Friday, April 24, 2009

Betting on Jeremy Chapter 3

Jeremy sat on the front step of his house. He didn't have a wrist watch but
he had heard the town clock strike seven.

Then the door opened and the flood of light showed his face. He had a few
tears as he felt that would enlist some sympathy from his mother at least.

"You poor little darling," she announced as she came down the few
steps. "Why didn't you come inside?" she questioned as Jeremy heard his
father and the other man snicker.

"I forgot my key, and because there was no light on I thought you were
still out. I thought all manner of things had happened to you," the boy
announced with a convincing sniff in his words.

His mother embraced him and he felt her hand rub over his bum and squeeze
him. Just as well she didn't touch his cock as she would have felt how
stiff it was.

Now the newly found couple was introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Harvey, and
Jeremy shook hands with a soft hand. He had been already been instructed by
his new friend that if he wanted to indicate his sexual preference he used
a soft hand, but if he felt he should show a distinctly manly attitude to
sex he should have a firm hand.

Mr. Harvey patted his shoulder and tickled his neck. He knew the man was
assessing him sexually so he played along and moved forward to bump onto
the man's bulging trousers. Jeremy felt the cock outline and bumped again.

"Pleased to meet you, young man. I know we are going to see much more of
you from now on,' and Jeremy instinctively knew that he meant he would be
seeing him naked. Inwardly he laughed a little, but he also wanted
desperately to feel that man's nice thick cock, either in his hand or

He then realized that he knew the couple's son, as he was in the technical
school. His name was Kevin, and it excited Jeremy to know that he had a big
cock and that soon he may even have a chance to play with it.

The gathering at the front door soon broke up and Jeremy entered the
house. He raced up stairs to remove his jacket and could smell the piss in
the bathroom and also smell the semen in his parents' bedroom, noting the
very unmade bed and the tube of arse cream (as he called it) on the
floor. He thought about picking it up, but wondered if it was his parents
or had been brought by the Harvey's. He grabbed it and put it under his
pillow. He had ideas of his own now, even at eleven.

Later that night he heard his mother enquiring about the tube and heard his
father say he thought Harry had taken it home with him.

Jeremy felt much better about that as he inserted a glob into his small
virgin arse.

He also heard his parent's talking quietly about what Harry Harvey had said
about their son Kevin, and that gave Jeremy's cock an even greater feeling.

The following Saturday Jeremy was up early, and surprisingly so were his
parents. They informed the boy that they were going to the races at
Rasonfield with the Harvey's and wouldn't be back home till late. His
father gave him another front door key, not realizing that he already had
one, and had so for the last year.

Jeremy now went looking for his nice man and the chauffeur but little did
he know that he too was at the races, but this time they were over at the
big town course at Rasonfield, thirty miles away. He went to the movies
with his school chums, and again ventured into the toilet to watch the
action of the boys being fucked and the older men hanging around waiting to
get lucky. He wasn't sure about letting them touch him and he decided that
he didn't really like any of the men there so he skipped out, after looking
at a boy about fifteen being fucked rather violently, and decided to go
home and play with his own cock and use some of the lube in his arse. He
wondered if he could take the chauffeur's big cock in his arse. He knew the
older boy easily took cock as he had witnessed at the toilet, and had even
looked at his own stools during the week and felt they were big but not as
big as that cock.

One man followed him, but when the man touch him, he turned quickly
surveyed the man and told him in no uncertain terms to `fuck off'.

At home he threw off all his clothes and lay on his bed stroking his hard
cock and pushing his fingers in his lubed arse. Then he heard a knock at
the font door, and almost shit. Hurriedly he grabbed his dressing gown and
raced down the stairs to answer the insistent knocking.

He opened the door to see a boy standing there. He was about thirteen and
at first he didn't recognize him, but then his cock twitched as he realized
it was Kevin Harvey.

"Hi. Dad told me you might need some company tonight. Can I come in," he
asked in a really friendly way.

Jeremy almost pissed himself with delight. He knew full well what was about
to happen, but now had to play an innocent role and let Kevin make all the

Jeremy explained that he had been preparing to have his weekly bath, so
Kevin suggested that they both do it together. It would be fun and save
water too.

This was going to be easier than he thought was in the mind of both boys,
the older believing he was going to be careful about seducing the younger,
whilst the younger was going to have to play act out an innocent role and
let Kevin make all the running.

Jeremy ran the warm water into the big tub and deliberately bent over so
that Kevin could see his bare bum. Then Kevin took off his shirt and Jeremy
was enthralled by the sight of this boys developing body. Then he undid his
belt and his trousers dropped quickly to his ankles. Jeremy was surprised
to realize that he had no underwear on, but soon his eyes became riveted to
the huge boy cock presented to him.

