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Senior Citizen's Eden by Jim Stanley Chapter 47

Chapter 47


Life had been good to Edgar. Even, as a youngster, he seemed to be
favored with good contacts and good choices that formed his life. In high
school, the school principal took a shine to Edgar and offered him a summer
job painting classrooms. This led to other similar jobs, some arranged
through the principal, others by word of mouth. In a small town of 2500,
word traveled quickly of Edgar's expertise in painting as well as his
professionalism that, by graduation from high school, Edgar had formed his
own painting business. He prospered, too. At age 21, he married his on
and off school sweetheart and settled into his business while his other
classmates headed to college and other occupations.

After years of trying to raise a family, Emily, his wife, found she
was barren and they lived their life without children, deciding, too, not
to adopt but to pursue their own goals together. Edgar invested well and
by their middle age, they were, both, considered well off in this small
town. But just as soon as they determined to spend some of their fortune
in travel, Emily took ill and lingered in her illness for the rest of her
life. In effect, whatever travel goals they had were put on hold. Edgar,
instead, put all his interest in his work. It was his only escape from a
life that was confined to looking to Emily's needs.

Life continued this way until their 60's when Emily became
terminally ill and passed away at age 65. In many ways, life had passed
them by. Edgar continued to work at his business several years after
Emily's death but grew tired of the daily grind. A heart attack at age 69
clinched his decision to quit work and he sold his business to a younger
associate and retired to Carter Court, mainly out of a need for care in his
early days of recovery from heart surgery.

Suddenly, life took on a new perspective for Edgar. To begin with,
he realized his own limitations. He never dreamed of illness and always
regarded illness as something others suffered. At times, he even gloated
over his physical superiority over others, particularly his wife as he
cared for her in her last days. Now that he had economic security, his
health gave way and the awareness of being dependent on others overwhelmed
him. It overwhelmed him precisely because he realized he had never been
able to enjoy the benefits of his wealth. When he traveled, it was never
more than 200 miles from his hometown. He had seen little of the world.
Nor had he participated in much of the world's offerings.

As his health improved after the by-pass surgery, he began to look
about him and assess how others dealt with this problem. Several seminars
at Carter Court opened his eyes. There were seminars on evaluating self
worth; there were seminars on coping with loneliness; there were seminars
on sexuality.

All of these, particularly the one on sexuality, moved Edgar into a
new level of thought, a level he had given little thought to over the
years. Yes, there was sex between him and Emily. But when he compared his
assessment of sex with what he considered the exaggerations of his friends,
he saw nothing spectacular in his and Emily's sexual patterns. The result
was that, by the time they reached their late thirties, sex had dwindled
down to one or two times a month. When they reached their forties, sex was
down to four or five times a year. After that, there was little or nothing
until Emily's death.

Edgar masturbated during this period often and found greater
satisfaction in that behavior than any other. But because of his
upbringing, he felt that he was doing something bad, and, with some
reluctance, came to enjoy this solitary form of sexuality. The seminars
offered new insights in sexuality, insights that he heard before, but
dismissed as too liberal and offensive to the values instilled by his
parents. But he began to see that many others at Carter Court subscribed
to this newer sexuality especially men and women he came to know and
respect. He had even heard of sexual goings on at Carter Court, between
men and men, women and women, men and women that he found hard to believe.
But he kept his own counsel and looked for some verification of these

Once, on a trip to his doctor, Edgar drove down a strip near the
airport that opened his eyes. There were a number of Adult Book Stores
along the strip, advertising their wares that included private viewing
booths. He wondered about those and concluded that since Carter Court was
located in a city four times the size of his hometown, this shouldn't be
unusual. He made a mental note to check them out when he felt stronger.

His doctor helped him here, too. Sensing Edgar's isolation, he
urged Edgar to get out and about and start experiencing life. He offered
particulars such as travel, and, once, even suggested that he masturbate.
His recommendation here was to provide a sense of self to Edgar. His
respect for his doctor grew and he was able, over time, to confide to his
doctor on matters of sexuality.

