Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rachel's Epiphany

For all of Rachel's life, she always had one purpose in mind. That
getting what she wanted, whether that meant graduating at the top of her
class or getting whatever woman that happen to catch her eye.

When she hired on at Surgical Accessories, Inc, she decided that one
day she would run the company. She started immediately finding ways to
work her way up. She took on the hardest jobs and succeeded at them where
others had failed. And now ten years later she was finally getting close to
what she wanted. She had just been promoted to Vice President of a division
that had always lost money. The last two VP's of this division had been let
because they failed to make it profitable. Rachel knew that the good old boy
network had given her this assignment so that she would finally fail at
something and they would be rid of this thorn in their sides. But Rachel had
other plans. Rachel knew that to make the division profitable she had to be
where the action was so she packed up her belongings and moved to East
Tennessee where the manufacturing plant was located. She hated to move
from California where the corporate offices were but she knew the move
was necessary.

The first thing she did when she arrived at the plant was to gather
the personnel together and introduce herself. She then promptly laid it on
the line with the employees. She told them that she was brought in to turn
the division around and she intended to do just that. The employees could be
apart of that turn around or they could hit the door. It was their choice.
She told them that she was tough but she was always fair. She would treat
everyone the same. What went with one went with all of them. As she looked
into the eyes of the employees she saw fear and that pleased her as that
was what she wanted them to feel. Next she got the supervisors together
and hit them even harder putting the fear of god into them. She went on up
the line until she got to the plant manager whom she did not bother to
she just simply fired him. She spent the next month finding all the bad
apples and getting rid of them. No one was spared her wrath. When she was
done she felt like she had a lean, mean operation. The employees that were
left either liked her as she was doing what they thought needed to be done
for a long time or they hated her but needed the job. She knew that she had
more employees that hated her than liked her but she didn't care.
They were her way to the top and that was all that mattered. The last day
of the month, her best supervisor came in to her office crying. She had
found out the pervious afternoon that her youngest son had to have a heart
operation to repair a birth defect that had gone unnoticed until now. She
said that she needed to take leave and would be out for a couple of months.
Rachel knew she needed this lady to keep things running and she tried to get
her to just take a week off then hired someone to baby sit the kid. The lady
looked shocked at the suggestion and said she couldn't do that. This was her
child and she needed to be with him. Rachel then tried another tactic
the lady that by law she had to hold a job open but she may have to put her
back on the line. She woman just stared at Rachel for a moment then said
"Fuck this job, I quit!" and she walked out of the office. Rachel couldn't
believe that the lady would just quit a good job like that; it wasn't like
kid was going to die if she was not there. She quickly put the incident
her and by the end of the day she had someone to take the woman's place.

The next morning she decided that it was time to look for some
companionship, as it had been a couple of months since she had gotten laid.
She got up early and headed out to a nudist resort that was about an hour
away. She had made an appointment the night before and when she got there
the owner was there to meet her. He gave her a tour and she wasn't
impressed with the place. It was nice and all that but there wasn't a lot of

action going on for a Saturday. The pool was small and the place where they
held the dances was also small. The places she was use to in California were

all much better. This seemed like a great place to get away for the weekend
and relax but that was about it. She was about to say thanks but no thanks
when she saw a young woman sitting naked in a kids pool as a two or three
year old girl splashed her mother and laughed. Beside the little pool was an

infant that looked about three months sleeping in a rocking cradle. Rachel
stopped in her tracks as the young woman made eye contact with her. The
woman had short brown hair and big brown eyes that as she stared at them
she saw sadness somewhere deep inside the woman. Her bare breasts were
what would probably be a B cup but they now were full of milk as the woman
was obviously breast feeding her infant. The owner seeing a connection
between the two women brought Rachel over to the woman's rather large
camping trailer.

"Karen, I want you to meet Rachel. She is here visiting and I hope
thinking of joining our little resort."

"Hi, I hope you will consider joining us here. This is the only
place I
would ever consider going." Karen said as she held up her hand to shake
Rachel's hand.

As Rachel shook her hand she noticed that there was no wedding ring
on Karen's left hand and there was no white line that would indicate that
had taken it off to play with her child in the pool. Rachel also noticed the

little girl in the pool staring up at her in a questioning look. Rachel
could do
without the kids but it would not be the first time she seduced a women with


"I think I just might, maybe we can get together sometime and talk."

"I would love too. Just stop by anytime, I am always here."

