Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Playing With Friends

A couple of years before my marriage I was working with a friend,
Mike, installing kitchen cabinets. He was a good-looking guy, athletic,
long dark hair, and married to a hot young blonde named Kelly. We hung out
at their house a lot and I have to admit to having the hots for both of
them. I never said anything, though. Mike seemed too straight laced to me.

So it caught me by surprise when I was there one morning to pick up
Mike for work and Kelly came up to me while he was in the bathroom. "I need
a favor," She whispered.

"Anything, Kell."

"Make up some excuse to leave Mike at a job today and come back
here. I need to talk to you."

I was puzzled, so I must have looked like I wasn't sure. In truth,
I was more than a bit distracted by what she was wearing, and she knew it.
It was early in the morning and all she had on was her robe, but it was
pulled tight. She caught me trying to catch a glimpse of her ample cleavage
and she glanced over her shoulder to make sure the bathroom door was still
closed. Satisfied, she undid the robe and gave me a nice view of her tits.

"So, are these good enough to get you back here?" She whispered.

"Definitely." I reached out and cupped a hand over one of them. I
could feel her nipple growing hard in my palm.

She quickly redid her robe; just as Mike came out, ready to go.

Mike and I weren't at the first job for more than 10 minutes when I
told him that I left my drill back at the shop. He said that he'd keep
working while I went back to get it. Ten minutes later I was back at their

Kelly let me in, still wearing her bathrobe. She led me into the
living room and sat me down beside her on the couch. "So, I need some
help," She said. "But this is only going to work if what the guy I work
with at the restaurant told me is actually true. Tom, are you bi?"

I smiled. "Yes, love, I am. Let me guess, the guy at the restaurant
is Ricky, right?"


"Nice guy. Gives good head."

"That's what he said about you."

We both laughed at that one and she placed her hand on my thigh.
"So, about that favor...."

"Go on."

She took a deep breath. "Okay. Mike and I have had threesomes with
another woman, but I've always wanted to try one with another man. I want
to see Mike with another guy even worse than he wanted to see me with a
girl. But if I just come out and suggest it, he'll turn me down flat. I
need some way to ease him into the idea, to seduce him or something."

"Who's the other guy going to be?"

"You, of course. I've been wanting to nail you since we first met."

"Believe me, the feeling's mutual."

She giggled. "I can tell. I can see the way you get hard when I'm
dressed in something revealing." She reached over and squeezed my dick
through my jeans.

"Before we discuss this any farther, how about loosening that robe
again and giving me something to look at?"

"Oh, I can do better than that." She stood up from the couch,
turned her back to me, and let the robe drop to the floor. Kelly had a real
hourglass figure, a thin waist but real meat on her bones both above and
below. This was my first unobstructed view of her ass and it was one of the
finest I had ever seen. She turned around very slowly and I got to see her
full and perfectly shaped breast again. Her hands were covering her crotch
and she left them there as she sat back down beside me. "I have to leave
something for suspense, don't I?"

"Kelly, you're breathtaking." I took her in my arms and kissed
her. We stayed like that for a moment, exploring each others' mouths, then
she pulled away.

"About Mike?"

"Right, right. Sorry, got distracted. So, we need to ease him into
the idea. Does he know I'm bi?"

"No, I haven't said anything."

"Okay, good. Let's keep it that way for now. Do you know if he's
ever tasted cum?"

"You mean a guys?"


"I don't think so."

"That's where you need to start then. Catch him off guard. Give him
a blowjob, but don't swallow. Kiss him when you're done and let it flow
into his mouth. Don't let him pull away; make sure he gets a good taste. If
he gets mad, just tell him how hot it made you."

She was nodding. "I think I can pull that off. Then what?"

"Next time, get him to cum on your tits. Then ask him to lick it
off. That moves it from involuntary to voluntary."

Kelly frowned. "I don't think he'll go for that."

I thought about it for a minute. "Have you two had anal sex?"

"No. He keeps asking me to, but I'm a bit frightened of the
idea. I've never done it and it looks painful."

"There's your hook. Tell him if he'll lick you clean to please you,
next time you'll let him try anal."

"That would probably work. But he'll hold me to it."

"Don't worry, it's not that bad."

"What about after that?"

"After that, you call me over again when he's out and we plan the
next move. It depends on his reaction to the first steps."

She gave me a gentle kiss. "Thank you, Tom. This means a lot to

"Then show me."

She giggled. "How?"

