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Senior Citizen's Eden by Jim Stanley Chapters 7, 8, & 9

Chapter 7

Fred, Katherine, and John

One morning after breakfast, Katherine stopped John outside the dining room
and asked him if he would stop up at her apartment afterwards. She said she
wanted to confide in him on a matter of importance to her. John queried,
"In a half hour or so?"
"Fine, John. I'll see you in a half hour," Katherine replied. John
wondered what Katherine's concern was. She seemed a little serious. He
needed, first, to attend to his toilet and shower. After a half hour had
passed, John appeared at Katherine's door, which, as usual, was open. John
walked in calling, "Katherine? John! Are you here?"
Katherine called from the kitchen, "Come in John. I'm making a pot
of coffee for the two of us."
John sat at the kitchen table while Katherine poured and spoke,
"You're probably wondering what this is all about John, but it's a matter
of intimacy and you're one of few that would understand. You know
Fred. He's one of your pals. Fred and I have been having sex off and on and
I've grown to like him. I like him so much as to be able to feed his
fantasies and, thus, help his sexual performance. Fred happened to mention
that he would really enjoy having someone watch him have sex. It really
turned him on. I'm not sure that he's ready for a three way party, but he
thought he'd like to experience this fantasy once in his life. I mentioned
you to him and told him of our one time encounter. He said he would feel
comfortable with you present. I told him I would ask and this is where we
are now. Well, what do you think?"
John was excited over this new experience, the experience of being
a voyeur. Still, he calmly and modestly replied, "If you and Fred will be
comfortable, I will be glad to oblige. I assume he wants me as a looker and
not as a participant."
Sensitive to his needs, Katherine replied, "Neither Fred nor I have
any objection to your watching us in the nude and masturbating if you so
choose. It would be terribly unfair of us to expect you to sit and
experience no emotion whatsoever."
"Great," said John. "Tell me when and I'll be ready. Did you want
me to say anything to Fred? Or will you handle that? If he would feel a
little more comfortable discussing it with me, tell him that I'd be happy
to talk with him."
"I'll mention our discussion and we'll let him decide, John. In
fact, I'll call him after we finish our coffee. Maybe he'll want to give it
a try this morning. God knows I need it," Katherine added. "In fact, I'm
wet just thinking about it. Feel." She took my hand and moved it between
her thighs. It was indeed hot as was Katherine's and John's yearning.
"Let me taste it, Katherine," John gasped. She drew back her dress
and revealed the cunt that he so desired and drank with joy the fluids of
her passion. "This beats coffee any day," he added coming up for
air. Katherine laughed. "I'd better be going. I'll wait for your call,"
John added and left.
An eternity seemed to have passed. John's excitement almost got the
better of him when he returned to his apartment. His dick throbbed and he
desperately wanted to masturbate to relieve the tension. "A shower might
help," he thought. It did, and, afterwards, he sat on his lounge naked and
dreamt of the potential of the morning. Thirty minutes had in fact passed
and the phone rang.
Katherine asked, "Can you come down an hour from now? Fred is
anxious and ready. You know I am." She added, "Just come right in. Fred and
I may be into a little foreplay when you come, but just have a seat. My
lounge chair faces my bed. Make yourself comfortable if you know what I
mean. See you in an hour, sweetie!"
The hour passed quickly. John came to Katherine's door, opened it
quietly and slipped in, locking it behind him. He headed for the
bedroom. Indeed, Fred and Katherine were already into their
lovemaking. They acknowledged John's presence with a smile and continued
with no words spoken. Fred was nude, the first John had ever seen him
so. His abundant gray hair looked windblown. His cock still lay limp as he
and Katherine kissed and fondled each other. The gray hairs on his chest
glistened under the soft light of the bedroom. A slight paunch led down to
a cock encased in abundant gray hair. It was obvious that John's entrance
had an effect on Fred. From its flaccid state, it mushroomed to a full six
inches and stood round and stately under John's gaze. The muscularity of
Fred's youth was still apparent in his thighs and calves. His eighty years
hadn't diminished those physical features.
