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Senior Citizen's Eden by Jim Stanley Chapter 28

Chapter 28


Gil, a new 76 year old at Carter Court, was the embodiment of the
saying, "Never say never!" His entire life had been circumscribed and
limited by the word "Never." In his early youth, before marriage, he
always said, "I'll never be able to sleep in the nude. I seem to need
pajamas all the time." In that same vein, he insisted that he could never
sleep with someone in the same bed. He would say, "When I marry, we'll
have to have separate beds." In keeping with his anxious personality,
another of his circumscriptions was, "I can never sleep late. I love being
up at 6:00 AM and that will never change." He would add jokingly, "I'm
always ready to get going in the morning but the rest of the world isn't."

The earlier "nevers" died quickly after he married. His wife Vera
grew up in an environment that accepted nudity. She conveyed her feelings
to Gil in a number of ways. Her strong libido was one. When they had sex,
she insisted on nudity and freedom of movement. She drew on a number of
enticements. For one, she studiously avoided a missionary position when
fucking. What she substituted was invention. Riding Gil's hard cock into
orgasm was one. Another was the doggie position. She loved to kneel on
the side of the bed, or a chair in the living room, or the floor of any
room in the house, for that matter, and have Gil fuck her hard. She
divined the impossible when it came to positions. Often, after parking the
car in the garage after returning from the grocery store, she would accost
Gil and move him into his workshop, a room just off the garage. Here, she
would massage Gil's cock into hardness and lay on the work table on her
back, legs high and offer her wet and hot cunt to Gil's probings.
Sometimes, she would greet Gil at the front door, naked, two martinis in
hand, and after libations and foreplay, fuck him hard on the carpet at the
front door. Often the door would still be open, but she drove caution to
the wind.

Another of Vera's inventions was not wearing panties. If they were
in a restaurant, she would take Gil's hand and move it to her vagina.
Moist and hot, it was always prepared for love. Onlookers would look on
and smile approvingly as they watched her kiss Gil's hand during the course
of their meal. What they didn't know was that she was tasting the fragrant
juices of her cunt on Gil's fingers. If they sat across from one another
at a table, she would remove her shoes and search out his crotch. Gil
often took his cues from her and his big toe would move to her cunt under
the table and massage her hot clitoris into orgasmic ecstasy. At these
moments, Vera always reached down, massaged her wet pussy on her hand, and
offered it to Gil for tasting. Thus, his wife's sexual needs dominated Gil
and sleeping in the nude as well as sleeping with his wife became
essentials in their sexual appetites. He began to suspect, after this,
that his absolutist attitudes needed adjustment.

The negativism died hard, however. In his more intimate moments
with himself, for instance, when he was masturbating, other thoughts
invaded his consciousness. When he was younger, his brother and he often
played with one another's dicks since, coming from a large family, they
often slept together. His brother's cock always intrigued Gil but he
always stopped at mutual masturbation. He often fantasized how his
brother's hot cum would taste. Often in the morning, he would wake to find
his brother's cock near or proding his asshole. Once, in a moment of
passion, he allowed his brother's cock to probe deeper, but lacking any
lubrication, it was painful. Thus Gil arrived at several other "nevers":
he would never suck a cock, he could never be fucked in the ass, he would
never take and swallow a man's cum, and, ultimately, for reasons unknown to
Gil, he added feet to his list of prohibitions.

As their marriage developed, Vera's passion seemed to increase.
Gil, at times, wondered if he could keep up with her demands. As they
entered their fifties and sixties, however, subtle changes began to occur.
Erections grew less rigid and Gil's libido suffered as a result.
Fortunately, for Gil, his wife suspected as much and began to lay plans for
remediation. In their intimate sexual conversations, usually after having
sex, she began to confide in him some of her personal fantasies. Some were
real; some were inventions. But she concluded that Gil didn't need to know
this. She began with masturbation. She confided in Gil that she
fantasized greatly over a man masturbating and worked her conversation
around to Gil. Gil acknowledged that he sometimes masturbated alone, but,
that if it would please her, he would fine tune his solo acts to meet her

