Wednesday, April 29, 2009

20th Anniversary

My wife (Kim) thought that I should sit down and tell you our story. The
names have been changed to protect the guilty. My new beginning or the new
change in our marriage took place five years ago on our 20th wedding
anniversary. But first I need to give you some history.

I met Kim some 25 years ago when she was 15 and I was 22. Yes I robbed the
cradle but it was somewhat faith. Kim attached herself to me and would not
let go. I met Kim through her mother. Her mother is another story in
itself, which I may tell at a later date if the encouragement is there.
Her mother was a bar tender at my favorite bar and one day before I started
drinking she asked me to give her daughter a ride home because she had to
work a second shift. So I did and things just sort of progressed from
there. We did the normal girl boy things of that time, movies, ball games,
skating whatever, and usually ended up in the truck for some heavy petting.
One night we were getting it on pretty hot and heavy when I pushed her off
because I was going to bust a nut if we didn't stop. Up until that night
we had not had any kind of sex. She asked me what was wrong and I
explained that I had been going home with a very sore cock and balls and
that I either needed to get some relief or some ice. She starting laughing
while reaching over and unbuttoned my pants pulled out my 7.5inch cock,
looked me in the eyes and said I've never done anything like this so if I'm
doing something wrong just let me know. With that she took my cock in her
mouth and started sucking with 15-year-old enthusiasm. It didn't take long
at all before I blew a couple of month's worth of pent up cum in her mouth.
As I let out the first of four volleys she jumped back when the second
volley came out it struck her squarely on the nose covering her face with
cum, then she just went back down on my cock and just swallowed the last
two and kept on sucking. My cock stayed hard and she sucked for another 15
minutes before I blew my second load in her mouth. This time she was ready
for it and never let my cock leave her mouth. After swallowing and
cleaning up any mess that was on my cock she sat back looked me straight in
the eyes with cum drying on her face and told me anytime I needed relief
she would be more than happy to help but she was a virgin and her cheery
was staying in tact until we were married. Now I was very happy that I was
going to get a blowjob whenever I wanted, which was almost everyday but we
could not get married till she was 16 and that was still 6 months away.
One night we were parked and she had already blown me once and my cock was
hard again I begged her to let me fuck her like a kid begging for ice
cream. She sat back on the seat and reminded me that I was only getting
her cherry after we were married but if I wanted to I could fuck her in the
ass. It didn't take long for me to agree to her conditions. She reached
in her pocket book brought out a bottle of KY, lube up my cock, she them
climbed on my lap with her skirt draped over our waist, grabbed my cock and
slowly worked it into her ass. It took some doing but even through the
pain of me opening up her ass she kept moving up and down on my cock and
encouraging me to fuck her ass. I fuck her, actually she fuck me for 15
minutes before blowing my first load in her ass and she kept bouncing away
for another fifteen minutes before I blew a second load in her ass. She
had three of four solid orgasms, which soaked my stomach, cock, and seats
while I was in that ass. I always thought she was having small orgasm when
she blew me but I was sure she was having them when I fuck that ass. This
went on throughout our dating year, blowjobs and ass fucking but no pussy.

I guess I need to describe my wife and myself. Kim is 4'9" 98 lbs when we
met and only 115 now. She has the perfect height to weight ratio. 32 C
boobies and a very tight ass, after two kids she has worked hard and keeps
a nice flat tummy and her perky tits. Myself I'm 5'10" 175, 32inch waist
7.5inch cock that is pretty thick. Kim says that it is eight inches but I
think she is just teasing with me. Other wise just another couple you
might run into at the store.

Well it was the middle of July when we got married just two week after her
birthday. After the ceremony and before we arrived at the reception she
had me pull off the road into a park, she undid my pants and pushed them
down to my ankles, pulled her dress up, straddled me grabbing my cock and
slowly worked herself onto it. She was wet, hot, tight, and ready. As she
started to push herself onto my cock she was biting into my shoulder trying
to hold back her screams. I knew I was hurting her but she kept slowly
working my cock inside of her, until I was balls deep inside her tight
pussy. After hitting bottom she slowly worked herself off until the head
of my cock was just inside her entrance and slide back down again. She
continued this slow fuck until I blew my first nut inside of her tight
hole. She continued fucking me for another 15 minutes or so getting faster
and faster with her movements until I came a second time and she came so
hard that she soaked both of us and the seats in the truck. She got off of
me grabbed the towel out from under the seat and stuck it between her legs
and went down on my cock to cleaned all the cum, her juices and the blood
from my dick. After she was satisfied that she had cleaned me properly she
straighten herself cleaned up the blood from her pussy checked her dress
and we went to the reception with my cum still dripping from her pussy and
running down the insides of her legs, we were over an hour late getting to
the reception. At the reception I fuck her twice more, once in the
bathroom and again in a closet. After the reception was over we went to
the hotel and didn't leave the room for two days. We fucked in every
position and every hole imaginable. We fucked like this until she had our
first baby 9 months later. We had to take a couple weeks off according to
the doctor but she was pregnant again 6 weeks later and delivered our
second baby 360 days after the first. She had her shit fixed and so did I
we were not taking any chances. After our kids were born the sex didn't
stop. We were like teenagers and still are even today. At least once a
day anywhere and everywhere we could. It has been an adventure to try and
have sex somewhere or some how different. Kim has been the perfect wife
throughout our marriage. She was the perfect host when my friends came
over, and invited me to ask them over, took great care of the kids and all
the activities that they had, made sure that all the financial matters were
taken care of, and when we were struggling for money she would get a job
working nights to help out. She was a bar tender, waitress, and a stripper
all at the same club. She didn't like any of these jobs but they paid the
bills so she put forth 100% effort and did them. I liked her being a
stripper because she came home every night horny as hell from turning on
all those men. She did anything I asked, she got both her nipples, belly
button, and her hood pierced. She also was an accomplished seamstress she
could sow anything. Most of her cloths and all of her underwear when she
wore them she made herself. Kim also was the biggest computer/electronics
nerd that I have every met. I even built her a building on the back lot so
she could put all her networking/computer stuff in it and clear out my
office. She could do anything with a computer and makes plenty of money
building and managing websites.

As I said Kim was an electronics wizard. About two years after we built
our house we decided to take a weeks worth of family vacation and while we
were gone our house was broken into, yes we had an alarm system but buy the
time the cops got there the criminals had taken what they wanted and left.
I wasn't happy but I knew we had good insurance to cover the theft and the
damage, but Kim was livid. She spent the next several month investigating
and installing surveillance equipment. She started out putting cameras
outside then installed one in every room of the house including the
bathrooms. Now I knew about the ones on the outside of the house and you
could tell that they were surveillance cameras but the ones in side you
wouldn't have know they were there unless she showed them to you and she
didn't show me where they were. The ones on the outside were cool because
she could keep up with the kids without going outside, and could see if
anyone was coming up the driveway before they got to the house, and the
ones inside the house came in handy on several occasions catching the kids
in the act of disobedience.

