Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Playing With Friends 4

I led them back to the couch. Kellie stretched out on her back and I laid
out a few lines across her stomach, which was flat and hard. We each did
our lines and stroked her pussy. I licked the residue up and flicked my
tongue over her clit. She moaned softly and said, "About time someone paid
some attention to me."

She spread her legs wide and I told Cassie to get on her knees. "Don't get
up until she's cum twice and no touching yourself. I want you excited, but
I don't want you cumming again until I make you, understand?"

"Yes, sir." She was trying to sound subservient, but her smile gave her
away. She was loving every second of this.

She went to work, eating Kellie's pussy like a pro. Jason watched, totally
enraptured, but limp. I was pretty soft myself. I got a bottle from the
desk drawer and popped a pill. I handed one to Jason and he looked
puzzled. "Viagra," I said. "It'll counter the effects of the coke, let you
get hard and get off."

He took the pill and swallowed eagerly.

We stood there, watching Cassie lick and suck, watching Kellie play with
her own tits. I pulled out a tripod and set the camera back up to catch the
action. I love to watch Kellie with other people. Her face is so expressive
and erotic and It's hard to appreciate when you're busy getting her to that
point. I have a photograph of her that I took when Mike was fucking her
doggy style. It's a close up, all you can see is her face and a little bit
of her shoulders. Her eyes are closed and she's biting her lower lip and
the image makes me hard every time I see it. I keep the picture in my
wallet. I look at it every time I jerk off and I've used it to pick up
several guys to bring home to her.

She had that expression now, and it had Jason mesmerized. "My, god," he
whispered. "I didn't realize how beautiful she is."

I patted him on the back. "She's beautiful all the time, but when she's
having sex, she'll take your breath away." I shifted my eyes to Cassie, her
round, ample ass sticking up at us.

"Your girl is pretty incredible, too. I love women with real curves."

He grinned, "Yeah, me too. I've never been into really skinny chicks. Too

"Speaking of boney," I took hold of his cock, "It seems the pill is
working." I led him over to Kellie and whispered, "Darling, you want that
taste, now?"

She opened her eyes and whimpered slightly. "Oh, god, baby, she's really
good. She eats pussy better than you. Oh, god, mmmm." She looked up and
Jason. "Oh, yeah, let me have some of that."

She reached over and grabbed his cock, pulling it into her mouth. I watched
for awhile, I love watching her suck cock, she enjoys it as much as I do. I
went and got the camera and brought it over, getting a nice close up of
her, sucking and fondling Jason's balls. I panned down her body and got a
close up of Cassie licking pussy. My own cock was hard now and it wanted

I put the camera back on the tripod and stood behind Cassie. Her pussy was
dripping wet and she trembled when I touched it. I took hold of her hips
and slid deep inside her. We were all moaning and gasping now. Kellie had
already cried out once and I could tell she was getting close again, even
though her moans were muffled by the huge cock in her mouth.

Cassie was trembling and moaning into Kellie's pussy. I was pretty sure she
had cum once the moment I slid into her, out of sheer excitement. After a
few minutes of pounding she was almost there again. She lifted her head up
just long enough to mutter, "Oh, god, yes, I'm cumming." Then she buried
her face back in Kellie's pussy. She quivered and almost collapsed as she
came. Kellie let Jason slip from her mouth as she came again, moaning and
gasping for air.

I pulled out of Cassie and said, "You're not done with that mouth yet,
babe." I pushed my cock between her lips and she started sucking me,
devouring her own juices. Kellie had grabbed Jason's cock again and she had
him ready to cum. She stroked him rapidly until he shot his load all over
her chest. She scooped up some cum with her finger and licked it clean. I
quivered as I got ready to unload into Cassie. Kellie scooped up a little
more and brought her finger to my lips. I licked up Jason's cum and
exploded. Cassie pulled me even deeper into her mouth, sucking me dry.

We all collapsed at that point, naked and spent. We spent some time kissing
and touching each other and Kellie suggested that we go out for some
breakfast. It was about four in the morning, but there was an all night
diner just a few blocks away. We all got dressed. I told Jason not to wear
his underwear, and Cassie to leave the panties and bra behind. She
complained that without a bra she'd burst out of her top and I told her
that I hoped so.

We took our jeep to the diner, Jason sitting up next to me, the girls in
the back seat making out. We got out in the parking lot and there were a
couple of college girls getting ready to go inside. I recognized one of
them and called them over to us.

"Taylor, how are you? Kellie, you look great." Her name was Ashley and we
had slept with her a few months back. "This is my friend, Jessie."

We introduced Jason and Cassie and asked if they wanted to join the four of
us for breakfast. They agreed and as we walked inside Ashley whispered
something to Jessie and they both giggled.

We took a table in the back where we were at least somewhat hidden, so we'd
have some privacy. As we sat down I made a point of kissing both Kellie and
Cassie, so Ashley would know what was going on. She smiled and looked over
at Jason. "Him, too?" She asked.

