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Senior Citizen's Eden by Jim Stanley Chapter 38

Larry, a naturist for the last twenty years, belonged to an active
gay nudist group. After taking residency at Carter Court, he wondered if
others in this community were of the same mind regarding naturism. From
his window, in the evening, he observed many of the residents naked, some
just enjoying their nudity and comfortable with it, others associating
their nudity with sexual encounters, either alone, masturbating, or with

At 75, Larry was one of the group who enjoyed being nude and remained
comfortable with it. And in his several sexual encounters with residents,
nudity was, of course, preferred. He had partied often with old Charley
and Jim. Their encounters, always naked, were expressions of tenderness
and sensuality, incorporating every manner of touch, taste, smell, hearing,
and sight imaginable. Each time they began a sexual session, tender
touching and massage were considered essential foreplay. Thus they would
lay together and let their hands roam over each others body, massaging the
head, face, and eyes. The tender touches would move down the body to the
stomach and groin and tenderly cup the testicles, at the same time
massaging and kneading their flaccid cocks into rigidity. Moving even
lower, the massaging continued down the inner thigh, to the calf,
ultimately to the feet, where tender massaging and caressing of the soles
and toes led to indescribable ecstasies.

Accompanying these hands-on massages were oral massage, allowing the tongue
to roam freely over the bodies, lingering long at the inner fold of the
testicles, where cock, balls and asshole conjoined. Jim and Charley, in
particular, loved to linger long at the feet of their lovers and massage
the soles and toes with their mouths and tongues, taking each of the toes
into their mouths and sucking tenderly. Larry was aware, too, that the
natural smells of the body and sexuality led to heightened passion for him.
He was keenly aware of the fact that every sexual encounter with a body
brought with it the natural clean smells of masculinity that he relished.
So Larry lingered long and passionately around the testicles and asshole,
enjoying the taste of salinity of the body at the juncture of the testicle
sac and groin. It was a clean smell and taste which inevitably led to his
cock stiffening as well as to an erection that was rigid and pulsing with

Finally, there were the sounds of sexuality that added to the mix of
passion. The moans and groans were expressions of satisfaction and love,
driving each onward to heightened passion and ultimately to the nirvana of
passion, orgasm.

In the middle of his wondering, Larry had this thought: "What if
everyone in the building subscribed to his naturist philosophy that
espoused the nude body as good." And, taking it one step further, he
mused, "What if everyone could engage in wholesome group massage, taking
turns massaging one another. They would only have to subscribe to the
naturist way of thinking that the body is good and that they could touch
any part of it with one caveat: no penetration of a body orifice. That
meant one could not suck off a cock or enter an asshole or vagina with
one's cock."

Other "what ifs" came to Larry. What if someone, while massaging
has an erection? What if the person being massaged has an orgasm?
According to Larry's naturist thinking, these are perfectly normal outcomes
of massage. As long as there is no penetration, which for some is viewed
as menacing, reveling in the well-being derived from a massage is natural
and welcome.

A final "what if" came up. Do I have to know how to massage in
order to give a massage? The answer came quickly. Most people massage
themselves throughout the day and night. People massage a stiff neck.
People massage stiff joints. In the act of self pleasuring, people massage
their groins, their stomachs, their breasts, and sexual organs. The
principle to follow in giving a massage is: if it feels good when you do it
to yourself, it, more than likely, will feel good to the other person.

The more Larry thought through his idea, the more excited he became
about putting it into operation. He would first write out his ideas on how
this should proceed in a group, and, then, present it to selected friends
and see where it goes and what kind of reaction it receives.

First, he attempted to put his ideas down on paper on how a group
massage would proceed. It went something like this.

Group Massage Therapy


The basic assumption of naturism is that the body and all its functions are
good. Given this premise, when several people engage in a group massage
setting, non-invasive touching of another's body in order to produce a
feeling of well-being, is good.


