Tuesday, April 28, 2009

nurtured, loved, cherished - part 1

One night, my wife, Tiffey and I had some invigorating chat about all the
sexual adventures we could have with Sandra and Tom, our friends; this, in
spite of age difference if we just completely lost our inhibitions about a
bit of very arousing, group sex.

And, on that night, she had further explained about her bisexuality and
some very erotic tales of some experiences with other women... (THIS was
something she had NEVER confessed to me before!) My dick had throbbed,
pulsed immediately. But I was still a bit puzzled...

When we had married, though having deep and chronic sexual urges, we didn't
share (at least, not right away) how much we wanted not only each other,
but also to pursue our dormant, though stirring, sexual obsession with both
men and women. Unknown to each other, in spite of our rigorous efforts to
fulfill our abundant appetites, we both assumed that we were natural...just
regular folks. But now it seemed that our hidden caprices, fantasies had
finally found concurrent paths to more broadened sexual adventures.
Neither had ever completely exposed their inner selves. We both had hidden
our strong but dormant bisexual desires and senses...

I told her that I was absolutely thrilled that she was bisexual and I was
definitely ripe and ready for a group experience. So I'd confessed that I
had leanings, indeed fantastic real encounters and experiences with a man,
also. In fact, I had fantasized about what a cock would taste like cumming
in my mouth again. Tiffey had kissed me with such passion my hard, wet
length had shot off without being touched! And her smile was sweet when
she licked my belly, ran her fingers thru the cum, then put her fingers in
my mouth. "Taste it, baby! Then you'll know just what I taste when your
cock fucks slow and deep, then explodes into my mouth!"

My cock bounced once again off my belly!

"Let's swing a little, baby...enjoy cocks, titties, cum...and suck and fuck
together, ok?" I almost fucking choked on my own words, just from saying

Tiffey opened her mouth and sucked my cock and put a finger gently on my
ass. And I shot off again in her mouth. But I wanted us to do it as a
loving couple...not let jealousy be a burning torch that broke us up.

"Darling," she'd said. "This is so divine, so absolutely wonderful for us!
You'll never know how much! I cannot think of anything that would EVER
break us up! I love you, darling!" And I kissed, licked, sucked, and
fucked her pussy until she fainted, then slept peacefully with contentment
thru the night. I loved her so!

* * *

By week's end, it was decided that we'd go all out...no holds barred
(excluding all the weird pain stuff). Intimate and discreet; but raucous,
raging...and completely uninhibited.

But one night, when I was sucking Tiffey's pussy she suddenly asked, "Would
you like to eat Sandra's pussy?" I almost fell off the bed! Sandra and
Tom were dear friends...in fact, neighbors. Whenever I looked at the swell
of her ass and her lip-smacking tits, I drooled at the thought of my tongue
buried deep in her pussy, then licking her asshole with Tom's cock fucking
her wet, thrashing cunt.

"Yes, baby! I'd love to smell and taste her cunt in my mouth; also her
ass. Tell me how much you want that for me, baby!" I quizzed her,
"...Because I know you'd love to see my tongue lick thru her scrumptious

My mind whirled from the thought! Oh, so fucking rich! Sweet Tiffey
watching me eat another woman's cunt! And my mind twisted with sexual
desire to that precipice of total release and abandon! "Yessssssssss! Oh,
baby! I want to suck her pussy while you watch!" There, I'd said it...out
loud so she would know! I felt her mouth suck warm and loving around my
trembled cock.

And then the fantasy took another twist. This was so hot! And my tongue
lapped more and Tiffey's mouth engulfed my cock when I sucked her clit and
asshole! So with my mouth drenched in her cum, I kissed her deeply and
asked, "Would you also like to suck her pussy?" But I knew the answer

"Oh yes, darling! And suck Tom's cock...and watch you lick his cock when
he fucks me! Would you like that? Would you like to see his dick fuck my
pussy and you lick it while he fucks me? So wet and juicy in 69 with me?"

