Tuesday, April 28, 2009

nurtured, loved, cherished - part 2

Tiffey and I decided that as JJ got older, we should probably back off and
not interfere with normal development. From infancy his little dick was
being sucked by Tiffey, Sandra, occasionally Tom...and very often, me!
When she was still nursing him, sometimes I'd kneel between Tiffey's legs
and take his pee-pee in my mouth and just suck gently while his little
mouth sucked her nipples. It was fantastically erotic!

But we wanted everything to be well for him further on in later life,
without hang-ups from vague, bewildering traumas of guilt during his later
growing-up years. We knew we'd miss terribly our mouth-milking on his
sweet peter, and were very sad to reach this conclusion. Somehow, sensing
the cynical future, we'd never made movies or took pictures of our lovely
wild and blatant sexual escapades with him. In sum, our love was complete
and endless for young JJ. Our devotion was endless and we wanted a normal
development -the best we could provide.

Meanwhile, the white-hot sessions with Sandra and Tom continued, resulting
in some of the most phenomenal sex one could ever dream about!

Sandra had a marvelous clit that protruded about an inch when she was
really aroused. Tiffey and I would take turns sucking it...loving the
erotic, slobbering gaze of Tom's eyes devouring every movement of our
mouth...and it was even better with Tom's cock fucking furiously into her
soaked cunt. God, it was SOOOOOO fucking good! And Tom and I indulged
with many intense 69 sessions as we sucked and licked each other's cock and
ass! We always had a full gallery of blazon view as Tiffey and Sandra
fingered each other when they watched us in our gulping 69 sessions,
complete with our faces soaked in each other's cum. Then they consumed each
other's clits...

* * *

One night we all sat watching a movie on TV when JJ plopped down beside me
and asked, "Dad, can we go away? Just you and me?"

I laughed and answered "Sure enough, but Mom will be upset about her men
going off without her. Are you sure that's what you want?" He gave Tiffey
a quick glance, fell silent for awhile, then stated that he just wanted to
talk to me about some "guy" things. Tiffey just smiled and look away...but
I noticed it was one of "those" smiles I'd known for many years! She knew
exactly what he was thinking...and why he needed hid dad...

Later after he'd gone to bed, Tiffey talked and finally said, said, "I
think he needs a heavy dose of male bonding. There seems to be more and
more jotted spots and spurt inside his shorts! And that turns me on

That brought on some hefty, wicked giggles from us both. And Tiffey
watched my cock quiver under the sheet. "I just hope," I said shortly,
"...Would you believe," I began, "I still feel tugs in my mind sometimes
about just possibly him remembering too much from THOSE years when Sandra
licked him; then Tom and you and me sucking him. So often find myself
fantasizing about the taste of his maturing cock..."

Tiffey kissed me softly on the forehead. "I know, dear...and I find myself
fantasizing about what his cock tastes like now. How it would feel in my

God almighty! THAT thought set me off to stroking with one hand and
massaging with the other. And Tiffey so loved to watch my hands make my
cock so sweet and hard for her mouth! Oh, indeed! Personal lust deserved
erotic company! She sighed and easily unzipped my pants and said, "It
won't ever really go away, will it? I mean, all these years we've held
back, abstained from indulging in giving him sexual love. But still, I
wonder..." Then she gripped my cock and stroked it into her mouth...and my
hips went ballistic! "Fuck my mouth, baby! I so much love your cum! Give
it to me! I want it so much! Will you ever know how much I relish sucking
your delicious cream from your cock?" I held her head softly and fucked
her mouth as streams boiled from my toes and rose up my legs into the warm
wet refuge that was her sucking mouth! She twisted and, in 69,
instantaneously I felt her pussy cum splash on my lips and into my mouth.
We both so much loved to taste the cum of each other...

For awhile she said nothing, then..."Do what you need to do. I know you'll
handle it well," Tiffey mused finally." As an afterthought she added.
"Why not take him up to the cabin? You still have lots of work left to do
there. I'd hoped we'd have it finished by now."