"I just may take you up on that." Rachel said as she let Dale the
lead her away. Rachel went back to the main office and signed up for a full
membership and got a room for the night. She then went to her room and
undressed. She put some sunscreen on her body and went out to the pool.
She lay out in the sun and relaxed for the first time since she had moved
here. Her work slowly eased from her mind and soon she was asleep. She
slept for about a half hour then woke up long enough to turn over and fall
back asleep for another half hour. She had an uncanny ability to wake up
before she burned. When she woke up the second time she was soaked in
sweat so she got up and dived into the pool. She swam a few minutes, feeling

the cool water on her naked body. She loved to swim in the nude. The cool
water made her nipples hard and she felt the water on her pussy making her
wet and horny. Luckily she was in the pool so no one noticed. When her
muscles began to talk to her she went over to the edge were there were a
couple of couples talking and never being accused of being a shy person so
she introduced herself. They all talked for a while and Rachel got the lay
the club and being a good listener when it served her purpose she was able
to learn a lot about the members of the resort. The one person no one
seemed to talk about was Karen and that was the one she wanted to know
the most about. She did mention her once and the subject got quickly
changed before she could learn much. She knew then that there was a story
and she would eventually learn just what that it was. The rest of the day
spent talking to the members and playing some volleyball. When the last
game broke up Rachel made her way around the campers to see if she could
see Karen out but she was not there so she went and took a shower. She
took a nap before trying again to see if Karen was out but she again wasn't
outside her large camper. Rachel didn't get too far before she was called
over to a camper of a couple that she had met earlier. They invited her to
supper so she joined them. After supper, they all went to the building that
held the Saturday night dances. There she enjoyed herself and danced
enough to be social but she always kept an eye out for Karen but she never
showed up. At about ten, she claimed that the long day had gotten to her
and made a polite exit. On the way back to her room she went by Karen's
camper and this time she saw her sitting on porch that was built onto her
camper. She was alone so Rachel called out to her and got the response she
wanted which was to be invited over.

"Have a seat." Karen told her as Rachel got up to the porch. "Would
you like something to drink, I don't have anything alcoholic but have cokes
and a fresh pot of coffee."

"A cup of coffee would be nice; I have had enough alcohol for the

"Hope decaf is okay; I am breast feeding and am trying to limit the
amount of caffeine that Brandy is getting."

"No problem, decaf will be fine." Rachel said as she watched Karen
up and go inside the camper. She could not help but to watch Karen's cute
ass which was not covered by the shawl that she was wearing, as she went
past. Her butt was full but not fat, just the way Rachel like them. When
Karen came back out with her cup of coffee and set it down on the table in
front of her, Rachel got a good view of Karen's breasts when the shawl
opened up and the light from the insect repellent candles highlighted them.
Karen so wanted to reach up and grasp them in her hands but resisted the

"So did you enjoy your first day here?"

"Very much, there are a lot of nice people who made me feel welcome.

Andit was nice to get away from work and relax. I really needed this."

"What do you do?" Karen naturally asked and Rachel proceeded to tell

her about coming here from California and taking over a division that had
been losing money. Rachel was impressed that Karen knew just exactly when
to ask a question and each question was intelligent and well thought out.
Once Rachel finished, she asked Karen about what she did and Karen replied
that currently she was just trying to raise her girls and when they didn't
need her so much she would look for a career. Rachel mentioned that she
could do both but Karen was adamant about staying close to her girls when
they were young. Rachel didn't agree with her but kept her mouth shut. They
went on to talk until midnight when Karen said she had to get to bed as her
girls would be getting her up early the next morning. They said their
goodbyes and Rachel told Karen she enjoyed the conversation and would like
to talk to her again. Karen thanked her and said to drop by anytime.

When Rachel got to her room she could hear the couple next door
going at it hot and heavy. The sounds made her horny as hell and she knew
that seducing Karen wasn't going to be done quickly. She still had very
details about her as Karen talked mostly about her kids. The only concrete
thing that she got was that she was divorced and that divorce was recent.

Rachel went to her bag and pulled out some lubricant and a couple of

dildos. One was rather large and had a suction cup on the end. She took down

the mirror from the wall and placed it on the floor and pressed the suction
cup part of the dildo onto the mirror. She then got up and took the second
dildo with her to the bed. She lay down on her back and began to put the
image of Karen into her head. She saw Karen lying in her child's pool with
her tan skin glistening with water and sweat and her big brown eyes looking
at her with such sadness. She moved from the eyes to the full breasts and in

her mind she began to suck on the dark nipples. As she imagined that, her
own hands were busy caressing her breasts. She pulled on the nipples harder
and harder until it was almost painful. Her right hand went down to her bare

slit and found it wet. Her fingers played with the outer folds, pulling on
them. She inserted a finger inside her pussy; pushing it in as far as she
then pulling it out only to push it back in again. After getting her finger
and wet, she moved it to her clit and began to circle it. Rachel let out a
moan and began to rub harder. She let herself get close to an orgasm then
let off.

