Friday, April 24, 2009

Senior Citizens Eden by Jim Stanley Chapter 40


The winter had been unusually harsh for Hank this year. For one,
his birthday, 73, presented an unwelcome change. He wasn't prepared for a
necessary move to Carter Court. This would change over time as he adjusted
to his new environment. In fact, the onset of those changes and
adjustments happened rather quickly. After the movers had deposited his
furniture in his new apartment, Hank decided to take a shower.
Unwittingly, he left his apartment door open. After showering, while
standing in front of the bathroom mirror, he felt a twinge of sexual
excitement in his groin. He enjoyed the feeling and catered to it by
massaging his testicles and cock, at the same time, admiring his six foot
two body, his graying pubic hair that flowed as a cascade of gray hair from
his chest and stomach. A slight paunch attested to his age, but it
enhanced his body, and, in a sense, complemented his stature. His cock
grew hard in this viewing of self, rising to its fullest 8 inches. He
admired it; he massaged it; he pressed the base of his cock, enjoying its
fullness and tightness. The feelings in his groin intensified and he
pressed his hips forward, toward the mirror, as if offering himself to
himself. His excitement drew beads of precum on the head that his finger
scooped up for tasting. In the middle of this heightened sexuality, his
eye caught a glimmer of motion in the bathroom mirror. He became aware of
someone watching, realizing that he had forgotten to close the apartment
door. Interestingly, this awareness of someone watching heightened Hank's
excitement and he continued to massage his body provokingly, hoping his
voyeur was enjoying this moment as much as he. This unexpected new
development in Hank's day spurred him on. He moved from a body massage to
firmly gripping his cock in his right hand and massaging his balls, groin
and belly with his left. The action began with a slow forward and back
movement of his hand on his now engorged and throbbing cock, his hips
moving to meet the backward thrust of his hand on his hard cock. In this
reverie of excitement, he caught a glimpse of his distant lover in the
mirror. He resembled his neighbor in the apartment next door. As far as
he could tell, they were about the same age, his neighbor slightly more
paunchy. He could tell that his neighbor had moved inside the open door,
blocking his visibility to the corridor outside the apartment. It was
evident to Hank, too, that his neighbor mimicked his slow jerk. He moved a
few more steps into the apartment, closer to Hank. He now stood in a
reflection of the sun's rays coming through the west window of the
apartment. Hank saw clearly a large tumescent cock, fat and throbbing, its
cockhead wet with the passion of the moment. The excitement grew intense
for Hank. The loving strokes on his cock grew more impatient as he moved
toward closure. His lover sensed this as well and Hank could see his hips
move in sync with his hand. The moment of truth arrived. Hank made no
pretense of hiding his pleasure and moaned loudly, uttering a final
guttural, "UUUOOOGGHH Baby, take it all," and shot his hot cum into the
sink and onto the mirror before him. At the same time, he took note of his
lover's paroxysms of joy as he shot his hot load into his hand and licked
it clean, as he slowly and quietly backed from Hank's apartment into the

As he washed his cock and balls in the aftermath, Hank's thoughts
were happy. He mused that Carter Court may not be so bad after all.
Rejuvenated, he moved into the living room looking for signs of his lover,
caught the scent of a masculine lotion, inhaled deeply and lay on the sofa
to rest. Soon he fell fast asleep.

Hank woke two hours later. The sun had set and it was time for
dinner. He dressed, took the elevator to the dining room, and, before
being seated, scanned the room for his secret lover. He found him at a
table overlooking the patio-garden, just off the dining room. A table next
to his was open and he decided to take that rather than sit with him.
During dinner, their eyes met once or twice. The second time, his neighbor
acknowledged his presence with a nod and a smile and continued eating.

His neighbor finished eating first. He walked toward Hank and
said, "Welcome to Carter Court. I'm Jack, your next door neighbor."

"Hi Jack," Hank replied. "Have a seat and join me for coffee."

"Thanks. I'd like that," Jack responded, sitting next to Hank.

The conversation was most pleasant for the rest of the meal and the
rest of the evening. Neither gave any hint of what had transpired earlier.
Hank concluded to himself later that evening, "It was a good day. I'm
looking forward to more of the same."