Once, for example, while watching television, the "itch" to
masturbate surfaced. He watched his wife on the sofa, her legs spread, the
suggestion of pubic hairs protruding. He allowed his fingers to massage
his cock into semi hardness until his passion grew intense. He went from
subtlety to overt massage and his wife was quick to notice. She raised her
dress so that her vagina glimmered in the television light. Gil found
excitement in removing his shoes and socks, his shirt, his pants and
underwear and stretching out on the Lazy Boy, his right hand stroking his
now hard cock, his left hand massaging his balls and the crease of his
asshole. No words were spoken. But his wife's ever increasing sighs and
moans attested to the excitement his act of masturbation was having on her.
In fact, he began to see that he was enjoying the exhibitionism involved in
the act of masturbating in front of his wife. This first time, even though
prolonged, was intense and Gil shot his hot cum onto his belly quickly.
But in anticipation of his cumming, his wife rose quickly from the sofa and
knelt beside him to catch the spurts as they shot high onto his stomach and
hand. She continued afterwards, licking his belly, his balls, his cock,
his hand, his fingers. She lay before him on the floor and massaged her
hot clitoris with his cum and screamed her orgasm at him, "Oh! Gil baby! I
love your cock and balls and cum!" Her orgasm was evident to Gil, a half
cupful or more oozing over the salt and pepper hairs of her cunt. "Come to
me, Gil! Suck me dry," she cried.

Gil rose quickly and buried his head in her cunt and sucked
deliriously, thinking at the same time, "I wonder what a man's cum would
taste like. It can't be too different from this." It was a passing
thought that he dismissed as he continued satisfying his sighing wife's
passion. They discussed their reactions to this new sexuality and agreed
that it was to their liking. After that, they varied their approaches.
Sometimes, they lay in bed next to one another, naked, and masturbated
without reserve. Several times, Gil woke hard in the middle of the night.
In the past, he would have woken his wife and fucked her or went to the
bathroom and masturbated alone. Now, however, the masturbatory act was
linked to their mutual satisfaction. Gil would often light his bed lamp
and massage his cock tenderly and slowly, taking pains to allow his feet to
touch hers, conscious of the slow rock of the bed as he masturbated. These
sensual and visible signs were important to him and her. To him, there was
the excitement of knowing that she was feeling that slow rock as he
masturbated. Their feet touching added another dimension. His wife would
sometimes feign sleep in these moments but gradually succumb to the
movement of the bed and begin her own clitoral massage. As before, when
Gil or his wife would cum, they were there to receive the juices of love,
and often, in a 69 position, lie there until the next morning, sucking,
kissing, fondling, he, her vagina and asshole; she, his cock, balls and

Over time, his wife expressed a new fantasy to Gil. She admitted
that she was turned on to watching him have his cock sucked by another man.
After thinking about it for several days, Gil's fantasy ignited and he
confided that he would like that, too. The thought dominated their
thinking for the next week. One day, after returning from work, they both,
as with one voice, said, "Why don't we go to a local X rated movie and play
around with one another. Perhaps it may excite someone to sit next to me
and suck my cock as you massage my balls." They didn't wait to set a time.
Instead, they got in the car and headed for the Paris Theater, the
gathering place for swingers in town. As they watched the film, Gil's wife
unbuckled his pants and lowered them to the floor as she openly massaged
his cock into hardness. As they predicted, a small crowd honed in on their
activity. One older gent, in his late sixties, perhaps, moved to within
one seat of Gil, his own cock exposed, and watched. After a nudge from his
wife, Gil motioned to the man to sit next to him. The old man's hand took
over and massaged his cock and balls until Gil could hardly contain
himself. He felt another of his "nevers" falling away and took the old
man's head and pressed it down on his hard and throbbing cock. It was too
much for Gil. He shot his hot load into the man's mouth and moaned
uninhibitedly. His wife, meanwhile, caught up in the heat of Gil's passion
was unaware of the head that lowered into her lap and sucked at her hot and
throbbing clitoris until she came. They remained in this position for some
time afterwards, the old man still sucking and draining Gil of his cum,
pressing the base of his cock and balls to extract all of his passion. His
wife, too, succumbed to the heat of the moment, raised her left leg over
the head of the man so as to allow him free access to her vagina and
asshole, both of which he sucked dry with his hot mouth and bulbous tongue.