Our minds, so full of hot fucking thoughts of raging, erotic sex, had never
before opened up to each other like this. I loved it all! The gasped
words of wet fucks smashing the air, divulging inner secrets suddenly free
of the confines of the forbidden crypt!

My brain and cock fucked deep and hard into her pussy with those thoughts!

So many times I'd fantasized about just that! Licking Tiffey's...or any
other cunt with a cock fucking hard and furious into luscious puffy pussy
lips! Then sucking cum out and sharing in a kiss...if he wanted. But I
would taste and swallow my Tiffey and most of his cum...

Tiffey and I were so natural together! And that's why I loved her so much!
So many fantasy role-play things we could chat about in the wee darkness.
Perhaps a very young pussy for our pleasure; innocent and curious, needing
to be guided into the realms of so much sexual pleasure her mind only
fantasized about.

Tiffey would smile, giggle and squeeze my cock when I looked at other
women's asses...or their tits popping out of tops... Or have me wear her
panties when she watched me stroke my cock, and then gush cum into them!
So many times, we'd licked the seat of my thongs or hers together! Or have
me wear her panties and have me cum in them while she stroked, then licked
my cockhead clean.

But this was the first time she had spoken this way, so frank and open and
voiced her sensuality, confessed her bisexuality in utter truth and
honesty. And now I came to know the full depth of my own abiding love.

"I'll lick his cock when he fucks your pussy, darling!" I muttered after
some time. "I have wanted that so long!"

I wished his cock was in my mouth at that moment!

And we talked about the thrill of seeing, watching a woman licking, sucking
my Tiffey's cunt and asshole. And she quivered with the thought as my
tongue again licked over her pussy as she thrashed and bounced on the

"...And will I see you suck a sweet, hard cock?" she'd asked.

"Oh yessssss, baby!" The satyrs in my mind pranced and smiled with hard
cocks pleading and begging...

"And when he cums in your mouth will you like it? Then let some sweet cum
dribble on my nipples and clit, then lick me clean? And then kiss me
sweetly so I can taste more of his thick cream...?"

"Oh Yessssssssssssssssssssss! I want his cum in my mouth so I can kiss you
nicely and both of us savor his dick-cum!"


...And so it went for hours that night...and for many more days and weeks
in our fucking sucking lives! So honest, true and loving...

And then our son was born...

* * *

Some months later, Sandra and Tom came over to visit and were in our yard
one twilight evening, sipping on wine. As stated before they'd been dear
friends for years...and we'd flirted a bit, but nothing REALLY serious had
happened yet...

"Time to nurse our baby..." Tiffey said suddenly, springing from the lawn
chair and padding thru the soft evening air towards the front door. She
had a MOST sensual, erotic glaze in her eyes...

My cock started twitching and I knew the swell would soon be very

Maybe 5 minutes elapsed and then Sandra excused herself and said she'd see
if my Tiffey needed any help. Before she went through the door, she turned
and gave us both a sweet, seductive smile...but it was so warm and glowing
on her mouth and lips, I could almost SMELL the oozing sexual aroma between
her legs. I licked my tongue over my lips for all to see...and then I
watched her lick back!

I looked over at Tom and his eyes were lasered, mesmerized on the roll in
my crotch. I eased down in the chair and spread my legs a bit more. The
exhibitionist animal in me encouraged the stiffness to reveal the head of
my cut cock glued to the left thigh...and quite visible when a gaze locked
on my upper thigh.

That blousing of my shorts gave a delighting view of my arousal. ...And I
loved his eyes, watching...seeing the effect my cock-meat-swelling had on

His intense stare never left my cock. I was going insane with suck thoughts
� visions of feeling my stiff, throbbing cock fuck slowly, deep into his
mouth. Then there was the beautiful roll of HIS cock along his thigh; the
outline stark and visible inside his trousers.

"Let's go check on the ladies," I choked. "Yessss!" Tom replied. And we
were off to the private, erotic confines of subdued lighting in our living
room. And the first revealing image; the delightful sight was just that:

With our son sucking peacefully on her left nipple, Tiffey had her thighs
around Sandra's face. Her hips were bouncing on the sofa and Sandra's
tongue was licking from asshole to clit, her mouth engulfing Tiffey's
cock-nub clitty, making moans and sounds of total love at the taste! Then
spreading Tiffey's dribbles of cum on her inner thighs and licking that
sweet juice away!