One of those occasions was when Kim and I had to go and do one of our
corporate community service commitments. Our son was 14 and off with the
youth group and wouldn't be back till that evening and our daughter (13)
was home. Our daughter talked her mother into letting her stay home for
the day without supervision basically saying that she didn't feel good and
wanted to vegg all day. Kim and myself left and went and did our community
service and picked up our son on the way home. When we arrived it was just
after 6 and my wife went straight to my daughters bedroom to check on her.
When she came back downstairs she told me she was going out to her office
and would be back shortly. About ten minutes later she paged me over the
intercom and had me come out to her office. She told me what I was going
to see was going to shock me and probably piss me off to no end but she
would take care of it in her own way and for me not to say anything. She
then put up on her 30inch monitor my daughter on her bed being fucked by a
black boy that looked to be in his 20s, the time stamp was 1:30pm, less
than a half hour after we had left the house. She fast forward until she
stopped at another scene where there were three black men servicing my
daughter, and again to another scene where they were still at it. The last
scene was timed stamped 4:50. It appeared to me that my daughter had
planned this whole event. My wife reminded me that she would take care of
it and as far as I know she took care of the situation and I never got
summoned to her workshop again involving my daughter or son. Several
months after our anniversary she handed me a stack of DVD's to review.
That's when I got the awaking of my life on how much of a slut my son and
daughter really were, were they just teenagers, or was it genetics? Who
knows? Also the DVD's revealed a lot of other activities that happened in
the house when people don't know that you are watching. Kim even made sure
that I got to see what she was doing when I was not around. But that is
another story.

But with all of Kim's good qualities she had one fault that pissed me off,
and that was she was a racist. The reason this pissed me off is obvious,
but what really got to me was one of my best friends was black. If you
were blind and could not see him you would have never known that he was
black but just because of his skin color she would not give him the time of
day. Mike and I did a lot of things together, and Kim would not even
consider coming along. One thing that I knew about Mike was he was hung
like a bull, (showers at the gym) this thing he had hung down to his knee,
and was as big around as a baseball bat. Mike was also 6'2" and roughly
210, solid muscle. He was really handy when there was heavy work to be
done but was as gentle as a kitten.

One Saturday afternoon, we had been married about 7 or 8 years Mike came
over to help me do some work on a new building I was constructing out on
the back lot. My wife had given me shit about inviting him over so I
bought her a three bottles of wine and starting feeding them to her about
10 in the morning. The kids were at grandmas for the weekend so no one
else was around. Now my wife gets drunk really quick and once she gets
drunk she gets very horny. The plan was in action. She had already downed
one bottle before Mike had arrived and had started on the second. Mike and
I were working outside in shorts, shoes and nothing else, sweat pouring
from our pores. I caught Kim looking at us through the window on several
occasions and when I went inside to get us a couple beers I checked her
pussy and she was soaking wet and wanting me to fuck her right there in the
kitchen. I told her that we had to get this project to a certain point
before we could quit and then she would be well taken care then. When I
handed Mike his beer he asked if everything was ok with Kim. I just
blurted out that she was getting drunk and was horny as hell. He said that
he should get going so I could take care of business before she got pissed
with him being there. I told Mike not to worry that as soon as we got this
wall secured that we were both going to go and fuck Kim till she begged us
to stop and then was going to fuck her some more. Now mind you I've never
considered anyone else fucking my wife but there is a time when things have
to be put right. Mike started laughing saying that there was no way that
she was going to let him fuck her. I look at Mike and said that I had a
$100 says she will, he reached his hand out and said your on.

After getting every thing that we had to do done about another hours worth
of work, Mike and myself retired to the lounge chairs beside the pool. I
yelled in the house for Kim to put 6 beers in a cooler and bring them out.
She came out 5 minutes later with the beer and was headed back in the house
when I told her to stay out with us. She protested but sat in the chair
next to me. I looked over at Mike and asked him if he knew that Kim was a
stripper and had stripped at the bar outside of town. He said he didn't
know but that sounded like a good idea to go to the strip bar tonight. I
said no need Kim will dance for us, and we got plenty of beer that has
already been paid for. Kim piped up that she wasn't stripping for us and
stormed back in the house. Mike laughed and said that c-note was looking
pretty good. I got up and went into the house where Kim was sitting in a
chair in the kitchen. I asked what her problem was and why the fuck was
she embarrassing me like this. She said that she was not stripping for him
and that was that. I said fine you'd rather strip for strange black guys
at the club but not for one of my friends. Fuck it then we will drink
these beers and go to the club and see some fine naked pussy. Then I just
walked out the door and sat back down in my lounger. Mike looked over and
said pay up; I looked back and told him the gig wasn't up yet. About 5
minutes later the outside speakers came on and in the door way stood Kim in
her best stripper outfit. She came out and started her dance, focusing on
me until I told her that she had to take care of all her customers. She
then went over to Mike and started to give him a good first dance show. I
could tell he was getting into it buy the tent pole forming in his shorts.
When her second song started she stripped off her top to show us her
beautiful proud "c" cups, I pulled my shorts off and motioned for Mike to
do the same. As mike and I were stroking our cocks Kim couldn't take her
eyes off Mike's horse dick. She looked like a deer caught in headlights.
Her Eyes transfixed on his cock while she danced around both of us. The
third song started and off came the rest of her outfit, her bare pussy on
display for both of us to enjoy. You could see the wetness on her lips
that were sticking out a good inch. Then she surprised the hell out of me
by turning around and bending over at the waist spreading her lips apart
and opening her self up so we could see that she was soaking wet. After
the third song was over and her dance was done I ask her to come over and
blow me. She didn't even hesitate she was down on her knees, her ass high
in the air with my cock all the way down her throat. I motion for Mike to
get in behind her, raising Kim's head up and told her to hold on because
she was going to get the biggest black cock in her life. She just went
back to work on my cock as Mike lined his cock up with her pussy. As he
pressed into my wife's little pussy she quit sucking me and just held on to
my waist. Moaning and grunting as he pushed into her, after he had about
half of his dick in her he started slowly pumping until he was balls deep
in her. I could not believe he had his whole cock in her; I bottom out
when I fuck her and he had at least 4 more inch than I and was a lot
thicker. Then he went to work like a man processed. Slamming his cock in
and out of her, she was moaning and cumming just about on every stroke,
Mike lasted about ten minutes before he buried himself in Kim and came, he
was unloading his hot black fuck juice in my wife. He stayed in her balls
deep for a good 3 or 4 minutes pumping his sperm into her. When he pulled
out I turned Kim around and told her to clean up the mess she had made and
to get him hard again. Again she did not even hesitate to take his soften
cock in her mouth. I got in behind her and put my cock in her very loose
pussy, got it good and lubed up from her and his juices and placed my cock
at the entrance of her ass. Kim pushed back and my cock slid easily inside
her ass. My intent was to get her good and loosened up so Mike could have
a shot in her ass. It didn't take long for me to blow my nut up her ass,
watching her take Mike had me all worked up. After I came in her ass Mike
was hard again so I laid her down on her back pulled her legs up around her
ears and told Mike to fuck my raciest bitch in her ass. He lined his cock
up with her ass and slowly started pushing in. Kim was shaking, jumping
around, and protesting that he would tear her up if he fucked her in the
ass. It didn't take long before Mike was balls deep in her ass and
pounding hard. Kim's orgasm was building and I knew when she wasn't going
to last long. The way she was moaning and grunting that it would be the
hardest orgasm of her life. Mike tightens up and began cumming in Kim's
ass and at the same time Kim let go with a thunders orgasm. She shot her
cream and his all over Mike and herself. His cum was pouring out of her
cunt leaving a big puddle under her ass. Kim just laid there not making
any move to get up. It was getting dark and Mike said he had to get going
so I told him to jump in the pool and get some of my bitches smell off him
before he went home to his wife. As we got in the pool and cleaned off Kim
just laid on the pool deck basking in the glow of orgasm and a large amount
of cum oozing from her cunt and ass hole. Mike got out of the pool and
before he put his cloths on bent down and gave Kim a long wet kiss on the
lips. Kim reached down and grabbed his cock and started guiding him back
inside her. Mike turned and looked at me for approval and I told him to go
for it. He entered Kim and fucked her, alternating from a slow sensual
pace to a hard pounding pace, continuing this hot action for another half
an hour, Kim was cumming uncontrollable the whole time before both Mike
unloaded his third load of the night inside her. He stayed inside of her
for another five minutes before pulling out and taking a quick dip in the
pool. After Mike had gotten dressed he pulled out his wallet and took 5
$20 bills out and laid them on the table. Thanking us both and left. I
got out of the pool and helped Kim up and we both got in the pool and
relaxed for a short time before going inside to the sofa. She laid her
head down on my lap and licked and sucked my cock till it was good and
hard. I rolled her over and fucked her slowly till we both came again.
She looked me in the eyes, thanked me for the good time, and told me that
that can and will never happen again.