At one of his appointments he commented, "Doctor, you mentioned
once that I should masturbate. I've done it all my life, not too often,
however. But I've always felt guilty about it. Is it wrong?"

The doctor paused momentarily, then spoke, "Edgar, medically, there
is nothing wrong with masturbation. In the animal kingdom, which includes
man, sexual release comes in different forms. Even if you did nothing to
yourself, nature would take its course and give you release in the form of
a wet dream. The guilt you're feeling is probably a result of your
upbringing, a set of values you learned from your parents or church. But,
again, medically and psychologically, there is nothing wrong with it.
Moreover, your heart is well again. The by-pass, in effect, restored you
to excellent health and there is no reason, at all, for you not to
participate in any sexual activity, whatever its form."

After leaving the doctor's office, Edgar made a point of driving to
the strip and sizing up his options. He saw that there were many and
resolved, then and there, to return the next day and sample its wares. He
returned to Carter Court, however, aroused at the thought of visiting the
strip the next day. Completely unaware of what to expect, he fantasized at
the options. As he mulled these over in his mind, his cock twitched, then
hardened and he felt a lusting in his loins that he never felt before. He
gave way to his impulse and stripped naked, sitting on the sofa, catering
to the extraordinary hardness that flooded his cock. He reflected, "I
don't ever recall being so hard in my life!"

To enhance his excitement, he fetched a jar of Vaseline and
massaged his hard and throbbing cock even more. He was aware of new
sensations, sensations he'd never experienced before. Deep inside him, he
felt his prostate being squeezed by the tensing of the muscles of his
buttocks. His anus puckered and brought new feelings of arousal, the
feeling of being penetrated. In his excitement, he found the handle of an
old potato masher and inserted it deep into his ass. The sensation was
exquisite, particularly as he pressed his extended legs together and
squeezed the sphincter of his ass hole. He enjoyed viewing his tensed up
legs as they extended before him. His stomach, his pubic area, the inside
of his thighs cried out for attention. As his right hand rode his
throbbing and pulsing cock, his left massaged, vigorously, the muscles of
his stomach, his pubes, and his inner thighs. The feeling of elation was
exquisite and he didn't want it to stop. He masturbated to the point of
coming and stopped it by pressing his thumb over his piss hole, paused, and
continued again. He continued in this pattern for over an hour until he
could no longer stand the intensity of his lust. He let himself go,

"Oh! God! Oh! Baby! Oh! Baaabbbyyy! Here it comes Baby," he
cried in anguish. A flood of hot cum sprayed his body, drenching his cock
and balls, his stomach, his thighs, some of it landing on the sofa and
carpet. He didn't care. His only thoughts were on the magnificence of
this new sexual experience, the magnificence of the pleasure that permeated
his cock, balls and asshole, the magnificence that was almost spiritual,
ending in a never before experienced peace. He sat holding his rigid,
still pulsing cock, for another half hour, savoring that peace, his
breathing subsiding to an occasional deep sigh, and dozed. He woke from his
half stupor to ponder this new experience and admitted that sex had never
been better at any time of his life. Edgar masturbated twice more that
night and, finally, fell into a deep sleep until morning.

The next day, he rose early in anticipation of a day of exploring
the Strip. He ate a hearty breakfast at a Bob Evans on the Strip and
planned his strategy for the day. He decided to systematically visit each
of the Adult stores and delve into their offerings.