Sandra looked at us and beamed, then shoved her face and again plunged her
tongue deep into Tiffey's shaved pussy, licking and sucking the juice of
her sweet cunt that never stopped flowing.

Tiffey was always very audible when fucking: she loved all the sexual "buzz
words" that made her passion so much more intense. "Oh God, baby! Suck
it! Fuck my cunt with your tongue!"

Stuff like that made my cock rip seams in my trousers! That erotic sight
was always burned forever into my sensual memory vault!

Without asking, Tom peeled off his trousers and started stroking his cock,
glancing over to see if I was watching. I could not believe how hot that
made me inside... to see him stroke his cock so all could see...so I
followed suit. We watched each other stroke our cocks! And saw the veins
pulse from the lovely stimulation...

We were standing in the middle of the room; stroking and watching my wife's
gorgeous puffy pink cunt lips getting licked and sucked by Sandra.

With the benefit of several erotic strokes, Tom's cock and mine were
glistening, dripping with pre-cum and I was dizzy with lust and desire.

But more than sex, there was the love and devotion from me to my dear wife
as I watched my infant little boy's mouth suck sweetly on Tiffey's nipple.
And from the exquisite erotica of that moment, her pussy was SOOOOO much
more inflamed with her obsessive need to long swaths and licks of total
need and lust!

Many times before I would sit between her legs and taste her cunt while she
nursed. I knew from his frantic, innocent suction that she needed to
release that sweet cum to me to obtain full gratification because of her
intense need for my utter devotion and love! So my tongue would fuck her
cunt and then plunge deep and probing into her asshole; tongue-fuck that
exquisite brown hole while I watched his tiny mouth suck those swollen

It was fantastic to see my wife's pussy getting so much pleasure from
Sandra's mouth and tongue...and seeing Tom's cock move through his stroking
fist. God, I wanted to taste it, suck it and lick it forever! Somehow I'd
never thought that watching a man jerk off would be so hot to see!

All the while, our son sucked blissfully on Tiffey's swollen nipples. I
noticed that her right-hand fingers were slowly twirling his tiny little
pee-pee again!

I gathered a bit of my own cum and licked my fingers, knowing it would
drive Tiffey crazy to see me eat my own cum!

Seems it really turned Tom on, too. He licked his lips; in fact, he
drooled, then dropped to his knees and gently tongued my cock-head while I
kept stroking.

Sandra stopped her sucking, licking for a moment and watched my cock enter,
shove, plunge, then fuck deep and disappear in Tom's mouth. She said to
Tiffey, "I told you I love to see Tom suck cock. Do you like to see it,
darling?" Tiffey could only nod with eyes glazed over by the vastness of it

Then Sandra said to Tom, "Suck him, baby! Mouth-fuck his sweet cock for
me. You know how much I love to see you suck a sweet, throbbing cock!"
Suddenly, she crawled over to us quickly, drenched two fingers with my
pre-cum, then went back to Tiffey and coated our son's cock with my cream.
Then Sandra looked at Tiffey...and did a curious, erotic thing, (Although
she and I had done it many times before...) our son was cradled in my
wife's arms, his infant mouth still sucking on her milk-swollen tits. His
legs were spread as usual under the baby blanket and Tiffey's fingers were
still twirling his little pee-pee, now wet, glistening and drenched with my
cock juice.

Sandra lifted the blanket away and gently cupped it and his balls in her
hand. She ran her fingers through my wife's pussy and drenched them with
Tiffey's cum, too...then spread some more on his thingy and balls...all
over his tiny ass and over his tummy. Then she bent over and licked all
over his tum-tum, down to his cock and balls, his infant ass � and took
both balls into her mouth, rolling them around inside her mouth and

[My lovely boy was far too young to ever have a memory of this, of course.
Or so I thought...but with another zing, I wondered if I had my cock sucked
just like that at such an infant age...?]

