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Senior Citizen's Eden by Jim Stanley Chapter 36

Chapter 36


Part 2

Jeff spent a good part of the next day reminiscing. The stories he
shared with old Charlie and Jim the day before brought back the more
private memories of his youth that he shared with no one but himself.
These were the memories that carried with them a sexual intensity that
aroused him to his most intense orgasms, orgasms that left him weak and
speechless for the good part of any day. These were no ordinary orgasms.
They were prolonged ones. He would fantasize and masturbate and, at the
moment of climax, repress it by holding his thumb over his engorged
cockhead. His fantasies would continue and he would take up loving his
cock anew, continuing, once more, until a near climax. He would again
repress his pleasure. When he was in this mood, he could continue this
loving of himself an entire morning or afternoon, an orgasm prolonged over
a 6 hour period or so. But when the moment of climactic truth came, Jeff's
entire body convulsed, giving way to continued orgasms that defied
description. He felt it in the most remote parts of his body, his feet,
his groin, the tips of his toes and fingers. His brain reverberated with
pleasure. If words had to be ascribed to this sexual epiphany, only
"nirvana," or "heavenly bliss," came to mind. He would often add, in his
thoughts, that, if there were a Heaven, this had to be it.

One of those fantasies that led to this sexual nirvana derived from that
episode of seeing his 62 year old father and 65 year old cousin Bernie
passed out on the sofa with their cocks out. A week or so later, the
mystery surrounding this incident and his mother's anxiousness over it
became abundantly clear to Jeff.

He tells the story to himself over and over again.

"A week passed and I happened to be home from school that day. My
cousin Bernie came to our house for an afternoon visit. My mind flashed
back to that vision of him and my father passed out on the sofa. I
remembered his cock. At rest, it lay at 8 inches. Hard, it must have been
all of 10 inches, fat and round, uncircumcised. I remembered his body,
slight but firm, gray hair on his head and pubic area. I remembered, too,
that he always seemed to show affection towards me. His entrance made my
mother nervous, as I recall. On the other hand, there was warmth in her
voice. Bernie, as he was called, realized that I was there and rushed to
embrace me. Some pleasantries passed and we sat in the kitchen discussing
the events of the day. My mother suggested that I run to the store to get
some soda, as my father would be home soon. I took the money and left,
promising to return within an hour or so, or at least before Dad came home.
I suspected something else was amiss however. I left the house by the west
door and moved hurriedly to the east side of the house where I sat under
the porch. I let a few minutes pass and crept to the back of the house and
peered through the window of the pantry. I couldn't believe my eyes.
Bernie and my mother had moved from the pantry into the front room. He had
her dress lifted high above her hips, her slightly paunched stomach and her
pubic hairs glistening in the afternoon sun. His hand probed, moving
between her cunt and her tits. It was evident that she was a willing
participant. And I understood why when I saw Bernie unbuckle his pants and
drop them to show an 10" hard cock, fat and throbbing, pressing against my
mother's belly. She dropped to her knees and took his hard cock deep into
her mouth. At the same time, he took off his shirt, raised her dress over
her head, dropped his pants, laid her on the sofa, legs upraised and drove
his hard 10 inch cock deep into her cunt. I heard only, 'This is a lot
different from the other day when I couldn't even get it hard.' That
comment explained the episode on the sofa. I assume she was a participant
in that episode. I'm not sure how, but that I left to my imagination.
Meanwhile, he fucked her hard. Her legs wrapped around his hips, he drove
his cock deeper into her cunt. I heard her moan and then scream. It was
over in 10 minutes. They hurriedly dressed and sat at the kitchen table.
With that, I ran to the store, got the soda and returned home, on the way,
encountering my Dad, returning from work. We walked home together and
found Bernie and my mother at the table talking.

It was obvious that everyone assumed that we would all be sitting down to
dinner together. After some warm exchanges and pleasantries, my father
bathed while Bernie and my mother and I sat at the table, they, sipping on
a cold beer, I, on a root beer.

Dinner was prepared and warming in the oven. By the time my father had
emerged from the bathroom, in shorts, dinner was ready. Bernie, my father,
my mother and I sat down to a dinner of roast beef, mashed potatoes and
gravy and peas and carrots. The atmosphere warmed noticeably during the
dinner and my father added to the warmth by opening a bottle of whiskey.
An hour or so passed and the evening transited to a game of pinochle, a
game I knew nothing of. I excused myself and announced that I was going to
a movie. Bernie smiled and put his arm around me affectionately, placing
$5 into my hand.

'Have a good time, Jeff, and enjoy the movie and the girls,' was his
awkward comment. Everyone laughed and I left. But I didn't go far. After
I reached the corner and dropped out of sight, I cut through the park, over
some fences and returned to our backyard, where I could observe the game of
pinochle. The drinks flowed freely, thanks to my Dad. A lot of laughing,
touching, embracing was in evidence. Since I couldn't hear the
conversation, I had to judge their movements and actions. Bernie began to
fondle my father's crotch.

My mother laughed and, with that, he undid my father's belt and opened his
fly. There was more laughter. Then my mother moved toward my Dad, grasping
his limp cock, then Bernie's, and muttering something that I could not
hear. With that, they all stood, moved up the steps toward the upstairs

I moved to the rear of the house, climbed on the kerosene tank and lifted
myself onto the flat roof. I was but feet away from the window of my
parent's bedroom. The light in the house and the darkness outside kept me
invisible. I was able to watch them move into the bedroom. My father led
the way with my mother sandwiched between him and Bernie. Bernie had his
hand up my mother's dress. Once in the bedroom, Bernie began undressing my
father. He sat him on the bed, untied his shoes, removed his socks and
shorts and laid him on the bed. He lingered momentarily at my father's
feet, kissing them, taking each of his toes into his mouth. Both Bernie
and my mother undressed quickly, and, with all three naked, proceeded to
love him. Bernie sucked his cock while my mother moved her head between
his legs and drove her hot tongue into his asshole. The crouched position
exposed her ample breasts and her cunt. Brown and slightly grayed pubic
hairs glistened in the bedroom light, not unnoticed to Bernie. He took
time from my Dad's cock to suck on her nipples and insert his tongue deep
into her cunt. She moved in response to his thrusts and lay on the bed.
My father and Bernie stood above her now, both cocks hard, erect, and
dripping with precum.