As she calmed back down, she got the dildo that was lying beside her

and quickly put some lubricant on it then pushed it inside her pussy. The
feeling of fullness instantly hit her brain and she began to pull and push
the dildo making it go deeper and deeper inside her pussy. She worked the
dildo inside her pussy for a few minutes before she stopped to turn it on.
The vibrations sent shivers through out her body. She began to fuck herself
harder and harder but not letting herself cum quite yet. When her body was
soaked in sweat and she couldn't take it any longer she pulled the dildo
her pussy and jumped off the bed. She moved over the large dildo that was
sticking up obscenely from the mirror. She put a drop of lubricant on the
dildo then grasped it in her hand. She moved the head to the entrance of
her pussy and slowly began to ease down. She felt the head press against her

pussy pushing her lips inward. She looked down to the mirror and watched as
the head disappeared inside her. The head stretched her pussy lips out wide
and she sank lower. The dildo stretched her to the max as she took as much
as she could which was most of its 8 inches. She raised her hips back up and

watched as her pussy lips being pulled outward. When only the head was left
inside her, she moved back down. She went slowly at first but as she became
use to the size of the dildo she started to go faster and faster. The dildo
was going deeper and deeper inside her until she felt her butt hit the
mirror. She worked her hips up and down and she began to moan harder and
harder. She kept at it for a good five minutes when she felt her orgasm
began to grow near. She grabbed the first dildo and pressed it against her
clit as she continued to fuck herself. It didn't take long before the first
wave of the orgasm hit her and she sat down hard onto the dildo and stayed
in place as the orgasm washed over her. When it was at its peak, she rose
off the dildo and it came out of her with a pop and she fell to the floor.
pulled her knees to her chest and hugged herself until the last of the
orgasm was gone. She stretched out for a few minutes resting before
getting up and taking her toys to the bathroom. She washed them and then
her own body. When she got to bed, she was finally relaxed enough to sleep
and she did until eight the next morning.

By eight-thirty she was out the door and heading toward Karen's
camper. When she got there, she saw that Karen was pouring milk into a bowl
for the older of the two girls. Karen saw her and invited Rachel over which
Rachel gladly accepted. As Rachel sat down the little girl stared at her
but intently.

"Suzy, say hello to Miss... I am sorry but I don't know your last

"It is Brown but she can call me Rachel."

"Suzy say hello to Miss Rachel."

"Hello Miss Rachie." The little girl said and Rachel repressed a
at the butchering of her name.

"Nice to meet you, Suzy." Rachel said as she held out her hand to
little girl, who giggle and took it. Rachel shook her small and very sticky
hand. Karen went inside and came out with a wet rag and gave it to Rachel to

wipe the cereal off her hand.

"What would you like for breakfast?" Karen asked.

"A cup of coffee will be fine."

"Everyone one here eats breakfast." Karen said as she went back into

the camper. Rachel heard some pans and then something frying. While Karen
cooked Rachel was left with Suzy and she didn't know what to say or do. She
wasn't much for kids and being an only child she never really had to deal
any. So she watched the little girl slowly eat and they each measured the
other. About this time she heard a cry from inside the camper and a few
moments later Karen popped out with her youngest in her hands.

"Would you hold Brandy a moment while I finish cooking our
breakfast?" Karen asked as she plopped the little girl into Rachel's arms.
Rachel started to say something but Karen had already gone back
inside. Rachel looked down at the small baby that was cooing in her arms.
Rachel was uncomfortable to say the least and Suzy was no help as she got
down and came over to her side. Now she had two children to deal with and
for the first time in her life she was presented with a situation that was
beyond her ability to deal with. She would have loved to have handed the
baby to Suzy but she was just a baby herself. About this time, the baby
began to fuss.

"What do I do?" Rachel called out to Karen.

"Just put your little finger to her mouth. I will be out to feed her

about the time she figures out that there isn't any milk in that finger.