That was not the last time my wife shared her pussy with someone else, it
took a week before her ass and pussy wasn't sore but that didn't stop us
from having sex, it just wasn't as wild and crazy. She continued to take
care of my buddies by hosting our weekends, dressing sexy and making sure
everyone had their drinks and left with a hard on, but there was no sex
with any of them. A couple times she did a strip for us but when she was
done with the strip she left the room and they had to leave but other than
that no one touched her. Other than sex with anyone else she would do
anything I ask or told her to. Once I asked her not to shave anything for
a year, just to let it grow and she did. We would go to bike rallies and
she would wear whatever I picked out showing as much of her body legally
possible. We were at an outdoor event and she had to pee, this wasn't the
first time and the portal johns were all the way across the grounds. I
looked at her and told her to go in her pants, after a short protested I
started to smell piss as she wet her jeans and the rest of the night she
just went right where we stood. And when I had to go I just turned towards
her and she would pull out my cock and I would just piss on her. Another
woman said something to her about pissing on herself and she just told her
it will wash, before the night was over we had 5 other couples
standing/sitting around us pissing in their pants. This brought on new
adventures in our sex play. She also has a toy box that would impress just
about anyone and would use her toys for me. This brings me to our 20th
wedding anniversary.

It was about two weeks before our anniversary and we were just chilling out
by the pool. The kids had already moved out, both of them joining the
military and were not going to be around for our anniversary so lying
around naked was a way of life for us. I asked Kim what she wanted for our
anniversary and she just went quite. Now we both have what every we wanted
and if we wanted something we just went out and bought it. So purchasing
something for our anniversary was pretty hard. I asked her if she wanted
to go and spend a week in the islands but she said no. Then she very
quietly said that she wanted me to submit to her for two weeks. I just
stared at her and asked her to repeat herself so I understood her
completely. She once again said that she wanted me to submit to her and to
do anything that she wanted me to do for two weeks. I said of course
thinking to myself that I was going to get the better end of this deal.
Kim looked at me and asked me if I was sure that I could handle it and I
agreed that it would be fun and that I was game. She got a big smile on
her face and went down on me giving me the best blowjob ever. Over the
next week we fuck with renewed enthusiasm. I informed my work that I was
taking two weeks vacation and my wife even called my boss and told him to
make sure everything was caught up because I was not allowed to have any
communication devices while we were on vacation. My boss teased me
throughout the week saying that my wife had put on the pants and left me
wearing the panties. I didn't know how true this was going to be.
Wednesday before the start of my vacation my wife summand me to the kitchen
table where I noticed a folder with some papers in it. She had me sit down
and went over the paper one by one having me sign and initial where
appropriate. I was a little confused but mainly what the papers said were
that I would do what ever she requested or pay her a $1000 for each event I
refused. Now we have a pretty good nest egg but I still thought that was a
little steep. She let me know the money she collected would be hers and
hers alone to use as she saw fit, and she was not going to share it with
me. She had already set up an account at the bank with only her name on it
and the code for me to transfer the money, I could transfer in but not out.
She gave me my copies and we had sex there on the kitchen table. Friday
came and I was horny to say the least at work, my mind was not on the
business of the day but more on the next two weeks.

