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Chapter 41 Jack Senior Citizens Eden

Chapter 41


It was one of those marvelous spring days as only can be found on
the Great Lakes. The temperature hovered in the mid 70's. Mild lake winds
conveyed feelings of well-being and Jack took this opportunity to rise
early, head for Starbuck's and a paper, and drive to the Metropolitan
Park. The park was a huge wooded area dotted with trails, winding roads,
and picnic tables in an idyllic setting along a rambling river the fed into
the vastness of Lake Erie. During the day, it was a natural, quiet setting
for fishermen, readers, walkers, joggers, and lunch hour escapees for quiet
moments to themselves. Jack came here often. On his first venture, he
noticed individuals walking around the parked vehicles, looking, often
engaged in conversations with other men. He took note, too, of individuals
in cars, seated low, seemingly asleep. He noted, as well, individuals
wandering in and out of the bushes that stood deep and thick along the
river's edge. All of this came together for him one day as he sat quietly,
sipping his coffee and reading his paper. A gray haired man, about 70,
wandered past his car and smiled. It was an inviting smile and Jack
couldn't help but respond.

"Hi. Nice day, isn't it?"

"Yes," replied the gentleman, moving closer to Jack. "Enjoying the
day?" he added. He moved close to Jack's window, rested his hands on the
sill and continued, "It's a day made for enjoyment."

"Yes, it is," Jack replied a little nervously as the man drew
closer, resting his elbows on the sill. He felt a tinge of excitement in
his groin, sensing that this was no ordinary encounter. The feeling was
reminiscent of the first time he had ever been approached by a man for sex
in his youth. His entire body reacted. His palms sweat; his stomach
quivered; a dryness afflicted his mouth; his breathing increased as did his
heart beat. The older man's demeanor helped. He was a handsome man, 6
feet tall with gray hair emanating from under the baseball cap that he
wore. His ruddy complexion accentuated his facial features. Since he
stood close to the car window, Jack was able to make out a prominent bulge
in his crotch that seemed to pulse as they talked. He wondered what that
bulge might look like beneath his pants.

His hand reached into the car and fondled Jack's semi erect cock.
He spoke, "Is this ready for some enjoyment?"

"Care to get in the car?" Jack stammered.

The old man moved to the passenger side and got in, moving quickly
to Jack's zipper and releasing his now hardened and pulsating cock. His
mouth, too, moved to Jack's cockhead and engulfed it. A warm feeling of
lust took over and Jack responded to the old man's warm mouth with a slow
movement of his hips. The suddenness of the encounter, the surge of
sensuality in his groin were climactic. He thrust hard into the old man's
mouth and shot his hot cum deep into his throat, surprising even the old
man at the intensity and quickness of the encounter. The old man's moans
of delight mingled with Jack's. He lay with his head in his lap for
several minutes sucking the last vestiges of Jack's hot orgasm as it
continued to disgorge itself from the head of his hot cock. The old man
sat up, finally, and thanked Jack for the pleasure of his company. He
excused himself saying, "I've got to run now. I have a doctor's
appointment in an hour. By the way, my name's Les. I hope I'll see you
here again, soon."

"Name's Jack. I hope so too. Have a great day. I know I will,"
Jack responded.

That was Jack's first in the list of many encounters the park was
to offer. It also marked a new awareness of the comings and goings in the
park. Jack now began to explore.

On subsequent days, Jack arrived earlier to sample the crowd.
Early mornings brought out the fishermen who seemed intent at getting their
quota of steelheads. At these times, Jack explored the bushes along the
riverbank. From time to time, he would walk along the river shore and
engage the fishermen in conversation. On one particular occasion, an old
timer, noting Jack's movement through the bushes, took out his cock and
pissed, seemingly oblivious of Jack. Aroused at the spectacle of the old
fisherman's sizable cock pissing with an erection, Jack stood in the bushes
concealed to others except the old man and toyed with his now erect cock.
The fisherman watched Jack intently, manipulating his own hard 9 inch cock
through the side of the coveralls that hung loosely over his slender but
lithe body. The sexual intensity increased for Jack as the old man laid
his pole on the ground and moved toward the bushes and Jack.

He spoke as he approached Jack with his hard throbbing cock in
hand, "Wanta be fucked?"

