Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Birthday Suit

Lorna had been dropping all kinds of hints about her surprise for my
upcoming thirtieth birthday, but nothing that gave me even the slightest
clue as to what she had in mind. I wonder if I would have gone along with
it if I had known what was in store for me.

Lorna was a beautiful sexy coworker with whom I had been having an
imaginary torrid affair for the last six weeks. We had first started
exchanging racy pictures and raunchy jokes which we had downloaded from the
Internet to each other on our inter-office email as a way of getting a rise
out of each other during lulls in our work.

As time progressed, the emails became more and more explicit, and the jokes
more and more raunchy. Finally, we had dared each other to replace the
downloaded pictures with pictures of ourselves.

Lorna took the dare first by sending me a snapshot of herself wearing a
very transparent blouse and no bra. Up to now, I had never seen any part of
Lorna's body that wasn't revealed by the clothes she wore in the office.
She usually dressed in a very prim manner, with her blouses buttoned all
the way up and her skirts down to mid calf. Only once had I gotten a look
at her cleavage when she wore a sweater with a scoop neck that revealed
about two inches of her rounded breasts tightly squeezed together in what
must have been a push-up bra.

When I downloaded the see through picture she had emailed me, I got an
instant erection. The color photograph clearly revealed her very large
puffy nipples sitting proudly erect on her amazingly firm looking pear
shaped breasts without even a hint of sag. The color of her nipples were a
muted complement to her dark auburn hair which she wore at shoulder
length. The look on her face was one of pure sexuality and challenge, as
she had obviously taken the picture to provoke me to top her in
explicitness when I responded.

I responded with a picture I had all set to go, in which I was wearing a
pair of speedo swim trunks with my erect cock clearly outlined by the tight

Her response on the following Monday morning was an extreme close-up of one
of her succulent puffy nipples. It was life-sized and looked real enough to
suck right there on my computer screen.

I responded the next day with another picture of myself in my speedos; this
time with about two inches of my erect cock protruding out the top of the

She emailed me back the next day with a series of pictures of herself fully
nude. The first one showed her thick thatch of pubic hair, and the
succeeding pictures showed her in various stages of shaving it all off
except for a small auburn tuft at the top of her slit. She had certainly
made a quantum leap from see through boobs to nipple close-up to fully nude
and shaved pussy. Her naked breasts in these pictures were even more
inviting, as the amazing puffiness of her nipples was even more enticing in
the context of her fully naked body. Lorna was in excellent shape, and
there wasn't an ounce of unnecessary fat to be seen anywhere on her petite
five foot frame.

At first, I was at a loss at how I should respond to the sexy pictures she
had sent . I didn't think that a close-up of my erect cock would be a very
interesting contribution to our visual foreplay. And a full body shot of me
nude didn't seem adequate either. Our usual lag time for responding to each
other's emails was one day, but on occasion we had responded immediately,
and a few times we had taken several days. In fact, the time between our
emails discussing this change in format and the initial email of the first
picture from Lorna had been three days.

I emailed her back that her pictures had been so good that I needed some
time to come up with an adequate response. She replied that I should take
my time if I needed it, but that it had better be worth the wait.

After choosing and rejecting several possibilities, I finally knew what I
would send her. I got together what I needed and took several pictures
until I felt that I had an adequate response to her incredible pictures.

On Friday morning, I emailed her about twenty pictures of myself completely
naked and holding a life-sized fuck doll that I had purchased from a local
adult book store near my home. The first picture just showed me and the
doll side by side. The next picture showed my erect cock in the fuck doll's
mouth. This was followed by a couple of close up shots of my cock halfway
in, then all the way in the doll's mouth. Then I was in her pussy for
several shots that showed my cock at several stages of penetration. Then my
cock was shoved into the doll's ass in several penetrating shots. Finally,
the last few shots showed me on my knees with a strap-on dildo attached to
the fuck doll imbedded to various depths in my ass, followed by several
pictures of me sucking on the dildo.

Lorna emailed me back right away, saying that she thought that our email
messaging had gone about as far as we could take it without our
relationship turning from cerebral to physical. She suggested a one week
moratorium on our messages while she set something up for my birthday which
was the following Friday. "Don't plan anything for Friday evening," she
wrote, "I'm' planning something for your birthday that you'll never

Every day during the following week, Lorna would send me an email dropping
hints about what was in store for me without mentioning anything specific.
The final message on Thursday said, "make sure that you get a good night's
sleep, because you're going to need all of your strength for tomorrow

I still had no clue what she had in mind, but my mind was filled with
countless exciting possibilities, many of them featuring those beautiful
puffy nipples. I jerked myself off to fantasies of Lorna's perfect tits and
fell into a restful sleep in anticipation of what was to come the following
night when Lorna helped me to celebrate my birthday.

The next day, Lorna wasn't in the office. One of the secretaries said that
she had called in sick and asked her to give me her apologies. I was
crushed. The past week of anticipation, fueled by Lorna's daily teases had
left me in a state of heightened sexual readiness that nothing but my long
awaited tryst with Lorna would satisfy.

I halfheartedly went through the motions of my job that day, not knowing or
caring if I had avoided making any mistakes that would inevitably result in
unpaid overtime to correct them during the following week. At the end of
the day, I just wanted to get out of there, pick up a couple of six packs
on the way home, and drink myself into oblivion.

As I was in the process of locking up my office for the night, my boss,
Fred, approached me with a big smile on his face and said, "The office
scuttlebutt is that today is your birthday. Is that right, Mark?"

My first inclination was to lie and say that the scuttlebutt was mistaken,
but I knew that the only office scuttlebutt he had gotten the information
from had been my personnel file. He was a retired Navy commander, and loved
to drop naval terms like scuttlebutt and keel haul, and pipe down when he
held office staff meetings. So I meekly nodded that, yes, today was my
birthday, but that as I had nothing special planned for it, I was just
going to go home and watch television.

"Nonsense!" He said, "I won't hear of it. No member of my crew is going to
spend his birthday watching television alone at home as long as I'm in
command of this ship! Get yourself together matey, you and I are going to
celebrate your birthday, and we're going to do it up brown."

I inwardly groaned at the uninviting prospect of spending the entire
evening with this jovial buffoon listening to an endless stream of naval
argot; but I knew that there was no turning him down. He had always treated
me well, and had seen to it that I had received several promotions so that
I remained on his team as he rose through the company ranks to upper level
management. I owed him, even if it meant that I had to fake jollity and let
him treat me on my birthday when I was feeling worse than miserable and
only wanted to go home and get blissfully drunk.

"We'll take my car." He said, as he took me by the elbow and steered me to
the bank of elevators which would take us down 38 stories to the parking

We worked in downtown Los Angeles, and the traffic, as always, was bumper
to bumper until we got out of the downtown area and on to the 10 East. I
hadn't bothered to ask him where we were going, because I really couldn't
have cared less. I just wanted this evening to be over as soon as possible.

"I need to make a quick stop before we go to the restaurant." He said. I
promised my sister that I would help her hook up her new DVD player and I
almost completely forgot about it. It will only take a few minutes."

"Fine", I said, " no problem. I'll just wait in the car."

"No, don't do that. Come on in and meet my sister. I've mentioned you to
her several times, and I'm sure that she would enjoy meeting you."

