Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Old Buddies

When I was a kid I used to hang out with a neighbor, Tom. We didn't
consider ourselves best friends; we were buddies. We got to stealing girlie
magazines from our dads' collection and hiding them in the woods, where we
could go and look at them. It wasn't long before before we started jacking
off together while we looked at the pictures. That was one of our favorite
pastimes. Then one day, I was 17, and Tom must have been 14, we were
stroking away, and our eyes met. There was so much desire in Tom's eyes,
he was horny, and without thinking I stopped pulling my rod, and knelt
beside him. I slid my mouth over his dick, and started sucking. He gasped,
and then started moaning and pumping his hips. Seconds later, he was
cumming in my mouth. I swallowed all I could, but some ran out. "

He said, "Fuck, that was great!"

I noticed for the first time what a cute guy Tom was. I tried to kiss him,
but he dodged. "I'm not queer," he said. I started to jack my cock again,
and he moved my hand away, replacing it with his own.

"Please, Tom....suck it...come on, buddy...I need it...." I whimpered. He
bent and sucked me in. The sensations were exquisite. I'd never felt
anything so good. I groaned and came. He sat up, grinning, a little semen
running out of his mouth, and watch me spurt. I shot all over one of the

"Shit, now the pages'll be stuck together," he teased.

After that first time, we'd sneak away whenever we had a chance, to blow
each other, or have a mutual jerk. A couple of nerdy boys in a redneck
town, there were no girlfriends to distract us.

I lost touch with Tom after I went away to college. I graduated and started
a job. I dated a little, but nothing serious. I pursued a few experiences
with men, too, but nothing long-term there either; I just didn't meet any
guys who attracted me the way Tom had.

Yvette worked in the same building I did. We both used to retreat to a
little courtyard to eat lunch. It was secluded, and it seemed that nobody
else ever used it. We got to exchanging civil greetings, then friendly
greetings, then "Hey, whatcha reading today?" Eventually we moved to
calling each other of a morning to schedule lunch times. Yvette was a
pretty black woman, my age, slim and graceful. We started dating, then
moved in together, then got engaged, and finally married. The sex was
wonderful. Yvette loved sex; she was willing to try anything, it seemed.
She would even do anal, which I'd never done before, and discovered that I
loved. I adored the taste of her pussy, and her rich dark nipples. And she
gave wonderful head; she could suck cock better than anyone I'd ever
met....except Tom.

We'd been married for three years when Yvette got pregnant. Pregnancy
suited her; her breasts got bigger, her body got curvier, and she was horny
all the time. When Yvette was six months pregnant when I got a phone call
from Tom, out of the blue. We talked for a long time, and he said he'd be
passing through in a few weeks. I invited him to stay with us, and take
some vacation time.

Tom and Yvette really hit it off. I'd been concerned since he would be
staying for several days. I didn't need to worry; they were joking around
like old buddies. Yvette got a kick out of hearing stories about us growing
up as geeky boys in a small town. Of course, we didn't tell her everything.

On the second night of Tom's visit, I woke up in the middle night. I was
thirsty and went to the kitchen to get a drink. Tom was sitting there in
the dark. "Couldn't sleep," he told me. We sat and talked a while in
whispers. I got up to set my empty glass on the counter. I turned and Tom
was standing next to me. "I couldn't sleep, because I've been thinking
about the old days," he said. His hand darted to my crotch, fondling me
through my shorts. I got hard instantly. Tom shoved me back against the
counter. He dropped to his knees, yanked my shorts down, and popped my dick
in his mouth. I leaned back against the counter, reveling in the sensation.
Oh God, it felt so good, but what if Yvette walked in? I couldn't hold
back; I came in his mouth, struggling to stay quiet. Tom skinned down his
shorts, and grabbed my arms, pulling me as he backed toward a chair. He
sat, and guided me to the floor. Unbelieveable! Here I was, happily married
to beautiful woman, blowing my old buddy in my kitchen! I couldn't have
stopped if I'd wanted to. I sucked him with all the fervor that I used
to. I cradled his balls in my hand and coaxed him into cumming. He smiled,
pulled up his shorts, and said "G'night, buddy." He went to the guest room
and closed the door.

The next day, I had to go into work for a little while. Yvette said she'd
keep tom entertained, hinting that they might drive around town. I was able
to leave work earlier than planned and drove home. I walked in the door and
the bedroom TV was blaring. With her added horniness from pregnancy, Yvette
often watched pornos in the bedroom and masturbated. So I wasn't surprised.
Tom must be off joyriding on his own. I stripped in the living room,
tiptoed down the hall and jumped into the bedroom, yelling, "Ha! Caught
you!" There was my wife on all fours, naked, with my buddy behind her
fucking her doggy-style. I was floored. I was about to leave, when they
both motioned me over. I walked to the bed in a daze, and Yvette put her
mouth over my cock. Tom began sucking my nipples, which I loved, but I
thought only Yvette knew about that. Their oral attentions diminished as
the both neared orgasm. Tom came in Yvette's pussy. He kept pumping her
with his softening cock. She reached up with one hand and rubbed her
clit. She squealed as she came.

They grabbed me, and pulled me onto the bed. Yvette was murmuring, "Tom and
I have been talking. He told me things about the old days that you never
mentioned. It really turned me on. I love you, and I want to share you with
Tom today."

Tom was already sucking my cock, just like the other night, just like the
old days. I felt Yvette's mouth on my nipples, then down my stomach,
drilling her tongue in my navel, and then my balls were in her warm
mouth. I grunted, and started cumming. They started pushing each other,
trying to get my cum. I lay there, sated. Yvette kissed me with cum-covered
lips. I flipped her on her back and start licking her pussy, nuzzling the
wiry black hairs. I licked feverishly, tasting her fluids mixed with
Tom's. I was hard again, and crawled up, slipping my cock inside her.
Missionary was difficult with her expanded belly, but it was still our
favorite position. I thrust into her, gazing into her soft brown eyes. I
could feel Tom's hand on my ass and balls, fondling. He parted my cheeks
and rubbed something slick on my rosebud. Then his finger entered and
rubbed my prostate. I screamed and came. I flopped back on the bed. Yvete
held me and kissed me. "I love you, baby," she said.

Yvette and Tom rolled me onto my belly, with a pillow stuck under my hips,
lifting my ass. "" I mumbled. "C'mon, baby, I wanna see this.
please. For me?" Yvette coaxed. Tom was fingering my ass, adding more
fingers, and I have to admit it felt good, but I was scared. I felt his
cock at my backdoor, and then with an oozing pop, he was in me! It hurt, at
first, but the pain faded, and it felt fucking great. He was fucking me for
all he was worth, and I was loving it. I was hard again, and his thrusts
were causing my cock to fuck the pillow. Tom groaned and filled my ass with
his seed, and the pillow was wet with my own cum. I maust cum while he was
fucking me. Yvette kissed me again. Tom pulled out of my ass, and rolled
onto my back. For the first time, he kissed me. "I love you, buddy."

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