As before, they compared notes and agreed that the entire night was
to their liking. Weeks and months passed and they continued their
escapades at the Paris, each escapade leading to other fantasies and
possibilities. One night, after some passionate loving at home, Gil
confided to his wife that he always fantasized a big cock fucking her
doggie style as he lay beneath her and watched it move in and out slowly.
He further fantasized the pace picking up as he licked the cock and her
vagina as it drove deeper and deeper into her hot cunt. He visualized her
sucking his cock as he lay beneath her, and, at the moment of orgasm,
moving to her cunt and sucking the hot cum from her cunt and bringing her
to an orgasm. In the perfect world of fantasy, of course, he envisaged all
three of them cumming simultaneously. Afterwards, he saw himself sucking
the last vestiges of the hot cum from the cock and her vagina. At other
times, he fantasized that same big cock fucking her ass, cumming and he,
driving his hard cock into her, cumming and then sucking the intermingling
of cum. As it was, on one of their trips to the Paris Theatre, they met a
well dressed black man in his sixties. As the evening unfolded in the
seats of the theatre, it was clear that Lewis wanted both Gil and his wife.
While sucking Gil's cock, his other hand explored the wetness and warmth of
Vera's cunt. At the end of the evening, they left together, stopped for a
coffee, and exchanged telephone numbers. The next day, Lewis phoned and
discussed with Vera the possibility of a threesome. Vera's clit twitched
at this suggestion and asked him to stop by in the evening, around 7:00.
After giving Lewis directions, she lay on the sofa excited beyond all
description. Her cunt felt hot to the touch and dripped with excitement
over the night's possibilities. She couldn't wait and called Gil at his
office at which he whispered breathlessly, "I'm coming home now for the
day. I'll see you in a little while for some loving."

Vera met Gil at the door naked. Gil's cock was already hard and
she threw herself into his arms, at the same time unbuckling his pants and
dropping them to the floor. She sank into the carpet and drew Gil's hot
cock into her and screamed, "Fuck me baby. Fuck me baby. Fuck me!!!!"
Her hips drove hard on his cock and, in seconds, she came in a fury of
thrusts, yelling, "Oh God, Oh God, Oh Gggoooooddd!" They collapsed into a
heap, with Gil on top, spurting his hot cum deep inside her. They didn't
move for another twenty minutes, when Vera spoke, "Honey, let's shower and
get ready for the evening."

Lewis arrived promptly at 7:00 P. M. and, after a couple of
martinis, relaxed on the sofa. Vera began things by disrobing and sitting
between Gil and Lewis, her large, firm breasts heaving with excitement, her
vagina moist with anticipation. She motioned to Gil and Lewis to sit
together while she undressed them. She began with Lewis. After removing
his shoes and socks, she kissed his feet tenderly, taking pains to suck his
toes and the soles of his feet. Gil and Lewis, in the meantime, embraced
and kissed deeply. Next, she removed Lewis' pants and underwear. She took
time to lick the base of his balls and his groin, at the same time allowing
her lips to caress his cock as it grew in girth and length. His hard,
black, throbbing 9" cock filled her mouth and her moans were met with Gil's
own sighs of admiration and excitement. Lastly, she removed his shirt and
Lewis sat naked and hard beside Gil who lay mesmerized by Lewis' big black
9" cock as it rode in and out of Vera's mouth. She motioned to the two of
them to continue their loving as she undressed Gil. As with Lewis, she
removed his shoes and socks and sucked and loved his feet with abandon.
Gil's cock popped out of his pants as Vera removed them. Her hands moved
to remove Gil's shirt and there, in an instance, lay her two lovers in a
passionate embrace, their tongues deep in one another's mouth, their cocks
touching, throbbing. Vera's mouth moved toward this union of throbbing
cocks and sucked and licked them as if they were one. The loving continued
for what seemed like hours when Vera interposed, "Why don't we get
comfortable on the bed."