Rachel put her little finger to Brandy's mouth and the baby began to

suck. Brandy's little hands began to grasp at her hand. Rachel was still
uneasy but at least the baby had stopped squirming. When Karen came back
out, she put down two plates full of eggs, bacon and pieces of fresh fruit.
She then picked up Brandy and sat opposite of Rachel. She positioned
Brandy in her arms and Rachel watched as the baby latched onto Karen's
nipple and began to nurse. As Rachel ate her breakfast, she tried not to
stare but her eyes were drawn to Karen's breast and the baby that was
latched onto it. Karen was able to talk, eat and feed the baby at the same
time. Rachel was amazed at Karen's ability to manage all three, plus she was

dealing with Suzy who had come to her side. About halfway through
breakfast, Karen pried Brandy's mouth from her nipple, burped her, and she
switched her to the other breast. Brandy quickly found the nipple and began
to suckle. Rachel saw a drop or two of milk ooze from the now free breast.
Karen took a napkin and wiped it off then went back to eating. When they
and the baby were done eating, Rachel convince Karen to let her clean up as
Karen cleaned up the baby and put a new diaper on her. Rachel took the
dishes into the camper and got her first good look inside. It was very roomy

and she could see a bedroom in the back and a dinning room in the front. The

kitchen was in the middle and she placed the dishes in the sink and began to

run some water. Once she started to wash the dishes she felt something at
her side and she found that Suzy had come in. She raised her arms and said
"Up". Rachel did not have a clue as what to do so she bent down and lifted
the child and placed her on the counter by the sink. Once up there, Rachel
figured she might as well put the girl to work so she had Suzy hand her the
dishes to be washed. Without realizing it, she had made a friend in Suzy.
Like all children Suzy loved attention and Rachel was giving her just that.
Once the dishes was done, Suzy wasn't about to give up her new friend. As
Rachel lifted her down, Suzy grabbed her hand and said "Play" as she pulled
Rachel out the door and toward the pool.

"Now you have bugged Miss Rachel enough this morning honey, leave
her be for a few minutes." Karen called out to Suzy.

Suzy began to pout and said "Pleaseeeee..."

"It is alright, sitting in some cool water sounds good to me."

"You sure, she can wear you out in no time." Karen cautioned.

"It is fine. She's no problem."

"Okay, you asked for it. You can't say that I did not warn you. Suzy
get the sunscreen."

Suzy squealed and ran into the camper. In seconds she came back out
with a bottle of sunscreen that she gave to her mother. Karen put Brandy
down in her bassinette and squeezed out some sunscreen into her hands.
She warmed it up first then she spread it all over Suzy's body making sure
she was covered well. Then she patted her on the butt and sent her out to
her new friend. Rachel found out that Karen was right. She had no more
settled into Suzy's pool when Suzy decided to do something else. Rachel
ended going from one game to another then going on two long walks. It was
only on the second walk that the little girl began to tire out and Rachel
ended up carrying her back to the camper. When they got there Karen was
smiling and she quickly took the girl from Rachel and put her to bed in the
camper. Rachel sat down and let out a sigh and said to herself "Finally
now I can get back to seducing the mother."

"She's got more energy than you would imagine a two year old would
have doesn't she?" Karen said as she came back out of the camper.

"That she does. That girl does love to walk."

"I wish I had half of her energy. Between her and Brandy I am worn
out at the end of the day."

"What about the father, does he help?" Rachel asked hoping to get a
little information.

"Yea, right. That SOB help." Karen said as she looked to the sky.

Rachel started to follow up with a second question but the sound of
Karen's voice and the look in her eyes made her decide this wasn't the time
so she changed the subject. They talked for while getting to know each
other better but Karen was not forthcoming with too many details. Rachel
did learn that Karen stayed at the resort full time. That would make it
convent for Rachel to drop in from time to time. Since they lived at a
resort, the family did not need many clothes so the camper would hold what
they needed. Rachel liked the concept of living at a nudist camp, never
to wear cloths but then there was always work. Karen didn't have that

They had peace and quite for about two hours when first Brandy
started to cry and that of course woke Suzy up. Karen went in and collected
her children. She diapered Brandy before coming back out with Suzy in tow.
Karen sat down and put Brandy to her breast and she immediately started to
feed. Suzy still half asleep stayed close to her mother. Rachel took the
opportunity to offer to go get everyone dinner and she didn't let Karen

Rachel returned about an hour later with pizza that was half supreme

for her and Karen and the other half plain cheese for Suzy. After eating,
Rachel had to make her exit but not before accepting Karen's invitation to
stop by during the week if she had time. She packed up her things and made
her way home. Once home, she checked her emails from work and also her
schedule and found that Wednesday would be the only day that she could
get out and get to Karen's before it was too late. That night as she tried
sleep she found herself going over what she had found out about Karen over
the weekend and she realized that there was more she did not know than
what she did. She knew Karen was divorced and her ex was a SOB. She did
not really socialize with the other members and the other members wouldn't
talk about her like they did everyone else. There was something going on
here and she wanted to get to the bottom of the mystery. Her children
seemed to be her life. And as much as she thought she hated children,
Rachel had to admit that Suzy was getting to her. She was a sweet kid that
was full of life. She didn't attack anything halfway, it was all or nothing
Rachel admired that in a person.