That did it.

And she was right. JJ couldn't do a lot of heavy stuff of course, but
another pair of hands would really help me get a lot more done. But I
could probably teach him to plumb and square...and he could scrape and
paint without any problem. And there were a lot of other things he could
help with.

And on the drive up, he seemed cheerful, more so than lately and I was
happy about that.

* * *

We got in about sunset and after looking around a bit, we trudged back to
the car and split for a meal at my favorite diner, 12 miles away.

Once back, we started to talk, but he'd suddenly become rather moody again.
I just let him alone to bide my time...and let him pick his own moment to
open up a bit. I flicked on the tube, surfed around, but found nothing

JJ was beginning to twitch and feel antsy on the sofa. "Hey, big guy," I
said. "Why not take a shower now? I'll get mine when you're done." He
thought for a moment, then said, "OK, but can I use the one in the loft?
Yours and Mom's? I've never used that one before."

"Sure thing, sonny. This is our weekend. We can do anything you'd like to
do. Wanna start out fishing in the morning?" JJ: "Yeah, that sounds

After he'd padded away I thought, "small talk." Nothing yet, but I guess
he just needs time to get his young mind right. Twelve, after all, is a
very awkward age...

I went up later and he'd finished in the shower and had hopped in bed. He
had the blanket pulled up to his chin.

I showered and when I came out, he'd turned off the light and appeared to
be asleep. I got in the other bed, thought about things that still needed
to be talked about...and was on the verge of dropping off to sleep when I
felt the covers move and JJ climbed in with me.

A bit startled, I asked, "Bad dream?" Hell, all kids have `em, and I
thought that might be why he climbed in with me.

"No." he answered firmly. "I just want to be close to you now."

With a father's pride, I smiled into the dark. Someday, I hope he'd really
understand how much I loved him. My little boy! Wow, it made me tingle
all over!!!! I turned over and dropped off to sleep. Sometime later, I
felt his arm go around my waist. It felt wonderful that he was this close
to me. We didn't sleep together now like we did when he was younger. Part
of the "separation" process that Tiffey and I had agreed upon.

He snuggled closer and I was surprised to feel him naked against my back!
Hmmm. I knew at home he wore PJ's when he first went to bed, but somehow
they got lost in his sleep. Tiffey and I both knew he slept nude and
silently salivated at the thought. After that started, that's when she had
found the cum spots on his sheets.

But here he was, nudging against me without a stitch on. Lonely cabin, 12
miles away from anything. A wonderful retreat to find real privacy. I
felt my groin stirring and sorta moved my leg over the other to put a bit
of distance between us. Not that I wanted to do that; the last thing I
wanted was to move away. But I was trying to find some will power and do
this right. My mind was streaking with zillions of seductive, erotic
fantasies. But each time I moved away a bit, he'd just nudge closer and
hold on to me. Then I felt his cock getting hard against the crack of my
ass. I was instantly hard and it was really a monumental effort to stay
calm at that moment. I so much wanted to rock back against him and feel
his cock press firmly into my ass...

I sat up in bed, looked down at him and asked, "Feel like chatting a bit
now?" Then his tears flowed with loud sobs and it sounded like the depth
of his very soul was erupting into the night. I said nothing but pulled
him as close as I could and just rocked with him in the bed. Finally he
stopped sobbing and said, "There are just so many thoughts I have; so many
things I don't understand...so many feelings that are strange and
mysterious...yet they all seem delightful." Then he sobbed again, but
calmed down when I held him closer. Finally, he started blubbering again.
"My playmates tell me so many things! I don't know what's truth or lie

Harder I held him to me: "what do they say?" I asked. My cock was beyond

He'd been a brilliant child and his mind was agile and sharp. His grades
in school were almost always straight A's across the board. He spoke more
like an adult than a bewildered, frightened child...like he was right now.

"Whatever you need answered, I'm right here, son. Anything and everything
you want to know...any problem you have. Hell, don't you know that's what
good dads live for? To help their little men be the best he can and wants
to be!!!"