Vera took the initiative for fulfilling Gil's fantasy. She knelt
on the side of the bed and presented her hot cunt and asshole for Lewis'
viewing. Gil, meanwhile, lay on his back with his head under Vera's cunt,
her round tits hanging over his chest and rubbing his nipples, her hot
mouth on his hard cock. Lewis' cock throbbed and dripped its juices into
his hand which he rubbed on Vera's asshole and cunt. Slowly, he inserted
his tongue into her asshole and hot wet cunt, alternating slowly and
rhythmically. In this position, Gil and Lewis' tongues and mouths found
each other as he lay under Vera's hot, wet cunt. The sucking and licking
motion, first on Vera's asshole, then on Vera's cunt, then in Gil's mouth
moved slowly and passionately until the trio could stand it no longer.
"Fuck me, Lewis," Vera whispered hoarsely. "Fuck her hard," added Gil.
With that, Lewis slid his throbbing, dripping 9 inch cock slowly into
Vera's cunt and moved deeply and slowly and rhythmically. Gil's tongue and
mouth rose to meet Lewis' hard black cock as it slid into Vera's pulsating
and hot cunt. All three moaned ecstatically: Gil over watching the slow
and deep movement of a big cock in his wife's cunt; Vera over the fullness
of Lewis' penetration as his cock massaged her hot and excited clitoris;
Lewis over the tightness and pulsing of the blood in his hard cock head as
it searched passionately in Vera's hot cunt for some measure of relief.
Gil's mouth extended Lewis' lust as his mouth sucked his balls while they
flapped over his head and beat against Vera's hot asshole. The sexual
tension grew in intensity and the moans increased uninhibitedly and Lewis
could contain himself no longer. He announced in a deep bass, "God, here
it comes! Oh! Baby, take it all! Take it all! Take it all!" His thrusts
were deep and violent and Vera's breasts vibrated uncontrollably over Gil's
face. He came in a torrent, his cum spewing its hotness deep inside Vera's
cunt, the torrent oozing from her cunt along the side of his throbbing cock
into Gil's mouth. It was Gil's turn now. He rose, sucked Lewis' dripping
cock of its surface cum and drove his hot throbbing 8 inches deep into
Vera. A new sensation took over, the sensation of his cock immersed in
another man's cum as it lubricated his cock and Vera's hot cunt. At the
insertion of Gil's hot cock, Vera's passion took over. She literally
screamed, "FUCK ME BABY! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" Gil needed no
further encouragement. His cock shot its load violently into Vera's cunt,
his balls twitching and aching at each thrust of his hard cock. After what
seemed a long orgasm, Gil fulfilled his other fantasy and sucked Vera's
cunt deeply, enjoying the thought of sucking both his and Lewis' cum from
her hot cunt. As Gil sucked, Lewis' knelt over Vera's face and fucked her
mouth until the last vestiges of his cum disappeared. They rested for the
next hour, Vera on her back in the middle; Lewis and Gil lying on their
sides with their cocks in Vera's mouth.

As time progressed, the intimacy between Lewis, Gil, and Vera grew
stronger. Lewis, from the beginning, was attracted to Gil's cock and
sought every chance he could to suck him deeply until Gil shot his hot load
into his mouth. The inevitable happened. In a moment of intense passion,
Gil said, "Lewis, it's been one way since we began. Let me reciprocate."
With that, his mouth found Lewis' hot 9" cock and sucked deliriously as
Vera watched and abetted. Lewis drew her to him as Gil sucked and had her
sit on his face as his hot bulbous tongue penetrated her deeply and prodded
her clitoris into a state of ecstasy. It wasn't long before Lewis' hot
cock exploded into Gil's warm mouth and Gil tasted, for the first time, the
hot cum of a man. It drove him into a frenzy. He reached for Vera and
thrust his hot cock into her wet and stimulated vagina and fucked her
deeply until his cum spurted wildly into her cunt. Vera, stimulated by the
sexual tension of Gil and Lewis, came in spurts, screaming, "Take me, both
of you; suck me dry; eat me; eat me!" Both Lewis and Gil took turns
licking Vera's cunt dry of the hot juices that oozed from her cunt onto her
thighs and groin.

