Friday, April 24, 2009

Betting on Jeremy Chapter 2

Once inside the fine house Jeremy's clothes were fully removed and he was
taken to lie on a beautiful large bed. The nice man now removed his clothes
to reveal and firm taut body, a fine bush of hair over his cock with a thin
trail rising up to his inny navel. His chest was well developed and his
tits prominent with large protruding nipples.

The man bent over Jeremy and was soon kissing his body from head to
foot. Jeremy was enjoying this attention, it was the best feelings his
young body had ever felt.

The man swooped onto his stiff cock and sucked it pushing his tongue under
the foreskin giving a whole new meaning to delight.

Then he rose up and Jeremy could see his cock was stiff and leaking a long
string of clear liquid. The man rubbed it over the head of his cock and
then brought it towards Jeremy's lips. Instinctively his tongue went out
and he tasted his first pre-cum, and enjoyed it.

In fact he enjoyed it so much that he licked over the top of the cock head
and then opened his lips to accept as much of the man cock into his mouth
as was possible. Moans of acceptance issued from the man as he gentle
accepted the tantalizing swoops of the young boy's tongue around his
cock. He felt the boy must be an experienced cocksucker to have such
talent, but this in fact was the very first time that the eleven year old
had ever had a cock of any size near his lips. Without nay thoughts of this
nature the young Jeremy was truthfully enjoying his initial session of
sucking a man's hard cock. The vocal delights that swept Jeremy's ears
drove him to greater efforts.

The man gasped as he sucked his cock and soon he pushed hard against Jeremy
and then his cock got larger and with a pump started to fire its bullets of
cum into the boy's mouth. Jeremy hadn't expected anything like this and
choked, but soon his throat opened and he allowed the interestingly tasting
liquid to slide easily into his stomach.

They lay together on the bed as the chauffeur now came into the room. He
was naked and his cock was huge, and far bigger than anything Jeremy had
ever seen before. Not only was it long with a very large cock head, but it
was thick too, and there was only a small patch of hair above the top of
where the cock came out of the man's groin. His balls hung down like huge
bulls balls and were completely hairless.

He looked at the driver man. He wasn't all that tall, but his body was,
like the other man, tight of muscle and well defined, particularly his
chest with its small light pink nipples. Other than the small patch of
pubes, his nice looking body was completely hairless, even under his
arms. His face was defined with a jutting chin and wide prominent lips. His
eyes flashed and a smile spread across his face as he looked at the boy.

Now he climbed onto the bed and placed Jeremy's small hand on the hard
pulsing cock. Jeremy spread the slippery pre-cum over the knob and the
chauffeur shuddered. The nice man now turned over and got up on his knees
on the bed. He then opened a draw in the bedside table and drew out a
tube. He flicked the cap and squeezed out a large glob of clear liquid
which he then proceeded to push into his shit tube.

The driver now also smeared some of the liquid on his cock and then he got
behind the man and with one push, Jeremy saw the big cock slide easily into
the man.

Then the driver started to fuck and as he did Jeremy crawled in under the
nice man and sucked his now continuously dripping cock into his
mouth. Again the man stiffened and Jeremy received his second tummy full of
man juice, and noted to himself that he rather enjoyed the salty different
taste and smell. Now the chauffeur started to fuck more furiously and then
with a yell and a massive thrust he threw himself back and Jeremy realized
that he was firing his cum into his master.

They all collapsed onto the bed and cuddled up and went to sleep.

When Jeremy awoke it was dark outside and he instantly panicked as his
parents would be wondering where he was, and he hoped be concerned. In fact
they had been having their own sex romp, having joined with a newly found
couple they had met at the horse race meeting. It was his father's first
dalliance into being arse fucked, and surprisingly for such a macho man, he
had enjoyed the thick cock into his man cunt. Jeremy's mother had also
experienced the man's cock both in her well fucked cunt and her never
before invaded arse. She had also engaged for a first into licking out the
other woman's shaved cunt and arse and surprised herself as she enjoyed
everything she had experienced that afternoon. In fact they had completely
forgotten about Jeremy as cock and cunt became the centre of their

When Jeremy was dropped off near his home by the chauffeur who had played
with his stiff cock for the entire drive, Jeremy was in fear of the
possible consequences of being out late, and was manufacturing all manner
of excuses.

As he opened the front door he could hear the action upstairs in their tiny
two-up house. There was laughter and then he recognized several of the new
swear words he had learnt that afternoon, particularly `fuck'. Carefully he
crept up the stairs and easily saw the three naked bodied on his parents
bed. As he stood there, his mouth gapping open, he heard the bathroom tap
turn on so moved in behind the hall cupboard just in time to see this naked
man sweep past and back into the room. The sight of his large cock swaying
out of his groin excited young Jeremy. He then realized that the man had no
hairs around his cock or, he thought, his balls. He wasn't a tall man
either, not much more that 5' 5" but he certainly had a big cock, and
having no hair around it fascinated the boy.

He heard the man explaining how he had pissed in the bath as they didn't
have a toilet upstairs. Everyone laughed.

Jeremy couldn't decide what to do. Should he throw caution to the wind and
simply bowl in and announce himself in front of the four naked grown ups,
or should he creep away and try and manufacture another story as to why he
was late.

Then he heard his mother almost shout.

"Fuck, it's late. Jeremy should be home by now."

"Don't worry so," he heard his father say. "He's probably still playing
with his mates.

It's just as well he hasn't come home. What would the little tyke think of
us four fucking around here naked? I don't think he know jack shit about
sex anyway so perhaps we could educated him," and his father laughed.

"How old is Jeremy?" questioned the short stocky man.

"He's eleven," answered my mother.

"Just the time to teach him all about sex and fun," the other man added.

"We taught our boy about fucking and sucking when he was ten, and he joins
with us sometimes. His cock is big now and he even fucks Harry."

My father then asked," How old is your son?"

"Oh," a female voice continued," he's just had his thirteenth birthday."

"Got a big cock just like his dad's," continued the father.

This excited Jeremy and his cock was rock hard, but he felt he was better
off to scarper.

As they all enveloped themselves in laughter and obvious sex play, Jeremy
silently moved down the stairs and out the front door closing it carefully
and silently.

In one day his entire outlook on sex had changed, and he felt, very much
for the better.

Thanks to the many people who have emailed me about this story. Also
enjoyed the group photo of that happy family sent from so far away as
Australia. Must be a fun place.

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