I found myself choking on the moment. So many feelings zipping around in
my OWN mind. God, for an instant I almost hated Tiffey for putting me in
this jam!

JJ started again. "Well...some boys at school keep talking about cocks and
pussies," he finally blurted out. "I mean they're no older than I am but
they talk about this stuff all the time!"

I laughed out loud in spite of myself. I had been consumed by the dread
that he may have recalled his nursing years. It would have been a horror
if, in our own greed, Tiffey and I had ruined him for life. I can't
describe the relief I felt right then!

So I hugged him again and related how the same thing happened to me when I
was a boy his age. He was astonished by that. About everyone talking, no
one explaining anything. Sex stuff that had to be learned from any other
source but home.

"Alright," I`d continued softly. "They're talking about sex stuff that you
don't know about...and it's time now to learn."

I remembered Tiffey's soothing comment about needing male bonding. Ok,
right. Now it's time for just that...bonding!

"We start from the beginning..."

...And I blathered on forth for about 15 minutes about little girls, little
boys. Big girls and big boys. God, I scared myself with the narrative to
him. Then he confessed what I already knew, that he was having wet dreams
at night...and with a little prodding from me, admitted that long ago, he'd
found out the private joy of masturbating; that exquisite feeling of cum
shooting from his dick to spasmed muscles on his tummy.

"Another word for it is, "jerking off," I told him.

"Yeah, that's what the guys at school call it. And Sammy even pulled out
his cock and jerked off so we could all see!"

Can you comprehend how delicate all of this was? My mind was SCREAMING to
see his cock move through his fist, then his cum to splatter all over his
belly. I had the blanket over my waist to hide the raging hard-on that
just wouldn't go away... Anyway, he related that he'd started about 4
years before, exploring his body with his hands, and then discovered how
wonderful it felt when he stroked his cock. "Yes it does feel wonderful,
son. And also what's wonderful is that it's as natural as brushing your

"Do you do it, dad? Jerk off I mean."

"Of course, John. Don't you think I'm normal?"

"Oh, I didn't mean that, dad. I just didn't know if grown-ups did it or

"There are some pleasures that grown-ups bring with them from their
childhood as they get older. And Mom and I aren't exactly fossils, you

JJ laughed hysterically at this. I mean he couldn't stop! Finally, he
almost choked and I had to pound his back so he could breathe again. It
had been a very nervous laugh...

We didn't talk for awhile. I lay back, lit a smoke and just let things
ease up a bit. I had to prop up one leg to hide the throbbing cock between
my twitching legs. That kid had no idea how much all of this had aroused
me. JJ scrunched a bit more in bed. I could sense another question

Then it came: "Does Mom, I mean, well..."

"Yes? What about Mom?

"Golly! I mean...does...Mom jack off, too?"

Now my laughter made my cock a bit soft! Such a lovely, natural question!
And it triggered a memory for ME about seeing her erotic fingers swirl and
plunge into her drenched pussy...

A dialogue of truth; only to be answered with complete and utter truth. If
I bailed out now, I would lose his trust forever.

So I spoke: "Yes, JJ. Mom "jerks off too. In most unique ways sometimes."
I felt the twitch of his leg against my thigh when I said this. JJ was
silent, then asked, "How does she do it, Dad?"

Perhaps I gulped. I really don't remember. I just know my cock grew hard
and more rigid as I spoke. I told him about dildos, vibes, cucumbers,
bananas, carrots...and finally about flexible cocks that probed and gave
her pleasure when her blood was hot and her cunt was very wet and needing.
I think I was over-elaborate with explaining, but half of my body was
burning to feel his cock erupt in my mouth...and the other half of my brain
was drooling to watch his cum gush inside her sucking mouth!

* * *

I felt a subtle movement, unseen in the dark. And I knew that JJ's hand
had moved to gently stroke his cock.

Finally his legs swung out of bed. "Gotta go pee," he mumbled. I saw the
light come on through the door crack at the bottom and used the opportunity
to squeeze and stroke my cock again, hoping I could cum really fast before
he got back.

