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Chapter 42 Doug Senior Citizens Eden

Chapter 42


After Doug's wife died, he sold everything and moved to Carter
Court. He made one exception, his RV and camper. For years, he and his
wife enjoyed their weekend camping trips all over the country, staying at
campgrounds convenient to their needs. Most memorable among these needs
was the gratuitous sex that could be found at the campgrounds. Both Doug
and Helen were "swingers" most of their lives and look forward to these
encounters, whether as solos or in pairs. Things usually went this way.
They would arrive at a campground in the middle of the afternoon and settle
in. Both Doug and Helen would check out the bathroom and shower areas and
strike up a friendly conversation with the willing. Sometimes these led to
nothing. At other times, they led to friendships. At still other times,
they would lead to friendship and beyond, sexual encounters that each
cherished. Once, for example, Doug, while showering, heard the footsteps
of someone entering the bathroom. He heard the tinkle of urine at the
urinal and then the opening and closing of the toilet stall. As he
continued to shower, he could make out faint sounds of heavy breathing. He
thought nothing of it until he noted the shadow of a man standing near the
opening to the shower. Since the showers were open, the shadow silhouetted
the man's cock, fully erect, his hand moving slowly back and forth. He
decided to go along with the charade and gave full attention to soaping his
cock that now stood semi erect. He toyed long and slow with his cock and
asshole, assuming his viewer could catch a partial glimpse of the loving
attentions he gave to his privates. He decided to explore further and
stepped out of the shower. They stood facing one another, he, an older
man, probably in his 60's. Without a word, the man knelt before Doug and
took his cock deep into his mouth, kneading his low hanging balls as he did
so. He paused long enough to say, "Name's Carl. Saw you when you came in
with your wife," and continued to suck.

Doug responded, "Maybe you'd like a threesome."

"How about a foursome. My wife likes to mix it up, too."

"Better yet," Doug beamed.

Both withdrew as they heard footfalls on the pathway outside. "See
you in an hour?" Doug managed.

"OK, an hour from now.

Doug stepped back into the shower, waited a few minutes until his
cock relaxed and then proceeded to towel himself. The new arrival poked
his head into the shower and asked, "Be finished, soon?

"Yep," replied Doug.

"Don't hurry. I've got some shaving to do yet."

Doug stepped out to dry himself, his cock still semi erect. The newcomer,
a man in his early 60's glanced first at Doug and then his cock. A
friendly smile signaled his approval as he began to strip, readying himself
for the shower. His ample cock, all 6 inches of it, swayed as he steadied
himself on one leg as he removed his pants and underwear. "Just got in.
It'll be nice to wash down after a long day on the road. I'm at site 28.
Maybe I'll see you around."

Taking note that the site was adjacent to his, he added, "I'm sure
we will. We're in 27." Doug tried to imagine the older man's 6 inches
growing into a hard, tumescent 7 inches or more as he lay in bed with him
and Helen, his cock driving deep into Helen's hot cunt as his head thrust
between his legs sucked the juices from the man's cock and Helen's cunt as
they fucked.

"Name's Jed," the man interjected, breaking Doug's reverie. It
allowed him to take in the man as he stood naked before him. He was tall,
with a slight paunch and well tanned, the tan being total, suggesting a
dalliance with nudism. A spot of gray hair accented the firm nipples on
his chest. His eyes moved to his face and took in a ruddy complexion,
graying at the temples, and a fine nose that accented a gentle face. Doug
bent over to dry his feet, his head just inches away from the man's cock.
He saw close up a bulbous cockhead that twitched momentarily as he tried to
imagine again this large cock in his mouth, filling it with hot cum.

"Doug's my name. I hope we can visit some before part our ways."

They shook hands and Doug left, excited by another prospect of hot
sex. Arriving back at the camper, he relayed the good news to Helen who
had her own revelations to offer. While Doug showered, she met Jane, the
woman next door, completely unaware of Doug and Carl's encounter in the
shower. Jane and Helen's meeting was a bit more subdued than Doug's, but
nonetheless suggestive of things to come. Jane "happened" to come out the
door of her camper, wrapped in a towel that handily fell as she encountered

"Oops," she cried, embarrassingly. "I didn't see you standing
there and it startled me a bit," she added.