"I was beginning to feel even more trapped into a waking nightmare of
having to endure a painfully mundane observance of my birthday which was
supposed to have been an unforgettable experience. But, having no choice in
the matter, I agreed to join him in his visit to his sister.

He pulled off the freeway in West Covina and made several turns onto side
streets in a very pleasant looking neighborhood, then pulled into a long
driveway next to a moderately expensive looking house.

We got out of the car and went up to the front door. He rang the doorbell,
and we heard a female voice calling, "Come on in, sweetie. I'll be right
with you."

We entered into a large, comfortable looking living room with two
overstuffed sofas and several matching easy chairs. There were tasteful
paintings, landscapes, and one really lovely painting of a shapely and
attractive nude woman reclining on a rug in front of a fireplace that
looked very similar to the fireplace in the corner of the living room.

"That's Sis." Fred said. "Isn't she something?"

"Er, yes," I stammered, "That's a very nice painting."

"I'm glad you like it. " I heard an unusually deep female voice say as a
tall , attractive clothed facsimile of the nude in the picture strode into
the room carrying a tray of drinks and offering me one. "I'm Fran. Nice to
finally meet you, Mark."

I took the proffered drink and took a sip of it, discovering that it was a
delicious mint julep laced with what I guessed was very high quality
vodka. I drank it greedily, not having realized how parched I had been.
'Thanks, Nice to meet you Fran," I finally managed to blurt. This is

"Make yourself comfortable, Mark," Fred said. Fran will keep you company
while I work on the DVD. Won't you , Fran?"

"Sure thing, sweetie." Fran purred at him.

After Fred was gone, Fran turned to me and said, "Freddie tells me that
today is your birthday. Is that right?"

"Yes," I replied, but it's no big deal.

"Don't say that! "She pouted. " Everyone should get to feel special on
their birthday. Don't you want to feel special today?"

"Well, I did have some plans, but they fell through at the last moment, so
I think Fred took pity on me and invited me to go out to dinner with him."
I confessed.

"Poor baby," She said in a slightly mocking tone. "Oh well, even dinner
with Freddie is better than nothing, isn't it?"

"Oh, sure, I didn't mean to imply..."

"Don't worry about it. I know what Freddie is like, but he really means
well. "She said, winking slyly at me.

"Can I give you a birthday gift?" She suddenly asked me as the thought had
apparently suddenly popped into her mind.

"You don't have to do that," I protested. You don't even know me.

"I insist. And don't worry, it won't cost me a thing. Close your eyes for a
minute and I'll give you my surprise gift." She said as she gently put her
hand to my eyelids and pushed them to a closed position. "Just stay like
that for a little bit."

With my eyes closed, the potency of the vodka in the mint julep that I had
been steadily drinking began to hit me and I felt a bit light headed.

"Okay. Now you can open your eyes." She said. When I opened my eyes, I saw,
about six inches from my face, two naked perfect puffy nippled breasts that
I knew had to belong to Lorna. I tipped my head back and looked up into her
beautiful smiling face as she giggled, "Happy birthday, Mark! Aren't you
going to kiss them?" Then she stepped forward and rubbed her soft puffy
breasts in my now smiling, tear streaked face.

I Took one of her incredibly soft nipples into my mouth and slurped and
tongued and sucked it as if I were partaking of the elixir of life. I
couldn't get enough of it, but I wanted to taste the other one too. So I
switched my attentions to the other breast while I grasped the now
slobber-wet first one and gently squeezed it as a I sucked and nuzzled at
its twin. Lorna moaned and swayed as I worshipped her perfect breasts,
until she finally reached down and pulled my face away.

"My pussy needs some attention too." She moaned, then reached down and took
my hand and pulled me up out of my seat. "Come with me." She said, pulling
me along after her and into a hallway which led to several closed
doors. She opened the last door and pulled me through into a bedroom with a
huge king-sized bed with only a sheet covering the huge mattress. She laid
down on the bed with her knees hanging over the foot of the mattress and
spread her legs wide apart. "Lick me. " She groaned.

Her already drenched pussy gave me all the proof I needed that she was in
an extremely high state of arousal from my attention to her succulent
nipples. And when I gently started to explore her smooth shaved pussy with
my tongue, she began to twitch and spasm, already pushed over the top and
wracked with a violent orgasm that had her thrashing around so wildly that
it was all I could do to hold on to her. I pushed first one, then two
fingers into her throbbing pussy to feel the fierce contractions caused by
her orgasmic spasms. As her vaginal muscles gripped my fingers in a rapid
series of contractions, her abdominal muscles bunching in a tight mound,
she moaned and wailed in ecstasy in a series of powerful orgasms that went
on and on until she finally pushed my head and hands away , curled into a
fetal position and became very still.

"Wow!" I thought to myself, "I barely touched her and look what
happened. She must have been really worked up thinking about our finally
getting together to have been so turned on by my licking her tits.

"Wow! That was really something!" I heard from the doorway where Fran stood
wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around her waist. Her firm breasts were
capped by very pink erect conical nipples that revealed her obvious start
of arousal. "Now it's my turn."

She walked over to where I stood and dropped to her knees in front of
me. "I Need to get you ready for Lorna's pussy while she takes a little
time out. It's all part of what Lorna has planned for your birthday
surprise, so just relax and enjoy yourself. You're in for the time of your
life." She thrust her breasts in my face and I sucked and nibbled on her
rubbery nipples for several minutes until she pulled me off of them and
said, "Don't worry, there will be plenty of time for that later on."

She unfastened my belt and unzipped my pants. Then she reached inside my
shorts to find my already turgid cock. She grasped it in one hand, and used
the other hand to tug at my pants and shorts till they were down around my
ankles. She then helped me out of my shoes and pulled my pants and shorts
the rest of the way off. She turned her attention to my shirt, and within a
few moments, I was totally naked in front of her. She laid me back on the
bed next to Lorna who was still curled in the fetal position. She pulled
off my socks, then began to slowly lick her way up from my toes to my cock
which she finally took hungrily into her warm mouth.

She then began to bob her head slowly up and down, taking my cock all the
way in till I could feel it at the back of her throat, then back out till
just the head was in her mouth. She tongued the head, then repeated the
downward motion on my cock. It felt wonderful, and I didn't know how much
of it I could take before losing control and shooting my load into her

Just when I was beginning to feel that I would soon be past the point of no
return, Lorna rolled onto her back and moaned, "Fuck me now, Mark! I need
to have you in me right now."

With this, Fran pulled her mouth off of my thoroughly aroused cock and
said, "Go for it, big boy."

I Rolled over onto my belly and rose up till I was over the now supine
Lorna. I kissed her gently and she responded hungrily with her arms around
me, whispering, "Please fuck me, Mark. I can't wait any longer." Her legs
were wide open as I positioned myself between them while pausing a moment
to kiss each of her nipples. I edged up toward her until my cock was at the
opening of her still sopping pussy and slowly entered her, marveling at the
extreme warmth of her snug pussy. As I began slowly moving in and out of
her, she moved up to meet me on the inward thrust and matched her rhythm to
my own so that we were moving together in a gentle dance of love.