No luck there. That raging dick of mine only throbbed more.

He came back and I noticed he'd turned on the night light against the far
wall by the big bay window.

I'd made it very large and wide and he straddled in front of the picture
glass looking out across the valley. I could see his front reflection even
in dim light...a benefit from the profusion of the bubbled globs that
floated in inner plastic of the night-lite. My eyes were lasered on his
cock and I thought about how much bigger it was than when I'd nursed it
with my mouth so many years ago...

My cock was dripping with pre-cum and I inwardly laughed at the thought of
ripping off the sheets in the morning for a trip to the laundry room. I
lit another smoke.

I was totally wide awake and knew I'd never get back to sleep until I had a
fantastic cum. I was so turned on, yet couldn't reveal anything yet. It
was insanely agonizing! Blah!

A low flying private plane was humming its way along the canyon walls of
the valley and I thought that if there was a voyeur aboard, he or she would
get a great shot of a naked lad with a beautiful cock standing in front of
the picture window. I almost made a phone call to rent a plane! LOL!
Then the plane made a slow circle and swept again over the A-frame roof.
An erotic stranger in the night who loved the sight of my JJ' cock!

Again I squirmed a bit in the bed, trying to rearrange my crotch which was
deeply entombed in pj's, fantasy; still throbbing with a nut-ache.

JJ finally came back to bed but didn't get under the blanket.

He just sprawled naked on top and put both hands behind his head. "I like
to lay like this at home, dad," he said shortly. "I just love the feeling
of being nude. It makes me have those...'feelings.'"

"Yeah, me too." I stammered, tongue-tied about the moment.

"Then why do you have on your PJ bottoms?" He asked, with so much innocence
in his voice.

Hmmm...a damn good question.

"I just didn't want to upset you, JJ. Fathers don't usually get nude with
their son in the bed with him."

"I don't see why. One of the boys told me that he sleeps naked in bed with
his mom and dad all the time. They're naked too."

Holy shit! This chat was taking a journey that I didn't expect.

"I guess it's fine if no one gets upset about it," I muttered, knowing the
comment was somewhat lame, but I was trying to think ahead as to how to
move on.

JJ turned over finally and propped on one arm. "Dad, did you jack off

Wow oh wow! Another broadside I had never expected. This getting "honest
and truthful" stuff was getting hard to handle!

"No, not yet," I answered, trying my best to sound casual and
matter-of-fact about it.

"Just not in the mood, huh? Sometimes I'm like that; so are the guys at
school. But most of the time, I need to jack off before I can sleep."

I was sweating when I thought, these were the last words I had expected
from him. Somehow I'd lost touch, or just plain forgotten how the mind
worked at his age.

Kids will sometimes blurt out stuff that is really a shock. Usually,
though, it was to his peers and not his parents. I was groping for
something to say.

Before I could talk, I watched his hand move slowly down to his groin and
wrap around his cock. It was beginning to bounce a bit and was getting
larger by the second. I guessed it was at least 7", an incredible size and
beauty for a boy his age!

He stared at me, wondering if I would tell him to stop, but I just couldn't
do anything but...stare.

"Uhhhhhh...uhhhhhhhh..." he was mumbling as the passion grew in his body.
The cock-head was glistening now and my mouth watered at seeing its
splendid crown shine more and more by the second. God!

"Do it with me, dad. Please! I've thought about this for months,
wondering what it would be like to jack off with you."

My boy's mind was maturing much faster than I ever thought it would.

And the slant of our verbal exchange was moving to tolerance about men and
women alike. I just knew in my heart at that moment that he would be
bisexual. And that thought thrilled more than anything else could!

Slowly I moved the covers back and my cock leapt fully erect and bounced in
the wonderfully soft night air. Still leaning on one arm, his hand was
pumping harder on his cock. I felt like I was being led like a child down
that wonderful path of mature sexual splendor I'd always hoped I'd find
with him.