I leaned over and kissed him. "Yes, Ash, him, too." Jason flushed and
Jessie's eyes widened. The waitress came over and looked at us
suspiciously. We all ordered and chatted while we waited for the
food. Jessie was Ashley's new girlfriend, they'd been going together for
about a month. She had told Jessie about us but she didn't realize that it
was us until we got flirty. She seemed really turned on by the whole idea,
and I decided to play it up.

I looked to make sure the waitress was nowhere in sight and said, "You
know, my cock is so hard it's throbbing. Jason, why don't you slide under
the table and take care of that?"

He looked at me, startled. "Here?"

"Anything I say, remember."

Without another word he slipped down under the table. Jessie's mouth was
hanging open and Ashley was grinning. I felt Jason free my cock and slip it
into his mouth.

"Mmm, he's very good at that."

Jessie shook her head. "He's not really doing that, is he?"

"Take a look."

She ducked her head under the table and gasped. Her face was flushed when
she came back up. "Wow. Damn, that's hot."

"Maybe we should help you out, Jessie. Are you wearing panties under that


"Slip them off." She looked at Ashley, who just nodded and grinned. She
reached under the table and a moment later said they were off.

I looked at Cassie. "Go for it, babe. Kellie says you're incredible."

Cassie slipped carefully below the table and a moment later Jessie
gasped. Kellie stood up from the table and went up front. Ashley raised an
eyebrow and said, "What's going on?"

I laughed. "Don't worry, we can't get in any trouble. The owner's a friend
of ours, he knows what's going on. So does the waitress, she just doesn't
approve. There's a partition up there and Kellie's going to have it closed
so we can have a little privacy."

"You're amazing, Taylor. And so are your friends. Cassie's got the best
tits I've seen in ages."

"Wait til you get your hands on them. Mmmmm, oh yeah. That feel's great."

Jessie whimpered softly in her seat. "Oh, wow. Oh, wow."

Ashley stuck her head under the table to check things out. She popped back
up just in time to see Kellie pulling the partition closed. "Oh, thank
god. Everybody out in the open, right now."

There was a brief flurry of activity and then we were back in
position. Jessie and I were both in our seats, now on the outside of the
table. Jason was on his knees, sucking my cock, Cassie on hers, eating
Jessie's pussy. She was topless now, Ashley had seen to that, and now
Kellie was cuddling up to Ash, rubbing her tits and nuzzling her neck.

Jessie came in a rush, gripping Cassie's head tight, and crying, "oh, oh,
oh, oh, ahhh!"

Kellie had pulled Ashley out of her clothes and was stripping herself. As
soon as Cassie got up, Ashley pounced on her, yanking off her skirt and
sucking furiously at her nipples. Kellie climbed up on the table, spread
her legs, and pointed at Jessie. "You're turn, sweetie." Jess pulled up a
chair and buried herself in Kellie's pussy. I was close to cumming, so I
pulled out of Jason's mouth and went over to Ashley and Cassie. A few
strokes and I sprayed cum all over Cass's tits. Ashley eagerly licked them

I looked back at Jason. He had stripped and was standing there, stroking
himself, wondering what to do. I led him over to Ashley, who was still on
all fours but had migrated down to Cassie's pussy and was licking away
happily. I got on my knees and sucked on Jason's cock until it was nice and
wet, then guided him to Ashley's ass.

She cried out as he slid inside, but kept licking. "Fuck her hard," I
told. "She loves getting fucked in the ass and your cock is a monster." I
gave him a kiss then laid on the floor beside them. Cassie was moaning like
crazy. I ran a hand over her tits, teasing her nipples. She looked at me
and I kissed her, hard. Her mouth was anxious, sucking my tongue. I stayed
there, making out with her until Ashley brought her to orgasm.

Jason pulled out of her ass and sprayed cum all over her back. She lowered
herself to the floor and I scooped up the cum and fed it to her, keeping
some for myself. I love the salty taste of cum.

Across the room I heard Kellie gasping and realized that Jessie had gotten
her off. With everybody satisfied, we dressed and paid the tab. I asked
Ashley and Jess if they wanted to come back to the house with us and they
both said yes.

We got there and all had a drink or two and got to know each other. It was
already after six and we had all been going all night. And we were all
still horny. It must have been something in the air.

"I think it's reward time for poor Jason," I said. "I've been kind of hard
on him tonight." I led him and all the girls upstairs. Ashley was still
captivated by Cassie's tits and kept grabbing and squeezing them. Cassie
didn't seem to mind. I led them into the bedroom and asked Ashley if she
remembered where the toys were. She smiled and laughed and told me she'd
never forget that.

I told her to get Jason in the bed and Cassie in the chair. Cassie said
something about getting tired and needing a little boost so Kellie went
downstairs to get the treats and I pulled Jessie down the hall and into the
guest bedroom. We kissed for a minute, then I sat her down.

"We've never met, so you don't know the rules. When we go back in there,
you'll have lots of fun, but you have to do anything Kellie or I tell you
to. Can you handle that?"


