catered to the elderly and their admirers. On their second day,
they decided to give it a try. They found it with ease, and, like the bath
in Munich, it was a four-story building, housing, more or less, the same
delights as the Munich bath. There was one major difference. On the
fourth floor, there was one entire room that was a bed. Except for the
approach to the bed that ran from wall to wall, one half of the room was a
bed. Better yet, the room was dimly lit and one could see the occupants
and whatever it was they were engaged in. The set up suited Graham well.
He could, for the first time in his life, exercise his newly found delights
to the highest degree. He could watch and be watched and his arousal was
quick. He climbed atop the bed and caressed the hard cock of a gray haired
man who lay stroking it. His mouth tasted the salinity of the sweat on his
cock and balls. Randy lay next to him with another older man, his tongue
bathing the man's body with his passion. Warren's old man had lay on this
bed of passion for some time and Warren's attention gave him the
opportunity to focus on his orgasm. His hips began to move in sync with
Warren's up and down movement of his mouth until he moaned in guttural
German, "Gott in Himmel, ich komme! Ich komme! Ja! Ja!" He came in a
profusion of spurts, his balls tensing with each thrust. For Warren, it
was an unexpected profusion that he swallowed eagerly and lovingly. They
lay that way for several minutes until the old man rose, thanked him, and
left. But it was just the beginning. Warren rose and stood against the
wall for a few moments, gathering his senses, at the same time, enjoying
the unfolding sexual scene before his eyes. He watched as Randy lay atop
the oldman, his cock deep in his asshole, slowly and gently fucking.
Others around him were in different stages of loving. Some lay in
threesomes, embracing, touching, kissing, and playing. Others were more
actively engaged in sucking one another's cocks or fucking. But it was all
simultaneous and, to Warren's delight, one could climb into the threesome
and delight in their bliss. And so it was, as the day went on, that
Warren, did, indeed, join in on a sexual daisy chain. While two men fucked
in a spoon position, Warren eased himself into a 69 position with the man
who was being fucked. They gently and lovingly sucked and caressed one
another's body as the cock slowly but deeply penetrated his ass. As this
threesome continued, Warren's ass, too, became the focus of attention. As
he slowly fucked the mouth of his lover, he felt the insertion of a warm
tongue into his hot asshole. It sent shivers down his spine but his body
responded with new vigor to this new sensation of being sucked and rimmed
at the same time. He succumbed to this pleasure completely. The pleasure
became more intense when he felt the pressure of a hard moist cock slide
into his hot and passionate asshole. He signaled his delight with a groan
and felt the man's cock deep inside him accelerate. Soon his own moans
were accompanied by his lover's moans as he thrust deep into Warren's ass
and shot. Warren felt the warmth of his cum and felt the juices of his own
cock surge until he, too, came in the mouth of his lover. No one moved
afterwards. Each lay still enjoying that moment of bliss and ecstasy that
derives from an orgasm.

Warren felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Randy. He had fallen
asleep. Randy spoke, "Well, lover boy, it's time to go. Save some for
another day." They returned to their hotel, weary but smiling.

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