Katherine responded to Fred's rigidity. She knelt between his legs
and took his cock deep into her throat. In kneeling, her cunt turned to
John for direct viewing and he could see and figuratively taste the wetness
of Katherine. Fred's head faced John. He winked and motioned for John to
take his clothes off. He watched closely as John removed his shoes and
socks as well as his shirt. As John stood to remove his pants and
underwear, Fred raised his head slightly to get a good glimpse of John's
cock. Needless to say, John's hardness met Fred's eyes and he groaned with
the excitement that Katherine's tongue and John's stiffness provided.
To his surprise, being a voyeur was comfortable to John. He could
enjoy the activity and his own body without any obligation to others except
himself. He could control his excitement through a slow manipulation of his
very hard cock. His strokes were long and slow. He massaged the glans with
the profusion of fluids that came from his prostate. Fred watched his every
move, obviously enjoying every moment. Fred then motioned to Katherine for
a change of position. He wanted a sixty-nine. That way, he would suck
Katherine's cunt and still keep his head toward John to enjoy John's
excitement. It was getting hard for John to stay in control now. His cock
and his mind wanted to get into the action. Seeing Fred's tongue dart in
and out of Katherine's cunt made John want to kneel over Fred's head and
stick his hard dick into Katherine's wet cunt. The only thing that kept him
from it was his lack of familiarity with Fred's likes and dislikes. He
wasn't sure how Fred would react to licking John's cock and Katherine's
cunt simultaneously. So he stayed in his chair, his legs spread, his cock
in his hand, his excitement in control. Katherine wanted some of Fred's
hard cock too. She drew her cunt from Fred's face and lay with her head
facing John.
Before Fred's entry into Katherine's hot cunt, Fred took his hard
cock into his hand and slowly massaged it. It bounced freely before him and
he collected the juice from the tip of his cock and tasted. The gray hair
of his chest and belly glistened with his sweat and the juices of
Katherine's wet cunt. Fred knelt in such a way as to give John a full view
of his cock as he pulled back his foreskin and tasted. Then he aimed his
stiff shaft into Katherine's cunt and slowly but deeply moved it back and
forth. The movement of Fred's hips, the tensing of his stomach and groin
muscles, excited John greatly. But the deep thrusts into Katherine's cunt
excited him more. John could tell that Fred was close to coming. Fred knew
it, too, and decided to delay his orgasm to prolong the ecstasy.
He withdrew from Katherine's cunt and bent forward to have
Katherine take his hard cock into her mouth, sucking the juices from her
cunt. John got a better view of Fred's cock now. It was a healthy six
inches of cock, swollen, and throbbing with lust. Most likely, Katherine
could be credited for Fred's heightened sexuality, too. Her open-mindedness
and compassion for Fred's sexual well being served them both well.
Fred now had Katherine reverse her head away from John. He turned
his back to John and drove his hard cock into Katherine. It was a new view
for John, an exhilarating one at that. He came to see for the first time in
his life, that the cock's shaft was much longer when viewed from the
rear. It was perceptible high above Fred's testicles, almost to his
asshole. This was the most erotic view of fucking John had ever imagined,
mainly because he had never witnessed a live fuck at such close range. He
could also sense that there was finality to Fred's thrusts now. So John
stroked his hard cock with that same finality. At each of Fred's thrusts,
John stroked long. Katherine sensed it, too. She began to moan and respond
to Fred's thrusts with reciprocal thrusts of her pelvis. And then it
came. Katherine, Fred, and John cried out as one in the ecstasy of their
orgasms. John could see Fred's come oozing from Katherine's cunt along with
her orgasmic juices. John rose up, swiped at that abundance of fluids to
taste and shot his load at Fred's cock and Katherine's cunt. With that he
fell back into the chair utterly spent. So too did Fred and Katherine. Only
then did Fred motion to John to lay with them, Katherine in the
middle. Katherine dozed with her hand on Fred and John's cocks while Fred
and John's hands intertwined and playfully massaged Katherine's wet
cunt. They all slept for an hour.

Chapter 8

John, Charlie, Grace, and Marie

One evening, while Charlie visited with John, the conversation eventually
got around to sex. John mentioned the encounter with Grace and Marie, and,
immediately, Charlie grew excited at this narrative of John's. It was dark
and John got up to glance at Grace's apartment.
