Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jackie Likes to Play

Jackie and I were married in 1968. We both had little experience with sex.
We were not virgins but you could count the number of partners we had on
one hand. We kind of learned to do the really erotic things together. I had
never to that time eaten any pussy. So I learned with Jackie. She had tried
to give head to a few of her former boyfriend at their request, but said
she never liked it. With time and my dick she learned how. You see my cock
is only about 5" long so it was easy for Jackie to learn how.
After we were married and before the kids came we practiced all
over our home. We would pass each other doing two different things and one
or the other would stop the other and we would get somewhat undressed and
fuck right there.
I would get behind her while she was cooking and reach under
her blouse and force her bra up. Then I would play with her tits and pinch
and pull her nipples. This all ways got her hot. After a little while of
this she would start to wiggle her ass back at me. For a while when I would
do this, I would make her stop cooking and turn the stove off and get her
pants off and fuck her on our dinning table. This would bring smiles to
both our faces when we had my mother or other relatives over for dinner.
After time I would do this but instead of taking Jackie to the
table to cool us both down, I would get her all hot and bothered and then
just walk out and leave her panting. After she would fuss and get her bra
and shirt back together. A little later after she had taken her bath and
was relaxing and watching TV laying on the sofa, with her nightgown on I
would go to her and kneel beside her and start again. I'd reach under her
gown and play with her well-trimmed pussy. And again play with her
tits. She would get all excited again and want to fuck. I then would get up
and go sit in my chair and say not now. Well by the time we were ready for
bed Jackie was ready to fuck the dog.
On these nights when we would go to bed Jackie would do any
thing I would ask. I would make her take off her gown and stand in front of
me as I sat on the side of the bed. I have all ways been an ass man, and
Jackie had a fine one. I would make her turn her ass to me and bend over
and put her hands on her lower legs. Then I'd put my hands between her legs
and make her move them a little apart. I would play with her pussy from
behind and finger her. I then would lick her asshole and try to get my
tongue in as far as I could.
She was then made to get on her knees and suck my cock. I
really loved looking down at the top of her head while she sucked my dick
and balls. I would fuck her on her back with me standing at the corner of
the bed with her legs pushed back all most to her chest. She liked this
position best with her ass right on the edge of the corner of the bed and
me with my feet on either side plowing her open pussy.
Well this kind of lovemaking went on till the kids came. We had
two and they came about two years apart. The kids really liked to go to
Disney World in Florida, and lucky we had a friend that worked there and
got us passes to all the different sites. So we would make that long trip
to Florida from or home in Louisiana.
Well by then we were both over thirty and had the suburban
blues. Well one summer we had gone to Disney and were on our way home. I
had been driving for about 6 hours and was board. The kids were asleep and
Jackie was just lying against her door with a pillow. She had a little
outfit that was made of terrycloth.
It was a one-piece thing that was strapless and short-short
bottom. When she wore it she usually didn't wear a bra. For her age her
tits still pointed all most straight out. Anyway I tapped her on the arm
and when she looked at me I put my finger to my lips to tell her to be
quite. I then reached over and pulled down the top of her little outfit
below her tits. The first thing she did was look to see if the kids were
awake. After seeing they were not awake she turned back and looked at her
self and smiled. I started playing with her and she laid her head back
down. After a little while I could tell Jackie was getting excited.
I was having trouble keeping the car out of the ditch looking
at what I was doing. She looked so sexy lying there with her head back and
her tits sticking out. She then heard that I was passing a big truck and
sat up. I told her to relax and give the truck driver a show. Well when we
got along side by the driver I slowed down a little. Jackie just closed her
eyes and let the driver have a good look. He all most went of the road to
trying to keep up. While he was looking I reached over and again played
with Jackie's tits and nipples. Then I reached down and started rubbing her
pussy. When I did that the truck driver blow his air horns.
We did this a few more times that day and when we got home I
asked Jackie if she liked what we had done. She said it was very exciting.