"Don't mind a bit," was Helen's response. "One can't help letting
it all hang out in the campgrounds. You may be seeing me wandering around
in the nude, as well."

As she talked, Helen took in Jane's body. Large pendulous breasts
swayed before her as she bent to pick up the towel. A slight stomach
attested to her age. "Not unlike my own," she mused. A thick bush of
hair, slightly grayed, punctuated her vagina and Helen saw her head deep
between her legs, her tongue massaging her hot clitoris as Doug fucked her
from behind.

Doug interrupted her reverie with "They're coming over in an hour
for some play. Is that OK? Her husband Carl came on to me in the shower
and suggested a foursome."

"I'd better hurry and shower then."

Doug sat under the trailer porch sipping on a drink as Helen
bathed. He viewed the activity in Carl and Jane's trailer and grew excited
at the anticipation of events. His cock responded to this anticipation and
dripped some precum that his finger swiped at for his tongue to taste. He
remembered the warmth of Carl's mouth on his cock in the shower room and
anticipated that warmth anew. His thoughts ran forward to his own mouth
enveloping the thickness of Carl's hot cock and tasting the sweetness of
Jane's cunt as it hovered above his head, his tongue dipping deeply into
the wet, salty folds of her vagina. He tried to envisage Carl's hot cock
in Helen, moving in and out, slowly but deeply and listened to the sounds
of joy from Helen as Carl's hot cock penetrated her. He could taste the
smoothness of Carl's hot cum as it spurt into Helen. The fantasy ended
with Carl and Jane's arrival.

"Where's Helen," asked Jane.

"She's finishing her bath and getting some drinks for us," Doug

"While you two talk, I'll give her a hand," Jane added.

Jane entered the trailer and cooed, "Helen, it's me Jane. I've
come to give you a hand with the drinks.

"I'm in the bedroom, Jane. Come on in."

Helen stood naked as Jane entered. In the dimness of the light,
her large breasts sparkled with the mist of cologne that she had sprayed on
her neck. Her paunch accentuated her hips that gave a hint of the size of
her vagina. The gray hairs of her cunt glistened in the dim light. It was
more than Jane could take. Her arms embraced Helen tightly, her tongue
sinking deep into her mouth, their bodies falling onto the bed. Their legs
entwined, Helen felt the pressure of Jane's inner thigh on her clitoris as
their hot tongues tasted their inner passion. Jane's tongue moved down
Helen's body to her breasts, sucking, nibbling, biting her now sensitive
nipples. She continued downward to her navel and the font of her
voluptuousness, her vagina. She pressed her face deep into her hot cunt,
her nose and mouth inhaling the sensuousness of the odors emanating from
within. Her tongue dove deep into Helen's hot cunt to which Helen
responded with low, guttural moans of joy and release.

Outside, Doug and Carl sat recounting the events of the day. Doug
noted Carl's cockhead oozing from the side of his shorts and responded to
its presence with his warm hand sliding under it and massaging the droplets
of precum that had already began to form. The seclusion of the porch
allowed Doug to kneel before Carl, open his shorts and suck deeply his
semi-erect and passion filled cock. Carl's cockhead swelled to the touch
of Doug's mouth and tongue and he extended his legs to allow Doug's mouth
to sink deep onto his hot cock. Doug paused long enough to say, "Just a
partial repayment for your pleasuring in the shower." His mouth continued
downward, sucking both of his balls into his hot mouth while his hand
continued to massage Carl's now hard, pulsating, hot cock. His
explorations continued to Carl's asshole as Carl raised and hung his right
leg over the arm of the chair exposing the pulsing pink asshole that
signaled its readiness to be loved and penetrated. His loving continued
upward, his tongue searching the inner crevices of his groin and navel.
Consumed by passion, his mouth moved continuously upward, now encircling
the nipples of Carl's breasts, his tongue finally arriving at Carl's hot
mouth where their tongues entwined and made love while their hands
passionately clawed at their cocks and balls in sensuous abandon.