My father spoke first, 'Put it in her.' Bernie raised himself over my
mother's cunt and inserted his hard 10"cock. My father's hand guided it to
its font. As Bernie fucked her, my father toyed with his hard cock and
fondled Bernie's ass and gyrating balls as they slapped at my mother's
asshole. It wasn't long. Bernie face told it all. His eyes were closed;
his tongue tasted his lips; his mouth salivated profusely, all indicative
of his ecstasy and proximity to an intense orgasm. His screams mingled
with that of my mother as he shot his hot load deep into her cunt. Her
ecstasy was also in evidence. Her gyrating hips met Bernie's downward
thrusts as her orgasms complemented Bernie's. But there was more. She
screamed to my father, 'Come on baby, finish it off.' My father rose above
her and stabbed his hard throbbing dick into her hot cunt, already
moistened by Bernie's cum, and came quickly, shooting his hot load of cum
into her hot, wet cunt screaming uncontrollably, 'Take it. Take it. Take
it all. Ohhhhhhh! Baby!!!! Ohhhhhhh!'

With that, he collapsed into a heap next to my mother. Bernie took over
now, sucking him dry, licking his belly and his balls and his cock, seeking
out the last of his passion. His head and tongue sought out my mother's
wet cunt, too. In long strokes of his tongue and mouth, he sucked her dry.
My father partook of this feast, as well, both taking turns sucking the
juices out of my mother's hot cunt, after which, they fell into a heap and

Several hours later, when I returned, they were seated at the table having
another go at pinochle. I pretended innocence and laughed at their jokes
and their levity.

My father spoke first. 'Bernie, you can't go home tonight. You have to
stay here. You'll sleep with Jeff.' Bernie smiled and nodded. I
pretended innocence and announced that it was time for me to go to bed.

I left the group, climbed the stairs to my bedroom. My parents had to
climb the same stairs and pass through my bedroom to theirs. I was filled
with anticipation over what might happen that night. I undressed, leaving
my boxer shorts on. Downstairs, I could hear continued discussion and
joviality and that, in a sense, lulled me into a torpor. Soon I was fast
asleep. It seemed like hours had passed. When I woke, I realized that
another body was in bed with me. The early thoughts of the evening came to
me and I realized it was Bernie. He slept and snored and I explored his
naked body, throwing back the covers to observe his nudity. His cock lay
dormant. His gray pubic hairs accentuated that dormancy.

I whispered into his ear: 'Bernie, are you awake?' There was no response.
I lowered my head over his flaccid, 8" cock and rested. But as I lay
there, his cock grew hard. I sucked gently on the glans and balls and
asshole and enjoyed the muffled responses of love as I sucked his cock and
balls. Bernie's 10" cock responded to the stimulation of my mouth and
tongue. I whispered into his ear once more. He responded this time.

'Fuck me, Bernie. Please!' I pleaded.

'Yes, Jeff. I wanted to do that all night.' He continued, 'First suck my
cock and balls a little. Let's not rush into it. We have all night.
Besides, I want to do a little sucking, too. And I want your hard cock in
my ass.'

I knelt over him and licked his entire body, beginning with his feet,
working my way slowly up his body to his cock, balls, and asshole, then to
his nipples, his face and lips and then back to his throbbing cock. I
sucked it deeply, as deep as my small mouth could. Precum emanated from
his hot pisshole and I tasted with glee. His balls and ass were still
flavored with the sweat and passion of his earlier escapade with my mother
and father. I savored the taste and lingered over the smells of his
earlier passion. He was hot and I sensed he was ready to come. He halted
my sucking movements and had me lay on my side. With that, he stuck his
10" fat cock into my hot ass and began to fuck.

It wasn't an ordinary fuck. He fucked slow, then fast, then slow, then
moderate. The nuances of penetration drove me into a frenzy; it compared
with nothing I had ever experienced. He wasn't through with me yet. He
asked me to kneel on the side of the bed, doggie style. He stepped onto
the floor, rammed his hot cock into my hot asshole and fucked me hard and
unmercifully. The deep penetration of his fat cock massaged my prostate to
the point that I could not control my movements. The ecstasy was
otherworldly. I could not contain myself and shot hard into my hand,
tasting and sharing my cum with Bernie. Bernie pulled out in time to shove
his hot cock into my mouth and shoot his hot jism deep into my throat. We
both fell on the bed in an embrace, his cock once more entering my hot
asshole and we slept until morning. When I awoke late the next morning,
Bernie was gone but I could hear his voice downstairs talking to my mother
and father. He was on his way home. I savored last night's loving once
more. My cock grew hard and I grasped it with both hands and fucked my
fist until I shot all over my stomach. I mopped it with several swipes of
my hand and tasted the results of my passion."

Another memory that contributed to Jeff's orgasmic Olympiads was his
continued contact with Bernie. Again, he remembers it this way.

"My contacts with Bernie were sporadic after our first tryst in my bed.
This was not because either of us didn't want it, but because circumstances
were never favorable. Once, soon after we partied, I stopped at his house
on my way home from school. The school was only a block away from Bernie's
house. That made it very convenient. For Bernie, it was unexpected.
Bernie met me at the door with a towel around his waist. 'How nice,' I

He was delighted to see me, and, as usual, launched into the affectionate
embraces for which he came to be known. 'Come in Jeff. It's so good to
see you. Come in. Come in,' he kept repeating. 'I've been working in the
yard all day and I was just about to take a shower, but that can wait a few
minutes,' he added. 'Let's sit on the sofa and talk a bit.'

