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Senior Citizen's Eden by Jim Stanley Chapter 25

Chapter 25


A little over a week had passed since Ken arrived in Berlin. His
days became routine, nonetheless a pleasant routine. He would wake each
day and, after breakfast, he and Hans would set out for the warehouse and
further filming. On this particular day, Hans suggested that Ken alter his
routine somewhat. He mentioned an adult gay movie house to which he urged
Ken to visit. It was the scene of one of his films. At that time, he
rented the theater for the day and filmed assorted orgies within the
confines of the theater. Hans assured Ken that the action in the theater
was very open and friendly and that it would be something of a distraction
from the routine of going to the warehouse every day. It wasn't that Ken
was bored with Hans or the warehouse. On the contrary, he loved every
moment of it. But this would be different and a chance for him to explore
this other world.
"When you go, Ken, try to get a seat in the last row on the aisle,"
added Hans. "This might give you a better perspective of the action. I'll
drive you there and you can spend the day, if you like. I'll see you in
the evening or the next day should you make some interesting contacts."
The next day came quickly. Hans dropped Ken off at the theater and
wished him luck. "Have fun, Ken," he added smiling.
"Thanks, I will. See you later," Ken replied.
Ken paid his entrance fee at the kiosk and entered the small lobby.
A number of people, young and old, stood around, making eye contact with
one another. Some rubbed their crotches confirming their availability.
Others rubbed their crotches in order to maintain what was an obvious hard
on. Several smiled at Ken in obvious overtures to Ken. A twinge of
interest on Ken's part surged, his cock swelling a bit, but he thought,
"I've got the whole day. Take it slow and see what the action inside is
like." With that he entered the main part of the theater and stood in the
aisle until his eyes acclimated to the darkness. The only thing visible
was the screen on which a young stud was being fucked in the ass by a
friend. He stood this way for a short moment. A hand, warm to the touch,
slid up his leg to his crotch, massaging his thigh and then his testicles
and crotch. The suddenness of this encounter surprised Ken but he stood,
enjoying the sensuousness of the moment, waiting for his eyes to adjust to
the darkness of the theater. His cock hardened quickly, reacting to the
caresses of the unseen hand. At that moment, he felt his zipper being
undone and the hand reaching into his pants to feel his hardness that now
throbbed. A second passed before his cock was out and sheltered by the
warm mouth of his hidden lover. He surmised that his lover had no teeth
since his cock moved smoothly in and out. By this time, his eyes
acclimated somewhat to the darkness and he looked down to see if he could
see his lover. As he guessed, it was an older man. His eyes had now
totally adjusted to the darkness and he saw 30 or more people spread about
the theater. He realized, too, that he was about to cum and he did not
want it too happen so early. With that, he gently held the head of the
older man to indicate that he wasn't ready yet. He stooped over and
whispered in his ear, "Later, my friend, later. Let me get my breath."
His cock still dangling, he moved to a seat a row or two removed and along
the wall so that he could take in the film and the theater simultaneously.
He sat down allowing his cock to calm itself, but maintaining the stroke
initiated by the old man with his own hand.
At this juncture, the movie held little interest for Ken. He
allowed his eyes to survey the theater. He could see that a number of
individuals sat alone. There were some that seemed paired off. In one
instance, he could see a bobbing head and he inferred that someone was
getting a blowjob. Along the front row of the theater, he could see a
number of individuals sitting next to one another, their heads moving from
side to side, obviously watching their neighbors in what looked to be a
"row" jerk. Off to the left at the very corner of the theater in the rear,
he could make out a group action. He could make out one person bent over
the seat being fucked, the other watching and playing with one another.
About 15 minutes had gone by and he saw his first lover get up to
wander about the theater. He remembered Hans' recommendation to take an
aisle seat in the last row. He rose and headed for that seat. His sight
lines improved, too. He had a full view of the theater with no glare from
the lights in the lobby. With his cock in hand, he waited for the morning
and afternoon to develop. He now noticed for the first time that the last
row in which he sat to be quite filled and busy. Couples played with one
another's cocks. Several sat completely naked, their cocks in hand,
tenderly massaging their cocks and balls. One couple took turns sucking
each other's cock. While in this observing mode, Ken suddenly became aware
of someone standing next to him. He heard the zipper first and as he
turned to look, a large cock began a slow massage of his ear, his neck, his
head, and upon turning to look, his mouth. Standing with cock hard and
wet, a gray haired handsome man stood facing Ken and probed. Ken's mouth
opened and received the fullness of this hard, throbbing cock and sucked
deliriously for a few minutes, at the same time inserting his hands into
his pants to feel the grandeur of his testicles and his warm and moist
asshole. The realization came slowly, but he was positive that this was
the same man who sucked his cock when he entered the theater. Ken decided
to let matters take their course. His lover opened his belt to allow Ken's
hands freedom of movement on his crotch. Ken, with both hands on his soft
buttocks, pressed his cock deep into his mouth, insuring a fucking motion.