So when the kids were at ball practice or at a friends house, we would go
for a car ride. We lived close to I-10 so it did not take long get Jackie's
tits out and find a trucker. Jackie wore her little outfit so we could get
her on display fast. She would get so hot that sometimes I had to pull over
and finger fuck her several time to cool her off.
This is how the next stage of our life began. One time while we
were on the side of I-10 and I had my hand up Jackie's short pant leg with
two fingers in her pussy, I heard a big rig stop behind us. The driver got
out and so did I. We walked around to the side of my car and he asked if we
were all right? I said we were and that we were looking at a map. The
driver said that we must be really lost because he had seen us only days
earlier driving the same way with my female partner riding with her tits
out and waving at him. I didn't know what to say. He said that if he could
get a closer look and fell he would not tell on us.
I told him that the female was my wife and that we did this to
spice up our sex live. He said he didn't care and lets get started. I am
not a little guy but this guy was way bigger than I was. So to keep from
getting my ass beat on the side of the road I said give me a minute to talk
to my wife. I told Jackie what was going on and what she had to do. At
first she was very scarred, then she started thinking about what she might
have to do and said O.K. I called the driver over and let him look Jackie
over. He said he wanted to see Jackie's tits. So she pulled down her little
top and exposed her chest to the truck driver.
He that they were nice for a woman her age. He then reached
down with one hand and started messaging her right tit. After playing with
that one he leaned over further to reach the left one. Jackie was getting
excited and started beathing faster. While the driver was leaning over I
could not see what he was doing. He had his left hand down between Jackie's
legs and was rubbing her pussy. So there she was on the side of I-10 with
her tits out and some stranger playing with her tits and pussy.
After getting Jackie so worked up that her nipples were rock
hard and her pussy was socked through her shorts. He then told her that he
was going to take her back to his truck and fuck her in his sleeper. He
turned to me and asked if I minded. I looked at Jackie sitting in the car
rubbing her own pussy and looking at me with a pleading expression on her
He told her to pull her top up and to follow him. They went to
his truck and he opened the door for Jackie to clime in. As she was going
up the steps to the cab he goosed her in the ass. She squealed and almost
mists the last step. He then started in and I was right behind him. He
turned to ask where was I going? I said you can fuck her but I get to
He said O.K. and once inside he got in the sleeper and pulled
Jackie in. I went to sit in the driver's seat. He told Jackie to take her
outfit off and she did. He then had her turn around towards the front of
the truck and bend over between the two seats. He started finger fucking
her from the back and as she was bent over with her hands on the back of
the seats, I started playing with her tits again.
It didn't take long for Jackie to get hot again. When the
driver though she was ready he made her kneel down and take his dick out
and suck it. When he was hard he looked to be about 8" long and 2"round. He
made Jackie lay down and he took her legs and put them on his shoulders.
When he leaned over to get in position I could see Jackie's pussy and
asshole. He then started pushing his cock in her and when he bottomed out
he pulled back and started pumping like an oil rig. With her legs supported
on his shoulders he was able to reach down and again play with Jackie's
tits. He lasted about 10 min. and then shot off in Jackie's pussy. He said
he had to run before he was late for a delivery. He pulled up his pants and
then we both watched as Jackie pulled her little outfit back on.
He said thanks and lets do it again. We got out and walked back
to the car. As I opened the door for Jackie she said look, And when I
looked I saw that front of her little outfit was soaked through with the
drivers com. This made me really hot and I reached down and rubbed between
Jackie's legs and felt her pussy where all the drivers com was leaking out.
Jackie has become a real show off since them. We have seen the
same truck driver two times since then. He has fucked Jackie both times.
The word got around fast about a couple on I-10 showing the woman's tits
and picking some lucky truck driver and fucking him on the side of the
road. Jackie has fucked about 15 guys since we started. She has had all
kinds, even a few blacks.
One black man she really likes a lot, his name is Allen. The
first time we stopped for him Jackie was very excited. She had never been
with a black man and could not wait to try him out. We went through the
same routine and then when we went to his truck we saw he did not have a
sleeper. We told him to bad that we could not do it with out someplace off
the road. Well Allen said to bad for us and that he and Jackie were going
to stand between the cab and the trailer. We tried to protest but he won
out. So with Jackie nude and Allen standing behind her bent over the spare
tire he fucked her.
As the cars and trucks went by I don't think they could see
anything. It is a good thing that they could not see or hear Jackie as she
was fucked buy this big dicked black man. Allen's cock was large to say the
lease. It is 9" long and 2" around. A lot bigger than me. When he was
finished he was holding Jackie around the waist with her feet off the road.
Jackie liked him so much that Allen now comes to our home and fucks Jackie
in our bed.
Jackie enjoyed getting fucked by Allan so much that she now
goes to meet him at his place in New Orleans. Jackie told me that in the
last few weeks that Allen has taken her to a local bar where he hangs out
with his friends. She said that Allan likes to show her off to them by
feeling her up in front of them. Sometimes they form a circle around her
and Allan has her open her blouse and pull up he bra. They then all play
with her tits and some rub her pussy and ass.
I think that more than Allan is fucking her. She comes home now
and has me watch as she takes her clothes of and see how much black com
comes out of her pussy. Then she makes me eat her clean to show me how much
bigger her pussy is since she started fucking big black cock. I didn't like
doing that at first but now I look forward to eating all that creamy com.
Jackie told me that she would like to see me get the com from
the source. At first I said no, Then Jackie said that if I didn't do this
for her she would move out and live with Allan. Well I still loved her and
wanted to do like she wanted, so I said all right.
So the next time Allan came over Jackie told him what she
wanted. Allan said that he was all right with that but he would not do any
thing else with me. He said a blowjob is a blowjob. So Jackie made me kneel
down and had Allan stand in front of me. As I was kneeling she told me to
go ahead you know what to do. I reached up and pulled down Allan's zipper
and reached in and took out his cock. I had seen it lots of times but not
this close. It felt heavy in my hand and really looked big. Allan put one
of his hands on the back of my head and pulled me toward his cock.
I opened my mouth and started taking that black cock in. I had
never done this before and was trying to do like Jackie used to do to me.
Well I guess I did all right because Allan started to breath faster and he
put his other hand on head and began trying to fuck my face.