Work went along as normal with only two or three crisis a day but
when Wednesday came, she made sure that she got out early. She had called
earlier in the day to reserve a room at the resort so that she could stay
later and then get up early the next morning to come directly back to work.
She got to the resort at about six in the evening. She went to her room and
hung up her outfit that she would wear the next day and then she stripped.
Once naked, she grabbed a towel and headed toward Karen's. When she got
to the camper she found that Karen was putting supper on the table on the
porch. Before she could say anything, Suzy spotted her and squealed. Suzy
then ran out to greet her holding out her arms. Rachel scooped her up when
she got there and was surprised when Suzy gave her a big hug. Rachel
surprised herself even more by hugging her back. Suzy quickly wanted down
and she grabbed Rachel's hand as she escorted Rachel to the camper.

"It seems that you have made a friend there." Karen said with a

"I believe I have. How has your day gone?"

"Pretty good. How was your day?"

"I only had a few minor problems today but nothing I couldn't

"Well pull up a seat and I will get you a plate."

"I don't want to be a bother."

"You won't be, I could use some adult conversation. I am beginning
talk like a two year old." Karen said with her dry sense on humor and
Rachel had to laugh. After eating, they went for a walk with Karen pushing
Brandy in the stroller and Rachel walking beside Karen. Suzy put herself on
the other side of Rachel holding on to her hand. Suzy would walk a while
go find something to look at. Then when she was done looking or Karen
shooed her on, she would come back to Rachel and grab her hand again. They
made it all the way around the park with Rachel talking about her work. At
the end of the first round, Suzy started to get tired and they retired to
camper where Suzy played on the floor in front of Rachel and Karen. Again
Rachel filled most of the conversation but Karen was beginning to open up,
letting small bits of her past come out. As Rachel lay in her bed that night

she studied what Karen had told her so far and she realized that for the
first time in her life she really wanted to know about the person she was
trying to seduce. This was not going to be a one night stand and she would
have kids to deal with. That part scared her more than anything.

She spent the following weekend at the resort and she stopped by two

evenings the following week. She played with Suzy and had finally gotten
comfortable holding Brandy. She found herself following Brandy's eyes as
she looked around and when Brandy smiled she found that she was smiling.
She even started to change her diapers and though she disliked that part
she found that is was not as bad as she imagined it would be. The first
couple she put on Brandy were not works of art but they were able to
function. Over that period, Rachel was also able to get closer to the
that Karen held on to closely. She learned that Karen had not been divorced
for long and that her husband came from a family that had more than a little

money. That had met at college and married soon after graduating. The first
few years were great and at age twenty-eight she had Suzy. Two years later
she gave birth to Brandy. As Karen told her that, Rachel suspected that she
was leaving something out but she did not press Karen for details. She had
learned that Karen told only what she wanted someone to know when she
wanted them to know it.

At about dusk on Friday evening, they were all sitting on the porch
enjoying the evening breeze when Suzy got up and went inside. She came out
a couple of minutes later holding a book. Instead of going to her mother as
she always did she came over to Rachel.

"Read Book" Suzy asked Rachel.

"Honey, let me read to you. You have bothered Miss Rachel enough for

one day.

"No read book." Suzy said still looking up at Rachel.

"It's okay, I will read to her." Rachel said as she reached down and

put Suzy in her lap. Suzy settled down and Rachel began to read. Having
never read to a child, she read aloud like she would the industry magazines
that she received. As she read Suzy began to squirm and Rachel knew she
was doing something wrong. She looked over at Karen for help.

"Play up the characters a little like I do and let her turn the
when she is ready."

Rachel thought a second and she started reading again only this time

putting some animation in her voice and getting Suzy involved. Soon Suzy was

giggling and pointing to the animals on the pages. Once that book was done,
Suzy jumped down and got another book for Rachel to read to her. They
went though this book and Suzy went to get a third book. This one was a
little thicker and as Rachel started to read Suzy laid back against the
in Rachel's arm. As Rachel read, she caught Karen motioning to her. She
looked up and saw that Karen had her hands grasped together and she put
her head against them. It took Rachel a second then she realized that Suzy
was getting tired and it was time to put her to bed. When Rachel started
reading this time she slowed down her reading and spoke softer. She was
about half way though the book when she heard Karen speak up.