All of a sudden, I felt Fran probing around my ass hole with her fingers. I
felt some kind of wetness being applied to it and then felt a finger slowly
sliding into my ass. Remembering that Fran had told me that this was all
part of Lorna's surprise for my birthday, I didn't protest to her invasion
of my ass hole, and actually enjoyed the feeling of her finger as it slowly
slid in and out of my ass. I kept up my rhythm of fucking the responsive
Lorna while Fran continued to finger my ass hole. I was beginning to get
lost in the exquisite feeling of fucking Lorna whom I had lusted after
since first meeting her several months earlier. I had really never dreamed
that this moment would actually come.

I vaguely noticed that Fran seemed to have more than just one finger in my
ass hole, and that she seemed to be probing deeper than before, and that a
lot more lubricant was being applied to my ass hole. But I turned my
attention back to Fucking Lorna as her responses were becoming more and
more impassioned.

I suddenly felt Fran behind me. She reached in front of me and gripped me
around the waist. Then I felt something soft and warm probing my ass hole,
and then slowly entering it. Then I knew what was happening. Obviously,
Fran had donned a strap-on dildo and was going to fuck me with it while I
fucked Lorna. Wow! Lorna had really come up with quite a birthday surprise
for me!

Fran slowly worked the dildo into my ass hole until it seemed to be all the
way in my ass. It was a lot longer and thicker than the one I had used on
my fuck doll, but the copious amount of lubricant she had used had enabled
her to get it into my ass with almost no discomfort other than a brief
twinge when the head of it passed through my sphincter. She began to match
her rhythm of fucking my ass with the rhythm Lorna and I had established.

The feeling of fucking Lorna and being ass fucked by Fran with a strap-on
dildo was amazing. And Fran's dildo had such a natural feel to it that I
could almost imagine that I was being fucked by a real cock. This was
something that I had often fantasized about but had never done anything to
make it happen in real life. This was certainly the next best thing, and
Lorna had lovingly arranged it for my birthday.

We continued in our three-way fuck for several minutes, the sensations from
fucking Lorna and being ass fucked by Fran brought me to a point where I
knew that I wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. As I quickened my
pace, Lorna sensed that I was on the verge of coming and answered my more
rapid thrusting with her own hip thrusts. Fran picked up her pace as well,
stroking in and out of my ass faster and faster as Lorna and I built up to
the moment of release.

Finally, I couldn't hold back any longer. I arched my back an plunged
deeply into Lorna's answering pussy and said, "I'm going to cummmmm!!"

"Go ahead , Mark, I'm Cummmming toooo!" Lorna gasped as she began to buck
and twist under me, suddenly overpowered by another series of violent
orgasms which coincided with my own violent release. As my cock spasmed and
my sphincter tightened down on Fran's lifelike dildo, I gushed out a huge
load of cum into Lorna's pussy. Strangely, Fran suddenly moaned and said,
"Ohh, God, I'm cominggggg," and I felt myself being filled with a flood of
warm fluid that came in a series of strong spurts just like a real cock
shooting huge loads of cum. What an amazing dildo that was, I thought to
myself. I'd have to ask Fran where she got it.

Fran pulled out of my ass and I rolled over onto my back next to Lorna who
appeared to be as spent as I was in the afterglow of our fantastic mutual
orgasms. She turned her face toward mine and said, "That was wonderful,
Mark. I hope you'll enjoy the rest of your surprise as much as I will."

"I'm sure I will, Lorna", I replied, "Everything has been perfect so far."

"Now I want you to do something a little kinky, if you don't object." She

"I'm game for just about anything, as long as it isn't painful." I replied.

"Okay, close your eyes and keep them closed for just a minute she said.'

I laid there in the bed on my back with my eyes closed, feeling very
satisfied and wondering what was coming next. As I laid there, I suddenly
realized that my boss, Fred, was in on this birthday surprise. What was his
role in all of this, other than delivering me to Fran's house. And was Fran
really Fred's sister, or was that just a ruse to string me along until I
opened my eyes and found Lorna naked in front of me. I idly wondered where
Fred was now, and then forgot about it as I felt Lorna putting something
over my eyes, then reaching around and tying it behind my head. I relaxed
my eyes and discovered that my eyes were so completely covered that I was
unable to see anything.

"Now sit up and move to the foot up the bed." Lorna instructed me. "Fran
has something for you."

I did as instructed , with Lorna helping me to sit up and guiding me to the
end of the bed. Once I was seated there, I sensed a presence in front of
me, then felt two hands on my head, holding me gently behind my ears and
pulling my head down several inches until I was slightly bent over.

"Open your mouth, Sweetie. " Fran cooed.

I obediently opened my mouth and it was quickly filled with something soft,
firm, and tubular in shape. I realized at once that this was Fran's
lifelike dildo, and I began to understand that my series of pictures with
my fuck doll had been the inspiration for Lorna's birthday surprise for
me. Now I knew roughly what additional delights lay in store for me.

"Now suck on it, Sweetie." Fran said, beginning to move it in and out of my
mouth. As I started sucking on it, I couldn't help but marvel at how
lifelike and realistic Fran's huge dildo was, and knew that I had to have
one just like it for myself.

After several minutes of my sucking on Fran's dildo, and Fran's thrusting
it in and out of my mouth, all the way to my throat, Lorna said, "Get ready
to open your eyes, Mark. I'm going to untie your mask.

I felt her hands working behind my head as I rocked slowly with the
movement of Fran's dildo in my mouth. Suddenly, she pulled the mask from my
eyes and I slowly opened them, blinking as my eyes adjusted to the
light. Then I almost jumped off the bed when I realized what I was looking
at with my now opened eyes.

A completely naked Fran was slowly pumping a real live cock in and out of
my mouth, pushing it all the way to my throat, then pulling it almost all
the way out. When it was pulled most of the way out, I could see that it
wasn't a dildo, but was strangely attached to Fran and was surrounded by a
short tuft of trimmed pubic hair.

"Surprise!" Lorna laughed. "How do you like sucking Fran's cock? Isn't it
great? Here, take a look at it for a second."

She gently tugged my head back so that I could get a better look at Fran's
equipment. What I had mistakenly assumed was an amazingly lifelike dildo
was in fact, a large, thick circumcised cock at least eight or nine inches
long, and so thick that I could barely touch my thumb and middle finger
together when I grasped it in my hand. This was what had fucked me in the
ass, and this was what I had been eagerly sucking for the past several
minutes. I leaned further back to take in all of Fran's exotic body with
its long hair, beautiful face, large pink nippled breasts, tapered waist,
voluptuous hips, and huge cock. I stared at it in amazement and admiration.

"That's enough looking for now." Lorna interrupted. "You haven't finished
what you started yet. Get back on that cock and make Fran come. I want you
to swallow every drop. Will you do that for me, Mark?"

Remembering the huge load that had been pumped into my ass, I wondered if
I'd be able to swallow a similar load if it was deposited in my mouth. I
smiled up at them both and said, "I'll do my best." Then I took Fran's cock
back into my mouth and resumed my sucking on it.

Now that I knew that it was a real cock I was sucking instead of a lifelike
dildo, I paid more attention to the feel of it in my mouth. I had never
even touched another man's penis before, let alone suck on one, so the
smell, taste, and feel of it were all very new to me. I wanted to savor the
experience while noticing every little detail of Fran's long, thick cock as
it slid in and out of my mouth. It had a rubbery feel to it, particularly
at the head, and as the shaft moved over my lips, I could feel the skin
around the shaft sliding slightly over the hard texture of the shaft under
the skin. I chuckled inwardly, and asked myself how I could have been so
dense as to not realize that I had been sucking on a real cock, even
considering how impossible it might have seemed at the time.

