Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Leah makes her daily stop at the newsstand after work, glancing quickly at
the array of magazines before picking up the daily paper. The cover of
Cosmopolitan screams, "101 Sex Tips to Make Him Scream" and "Mind-blowing
New Positions." She sighs and thinks to herself, "I wish they made
Cosmo-Lesbian, I hate all of these sex mags, they never have anything for
me..." She brushes it off and pays for her paper, then heads for the

She catches the 1 train in plenty of time and finds a seat amid the rush
hour passengers. She settles in for her ride downtown and takes out her
paper. It's been a good Friday, she finished a major project in work, had
a very successful lunch meeting with some executives of the company, and is
headed home to get ready for a night on the town. She knows that Carrie,
her girlfriend, will be waiting for her there. She turns her attention to
her paper but can't focus on any of the articles. Her night is bound to be

Earlier in the week, Carrie's best friend Michael invited them to a huge
birthday bash for his boyfriend at his favorite club, the Avalon. The club
was predominately gay men, but Leah and Carrie would be going as a couple
and they'd be with a party, so they weren't worried. "It should be great,"
Leah thought, "A night to really focus on each other and have a good time."

Leah's stop came in no time it seemed and she was soon walking the two
short blocks home. As she expected, Carrie was waiting for her, excited
about their night out at the club. "How was your day?" Carrie asked.

"Great! We finished the Grady project and I had an awesome meeting with
Greg Thomas and Amy Sanchez over lunch. What's more important, however, is
how my night is going to be..."

Carrie smiled at her slyly and began to set the table for dinner. They
busied themselves making a nice salad and some pasta for dinner before they
began to get ready for the evening. "I'm going to take a shower, if you're
interested," Leah said when they were finished.

"Interested? I'm completely intrigued, I might have to check it out."

Leah turned the shower on and stepped under the hot water, letting it run
over her body. It felt so good after a long day in the office and she had
thoughts of what was to come. Carrie soon joined her, slipping in behind
her and putting her arms around Leah's hot, wet body. Carrie kissed her
neck gently and began to cup Leah's breasts in her hands. She fondled
them, caressing Leah's nipples with a knowing touch. Soon Leah felt a
stirring in her pussy and reached down to touch herself. Even in the
cascading water of the shower, she could feel her pussy juices, sweet and
wet between her legs. Carrie moved her hands down Leah's body as well,
feeling her beautiful flat stomach and her swollen pussy lips before
reaching further to feel the wetness in her girlfriend's pussy. Leah moved
her hands to her own breasts, twisting and pulling on her sensitive nipples
as Carrie loved her dripping slit. Carrie slipped her fingers inside of
Leah, feeling the wonderful softness of her pussy enveloping her hand.
Leah gasps, unable to hide her intense pleasure. She leans forward,
bracing herself on the shower wall as Carrie slides her fingers in and out
of her. She feels Carrie begin to stimulate her clit as well and almost
comes instantaneously. She waits, letting her pleasure intensify as Carrie
makes love to her faster and harder and then Leah explodes, letting her
juices flow onto Carrie's love soaked hands and mix with the water flowing
over her body. She collapses onto the floor of the shower, her body weak
from ecstasy.

Leah looks up into Carrie's eyes and smiles, basking in love and sex. She
reaches up and feels Carrie's wetness. She licks it off of her fingers and
tastes the sweetness of her lover. Then she turns and rises to her knees,
kissing Carrie's thighs and her lips before gently tasting her pussy.
Carrie moans, feeling the soft touch of Leah's tongue against her clit and
the warmth of her breath on her slit. Leah eases her tongue into Carrie's
soft, warm hole, loving the musky sweet smell that fills her. Carrie gets
wetter and wetter as Leah's tongue goes in and out of her and then she
feels Leah begin to lick and suck on her clit. Carrie's knees go weak as
she gives in to the pleasure, moaning in ecstasy and grinding her pussy
against Leah's face. She screams with rapture as she comes and comes.
Then she too sinks to the floor, sitting with Leah in the shower, their
bodies wet and satisfied. Carrie kisses her, tasting herself on Leah's
tongue, sweet and warm.

They finish showering in between long kisses and dry off, admiring one
another's gorgeous naked bodies. Then they get ready, doing their hair and
makeup, dressing in sexy clubbing outfits and flashy jewelry, and
complimenting each other on how great the other looks. Before leaving the
apartment, they share a drink, savoring the moments they spend together
each day.