Time passed. Vera, unfortunately, passed on after a short bout with
cancer. It was at this time that Gil entered Carter Court, and, to his
surprise, reacquainted himself with Lewis who had also taken up residence
there. They spent most of their time together, recalling the good times
with Vera. They also loved. It became their daily practice to have sex
together, mostly relegated to mutual masturbation and sucking. But during
all this, there was still that gnawing fantasy of being fucked which, up
till now, had never materialized. One evening, as Gil and Lewis sat
together over a couple of drinks, the subject came up. Gil confided to
Lewis of his long time desire to be fucked. Lewis detected a note of fear
in Gil's desire.

"That's great Gil. But let's not rush into it yet. Perhaps it's
taken you so long because of the fear of pain or hurt that might come from
being fucked."

"You're right, Lewis," Gil confided. He then told him the story of
his brother and the experience in bed one night.

"Let's start off slowly," Lewis responded. "Take off your clothes
and lay on the bed," he added. Lewis disrobed too and lay in a 69
position, his head between Gil's legs. "Now lay still and enjoy. I'm going
to love you and lead you gradually into fucking."

The ecstasy began for Gil as Lewis' tongue massaged his balls,
groin and asshole. He lingered long here, his tongue loving every nook and
cranny of Gil's groin. Meanwhile, his hands roamed freely over Gil's belly
and chest, kneading his nipples into lustful sensitivity. But most of
Lewis' probing was in Gil's asshole, his tongue tickling, gliding, sliding,
massaging it into sublime relaxation. He began to feel his sphincter relax
more and more until the sensation of pleasure and penetration was
impossible to fend off. Gil begged him to insert his hard 9 inch cock into
his ass. But Lewis still wasn't ready. Instead, he lubbed Gil's asshole
heavily and deeply with KY and massaged the exterior with his fingers. The
ecstasy intensified. Gil's pleadings still fell on deaf ears as Lewis
continued to probe the outer and inner portions of his hot asshole. Then
it was time. Lewis began the countdown to Gil's ultimate pleasure. He
toyed with his hot asshole with his hard 9 inch cock, much as he did with
his tongue and fingers. The penetration was miniscule, slight, tender,
never deep. Gil's sexual anguish continued. "Please, Lewis, fuck me hard,
fuck me deep!" But Lewis continued unabated. First his cockhead toyed
with the opening to his asshole. Then it penetrated deeper. The head
dipped into the now relaxed opening. The moment of truth had come. Lewis
turned Gil on his back, raised his legs high, at the same time kissing and
licking his feet and toes and inserted his hard, hot cock into Gil's
receptive asshole. He drove it in slowly, deep, then deeper, then deepest.
The penetration was rhythmic and slow, Lewis' hard cock driving deeply into
Gil's hot ass. As Gil cried for more, the pace increased as did the
thrusts. Gil was in for the ride of his life and it took its form in one
long moan, "Ooooohhhh. Oooohhhhhhhhhh! Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, baby! G
I VE I T too me! Oohh Baby! Fuck me, fuck me hard! Fuck me! Fuck me!"
It wasn't long before the contractions in Lewis' cock grew in intensity and
he screamed his hot load into Gil's ass, "Oh! Baby, here it comes! Take
it! Take it! Take it! Taaaakkkkkeeee it baaabbbby!" The ejaculate shot
deep and hard. Gil could feel its warmth as it penetrated and spilled onto
the exterior of his hot hole. He reached for it with one hand and tasted
as Lewis continued to pump his cock deep into Gil. They fell to one side,
Lewis' hot cock still deep in Gil's ass and rested, Lewis continuing to
plunge his hard cock into Gil's ass until it grew flaccid. Then they
slept. So began a new era for Gil. He vowed, after this, never to say
never again.

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