As soon as I sat, he began to kiss me. This was a new experience, one that
I had never had. His kisses were gentle, at first. Then they became more
passionate, his tongue darting into my mouth, his hands simultaneously
massaging my breasts, my back, my face, and my cock and balls. My body
reacted with passion to this attention. My cock rose immediately and the
fluids in my body worked their magic. I caught my breath and responded as
best I knew. His towel came loose in the excitement and there stood his
magnificent 10 inch cock, hard, throbbing, wet with excitement.

The odor of sex and yard work oozed from his pores, another sensual delight
that I noticed for the first time. It was a clean smell as well as a
sensual smell. My only desire was to lick him all over and taste his
sexuality. The fact that he hadn't taken his shower yet accentuated my
lust. My cock stood hard and dripping. He moved from my mouth to my cock
and balls to taste. I reciprocated and moved to his hard cock, balls, and
asshole. The odor of his manhood was pungent here and I dove into his
crotch with my face, mouth, and tongue. I savored those stimulating smells
and tasted the saltiness of his crotch, especially his cock and asshole.

Bernie paused in his exploration of my cock and balls and asked, 'Do you
have to pee?'

'A strange question,' I thought, but answered, 'Yes, I think I do, now that
you mentioned it.'

'Pee on me,' he whispered passionately.

'That's a new one,' I thought, and added, 'Here?'

'No,' he answered. 'Let's go into the bathroom and I'll get in the tub. I
want you to piss all over me, my face, my mouth, my chest, my cock and
balls. Will that offend you?' he added.

'No, Bernie, but it's a new experience for me,' I said.

Naked, we stepped into the tub. Bernie lay on the bottom of the tub,
facing me. He instructed me to stand over him and piss on his face, in his
mouth and all over him.

Seeing his body below me, his legs spread wide, his cock hard, his mouth
open, awaiting my piss, heightened my excitement. His thin body and gray
hairy chest and paunch unleashed a new sensuous feeling of wanting to
please. I pissed hard, the piss of youth, and long. Bernie writhed in
delight and his excitement infected me. He massaged his body with my hot
piss, drank, and tasted. When finished, I lay on his body and tasted my
urine, licking his face, his mouth, his nipples, and, especially, his cock,
balls, and asshole which were drenched in my golden piss. And then we
kissed again, deep, savoring the taste of my urine. I put my cock in
Bernie's mouth and emptied the last drops. He drank, moaning his delight
to me. We lay this way for a long time until Bernie whispered into my ear,

'Beautiful Jeff. Now let's shower and have some real fun.'

The shower was divine. First, he allowed me to lather him. I began with
his back and moved down to his ass and balls, allowing my fingers to gently
prod his relaxed asshole.

Then I moved down his thighs and his calves to his feet. I washed his feet
tenderly, taking pains to wash and massage each of his toes. Then I turned
him around, facing me. I lathered his breasts and stomach, working my way
down to his cock and balls. Here I lathered lovingly and long,
particularly enjoying the firmness of Bernie's hard cock, 10 inches of
absolute uncut beauty. Passion overcame me and I turned off the water,
bent over, and had Bernie thrust his hardness into my hot asshole. He
obliged readily and fucked me forcefully, my ass responding by swallowing
his hard cock. After a few minutes, he withdrew commenting, 'Jeff, let's
get in bed and finish it off there.' I agreed and we rinsed, toweled dry
and headed for the bedroom.

Bernie took the initiative here. He had me lay on my back with my hard
cock at full mast. He straddled my waist facing me and lowered his relaxed
and receptive asshole onto my cock. My thrust met his as my cock
penetrated deep into his ass. We kissed as I fucked him. My youth and
inexperience could not bear this lovemaking and in minutes I shot my hot
load into his ass. I screamed in loving agony at this coming, the
intensity overwhelming me. Bernie climbed off my cock. He turned and
sucked the rest of my cum from my wet and still hard cock and presented his
asshole to my face. I sucked it deeply, tasting my own cum at the opening
of his hot hole. We continued this way for several minutes, my sucking
alternating between his asshole and his cock and balls which hung over my
face deliciously. Bernie's passion took over now and he fucked my mouth
hard as he sucked my still hard cock. It wasn't long before his hot cum
shot deep into my throat and I heard Bernie's groans of love emanating from
the depths of his testicles. 'Oh! Jeff!!! Suck my hot cum! Take it all!
It's all for you. Suck it! Love my hot cock! Take it all!!!!' he
ordered. I drank his hot cum until his pisshole went dry.

We fell on our sides, still sucking one another's cocks and rested. We lay
this way until our cocks grew flaccid and continued to lay together another
half hour, always tasting, licking, sucking the crevices offered to our
faces, our cocks, our balls, our assholes, and our salty sweat. We dozed
momentarily in this position until I woke Bernie, saying, 'I've got to get
home. Mom will be wondering where I've been. I will tell her that I ran
into you and visited for awhile. Will that be OK, Bernie?'

'Certainly it will be OK. It's the truth, isn't it?' he added.

With that, I dressed, bid him 'Goodbye' and left, still savoring the
ecstasy of that afternoon and already anticipating other such encounters.

Bernie had been and would become a large part of our family over the years.
While his wife lived, our families were so close as to ask my mother to be
godmother to their daughter and my father to be godfather to one of their
sons. That closeness, obviously, continued, since I knew, first hand, that
they had sex together. I saw Bernie and my father fucking my mother.
Variations on this theme happened from time to time and these added fuel to
my sexual fantasies about my parents, and especially my father.

Jeff remembers this next incident vividly. It is the source of another of
his many fantasies. This is how he remembers it.