Tom...so immersed and mesmerized with all of this, had been stroking my
cock deep into his throat and my legs were quivering so much I could hardly

He wrapped his arms around my thighs, grasped my sensitive asscheeks, then
eased two fingers into my ass. "Yessssssssssss," I screamed! "Fuck my
asshole with your fingers...and then your hot wet fucking cock!"

Tiffey glowed! She wanted to see his fingers and cock fuck my ass! "Yes,
baby! Fuck his mouth, fingers and cock with your adorable asshole!"

God! Such a great sensation! I loved it, wondering what it would feel
like for his cock to fuck my ass like a woman! My ass would suck his dick
like a cunt or a hot wet pussy! And then perhaps his dick could fill my
darling Tiffey's pussy and asshole with his warm, spurting, saturating

Yet again, I felt my cream rising in my balls and I wanted to let a
gigantic stream of cum gush into his humping, sucking mouth. I was almost
delirious with want, desire and lust! And then it came! That wonderful
rush, gush, flow of cum that squirted from my cock into his wonderful,
sucking, fucking mouth!

My mind streaked as I watched him taste and swallow every ounce and drop of
what made me a hard, erect...and such a cocksucking, pussy-loving man! I
was so happy that Tiffey knew I wanted to suck his cock while she watched!
And I wanted my soul to gush forever into his insistent, sucking mouth. It
flowed, not as a crazy irascible river, but as a strong, steady stream of
the very essence of myself! So much so that it dribbled out of his mouth.
It had been months since my cum had flowed like that. And Tiffey jumped up
and kissed me so very sweetly!

My full attention had been on Tom's wonderful mouth, making me cum so much
for him!!!

[I'd not noticed that the nursing was over and our little boy was again
asleep in his crib.]

Now Tiffey was on her knees with her face buried in Sandra's gyrating
pussy. The sight of that made Tom slowly lick my shrinking cock even
more! I finally had to sit in the easy chair, no longer able to stand...

Tiffey was quickly bringing Sandra to the point of a fantastic cum and we
all heard her moaning, spastic spasm when she squirmed, thrashed and
writhed on the sofa. Two of my wife's fingers had found her own cunt and
it was so lovely to see her fuck Sandra's pussy with her tongue while she
finger-fucked herself and lapped Sandra's cunt-lips with ever-increasing
rhythm and tempo...

When she was really turned on, she could be insatiable and loved trying new
things and positions; especially tasting, licking, sucking cock or cunt!

Sandra clasped her legs around her face and urged Tiffey's tongue to fuck
her more...and my baby moved her snake-tongue into Sandra's puckered ring
and fucked her asshole...simply because she wanted to taste and feel cum on
her face and body! I so much loved my woman!

Tom and I watched her flying fingers and Tom almost groaned and muttered
quietly, "I would love to lick and suck your wife's pussy! And suck your
cum from her asshole when you cum in it!" I thought about the way his
mouth and tongue had sucked and licked over my cock and balls and knew that
I would love to be mouth-fucked like that; and the lustful thrill Tiffey
would know when she watched my mouth engulf his hot fucking cock! Tom got
on his knees behind Tiffey and lapped over and around her sensitive,
pulsing ass, then down her cunt to her clit and back again...over and over!
It was incredible to watch them both!!! His cock would sway as his body
moved up and down on her, so I moved under him and let my tongue dance
slowly, loving over his cock-head, then over his swollen, purple head, then
down the shaft, cupping his tight and bouncing balls and probing with my
fingers into his twitching, trembling asshole.

His beautiful dick fucked my mouth...and tasted delicious and I marveled at
how much his cum tasted like my own. I wanted to scream, "I'd love so much
to suck your fucking cock forever!"

No wonder Tiffey loved to see me lick my fingers when they were cum-wet!
She knew first hand how wonderful it tasted!!! (So long ago she had teased
me about my having so much hair on my cock, so I'd said, "So shave it,
baby! Shave my cock and balls! And also shave my asshole! I'll do
anything for you! ANYTHING!!!!!!")