I found that I was really beginning to enjoy the feeling of this long,
thick cock in my mouth, and hoped that Fran would take his time before
coming so I could savor the experience a little longer. With each inward
thrust, Fran's cock pushed ever deeper into my mouth till I could feel his
curly pubic hairs rubbing against my nose and upper lip and his balls
slapping against my chin. I had his huge cock all the way in as far as it
would go, with the head of it touching the back of my throat. Surprisingly,
I felt no urge to gag as Fran's penetration to the back of my mouth and
into my throat had been so gradual and gentle that I had become accustomed
to the feel of his cock sliding in ever deeper with each stroke. On each
back stroke, he would pull it almost all the way out of my mouth with just
the tip remaining between my lips. The sensation of the rim of his cock
head sliding out across my lips, then popping slowly back stimulated waves
of pleasure in my groin and caused me to involuntarily arch my back
slightly in sexual arousal.

Finally, Lorna told me that it was time for Fran to come, and that I needed
to give him a little more attention to make it happen. She told me to use
my hands on his balls and pubic area, and to play with his ass hole. I took
his rather large balls in one hand while I reached behind them with the
other hand to find his ass hole with my fingers. As he continued to pump
his cock in and out of my mouth, I jiggled, stroked, and caressed his balls
and pubic area with one hand and worked one finger into his ass hole about
an inch or so.

Lorna soon moved behind Fran and began smearing some liquid on his ass hole
which made it easier for me to slip my finger all the way into his ass and
begin sliding it in and out in rhythm with his cock. About this time, I
realized that I had made a mental shift, and that I was now referring to
Fran as a male instead of a female. Strange, because a part of me still
thought of Fran as a female, cock notwithstanding. But with his cock deep
in my mouth, and his balls in my hand, it was impossible not to use male
pronouns when thinking of Fran, even when I remembered those beautiful

I could feel the muscles around Fran's asshole begin to twitch, and I knew
that he was about to come. I took as much of his cock into my mouth as
possible so as to catch his load in my throat as he began to spasm and
jerk. His cock swelled and began to fill my mouth and throat with another
massive load of cum, even more voluminous than the one he had earlier
pumped into my ass. I found myself gagging and choking at the relentless
onslaught of his massive ejaculation, but, remembering my promise to Lorna,
I swallowed as much as possible, with only a small trickle of his load
running out one corner of my mouth.

When Fran finally pulled out of my mouth, Lorna took my face in her hands
and gave me a big kiss before licking the spilt goo off my chin and
tonguing it back into my mouth. I swallowed it and returned her kisses
until she finally pulled away, saying. "I hope you're enjoying your
birthday, Mark, because it isn't over yet."

"What more could she have in store for me?" I pondered. What, if anything,
could top what had already happened?


Chapter Two

Fran suggested that we all take a quick shower to freshen up before moving
on to the next part of my birthday surprise. We took turns soaping and
rubbing every part of each other, taking our time and enjoying the
sensations of touching and being touched by each of our companions. Fran
and I grasped each other's cocks and explored them with our hands, making
comparisons and noting the differences. My cock is uncircumcised. It is
eight inches long when fully erect, and about two and a half inches in
diameter, and only slightly curved upward. The head is closer to three
inches in diameter, and is mushroom shaped.

Fran's cock , as I mentioned earlier was a good eight or nine inches long
and circumcised. It must have been over three inches in diameter, and it
was perfectly straight without a hint of curvature. The helmet shaped head
was the same circumference as the shaft, and tapered to a point that, I
could see, had facilitated its entrance into my ass hole. The slit was long
and pouted open in the middle, suggesting a welcoming smile. I couldn't
resist dropping to my knees and taking it into my mouth for a minute or so,
just to enjoy the feel of it.

Fran and I both lavished attention on Lorna's perfect nipples, actually
bringing her to a standing orgasm from our avid sucking and licking. Lorna
alternated sucking on Fran's beautiful tits, and sucking on both of our
cocks in turn. Fran then sucked on my cock while I licked Lorna's pussy to
another standing orgasm. Our quick shower must have lasted close to an hour
by the time we had finished enjoying touching and sucking on each other. We
emerged squeaky clean and raging with lust - just what Lorna had intended.

When we returned to the bedroom, someone had placed a pitcher of freshly
made mint juleps and three glasses with ice cubes by the bed. We poured
ourselves drinks from the pitcher and drank them down thirstily. They were
delicious, and tasted a bit stronger than the one I had drunk earlier.

"Okay, Mark," Lorna cooed, "We need to get you ready for the next part of
your birthday surprise. But before we do, I need to ask you a couple of
questions to make sure that you are up for it. Okay?"

Having no idea what was in store for me, and dying of curiosity, I replied,
"Sure, no problem. Whatever you have in mind for me I'm sure I'll enjoy it,
so ask away."

"All right, here goes. First question: Do you mind being blindfolded

"The only thing I mind about it is that I won't be able to see your perfect
body. Otherwise, I'm okay with it." I replied.

"Second question: Would you mind being tied up part of the time?"

"Not if there is no pain associated with it." I answered, beginning to
wonder just what I had in store for me and whether I could handle it.

"I promise that you won't feel any pain, only very intense pleasure. Do you
trust me?" She asked softly.

"Absolutely." I answered without hesitation.

"Last question: Do you mind if none of us say anything until after the
blindfold is removed and you are untied?"

Again I answered in the affirmative, thinking that this was getting
curiouser and curiouser.

"All right then, sit up at the foot of the bed and let me blindfold you

" I positioned myself at the foot of the bed and let myself be blindfolded
by the same blindfold she had used earlier. I couldn't see a thing with it
on, but there was no discomfort. The part over my eyes was soft and smooth
and must have been made of silk.

"Now get up on the bed and lie on your back with your arms and legs

As I complied, I felt first my ankles, then my wrists being fitted with
what I assumed were restraints of some type, possibly leather, with some
soft material lining their insides. Then I felt my legs being pulled
further apart as the restraints were fastened down somehow so that I was
unable to move my legs even an inch. Next, my arms were pulled up and
secured in the same way so that my limbs were completely immobilized.

I heard rustling sounds for several minutes, but since there was to be no
talking, I could only wonder what was going on. Then I felt the bed move
under the weight of at least one body, and I waited in anticipation of what
was to come next. I didn't have long to wait, as I suddenly felt something
soft brush against my lips, then my chin, neck, and chest, then slowly back
up to my lips, and back down to my chest, repeating the motion slowly every
few seconds. As I began to anticipate the next time whatever it was would
brush my lips, I opened my mouth and licked at it as it returned. It felt
very soft and puffy, and I knew at once that it was Lorna's beautiful
breasts caressing my face and upper body. In answer to my licking, she
lowered a nipple to my hungry mouth and paused long enough for me to take
it in my mouth for a few seconds before removing it and replacing it with
the other, then pulling away and continuing her circuit down to my chest
and back up.