I arrived home at 5:30 as usual and when I pulled the truck in the garage I
saw a note taped to the door. I read the note, which said to leave your
briefcase; cell phone, pager, cloths and keys in your truck and go around
to the back yard. Not worried about anyone seeing me I did as the note
said and proceeded to the back yard. When I arrived I found my wife in a
full leather outfit that went from her neck to her ankles, with 6 inch
spiked heals, her hair pulled back tight, and black make-up. My cock
jumped up and was instantly hard. She had a towel on the ground folded up
and had me kneel in front of her. She attached leather cuffs around my
wrist and ankles and then put a collar around my neck with an attached
leash. She secured these with the small locks she had and then told me to
stand up and follow her to the swing set. Once there she attached chains
to my hands and feet and pulled me tight. I was spread eagle in the back
yard completely naked. She went down on her knees and blew me until I came
in her mouth then stood upon a small table grabbed me by the hair and
kissed me pushing the cum back into my mouth. After she finished feeding
me my cum she asked me if it was better being snowballed or licking cum off
your own hand. Confused she continued that I better get used to the taste
of cum because I would be getting a lot of it straight from the source and
would be swallowing all of it over the next two weeks. Next she pulled the
hair clippers out of the box and started shaving all my hair, my head,
mustache, goatee and continued to work her way completely down my body till
I was nothing but stubble. She pulled out several cans of hair removal and
covered my entire body with the cream. While the cream was doing its job
she plucked my eyebrows. After about 30 minutes of this cream burning into
my skin she grabbed the hose and washed me off checking every inch to make
sure she was satisfied that all the hair was removed. Once she was
satisfier she bent down and put a cock cage on my cock and told me this
would keep my cock in check until Monday. It went over my limp cock and
around my balls to hold it in place. It had barbs on it so when I got hard
they would dig into my cock causing a lot of pain. She then went around
behind me and greased up my ass hole before showing me the ass plug she was
going to have me wear for the rest of the night. She said, "you remember
this one don't you, it's the one you like to play with when I'm not home."
The surveillance cameras damn I'm busted. I had played with some of her
toys while she was out and jerked off on several occasions and had licked
my own cum off my hand. After pushing the plug in my ass in one shove,
which was very painful to say the least she attached the harness to the
cock cage which pulled the cock cage tight and held the plug in my ass.
She loosened up the chains on my feet and had me put one foot at a time on
a short table. She then manicured my toenails before painting them bright
red. She did the same with each hand putting nail extension on them before
painting them bright red. After she was completely satisfied she left me
hanging there, and went into the house. I hung there till I could barely
hold myself upright before she returned. When she returned she had her
whip in her hand. I know this whip because I've used it on her several
times and know that if you are not careful you will draw blood. She showed
me the whip and asked if I wanted her to use it on me or was I ready to
pay. She also advised me that she was going to use every bit of her
strength to administer my punishment and that this was for all the times
that I made her do things that she was not comfortable with. Before I
could protest she brought up Mike and the events of that day and told me
that was 20 per day for the next two weeks and if she had to remind me of
other events it would add 10 more per day. She stuck a cock gag, which has
a hole thru the center in my mouth and secured it behind my head. She got
up on the table and whispered in my ear that she hoped I enjoyed this as
much as she had in the past. When she got off the table she removed the
cock cage and rolled a condom over my cock before she started whipping me.
Solidly from my back to my legs she whipped me. She wasn't holding any
thing back; 20 times she whipped me as hard as she could. Tears were
streaming down my face and I could feel the blood running down my back but
my cock had giving me away, hard as a rock when she finished. I really
don't remember much after the fifth whip but when she turned the hose on me
to cool the fire I exploded in the condom. She carefully removed the
condom and squeezed all the of my cum into the cock gag that was in my
mouth. I had no choice than to swallow all of it. After I had settled
down somewhat she reinstalled the cock cage and unlocked my ankles and
pulled them together and attached a 12inch chain between them. Taking a
4inch wide belt and attaching it around my waist over the welts and cuts
she had just made, before she unlocked one hand at a time and attached them
to a chain that ran through a couple loops in the belt and around the back
of the belt. This chain would give me some slack to move one hand at a
time up to twelve inches from my waist but would pull the other hand back
to the belt. Kim then took me over to the lounge chair and attached me to
the rail on the seat of the chair. She stripped down and sat in the chair
and told me to eat her until she told me to stop. I ate her for a good
solid hour as she had orgasm after orgasm until she had me stop and told me
that I was on a liquid diet for tonight and get ready for dinner. At that
she let go of the strongest piss that I had ever smelled. Up until this
time I had never tasted piss, yes I did say that we had some new adventures
with piss play, but it was her that wore and drank piss not me. After she
had emptied her blather she reached under the chair and brought out the
bowl we used in our piss play. It was over half full of the piss that I
could not drink as she was squirting it in my mouth. She took the bowl and
put it to my lips and told me that it was my last chance to get all I
needed because this was dinner and she wanted me to drink all of it. She
turned the bowl up and I drank all of her hot piss from the bowl. After
that she pulled out the ass plug and led me to the corner of the yard and
attached me to the fence telling me if I had to go I needed to do it now
cause she was tired and wanted to go to bed. I peed and pooped right there
in the corner of the yard. She came back out ten minutes or so later and
told me what a good boy I was and hosed me off real good and led me into
the house. She then showed me all the toys she had laid out and told me
that before the two weeks were up I would have had all of them up my ass.
Now some of these toys are huge. Her biggest dildo and ass plugs are as
big around as a beer can and she also has one of those fisting hands. She
took the next size up ass plug and showed it to me saying that this is the
one that I was wearing to bed tonight. She lubed it up turn me around and
in one push shoved the whole thing up my ass. Shear pain went through my
body as I collapsed on the floor. She pulled me over to the corner of the
bedroom where she had bought a large dog bed and attached my collar to a
chain that was secured to the wall, through a blanket over me and told me
to sleep well. I was somewhat glad that the day was over but did not know
how I was going to get any sleep with the pain from the whipping, the ass
plug, and the constant digging of the cock cage, it was well after midnight
when I finally started to dose off.

Day two:

Kim woke me at 6am pulling my leash and leading me to the door. She again
attached me to the fence in the corner and told me to get my business done.
After I had finished she came back out carrying the enema bag that we had
bought and used on her so many times before. Our bag has what is call a
capture nozzle on it which inflated on both sided of the rectum so that no
fluids can leak out. The bag it self holds a gallon of fluids. She stuck
the nozzle in my ass and inflated it as far as it would go then released
the water telling me she would be back in 30 minutes to let me expel the
water. The bag was empty in less than five minutes and I just stayed there
pinned to the fences until she came back out. The cramps were extremely
painful but there was no way to remove the nozzle till she released the
pressure. When she finally came back out to remove the nozzle and let me
relieve the pressure I squirted water everywhere, ten minutes later she
hosed me off, dried me somewhat, put the next larger plug in my ass and led
me into the house for breakfast. Sitting on the floor were two bowls, one
was empty but the other had a mixture of eggs, bacon and potatoes. I bent
over and ate the best I could with my hands and feet still secured in their
bonds. She looks down at me and said, "I'm sorry love I forgot to give you
something to drink", with that she squatted over the bowl and pissed in it
filling it till it overflowed onto the floor telling me to clean her pussy
and not to leave any mess on the floor. Her piss was strong and had a
color of burnt orange like she had saved it up all night just for me.
After finishing breakfast including all her piss she stood me up and sat me
at the table.

After I was settled she brought out a folder with some papers in it. She
laid all the papers out in front of me so I could see them. They were all
very legal with the proper wording on them; I knew this because I deal with
these papers everyday. Kim started to explain the papers she had in front
of me. "These papers are divorce papers, I know how hard this must be for
you but this is your way out of all this. Basically you can stick to the
original deal and submit to my every wish or you can sign these and be
done. This out will cost you everything and I mean everything. You will
leave with the cloths in your truck and I will get everything else
including 3/4 of your pay for the rest of my life. The decision is up to
you but if you want this out then that is saying to me that you do not love
me or trust me." I looked at her with tears streaming down my cheeks and
told her that I did love her and trusted her completely and if I had to
submit to her for two weeks or the rest of my life to prove it I would.
She gathered all the papers up and put them back in the folder, stating
that if I changed my mind that the offer stood until Sunday two weeks from
now. She then unleashed my hands telling me that I had chores to do and
that I needed to get busy doing them. She handed me a list and as she was
walking through the kitchen door she stopped and said, "Oh by the way Mike
should be here around 3 so everything needs to be ship shape" and left the

I hadn't seen Mike in a couple years, him and his wife move to another
state for a better job and we stayed in touch with phone calls and that
sort of thing. My wife went back to bed till sometime around one before
she got up and started to inspect the house chores that she had left me.
She was not pleased at my work and took me out to the swing to show me her
displeasure. Once again she put the cock gag in my mouth took off the cock
cage and rolled on a condom, after 20 whips were given to me she hosed me
off, but this time I did not cum, so she jerked me off and then fed me the
contents of the condom. She had me give her a bath, and shave her
completely before picking out her outfit to meet Mike in. She made sure
that I had the sluttyest outfit that she had, with no panties or bra. I
tried to kiss her once and she said that will cost you a $1000 and led me
to the computer to make the transfer. After she was dressed and I was
dressed, in a blonde wig, make-up, red lipstick, six-inch heels, garter
belt and hose we went into the living room to wait for Mike to arrive.