"Well, Charlie, we might be in for some entertainment. It looks
like Grace and Marie are beginning to get it on," John stated
excitedly. Charlie got up quickly and joined John at the window. There, on
the sofa, sat Grace and Marie in an obvious embrace, kissing and fondling
each other's breasts. Charlie stood riveted by the action and rooted them
on. Minutes into this foreplay, Grace and Marie removed their blouses and
bras and sat with their breasts exposed. Charlie was a tit man and he
gasped excitedly, "Oh! God, what lovely tits on those two. If I could only
get my mouth on them, I would never eat or sleep ever."
John laughed, "That, my boy, would be my idea of Nirvana, dying
with a tit in my mouth."
They both watched as Marie gently explored Grace's breasts with her
mouth and tongue. Grace, in turn, fondled Marie's. The light was adequate
to note their hardened nipples and the differences in the two. Marie's
breasts were long and tubular, swiveling as pendants as she sucked on
Grace's nipples. Grace's breasts, on the other hand, were round and full,
like melons and Charlie thought, "Twice as juicy." Just as he thought that,
Marie slid Grace's skirt off to reveal her nakedness. Neither apparently
wore anything under their skirts, a fact both John and Charlie made mental
notes of. They would look for those signs of nudity the next time they met
in the dining room or on the grounds.
Charlie's ninety years showed little in physical lack. As he stood
next to John rapt in Grace's and Marie's lovemaking, he stroked through his
pant leg what was an obvious hard on. John went beyond this. His hard cock
stood majestically framed in his opened fly, his right hand stroking it
gently. It was the motion that attracted Charlie's attention. In the dim
light, Charlie caught a glimmer of wetness on John's cock. He also noted
the veins that accented John's rigidity.
The head, bulbous, red, and throbbing excited Charlie. He reached
out with his left hand and took John's hard cock into his hand, at the same
time tasting the drippings that emanated from the end of John's cock. With
his right hand, he undid his belt buckle and let his pants drop to the
ground. Since he wore no underwear, he stood naked before John, saying,
"Let's get comfortable. Take your clothes off."
John needed no encouragement. He stripped in an instant and
embraced Charlie, his hard cock implanted firmly between Charlie's legs as
they kissed deeply and felt each other's warmth and sensuousness. They
stood together in an embrace watching Grace and Marie in their
lovemaking. Then, Grace spread Marie's legs, tasted her hot cunt, and
strapped on a dildo. She inserted it into Marie's hot and writhing
cunt. This was too much for Charlie. He bent over, his head on the
windowsill, viewing the scene of intense lovemaking, telling John to stick
his hard cock into his ass. This allowed both Charlie and John to watch as
well as be proactive in this long distance orgy. Charlie's asshole was
relaxed and received John's hard 8-inch cock freely. John's hardness was
what Charlie needed for he experienced something new, never having been
penetrated anally.
The experience added a new dimension of sensuality. He felt, for
the first time, his prostate being massaged by a hard cock. And the
sensation was otherworldly. The massage caused Charlie's cock to drip
abundant prostate fluids, which he could taste. He could also reach between
his legs and touch and feel John's hard cock penetrating his hot
asshole. For John, this also was a new experience. Charlie's sphincter
muscle contracted and milked John's cock, a sensation he had never felt,
even with a woman. Above all, John savored the new sensation of being
attracted physically and emotionally to Charlie as well as to Grace and
Marie. In the bedroom below, Marie motioned to Grace to change
positions. Marie now donned the dildo and penetrated Grace. This signaled
an opportunity for John to experience Charlie's excitement. He withdrew his
hard cock from Charlie's asshole, bent over, his head resting on the
windowsill as had Charlie's, and directed Charlie's hard wet cock into his
The sensation was incredible. He was surprised, too, at how
receptive his asshole was to Charlie's seven inches. He remembered thinking
once that the one sexual activity he'd never be able to perform would be
ass fucking. But here he was at age 72 in the act of being ass fucked and
loving every second of it. Charlie, too, was in ecstasy. Watching Grace and
Marie and fucking John's ass simultaneously was an experience totally new
to his ninety years. His cock mimicked Grace and Marie's movement. It was a
slow, in and out and deep penetration of John's asshole. He experienced the
same sphincter milking of his cock that he provided John moments before.