Hank and Jack were together most of the time after that. On the
third day, Jack called and invited Hank in for some drinks. Hank took him
up on it. At 7:00 P. M., he arrived to find Jack comfortable in shorts and
slippers. Two drinks later, each settled into comfortable banter about
their lives. Jack, like Hank, had been married, and, like Hank had no
children. With the third drink, things grew more personal and intimate.
For one, each time Jack rose and passed Hank to get a refill of their
drinks, he made a point of patting him on the shoulder and arm. Hank, too,
began to notice other things. For one, the large bulge in Jack's shorts
intrigued him. His memory went back to their mutual masturbation event and
he vividly recalled Jack's fat tumescent cock and the excitement it brought
to him as he watched him cum into his hand. It was clear, too, that Jack
wore no underwear. For each time he sat, he arranged his cock and balls in
such a way that the tip of his cockhead showed ever so slightly on the left
of the short pants cuff. Hank's cock hardened a little at this awareness
and Jack was quick to notice Hank's larger-than- life bulge. He suggested
that Hank get comfortable.

"You seem a little uncomfortable, Hank. Why don't you take off
your shoes and pants? Those pants seem rather tight on you."

"Thanks. I will Jack," he stated as he rose to take off his pants
and lay them on the chair nearby. Walking to the chair revealed Hank's
half hard cock to Jack. He immediately took advantage of the situation and
reached over and fondled Hank's cock as he passed.

Hank smiled and said, "You're right, Jack. I feel much better with my
pants off."

Hank's bulge grew to the touch of Jack's hand. His excitement
grew, as well, and he dropped his underwear to enable Jack's hand to feel
the hotness in his groin and cock. His cock bobbed as it throbbed before
Jack's face and Hank moved his hard cock into Jack's accepting mouth.
Holding his head, Hank penetrated deep into his throat, moving back and
forth in a slow fucking motion. He felt his juices rising in his testicles
and backed off momentarily, gasping, "Let's go into the bedroom where we
can enjoy one another."

Jack rose and led Hank into the bedroom. They disrobed quickly and
fell into a 69 position, each sucking the other's cock intently and
vigorously. Hank now got a close up view of Jack's fat, tumescent cock.
In length, it stood a full 6 inches; in circumference, he guessed it to be
around 7 inches. It was almost difficult to get into his mouth. His
balls, too, were large. Hank's mouth could suck but one ball at a time.
The masculine odor of Jack's groin, the saltiness of the sweat in the
crevice of his testicles sent Hank into a frenzy of sucking and licking. He
rose above Jack, knelt over his chest, offering his cock to Jack and
continued sucking Jack's throbbing, hot cock passionately. It was too much
for Jack. With a load moan, he shot his hot cum deep into Hank's mouth,
fucking his mouth in quick movements, as spurt after spurt hit the back of
Hank's throat. The cum seemed endless and Hank savored the warmth, the
thickness, and the saltiness of his hot passion. As he sucked, he
continued fucking Jack's mouth, and, a minute after Jack's thrusts and cum
began to subside, Hank shot deep into Jack's mouth. They continued in this
position for a long time, each tasting, licking, loving each other's cock
and balls and groin. 15 minutes or so passed and they fell on their sides,
each of their heads resting on the other's leg, their cock and balls within
reach of their mouths and tongues and slept.

A half hour passed. Hank woke first. Jack's cock lay before him,
throbbing and pulsing. His mouth accepted Jack's fullness once more and he
sucked hard and deep. Another five minutes passed and Jack's moans
signaled another orgasm. This time, Hank withdrew Jack's cock from his
mouth and jerked his fat throbbing cock, watching his hot cum spurt onto
his face, nose, and mouth. His face covered with cum, he caught the last
drops of Jack's cum in his mouth. Jack rose and licked Hank's face
lovingly, tasting the fruit of his own labor, and once more they settled
into a doze, this time, their bodies entwined, their noses touching, their
warm breath soothing. Again they slept.

And so it went with Hank and Jack, almost daily, now. In February,
they decided to get away from the cold for a while and headed for
California. They enjoyed the sights immensely. But the weather cooperated
magnificently, too, and the warm days took them to the beaches and coves
along the coast for memorable adventures in loving in secluded places. One
memory stood out. On a drive to Monterey and Big Sur, they noticed a turn
off to the right, the sign indicating a state park. They followed it to
its end and parked. They walked a short distance, 10 minutes or so, and
emerged on an idyllic beach at Big Sur. The warmth of the day, the
isolation, the quiet, except for the roar of the breakers hitting the rock
formations along the beach invigorated them. Being a weekday, not a soul
could be seen along the beach except for a lone photographer. They walked
toward him watching intently as he photographed surf, rock, water and
landscapes along the shore. From their vantage point, they could tell he
was an older man, perhaps in his 70's. Ignoring him, Hank and Jack decided
to strip naked and take in the warmth of the sun, it being a particularly
warm day for Big Sur. Minutes passed as they dozed in the sun.