As this continued, I soon felt something soft brushing along my abdomen,
then down one thigh and up the other back up to my abdomen and back down in
its own tactile circuit. Since I couldn't move my hands, I had no way of
knowing just what it was that was brushing against me down there, but,
whatever it was, it certainly felt good.

Just as I was getting used to being caressed by and sucking on Lorna's soft
puffy nipples, and the sensations at my abdomen and thighs, other
sensations were introduced. Now, something soft was also brushing against
the toes and the soles of each foot. Shortly after, I felt both hands being
caressed softly as something moved back and forth from finger to finger and
across my palms. "How many people are there in this room?" I wondered,
briefly musing over how much this might be costing Lorna, but too caught up
in all the tactile stimulation to worry about it . Every minute or so, just
as I was getting used to the multiple sources of pleasure, a new source
would be added. First I felt sensations of warmth and moisture at my sides
along my ribcage and waist and realized that I was being licked by two
tongues at once as they traced their way horizontally from near my armpits
to my hipbones and back. Then I felt myself being licked on the insides of
my thighs from my knee to just below my scrotum, first up one thigh, then
down the other, and back up, over and over, slowly and very sensuously.

All of this activity continued for possibly ten to fifteen minutes, sending
waves of pleasure over my body in ever increasing intensity until I
realized that I was fast approaching sensory overload and that I would
either black out or start screaming, or just freak out entirely. It must
have been apparent to everyone that I was at this point, because my penis,
which had been completely left out of the tactile stimulation, but was
nevertheless rock hard and aching for release was suddenly surrounded by a
wet warmness that was undoubtedly a mouth. I felt a soft tongue and lips
caressing it as their owner slowly moved up and down on my turgid shaft,
bringing me almost immediately to a wracking orgasm that seemed to go on
and on for minutes as I spasmed and spurted uncontrollably until I was
completely spent and drained of energy and actually swooned in ecstasy.

I felt someone shaking me by the shoulder to rouse me as Lorna whispered to
me that she was going to remove my blindfold now, but that I should keep my
eyes closed for a few moments while they also removed my restraints. Once
the blindfold and restraints were removed, Lorna told me to open my eyes
slowly and take a look.

As I slowly opened my eyes, the brightness of the room made it hard to see
at first, but, as my eyes grew accustomed to the light, I finally opened
them fully and looked to see who had been responsible for giving me such
pleasure. I gasped as I recognized Bonnie, my eighteen year old clerical
assistant kneeling naked between my legs, her face and her small pink
tipped breasts positively drenched in cum and grinning at me as she licked
some of it off of her pretty mouth.

"Happy birthday, Mark!" she bubbled. Then she crawled over my still supine
body, gave me a sloppy, cum soaked kiss, rubbed her adorable little breasts
in my face, and whispered, "Any time you want a repeat blowjob, all you
have to do is ask."

I kissed her small nipples , sucking them each in turn , enjoying the feel
and realizing that they belonged to this little girl who worked beside me
every day before answering, "You can count on it, sweetie."

As I looked around, I groaned when I suddenly realized that everyone in the
room, with the exception of Fran, was from the office, and that they were
all naked and obviously aroused. Altogether there were ten people on or
around the bed, including me. Besides myself and Fred, who was grinning at
me like a Cheshire cat, there were three other men: Dave, my assistant who
was two years younger than I, Charlie a twenty four year old Asian American
from the mailroom, and Steve the nineteen year old intern. The women,
besides Lorna and Bonnie, were Rachel, a twenty seven year old redhead from
accounting, and Sue, Fred's gorgeous Thirty year old blond private
secretary. Then there was Fran who was in a category by him/herself.

All of them shouted "Happy Birthday!" and grinned at me as I looked around
trying to figure out who had been doing what while I lay bound and
blindfolded. Judging from their positions, I deduced that Dave and Charlie
had been running their genitalia across my fingers and palms, Fred and
Steve had done the same with my feet, Fran had caressed me with her
breasts, and Rachel and Sue had been licking my sides. I already knew what
Lorna and Bonnie had been doing.

Fred interrupted my reverie saying, " All right, crew, let's get this party
under way!"

What happened next must have been scripted ahead of time, because everyone
seemed to know exactly what to do. Bonnie, still on top of me, climbed over
my head and positioned herself at the head of the bed on her back with her
knees up and her legs spread widely apart. Lorna told me to roll over and
get into position to return the favor by eating out Bonnie's pussy. As I
rolled over and moved up toward the junction of Bonnie's slim but shapely
legs, I marveled at the sight of her pussy. It was completely shaved, and
as smooth as a baby's pussy. It also looked so small that it could easily
have been mistaken for the prepubescent pussy of a girl half her age.

As I edged toward her waiting pussy, anticipating the feel and smell and
taste of it, I noticed a pearly drop of her pussy juice beaded up at the
small opening of her obviously aroused young pussy. I slowly put my face
down to her waiting slit and thrust out the tip of my tongue to taste her
young girl juices. Surprisingly, it was quite sweet, with a hint of
muskiness. As I pushed my tongue further and lapped up her still beaded
juices, she gave out a soft moan and began to quiver in the throes of a
small orgasm. I plunged ahead, putting my tongue at the bottom of her tiny
slit and slowly licked from the bottom up to the top where I discovered a
distinctly un-little-girl-like distended clit that must have been at least
three quarters of an inch long and as big around as a pencil. After lapping
her slit up and down, enjoying the taste and feel of her flesh and her now
flowing juices, I zeroed in on her large clit and sucked and licked it as
if it were a tiny penis. As Bonnie squirmed and moaned from my attention
to her clit, which seemed to be growing even larger as I licked and sucked
it, I noticed that someone was probing at my ass hole with their fingers
and lubricating it with something that enabled them to slip first one
finger, then two or three into me with relative ease and with absolutely no
discomfort to me. As I was busy with Bonnie's delicious little cunt,
enjoying the reaction my attentions were causing, I was unable to see who
was working on my asshole, but I soon discovered that, whoever it was, it
was either Fran or one of the other men from my office, because I felt my
sphincter being stretched as an obviously fat penis began to push its way
into my well lubricated ass hole. I grunted as the rim of the invading cock
popped past my sphincter and slid into me. As the shaft followed and slid
into my ass, I felt a fullness there that I had not experienced when Fran
had earlier fucked my ass, so I was fairly sure that it wasn't his cock
that was now invading me and filling my ass.

I only had time for fleeting thoughts about who it was that might be
fucking me as I was determined to give Bonnie the maximum amount of
pleasure possible in return for the amazing pleasure I had felt when she
had brought me to that incredible climax a short time ago. As I continued
to lick and suck on her now fully engorged clit which must have now been
over an inch in length and proportionally larger in circumference, I
reached my right hand up and inserted my index finger into her now
thoroughly soaked pussy. I was astonished to discover that, after inserting
my finger a couple of inches or so, my progress was obstructed by what was
obviously a fully intact hymen. Bonnie, who had just given me a magnificent
blowjob, and whose little-girl-like pussy I was now licking and sucking was
amazingly still a virgin! I can't describe how this made me feel. Suffice
it to say that my cock which had moments before lain shriveled and dormant
between my legs was now fully erect and throbbing at the delicious thought
that I had received from and given so much pleasure to this tiny young
virgin whose little girl pussy responded to my every lick and suck as she
moaned and twitched in anticipation of her approaching climax.