This took Jack by surprise. But he delighted in the thought of
being penetrated in the open, excited by the suddenness and directness of
the offer. Without a word, he dropped his pants, bent over and took the
hardness of the old fisherman's cock into his hot asshole. He heard
excitement in the old man's voice as his cock drove gently and deeply into
Jack. "Oh! God that feels good. Do you like the feel of my hot cock," he
asked, not expecting an answer. Jack felt the abundance of the old man's
precum lubricate his tight asshole and he responded with his own moans of
sexual assent, "Beautiful! Fuck me hard. Give me your hot cum."

It didn't take long. The old man's cock increased its momentum and
shot deep into Jack, spurting an abundance of hot cum that dripped down
Jack's leg and melded with the front of the fisherman's blue coveralls.
His cock shone in the dim light of day as it moved in and out of Jack's hot
asshole and seemed larger than normal framed in the fly of his blue denims.
He groaned his delight to Jack, "Oh god, baby, take my hot cum. Take it
all! Take it! Taaakkkee it!"

Jack felt the old man's cock withdraw and turned to feel the last
of his love potion on his face and tongue. The old fisherman stood
quietly, enjoying the wind-down of their love making, massaging Jack's
head, pressing his mouth deeper onto his receding hardness.

"Thanks, man. I really needed that. Perhaps, one day, we can get
together for some prolonged loving," he sighed.

Yes, indeed. I would like that," Jack added. The fisherman
returned to his pole and Jack to his car.

There were other encounters. One of the park rangers befriended
Jack, often stopping to talk to him, particularly when the park was nearly
empty. He was a handsome man in his uniform, a slight graying at the side
attesting to an age somewhere in his mid 50's. The tightness in his pant
leg gave evidence of a nice bulge. Often, the ranger would lean on Jack's
window as if offering his bulge for better viewing. On a particularly cold
day in the winter, the ranger parked next to Jack, tapped on his window and
motioned to be let in. They exchanged the usual pleasantries. Jack,
however, was keenly aware of the ranger's interest in the bulge in his
pants. Eventually, the subject got around to sexual matters, and the
ranger queried Jack on the subject of masturbation. "I'm curious," he
began. "As one ages, does one's sexual drive change significantly?"

Jack responded, "No, in general, but individuals differ. With me,
at age 73, nothing much has changed. I masturbate almost every day and
sometimes more."

"And today?" the ranger queried as he reached over and fondled the
bulge in Jack's crotch.

"Not yet, but the day is young.

Without hesitation, the ranger unzipped Jack's pants and took
Jack's hard cock full into his mouth. He accommodated the officer even
more by slipping his pants down to his ankles. The angle allowed the
ranger to sink between Jack's legs and take the whole of his testicles into
his mouth. A moan signaled the ranger to move again to his cock that
pulsed hard in response to the ranger's hot mouth and tongue. With all of
the excitement, the ranger still managed to unleash his hard 7-inch cock
from his pants and jerked as he accepted Jack's thrusts deep into his
mouth. Jack's hips moved faster now as the build up of an orgasm rose deep
in his testicles. The ranger moaned in anticipation of this pleasure. The
response to the moan was predictable. Jack shot hard and deep into the
ranger's mouth, his spurts hitting the glottis and initiating further moans
on the part of the ranger. As the ranger continued sucking Jack's cock
dry, his right hand pumped his engorged hot cock. Jack's hand reached down
to receive his hot cum and welcomed a profusion of warm, milky passion
which he transferred to his mouth, groaning his pleasure at the abundance
of hot cum he swallowed.

In the quiet that followed, the ranger spoke first, "Sex with my
wife was never like this. That had to be the hottest and most intense cum
I've had ever."

Jack had to agree, not to the ranger's response, but his own.
"That, for me, was also the most intense orgasm I've ever had."

They parted, agreeing that there was more to come.

Somewhere in this outpouring of sexuality for Jack, the old
fisherman returned, parked next to Jack's car and beeped for Jack to turn
down his window. They hadn't seen one another since their first encounter
in the bushes. There were the usual pleasantries about the weather. The
fisherman quickly got around to the main thrust of his stopping. "I just
took my wife over to her mother's. She's spending the night there and I'll
pick her up tomorrow evening. With all this time on my hands, I wondered
if you were free to come over to the house. We'll have it all to
ourselves," he smiled.