It was SOOOO erotic to stroke my cock with his eyes peering intently at my
every movement. He nudged closer and rested his head on my nipples,
watching my hand move faster and letting my fingers soothe over my balls
while I stroked with thumb and index finger. He squirmed more and I could
barely see his hand move up and down on his own cock. Then he started
kissing my tummy and let his tongue creep slowly down until his mouth was
barely an inch away from my cockhead.

`Oh my Lord, I cannot believe this moment!' my mind screamed.

I massaged his back and suddenly he was on his knees, still stroking but
turned so I could see his throbbing cock move through his fist. I think I
gulped twice and moved my hand to cover his, feeling the fleshy cum-wet
shaft and my hand massage his balls.

I stroked gently from the crown to his bal-sac, then back again, delighting
in the exquisite wetness from his cum. I marveled at how a 12-year-old
could have such a huge, magnificent cock and have the volume of cum he
seemed to possess in his young body.

Finally my mind just snapped.

I could no longer stand it with his delectable cock bobbing close to my
face. I pulled the length into my mouth and let my tongue circle around
the head, then lick along the dripping wet shaft to his balls.

Now he was sitting in my face and fucking my mouth like a pussy! I wanted
to milk every drop of his cum. I wanted to INHALE all of that sweet,
delicious cream. I wanted to suck his fantastic dick forever and ever!

"Oh, dad! Oh, dad! Oh, dad! OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"

He was screaming into the night while my mouth devoured his splendid cock.
I could not get enough of him and I just kept licking and sucking until my
cock exploded a ton of cum all over my belly.

I'd shot off without being touched! Just the astounding erotic vibrations
of this wonderful time! His cum flowed like a river into my mouth and I
savored a long time, then swallowed. I would remember the taste forever!

He fell back onto the bed, totally spent from the amazing cum he'd just
experienced. Perhaps he thought about his friends and knew that none of
them at that moment had been sucked to the very depths of their young and
curious souls!

The silence was disturbing for awhile and I hoped there would not be a
guilt trip to experience now. My cock was still limp but drenched with
cum. And finally, JJ moved again to his side of the bed, but I saw his
eyes shine with happiness.

"I've had fantasies about that, dad. Almost every night for months I
wanted to cum for you."

I hugged him close and felt his fingers move through the wetness on my
belly. Then he put his fingers in his mouth and licked them clean.

"I always do that to myself when I cum, dad. I love the taste!"

I watched the cream and love of my body ease into his lovely mouth. And
tears welled in my eyes with more love than I thought I possessed...

We slept for awhile and woke up at the same time.

He was stroking his cock again and pleading with me to suck it deep into my
mouth. I put his legs over my shoulder and let my fingers probe into his
splendid ass while my mouth devoured that amazing cock again!

His cum was just as tasty as before and when I put him down, he rolled to
me and surrounded my cock with his young mouth, running his tongue around
in circles just as I had done with his.

It was incredible to feel my own son's mouth suck long and deep on my cock!

And I wondered if Tiffey had known this would happen. Somehow, that sly
woman must have known that it would eventually come to this. After all,
Sandra and Tom were sucking pussy and cock with their children. Had been
for years. Seems it should be no surprise for us that now there was a
glorious cock to feed our mouths, pussy...and perhaps, ass?

* * *

...And far away, Tiffey had eased her weary body onto the sofa in the
living room. Scant time it took her to ease her fingers in her pussy and
feel the residue thickness of Tom's cum still oozing, clinging to the
rippled walls of her cunt. It had been so wonderful when Sandra has
insisted on jerking off Tom's cock and watching it spew and spit all over
her tummy, then plunge and erupt again inside her shaved cavern for
Sandra's probing tongue! Anymore, her thoughts were constantly filled with
the obsession of having her ass, pussy, and mouth filled with all the cum
her friends could provide for her. And there was some ongoing instinct
that soon...very soon...her mouth would also be having gobs of cum from his
very young balls! And somehow, without really knowing, she knew that JJ's
cum had found a warm, cocksucking mouth who dearly loved him!

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