"One day, after my father left for work, I noticed my mother being most
attentive to her cleanliness. She bathed, something I had never seen her
do that early in the morning. I left soon after that for school. However,
after being in school for less than an hour, we were dismissed because of
difficulties with the boilers. It was about 9 A.M., I remember, and the
walk home was short. As I came in the drive, I remembered my mother's
attention to hygiene earlier and decided to enter the house through the
back door quietly. Everything was very quiet. But when I entered the
kitchen, I noticed a man's coat on the chair. It was Bernie's. I tiptoed
to the door leading to the upstairs bedroom and heard muffled sounds coming
from my parent's bedroom. Ours was an old two family house that we
converted to one. I backtracked into the pantry, went through the living
room, and climbed the stairs to another two bedrooms that stood adjacent to
my parent's. I crawled along the floors of those bedrooms until I was near
the door leading to my parent's room. As I neared, the muffled sounds
became clearer. Groans and moans emanated from the bed instead of words.
The door was partly open and I stood to get a better look into the bedroom.
The sight was magnificent. My mother and Bernie lay totally naked in a 69
position, he enjoying her cunt and asshole with his tongue, she, with her
mouth engorged with Bernie's huge 10 inch cock. They continued this way
for what seemed a long time. Then I heard Bernie mumble something after
which the springs creaked and my mother straddled Bernie's waist, facing
him, sitting full on his hard throbbing cock. Her upper body bowed down to
meet Bernie's chest and their lips engaged. Bernie's hot cock was fully
visible now, arcing sensually into her cunt, their hips thrusting to gain a
deeper penetration. His cock looked majestic in the light coming through
the bedroom window. The vaginal lubrication made it shine and glow,
enhancing its beauty even more. Judging from the moans of my mother, her
cunt also luxuriated in the deep penetrations of Bernie's cock. Her
vaginal walls were spread wide and the juices trickled down Bernie's cock
onto his gray pubic hairs. My mother began to moan loudly now, evidence of
her imminent orgasm. Bernie's thrusts went faster and deeper as if to
accommodate her ecstasy. She exploded, not once or twice, but over a long
period, a duration of perhaps five minutes. Afterwards, Bernie had her lay
on her back and positioned his cock over her mouth while his face and
tongue dove deeply into her cunt, sucking up the abundant juices that
flowed. It was complete animal sex at this point, Bernie totally engrossed
in her cunt, its crevices, her asshole.

His excitement was infectious and, soon after her orgasm, she begged for
his cock in her asshole. She lay on her side while he rammed his hot, wet,
cock deep into her asshole. Their movements synchronized, each thrust
meeting the others. Bernie's passion now increased and he moaned with
abandon. Their moans meshed as one now as Bernie drove his cock hard into
her receptive asshole. Just as he was to shoot his hot load, he pulled out
of her, straddled her chest, and shot his huge hot load into her face, her
eyes, her mouth, her breasts. Then he bowed down and licked her entire
body, cleansing her with his tongue, sucking up his hot juices. Still
straddling her, but now over her feet and ankles, he rested his head on her
hot vagina and warm pubic hairs and, it seemed, dozed. Neither said a word
for the next 15 minutes. There were sighs and other quieter moans during
this respite. But neither spoke. From where I stood, I had a good view of
Bernie's asshole, balls and cock as he knelt over her, his head bowed over
her cunt. I could see some additional cum oozing from his cock as it hung
pendantly a foot or two from my eyes. I wanted desperately to catch those
last oozings with my tongue but dared not move.

At last, he moved to her side and they embraced, his left leg caressing her
crotch, tight against her cunt. They rested. Still not much was said. An
occasional, 'Beautiful,' or 'Wonderful,' or 'Magnificent,' was uttered.
But nothing else interrupted this reverie.

My cock ached at this point but I dared not move or breathe, my proximity
to them being so close. My underwear and pants, however, were wet and I
assumed that I had cum in my pants. I grew fearful that they would soon
get up and I would have to make some sort of move. But until they gave
some evidence of moving, I stood my ground.

My legs ached now and I moved slightly to adjust myself. A bone in my knee
must have clicked. I held my breath. I heard Bernie whisper something to
my mother, several words of which I could make out, '...have a visitor.'
She responded with a quizzical 'Mmmmm?'

The quiet continued for another five minutes. My mother moved first. She
motioned to Bernie to lie still on his back while she slid down to his
genital area, positioning her feet, cunt and asshole towards me. Her head,
face and lips, however, made tender love to Bernie's flaccid cock. She
loved vigorously. Bernie's legs were in a V position with my mother's head
under his left leg, her mouth, lips, and tongue probing his genitals.
Nothing was left unloved, the base of his cock, his balls, the crevices
between his balls and thigh, the area between his balls and his asshole,
and his asshole as well. It was a passioned loving. Her body lay on its
left side, her tits, vagina and feet facing me. I had a marvelous view of
the inner labia of her cunt. Her entire lower body convulsed in her
loving. It seemed that she were putting a show on for me.

So close were her cunt hairs to me that I could, if I wanted to, reach out
and caress them. Her asshole, exposed, twitched its sphincter for my
viewing. Bernie lay still during this loving, acknowledging with moans his
enjoyment. Bernie's cock responded to this loving with a rigid, throbbing
hard on. Every vein in his cock gave testament to his arousal. My mother
rose from her prone position, straddled Bernie's waist with her back to him
and inserted his hard cock into her hot cunt. Kneeling, her body facing
me, she rode his hard cock slowly, savoring the rigidity as it pressed on
her inner labia and clitoris. As she rode his cock, she massaged her ample
tits, giving special attention to the nipples. Seeing her frontally,
watching Bernie's 10 inch slide its length in her vagina, seeing that hard
cock glistening as it appeared and disappeared into her hot and wet vagina
was more than I could bear. I dropped my pants and took my throbbing cock
into my hand and stroked as she rode that cock in utter joy. I stroked
with abandon, not caring where my hot cum would spurt. Her joy and
movements peaked at that moment as did Bernie's. I heard him say,
'Sweetheart, I'm coming.'

She moaned her agreement, evidence that her climax was at hand as well.
'Come in me Bernie. Shoot that hot load. Here I come too. Ohhhhhh baby,'
she screamed.