The number of cars in the parking lot attested to the store's
popularity. His entry, the first of its kind in this nether world, was
breathtaking. The attendant greeted him heartily and he sheepishly went
about exploring. He had never seen so many varieties of books and
magazines, catering to every whim and sexual fancy there ever existed,
certainly more than Edgar was aware of. The sexual toys fascinated him.
"What a variety," he thought. He saw a door leading to the private viewing
area. A sign indicated that he would have to buy some tokens to operate
the movies. He bought the tokens and entered a dimly lit room. Obviously,
judging from the multitude of men wandering about and matching them to the
automobiles on the lot, everyone was here. He, as it turned out, was the
only one in the book area. In the first booth he came to, a middle-aged
man, grayed at the sides, sat with the door partially opened. He paused
long enough to note that he had his cock in his hand, moving the shaft up
and down, rhythmically, as he watched the film. He longed to enter the
booth and feel that hardness. Instead, he bided his time. The day was
young and he needed to get an overview of the action. In the next booth,
he noted two men standing with their cocks in each other's hand viewing the
movie. In another booth, one man sat while another knelt between his legs
and sucked a throbbing long cock that he judged to be 8 inches long.
Further along, he stopped and watched while a middle-aged man fucked an
older man. By this time, Edgar's cock reacted and he felt the hardness as
it pressed against his pant leg. He needed release but, chose, instead to
fulfill his fantasies and returned to the first booth where the man sat

He peeked in and inquired sheepishly, "Want company?"

"Yes. Come in."

Never having sucked a cock, Edgar decided that this would be his
first. Mimicking what he saw several booths back, he knelt between the
man's legs and took his cock deep into his mouth. He unzipped his own
pants to allow his cock some release from the pressure. As he sucked, he
could also massage his own hard cock. A new sexual passion overwhelmed him
as he sucked the man's cock. It was a sensuality he had never before
experienced. His entire body responded. His hands sweat; his mouth
regaled in the taste and texture of the droplets of precum as they spewed
from the man's hot throbbing cock. The man's "OOHS and AAHS" prompted
Edgar to suck with total disregard of self and into a mode of wanting to
satisfy his lover. He sucked hard and deep until the man gave evidence of
coming. He pressed Edgar's head down onto his hot cock and groaned his
passionate release of cum into Edgar's mouth. He felt it hit the back of
his throat and tasted the warm, viscous texture of the copious cum. He
knelt there long after he drained the man's cock of its content. Both
regaled in the quiet of the moment.

"Thanks. I hope we meet again sometime," his lover whispered.

Edgar rose and went to the rear of the room, attempting to assess
his first, ever, man-to-man encounter. His thoughts raced wildly. "How is
it possible to have done what he had never before dreamt possible? It all
seemed so natural! How was that possible? Tasting the cum! It all seemed
so predictable; it was as if he had been doing it for his entire life!"

He wanted to stay and explore further but he decided to continue
his explorations at another store. He reasoned that he could always return

The next Adult Store seemed a little larger. As in the first, he
bought his tokens and entered. Here, too, a number of men wandered between
booths; others stood around rubbing their crotches. In checking the
viewing booths, most of the men sat alone, masturbating, as they watched a
film. Edgar took particular note of, what seemed to be a farmer, in bib
overalls, massaging a massive 10" cock. After assessing the other booths,
he returned to the farmer.

"Mind if I watch?" he inquired.

"Not at all. Come in, if you like."

Edgar couldn't resist. And to accommodate Edgar, the old farmer
removed his bib coveralls and sat naked on the bench. The massive cock was
magnificent to behold and Edgar's inexperience with cocks led him to
conclude that it was the most beautiful cock he had ever seen. His one
desire, now, was to caress it, love it, taste it, feel it. He knelt before
the old farmer and pressed his hard throbbing cock against his belly. His
mouth searched out the nipples of his chest, hardened with excitement,
hidden beneath a heavy mat of gray hair that extended down his chest to his
stomach, enveloping his magnificent, hard, throbbing cock. He sucked long
and hard, urged on by the farmer's low guttural moans. The farmer undid
Edgar's shirt and removed it. And to complete the union of two hot bodies,
Edgar lowered his pants to his ankles so that he could feel the true warmth
of the farmer's hot cock on his chest and belly. His mouth moved lower,
bathing the farmer's body with warm kisses, his tongue searching out each
and every crevice of the farmer's sensuous body. Upon reaching his cock,
his mouth enveloped the hardness that throbbed deliciously and sucked deep.
He alternated between his cock and his balls, tasting the salinity of his
crotch. The farmer raised his legs, his feet coming to rest on the viewing
screen, allowing Edgar's tongue to explore freely his cock, balls, and
asshole. The ecstasy Edgar felt in his groin was too much for this
novitiate of sexuality. He signaled his excitement to the old farmer with
load moans of pleasure and shot into his hand, taking time to taste his own
passion. For the farmer, Edgar's passion led to his own climax. Deep
thrusts of his pulsing cock into Edgar's mouth led to an explosion of hot
cum that flooded Edgar's throat. Unrestrained moans of pleasure attested to
his ecstasy as he cried, over and over, "Oh! God! Oh! God. Take it.
Take it. Take it!"