Carl managed a response despite the intensity of the passion,
"Let's check on the girls. My cock is ready to explode."

Upon entering the trailer, they could hear moans of delight
emanating from the bedroom. The view excited Doug and Carl as they
observed Helen and Jane embraced in a 69 position, their faces and mouth
buried and active in pleasuring each others clitoris. Their bodies pulsed
with excitement, their hips driving forcefully into each other's face and
mouth. Doug and Carl stripped quickly and with their cocks pounding and
throbbing lay on the bed exchanging wives. Doug's hot cock reached Jane's
cunt first, coming in from the back, forcing its way into her hot, wet and
passionate cunt passed Helen's red sensuous mouth and tongue. As Doug's
hot cock dove in and out of Jane's hot cunt, Helen's mouth and tongue
licked the underside of her husband's hot cock as it sensuously slide in
and out of Jane's dripping, wet cunt. Carl, too, found Helen's cunt,
driving his throbbing hot cock deep into her. The passion was intense for
all. Both Helen and Jane felt the deep thrusts of their lover's cocks in
their hot and excited cunts and, at the same time, enjoyed the
exquisiteness of watching in close proximity their husbands" cocks
penetrate a stranger's cunt passionately and deeply. The intensity of
their passion spilled over to loud moans and groans, each responding
uniquely to his/her passion. Doug moaned a continuous, "Oh! Baabby."
Carl's response was a guttural, "Ahhhhhhhhh." Jane and Helen uttered
passionately, "Yesssssss. Yessssssss. Yesssssss."

The animality of their sex drove them to the higher reaches of
sensuality. Helen and Jane's cunt, already stimulated, began their orgasms
at the moment of penetration. Each time that their lover's cock drove
hard, their orgasmic juices flowed onto their lover's cocks and their inner
thighs. The sheets, drenched with their love juices, allowed the girls to
lick, not only the crevices of passion but the sheets themselves. The
intensity of their passion went on for long minutes that translated into
hours of nirvana. Carl was the first to scream his fulfillment.

"Helen, baby, take it. Here it comes. Here it comes. HERE IT
COMES, BABY!" he screamed.

Carl's screams fed Doug's passion for fulfillment and soon after,
he cried tear of sensuous joy, "OH MY GOD! OOOH MY GOOOOD! OOOOOH MY

They all collapsed in a fleshy heap, capable of uttering only low
moans and groans and sighs of love and affection for this climax of
climaxes. Perhaps a half hour passed before anyone said anything
meaningful. Helen spoke first.

"How about that drink, now!"

The response was unanimous, and after a few minor ablutions, they
relaxed, regaling the events of this first encounter. That night was not
to end there. After several drinks, Jane's passion turned to Doug and they
fucked each other on the floor as Helen and Carl played with each other's
bodies and watched. After Doug and Jane's second cumming, Helen and Carl
took their turn. Several drinks later, Doug asked to be penetrated by
Carl's 7 inch cock as the girls watched excitedly. Helen, in the
excitement, knelt next to Doug, her husband, her ass high and expectant and
begged for Carl to penetrate her hot asshole, as well. Finally, many
drinks later, Doug fucked Carl and Jane's hot assholes as Helen lay beneath
Carl and took his hot cock into her mouth, at the same time fingering
Jane's hot pussy as Doug's hot, passionate 7 inch cock fucked Jane's wet
and passionate asshole.

The night ended there. After exchanging addresses and telephone
numbers, Carl and Jane left the next day vowing to recommence their love
orgy at some date in the near distant future.

Doug and Helen stayed another two days. On their penultimate day,
Doug, walking through the wooded area surrounding the campground,
literally, stumbled upon Jed, who lay naked in the grass, massaging his
balls and hard throbbing cock.

"Let me take care of that for you," Doug whispered. He knelt over
Jed's 8 inch hard, throbbing cock and sucked deliriously.

"Take your clothes off and kneel over my face and let me suck you
at the same time," Jed commanded.

As they sucked each other deeply, Doug fingered Jed's asshole
vigorously. The fingering drew moans of ecstasy from Jed whose hips heaved
to meet the thrust of Doug's finger as it massaged his excruciatingly
sensitive prostate.