Bernie's moans were louder. And with that, I let my hot load spurt from my
hot, throbbing cock. I moaned in unison with Bernie as the white cum
spurted from my cock, landing at the foot of the bed. If my mother were
looking down, she would have seen my hot spunk fly and land.

After she came, she twisted around and lay on Bernie's chest, his cock
still penetrating her wet and dripping cunt. Her puckered asshole winked
and acknowledged the passion that had just transpired. They lay quietly in
this embrace and dozed. I decided that it would be a good time for me to
move away and downstairs. I left the house quietly and headed for the
candy store and the park. After an hour, I returned home to find Bernie
and my Mom having a cup of tea. I explained why I was home early from
school and joined them in their repast.

Yet another memory contributed to Jeff's fantasies. There was a
loving closeness that existed between his mother and father. Being witness
to that closeness and its sexual expression fed Jeff's imagination more
than anything else. Since it was almost a daily occurrence, he vividly
remembers it this way.

"My father was in the habit of coming home from work about 5:00 in the
afternoon. He would wash up, often, taking a complete bath. My mother was
always there to assist. She would wash his back and feet. I observed
longer sessions in the bathroom and, once, peeking through a hole in the
shade outside the window, I noted the two of them naked, bathing one
another. Once, I watched as they sat facing one another in the tub. Her
body was slightly elevated and I assumed that she sat on his cock. His
movements indicated this in his upward thrusting. Another time, I watched
as she stood before him as he sucked her cunt, fingering her asshole
simultaneously. On this same occasion, I watched them reverse positions.
She lay on her back against the slant of the tub while he inserted his hard
7 inch cock in her mouth and fucked. The silhouette of his cock fucking
her especially excited me since I could watch at close range the textured
veins of his hard cock stand out as he drove his cock deep into her throat,
his cockhead appearing and retreating into the uncut sheath of his
uncircumcised cock. One favorite position seemed to be my mother kneeling
in the tub and he fucking her ass and cunt interchangeably.

It seems that these actions were mostly foreplay since they would always
exit the bathroom and announce to me that they were going to take a nap and
that dinner would be ready in about an hour. Often, they would suggest
that I go out and play or apply myself to the homework of the day. I would
nod a vague 'yes' to any of their suggestions and wait till they went
upstairs to the bedroom. Evidence of their intent could be seen in the
semi-hard erection that shone through my father's boxer shorts. I watched
closely to see his cock bounce loosely as they ascended the stairs.

My course of action was always the same. I waited a few moments until I
was sure that they lay in bed quietly. Then I would loudly close the
backdoor, a sign of my exiting the house. But it was only a sign. I
stayed in the house and ascended the backstairs to the two other bedrooms.
From here I could, on hand and knees, move toward the door of their bedroom
that often stood open and watch. As I said, the actions in the bath were
often foreplay. This always spilled over to intense passion in the bedroom
where everything and anything went. They began their lovemaking quietly,
kissing, feeling, massaging. This often led to a 69 position in which they
loved each other tenderly. This tenderness led to more passion and,
eventually, they fucked with vigor and intensity. He might fuck her ass;
he might fuck her mouth; he might fuck her cunt; he might do all of these
interchangeably. Inevitably, all of this would lead to violent orgasms,
she often coming in multiples, he, at a given moment, with such intensity
that he could no longer control his actions. He would fuck violently,
thrusting deeply and, at the same time, screaming his cum into her loudly,
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Baby, take it all!
Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! Aaaaaahhhh! Aahh!"

Needless to say, my cock would be bursting at these times. I learned to
observe without any inhibition, always standing naked, watching, massaging
my own hotness, and cumming with them, moaning as well, but keeping it in
synch with theirs. It was one such time that I waited until they collapsed
in a heap and then lay separately, falling into a deep sleep. My passion
threw caution to the wind. Assured that they were asleep, I entered the
room naked, licked dry my mother's cunt and my father's cock. Emboldened,
I straddled my mother, inserted my hot cock into her cunt, and shot a hot
stream of cum deep into her. I went to my father's side of the bed, knelt
on the floor, took his cock into my mouth and sucked deeply until his cock
grew hard.

I rose, sat facing him on his hard 7 inch cock, and stroked his cock with
my hot ass and as well as my cock with my right hand. I shot again all
over his chest. Bowing over him, I licked his body dry of all my cum and
left the bedroom.

When they descended the stairs from the bedroom an hour or more later, I
would often be reading or studying. My mother's comment was usually the
same, 'Are you ready to eat? Dinner will be ready in about 15 minutes.'

These episodes happened often. I began to look forward to these pre-dinner
trysts. During the day, I would often fantasize over them and prime my
cock in anticipation. A jerk off or two before dinner became my standard
practice. But what I was particularly primed for was the aftermath, when
they dozed. I fantasized over all the things I might do as they slept. I
was particularly fond of licking their bodies in the aftermath. The taste
of their clean sweat, the dripping from my mother's hot cunt, the extended
oozing of cum from my father's cock, the saltiness of their assholes all
stimulated me to new heights of passion in my own cums. And whether I
jerked off at these times, or fucked my mother's cunt or ass or sucked my
father's cock and felt his hardness in me, regardless what I did, when I
did come, it was with an intensity I cannot describe. Suffice it only to
say that my whole body shuddered as I came. Every muscle in my small frame
would quiver and thrust as my cum spurted from deep within my balls. On
those days when Bernie was present for those memorable threesomes, my body
would quiver and thrust even more. It is a small wonder that they never
discovered my presence during these outings for my inward screams of joy at
my orgasm seemed comparable to their external screams and moans of joy.