It was as big as the boy's father and Jeremy had to stop himself saying so.

He stared at this long fat tube with the foreskin now peeling back as the
cock gained length and size. He also noted that Kevin had a small patch of
hair, not much more than the size of a thumb above his thickening cock.

Kevin stepped out of his trousers and then sat on the side of the bath as
he removed his shoes and socks, all the time allowing his cock to gain in

Jeremy couldn't contain his fingers as he observed the bubble of clear
liquid emerge from the long piss slit. He just lent forward, allowing his
own dressing gown to fall from his naked shoulders as his fingers touched
the bubble and spread it over the cock head.

Kevin sighed and then gently grabbed hold of Jeremy's very stiff almost
3". As he had been told by his nice friend last Saturday, he was certainly
big for his age.

Kevin now announced the same statement, saying, "gee, you are big for

He now rubbed up and down the smaller boy's cock and pulled the foreskin
back and forth over his prominent cock head.

Jeremy couldn't contain his innocent role and bent forward and licked the
top of Kevin's huge seven inch cock. Kevin let out a moan as the small lips
slipped around the big knob and the boy's tongue started to play dance
music on the broad ridge under the crown.

"Shit, you know how to suck cock. Who showed you?, Kevin asked.

Jeremy removed his lips to answer, "no one. Why?"

"Fuck. Just keep doing that. That is awesome."

Jeremy was proud to know that after one lesson he was able to give immense
pleasure to a cock, and so continued to swab his tongue around the exciting
and pre cum pumping head. He loved the taste of pre cum even more than he
knew he loved to swallow man cum.

Soon Kevin started to moan louder and then his fingers found Jeremy's
previously lubed arse and as he pushed into the boy his climax drove itself
from his large hairless balls and began pumping glob after glob down into
the smaller boys throat and stomach.

"Shit. You swallowed my cum. Geez, you must have been taught by someone or
else you are the world's most natural cock sucker".

They both fell into the bath water now and started washing each other,
Jeremy making great efforts to remove any lube from his arse.

Then he was surprised as Kevin bent forward and grabbed his head. His lips
now found Jeremy's and soon he was swept up in the most passionate kissing
he has ever experienced. A tongue fight soon began and they embraced each
other with a sensuous feeling that comes from passion and naked flesh.

Kevin now rolled over and told Jeremy to lie on his back. The boy's cock
now slid in between his legs and the feeling of pushing his cock in and out
of the leg gap was wonderful.

Kevin now got up out of the water, his small flatter bum almost in Jeremy's
face. He could see the pulsing open arse hole and now guessed at what was
going to happen next.

They dried each other off and then Kevin found his way to Jeremy's
bedroom. He pulled down the covers to reveal the sheets. Then he raced back
down stairs and soon bounded up the stairs clutching a tube of lube. Jeremy
realized that Kevin had planned either to fuck him or be fucked well before
he knocked on the door.

Kevin lay on the bed, spread his legs and pulled them back over to his
shoulders. His hole was quite open and with his fingers he flipped the cap
off the tube and inserted it into his arse and squeezed. Then he replaced
the cap and told Jeremy to, "please, please, fuck me. I need your cock in
me. Quick."

Jeremy now remembered how the chauffeur had plunged his big thick cock into
the man and he quickly crawled onto the bed and almost rammed his 3 inches
of cock into the lubed arse.

"Jesus, that is fucking fantastic. Just fuck me, fuck me," and Jeremy
did. It was his first fuck and he had decided then to keep a log of his

He pumped and pumped into the older boy and then the body under him started
to thrash and shake and Jeremy watched with great delight as the big thick
boy cock fired off bullet after bullet of boy cream. The first was so
powerful that it hit the wall above his bed, a long string of cum sliding
down the cream wall.

Jeremy continued to fuck as the feeling in his eleven year old cock was so
electric he didn't want to ever stop. He continued as Kevin thrashed again,
his head rolling violently from side to side and then he climaxed for a
second time, with another less powerful volley of cum spurting from the
thick large knobbed boy cock.

Jeremy stopped now as he bent forward and started to lick up the copious
blobs of boy cum. It tasted so good and he washed Kevin's tummy and chest
clean of any trace of cum.

Kevin still had his eyes closed, but when he opened them he jolted and
grabbed Jeremy's head and pushed it into his tummy.

Kevin's dad was standing at the door of the bedroom, his hand on his
crotch, and behind him was another male face. Kevin felt then that it was
Jeremy's dad. He regained his composure as both disappeared.

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