"I'm free," Jack responded. "Do you want me to follow?"

"Great! I'm only about 15 minutes from here. Follow me."

True to his promise, they arrived at a nice split-level suburban
home in an upscale neighborhood. Jack parked in the driveway and followed
the old fisherman through the garage into the home.

"By the way, my name's Tom, Tom Berensfeld."

"I'm Jack, Jack Mueller."

"How about something to drink, Jack, coffee, tea, beer, pop."

"A beer sounds good. My throat is a little dry.

"A beer it is. I'll have one too. Would you like shower, Jack?"

"I think I will after we finish the beer."

A mellowness set in as they drank their beer. Tom began, "Boy, I
haven't been able to get our last encounter out of my mind. I've dreamt
about it every day for the last three weeks."

"Has it been that long?" Jack queried.

"Too long, as far as I'm concerned," Tom replied. "Mind you, my
wife and I have sex, but it's never been that great. Besides, I've always
needed something special, something kinky to get me going. My wife, she's
just not into that kind of stuff."

Jack brightened at this comment and suggested that they shower
together. "That might be a good start to some special, if not kinky,

"I'm looking forward to that and more. It looks like were off to a
good start. Let's go the bedroom and get undressed. "Do me a favor, Jack.
Let me undress you."

"Go to it, Tom. I'm all yours," Jack replied.

Tom had Jack stand before the bed as he untied his shoes. He
removed one shoe and one sock and kissed Jack's foot tenderly and gently.
He removed the other and did the same. Unbuckling his pants, he dropped
them to the ground and removed them. Kneeling, he kissed Jack's crotch and
let his tongue move along his leg to his groin. He nibbled at the end of
Jack's cock as it lay slightly engorged inside the left leg of his boxer
shorts. He found his testicles and the crevices of the groin and tasted
their salinity. He moved to the upper part of Jack's body next and removed
his shirt. He lingered long, tasting the nipples of his breasts and
letting his tongue roam freely over the gray hairs between the nipples,
stopping to savor Jack's armpits, letting his tongue take long strokes as
he did so. He continued his loving upward, kissing Jack's eyes, nose, and
brow, gently inserting his tongue into Jack's ear and tenderly and softly
kissing his lips. His tongue and mouth slid down Jack's chest and stomach
as he slid to a kneeling position before Jack and removed his underwear.
This was Tom's first glimpse of Jack's naked body. He sighed approvingly
and let his mouth envelope Jack's semi-erect 8 inch cock, taking it deep
into his throat as his tongue circled its head, sucking the droplets of pre
cum that had begun to pour forth from the tip of his now throbbing and
pulsating hot cock. He lay Jack onto the edge of the bed, raised his legs
high as he knelt on the floor before his puckered asshole. He allowed his
tongue to tease his tight asshole, tasting the salinity of a morning's
secretions, noting, as well, the relaxation of the muscle of the sphincter
as it responded to his loving attentions. Once more, he swallowed Jack's
testicles whole and massaged them in the warmth of his mouth with his hot
tongue, taking time to alternate between the testicles and the hard,
pulsing cock. Jack laid still savoring Tom's loving attentions. They lay
this way for long minutes, saying nothing but thinking much. In this
interval, Tom stripped and woke Jack from his reverie and both headed for
the shower.

The loving continued in the shower. Tom's hands moved gently and
tenderly, lathering Jack's body, paying close attention to Jack's balls and
hard, throbbing cock as well as his relaxed and accepting asshole. Jack
reciprocated. He lathered Tom's smooth body with an abundance of soap, and
massaged gently his testicles and asshole, taking pains to probe and
massage Tom's prostate with a gentle rounded stroking of his fingers.
Tom's hard cock responded to these attentions with muscle contractions of
his own. But, now, Tom wanted more. He bent over and whispered hoarsely,
"Jack, tease my hot asshole with that hot cock of yours."

Jack's heavily soaped throbbing cock slid easily into Tom's
receptive asshole. A moan signaled his pleasure and Jack continued probing
his asshole and prostate with long, slow and deliberate thrusts, pinching
Tom's nipples with one hand, massaging his hard, pulsing cock with the

"Believe it or not, Jack, this is the first time I've ever been
fucked. I've looked forward to this day all my life. God, it feels so
good. I don't want you to stop."