A finger of his right hand probed his asshole, while his left hand massaged
his buttocks and testicles. Ken's cock throbbed as well. But he continued
sucking deeply and lovingly his lover's cock until he felt his testicles
tighten and accepted passionately the intense spurts of hot cum shooting
from his cock. To Ken's delight, it seemed endless. That in itself was
gratifying since he inferred that his lover hadn't for a long time shot his
load. Ken's gratification lay in the fact that his lover had chosen him to
spend his needed orgasm in his mouth. After he shot, he whispered in Ken's
ear to follow him to a seat in the center of the theater, where they could
talk. Ken, with his cock still hanging out, followed his lover to the
center of the theater where they sat together and fondled each other.
The interest took a totally different turn at this point. The
older man introduced himself as Richard. The German accent pronounced it
as "Reehard." He continued, "I wondered if you like women," he added.
Ken paused a moment thinking of the meaning of his question. His
hesitation was but momentary, not enough for Richard to notice. "Well, I
was married at one time. I also have a son. Does that answer your
question?" he asked. "What did you have in mind," he added quickly.
Richard answered promptly, "I met this man here, an older man. He
was with his wife. I thought it was curious that someone would bring a
woman to a gay theater. My curiosity led me to sit near them and observe.
A few minutes passed and I saw him motion to me to move closer. I obliged
and sat next to him and he immediately began to play with my cock. I
decided to let matters take their course and, before long, he had my pants
down and began sucking my now hard and throbbing cock. The fact that she
watched heightened my arousal and the orgasm was as intense as any of the
best I've had. Afterwards, he introduced me to his wife. That surprised
me but I pretended to be blas� about it. He went on telling me how he
liked to have sex with men and have his wife watch. Naturally, I asked him
if his wife ever participated. He replied that, up until this time, that
hadn't occurred. But he and his wife would be willing to give it a try.
He gave me his phone number and added that he hoped that I would give him a
call. He specifically added that, if I had a friend of my sober age, I
could bring him along. Frankly, Ken, I was a little reluctant to go alone,
but seeing you here today, and finding you amicable, I thought I might
mention it and pursue the tryst further. If nothing else happens, we might
have a good time ourselves. What do you think?"
I was flabbergasted at the proposition. At the same time, I was
curious. That familiar sensation in my groin told me to go along with the
scenario. So I asked Richard, "When will this occur?
Richard responded, "It could happen as soon as this morning or this
afternoon. All I have to do is make a phone call and see what happens. If
not today, there might be another time.
"Well then, why not make the call now and we'll take it from
there," I replied.
"Good. In the meantime, wander around. I'll find you," Richard
At the moment, I was enjoying the fantasy presented by Richard. I
fondled my cock and balls in a reverie of sorts and until, suddenly, I felt
a warm hand on my cock taking charge. I turned to see an older man,
perhaps in his 70's pressing the foreskin of my hard cock until it nearly
burst. I reached over and felt his hard cock throbbing in, his pants down
to his knees, his legs extended. I took the initiative, anticipating a
long morning or afternoon of sex. I knelt between the seats and took his
hard cock deep into my throat, at the same time, fondling his testicles and
ass. He began a rhythmic upward movement of his hips, his cock
anticipating my mouth as it bore down, my lips completely enveloping his
hardness. It didn't take long. He shot hard into my mouth at the same
time moaning his pleasure with no reserve, letting the world and the
theater know he was in ecstasy. He allowed me to savor his ecstasy, in no
hurry to leave. Perhaps 10 minutes passed. He thanked me, rearranged his
clothes, and left. My cock screamed for release at this point. But
Richard's return stayed my passion, hopefully for a moment of greater
passion. I wasn't disappointed.
"Good news, Ken. Paul and his wife will be ready to see us in an
hour or so. I mentioned where we were and how I met you and they were
delighted. Now, I suppose, it's up to us. Are you game?" he exclaimed.