In the dim light, he enjoyed watching his stiff cock, its veins
protruding, diving in and out of John's tight asshole. His excitement
reached even greater heights as he saw Grace reach for her dresser drawer
and take out a double-headed dildo. Now Grace and Marie lay face to face in
a deep kissing embrace, a dildo penetrating their hot cunts and wildly
gyrating hips. It was obvious that their orgasms were imminent. And
Charlie's excitement grew too much for him. His cock exploded inside John's
asshole, spewing his cum deep inside. It was too much for John, as
well. The rhythmic rubbing of his prostate, the warmth of Charlie's cum
inside him, and the excitement of Grace and Marie's mutual orgasms made his
hand work faster and harder. He shot his load with a new fierceness. The
feeling of Charlie's hard cock inside him and the contraction of his
sphincter squeezing the prostate, accented this explosion. His asshole and
hips responded to Charlie's thrusts until all of Charlie's cock dove deeply
into John's hot asshole. Charlie's coming was a long one and the pleasure
of his orgasm persisted through Grace's, Marie's, and John's. In Grace's
bedroom, the screams were equally intense. They came simultaneously. It
wasn't the long drawn out orgasm of earlier times. Each experienced the
once in a lifetime orgasm of high intensity and ecstasy.
Then they lay spent on their bed of love, breathing deeply,
sighing, and smiling love and tenderness. Charlie and John too fell on the
bed in that moment of release, smiles of satisfaction apparent on their
faces. They slept until morning, naked, warm, and at peace.

Chapter 9

John, Charlie, Grace, and Marie Revisited

One warm evening as John sat outside the apartment on a bench, Grace
approached him. It was a spectacular evening for a sunset that afforded an
easy entry into a conversation. Eventually their discussion got around to
that evening of fun with Marie and led to the suggestion of a foursome,
with Charlie as the fourth. John said he would ask Charlie, knowing full
well that his answer would be a delighted yes. In fact, the evening was
young and John told Grace that he would call Charlie after a few
minutes. Just then, Charlie appeared on the walkway near them and John
motioned to him, telling Grace in the same breath, "Speak of the
devil. There's Charlie. We can ask him now." Charlie sauntered over,
greeted John who then introduced him to Grace.
Charlie responded with, "It's a pleasure to meet you," at the same
time looking for those telltale signs of nudity under Grace's clothing. She
wore slacks and he noticed that no outline of her panties could be
detected. He noted, too, a slight indentation in her crotch, an indication
of her hot vagina. The indentation seemed to move when Grace talked,
exciting Charlie even more.
This reverie was finally broken by John's voice, "Charlie, Grace
has invited the two of us and Marie for a little party tonight. Are you
The stress was on the word party to which Charlie responded
knowingly, "Yes, indeed, I'm free. What time?"
Grace smiled a, "How about an hour from now?" She added, "The nice
part of having a get together here is that we don't have far to go. So if
both of you will excuse me, I'll see you at nine thirty."
Charlie's could hardly contain himself. His thoughts drifted back
to that window encounter and Grace's and Marie's tits and wet cunts. Having
John along would heighten his excitement, this being his first multi person
orgy. He often dreamt of these, concluding that they would never happen to
him, particularly since he felt it would be difficult to get four people
together who were mutually sympathetic. Now, all the pieces seemed to have
come together in fulfillment of those dreams. He liked John and Grace, and
Marie. They, too, obviously liked him. John and Charlie went to their
apartments to shower. In parting, John told Charlie that he would come down
to his apartment after showering and they would go together to
Grace's. Charlie's showering was almost climactic. His thoughts of the
evening excited him greatly. As he showered, his cock stood erect and he
washed it gently and tenderly. He directed the waterspout to his dick and
leaned back against the wall of the shower stall to enjoy the warm spray as
it hit and massaged his hot cock.