Then Leah and Carrie head to the Avalon to meet Michael, his boyfriend
Jason, and the rest of the party. When they walk in, they are met with the
sight of hundreds of gay men, dancing, drinking, and cruising. They spot
Michael and Jason just inside, waiting to get everyone together and they
wave. "Hi Michael, thanks for inviting us!" Carrie says, excited to be in
such a high energy atmosphere.

"Hi guys! I'm so glad you came! Everyone else is here, this is Jake,
Matt, Stan, and Andrew, and Brian and his boyfriend Dan." Michael
indicated a tall, lanky blond, a shorter, stouter brunette, a mousy, thin
man, a muscular black man, and a stunning couple, respectively. Leah
looked Brian and Dan up and down, amazed that these two gorgeous men were
gay lovers. Brian had jet black hair and a dazzling smile, as well as a
cordial personality. He was very affectionate toward Dan, putting his hand
on the small of his back and whispering sweet nothings in his ear. Dan had
gorgeous brown hair, styled, with every hair in place. Through his tight,
thin t-shirt, you could see his abs, rock hard and his nipples, standing at

Leah turned to Carrie and raised her eyebrows, she knew that Carrie had
been checking out the hot couple as well and wasn't surprised when she
mouthed the word "Hot!" to Leah. The group moved on to the bar and toasted
to Jason on his birthday. They had a few more shots before wandering to
the dance floor to bump and grind. And that's just what they did...Leah
got right into it, grinding her ass against Carrie and dancing to the beat
pounding around them. All of the single guys found partners quickly and
began to dance. What Leah and Carrie were interested in, however, was the
hot couple dancing beside them, Brian and Dan. They snuck glances at the
sensual, rhythmic dancing of the gorgeous gay couple as the night wore on.
Though the others began to drift away with their newfound partners, Leah
and Carrie continued to drink, dance, and have fun with Dan and Brian.
Around two, they decided that it was about time to get going and Leah
looked into Carrie's eyes, asking the all important question, Should we
take them home? Carrie didn't even have to answer, her look said it all...

Leah danced her way over to Dan and whispered in his ear, "We're going to
go soon and we hoped you'd join us."

Dan smiled and leaned in to whisper, "We were hoping you'd ask."

The two couples headed to the door, smiling and laughing as they went.
They caught a cab back to Leah and Carrie's apartment and headed inside,
all knowing what was to come. They walked through the door and proceeded
to the bedroom, electricity in the air. Leah dimmed the lights and turned
to Carrie to kiss her deeply. Dan and Brian followed suit, kissing and
taking off each other's shirts to feel their bare chests touch. Leah
unbuttoned Carrie's shirt and pulled her skirt down with one smooth motion,
leaving her in just a black thong and a sexy black bra pulled taught
against her shapely breasts and erect nipples. Then Leah undressed herself
and led Carrie to the bed where Dan and Brian were kissing and caressing
one another, each wearing only boxers. The lesbian couple drank in the
scene with thirsty eyes and couldn't help being aroused by such a sensual

Leah soon eased over behind Dan and slipped her arms around him to feel his
smooth skin over well developed muscles. She took his nipples between her
fingers and fondled them, making them harder and harder. Carrie tended to
Brian, kissing his neck while slipping off his boxers to reveal his huge,
thick cock. Leah also removed Dan's shorts so his hard dick was visible.
Soon the boys turned their attentions to Leah and Carrie as well, taking
off their bras and unleashing their gorgeous breasts. They couldn't keep
their hands off of the girls, touching and playing with their breasts and
nipples as Leah and Carrie moaned in pleasure. Now all four of the lovers
were aroused and begging for release.

Carrie kissed Leah and made her way down Leah's body, kissing every inch of
her and finally parting her pussy lips with her tongue. She was rewarded
by a long, slow moan from Leah and a hard cock touching her pussy lips. As
she continued to eat her girlfriend, Brian slid his dick into her dripping
hole, making her scream into Leah's cunt. Dan went behind Brian and began
to lick his tight asshole, making it wet and ready to take his dick. He
soon put his cock head up against that tight little rosebud and pushed his
manhood deep inside of his lover. The four moved in rhythm and moaned and
screamed in unison. They fucked faster and faster, harder and harder.
Then Dan shot his load deep into Brian's ass, his dick pumping every last
drop of cum out of him. Brian couldn't take it anymore and, as Leah and
Carrie began to scream with orgasm, he came all over Carrie's belly and

Both couples collapsed onto the bed, their bodies spent from this long and
exhausting night. They kissed and touched each other, enjoying the feel of
skin on skin and fell asleep, dreaming of the amazing sex they'd just
had...and the amazing sex yet to come.

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