"Indeed I am, Richard. My cock is bursting at the seams. Do we
have a long way to go?" I asked.
"If we take our time, we should be there in an hour and a half.
Let's leave now and let me treat you to a coffee at a caf� and that
should put us there in a timely manner," he added.
The coffee break, the bus ride were about right for timing. We
arrived at Paul and Helga's apartment at about noon. Paul met us at the
door and introduced us to the apartment. Helga wasn't around for the
greeting but Paul assured us that she was doing her toilette and would be
ready in a matter of moments. "Perhaps you would like to take a peek at my
Helga doing her toilette?" he whispered. Richard and I looked at one
another, smiled and nodded a perfunctory "Yes" to Paul's question. Paul
signaled us to be quiet as we tiptoed toward their bedroom. A crack in the
door allowed us to view Helga in her natural state and we took delight in
exercising our voyeurism. Apparently, so did Paul. He stood between us
and massaged our crotches as we watched. Helga, in fact, had completed her
bath and looked to be in a state of repose which was, nonetheless, very
seductive. Her right hand lay over her cunt, her middle index finger
massaging her clitoris. Our cocks anguished over this view and cried out
for release. Paul sensing our discomfort, unzipped our flies and took our
hardened and throbbing cocks into his hand. He knelt before us and
alternating took our cocks into his warm mouth, sucking hard and deep. He
paused briefly to ask, "Gentlemen, let's go into the bedroom, undress and
lay on the same bed with my wife. Do whatever you wish but let me bring
you both to an orgasm. My wife will be accepting of whatever you do to
her." We disrobed in the living room, and, naked, with Paul leading, we
entered the bedroom. Helga lay as if she were expecting us. There was no
hint of surprise. But there was a smile of anticipation, anticipation of
what might happen in this foursome. No words were spoken. Richard lay on
his back, his legs raised in a V at Helga's feet, caressing them, one hand
massaging her asshole and clitoris. Paul, naked, knelt over Richard's cock
and massaged his asshole, balls and cock with his thick and sensuous
tongue. Ken lay on his side parallel to Helga, his mouth sucking and
caressing her ample and sensitive breasts. As Paul sucked Richard's cock
and balls, Ken alternated between Helga's breasts and cunt, his tongue
sinking deep into her vagina. It was the first sound uttered. Helga's
moans began to fill the room with her excitement. In this same position,
Ken's cock dove deep into Helga's mouth and fucked her warm mouth as his
tongue fucked her hot and moist cunt. Meanwhile, Richard's passion rose to
a fever pitch adding his groans of love to those of Helga. Then came the
orgasm, intense, hot, and feverish. Richard filled Paul's throat with his
warm cum and passionately drove his cock deep into Paul's mouth. Paul then
turned to Ken. Ken moved his body towards the bottom of the bed, his head
at the base of Helga's asshole and cunt. His cock was Paul's to be had and
sucked hard and passionately. Richard, meanwhile moved toward Helga's cunt
and with his dick still hard and wet with his cum, kneeling over Ken's
face, drove his cock deep into Helga, his balls bouncing off Ken's face as
he drove his cock into Helga. The action grew intense for Ken. Richard's
balls and asshole over his face, Paul's hot mouth sucking his throbbing
cock, drove Ken into a frenzy. His hips met Paul's downward thrusts with
renewed passion. It didn't take long. Ken bellowed his ecstasy and shot
his hot cum deep into Paul's throat. Richard, meanwhile, recovered amidst
these screams of passion to drive his hot cock deep into Helga. Her moans
crescendoed as she began the first of a long series of orgasms. Richard
came once more. Paul followed, driving his hot cock deep into his wife's
hot and wet cunt and screamed his love into her. Ken, too, renewed his
vigor as Paul rose from his wife. He drove his still hot cock into Helga,
which became for her a long succession of orgasms. Spent as they were,
each took turns sucking the hot juices from Helga's cunt as Helga continued
to orgasm for the duration of the tryst. An hour or so passed. They all
collapsed in a heap upon the bed and one another and dozed. Intervals of
waking led to tender and gentle massaging of one another, in particular
Helga's warm, moist, and cum filled cunt. The loving continued into the
afternoon. Ken spoke first. "I must be going soon. I have a dinner
engagement tonight. Can we do this again, soon?" They all showered and
settled on a new time a day from now and departed, sated, calm, and at
peace with the world.

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