The silence of their reverie was broken by the voice of the old
photographer, "Nice day for sunning. Mind if I sit for a spell with you?"

Hank and Jack looked up at the old man, nodded, Hank adding, "Not
at all. Take your clothes off and join us."

Much to their surprise, the old man stripped naked and lay on the
sand next to them. He had an athletic build, probably a result of his
trekking around the beaches and mountains of Big Sur that spilled into the
sea. A full dark tan and and wrinkled skin attested to years of exposure
to the forces of nature. He was a handsome man, almost a look-alike of
Carl Sandburg, white hair cascading over his brow into his eyes. Shocks of
gray hair spilled from his chest and belly to his groin as if pointing to
an ample cock and balls. Flaccid, the uncut cock swayed freely in the
wind. Hank guessed its length at 6 inches and tried to imagine it at full
mast. In his mind, he added another 2 inches to its length.

The conversation was playful and light. The sun's shadows grew
deeper and the old man observed, "It's a good time for portraits. Would
the two of you have any objections to posing for me?"

Hank looked at Jack, who shrugged and replied, "No, not at all."

"I'd like to take some pictures here, and, if you have time, I have
a studio several miles from here and I'd like you to join me for drinks and

Again Jack replied, "Sounds fine to us."

The old man took the initiative after this. He had them pose
individually and together with various beach and landscape props as
assists. Shadows were important to him and he chose positions in which the
shadows of the sun accented body form. Both Hank and Jack enjoyed the
moment immensely, the situation catering to their latent exhibitionism.
Their cocks responded as well. The posing led to a slight engorgement of
the heads of their cocks, and, while not erect, the enlargement was not
lost on the old man. He began to focus more and more on their cocks and
balls. What's more, the photography began to affect the old man as well.
Hank and Jack smiled at one another in a silent assent to the near erection
of the old man who photographed unabatedly as if unaware of anything around
him except his models.

An hour had passed. The old man spoke, "Let's head to my place.
By the way, my name's Ed."

They dressed quickly and headed for the parking lot and followed
the old man to his home in the hills overlooking the ocean.

"Why don't you boys shower while I make some drinks and get a
casserole going."

Ed motioned to the shower with one hand and plied them with drinks
with the other. As Hank and Jack showered, Ed sipped his drink and
prepared dinner. With dinner in the oven, Ed showered and the three sat
around naked discussing the events of the day, enjoying the camaraderie and
the drinks. It was after the fourth drink that Ed stated, "By the way,
boys, you're staying here for the night, I hope! So relax and enjoy

Hank and Jack smiled at Ed's offer. They smiled at the tone of the
offer that came out as part offer and part command. Hank responded
comically and drunkenly, "Your wish is our command; or is it, 'Your command
is our wish, master.'" They all laughed.

After dinner and some more drinks, the conversation picked up its
pace. Sexual innuendo ruled. Jack eventually slurred, "Lesh take some
dirty pictures, Ed!!!"

Hank smiled his agreement

Ed responded with, "You took the words right out of my mouth," and
headed for the bedroom where he set up the camera.

Hank and Jack, meanwhile, toyed lovingly with each other's cocks on
the sofa. Ed called, "Bring your hot bodies in here, guys. We're ready to

Hank and Jack fell on the bed laughing, cocks hard and throbbing.

"Great hardons, guys. What I want you to do is make love as you
normally do. Do anything you want. I'll photograph close in. One caveat:
Never look into the camera lens. Pretend I'm not here."

Hank and Jack, in the meantime, were hard at work enjoying one
another. In a 69 position, their heads rested on each other's leg, their
mouths and tongues in proximity to their asshole, cock and balls. Each
liked this position for it allowed them to explore their most intimate
points of eroticism: odor, the smells of the crotch, the balls, the anus;
feeling, the pleasures of taking each others testicles in their mouth and
sucking gently and tenderly; the pleasure of sucking each other's cock,
nibbling on the head, sucking the underside from the balls to the cockhead,
licking the glans, particularly the underside of it; feeling, massaging the
stomach, chest, nipples, and face with their free hands. As they enjoyed
one another, they were also aware of Ed's presence as he closed in tight to
film close up, Jack's fat cock in Hank's mouth or Hank's testicles in
Jack's mouth as he pumped Hank's throbbing cock. Hank also caught a
glimpse of Ed's rigid cock as he filmed. An iridescent drop of precum
radiated on the end of his hard cock from the light of the bedroom,
increasing Hank's excitement. Its rigidity was punctuated by the spring of
its hardness as he circled them, photographing their lovemaking from every
intimate angle. Ed caught Jack's tumescent cock as its head emerged, wet
and glistening in the bedroom light, Hank's sensuous lips gripping its
fullness, a closeness that exaggerated the already large size of Jack's
cock. He caught Jack's sensuous red tongue as it penetrated Hank's ruby
sized asshole, catching the tongue as it lovingly penetrated deep into its
inner recesses.

