Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Trailer sex

I'm a gulf coast resident and have been displaced hurricane Katrina. I have
always considered myself 100% straight. A real mans man. 6'2 195 and I work
hard to stay in good shape.

My home was destroyed in the storm. I was given a trailer to live in while
my home is being rebuilt. I was one of the lucky ones who got emergency
shelter right after the storm.

I have a friend who worked with me who wasn't as lucky. He and his family
needed a place to stay. His wife is HOT he has two teen age daughters who
are also Hot as fuck. Kimberly is 17 Angel is 19 both are drop dead
beautiful. When they moved in the trailer with me that had little more then
the close on there backs. I didn't have much either but we did all we could
to make due.

It was a small trailer the kind people go camping in. the living
arrangement were stressed from the very beginning. Jack is my friends name
he is a great guy we not only work together but were hunting and fishing
buddies. I have always thought his wife Samantha (Sam for short) was hot as
fuck. His girls are the beautiful kind of people that words can not do
justice. they had no choice but to walk around the trailer in panties and
sometime not even that.

There were 2 beds in the trailer both were small. The sleeping arrangements
were worked out by Sam the girls would all sleep in the smallest bed and
Jack and I would sleep in the big bed up front.

I could not help getting an erection when the girls would walk around in
there underwear.

It was kinda a joke everyone would say put some clothes on before John gets
a boner.

The third night Jack and Sam were outside for a while and it was obvious
they were both Sexually frustrated. I just turned over and faced the wall
and went to sleep. I remember Jack getting into bed and him kinda wakening
me then I remember filling his hard cock in my back and he was kinda
pushing it into me. I was kinda freaked out, but relaxed and went back to
sleep. Sometime later I felt a hand working into my boxers and I realized
there was a hand in my hair kinda playing with my hair. I said hey dude I'm
not your wife. He chuckled and said he knew and he asked if I was
comfortable I said I was not and he said if I let him just touch me a a few
minutes he and his wife would disappear and leave the girls alone with me
for the day tomorrow. I said thanks dude but that's sick.

He now had my cock in his hand and was caressing it in a way that if he
kept it up I would have a raging hard on. He begged me to just relax and
that noone would ever know. I told him to chill out he said to let him live
his "fantasy" I said what ever dude. He then started running his hand down
my back and kissing me on the ear from behind kinda sucked my right earlobe
into his mouth, litely sucking on it and massageing it with his tongue.
This was getting me really hard and I don't know what made me do it but I
kinda arched my back and pushed my ass back into him he whispered in my
ear, I'm gonna fuck you. My only response was to do nothing. I felt
powerful hands separate my ass cheeks and for the first time it hit me I
was about to be fucked in the ass by my fishing buddy, yet still I did
nothing. He touched me right on my ass hole and it sent chills threw
me. The next touch was wet he must has licked his fingers or something
because it was wet and kinda silky feeling. I pushed back on him and felt
his finger enter me and it hurt but it was good. The very next thing was
his cock at my hole and he pushed and didn't have much success I kind
aligned myself with him better and pushed onto him and I felt his cock head
pop inside me. Man it hurt but for a reason I can not explain I wanted more
and pushed back on him until I felt his pubes on my ass I was in more pain
then I ever experienced but I was taking it. He whispered in my ear that he
was fucking his hunting buddy in the ass and I didn't say anything. The
next thing I knew he started to fuck me it hurt like hell at first and I
was praying he would cum fast, then it started to feel good then amazing
then freaking wonderful then I was praying he could fuck me all-night. He
whispered in my ear he was going to cum and man did he. I could fill his
cock spasm and it was like someone put oil in me or something his cock slid
so easy in and out of me after he came in me. I could not believe how much
I enjoyed hi fucking me. He then withdrew his cock and asked me to face him
so I did he didn't say anything he simply went down on my cock and gave me
by far the best blowjob I have ever experienced and to my amazement he
sucked my balls dry while fingering my ass.

I think I'm hooked.

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