A particularly memorable moment came after a threesome with Bernie. All
three collapsed in a heap on the bed, Bernie on the outside. I crept
toward him as the others slept and took his wet cock into my mouth. Bernie
woke and I motioned for him to come to me on the floor by the side of the
bed. His lustful grin gave evidence of further passion as he stood beside
the bed, then walking towards my naked body on the floor, his cock at half
mast. I lay on the floor on my back and motioned for Bernie to insert his
cock into my mouth. If my mother were awake, she would have had a full
view of Bernie's hard 10" cock fucking it. When his cock hardened to its
fullest, I raised my legs, and, Bernie, kneeling between them, inserted it
deep and began to fuck hard. The tension of knowing my parents were two
feet from this seduction, gave the fuck added meaning and passion. My
passion grew violent as he fucked me and my hips thrust back at him in
anticipation of his and my coming.

He sensed the tension, too, and before long he whispered, 'Jeff, here it
comes. Take all of my hot cum. Aaaeeeiiiiighhhh.'

I shot too. My cock spurt the jism all over Bernie's chest and belly. He
withdrew his cock from my hot ass and rose over my face and inserted the
still throbbing and cumming cock into my mouth, dripping the rest of his
spunk deep into my throat. He then licked the cum from my belly, lay prone
atop me, and shared my cum with me in a deep kiss. We lay this way for
what seemed a long time when I heard him say, 'You'd better get up and go.
I'll see you later.'

Naked, I rose and went downstairs and cleaned up. Bernie returned to the
bed savoring that unexpected fuck.

We all had dinner together that night and they played the usual pinochle
until bedtime. I heard the magic words once again, 'Bernie, you can't go
home tonight. You'll have to stay here and sleep with Jeff.' Bernie
grinned and, I suppose, my face reddened. But only Bernie and I knew what
to expect that night.

Another fantasy fueled Jeff's sex Olympiads. It had to do with the
relationship between his father and Bernie. Since Jeff shared that sexual
relationship, he imagined his father's mouth on Bernie's cock as he sucked
Bernie. He imagined, too, that same cock penetrating his father's hot
asshole as he sucked Bernie. He sees it in his mind's eye this way.

"In my imaginings, I often wondered about the relationship between
my father and Bernie. I knew that they were cousins. I knew that they
both came from the 'old country.' I knew that they engaged in sex with my
mother. But I never saw anything overt between them except in the
threesomes that were common. That changed one day. I was 16, at the time,
my father, 68. My mother had gone to visit some relatives in a nearby
town. She would be gone for the day. I was at home with my father when
Bernie showed up. We sat around and talked generalities and I began to
suspect that something else was in the air. In the middle of the
conversation, I jumped up and shouted, 'Damn, I have to be in Sagebrook for
a job interview in another hour. I forgot all about it. I'll just have
enough time to catch the next bus.' I quickly dressed, grabbed my coat and
tore out the door, yelling, 'I'll see you at dinner tonight.' Dinner was a
good 6 hours away, and, if I was guessing correctly, that would give them
ample time to do whatever they wanted. I ran down to the corner and
disappeared from sight. My route, however, was different. I went up the
hill to the next block, cut over a railroad bridge, and backtracked to our
yard through some fields and an orchard. The orchard butted up against our
property which allowed me to climb back over the fence and sneak into our
garage. From here, I could look into the kitchen from a distance to see if
anything transpired. I could see them still talking when I got to the
garage, but then things started to happen. I saw Bernie's head disappear
and my father slouching in his chair, his head resting on its back. His
eyes closed. I knew I had to get closer, but I still didn't think it an
appropriate time. Then Bernie's head reappeared and I saw him move towards
my father and kiss him full on the mouth. It was a long kiss and intense.
The kissing stopped and they both stood and, from my vantage point, I could
see my father holding his pants, his cock standing erect framed by his fly.
There was some verbal exchange and they moved towards the stairs to the
upstairs bedroom. Here was my chance. I slipped out of the garage and ran
to the side door of the house. The door was open. I slipped in and tiptoed
through the pantry and living room and up the back stairs to one of the
bedrooms that connected to the others. Reaching the top of the stairs, I
could hear their conversation.

'We'll be alone for 6 hours,' I heard Bernie say, to which my father added,
'Yes, we'll have lots of uninterrupted time to have some fun.' I crept
closer. I heard Bernie say, 'Lay down. Let me undress you.' My father
complied and I watched as Bernie lovingly began to disrobe my father.
First, he took off his shoes and socks. As he did, he kissed his feet
tenderly and lovingly, his tongue searching out the crevices between the
toes, his arches, his heels. Then he undid his belt and pulled his pants
off. I expected him to remove his shorts, but, instead, he continued his
loving through his underwear. He massaged his cock through his underwear
and ran his tongue along his leg to his crotch, lingering there for several
minutes. Then he slipped his underwear off and put his hot mouth over my
father's majestically, hard cock, throbbing and pulsing his passion.

Next came my father's shirt and lying before Bernie now was my father,
naked, hard, and passion filled. Bernie disrobed quickly. His shoes,
pants, underwear and shirt came off in a second or two. Before me now
stood these two beautiful 68 year olds naked and tensing for fucking and
loving each other for the rest of the afternoon, if need be. Bernie's 10"
cock throbbed synchronously with my father's 8 inches. The gray hairs on
Bernie's chest and pubic area meshed with my father's. He lay atop him,
kissing him deeply, his cock lying sandwiched between their bellies, my
father's cock, on the other hand, protruding from between Bernie's legs,
mounting the slit in Bernie's ass as if seeking an entrance into the warmth
of Bernie's hot hole. They loved this way for a long time.

My father broke the silence and said, 'Let's sixty nine.' Bernie reversed
himself and lay on his side with his back to me, his cock entering my
father's mouth. Heads and asses responded to the in-and-out movements of
each. I had a clear view of my father's cock gliding in and out of Bernie's
mouth. Bernie's hands were not idle during this time. He cupped and
massaged my father's balls, frequently taking time to let his tongue roam
the crevices of his groin, his balls and his asshole. They weren't long
into this when Bernie said, 'Fuck my ass with your hard cock.' They turned
to a spoon position and my father's cock slid easily into Bernie's asshole.
After 5 minutes of passionate fucking, my father turned Bernie on his
stomach and continued his fuck.