"Take off your clothes, I want to see you again." She stripped for me. She
had a nicely toned body. Her breasts were small but perky and she had a
nicely shaped ass. Her pussy was shaved bare and obviously wet. "Touch
yourself." She ran her fingers over her pussy lips, spread them open,
slipped them inside her. I took her hand and licked her fingers. "Nice." I
kissed her again as I slid my own finger inside her. She moaned softly
against my mouth.

"Let's go back to the others."

"Not yet," she whispered. "Please. I want to suck your cock." Not waiting
for an answer, she dropped to her knees and undid my pants. She held me in
her hand for a minute, then slowly licked the tip. Then she plunged
forward, taking me all the way in. She bobbed up and down, stroked my
balls, fingered my ass. She was manic and I could feel myself getting ready
to cum. I grabbed her head and pushed all the way in, my cock pressed
against the back of her throat, and I held her there as I sent streams of
hot cum down her throat.

When I let her go, she eased back slowly and stood up. I took her in my
arms and kissed her, tasting myself on her tongue. She helped me out of the
rest of my clothes and we went to join the others.

In the main bedroom, things had progressed as expected. Jason was tied to
the bed, spread eagle, and blind-folded. Cassie was in a wooden chair, legs
parted slightly, feet tied to the chair legs and hands cuffed behind her
back. She could watch, but she couldn't touch. Kellie and Ashley were both
in the bed with Jason. Kellie was nipping at his chest and Ashley was
tonguing his balls.

Kellie looked up as we came in, grinned, and said, "Treats are on the
dresser. Have a little and join the fun."

I went over and did a line and handed the straw to Jess. She looked at it
for a second, then looked down at the coke. "What's it like?"

"It gives you a rush, wakes you up. Only try it if you want, it's not

She nodded and said, "What the hell, anything once." She bent down and did
a line. Her eyes opened wide and she snorted a few times. "Wow, that's

I gave her a kiss and walked over to Cassie's chair. "Enjoying the show?"

"God, yes, it's driving me crazy."

I dipped a finger into her pussy and she moaned. I brought it to her lips
and she licked it clean. I bent down and tongued her nipple, then moved
away. She whimpered. "Behave," I said. "You get more when I say so."

I turned around and looked at the bed. Jessie had joined them and was
licking the shaft of Jason's cock. "Tease only," I whispered to her. "Don't
want him getting off too quick." I climbed into the bed and lowered my
mouth to his, kissing him hard. I pulled away and Kellie leaned down to
kiss him, just as passionately. When she sat up, I had Ashley do the
same. Finally, after Ashley pulled back, Jess kissed him, wildly, biting at
his lip.

When she pulled back, he said, "Holy shit. Who was who? That was

I held a finger to my lips, letting the others know they shouldn't
answer. Instead, we all lowered our mouth over his body, kissing and
licking his skin. We stayed away form his cock for the moment,
concentrating on his chest, his stomach, his thighs. He was squirming and
moaning under us.

I gathered all the girls on the same side of the bed so we wouldn't block
Cassie's view. We stopped touching him and let him lay there for a few
minutes in anticipation. Then Kellie bent over and took his cock in her
mouth. She licked and sucked for a full minute, then abruptly pulled away.

Another minute with no one touching him, then it was Ashley's turn. One
minute of sucking and then she stopped and pulled away. Another wait and
then it was Jessie's turn. She performed eagerly and I had to tap her to
get her to stop.

Another wait. The girls all climbed off the bed and went over by
Cassie. Jess and Kellie both pulled up chairs and sat down to watch,
fingering themselves. Ashley couldn't resist, she knelt down before Cassie
and started licking her pussy. Just as Cassie moaned out loud I took Jason
in my mouth.

I worked him slowly, taking my time. His moans got louder as I worked and I
could feel his body tensing. I moved faster, sucking hard now. He started
to push forward and then he cried out and filled my mouth with cum. I
swallowed a little, but most I kept in my mouth. I got up and walked
around, kissing first Kellie, then Jess, letting them each have a little of
his cum. Ashley stopped eating pussy long enough to share taste. I gave
Cassie a kiss and let her have just a little.

Then I went back to the bed and knelt over Jason. His mouth was open and I
let his cum drip down into it so all the girls could see. I heard Jessie
whisper, "Jesus, that's fucking hot." I lowered my mouth to his and let the
rest flow in as I kissed him.

When I raised up, he said, "Damn, that was the best head I ever had."

I pulled the blindfold off so he could see. He looked at me, then over at
the girls. They all smiled and waved at him. Kellie got up and started to
untie him. Cassie cried out, cumming, then slumped back, clearly
exhausted. Ashley got up and sat on the corner of the bed.

"I think it's about time to call it a day. We're all pretty spent. Jason,
Cassie, you're staying here for the week. Ash, Jess, would you like to stay
the week as well? It'll be fun."

"I'll have to call in to work a couple of days." Jess said.

Ash looked at her and grinned. "It'll be worth it, baby. Trust me."

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