My reaction to discovering Bonnie's intact virginity caused my sphincter to
clamp down tightly on the large cock that was steadily sliding in and out
of my ass hole, causing it to seem twice as large around and making my ass
feel even fuller. This reaction obviously caused a corresponding reaction
on the cock which impaled me, as the tempo of its sliding in and out of my
ass hole increased, and I began to feel the unmistakable twitching that
signaled an imminent orgasm on the part of my anal lover. As the tempo
increased to a frenzy of plunging in and out of me, I braced myself for the
explosion which was fast approaching. Finally, with one final lunge that
took the massive cock to its full length inside of me, I felt my insides
being flooded with spurt after spurt of warm cum, and I heard the
unmistakable voice of my boss Fred moaning in ecstasy as he emptied his
huge load inside of my ass that was already full from having his massive
cock crammed in me up to the hilt. As his orgasm finally subsided, he
slowly slid his now semi-flaccid cock out of my sperm-filled ass and said,
"You're next, Dave."

I felt Dave take Fred's place at my now gaping ass hole and, aside from
being blown away by the fact that I had just been reamed by my boss and now
was about to be fucked by my assistant, I wondered how Dave could follow
Fred's huge cock without there being a falloff in the amount of sensation I
would experience. I needn't have concerned myself. Fred's cock had just
been the warm-up to get me ready for Dave's genuinely massive cock which,
judging from the sensations I experienced as he fed it into my waiting
asshole, must have been half again as long and even larger around than
Fred's . It felt as if someone was shoving a baseball bat up my ass as far
as it would go. When I finally felt Dave's balls slapping against my own, I
figured that he must have at least twelve inches of cock inside me, and
that it had to be at least as big around as my wrist. I could feel that
someone was slathering more lubricant around my ass hole, and presumably
over Dave's huge cock as he began to slowly slide his monster tool in and
out of my now fully-stuffed ass.

Meanwhile, my ministrations to Bonnie's swollen clit had continued unabated
and she had begun to moan and whimper in rhythm to my licking and
sucking. She suddenly began to grunt and thrash about as she orgasmed
several times in succession. Once her spasming had stopped, she raised up
on her elbows, giving me a nice view of her tiny rosebud nipples atop her
adorable little breasts, and begged me, "Please fuck me, Mark. I want you
to be the first one to fuck me. I've been saving my cherry for you as a
birthday gift. Please fuck me, please!"

The look on her face was enough to melt anyone's heart. "What a treasure
she's giving to me." I thought to myself. I could never resist such a
generous and heartfelt offer, and I certainly couldn't turn down such an
earnest plea.

"I'd be honored to be your very first lover." I said as I looked into her
anxious eyes. We continued to look into each other's eyes for a long
moment, savoring the anticipation of ultimate intimacy and surrender that
lay before us. As I reluctantly broke eye contact with her, I turned my
head to look back as Dave as he continued to plow into my ass hole at a
slow, steady tempo, and said," You'll have to work with me, Dave. I want
you to keep that thing in me and keep up the pace while Bonnie slides down
under me so I can fuck her. I'd hate for you to have to stop while we're
getting into position. It just feels too good to have it stop for any

"No problem, Mark. I love fucking your ass as much as you seem to love
having me fuck you. Go ahead and get into position, Bonnie. I promise I
won't miss a stroke, Mark.

So saying, he continued apace as Bonnie nimbly scooted down the bed and
under me until the tip of my cock was pressed up against the opening of her
small slit. Thus positioned, I could see that my cock was obviously too
large to go into that tiny hole. I felt it would be impossible, and was on
the verge of telling her just that when I remembered the pleading look on
her face and the intimacy of our prolonged eye contact. I again looked into
her eyes as I very gently pushed the head of my fully engorged cock past
the smooth childlike outer lips and into the moistness of her inner
labia. Even there, she already felt incredibly tight. I slowly pulled the
head of my cock back out a bit and then pushed in just a little further as
our eyes maintained their intimate contact. She rose up slightly to meet me
and pushed a little more of her pussy around my swollen cock head. The fact
that she was so wet inside made the going a lot easier, but I could tell
that it would take some time before I could get all the way into her eager
pussy if, in fact, it would be possible at all.

Dave seemed to be going for endurance, as he continued to slowly slide his
enormous cock into my well lubricated ass hole, filling me up, then pulling
slowly back past my sphincter and back in a rhythm that became more and
more pleasurable for me as his thick shaft brushed against my prostate with
every inward and outward stroke.

I tried to time my movements into Bonnie's tight pussy with Dave's strokes
into my ass so that I got the added benefit of his forward pressure to help
my ingress into her waiting pussy. As Dave plunged into my ass, and as
Bonnie rose up to meet my thrust into her pussy, I suddenly felt something
give inside of her and my cock slid several inches into her in one
stroke. She gave a small gasp, then reached her arms up behind my back to
pull me closer , and as Dave Reached the end of his next deep stroke into
me, I finally felt my cock slide all the way into her surprisingly deep
pussy till I could feel her pubic bone grinding against my own. All the
while, our eyes had remained locked together in their intimate embrace as
we worked together to get my cock fully inside her virgin pussy. Still
staring deeply and adoringly into my eyes, she began to gyrate her hips
almost involuntarily as she rose up to meet each thrust as Dave continued
to plow into my ass hole and I rode each of his inward thrusts into
Bonnie's now full pussy and each of his outward thrusts to her tiny
opening, and back, again and again.

I eventually noticed that Dave had begun to pick up the pace as his cock
slid in and out of my ass first a bit faster, then even faster still, until
he was now hammering in and out of me at a rapid pace that was guaranteed
to bring him to climax in very little time. As Dave had gradually quickened
his pace into my ass, I had unconsciously followed his lead and Bonnie had
responded as well until the three of us were now moving together like a
well oiled machine. A chorus of groans came from all of our throats as the
pace and the feelings intensified. Bonnie clung to me now so tightly that
it was all I could do to breathe as she began to shudder in anticipation of
her first coital orgasm. Dave began to pant and moan, and I was so
enraptured by the dual sensations of fucking this adorable young virgin
who, only earlier today, had worked so diligently beside me and of being
fucked in the ass by the enormous cock of my assistant Dave that I expected
to soon experience my second swoon of the day at any moment.

Dave was the first to come. I could feel him arch his back and plunge even
more deeply inside of me as his huge cock grew even larger at the moment of
climax and he unloaded a river of cum into my welcoming ass, surprisingly
reaching around to squeeze my large somewhat conical nipples as he filled
me with his goo. This was too much for me, and I let go with my own torrent
of semen into Bonnie's no-longer virgin pussy. As I shot off inside of her
tight, slippery little cunt, I could feel the muscles of her vagina begin
to rapidly contract as she screamed and thrashed under me and clamped down
on my still hard cock with such force that I feared she might do it
injury. As her pussy's spasming subsided to a gentle twitching, then
stopped altogether, the three of us lay there in a heap of spent ecstasy,
too drained to move, and oblivious to everything but the afterglow of our
shared intimacy and our powerful simultaneous orgasms.

As we slowly roused ourselves from our sated torpor, I felt Fred shaking my
shoulder as Dave slowly withdrew his now soft but still huge cock from my
backside and rolled off of me when the head finally popped out of my ass
hole. "This is no time for malingering, matey. " Fred chortled, "We've only
just begun."