Participants will meet in designated apartments on a first-come
first-served basis. They will each be given a number beginning with one.
At a designated time, the members of the group will disrobe completely and
meet in small groups of three. Numbers one, two and three will form one
massage group. Others will group accordingly. One reason for this random
grouping is to avoid clicks and any preferential treatment. Once the
groups form, they stake out a portion of the floor of the apartment or
other rooms. The first of each group (1, 4, 7, 10 etc.) will lie on a
large towel or sheet that each of the participants brings with them. The
other two will kneel or sit at the head and feet of the one to be massaged
and begin massaging the area of the body convenient to him/her.

Massage Methods

Rule #1 of massage: REMEMBER: what feels good to you will, probably, feel
good to another. For the masseur/masseuse at the head: Using the oil
brought by the one being massaged, gently massage the face. A slow
movement of the hands across the brow, cheek and chin, helps to relax the
facial muscles. Using the ball of the palm of one's hand or fingers, exert
very light pressure on each of the eyes in five to six second intervals.
Move the hands down to the chest and massage the chest and stomach areas,
combining both long and short strokes, moving from the neck to the pubic
area. Spend some time gently kneading the nipples of each of the breasts.
Ask the massaged, if you like, to indicate their comfort level when
kneading the nipples. In the long stroke massage, move your hands to the
pubic area, taking care to massage the crevices between the testicles and
groin as well as the testicles and the area under the testicles. At some
point, your hands and the hands of the masseur/masseuse working from the
feet upward will meet in the pubic area. Both can now massage gently.
Caveat: remember that this is a massage therapy and not a masturbatory act.
So any firm gripping of the penis and quick movement up and down as in
masturbation should be avoided. The intent is to massage. If, however, an
erection occurs, gentle massage can continue on the erect member. If an
orgasm occurs, that is to be considered natural and good.

For the masseur/masseuse at the head: Using the oil brought by the one
being massaged, gently massage the feet. Avoid using the nails or any
procedure that would cause a tickling sensation which could be
uncomfortable. It is best to massage using a full hand, allowing the
fingers to massage the toes and the soles of the feet. Allow your hands to
roam to the calf and groin area, taking care to gently massage and knead
the calf and the muscles of the groin. As mentioned above, your hands will
meet with the other masseurs/masseuses hands. Both can massage gently,
together. Observe the caveat noted above.

Massage Time

Each person in his group will receive a twenty minute massage. The masseur
and massaged will exchange places every twenty minutes. In all, one hour
will be given to each group for the completion of the massage. Massage:
What to Bring

1. Bring a towel and a sheet on which you can lie. A small pillow might be
useful if you feel your head needs to be elevated. 2. Bring a lotion of
your choice. Preferably bring two bottles of the lotion so that each of
the masseurs/masseuses can use.

Encountering Problems

1. Erections are good if they happen even though that is not the intent of
massage therapy. 2. Orgasms are good if they happen even though that is
not the intent of massage therapy. 3. If some pressure or procedure is
uncomfortable to the one being massaged, speak up. 4. Be sure to shower
before the massage. 5. If the grouping scheme is altered, that is if a
person doesn't fit the triad scheme, he will be assigned to an already
formed group. 6. Everyone must participate in the massage. No one is
allowed to stand by as an observer. 7. Everyone must be naked.

Having put his thoughts down, Larry was eager to explore his
project first hand. He began by contacting old Charley and Jim. They read
his proposal and reacted with exuberance.

"Let's get the word out at dinnertime," Charley gasped, an
indication of his excitement at getting the project going. Charley, Jim
and Larry agreed to contact three persons each, and, if they all agreed,
would form a small nucleus of twelve that would fit nicely into Jim and
Charlie's apartment and bedrooms. They decided to schedule the first of
the experiments for 8:00 P. M., the next day.