John, on the other hand, opted for a warm bath. As he lay in the
tub, his cock hard and throbbing, he tried to visualize the events of the
evening. He washed every nook and cranny of his body, giving special
attention to the most erotic areas, his cock, his balls, and his
asshole. After twenty minutes of this sensual reverie, he exited the tub,
dried, cologned himself and dressed. It all took about a half an hour and
he found himself at Charlie's apartment.
Charlie was finishing toweling himself, his hard cock still
standing at attention. John walked over to Charlie, toweled off his back,
cock and balls, lingering a bit longer around his hard dick. Charlie
responded with a happy groan and dressed. They arrived at Grace's apartment
and knocked. The door opened and to their great surprise and delight, Grace
and Marie greeted them in the nude.
"We thought we'd surprise you!" exclaimed Grace and Marie in
unison. And even though John and Charlie reacted calmly, their mouths went
dry with excitement and their cocks rose quickly to a half hard on.
They entered the apartment quickly, all four embracing one
another. John's tongue found Grace's mouth and kissed it deeply. Charlie,
on the other hand, fell to his knees to kiss and taste Marie's cunt and
belly. His tongue tasted her inner thighs, while his hands grasped her full
buttocks and pressed Marie into his probing tongue. He moved upward to her
belly button, her breasts, and then her mouth. He kissed her
passionately. Marie, in the meantime, worked her hands towards Charlie's
belt, unfastened it and reached for his cock, at the same time, motioning
for him to come to the bedroom. In their excitement, they half walked and
half staggered toward the bed, Charlie falling to the bed in a bounce.
Marie whispered through her arousal, "Charlie, lay back and let me
undress you." She began by taking his shoes and socks off. She did so,
bathing the soles and insteps with kisses, her tongue exploring his toes
and feet. She took each of his toes into her mouth and sucked gently. Next,
she undid his shirt, exposing his gray haired chest and stomach. She kissed
his neck and sucked each of his breasts tenderly. Her tongue moved to
Charlie's navel. She removed his unbuckled pants and underwear and exposed
his hard, rigid cock, throbbing with excitement, wet with arousal. She took
it fully into her mouth and sucked vigorously. Charlie moaned with
delight. She moved to his testicles alternately kissing and sucking
them. She raised his legs in the air and probed his hot asshole with her
tongue. It seemed like all one motion since the sensual ecstasy was total.
John and Grace, in the meantime, still stood in the hallway leading
to the bedroom. Grace had John lean with his back against the wall while
she undid his buckle and removed his pants, underwear, shoes, and
socks. She sucked his hard and hot cock gently as she probed his asshole
with her finger, taking pains to massage his prostate tenderly. Her tongue
moved to his breasts as she removed his shirt. John's body stood at a slant
against the wall, which allowed Grace to stand over his throbbing cock and
insert its tip into her wet and hot cunt. This fucking alternated with
Grace kneeling and taking John's wet cock, wet with Grace's juices, into
her mouth, enabling her to taste her own cunt juices. All this took but a
few minutes even though it seemed as if it were an eternity of excitement.
Naked, they proceeded to the bedroom where Charlie and Marie were
still at it, Marie probing Charlie's asshole with her tongue. Grace stood
at the side of the bed and took Charlie's cock into her mouth, Charlie now
experiencing the ecstasy of having his cock sucked and his asshole
rimmed. Grace's ass and cunt presented themselves to John's prodding. He
alternately let his hard dick probe Grace's relaxed asshole and her hot wet
cunt. The tip of his dick would sink into her asshole, probe playfully,
then withdraw and sink deeply into her cunt. These alternate proddings
brought moans of delight from Grace. Marie's and Charlie's hands were
close enough to reach between Grace's legs and feel John's hard shaft, wet
and hard, dipping in and out.
It was Grace who spoke first. "Let's try something. Let one of us
lay on the bed and have the other three give that person undivided
love. Charlie, you're already prone. You're it," she exclaimed. Charlie,
already entranced by the proceedings, smiled and nodded in agreement. Grace
added for the others, "Remember, the rule is to give the one on the bed the
ultimate of attention and love." Marie was already near Charlie's hot
cock. She knelt over him and took it deep into her cunt. Grace, lying with
her cunt near Charlie's face, laid her head on his stomach to watch and
taste his and Marie's juices as his hard cock appeared and disappeared in
Marie's hot cunt. The sensation of his dick in Marie and Grace's tongue
sucking his belly and shaft delighted Charlie.