As I pulled my rather tender cock out of Bonnie's still tight pussy and
rolled into a sitting position beside her, I could tell from their
positions around the bed that the others had all been watching the show we
had put on for them and that they were all highly aroused and eager to play
their own part in my birthday extravaganza.

"Here's the deal, Mark," Explained Fred, "Before this night is over, you're
going to have sex - one way or the other - with everyone who is here. So
far, there have been five of us: Wendy, Fran, Bonnie, Dave, and
myself. That leaves four more who still haven't had their turns. The first
five were more or less scripted, but how you do it with the last four will
be left entirely up to you. We've all agreed that, until everyone has had
sex with you, none of us can have sex with each other, so we're all anxious
that you get the ball rolling.

Not wanting to disappoint anyone, I slowly surveyed the remaining array of
waiting and willing sex partners: Charlie, Steve, Bonnie, and Rachel.

A variety of possible scenarios ran through my head as I tried to decide
what to do and with whom, and in what order. First of all, I was wondering
if my penis, which had already come what seemed like quarts of goo would be
up to the task of performing one or more additional times. With this in
mind, I decided that I would first go with the two remaining males to give
myself time to recoup some of my spent penile vigor.

"All right," I said. "Charlie and Steve, come over here and get on the
bed. Now I want you both to sit facing each other in the middle of the
bed. Spread your legs apart. Now, Steve, since your legs are longer than
Charlie's, put your legs over his with your knees raised. Now I want you
both to scoot toward each other until your butts and your cocks are
touching. Now I want both of you to lie back on the bed and relax. That's

As I had surveyed the remaining four candidates, I realized that, unlike
Fred and Dave, both Charlie and Steve had smaller than average penises
which were almost identical in size, although Charlie's was a bit larger
around. This fact gave me the inspiration for how I was going to satisfy
each of my male coworkers at the same time. As they lay back on the bed, I
had them scoot their butts even closer together. Then I told them each to
raise the leg that was closest to the end of the bed so that I could
position myself under their legs and over their small but fully erect
cocks. After I slid in under their upraised legs, I told them to lower
their legs and rest them on my back. Then I started to work on them.

First, I took turns licking their balls and the area between their balls
and their ass holes. Then I took both of Charlie's small balls into my
mouth and caressed them gently with my tongue for perhaps a minute before
turning to Steve. Steve's balls were a lot bigger than Charlie's, so I took
them into my mouth one at a time and gave them the same gentle attention I
had given Charlie's balls. Next, I licked around the bases of their cocks,
then up their shafts, stopping just below the heads. I alternated between
them doing this for several minutes until I was ready to move on to the
final part of my plan for these two small but very appealing cocks.

I gently took both hands and cupped their balls and cocks between them, so
that the shafts of both cocks were touching from the base to the head. Then
I slowly lowered my head to them and took the two cocks into my mouth,
stopping when I had reached the bottom edges of their cock heads.

I spent several minutes slowly swirling my tongue around the heads of the
two cocks, gently probing their piss holes and licking around the rims of
their two cock heads. Then I pushed my mouth further down their shafts till
I could feel my upper lip and chin in contact with their crotches.

I spent the next few minutes slowly going up and down on the two cocks,
savoring the rubbery feel and the taste of them and the sensations that the
very thought of sucking the cocks of two of my junior coworkers caused in
my own loins. I could actually feel myself getting hard again just from the
very thought of what I was doing and who I was doing it to.

First Charlie, then Steve began to groan as I deep throated them at an ever
faster pace, one part of me wanting to please them by bringing them off,
and another part of me not wanting this surprisingly pleasurable experience
to end just yet.

I started to swish my tongue around the heads of their two cocks on each
upstroke as I quickened the pace even more, and I could tell that, in no
time, both of them would be pumping their sticky cum into my waiting mouth.

I silently resolved to swallow every drop, regardless of the volume, and
braced myself for the now rapidly impending onslaught of their dual
orgasms. I could not have guessed just how difficult a task I had set for

Charlie started to gasp in short breaths and his small stiff cock began
twitching inside of my mouth. Steve must have been inspired by the sounds
of his coworker's approaching climax, as his own cock began to twitch and
his breathing became rapid and shallow.

Suddenly both of them burst forth simultaneously with such a torrent of
cum, spurting more and more into my rapidly filling mouth and throat that I
found it difficult to swallow fast enough to keep up with their gushing
loads, particularly as my mouth was already full of their cocks from their
roots to the tips of their cock heads.

My swallowing actions actually seemed to stimulate them even more, and
their goo just continued to come out in spurt after spurt for what seemed
to be over a minute. As soon as they had started coming, I had clamped my
lips tightly around their two cocks and sucked gently to prevent any of
their precious goo from dripping out, and I maintained the suction until I
was sure that every last drop of their spunk had been pumped into my mouth
and swallowed by me.

I maintained the suction as I slowly lifted my head to allow the two spent
cocks to slide out of my mouth. When my lips passed over the rims of their
two cock heads, both cocks came out of my mouth with a pop and I swallowed
the last remaining drops that had milked out of them as I moved up their
shafts to release their cocks from my mouth.

"Wow that was really something!" I heard Bonnie squeal with delight.

"I'll say." Said Dave. "I've never even heard of anyone doing something
like that. Mark, you're a genius!"

The others all joined in with a chorus of oohs and ahhs, then everyone grew
quiet as they turned their eyes toward Rachel and Sue to see what I had in
store for them. I looked at them also and wondered if I would be able to
pull off what I had in mind for them. I spent a few moments just looking
them over. Both were gorgeous, but in entirely different ways.

Rachel, the redhead was very petite, barely over four and a half feet if
that. Her body was perfectly proportional to her height, and I would be
surprised if she weighed ninety pounds. Her breasts were pear shaped with
coral colored nipples that nearly rivaled Lorna's in puffiness, but on a
much smaller scale. I guessed that she was probably something like a 30B.

Although she was in her late twenties, her breasts had not begun to sag a
bit and they stood straight out from her nicely freckled chest. Her pussy
was covered with a lush crimson bush that grew upward halfway to her
pierced navel. It was amazing to see this beautiful redhead ready and eager
to have sex with me, knowing that she was a coworker about whom I had
fantasized on numerous occasions in the past. I could see that her pussy
was already well lubricated as her juices had soaked into her bush,
allowing her puffy pussy lips to peek through the moist curls.

As I turned my attention to Sue, I couldn't help but marvel at the
differences between these two sexy ladies. Where Rachel was petite, Sue was
almost Amazonian. She was taller than any of the men in the room, and had
breasts the size of small watermelons. I had never seen nipples like
hers. Her aereolae very dark and were at least five inches across, each
roughly the size of a saucer or small desert plate.

In the middle of these remarkable discs sat two huge conical marshmallow
sized nipples. I had also often fantasized about Sue, primarily because of
the size of her breasts, but, even in my wildest fantasies, I could never
have imagined nipples like those. The combined size of each aereola and
nipple were actually greater than the size of each of Rachel's perfectly
proportioned breasts.

Her pussy was surprisingly small , not much bigger than Bonnie's, and was
completely shaved except for a small brownish tuft above her crack. Sue
apparently wasn't a natural blond, which may have explained the darkness of
her nipples.

