Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Life With Yvette

I'm a bi white male, married to a pretty black woman. Yvette found out about
my teenage dabblings in male to male sex, and we ended up having a threesome
with my old lover, Tom. Tom's visit ended, and he left town. Our daughter
was born a couple months later (Yvette was very pregnant at the time of the

Yvette kept dwelling on the incident. The thought of men fucking or sucking
cock aroused her, and she asked me for all the details of my teenage
experiments. She asked if I'd consider more bi sessions. I was thrilled that
she was so into it, because after our play with Tom, I'd begun to think
about guys a lot. Now the thing to do was to meet someone interested.

One evening, I went to a gay bar. I thought it might be easier to meet a bi
man there, than among a straight crowd. I hadn't been there long when a guy
approached me. He introduced himself as Alan. We chatted a little, then I
told him what I was looking for. He smiled, and told me that I wasn't likely
to have much luck, that most of the men here were looking only for other
men. My face fell. We talked some more, and soon he was inviting me to his
place. "You'll enjoy it," he said, "You don't need a woman to have a good
time." I already knew that, of course, but I didn't need to give him my life
history. I went with him. As soon as we got in the door, he was kissing and
fondling me. We were naked in seconds. I sprawled on the sofa while he knelt
and blew me. His warm, wet mouth massaged my aching cock. He rolled my balls
between his fingers. I came hard, shooting in his mouth. He came up kissed
me, with his mouth full of jism, forcing it into my mouth. He wouldn't let
up until I swallowed it. I guzzled down my own cum that he was snowballing
to me.

"Good boy," he whispered. He lifted my legs and rested my calves on his
shoulders. His lube-covered finger entered my asshole, smearing the goo
around and relaxing my sphincterthen he rubbed more lube on his cock and
eased into me. God, my rectum was full! he pumped me, gently but firmly. I
moaned and whimpered as he fucked me. he held me down, his mouth on mine,
his cock in my ass. he groaned and came, plowing deep in me. he lay on me
for while, then withdrew and cuddled me.

I left there later, promising to call him. I went home and told Yvette about
the evening. She was disappointed that I wasn't able to bring someone home
to share with her, but she got really excited at the story I told her. We
lay in bed and made out. She masturbated while I told everything that
happened. I held her as she came.

"I need to do that with two guys again," she said. "I'll find someone for
us, just wait and see."

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