"Why don't you practice that first step on me?" I stood up and
unbuckled my jeans. Kelly didn't need much encouraging. Before they even
hit the floor she was on her knees in front of me. I was already rock hard
just from looking at her and when she closed her lips around my cock I
though I was going to explode. She licked and sucked with enthusiasm,
finger fucking herself as she did. It was my first look at her pussy and I
could feel myself almost drooling. It wasn't long before I shot my load in
her mouth, stream after stream. She couldn't hold it all; some spilled out
and dribbled down her chin.

I pulled her up and into my arms for a kiss. The familiar taste of
cum flooded my mouth as our tongues met and I happily devoured every drop,
even pausing to lick her chin clean. We fell back on the couch and I held
her in my arms.

"If I don't get back to the job soon, Mike's going to freak out."

"Tell him you had a flat."

I slid a finger along the lips of her pussy. She was dripping
wet. "It doesn't seem fair to go without you getting your chance, does it?"

"It would be kind of frustrating for me," she admitted.

"I bet you taste great."

"I taste spectacular." She dipped a finger into herself and it came
back soaked. She held it in front of me for a second, then brought it to
her own mouth and licked it clean.

It was too much for me. I slid down to the floor and spread her
legs wide, diving in. She did taste spectacular. In just a few minutes her
thighs were squeezed tightly around my head and she was screaming as she

A few minutes later, I was dressed and ready to go back to
work. Kelly agreed to secretly videotape her next couple of sessions with
Mike so I could accurately gage his reaction. We also agreed, after a few
minutes negotiating, that I'd get to keep the tape as part of my payment
for the favor.

The rest of the workday was tough. It was hard to be around Mike
without thinking of the plan. I don't think he noticed that I was hard all

It was about a week later when Kelly called. "Mike's at his
mother's today, helping her move some furniture. Get over here."

I rushed over in record time.

Kelly answered the door in the buff, grabbed me by the hand, and
led me back to the bedroom. She gave me a nice hello kiss and jumped on the
bed. "Make yourself comfortable." She picked up a remote control, pressed
play, and there she was on the bedroom TV, on her knees, sucking on Mike's

I undressed quickly, not taking my eyes off the on screen
action. Mike looked even better naked and I was riveted by both of
them. His cock was a little bigger than mine, but Kelly handled it like a

I was sitting on the bed and Kelly was gently stroking my cock when
Mike reached his on screen climax. I watched him carefully as she got up to
kiss him. His eyes opened a little wide when he realized what was
happening, but he didn't try to pull away.

A good sign.

The video cut to the two of them in bed, Mike on top, fucking her

"You cut some stuff out." I said.

"Just for this copy. I wanted to get to the point. Your original
has the whole thing, don't worry."

I gave her a kiss and went back to watching the tape. A few minutes
later, Mike sprayed her tits and throat with stream after stream of hot
cum. Kelly turned the volume up a little so I could here her ask him to
lick his cum from her chest. He balked at first, so she told him how much
she wanted to see him do it, how hot it would make her. Even hotter than
that kiss the day before. He was still hemming and hawing when she made him
the anal offer.

That sealed the deal. Without another word he went to work, licking up
every drop. He may not have wanted to do it, but he showed no hesitation
once he started. In fact, he seemed to be enjoying it.

Beside me, Kelly was rapidly finger fucking herself. Watching the video was
making her just as hot as it was making me. I stroked my cock as I watched
her and the TV at the same time.

When Mike had finished, the picture on screen changed again. This time the
image was Kelly, between the legs of another girl, licking pussy.

She giggled. "Special treat for you, babe. Remember that threesome I told
you about? Mike filmed this while we were performing for him. I thought you
might enjoy seeing it."

"You were right." My attention was glued to the screen until I felt her
start to suck on my cock. I looked down at her. She looked heavenly with my
dick in her mouth. She sucked just long enough to make sure I was rock
hard, then she straddled me and I slid into her cunt.

She held still for a minute and asked, "Well, do you think he's ready?"

"I do. I'll come over tonight. We'll play some pool, have a few beers, and
see what happens."

She started to ride me, slowly, up and down. From the TV I could here the
other girl moaning louder. Then Kelly's cries over whelmed the TV sound as
she came. She almost collapsed, but I was still hard and held her tight.

"I think my cock must be pretty lubricated by now, don't you?"

"Yes," she said, hesitantly.

I lifted her straight up, off my cock, pulled her forward just a little, a
slid her back down. She let out a gasp as my slick cock slid quickly into
her ass.

"There, that's not so bad, is it?"

