Friday, April 24, 2009

fifth anniversary

It was our fifth anniversary, and we wanted to celebrate it in style, so we
went to an upscale restaurant in one of the city's plush resort hotels.

I wore an evening gown type dress, and my husband wore a suit and tie, so
we felt quite elegant. We agreed not to wear underwear, so we would feel
sexy. My husband loves the feeling of his penis and testicles moving around
freely under his pants, and I enjoy fondling him when I have the

My dress was revealing enough to give a generous view of my breasts, which
are not large, but make an inviting cleft between their pointy mounds. My
nipples pressed invitingly into the soft silk of my gown. Since I was not
wearing panties, the gown clung to my figure and displayed its sensuous
curves to advantage. It was obvious to anyone who looked at me that I was
not a shy lady!

The dinner was delicious, and because we enjoyed several alcoholic
accompaniments to our repast, we were both just a little tipsy as we made
our way into the hotel bar, not wanting our romantic evening to be over so

We sat at the bar and ordered Brandy Alexanders with ice cream, our
favorite "dessert." We had just received our drinks when a pair of
gentlemen, also dressed in suits and ties, entered the bar, one of them
sitting down beside me, the other next to my husband. Before long we had
engaged in conversation, learning that they were from out of town, and were
staying at the hotel.

In the course of our conversation I noticed a piano in the bar, and when my
husband mentioned that I was a pretty good pianist, one of the men urged me
to play for them. I demurred at first, but our new friends were persuasive,
and John, the younger of the two, took me by the arm and gently led me over
to the piano, where I began to perform a medley of favorite popular and
show tunes.

Jim, the older man, about my husband's age, moved over to the bar stool
next to my husband, and bought him a scotch on the rocks. They sat enjoying
the music, and I noticed that John was getting pretty cozy with me, leaning
into me and putting his hand on my thigh when making a joke or
complimenting me on my playing.

Meanwhile, Jim began to get cozy with my husband, placing his hand on his
thigh to emphasize a point, and being slow to remove it. My husband didn't
seem to mind this, since he had been seduced by several men in his youth,
and had come to enjoy it, which he had admitted to me.

We have an "open" marriage. I knew my husband wasn't bothered by John's
familiarity with me either. He figured that if I objected to his advances I
would be sure to let him know. I was a big girl, and could take care of

After playing the piano and singing for a while, John and I went back to
the bar, I, sitting between our new friends, and my husband on the end of
our little group.

We had a few laughs and had pretty well loosened up when the bartender
informed us that he would have to be closing the bar, so we must "drink
up." John said it was too early to break up our little party, so why not
adjourn to their room and continue?

My husband and I agreed, and so we followed them up to their hotel room,
giggling a little as John guided me by putting his arm around me and
patting my ass from time to time. Jim stayed close to my husband, and
managed to place a hand on his bottom while we were in the elevator.

When we got to their room, John put on some music and suggested dancing
with me, to which I agreed. We danced a few minutes, with John holding me
close to him and letting his hand rest on my undulating buttocks. Soon Jim
decided he wanted to dance with me also, but John didn't want to give me
up. Jim just went to my backside and began to move in time with the music
and the movements of my swaying ass, pressing his obviously hard cock into
me from behind.

I was sure my husband was being turned on by the sight of me dancing
between two men, and I could see his hard-on threatening to burst out of
his pants.

When Jim began to work the skirt of my dress up my legs and over my hips, I
didn't object, and before long I was gyrating between the two men with my
gown around my shoulders, my naked breasts and bottom completely exposed.

While Jim continued to press into me from behind, John got down on his
knees and worked his hands up between my thighs to find my pussy, which I
freely let him explore. About this time Jim backed away and took his
clothes off while watching John lick my pussy.

He came over and stood in front of my husband brandishing his hard cock,
and my husband couldn't resist fondling it and kissing it before letting it
slide into his mouth. He barely had Jim's cock wet when Jim backed off and
knelt down to unzip my husband's pants and take his cock out, wetting it
with his saliva as it hardened into his sucking mouth.

By the time my husband had his clothes off, John had me on the bed, and he
was pulling my gown over my head and off while I undid his pants and pulled
them down to reveal a bigger cock than either Jim's or my husband's, but
just as swollen.

I bent to suck John's cock as he fidgeted and managed to get the rest of
his clothes off. Then he gently pushed me back on the bed and crawled up
between my spread legs to insert his hard-on into my wet and steaming cunt.

Jim drew my husband with him over to the bed, and he took his cock into his
mouth while my husband watched hungrily, as John's cock began to pound in
and out of my clinging pussy. My husband reached over and played with
John's balls as they slapped against my ass, and then he ran his finger up
to get some of the pussy juice that was coating John's reaming sex pole.

Meanwhile, Jim managed to work his way around without letting go of my
husband's cock so his cock was within reach of my mouth. I eagerly opened
my mouth and surrounded Jim's cock with my lips, sucking it in with a
slurp. There we were, in a kind of "daisy chain,' each one giving and
getting pleasure from another person.

Obviously, it didn't take long for the cum to start gushing, so when John
shot his wad into my cunt, my husband was there to lick and lap at it. Jim
took my husband's cum into his mouth, and I took Jim's cum into my
mouth. As we separated, we shared one another's cum, and my husband and I
ended up entwined with each other, Jim cuddling my husband from my back,
and John cuddling me from my back.

I guess we dozed off that way, and slept for several hours. In the morning
we all took showers before my husband and I got dressed and left.

What a beautiful anniversary that was!

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