After about 10 minutes he was trying to push his cock down
throat. I was choking at first trying to breath and suck at the same
time. Jackie looking on said to try to breathe when he pulls back. It
worked and Allan was able to get that black cock down my thouth. Well he
lasted just a little longer and then shot off what I though was a gallon of
that creamy com.
Since then I have sucked off Allan at Jackie's orders a lot.
Also I've been taken to the bar in New Orleans with Jackie and Allan. At
first it was so Jackie could tell Allan's friends how I love to suck
Allan's black cock. Lately his friend's now make a circle around me and
make me suck one or all there. One friend of Allan's, Buck stated paying
more attention to me than the others. He would take me aside after I was
through sucking his friend and at the end of the bar we would have drinks
together alone. He would tell me that he liked me and wanted to get
together with me alone. Al the while he was rubbing my ass and trying to
get his finger in my asshole. It felt really nice so I didn't try to stop
He would make me unbutton several buttons on my shirt so he
could play with my man tits. He reached in and found my nipples and pinched
and pulled on them till they were sore. It hurt so good. At first I didn't
understand why he or any other man would want me with someone like Jackie
or any other woman. I was at the time 6'3 and about 280pounds. I asked and
Buck said that he was bi sexual and that he liked men with big asses, and I
had one.
Well he finely talked me in to it and I asked Jackie if I could
be with Buck. She smiled and said that she was happy that I had found
someone to make me into his bitch. I didn't like the sound of that at first
then the more I though on it the more I understood. I was becoming a
submissive and wanted this.
Buck worked as a supervisor for a long shoreman company. He
told me to come to his office late one day. I went there about 6:00pm last
Tuesday. He was the only one there and said to come in. After closing his
door and locking it he pulled me in his arms and kissed me. I had never
kissed a man before and was a little stunned. But he was gentile and had
really soft lips. He and I started to get excited and breathing faster.
He reached around me and started rubbing my ass. He stepped
back and said for me to take his shirt and pants off.

I did and his cock was starting to rise and fill out, it looked
really good. I had seen it before but never in all its full glory. He then
told me to undress, I did and he made me stand so he could walk all around
me. My cock has gotten smaller over the years because of the medicine I
take for dieabeis and my high blood pressure. I was ashamed looking at his
9" black cock and mine. He saw that there was something wrong and
asked. When I told him he said not to worry that he did not care if my cock
was 1" long, as he put his fingers in the crack of my as. He found my man
pussy and started to push his finger in, then said that he did not want to
suck my cock only fuck my ass.
He told me to follow him to the bathroom. There he told me he
was going to show me how to clean my ass. I didn't understand at first. He
showed me the red bag with the hose hanging from it. He said that he would
put the water in my ass and then make me hold it till he was able to
leave. I won't go through the whole thing but it was a new experience. When
we had done it 3 times Buck said that I was clean.
We then went to the bedroom and he had me kneel down and suck
his cock hard. Then he had me kneel on the side of the bed on my hands and
knees. Buck got some cream from his nightstand and using his fingers he put
some on my ass and his cock. He then started to put his cock in my virgin
ass. At first the head slowly opened up my hole. When it was finally in I
was sweating. Buck slowly pushed it in till his balls hit the spot between
my ass and balls. I felt really full and excited at the same time.
I know this was something I would enjoy for a long time. While
Buck fucked me he reached around to play with my tits. Being as big as I am
my tit's hung down all most like a woman. He felt and lifted them and then
found my nipples. He pinched and pulled them and fucked me with long
strokes. I was down on my elbows with my big ass up in the air. Buck was
taken full advantage of the way I was kneeling and really started hammering
me. It was not long after that he began slapping my ass and asking who was
my daddy?
I could feel Buck's big black cock erupted and shooting deep in
my bowels making me his bitch. When he pulled out I could fell his juice
running down from my ass on the back of my balls and little cock.

Well I really did become Buck's bitch that day. He fucked my
three times through the evening. I also suck him off before breakfast.
Since then Jackie has moved in with Allan and they live in New Orleans.
Buck and I live together in his house not far from them. I am truly a
bottom submissive and enjoy my role with Buck. I truly love black cock and
I still am made to suck off Allan and Buck's friends. Buck does not mind as
long as no one touches my ass.

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