There was a finality to his movements, now. He fucked him hard and deep,
Bernie's ass responding to my father's thrusts. It wasn't long before my
father whispered, 'I'm cumming. Here it comes. Take it. Take all of it.
Oh! Baby. Take it. Takeeeee ittttt!' Then he collapsed atop Bernie and
they lay still.

Five or ten minutes passed before there was any response. My father spoke,
'Bernie, lay on your back.' Bernie obliged. His dick lay half erect but
throbbing. My father rose, straddled his legs and lowered his mouth on
Bernie's hot cock and it wasn't long before his cock stood erect. I can
only say that my father sucked Bernie lovingly and tenderly with slow up
and down movements of his mouth over the head of Bernie's ten inches.
Sweat shone on both bodies accenting the gray hairs of each, particularly
the gray of the pubic area. Even the sweat was sexual. Their bodies
massaged each other with the moisture of their sweat, the salty odors of
the sweat heightening their passions. The pace quickened and Bernie's hips
began to respond to my father's head movements. Soon, Bernie's cries of
passion grew louder, 'Suck it baby. Suck it hard. Take my sweet hot load.
Take it all. Ohhhhhhhh Sweetheart!' And then silence. It was the silence
of satisfaction. My father knelt over Bernie's lower body, his mouth and
lips still working on Bernie's cock, balls and groin, eventually his head
coming to rest on Bernie's flaccid cock. It seemed that both slept and, in
this reverie, I grabbed my cock and jerked until I shot my hot load into my
hand. Finished I licked my hand and ate my hot cum, enjoying its
ammonia-like scent and viscous quality.

I assumed that this was just the beginning of their day together, so I
quietly went down the stairs and headed for a coffee shop nearby. This
occupied an hour or more of my time and I returned to the house. Things
were still quiet downstairs so I ascended to my usually hideaway. Things
apparently picked up once more. Moans announced their continued
lovemaking. I peeked to see my father kneeling on the side of the bed,
facing me, Bernie behind him with his big 10 inch cock inserted deep into
my father's asshole. Each moaned openly. 'Fuck me Bernie,' cried my
father. 'Fuck me hard. OH! God how I love it. Fuck me. Fuck me.'

Bernie stood behind him, his eyes closed, totally rapt with his movements
of body and cock towards my father's hot asshole. He coupled his fucking
movements with slaps on my father's ass and a constant massage of his
buttocks and back. The action was vigorous and violent. Before long,
continued passionate fucking as he shot his hot load into my father's ass.

He fucked him passionately for several minutes and then shouted, 'Fuck me
now while I'm still hot. Take me.'

They switched roles, my father now behind Bernie's hot ass. I could see
his throbbing cock bounce as he jumped from the bed and take position
behind Bernie. Unceremoniously, he stabbed his hard cock into Bernie's ass
and fucked him hard and deep. Bernie responded with yells of his own,
'Give it to me baby. Let me have all of you.' And the fucking continued
until my father shouted, 'Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, here it comes.'

Bernie responded, 'Fill me baby. Fill me with your hot cum!'

As my father shot his hot load into Bernie's ass, I heard him whisper,
'Beautiful, baby. Beautiful. Beautiful.' They fell into a heap on the
bed and quiet reigned once again. I took this as a sign to take my leave
and, once more, descended the stairs and left the house. I managed to stay
away another 2 hours and returned home to find them sitting at the kitchen
table having a drink. I joined them, announcing as well that the job
interview went well. The rest of the day passed quickly. But now I knew
what relationship existed between Bernie and my father.

The frequent sleepovers by Bernie became commonplace. Ordinarily,
one would think monotony would set in. But that was never the case with
Jeff. He shivered to the words of his father each time he announced,
'Bernie, you'll have to spend the night here. It's too late to go home.'
One night, however, stood out as special. It was the night that, after an
exceptionally passionate loving with Bernie, Jeff came to the realization
that, perhaps, his parents, more so his father, had come to realize Jeff's
loving and sexual relationship with Bernie.

This is how Jeff remembers that night.

"I excused myself at the end of the pinochle game. 'Goodnight everybody,'
was my exit cue, to which everyone responded, almost in unison, 'Goodnight,
sleep well.' I went up the stairs and immediately undressed, lying naked
beneath the covers, awaiting Bernie's warm body and his 10 inch hard cock.
I had no idea how much longer the game would continue and lay there
dry-mouthed anticipating all that would transpire between Bernie and me
that night. My cock stayed hard thinking of the possibilities. I imagined
him coming up the stairs, undressing, sliding naked between the covers, and
pressing his warm body and hard cock against me. At this point in my
reverie, I imagined him taking control. More, I wanted him to take control
and do with my body whatever he wanted. I sensed a certain freedom in
letting him take over, manipulating my every orifice to his own ends, at
the same time stimulating my sexual appetites over and over. I pictured
him ordering me to lick his entire body, beginning with his feet. I
imagined sucking each of his toes as if they were his cock, my tongue
searching out the inner recesses between his toes and sucking deeply the
ball of his foot, his arches, his heels. I tasted the salinity of the
sweat his feet produced from the confinement of his shoes. My tongue moved
ever upward, licking his calves, his thighs, the crevices of his groin. I
imagined swallowing his two testicles whole, sucking them tenderly,
alternating between them and his 10" shaft, swollen with passion. My
tongue continued its forward movement towards his chest, his nipples, on
which I nibbled, half sucking, half biting. My tongue and lips find his
mouth and nose and eyes, our tongues entwining, sucking our tongues deeply
into each other's mouth. I see myself returning down Bernie's back to his
asshole, dipping my tongue deeply into his luscious hole, tasting his
masculinity in its fullest. As I continued in this fantasy, I heard the
words, 'What do you say we call it quits for the night,' words of my
father. I also realized that I had shot all over myself and the sheets
unknowingly. But I knew there was more to come and I feigned sleep
awaiting my assignation to Bernie's will. I must have dozed off. My next
memory is of Bernie's body pressing against my back, his hard 10" cock
snugly wedged between my legs, massaging the back of my testicles. 'Are
you awake, Jeff?' he whispered.