It was several minutes later that both realized that their moans
beckoned others and they saw that admirers of their passion surrounded
them. They loved tenderly for long minutes, the farmer breaking the

"I live about 45 minutes from here. My wife is away and, if you
like, you could come to my place for the afternoon."

This was music to Edgar's ears. "Write down the address. Or
better yet, why don't I just follow you!"

With that, they dressed and left. Once outside, the farmer wrote
out his address and phone number in the event they became separated.

The drive took every bit of the 45 minutes that the farmer
suggested. Once at the farm, the farmer, who introduced himself as Sven,
led Edgar inside the large and comfortable home. Everything about the home
indicated prosperity and Edgar commented, "You've a lovely place here."

"Yep, we've been here over 55 years. It's been hard work, but it
brought us a good life. Someday, I'll show you the whole spread.
Meanwhile, why don't we take a shower or bath, whichever you like?"

The tub-shower was large. Sven took the initiative and filled the
tub half way and they immersed themselves in the luxuriant warmth of the
water. They sat facing one another, their legs intertwined, their hands
caressing each other's cock and balls. They loved this way for over a half
hour, alternating between a sitting position and kneeling, embracing each
other in the warmth of the tub, allowing their hands to explore each others
intimate crevices, kissing deeply as they did so. Their cocks ached with
arousal, throbbing hard, pulsating, crying out for attention.

Edgar spoke first. "Let's lay down and love."

They rose from the tub, dried and lay in a 69 on the king sized bed
that stood just off the bath. Relaxed and stretched out, Edgar could now
take in the wholeness of Sven's beautiful body. Sven was a big man, tall,
that is. He stood about 6' 2". The full gray matt of hair on his head
accented a lean face punctuated by deep blue eyes. The stubble of gray
hair on his chin pointed to the thick profusion of gray hair on his chest
that moved lower, pointing and accenting the magnificent 10" cock that
stood before Edgar's eyes and mouth. The warmth of Sven's hot mouth on his
cock distracted Edgar momentarily and he paused in his admiration of Sven's
body to savor the fullness of Sven's lips and throat as he sucked his cock
deep into his mouth. Edgar's moans were not lost on Sven. He sucked Edgar
deeply, tasting his cock and balls and asshole, reveling in the pulsating
beauty of Edgar's 8 inches. Regaling in the luxury of Sven's attentions,
Edgar returned to Sven's magnificence and they loved in this position for
over an hour.

Edgar realized that he needed to fulfill another of his fantasies.
He wanted to be fucked. He wanted to feel the magnificence of Sven's
10-inch cock in his asshole. He wanted to luxuriate in the penetration,
the fullness, the animal thrusts of Sven's hard throbbing cock.

"Fuck me, Sven," he pleaded.