"You can stop now, she's fast asleep."

Rachel looked down to see that Suzy's eyes were closed and she had
the most peaceful look on her face. Rachel put the book down and then for
some strange reason she brushed a curl of hair from Suzy's face. The child
looked like an angel and her mind went back to all the time she had spent
with Suzy and Brandy. At first, they were both something to put up with
until she seduced Karen but now she realized that she had a genuine
affection for Karen's two kids. Suddenly it hit her like a bolt of
she wanted to be a part of this family. It was at this time that she
that she was crying. She then knew what a parent felt about her children
and suddenly she knew why that supervisor quit to be with her sick child.
This realization made her cry all the more.

Karen who had not said anything finally spoke up. "Are you okay? Do
youneed me to take Suzy and put her into bed?"

"No I am fine. May I hold her a little longer?"


Rachel bent down and kissed Suzy on the top of her head and gently
rocked her in her arms. It was only when her arm went to sleep that she
finally got up and with the help of Karen put her into bed.

"She looks like an angel when she is sleeping doesn't she?"

"Yes" was all that Rachel could say. They stood there watching Suzy
sleep for a minute or two then Karen took Rachel by the hand and led her
back outside.

"Stay here a minute." Karen said as she to a camper that was parked
two spots away. She knocked on the door and after talking to an older lady
for a couple of minutes she started back.

"Helen will look after the kids tonight."

Rachel looked at Karen and she saw just a hint of a twinkle in her
and Rachel knew that she was busted. Karen knew what she was up to all
along. Helen came up a few minutes later and Karen introduced Rachel to her

and told her what room they would be in. Helen told Karen to not to worry
about her babies, she would take good care of them for her.

Karen then turned and taking Rachel by the hand she started toward
Rachel's room. Rachel wasn't use to someone else taking the lead in anything

she was involved in but she wasn't going to push anything tonight. When they

got to the room Karen picked up a towel, shampoo, and a bar of soap.

"After I take my shower, you can take one." And then she walked out
the door leaving Rachel to her thoughts. Rachel sat there a minute wondering

about the evening up to this point. It had definitely been an emotional day
and it wasn't over. She then decided that doing something was better than
thinking so she got busy. She got into her bags and pulled out three
She had been carrying them around for a couple of weeks waiting for just
this moment. She put one by each side of the bed and the other one at the
foot of the bed. She got some matches out but waited on lighting them. She
turned the bed down and put a touch of her perfume on each of the pillows.
It was about this time that Karen came back into the room. She had a towel
wrapped around her body and she was drying her hair. Rachel took a quick
look at her and felt her juices beginning to flow. But Karen interrupted her

thoughts when she told Rachel it was her turn. Rachel grabbed a towel and
went to take her shower. She wanted to rush through her shower and get
back to Karen but forced herself to slow down. She washed her hair and
then her body which was tingling with anticipation. When she was done, she
took a moment to calm herself down. She had waited this long to get Karen
into her bed and she didn't want to rush things. She wanted Karen to enjoy
the experience.

When she walked into the room the lights were out and the candles
were lit. Karen was in bed lying on her side facing the door with the covers

up. For the first time in a long time Rachel was nervous. Rachel put her
on the dresser and climbed into bed. She got on her side facing Karen and
she placed her hand to Karen's cheek. Using her thumb she caressed the
cheek and then she moved her head forward. Karen met her halfway and
their lips met. Karen's lips were nice and soft. Rachel kissed her softly
slowly. She opened her mouth and Karen opened hers'. As they kissed Rachel
ran her fingers through Karen's still slightly damp hair. Rachel felt Karen
put her hand on her shoulder and pull her in closer. Rachel pushed Karen
onto her back as she ended their first kiss. Rachel looked down at Karen who

was smiling back at her. Rachel kissed the tip of her nose and then went
back to her lips. This time she moved her tongue into Karen's mouth. She ran

it along the tip of Karen's tongue. She heard a slight moan come from down
deep within Karen and she felt Karen grip her shoulder a little harder.
Rachel pushed her tongue in deeper into Karen's mouth and Karen began to
push her tongue back against Rachel's. They were kissing with a great deal
of passion now. Rachel felt Karen's hands move around her back and even
down to her ass. Rachel began to kiss Karen's face, kissing her cheeks, neck

and eyes before going back to those soft lips that she had found that she
loved to kiss. They kissed for a few minutes more then Rachel moved down
to Karen's neck and then on to her chest. Rachel cupped Karen's breasts in
her hands and she bent down and took the right nipple into her mouth. She
began to gently suck and she was shocked when she tasted milk from the
breast. She released the nipple as she remembered that Karen was breast
feeding Brandy.