The lips of her pussy pouted open and her inner lips were clearly visible
as they protruded out beyond the outer lips. I like to call these kind of
protruding inner lips "gash meat" as I really enjoy the way they are so
visible. Whenever I see nude photos of women in nudist magazines or in
popular men's magazines, I always check them for "gash meat" and am always
turned on when I find it.

I was down to the last two sex partners for the evening, and I really
wanted to do them together, partly as it was impossible to choose between
them, and partly because I didn't want either of them to feel left out. So
I asked both of them to join me on the bed with me between them.

The first thing I wanted to do was to enjoy their beautiful, yet vastly
different, breasts. I loved the puffiness of Rachel's smaller breasts, and
I marveled at Sue's incredible nipples. I gently tweaked and twisted each
of their nipples, going from one breast to the other until I decided that I
had to have a nipple in my mouth.

I maintained my grip on one of Sue's huge nipples as a turned my face to
Rachel's small breasts and took one of her exquisitely puffy nipples into
my eager mouth. Her nipples were obviously very sensitive, not to mention
the fact that she had been in a state of high arousal for well over an hour
as her coworkers had taken their turns with me.

I had no sooner started to suck on her succulent nubs when she grabbed my
head and pressed it against her, pushing the entirety of her small breast
into my suckling mouth and screamed out as she experienced a series of
increasingly powerful multiple orgasms that finally left her panting and
limp beside me.

I now turned my attentions toward Sue who lifted her breasts in her hands
and offered them to me with a seductive look in her eyes and a barely
audible moan of anticipation. I wrapped my mouth around one of her huge
nipples and began to suck and chew on it as eagerly as a newborn baby.

Imagine my surprise when I began to taste and feel a sweet milky substance
in my mouth. I quickly withdrew from her nipple to examine it and, sure
enough, there was a drop of milk beading up on the tip of her large conical
nipple. Sue was actually lactating. I knew that she had a seven year old
daughter from a failed marriage, but I was astonished that she would still
be lactating after giving birth so many years earlier.

Giving no further thought to the matter, I dove back onto her lactating
nipple and sucked and nursed it as my mouth filled with her sweet
ambrosia. Not wanting to neglect the other nipple, I switched over and
suckled on it for a time before switching back and alternating between
nipples for several minutes until I feared that I was , at least
temporarily, about to deplete her milk supply. I didn't want to be
selfish,so I decided to leave some for the others to enjoy and turned my
attention to the matter of what to do with these two luscious looking

Rachel helped me decide by asking me if she could sit on my face while I
licked her pussy. "I've fantasized about it so many times, Mark." She
sighed. Who could turn down a request like that? So that settled the pussy
question. With her long trim legs, Sue could easily straddle me while she
lowered her tight looking pussy down onto my now turgid cock and I could
enjoy a leisurely fuck while ministering to Rachel's enticing pussy.

I eagerly laid back in the middle of the bed and Rachel positioned her
sweet smelling pussy over my face and gently ground it against my lips in
invitation and supplication. I reached up with my hands to gently part her
pussy lips and lush muff and reached my tongue up to probe at her now open

I inserted my tongue into her wet cunt and tasted the sweet nectar
lubricating it. Then I probed around her slit until I located her small but
very sensitive clit and danced around it with my tongue to gauge her

When I determined the best approach, I located her clit between my lips and
slurped until I could feel it protruding from under its hood and resting
between my lips. I maintained the suction on her clit and gently swirled my
tongue around it as she began to buck and moan in response to the
sensations I was creating in her now steaming pussy.

Meanwhile, Sue had straddled me and positioned her pussy above my turgid
rod. She gripped it with one hand to help her guide it into her, then she
slowly lowered her pussy until it hovered just above the head of my
cock. She adjusted the position of my cock slightly then slowly lowered
herself onto my pole until it was all the way in and actually pressing
against the deepest part of her pussy.

For such a large woman, it was surprising to find her pussy to be so small
and snug. It was a perfect fit for my eight or so inches of thick cockmeat,
and the sensations as she slowly began to ride up and down on me were a
fantastic treat. As she continued to ride up and down my cock, I noticed
that each time when she lowered her pussy to the root of my shaft and my
cock head came in contact with the inner depths of her pussy, she would let
out a small moan and I would feel her pussy twitch in response to the
pressure of my cock head against her cervix.

I reached up to play with one of Sue's huge milky nipples and discovered
that Rachel had latched onto to the left one and was apparently helping
herself to a warm, refreshing drink of Sue's delicious milk. Rachel guided
my hand to the other nipple, then moved it back to the left one when she
changed over to suck on the right one.

With my other hand, I played with Rachel's small breasts and puffy
nipples. Rachel reached one of her hands down to the hand that was playing
with her nipples and, taking my thumb and forefinger between her own,
proceeded to pinch down very hard on her own nipple to show me that she
wanted me to pinch it.

She left her hand on mine long enough for me to get the message that the
harder I squeezed her nipples, the better she would like it, before
apparently returning it to whichever of Sue's nipples she was currently
sucking on. My guess was that she was probably enjoying the feeling of the
silky smoothness of Sue's oversized aereolae while she suckled on her huge
lactating nipple.

I could soon sense that we were all getting close to coming as our motions
quickened and the sounds of our involuntary gasps and moans were increasing
in volume and frequency. I nibbled and licked at Rachel's clit and took
turns pinching her soft, puffy nipples with brutal force.

She began to moan and writhe continuously and I could hear slurping sounds
as she apparently fought to keep Sue's milk giving nipple in her suckling
mouth while the two of them twitched and spasmed in preparation for their

My own climax would make it a trio of simultaneous orgasms as I felt myself
approaching the point where there would be no holding it back. Sue's
violent orgasm triggered my own, as every muscle in her snug moist pussy
clenched down on my cock and I exploded into her with another series of
incredibly intense and voluminous spurts of jetting spunk.

Rachel followed immediately with a shuddering climax that threatened to
bruise my lips as she pressed her now swollen clit hard against them and
rocked her pelvis rapidly over my mouth as if she were riding a rapidly
galloping horse.

Her juices virtually gushed into my open mouth when she lifted her sopping
pussy from my face. She climbed off of me, then leaned down, and put her
mouth on mine and proceeded to slurp her juices out of my mouth with her
tongue lapping hungrily in my mouth till she had reclaimed every drop of
her sweet nectar.

Her tongue, not surprisingly, had a sweet milky taste to it that left my
mouth tasting clean and refreshed. As she pulled away, I could see that my
brutalizing of her beautiful nipples had left them swollen and slightly
purple looking and nearly as puffy as Lorna's much larger nipples. It was a
lovely sight.

Sue's pussy continued to twitch and squeeze my cock all the while Rachel
was cleaning out my mouth until the spasms finally tapered off and she
slowly rolled off of me with streams of milk running down each breast and
onto her abdomen.

I hungrily leaned over her and lapped up the milk as the others all crowded
around her trying to take turns at her still lactating breasts. I dove at
one nipple, nearly bumping heads with Rachel as she hungrily dove for the
other one, and we slurped and suckled on Sue's huge milky nipples until we
were finally pulled off by the others amid a chorus of curses and groans
and "avasts.".

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