As Ed watched, Hank and Jack altered their position. As Jack lay
on his back, Hank lay on his back with his legs over and under Jack's head.
Jack's head rested comfortably on Hank's right leg, Hank's cock facing him.
This put Hank's hot asshole directly in contact with Jack's fat, rigid
cock. Hank raised his left leg high in the air, which allowed Jack's cock
to slide nicely into Hank's asshole. This position was not lost on Ed. He
positioned himself on the bed directly over Jack's cock as it sensuously
slid in and out of Hank's receptive asshole and caught its movement deep
and shallow as it penetrated. As Jack's cock slid in and out of Hank's
loving asshole, his right hand moved up and down Hank's hard and throbbing
cock that throbbed sensuously in front of Jack's eyes.

They moved to still another position. As Jack lay on his back, his
head at the headboard of the bed, his cock rigid and throbbing, Hank stood
above him and slowly raised his hot asshole onto Jack's hard, pulsating
cock. In this sitting-crouching position, Hank could ride Jack's hot cock
and feel its deepest penetration. Ed's camera caught its slow movement in
and out of Hank's hot asshole. Ed took this opportunity to rest from his
camera taking and join in the action. He alternated between standing over
Jack, facing Hank, and fucking Hank's mouth with his hard 8 inch cock as he
rode up and down the stiffness of Jack's cock. Alternating, he knelt over
Jack's chest and fucked Jack's mouth as he fucked Hank's hot asshole.

For a finale, Ed had Jack kneel, doggie style, at the end of the
bed with Hank lying beneath him on his back. In this position, Hank could
suck Jack's cock and vice versa. This allowed Ed to stand behind Jack and
fuck his hot ass. For Hank, this was a delightful position. He could suck
Jack's cock and still enjoy the nearness of Ed's hot 8-inch cock sliding in
and out of Jack's asshole. With Hank's head in such close proximity, Ed
could alternate between fucking Jack's hot asshole and Hank's receptive
mouth. It was in this last position that the climax arrived. Jack's came
first, spurred by Hank's sucking mouth, and Ed's hot 8-inch cock fucking
him. He screamed and shot his hot load into Hank's awaiting mouth below
him. Ed, aroused from an evening of close up viewing with his camera,
fucked Jack's ass deep and hard. Jack's moans and cumming and his own
delayed arousal peaked at that moment and he screamed his hot load into
Jack's warm and receptive asshole. "OHJESUSGOD," he cried as one word.
"AAIIIIEEEE," he exclaimed anew and shot deep into Jack's ass. The
contractual spasms came one after another until he emptied all his cum and
collapsed over Jack's back, moaning with relief and satisfaction. Ed's
excitement spilled over to Hank who came simultaneously with Ed, shooting
deep into Jack's mouth. With that, they all collapsed in the bed in one
heap and slept.

During the night, other encounters occurred. Ed awoke during the
night, hard and excited. Jack lay on his back, cock hard and throbbing,
snoring. The sight of Jack's hardness was irresistible to Ed. He rose up,
sat on Jack's hard cock, and rode it slowly up and down, simultaneously
masturbating his hard 8-inch cock. It didn't take long. The pressure of
Jack's fat cock on his ass and prostate drove Ed new heights of ecstasy.
Riding Jack's cock hard, he came, shooting his cum all over Jack's belly,
chest and face. With Jack's cock still in his ass, he bent over and licked
Jack's body clean of his hot cum and slept again.

Hank, too, had his moment. He awoke, felt Ed's piss hard on near
his face, and took it into his mouth. As he sucked, he masturbated and
shot his hot cum over Ed's chest. Licking him clean, he moved to a
position where he could slide his semi-erect cock into Ed's ass and slept.

The next day came and went quickly. Ed was in no hurry for his
guests to leave and asked them to stay longer. They acquiesced and fell
into 3 days of happy and leisured loving.

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