Mike arrived at 3 sharp and my wife had me answer the door to let him in.
Mike looked at me and laughed saying "I thought she was kidding." He came
in and my wife met him with a very wet and all tongue kisses. She told me
to go and get Mike a beer and her a glass of wine. I could hear them
talking in the other room but couldn't make out what was being said. When
I returned Kim had me kneel on the floor and explained why Mike was there,
she said "since that I would not be available to satisfy her for the next
two weeks she invited Mike to take over my husbandly duties. That from now
till the end of my punishment Mike would be satisfying her in bed." Mike
looked at me and said "I don't know what the fuck you have gotten yourself
into buddy, but whatever it is I will be more than happy to fuck Kim for
the next two weeks." At that Kim and Mike started making out on the sofa
with me still kneeling on the floor. After they both were naked on the
sofa Kim had Mikes cock hard as a rock, standing straight up and ready to
be used. Kim looked down at me and said, "Get over here and suck his
cock." I went to protest and she said, "That will cost you $1000." She
placed the laptop on the table in front of me and said, "Transfer." After
I transferred the money she once again said, "Suck his cock or sign the
divorce papers." She stated that she wanted me to suck his cock till he
cam in my mouth and I swallowed all of his cum. And it was going to be my
job to keep his cock hard and ready for her until he left in two weeks. I
wrapped my lips around the head of his huge cock and started sucking. My
wife kept pushing my head further and further down his cock telling me by
the end of you two weeks you will be able to deep throat his cock and with
that she got up and left the room. When she returned she had the video
camera and the digital camera. She was filming everything and taking
picture after picture and of course the surveillance cameras were also
recording. She was encouraging me to make that BBC cum and when Mike
tighten up she had him pull his cock out of my mouth and spray cum on my
face before he stuck it back in my mouth and had me suck him dry. Kim got
some really close up shots of my face covered in Mikes cum along with his
BBC in my face. I was instructed to keep sucking his cock till he was hard
again and once he was ready my wife straddle him and fucked him for over an
hour till he cam deep inside of her pussy. After he had cam she had me
suck all the leftovers off his cock and then sat on my face so I could eat
her pussy till it was clean. Mike said that he had to go pee and my wife
told him to stay right where he was. She told Mike that if he had to pee
then he was to pee in my mouth and I was to swallow all of it. That was
going to be my only source of liquid and if I needed more than there was a
bowl in the kitchen and there was water in the bathroom toilet that I could
drink from. I did check the toilet once to see if there was fresh water in
it but it was always full of piss and the water was turned off to it so I
couldn't flush it. After Mike emptied his blather in my mouth I was
required to keep his cock in my mouth till they went to bed. Every time he
got hard my wife would jump on his cock and ride it until he cam inside of
her and I would once again clean Mikes cock off and eat the cum out of her
pussy. When we finally went to bed somewhere around midnight I was once
again led out to the back fence and left to do my business. After some ten
minutes or so Kim and Mike came out and pissed all over me before hosing me
down and taking me into the bedroom and attaching me to the chain in the
wall. Mike fucked Kim three or four times during the night and I was
awakened sometime around four to clean my wife's pussy and ass of cum and
Mikes cock of pussy, cum, and ass juice.

Day 3:

I was woken again around 8, by Mike fucking my wife again and after
cleaning them both up was lead outside to do my business, but before I was
allowed both of them pissed on me and left me chained to the fence. Kim
came out with the enema bag and filled me up and then let me expel it
before washing me off and giving me breakfast in the dog bowls that were
provided for me. She squatted over the water bowl and pissed in it as
before but this time it was mixed with Mikes sperm and she dropped a small
turd in the bowl, "Opps I'm sorry" she said but left it there and said I
could lick around it or just eat it. After I was finished with my
breakfast and yes I did leave the turd in the bowl but at dinner it was on
top of my food and she left another one in my bowl. It cost me another
$1000 for not eating the turd she left for me and it cost me an additional
$1000 because she asked if I was ready to take Mike in my ass and I said
no. By the way it wasn't a real turd but one of those novelty turds made
of chocolate that you can buy in the sex stores. The first part of the
week was somewhat the same sucking Mikes cock and cleaning up after them,
eating out of the bowl and the question whether I was ready to take Mikes
cock up my ass, there were only a couple of exception and the first came on

Mike took me out and chained me to the swing and after spraying me down
with the hair remover and waiting the required thirty minutes before hosing
me down he then just left me hanging there and went in the house. Some
time around midday Kim, Mike, and another woman came out to where I hung.
I recognized the woman as the same person that had pierced my wife nipples
and hood. She made comments about how I was such a pretty submissive and
she would be proud to pierce me. She took out her kit while my wife and
Mike took my hands down and attached them to my waist belt and attached the
chains to my collar, put the cock gag in my mouth, and removed my cock
cage. The woman cleaned my nipples and in just seconds had put a needle in
both them. She then put the rings in which I was told were12 gauge, she
then cleaned up the area and started to clean the head of my cock. My cock
was hard as a rock and the piercing woman made a comment that this was
going to be easy. It seems that in order for a PA to be installed you have
to keep your dick hard. The woman pulled out some sort of thing and
wrapped it around the base of my cock and then took a pump that was
attached and inflated it squeezing my cock. "This will keep him hard and
want allow the blood to return until I release it." She then took out a
needle that was huge and stuck it through the head of my dick. Now the
nipples hurt but this was shear pain. After running the needle through the
head of my cock she followed it with a huge ring, which she stated was a 4
gauge. After she was done Mike took me down from my bonds and we all went
into the house. The woman gave my wife specific instruction on how to keep
my new piercing clean and the dos and don'ts untilled they were completely

After she got done explaining everything to my wife she stood up, along
with my wife and Mike and they all stripped. My wife brought her over in
front of me and modeled her for me. Now this woman had more hair on her
than you could ever imagine. At 35 she had never shaved, and had black
hair that was thick and about three inches long under her arms, her pussy
hair started at her belly button and went from hip to hip and all the way
down her legs and up the crack of her ass, hell this woman had more hair on
her body than I did before it was removed. My cock was again hard as a
rock and hurting from the new piercing. My wife said that this is
Mrs. Mary and she is going to be joining us on occasion for the next two
weeks. She has all the rights that Mike or myself have and you will obey
her ever wishes. At that my wife dropped to her knees and began eating her
pussy. Mike joined in and the three of them started to play right in front
of me. Mrs. Mary told Mike to stick his cock in my mouth or in my ass
because she did not in any way have sex with men. Over the next two weeks
Mrs. Mary stopped by three times and inspected my new piercing to make sure
they were healing ok. After she checked them Mrs. Mary and my wife would
leave Mike and myself in the living room and go to the bedroom for a couple
hours. That was pretty much the routine until Thursday.