"Fuck me, Doug. Fuck my hot ass hard, please."

Doug raised Jed's legs high, spit on his cock and drove his hard,
throbbing wet cock deep into Jed's awaiting asshole. It was a cry of joy.
"Oh! Baby, fuck me hard, hard, hard."

Doug drove his hard cock into Jed's hot ass fiercely and
passionately, each wild thrust greeted by Jed's cry for more and harder.
The wild fuck took only 5 minutes, but it ended with Doug's screams of
release, "You've got it baby. Here it comes, all of it. Take it. Take
it. Take my fucking hot cock and cum."

Jed shot simultaneously with Doug, shooting his hot cum high into
the air, splattering over Doug's pubic hair and stomach as he continued to
drive his hot cock deeper and deeper into Jed hot asshole.

"Fuck my mouth now," Jed cried.

At which command, Doug withdrew, rose over Jed's awaiting mouth and
fucked him deeply for several minutes. His cock spent, Doug knelt over
Jed's legs and licked the remnants of Jed's cum from his stomach and chest
and rested.

They walked back to the campground together and parted after
exchanging addresses and telephone numbers. Doug and Helen left the next

Now that Doug was alone, the character of the encounters changed.
But, in essence, being alone was not a problem. After his first month at
Carter Court, Doug set out for a weekend of fun in the neighboring state of
Indiana. He decided to check out Brown County, an unusually isolated and
beautiful area of Indiana that he and Helen often wished to visit. He
drove straight to the Peeking Hill Campground, arrived at 2:00 P. M. and
settled in. It was an idyllic setting: woodsy, isolated, situated on a
rambling clear stream that cut through the property. A number of
campgrounds were already occupied and he chose one near the stream and the
shower shed. On his first visit to the shower, he watched as an older man,
in his 70's, showered in an open stall. Since no one else was present, he
lingered a bit to enjoy the older man soap his lean body, being
particularly attentive to his balls and cock, and, most especially, to his
asshole. He watched as the old man inserted, first, two, then three, then
four of his fingers into his receptive asshole, at the same time, massaging
his semi-erect cock. His actions conveyed the feeling of aloneness,
pretending no one was present in the shower room. Doug was quick to
announce his presence with a flush of the toilet and watched as the old man
continued his soaping and massage. More interestingly, the old man
continuously soaped his legs, offering his ass to any onlooker as he bent
over to reach his ankles. As if in one movement, he would raise slightly
in the bent position and continue to probe his asshole with the soap.

Doug's cock, aroused by the actions of the old man, stood hard and
throbbing. He stood before the shower stall, cock hard and studied the
reaction of the old man to his pulsating hardness. The only reaction was
another bend over. Doug moved in quickly at this manifestation and,
clothed, drove his hot cock into the soaped expecting asshole of the
oldster and fucked him as he leaned against the wall. The unexpectedness
of the encounter led to a quick orgasm for Doug. He shot hard into the
oldster's hole, signaling his pleasure with loud moans of approval and
satisfaction and left. From a distance, he continued to watch the shower
room. An assortment of men went in, lingered long, and left with cocks
bulging in their shorts and pants. An hour later, Doug chose to check out
the oldster once more. To his amazement, the old man still showered. But
this time, two men stood nearby, cocks hard, watching a third fuck the old
man as he lay on the shower floor, legs raised, responding to a cock that
was all of 12 inches up his hot asshole. He made a mental note of finding
the address of the oldster and returned to his trailer.