'Yes, Bernie. What time is it? How long have you been in bed?' I

"About 15 minutes, Jeff. I've been laying here admiring your hot body ever
since. Your Mom and Dad are already in bed. We all came up together. I
don't think they're asleep yet because I can hear them making love

I don't think we'll have any problem from them,' he added.

I listened closely and could hear the bed springs creaking in my parent's
room, a sound I had heard often and come to relish. It was one of those
pleasant sounds associated with growing up that meant the beginning of
passionate love for them and myself. They would be devoured by their love
for one another and their sexual passion. I, in turn, would lay naked,
embracing my own passions. Sometimes, I would creep along the floor into
their bedroom to catch glimpses of their loving, rapt by the sounds of lust
emanating from their bodies. Orgasm came to them in these moments as they
would to me. Being young, my orgasms would continue through the night,
sometimes three and four cums before rising the next day. Then my thoughts
returned to Bernie. I resumed my earlier reverie and pleaded with Bernie
to take me. 'Do with me what you will, Bernie. Please. My body is
yours,' I whispered.

'Yes, it is Jeff,' came his answer, and, with that, roughly turned me on my
back. He rose above me, his legs straddling my chest and inserted his hard
10" cock into my mouth and fucked. 'Suck it hard, Jeff. It's all yours.
We are going to have the fuck of our lives tonight. Suck, baby! Take it!'
he insisted, driving his hard cock rhythmically in and out of my mouth.

His left hand reached backward to grasp my cock and balls in this
passionate mouth fuck and stroked them firmly, pulling the skin from my
uncut cock far back, expelling the juices of pre cum from my hot pisshole.
This went on for about ten minutes, my body growing hotter by the moment.
Then he withdrew his cock and lay on his back, ordering me to straddle his
chest in a 69 position, my ass, balls and cock hovering above his face, and
continue sucking his hard cock. The juices poured from his cock and mine
as his tongue searched the crevices of my ball sack, my cock, and my
asshole. I desperately wanted his cum but he withheld, saying, 'Go slow
now Jeff. I don't want to cum yet.' We continued this way for some 20
minutes. He commanded, 'Jeff, stop the sucking and sit on my hard cock,
facing me.' I obeyed, turned, and sat on his cock pole, the 10" driving
deep into my hot asshole. I rode it deliriously, Bernie, at the same time,
stroking my hard cock as it flapped against his belly. He commanded anew,
'Now, turn around again and suck my hot cock. Taste your hot asshole.' I
turned again to do his bidding, he, again, searching out my cock and balls
and, especially, my hot asshole which his hot cock just finished fucking.
He moaned with pleasure as he tasted the juices from my hot ass. Then he
roughly turned me onto my stomach and drove his hot cock into it. He
fucked me wildly and deeply, each thrust seeming to go deeper and deeper,
each thrust honing my prostate to new levels of exquisite joy. The bed and
springs jumped with each thrust and I wondered if my parents listened to
these proceedings as I had theirs. At this point of passion, however,
neither one of us cared. Just before he came, he withdrew, turned me over
and clumsily but passionately shoved his cock towards my face and shot. My
mouth reached for his love juice, most of it squirting to the back of my
throat, some of it splattering over my face, nose, chin and eyes. Then he
jammed his hot cock into my throat, wrapped his legs around my head as if
in a head lock, turned me and his body on the side and continued a slow
mouth fuck. Then he rested. His cock continued to throb and leak its
juices into my throat as we lay there, sweating, panting, and, I, still
lusting. We must have slept.

I awoke first. Bernie lay diagonally across the bed, his cock resting
gently on his inner thigh, still wet and still oozing the juices of his
passion. He slept. I rose over him to suck up the last drops of his cum
and turned him on his side, spoon position and lay at his back in a 69
position. My head met his asshole and I sucked it deeply, letting my
tongue dip in and out of his pink and loose hole. His feet arced backward
and I interspersed my tongue bath of his asshole with sucking his cock and
balls which protruded backward through his closed legs. His feet lay
folded near his cock and balls and I licked their soles with gusto. My
tongue and mouth sucked the balls of his feet, his heels, his ankles,
searching between the crevices of his toes for some aroma of sweat to
heighten my passion. I loved this way for over an hour. My cock throbbed
in pain. I turned to a spoon position now and inserted my cock into
Bernie's wet asshole, moistened by my continuous probing with my hot mouth
and tongue. After 10 minutes of slow fucking, Bernie woke.

'Jeff,' he said, 'you've got to do better than that. I want your cock deep
in me with all your hot cum.'

With that, he rose and knelt on the side of the bed, his ass pointed
outward, his asshole relaxed and puckered awaiting the thrust of my cock.
'Fuck me hard, Jeff. Fuck me hard and deep. Hurt me and fuck me,' he

I stood behind him and drove my 6-1/2" uncircumcised cock into his moist
asshole. Each thrust was wilder than the previous. I held on to his
shoulders with my left hand for added thrust and depth, my right hand
grasping his balls and cock from behind and fucking deliriously. I came
not once but four times in his hot ass, each time kneeling behind to suck
my cum as it dribbled from his asshole. Then we lay side by side and slept
for another hour or so. But the night continued the way it began, he
fucking me and I fucking him. The early morning came and went until I
realized that it was almost 10 A.M. We must have slept through my parent's
waking and passing through my bedroom on the way down to the kitchen.
Since Bernie and I both lay naked, I'm not sure what they thought. But
nothing was ever said or mentioned, and, since then, Bernie and I have
repeated our passionate orgies many times. But it was clear to me, that my
parents knew. For me, it was a celebration of 'coming of age.'

These were the fantasies that fueled Jeff's sexual exploits throughout his
life. Others were to be added. But for the moment, whenever Jeff lapsed
into his most sexual moments, these were the thoughts that led to orgasms
that defied description.

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