But stop, they did. They had a long way to go yet in their loving.
They exited the shower, dried off and lay on the bed, facing one another,
entwined with legs and arms, kissing deeply for the first time. Their
tongues searched out the inner recesses of their mouths and danced
playfully with one another. The kissing alternated between their mouths
and passioned kissing and tasting of their chins, their cheekbones, their
ears, their eyes and noses. Their cocks rubbed against each other in this
embrace and a constant dripping of precum anointed their bellies to allow
for each other's cock to slide sensually between their hot, entwined

They next moved to a 69 position, facing each other, both intent on
pleasuring the other with his tongue and mouth. The position afforded a
perfect alignment of cocks, balls and assholes, their pleasure centers.
Each, with his head resting on the inner thigh of the other, tasted,
sucked, teased, and tongued a part of his choosing. Jack alternated
between Tom's testicles, asshole and cock; Tom between Jack's cock, asshole
and groin. Tom, remembering the earlier penetration in the shower,
beckoned for Jack to fuck him on his back. With Tom on his back, his legs
raised and propped by Jack's shoulders, Jack knelt between them and drove
his hot, hard, dripping cock into Tom's receptive hole.

"Fuck me hard, Jack. Give it to me. Spill your hot love juices
inside my hot asshole. Oh God that feels good Jack. Fuck me! Fuck me!
Fuck me!"

The position exhilarated Jack. As he fucked Tom's hot asshole, he
could watch his hard, throbbing cock move in and out. What's more, he
could watch the enjoyment in Tom's face as he probed the inner recesses of
his hot love hole. More, he could love his feet as he fucked, taking time
to suck his toes and the soles of his feet. The sensual-sexual emotions
went into overload and Jack felt the rush of his hot cum rising. The first
strands of hot cum shot into Tom's hot asshole. Jack withdrew quickly to
spew the remainder of his hot cum over Tom's face and mouth, fucking his
mouth for the last minutes of this intense orgasm. Tom's only response was
a loud and mumbled, "Mmmmmmmmmmm; Oh God!, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm; Mmmmmmmmmm."

A minute or two passed. Tom queried, "Do you have to piss, Jack?"

"I think so," he replied.

"Good. Piss on me."

Tom extracted a rubber sheet from the closet, lay it on the bed as
Jack knelt over him, his cock still dripping cum and precum, and showered
Tom's hot body with his warm, golden piss. The warm piss on Tom's hard
cock as he pumped brought screams of delight. "Jack, baby, here it comes."

Jack bent low to catch the profuse hot stream of cum from Tom's
cock in his mouth and sucked deep, at the same, time licking his golden
urine from Tom's writhing body. As the passion subsided, they remained
entwined, their bellies and cocks bathed in urine. After a long pause of
restful repose in this position, they showered.

"If you have nothing special to do, Jack, I'd love for you to spend
the night here. We could have dinner together and have a leisurely night
of loving one another."

Jack accepted. "I've nothing special to do. So I don't see any
problem. Besides, I'd like never to stop what we're doing. It's been
wonderful both times."

After dinner at a local restaurant and a couple of drinks before
and after, the evening turned into a marathon, sexually. Tom's
introduction into being fucked was insatiable for the moment. He longed
for Jack's cock throughout the night. At one point, with Jack sound
asleep, Tom woke, craving a fuck. Under the covers, he found Jack's cock
hard and throbbing and, without waking him, rose over him and, sitting,
rode his cock until his legs could hold out no longer. Meanwhile, Jack
woke to accommodate him further. Tom knelt on the side of the bed, doggie
style, while Jack drove his cock hard and deep. They tried it on the
stairway, with Tom on the landing and Jack two steps below him. It usually
led to a reciprocal fuck, each doing the other. Perhaps the most
significant time for Tom came in the morning. For the first time in 25
years, he woke to a relationship that was sexual and tender and gentle.
There was, too, an uncomfortable moment, the moment of wishing this
relationship could go on forever. But he realized that it was too late for
that. He would have to make do with a compromise of sorts and go on with
his life. For Tom, too, there was the wish that the relationship could go
on. But he, too, was realist enough to know that Jack had his obligations
and that, at times, those would conflict with any lasting relationships.
Friends they could remain and friends they became. Over time, Jack met
Tom's wife and a deep friendship emerged between the three. It was the
sexual side, however, that was never revealed.

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