John meanwhile placed his head comfortably between Charlie's legs
from behind and licked Charlie's balls and crotch. He allowed his tongue to
rove along the inside of Charlie's groin, down his legs to his feet and
toes. Charlie, too, was free to suck Grace's cunt, while both of his hands
massaged Grace's and Marie's breasts and nipples vigorously. Charlie came
first. He exploded his hot cum into Marie's cunt and screamed with delight,
"Oh God, I'm coming, I'm coming." His whole body responded to his orgasm,
the sensations coming not only from his dick, but balls and ass. Marie felt
the pulsing of Charlie's cock deep inside her as well as the rush of the
warm cum as it sprayed the tightening vaginal muscles of her cunt. And
between Charlie's cock massaging her clitoris and Grace sucking it, Marie
came next. Her body jumped with excitement, her hands at the same time
squeezing her tits and nipples. Her head thrown back, she screamed, "Fuck
me Charlie. Fuck me hard." Her orgasm was as intense as Charlie's, the
juices flowing from her vagina.
John spoke next. "Grace," he said, "it's your turn next. Grace
needed no invitation since the juices she tasted flowing from Marie's cunt
visibly excited her. She lay on her back, her thighs wide, welcoming a
pulsing, hard cock of John's into her wet vagina. Charlie and Marie lay
nearby savoring their delights. John's thrusts into Grace's cunt were
deliberate and deep with John making a conscious effort to massage Grace's
clitoris with his swollen shaft. Grace's moans beckoned Charlie and
Marie. Charlie's and Marie's heads found their way to Grace's tits and
nipples, Charlie nibbling and sucking on one and Marie on the
other. Charlie then reversed his head position, leaving Grace's breasts and
nipples to Marie. He moved to a position behind John and massaged his ass
and his shaft as it drove into Grace's wetness. Charlie's playful massage
caused John's cock to grow even harder since the shaft of his cock that
extended to his asshole was also being manipulated. Charlie's excitement
renewed itself, too.
As his hand moved into the juncture where Grace's cunt and John's
cock met, he felt and tasted the juices that emanated from Grace. His index
finger probed John's asshole and rubbed his prostate. John grew more
excited at this manipulation and his thrusting took on a new vigor. Grace
responded to it, raising her pelvis to meet John and to take John deeper
into her cunt. The magic of the orgasm came to Grace first. Her pelvis
heaved to meet John's hard thrusts and she screamed an
indecipherable,"OIEEEEEEEEEEE," that seemed to last several minutes. Then
John came. It began with a groan that began low and crescendoed to a loud,
"Gooooooodddddd, Gooooddddd, Gooddd, God." It was a communion of
sorts. Then he fell into a heap over Grace's sweating body, kissing her
eyes, her ears, her nose, her mouth. Charlie's head meanwhile probed
between John's legs to suck up the abundant juices flowing from Grace's
cunt. John's cock lay limp and flaccid over Grace's wet cunt and Charlie
took it into his mouth to catch the last drops of John's and Grace's
They all four lay in a tangled mass on the bed, saying nothing,
savoring the peace and serenity of this magnificent escapade. It was Marie
who uttered what might be construed as the first word. It came out a,
"Ummmmmm, wonderful lovely." Each word was a sentence, a paragraph. The
others began to respond too. Charlie's comment was a simple protracted,
"Yesssss!" John lay still but his grin echoed the others. Grace still lay
in the afterglow of her orgasm, kissing John lightly and gently on the
neck, chin, lips, eyes, and ears. Her actions reflected the harmony that
flowed from the sweaty, entangled mass on the bed. Drowsiness began to set
in and John, reluctantly suggested that they had better be leaving.
But it was Marie who responded next, "Let sleep happen. It is an
appropriate outcome for this wonderful evening."
They concurred and, soon, they were all asleep. During the early
morning hours, Charlie rose first, dressed, and returned to his
room. Later, John woke and followed suit. Grace and Marie lay still in
peace and harmony.

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