Edgar lay on his back, legs raised, as Sven oiled and then
penetrated Edgar's receptive asshole. Expecting pain, he delighted in the
gentleness of Sven's loving. His cock toyed playfully and teasingly with
Edgar's sphincter until his asshole screamed for love and Sven's huge cock.
It was Edgar who pressed forward and felt the tip of Sven's hard cock slide
deep inside him and fuck him slowly and gently. The beauty of the feelings
that Edgar experienced at this point was difficult to describe. At the
least, he felt the sensuousness permeate his entire body, beginning with
his feet that massaged Sven's face as he probed deep into his hot asshole.
At best, he could only describe the experience in general terms, in terms
as abstract as nirvana, ecstasy. Even more interesting to Edgar was the
fact that as his sphincter tightened around Sven's piercing cock, his own
cock hardened even more. Sven attentions were loving and responsive. As
he fucked Edgar deep, he licked the soles of his feet and sucked his toes
passionately. His left hand pleasured Edgar's hard cock, massaging it
gently with each deep stroke of his cock. The slow fuck and massage of
Edgar grew in intensity, each realizing that their loving moved toward
finality. Edgar's low moans of ecstasy led to Sven's more passionate
loving of Edgar's feet and cock, punctuated by his own moans of pleasure.
At the pinnacle of this excitement, Edgar screamed, "Sven, give me your
love, your hot cum."

"It's coming, Edgar." His thrusts deepened and Edgar felt Sven's
hot cum explode into his receptive hot asshole. It was the end for Edgar
as well. His cock exploded into Sven's hand and onto his chest. Their
moans intermingled into a chorus of passion and sensuality for the next
five minutes. Sven's large arms turned Edgar on his side and they lay for
more than a half hour, Sven's still throbbing cock deep inside Edgar's hot
asshole. As they dozed, Sven's continued intermittently to loved Edgar's
feet, massaging them delicately with his hands and mouth and tongue.

An hour passed, an hour of loving and small talk during which Sven
revealed that his wife would be gone for the week and that Edgar, if it
were possible, would be welcome to stay the night. Indeed, Sven suggested
that they become lasting friends, even upon the return of his wife. He saw
no reason to fear any repercussions, his wife, as he saw it, being a simple
woman, not prone to jealousies. Indeed, she felt their marriage was secure
enough to warrant friendships, particularly friends on Sven's. Sven
acknowledged that his Adult store escapades were intermittent and usually a
result of his needs or his wife's absence.

These confidences led to Edgar's confessions: his marriage, his
business, his lack of experience, sexually, his heart attack, and this new
insight into his sexuality. In the exchange of addresses and phone
numbers, Sven saw the perfect explanation of their meeting. He often
provided fresh corn, free, to Carter Court and that his wife would
understand the normality of their encounter.

Over the next months, the friendship between Sven, his wife Helga
and Edgar deepened. After the initial introduction, it was Sven's wife who
suggested Edgar's acceptance into their circle of intimate friends, a
suggestion that pleased Sven greatly. Both Edgar and Sven agreed that
their sexual exploits be kept as discreet as possible for fear of
complications. It was that sexuality that each cherished and desired to
nourish. So as time went on, they resorted to various means.

On some days, Sven would come to Carter Court and spend the day
with Edgar. They could spend an entire afternoon together without raising
any suspicions. At other times, Edgar would go out to the farm and, in the
summer, they found refuge in the barn, or the woods. These, they found,
added excitement to their sexuality. In the barn, they often lay in the
hayloft atop a tarp, giving vent to their animal urges. For Sven, the
boyhood odors of the farm always excited him sexually. He and his brothers
would often masturbate together in the barn loft and the odors reminded him
of his youth and virility. Thus, when he and Edgar loved in the loft, the
smells of the hay, the salinity of their passion, led him to ravage those
most intimate recesses of Edgar's body that, until meeting Sven, had been
unexplored. So, Edgar's asshole and groin got as much attention as his
feet and he basked in these loving attentions. Edgar grew to love these
expressions of love and reciprocated passionately. Their most common
foreplay position was having Sven kneel over Edgar's face, giving each full
access to each other's cock, balls, and assholes. They would love in this
position for an hour or so, ending in a finale of hot cum being sprayed
into their faces: their eyes, their nose, their mouth, after which they
would lay, face to face, and enjoy their own cum, tasting, kissing, loving.
Edgar, too, developed the passion for Sven's 10-inch cock in his ass. He
frequently remarked to Sven that, in his younger days, if anyone had told
him that he would like being fucked, he would have told them they we're
crazy. And, so too, did the barn and the woods around the farm become the
locus of their expressions of love, particularly of Edgar's asshole.

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