Thursday morning I was awakened at 6am and was led out to the yard and was
given an instant enema no fan fair or anything else. Kim took me to the
fence and stuck the nozzle up my ass and left me there for over an hour.
When she returned she stuck her pussy in my face and told me to eat Mike's
cum from her pussy and be ready to get fucked or sign the divorce papers.
She was tired of waiting on me to be real man and either today I would take
Mikes cock in my ass or walk. After cleaning her up and being hosed off I
was led to the living room where I was tethered to a chair with my ass high
and my mouth low. By this time I was already $7000 in the hole and have to
stop this loosing streak before I'm totally broke. Mike came into the room
and first stuck his cock in my mouth to get him good and hard. He still
had the left over cum and pussy juices from the morning fuck of my wife. I
put everything in to it that I could so to make him cum but Kim had already
done that for me. After he was good and hard he went around to my ass and
began to press his cock into me. I protested that he didn't have any lube
and my wife brought over the laptop and said if I wanted lube it will cost
you $3000, all you have to do is hit the enter key. I did and Kim squirted
half of a bottle of KY on my ass. Mike didn't take the time that he did
with Kim the first time he did her, he just lubed it up and jammed it in my
ass. Damn that man was big. I could not get away since I was tied to the
chair. Kim was taking pictures and video like crazy of the whole thing and
I knew she was going to at one time or another use it against me. And yes
that afternoon she pulled the whole card out and used it. Mike fuck me
silly, he pounded me till I actually cam squirting cum all over the chair
seat, he cam up my ass with a lot of power. After Mike was done I
dutifully cleaned his cock and swallowed his piss and was made to lick my
own cum from the chair. After Mike had stretched me to probably my limit
Kim put her largest ass plug in me and I could barely feel it. My wife
then played the whole card she had, me sucking BBC taking a BBC up the ass
and her fucking a BBC it in every position possible. She told me to invite
all my Saturday afternoon buddies over this Saturday for the game. I
looked at her and said, "are you kidding me" which cost me another $1000.
She handed me the phone and said, "do it or I'll put these videos and
pictures on the Internet, send copies to your boss and we will be divorced
before the end of the week." I called all my Saturday afternoon buddies
and convinced them to come over on Saturday at one. Some of them had
already made plans but Kim got on the phone and told them that if they came
over they would get to fuck her. After everyone was called Kim made me a

Kim said that if I wanted to end the whippings I could as she was running
her hand over my back. She continued, that if she kept whipping me the way
she had been this week, before the week was over I would not have a bare
spot to hit anymore. If I wanted to end them then all I had to do was to
agree to a small tattoo. We had never talked at anytime about either of us
getting a tattoo before. "The clock is ticking baby." I agreed and that
just made her very happy. She took me upstairs and removed all of my bonds
and had me get into the shower and she bath me from head to toe, stopping
only at my cock to give me a blow job that took her maybe a total of 2
minutes. She returned to my mouth and kissed me deeply swapping my cum
between our mouths till I had swallowed all of it.

Next it was to the bedroom where she dressed me in the blond wig, bra with
fake breast, garter belt, hose, a shear white top which showed the bra very
well, buttoned just below the bra, plaid skirt with the six-inch black
heals and the medium ass plug with harness. Then she did my make-up and
led me to her mustang, where she put the top down and we went to town to
have me tattooed. It was still broad daylight out side as we rode into
town. I knew not to say anything since she was in such a happy mood and I
knew I couldn't afford any more disobedience.

We arrived at the tattoo parlor and had to sit out in the waiting area for
over an hour, Kim had to keep remaining me to sit lake a lady. When we
finally went back, the artist gave Kim a kiss on the lips and asked her if
I was the one that was going to get the tattoo she had brought to him. She
said yes and just giggled. His assistant got me ready and properly
position on the table with my skirt hiked up above my waist with my ass and
plug fully exposed. The artist sat down and began his work talking to Kim
the whole time. I was on that table for nearly 6 hours before he completed
his work, stopping twice only so Kim could fuck and suck him and his
assistant. Each time after one of them cam in her mouth she would bring it
over to me and have me suck it out of her mouth. Once I was tattooed the
artist showed the completed and cleaned work to Kim, gave her instructions
on how to take of it and we left. As soon as we got in the car she laid
back pulled up her skirt and had me eat what was left of the artist and the
assistance cum from her pussy. Once she was satisfied she pulled her skirt
back down and asked me if I wanted to stop and have a beer before we went

We stopped off at a local bar and I had two beers and she drank a glass of
wine. The place was really, crowded and thankfully dark. Several of the
men came up to Kim and asked her to dance while giving me a look. She
declined and we sat and had our drinks and talked. Kim asked me if I was
doing ok and reminded me that I still had an out if I wanted or needed it
at any time. I responded that I was in for the long hall and there was no
way I was going to except a divorce for any price. She told me how much
she loved me and we finished our drinks and got up and left. The top of my
left ass cheek was really starting to hurt as we left the parking lot of
the bar. When we left she drove down the road and went to the park where I
first popped her cherry, I think a popped all her cherries in that park.
She parked and got out and went to the trunk to retrieve something telling
me she would be right back. When she returned she got back in behind the
driver seat and pulled up her skirt to reveal her ten-inch strap-on. She
told me to suck her cock and I went down on her and worked her cock the
best I could. After about ten minutes of this she pulled me up by the hair
and told me she wanted me to fuck her cock. She handed me the KY and I
lubed her cock, pulled out my ass plug, straddled her and slowly slid down
her cock till it hit bottom. After I hit bottom, we started making out
like kids once again. She told me that we were not leaving until she made
me cum. She helped me work the cock in and out of my ass for nearly thirty
minutes before I unloaded on her stomach. Once I had finished cumming and
settled down she had me get off her lap and clean all of my cum that was on
her stomach and suck her cock till it was good and clean. After she was
satisfied we left the park and headed home. The rest of the week was
pretty steady, Kim got fucked, I got fucked, and I ate a lot of cum and
everyday I was sprayed down with the hair removal cream, but no more

Saturday week one:

I'm $10,000 in the hole by Saturday and sinking quickly. Kim after I
cleaned her pussy and was fucked by Mike had me cleaning everything that
didn't move. By noon the house was clean and the munchies were ready for
all the company that was supposed to be there. Nine of my buddies showed
up to watch the game and to fuck my wife, what they didn't know was that
they had to either fuck me in the ass or have me suck them off before they
were allowed to fuck Kim. After all of our guest had arrived I started
serving them in a blond wig, 6 inch heals, an apron, collar, chains, and
waistband, this had become my daily attire around the house. Kim had put a
24-inch chain on my wrist so I could serve my guest but my ankles still had
the 12-inch chain attaching them together, and my wife's largest ass plug,
the cock cage had been replaced with and a chain that attached my nipples
rings to my cock ring through a loop in the belt They all had a good laugh
at my expense but settle down to the entertainment at hand. Kim came
walking down the stairs in a white very shear outfit; you could see every
bit of her body through it and believe it or not it is still my favorite.
She interrupted the laughter and said who is going to be first, a couple of
the guys got up and started heading toward her when she stopped them and
said, "the rules are, you have to fuck my husband in his ass or his mouth
and cum in him before you can have me, after you have done that I will give
you anything you want until tomorrow morning at 9am, now who will be
first." Mike dropped his pants grabbed his cock and told me to get with
it. I got on my knees and started sucking his BBC for all I was worth.
Kim piped in again and said, "His ass is open, which of you are going to be
first." Jack didn't waste any time before he got behind me jerked out the
ass plug and shoved his cock up my ass. After Jack cam in my ass my wife
took a washcloth and cleaned him off, laid down and said to Jack wherever
you want to fuck me go for it. Jack had just shot his wad so he went up to
Kim's face and stuck his cock in her mouth. Kim suck his cock with loud
enthusiasm and the rest of the guys lined up to put their cock in me
somewhere, whether it was up my ass or in my mouth it didn't matter and my
wife was true to her word, everyone got to fuck her and I suck the cum out
of her and off of her, and kept every cock hard so they could keep fucking
her. We kept this up till the wee hours of the morning and most of my
friends called their wives and got to stay the night. So I we had to do
them again in the morning before they left. My wife told all of them
before they left on Sunday if they or their friends ever needed a blowjob
or tight hole to put their cock in over the next two weeks they had one,
just come over and they could have me. And most of them did, more than