She just groaned, but she started lifting herself up and back down, using
her wonderful ass to fuck me senseless. Soon I cried out and filled her up
with cum.

We lay back on the bed for a while and talked, making plans for the night.

Eventually, I got dressed and left.

As planned, I was back at the house that evening. We drank some beer,
smoked a little reefer and played some pool. Mike was wearing jeans and a
t-shirt that really showed off his muscular chest. Kelly was wearing a
short skirt and a very low cut blouse with no underwear off any kind. She
loved giving me peeks when Mike wasn't looking and every time he left the
room to go to the bathroom she fell into my arms and kissed me

She was incredible exited about the plan for the evening.

Whenever Mike was around, Kelly and I razzed each other. Especially about
the pool games. I had beat her eleven straight games and she kept insisting
she was just warming up, that she was going to kick my ass.

Finally, pretending to have had enough, I said, "If you're so confidant,
how about a little wager?"

"Like what?" She replied.

"Twenty bucks?"

She laughed. "The hell with money. If you're so sure you're going to win,
let's get really daring. Looser has to suck Mike off while the winner

That was the key moment. If Mike objected, we weren't going to get anywhere
tonight. With luck, he'd be so sure that I was going to win that he'd go
along with it.

Luck was with us.

Mike said, "You'll love this, Tom, Kelly looks best with my dick in her

That settled, we started the game. Like all the others, I was easily
winning, but a little too much English and with only two balls left I
accidentally (on purpose) sunk the eight.

Kelly started jumping up and down, yelling, "I win, and I win!"

I looked over and Mike. He laughed and said, "harsh luck, dude." Without
any other comment he stood up and stripped, then sat back on the couch. His
cock was already half hard. He looked at me and said, "Well?"

Kelly came over and sat on the arm of the couch where she had a good
view. She hiked her skirt up and started playing with herself. I knelt in
front of Mike and took his dick in my hand. He didn't say anything, but he
was smiling. I ran my tongue down his shaft and across his balls. He was
fully hard now.

He groaned as I took him in my mouth. He ran his fingers through my hair as
I sucked him. Kelly disappeared for a minute, and then she was back with
the video camera, filming us. Mike didn't object. Instead, he whispered
that I might be more comfortable if I got undressed, too.

I backed off of him while I undressed.

"Ever been with a man before?" I asked.

"No, you?"

"Yeah, I'm bi."

He nodded. "I've always been curious. Kelly buys a lot of bi porn flicks."

Kelly gasped. "I hide those. I didn't know you'd seen them."

Mike laughed. "You left one in the DVD player one night. After that, I
started looking for them."

"Why don't we stretch out on the floor, get a little more comfortable. If
we're going to fulfill Kelly's fantasy, may as well do it right."

He stretched out on the floor and I got back into position so I could suck
his cock some more. This time, however, I was stretched out in the opposite
direction so my own cock was near his face. I watched him as I took him
back in my mouth. He moaned softly and his eyes were glued to my dick.

Kelly put the camera down on a speaker where it had a good view of the room
and stripped out of her own outfit. Then she knelt down by Mike's head and
guided my cock to his lips. He hesitated for a moment, then opened his
mouth and engulfed me.

Kelly was running her hands up and down both our bodies, urging us on, and
I could tell by the way Mike was shaking that he was close to blowing his
load. I moved faster and faster, and slid a finger into his ass. He grunted
once and shot a huge load into my mouth.

Kelly pulled me away from him and pressed her mouth to mine. I shared his
cum willingly and when it was gone I realized that he had stopped sucking
me. Kelly and I both looked at him, he was gaping at us.

"You planned this, didn't you?"

Neither of us answered with words. We both bent down and together we licked
his cock dry.

Kelly looked back at Mike and said, "well, aren't you going to finish?"

He shook his head in disbelief, but took my dick back in his mouth and
started to suck. He was getting into it, even tickling my balls and sliding
a finger into my ass. While he worked me, Kelly and I kissed and watched

I told her when I was getting close and she moved down to help him. They
were both licking and sucking and as I neared orgasm, I told her. She
pulled me from his lips and pointed my cock at his face and stroked me
until I came. Stream after stream hit him in the lips, his cheeks, his
nose, even his eyes. When I was finished she made him lick me clean, then
fed him a large glob of my cum on the tip of her finger.

Then I moved down and helped her lick his face clean. I paused at his lips
and he kissed me, tongue and all. Kelly squealed in delight. Then she
looked at Mike and said, "I love you, honey."

He grinned and said, "I think our life just got a whole lot more

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