The second evening at the campground brought new revelations. An
older couple moved in next to Doug. As is normal, friendly exchanges were
in order and the evening progressed to their having a few drinks, dinner,
and some after dinner drinks. Doug noted all this from the inside of his
trailer. He watched as they relaxed in the quiet of the day and, in a
direct relationship to their drinks, became increasingly romantic.
Darkness had set in. Doug watched as they stumbled into their trailer
bedroom and undressed. Their nakedness was in full view of Doug's dining
area and he sat, bemused as she knelt over his hard cock and sucked
deliriously. Her hairy cunt, grayed somewhat, faced Doug and he longed to
press his hot tongue and cock into its wetness as he watched. The old man
came quickly. Groans of excitement attested to his release and she
continued to suck his now flaccid cock for long minutes. Doug fondled his
hard cock as he watched, stripping naked to enjoy the fullness of his
desire. Suddenly, he realized she had disappeared from the bedroom. He
heard the door of their trailer close and, with the same suddenness of her
disappearance, she appeared at Doug's door, naked and, obviously, lusting.
Doug greeted her appearance hungrily and laid her on the kitchen floor and
fucked her hot cunt deliriously. There was little exchange of words. She
managed these few: "When you're ready to come, shoot your hot load in my
mouth. Let me suck you dry." Minutes afterwards, he shot his hot load
into her awaiting mouth, driving his cock deeply into her throat, letting
his hot cum spurt hard, letting his cockhead massage her glottis as she
accepted his hot load. As quickly as she arrived, she disappeared. The
next day, they we're gone.

The new day began ominously. The sun shone brightly and Doug's
expectations rose. A feeling of well-being overtook him only to be dashed
by noon, when clouds moved in and rain began to fall. He decided that
things would go downhill after this. But as the afternoon unfolded,
campers decided for a safe haven and the campground began to fill up
rapidly. With this change of events, Doug's optimism rose again and in his
loins, he felt the need of animal sex, a sexuality that he defined as
indiscriminate, a sexuality that became the foreplay for a meaningful
encounter. Often, this led to a masturbatory encounter, alone, but filled
with fantasies, real or imagined. He thought of the old man in the shower
and how, being fucked by many, might have led him to an exquisite orgasm,
alone, in the solitariness of his camper. Suddenly, he wanted that. He
wanted animal sex. He wanted indiscriminate sex. He wanted as many cocks
in his ass or mouth as he could take. He imagined himself lying on the
shower floor, twelve men standing over him, masturbating, shooting
simultaneously over the length of his body. He imagined himself bathed in
hot cum, tasting, massaging its warmth and salinity into all of the
crevices of his body. To prepare himself, he mixed a liter of martinis and
sipped its contents until he was all things to all men. The rain had
settled into a steady drizzle and he headed for the shower area. He was
alone and excited. It wasn't long before someone entered the shower area.
Since his own hardness did not enter into this sexual mode, he toyed with
his cock and asshole, lathering them abundantly.

A voice spoke, "Got room for two?"

"You're welcome," Doug replied. "Two showerheads, two bodies."

The shower mate was in his 50's. It excited Doug to have another
warm body so close. His cock rose to the occasion, especially since he
noted the man's cock standing erect. He imagined it to be 6 inches in
length. He thought of the old man and coquettishly bent over to soap his
ankles and feet, offering his asshole as a convenience to the bather. He
felt something brush against his asshole and continued in this position,
backing closer to the source of his contact. It happened quickly. The six
inch cock buried itself deep in Doug's asshole and, after several minutes
of deep thrusting, groans attested to the man's cumming. In seconds, he
left, leaving Doug with a feeling of exhilaration, a feeling that the night
had just begun, a feeling for satiety, a feeling that would come with
unmitigated sex. Five minutes more passed. Several others entered the
shower, looked, urinated and left. Doug could detect from the footfalls,
that some of the observants were the same. One returned, clothed, and,
unabashedly moved toward Doug with his cock hard and throbbing. Doug
leaned against the shower wall, offering his excited asshole to the new
arrival and felt a large cock penetrate him deeply. This time, it took
only seconds. He felt the warmth of the hot cum penetrate deep into his
asshole. The next 5 were different. Instead of anal sex, they wanted
Doug's warm mouth. In each case, Doug sat on the shower floor and accepted
their hardness and their hot passion into his mouth, all of them gushers,
hitting the back of his throat forcefully.

The night continued as Doug expected. In all, he counted 15 as his
trophies, trophies being the only way he could describe his actions. He
returned to his trailer enlivened by the night's activities. Much to his
surprise, he was greeted by the old man. They went to bed and loved until

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