Week two:

Over the next week most of the guys were over two or three times. They had
me suck them off or they fuck me in the ass over the next week. My wife
was always available to fuck them after they had done me and of course eat
their sperm out of her pussy, ass and mouth. What they didn't know was
that my wife was video taping every thing that was happening in our house.
Kim is an electronics genius and had installed surveillance cameras in
every room in the house. On Monday my wife started calling the wives of
the men that had either fuck me or I had suck off and invited them over for
coffee and after she got them in the house and comfortable she would show
them the videotape of the action from the previous Saturday. The first
wife was Jack's. Lisa was a young petite woman with a very nice smile and
facial features; the rest of her body was flat perfect. Large perky tits
and a tiny ass and the lips on her pussy stuck out two inches when she was
horny. I served her and my wife in my normal household attire, anal plug,
nipple rings and a PA, wig, heels and an apron. After she showed the tapes
of Jack fucking me in the ass and fucking Kim she introduced her to Mike.
She told Lisa if she wanted to she could have Mike for a couple hours.
When she finally got herself under control she took Mike by the hand and
went to the bedroom with him. He fucked her all afternoon as I was keeping
her clean and sucking Mikes cock to keep it clean and hard. She was in the
throws of orgasm for over three hours as Mike fucked her and my wife and I
sucked her pussy and Mike's cock. After Lisa had left Pam showed up pissed
as hell about what was supposed to have happened at our house (Pete's
wife)? Kim sat her down and calmed her then showed her the video, she was
flabbergasted, and pissed. When Mike cam out she just told him to fuck her
and don't hold anything back. Mike did and we helped as best as we could.
Pam stayed the night with us and fucked Mike and Kim till Kim woke to take
me out. Pam insisted that she be the one to take me and Kim explained the
procedure to her and Pam did not miss a beat. After we got outside she
laid me down on my back in the grass, sat her well fucked pussy on my face
and let go with a stream of piss that was full of cum. After I had lapped
all that I could up she tied me to the fence and left me their till Kim
released me some four hours later. Kim told me later that Mike fucked Pam
several more times before she left that morning. On Thursday Sara came
over, now Sara was a totally different type of person, very dominant and
sure of herself. She was the toughest one to convince but after she was
allowed to fuck me in the ass with my wife's largest strap-on and Mike
satisfied her she gave in. I don't know how my wife did it but she
convinced all the wives to keep quite and let things go till Saturday when
we were going to have our final party. I am also amazed at how my wife
would have one of the other wives in the bedroom and Mike fucking the shit
out of them while I was in the living room either sucking one off or being
fuck in the ass or both at the same time. By Friday I was $25000 in the
hole and all the wives of the men that were at the party had been contacted
and were planning a party on Saturday afternoon.

Saturday week two:

The morning went as usual with Mike and Kim feeding me their cum and piss
and my morning enema then I cleaned every inch of the house. Kim and Mike
had left around ten and said they would not be back till morning at around
one in the afternoon all the party participants started to show up, the
guys anyway. It didn't take long before I was on the floor taking cock up
my ass and in my mouth. After about an hour of this the phone rang and one
of the guys answered it and handed it over to me. It was hard to talk
because the guy behind me was pounding away. My wife told me to turn the
TV box over to one of her computer channels and when I did there were all
of us on four cameras, the whole living room was visible and as we watched
she would zoom in with different cameras. She then instructed me to change
it to another channel and there she stood completely naked with Mike beside
her. She explained to all of us including the other men that they had been
watching us since they had arrived and that so were some other very
interested people. At that the camera zoomed out and we could see all the
other wives standing around in all their nakedness. Kim went on to say we
figured since you boys were having so much fun we were going to do the
same. I know you guys are confused and probably pissed and if there are
any bruises on my husband or is hurt in any way I; we will release all the
video and pictures to any one that will watch them. Now you can watch us
on this channel or on channel 5, which has a 4 camera set like the one you
saw of yourselves. At that there were at least 20 black very well hung men
that joined the women in the camera view. "One last thought guys, you
can't leave the house until 10 in the morning there is security out side to
keep you in." One of the guys got up and looked out the window and saw a
car sitting in the driveway with two men in it and another went to the
kitchen and said that there was one sitting on the pool deck. Another guy
got up and changed the channel to 5 and there were the four cameras showing
ten white women making out with 20 black guys. Pete piped up and said that
that was his house. We heard again over the TV, you guys don't only have
to fuck my husband you can fuck each other. With that I heard Sara's voice
telling her husband that she wanted to see cock in his mouth and his ass.
One of the cameras moved and was giving a close up shot of a BBC incased in
a purple condom being slid in a very wet pussy and then being trained on
the woman's face. It was Lisa, Jacks wife, the youngest of the group. She
was in her mid twenties and her and Jack was trying to get pregnant. Jack
saw her and said in a shaky voice said "that at least he has a condom on or
she might get pregnant this is supposed to be the week she is ovulating."
The man pounded her for ten or so minutes before stiffing and blowing his
load inside what we thought was a condom. He pulled out and the camera
went back to her pussy and there was her pussy with the black mans sperm
pouring out. The camera paned up with Lisa's pussy and her face in the
picture and as she look at the camera she said "that today baby we might
become pregnant, next." Another hard cock replaced the one that was in her
pussy and the one that she had just fucked was in her mouth. The camera
was taken around to each wife, given a show of each pussy being pounded by
a BBC, and the seed of a black man pouring out of them. There were 10
women fucking and sucking 20 BBC and we were getting to view each and every
one of them. We heard Sara again on the TV telling her husband to get on
all fours and for Pete to stick his cock in his mouth and for me to fuck
him in the ass. We did as instructed and gave Jimmy the fucking of his
life. Sara told Jimmy not to be bashful and that he got her strap-on three
times a week and now he was going to get the real thing three times a week.
We fucked and sucked each other and watch the wives do the same till nearly
midnight when they all basically passed out and we did to. At 7 I heard
Kim on the TV telling us to all to wake up and watch as they did one last
round with the men and we should if we wanted to do the same. We watch
them fuck and suck until ten when they all got dresses and left. Someone
went and looked outside and said that the security had left and they all
got dressed and left. I was sore and tired and just laid they're on the
floor until Kim came in around two that afternoon. I asked her where Mike
was and she said he had left at 6 to go home but had an open invitation to
come back any time he wanted to.

Kim took off all of my bonds and helped me clean up the house and washed
the sheets and steamed cleaned the carpet that were stained with cum and
piss. She cleaned my feeding bowls that were on the floor and put them
away. But she left all the chains attached to the walls and the dog bed in
the corner of the bedroom. She took all the papers that she had drawn up
and handed them to me so I could put them thru the shedder. Then she led
me to the bathroom where she removed all the nail polish and the nail
extension. Ran a bath where we both got in and she washed me from head to
toe. When we got out she dried me from head to toe and led me to the
bedroom, laid me down on the bed and gave me one hell of a blow job before
mounting me and slowly and tenderly fuck me till I was completely
satisfied. I slept hard that night and was awaken at 5:30 with a hot cup
of coffee and a big breakfast on the table. If it weren't for my rings in
my nipples, the PA hanging in the head of my cock, and the scars on my back
from the whip I would have sworn that this had all been a dream. As I was
eating breakfast she went to lay my cloths out on the bed, put my briefcase
and all my communication devices on the table by the door. When I got done
with breakfast Kim took me to the shower and gave me a complete wash over
and blew me one more time before I went to get dressed. When I went back
into the bedroom to get dressed there were some new items on the top of my
business suit. There was a new pair of thong panties with a lot of lace
around the legs and waist, and what look like a tank top type of a T-shirt
with lace around the shoulder straps, neck and around the bottom all of
which were made of silk. Kim handed me the panties and told me she had put
some extra room in the pouch to hold my cock and extra strong waistband to
give me the support I needed and that she had made them in ten different
colors so they would not show under my cloths. She opened my underwear
drawer and showed me all my new underwear, all my old style underwear were
gone. I put on my new underwear and it felt really great under my business
suit and headed off to work.