I felt Tom fucking faster into my mouth and swirled his cock-head around
inside my throat, then opening up and gulping to swallow him whole! I felt
him fuck my mouth like a pussy...and I loved the smell and taste of him!
His cock was slightly larger than mine, slender at the head and increasing
in girth at the base.

"Do you like shaved cock, Tom?" I asked as I sucked. I felt so fucking hot
with passionate pleasure! "Do you like the smell, taste of my throbbing
cock with no hair?" His sweet mouth could not answer then. My cock was
fucking his cunt-mouth with so much lustful vigor it was impossible to
speak! We fucked each other in 69 and so much loved it...

His cum spurted and filled my mouth with SOOOOOO much force the first time,
then a little less with ensuing bursts as he emptied his exploding balls
into my hungry throat. God, I wanted him to cum forever. So thick and
viscous...not salty as some, but something like the pungent taste of

My face and body were drenched with his cum...and his mouth and mine were
full from cock-thrusts and spurts. When Sandra kissed me to taste, as did
Tiffey to taste Tom, I felt my balls fill with cum again! I loved them
both; the smell and taste of Sandra, Tiffey and Tom's cum in my mouth! Now
I knew what R.I.P meant!


And so...some hours, later, alone with Tiffey, we talked for quite awhile
and I said to her, "When you and Sandra licked our son's cock, coated with
my cum, it was the most erotic thing I could ever imagine. I still get
goose bumps thinking about it. What about you, Hon?" I knew she wanted my
approval for this sensual, erotic event, so I spoke further, "You
know...no, you don't know how much it turned me on to think about it;
watching his tiny cock get licked and cleaned by loving mouths...so
lovingly was just...fantastic!" My wife smiled and we both knew that more
of this was in the future. Now it was an integral part of our own sexual
obsession for personal pleasures.

Then Tiffey kissed me deeply and my cock rose again, pleading, twitching,
thick and trembling from the passion of her kiss. I could not believe I
wanted to fuck her mouth pussy again!

Sandra and Tom were probably sucking, fucking again at their own home. And
that aroused my cock even more as sweet Tiffey fucked it with her mouth!
And still I wanted so much more...!

"Know what I want, darling?" Tiffey said softly.

"Anything, love!"

"I want you to jack you off and feel your cum on my nipples when I nurse!"

Then she continued, "...Then I want your cum to coat my pussy and feel your
tongue lick it off while our son sucks my tittie with your cum all over
it!" She felt the throb of my cock immediately! My mind surged with

And for the umpteenth time, she bent over and took my pulsing cock into my
mouth and said, "Does that feel good, baby? Do you like the way I suck
your fucking dick? I just can't get enough of your marvelous cock
tonight!" God, I felt the tears of so much love for her when she said

So many months ago, when we were sweaty, aroused and fucking, licking,
sucking each other's cock and pussy in bed, we got VERY AROUSED with all
the words of sex...and wanted to hear each other speak these exquisite
words of sex...and all those so-called "nasty" words that no one said when
dicks went into pussies with no verbal response; or cocks fucked mouths
without the moans and love of being sucked and fucked by other

So the sucking and fucking we gave each other was so much enhanced by
speaking, saying what our guttural, stimulated minds were shouting as I
shoved my dick into her delicate pussy, then her asshole, letting loose my
cum and squirting, feeling the seed of my balls gush into her...deep and

YES! That was the epitom� of sexual delight!

And when her thighs were drenched in sweat in our deep dark night of
fucking, I plunged my mouth, face, cheeks...even my eyebrows and auburn
hair between her soft fleshy thighs...loving her smell and feminine, pussy
taste...and sucked her cunt and devoured my cum that had just shot out of
my fucking cock into her mouth and exquisite cunt and ass!


I fucked and sucked my Tiffey, the love of my life...and I kissed her mouth
sweetly. And I tasted the innocent essence of our son on her lips, who
would grow to be quite a sexual animal in his own domain! (See Part Two)

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