The day arrived and participants began to arrive. Of course, there
was Larry, Jim and Charley. John, Fred and Katherine arrived next. Marie
and Danny followed them. Frank, then Marjorie and George and Lloyd formed
the end of the twelve. The groupings were as follows: George, Lloyd, and
Katherine; Marie, Danny, and Larry; Jim, Marjorie, and Frank; John, Fred,
and Charley. Larry asked everyone to disrobe and asked each group of three
to select a part of the floor for their massage area. It was a tight
squeeze, but all managed to fit into the living room space comfortably.
This had the added advantage of each group being able to learn from the
other. They could observe each others massage techniques; they could hear
the sounds of pleasure emanating from those being massaged; they could and
did observe the sensual-sexual reactions to the procedure.

George, Lloyd, and Katherine were an interesting combination. George's
experimentation with sex was largely male oriented. He frequented the
adult theatres in town and what his reaction to massaging a woman would be
remained to be seen. Lloyd, on the other hand, had been married, had
copious sex with men as a trucker, and had, lately, begun to explore his
exhibitionistic tendencies. Katherine liked sex in all its forms and had,
earlier, enticed John and Fred into a threesome which thrived even now.

Since George was the massaged, Katherine took her position at his head and
Lloyd at his feet. For George, this was a new experience. As he lay on
his back, Katherine's breast swayed before his eyes and often brushed his
face as her long strokes ran from his chest to his testicles. Seeing her
breasts so close to his mouth was instantaneously erotic to George and his
cock grew and throbbed. Katherine was quick to take advantage of this,
being keenly aware of her breasts dangling before him, and pressed lower on
the long stroke to his cock and testicles and let her breasts lay firmly on
his face, eyes, and mouth. As she did so, she kneaded his testicles gently
as the same time pressing the extension of the penis at the base of his
testicles. By this time, Lloyd's hands had arrived at the location and,
the combined massage of George's testicles and penis were unbearable to
George. Uttering a low and extended moan, a profusion of hot cum spurt
from his engorged and throbbing cock, spraying Katherine's breast and face
with hot cum. Undaunted, she continued to massage George's swollen cock
with his cum and bent low over his face so that George might lick his cum
from her swaying breasts.

It was time to change positions. Katherine became the massaged.
George, nearly breathless from the intensity of his orgasm, took his
position over Katherine's head. His cock, still dripping cum, came to rest
on Katherine's face. As they massaged her, George allowed his cock to
slide along the cheek bones of Katherine towards her mouth. A slight tilt
of her head, allowed her to take the tip of George's cock into her mouth as
he massaged and lick the vestiges of his hot cum from his still hard cock.
Lloyd, of course, was keenly aware of the happenings and responded sharply.
His swollen hard cock throbbed with excitement and Katherine was quick to
note that his cock stroked her feet as his hands moved to her vagina. In
sync with his movements, she took control of his cock between the soles of
her feet. Lloyd toyed with her vagina in his massaging, allowing his thumb
to dip into her hot wet cunt and tweak her clitoris which stood hard and
wet. Responding to Katherine's moans of delight, Lloyd's cock erupted as
it glided between the soles of her feet and covered her vagina and groin
with his hot cum. He continued his massage, using his cum as the
lubricant. Katherine could no longer contain herself. Her moans gave
evidence of her pleasure and from her vagina poured the results of her
ecstasy, hot cum that oozed at least a cupful of juice that ran down her
legs into the crack of her asshole.

Facing Katherine's group was Marie, Danny, and Larry. From
Katherine's vantage point, Marie's wet cunt was visible as Danny, at her
head and Larry at her feet massaged her to an orgasm. Danny's twelve inch
cock massaged Marie's face as he stroked long and, at about the same time
she came, she watched in amazement as Danny's long white strings of cum
spilled out over her face, breasts, and vagina. Larry continued his
massaging, his hard cock throbbing and wet with excitement. But that was
to change when it came his turn to be massaged.

When Danny and Marie's hands reached his cock and testicles, very little
stimulation was necessary. Larry shot his hot cum high into the air, most
of it landing on his stomach which Danny gently rubbed into his body.