"It's fine; I pumped my breasts earlier in the evening." Karen said
a horse voice as she put her had to the back of Rachel's head and brought
her back to her breast. Rachel began to gently suck again and she found
drinking Karen's milk aroused her to no end. The milk was thin and had a
slightly bland taste but found she wanted all that Karen could give her. She

sucked a minute then gently bit and tickled the nipple with her tongue then
went back to sucking. She stopped before she sucked the breast dry and
went over to the other breast. She licked up the milk that had leaked out
first then placed her lips on the nipple and sucked and was rewarded with
more milk. Rachel began to rub her pussy against Karen's thigh as she was
getting so worked up. They were both moaning now. Rachel sucked a little
harder and Karen arched her back forcing her breast into Rachel's mouth.
The also drove her thigh up against Rachel's pussy and she felt a small
orgasm wash through her. Rachel felt Karen push her downward and she
knew Karen was wanting to cum herself. She gave a last kiss to each nipple
then she kissed her way down to Karen's full bush. She nuzzled her face into

Karen's pubic hair inhaling deeply her womanly aroma. Rachel moved on down
as Karen opened her legs for her. Rachel gave a kiss to Karen's pussy
her for the first time. It was a taste that she knew she wanted to keep
tasting for a long time. Rachel began to lick Karen's pussy. It was nice and

wet and Rachel drank in all the juices. She moved her tongue to the slit and

moved it up and down the crevice. She slowly moved her tongue in deeper and
deeper in to Karen's pussy. Karen began to buck and push her pussy against
Rachel's mouth. Rachel used her fingers to open Karen up and she drove her
tongue deep into Karen, who moaned loudly. Rachel twisted her tongue
around sucking and licking as she did so. After a minute or so, she moved up

to Karen's clit and found that it had come from its hiding place. Rachel
sucked it into her mouth. She released it after sucking a couple of minutes
then she began to lick the clit with short, hard, fast strokes and Karen
screamed her name as she came hard. Rachel licked her gently as Karen road
out her orgasm.

As she began to calm down Rachel moved back to Karen's pussy and
started to lick the girlcum that Karen had produced during her orgasm. As
she licked she inserted a finger into Karen's pussy. She found it tighter
she would have thought for a woman who just had a baby only a couple of
months before. She began to move her finger in and out and soon Karen
began to push back. Rachel inserted a second finger and began to fuck Karen
a little harder. She moved her mouth to Karen's clit and she gently licked
the clit as she fucked her with her fingers. Karen started moaning again and

she grabbed Rachel's head pressing it against her clit. Rachel took the hint

and she fucked Karen with her fingers as fast and as deep as she could as
her tongue darted out and played with Karen's clit. Karen bucked and
squirmed trying to hold off her orgasm as long as she could but finally it
caught up with her and she gave out one last moan as she climaxed. Rachel
removed her fingers and licked them clean. She then licked up the last of
the girlcum coming from Karen.

Once that was done she moved up in the bed and wrapped her arms
around her body pulling her in close. Karen snuggled in close and let
be held. Rachel gently kissed Karen's forehead and then went to her lips
where she kissed her softly. The kiss was long and soft and when it ended
Karen let out a sigh. They laid there for a few minutes as Rachel caressed
Karen's arms and face with her fingers. Karen then pushed Rachel over on
her back and she kissed her passionately. She moved her hands to Rachel's
breasts cupping them. Rachel felt herself getting aroused and she put her
hand to the back of Karen's head pressing her head down for a harder kiss.
Rachel opened her mouth and Karen forced her tongue into Rachel's mouth.
Rachel pushed her tongue against Karen's and their tongue did a dance in her

mouth. Karen ended the kiss and scooted her body down to Rachel's breasts.
She placed her mouth on Rachel's right nipple biting it gently before
it into her mouth. Rachel gave out a loud moan as she felt a bolt of
go through her body. Her nipple got harder than they ever had before and
Karen wasn't letting up. She sucked and bit both of her nipples going from
one to the other. Rachel's pussy was flowing with her juices and it
an itch that demanded attention. She forced Karen down her body and she
opened her legs wide. She felt Karen pull her lips open and she felt her
breath an instant before a hot tongue touched her pussy. Rachel pushed her
hips up forcing Karen's tongue deeper into her pussy. She then felt Karen's
thumb on her clit rubbing it in circles. Rachel knew it had been too long
she had a woman do this to her and it was the first time a woman she had
grown fond of had made love to her. When this thought went through her
head, her body exploded in an massive orgasm. Rachel screamed out Karen's
name and felt her mind go blank. When she came back around, Karen was
gently licking her pussy lips. When Karen looked up at her, Rachel thought
she had never she a more beautiful woman. She reached down and pulled
Karen up. She resisted at first but then relented. When she got up beside
her, Rachel kissed her lightly on the lips.