The two weeks were over and I had survived, I was out $27,000 but was sure
that somehow I would see it again, but mostly I think she used it to fund
the events of the two weeks. The scars on my back ass and legs remind me
everyday of the whipping that I endured and the tattoo that I finally saw
that said "Kim's Cum Slut" and had a little angel, roses and other flowers
around it. Kim fucks me three times a week with her largest strap-on and
the sex between us has never been better. On every three-day or holiday
weekend I submit to Kim and her desires. Mike still comes by two or three
times a year and fucks Kim and me till we can't take it anymore. Life has
defiantly changed around my house.

Some of my buddies come by on the weekends but my wife will only do what
she is comfortable with which is usually hang out in the other room while
they are there but I can do whatever I want. Some of the other wives kept
their BBC around and when the guys come over to our house on the weekends
they usually stay the night while their boy toys are satisfying their
wives. Lisa did become pregnant and had a beautiful baby girl that was as
black as she could be. She has had another child with another black man
and is expecting her third in the next couple of months from a different
black guy. Jack has become a total cuckold to her and the only way he gets
pussy is eating her after she has been well fucked. Jimmy and Sara have a
live in boyfriend that fucks her and him whenever he wants, Jimmy sleeps in
the guest room and their boyfriend sleeps with Sara.

Paul & Jackie became our best friends after the two week ordeal was over.
Let me take a second to describe them. Paul was a big burly man with hair
from his neck to his feet, which was very thick. He is about 6'5" I would
say 275 or so. His cock is only maybe 4 inches hard but he can cum and get
it back hard and keep it hard all night. Jackie is a true female
basketball player. 6'2" 120 maybe if she is soaking wet, a large "A" cup
or maybe a small "B". She does not really know because she has never
bought a bra, but her nipples when erect stick out an inch easy. Mind you
she is not skin and bones, she is a very strong and fit woman. She is also
the only other woman that I have met that has never shaved any part of her
body. Her parents would not let her shave and when she met Paul he loved
it so she kept it that way. They would come to the house and as soon as
they hit the door they would strip down naked and have dinner with us or
just hang out, but no sex. They both said that they had put the whole
experience behind them and there marriage has been the best it has ever
been. One Saturday I went to play golf at Kim's persistence and when I
returned home Kim and Jackie were lying naked out by the pool drinking wine
and enjoying the sun. I went out and gave Kim her normal I'm home kiss and
Kim told me that she wanted to show Jackie my new under garments. A little
embarrass I took off my street cloths and modeled them for Jackie. Kim
pulled me over and showed Jackie all the lace and sewing work she put into
making my underwear while at the same time massaging my cock and getting me
hard. After she was done and turned me around Kim made the comment that I
was hard and looked like I needed some relief. She then pulled my shorts
down and told me to masturbate for them. I looked at her and she looked
back at me and said, "What, are you going to embarrass me in front of my
friend." Have I heard that one somewhere before? I did as she requested
and proceeded to jerk myself for their viewing enjoyment. Both Kim and
Jackie were making comments about how hot it was watching me jerk off for
them, and other rude and sexually originated comments. I had been working
on my cock for four or five minutes when Kim looked over at Jacket and said
"you want to see something really hot." At that she drank the rest of the
wine out of her glass and handed it to me telling me that she wanted me to
cum in her glass. Using her sexiest I want you to cum for me voice put me
over the edge and I shot four ropes of cum in her glass with her telling me
to milk my cock dry. After I regained some composure she look me in the
eyes and said "now drink all of your cum for us honey." With that I drank
all of my cum from the glass and licked the bottom to get the rest and give
a little more of a show. Jackie was already fingering herself when Kim
looked at her and said that there is more and told me kneel in front of
her, I did and Kim pulled my face to her pussy and let go what must have
been a full mornings worth of wine induced piss. After she was done and I
cleaned her pussy and the rest of the piss off her legs, she looked back at
Jackie and said "do you need to go", and Jackie said "may I please" with
that Kim told me to help Jackie out and I moved over and planted my mouth
firmly over her pussy and she let go a violent stream of piss that was
strong but very sweet. After drinking as much of Jackie's piss that I
could get and licking her to orgasm, Jackie pushed me away and said "god I
whish I could get Paul to do that" with that Kim said that I was a good
slut and to go get myself a beer and joined them. I handed her back the
glass that I had came in for her that was now full of Jackie's piss, she
drank it then she poured herself another glass of wine, I left and went
into the house for a beer and returned to enjoy the afternoon with them.
It ended up being a wonderful afternoon, all of us taking turns drinking
piss, eating pussy, and having my cock sucked, but I wasn't allowed to fuck

About year after our 20th anniversary Paul was killed in a motorcycle
accident, which left Jackie to raise 4 kids. One had already left the nest
but she still had three at home. Kim and I did everything we could to help
Jackie overcome her loss and remain still today best friends. About two
years after Paul's death, I came home one Friday afternoon after work and
found Jackie standing naked in our kitchen with a note in her hand. The
note was from Kim, which stated that Jackie had not had a man in two years
and I would like for you to take care of her needs, be gentle and please
her like you do me, thank you and I love you very much, Kim. Jackie spent
the whole weekend with me before going home Sunday afternoon. When Kim got
home that Sunday afternoon she took me to bed and made love to every inch
of my body until we fell asleep. Jackie since has become an addition to
our family and whenever she wants or needs sex she gets it from one or both
of us and on occasion has joined in on our submissive weekends.

I'm still getting as much or more sex than I was before this all got
started with the exception that I eat Kim and Jackie out after I have
deposited my cum in their pussy, ass plugs, strap-on are used regularly,
and they shares my load with me when ever I cum in their mouth. Pee play
has become a bigger part in our play and I drink as much or more than they
do. Basically our relationship has become a 50/50 partnership. I receive
as much as I give.

Kim did start a web page with all the happenings of the two weeks of
submission and I signed all the wavers so she could post the photos and
video. She has been gracious and does not include my face in any of these
pictures or videos and she is constantly adding more. All of the other
wives signed off on her to put their pictures up on the web sight some with
faces and others without. Sara & Jimmy, Jack & Lisa and Pete & Pam have
stayed together and in town and have their own adult websites that Kim
manages. The others have either moved on or gotten divorced. I have since
quite my job and now work for Kim. She pays me a modest salary with really
good benefits. Along with her web pages she has a computer consultant
operation and a security consulting business. Life is full of changes some
change with it and some don't.

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