In Jim, Marjorie, and Frank's group things moved along swiftly.
Frank, not having had a woman in a very long time could not contain
himself. As his hands moved over Marjorie's vagina and groin area, his
hard and throbbing cock spurt its hot load over Marjorie's feet and calves.
He massaged her feet with his cum, at the same time allowing the thumbs of
his hands to slide deep into Marjorie's cunt, gently manipulating her
pulsing and excruciatingly sensitive clitoris. Her cunt responded with hot
cum emanating from its interior, her hips responding to her joy with
heaving upward gyrations.

Jim's moment came later as his hardened and stimulated cock responded to
Marjorie and Frank's gentle massage and spurt his hot cum over their hands.

Finally, there was John, Fred, and Charley, old friends from the
early days of Carter Court. It was John and Charley who first got it on
together shortly after arriving at Carter Court. Later, it was John and
Fred who had coupled to make love to Katherine. So it was not so much the
sexual aspect that invigorated this trio. Rather, it was the newness of
fondling, massaging and probing each other's bodies that took on sensual
meaning. Charley, always uninhibited, made sure that both John and Fred
spent most of their time around his testicles, cock, and asshole. John
realized, too, that because of Charlie's age, the rules might be relaxed a
bit. Unseen to the other's, John's fingers plied Charlie's prostate and
asshole as Fred grasped old Charlie's rigid cock, and masturbated him until
he shot all over Fred's hands.

At the same time, Fred's hard cock fucked Charlie's mouth until he came,
shooting his hot cum deep into Charlie's throat. Later, John, as the
massaged, received like treatment from Charley and Fred. Fred's face and
mouth met John's hot cum as it spurted into the air, some of it splattering
over his face and eyes, most of it being caught by Fred's waiting mouth.

At the end of the massage session, Charley provided the coffee as
they sat around naked discussing the outcome of their project. All agreed
that they enjoyed the massage and its unexpected outcomes. Marjorie summed
it up best: "If a feeling of well-being is the outcome of a massage, then
this session was a tremendous success."

A number of people left after an hour of friendly repartee. Others
lingered. Katherine, for one, basked in the afterglow of sensual
gratification and sat on the sofa, alluring and enticing. It didn't take
the stragglers long to grasp what was happening, and, before long, John and
Fred moved closer to Katherine and, sitting on both sides of her, began to
massage her tits and fondle her clitoris. Charley, Danny, Larry, and Jim
sat before them on the floor and watched close up as Katherine's passion
grew in intensity. Danny stood before her, his twelve inch cock throbbing,
and eased it into her mouth as John and Fred continued to play with her
tits and cunt. Katherine spoke first, "Take me. Put that big cock of
yours in me, Danny."

Charley lay a sheet in the middle of the floor in preparation for this
unexpected turn of events. Katherine lay on her bed of lust, her legs
raised, held high by John and Fred, as Danny lowered himself and slid his
throbbing, dripping twelve inch cock into Katherine's passion filled cunt.
He fucked her slow and deep in sync with her moans of ecstasy for deeper
and deeper penetration.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me deep and hard Danny. Give it to me! Oh! God,
please....more, more."

The others stood over them manipulating their hard cocks slowly awaiting
the moment of truth, when Danny's and Katherine's passion would meet in an
exquisite orgasm. The moans of everyone grew louder as did Danny's deep
probing of Katherine's cunt.

A low guttural sound emanated from Katherine and Danny's throat
simultaneously as his cock and hips thrust deeply into Katherine's
responding thrusts and they both screamed their hot passion at each other.

"AAAIIIEEEEHHGGGHHH, " screamed Danny with one last definitive thrust. The
others, standing over them, moaned in unison in their lust and spurt their
hot cum over Katherine's face and Danny's body, punctuating the passion of
this memorable evening. Danny collapsed atop Katherine as John and Fred
knelt over them and licked the still warm cum from Danny's body and
Katherine's face.

The end had come. Drained of passion, they all embraced fondly and
lovingly and returned to their apartments. But their departure was
punctuated by one assent: "Let's do it again. Soon."

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