"No woman has ever made me feel what I am feeling right now. I don't

want this evening to end. I never thought I would say that to anyone but
here I am saying it."

"I come with kids you know; you can't have me with out them."

"I don't want to give them up either. Holding Suzy tonight and
watching her sleep stirred up something in me and suddenly I realized what
kids can do to you. I want to be a part of their lives too."

"Good. I figured that you finally figured that out tonight when I
you crying. It was only after you let them into your heart that I would let
you into mine."

"You knew I was trying to get into your pants? I really hadn't
hitting on you. How did you know I was a lesbian?"

"That was pretty easy. You're a single upward bound lady that was
asking everyone about me and then you started spending time with me and no
one else at the resort. There are men all around here you could have taken
to bed but you chose to spend all your time with me. And when you
discovered how much my kids meant to me you started to spend time with
them. But I wouldn't be here if you had not accepted them."

"Okay so you read me like a book. I did not realize I was so
now a question for you. You have been with women before, right?"

"Yea, in high school and college but then I met my ex and decided to

go for a family and I gave girls up for marriage and a family. But now I
I have switched back permanently. I'm assuming that you are going to stick

"Yes, I am here to stay, at least as long as you and your girls want

"I think that I can speak for them. We want you." Rachel smile and
kissed Karen then held her tight as she snuggled into her arms. Soon they
were both asleep.

The next morning Rachel was getting dressed as Karen woke up.

"Where are you off to? I thought I wasn't going to be a one night

"You're not; I have a mistake I need to correct. Then I will be
back." Rachel said as she came over to the bed and sat down. Karen sat up
and Rachel took her into her arms. They kissed softly at first then more
passionately. Rachel then got up and was out the door.

Rachel stopped by the plant to get an address and then she set out
again, twenty minutes later, she at the door of her formal supervisor.
took a deep breath knowing she was about to do what she hated to do, admit
that she was wrong. She rang the doorbell and a few seconds later the
supervisor answered the door.

"What are you doing here; I don't work for you anymore remember."

"I remember and I would like to talk to you a minute. Then I will be
my way."

The supervisor shrugged her shoulders and let her in. She led Rachel
into the kitchen and invited her to have a seat. About this time a little
came running into the room. He was small and a little pale but looked to be
full of energy. She gave him a kiss on the top of the head and sent him out
of the room.

"Okay you're here, what do you want?"

"I want to apologize for what happened at work. I should have been
more sensitive to what you were going through with your child. I was wrong
and I want to tell you that if you want to come back to work, you will have

"Why the change of heart? Did you do someone else like you did me
and they reported you?"

"No. I just recently become friends with a woman with a couple of
children. After seeing her with them and getting to know those kids I
realized that sometimes there are things that are even more important than
work. You chose your child over work. I didn't respect that decision then
I do now. So I had to come back here and at least let you know that. I would
understand if you chose never to work for me again. But you are a good
worker and I would make a second mistake if I didn't at least try to get you
to come back. I promise to find you an equal or better job than what you had
before. But if you don't want to come back I will do all that I can to help
find a job somewhere else."

Rachel then got up and shook the woman's hand and let herself out.
She knew that apologizing to the woman didn't make up for what she did but
it was a start. She stopped on the way back to the resort and got a teddy
bear for Brandy, a red wagon for Suzy and flowers for Karen. She was
welcomed back with a kiss from Karen for the flowers and a strawberry
favored kiss from Suzy who happen to be sucking on a sucker at the time.
And then Suzy made her pull her around the park three times in her new
wagon before she got to sit down.

It took Rachel and Karen a little while to work out their
but they did. Rachel had to adjust to having sex when she and Karen could
fit in. It helped a lot when Rachel bought a ranch house out in the country
and Karen and her kids moved in. Rachel did finally learn the history behind

Karen and her ex. It seems that when she gave up women for marriage he
seemed to have forgotten to do the same. One day she and Suzy came home
one day when she was 6 months pregnant with Brandy to find him in their
bed with one of the women at the resort. She left him that very day and
filed for divorce. Rachel ended up giving up on her dream of running the
company. That would have meant spending too much time away from Brandy,
Suzy and, of course, Karen.

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