Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Pizza Dude

Andy, the pizza delivery dude, dropped off the pizza I had
ordered, mentioning it was his 19th birthday, making him a year younger
than me. He said it sucked working on your birthday. I was checking him
out, nodding my head in agreement. Getting out my wallet, I noticed he
was about an inch shorter than my 6ft. frame, and was thin. As he turned
around, rubbing his ass checks thru his jeans, I noticed the tag on his
jeans said 29x34. He told me, "Dude, if its ok, Just pay for the pizza, and
I'll stop by after work for a couple beers. "I said "That's cool!" The
hour till he got off work passed slowly. Finally, I heard a knock on the
door. It was Andy. He walks in, saying "Dude, I'm glad springs finally
here. Hate wearing coats. "I agreed, offering him a beer. We adjourned to
the couch and turned on the TV. Andy finished his beer quickly, and I
got him another. This one lasted longer, and he slid closer to me, resting
his free hand on my leg. I glanced over at him, noticing his boner was
standing at attention under his jeans. He says "Dude, this beers tasting
good. "I said, "Yes, its just right. . "He looks me in the eyes, and
said, "Man, I'm so horny. The girls around here are either dating
someone, or not putting out. "I said, "Totally know what you mean Andy. "He
boldly reaches over and kisses me. I slide my tongue down his
throat, feeling his tongue intertwine with mine. He looks deep into my
eyes, breaking the kiss, saying "Sorry dude, it's just that I'm so
horny. "I told him , "Nothing to be sorry about, I kinda liked that. "He
asks"You've done stuff with guys before?"I nodded my head yes. He
blushes, saying, "I never have, but have always wanted to. "I
offered, "Andy, I'm not forcing you, but if you want to, lets get
naked and I can show you some stuff. "We were both naked in a
heartbeat. Andy asks, "What do we do now?"I grin, answering, "Just follow
my lead stud. "Andy seemed way too tense, so I suggested that he
relax, and at first, let me do the majority of the work. He just smiled. We
lay side by side, kissing, and exploring each others body. I then kicked it
into gear, licking my way down over his chin, to his neck, and then down
to his fine chest. When my tongue made contact with his nips, I thought
he was gonna cum on the spot. I said, "Dude, easy, don't want you cumming
too soon. ""Sorry, just I'm so excited. "I kissed, licked, and sucked his
nips, working his abs and pecs, working down to his navel. He jerked as I
made my way down over his thighs, working my way down to his
toes, sucking all 10 of them into my mouth. Then, I suddenly went up to
his inner thighs, licking his low hangers, kissing them, and finally
sucking them one at a time into my mouth. Andy was in heaven. I then went
up to his big, fat, sticky cock. Licking it from head to base, kissing it
all over, then licking the precum from the head. Andy was running his
hands all over me, and was telling me to suck his dick. I started taking
the head into my mouth, making Andy move his hips up and down. I
was moving my mouth up and down on his big fat, wet, sticky boner. Before
long, my nose was in his red pubes, deepthroating his boner, his wet balls
slamming up into my chin. His back was arching, and I was cupping his
ass checks. Andy rolled me over, sat on my chest, and fed my hungry
mouth his big bone. In a matter of minutes, he was grunting, unloading
his jizz down my throat. As his dick got soft, he pulled outta my
mouth, saying, 'Todd, that was the best head job I've had. "I
grinned, asking "Dude, you want to learn more?"He asked"How, what do I
need to do?"So, I laid him on his back, and spread his legs. I slid a
finger up his virgin ass, making him moan, and gasp. I slid my tongue
up next to his finger, sliding a second finger up his ass. "Oh dear
God, "Andy said"That is so hot. I want your dick up there. "So, I knelt
in front of him, and slid my pole up and down his ass crack, until
he couldn't stand it anymore. I shoved my dick up into him, with one
thrust, and rode my new lover like a bronco. Andy was begging for more
as I rode him deeper and faster. With each thrust, his cute, tight ass
went up in the air. My seed was rising up out of my testicles, getting
ready to spill
into the pizza dudes butt. I told him, Pizza man, get ready, I'm going
spew. He only responded, "Dude, I'm ready, give it to me, NOW!!!!. "I just shot
loads up into his cherry pucker. I slid out, covered with sweat. Andy
said, "Shit, that was way hot. "My only response was"Thanks. "Andy got this
huge grin on his face, and says, "My turn to fuck you now isn't it?I
want to do you doggy style. "So I got on all 4s. spreading my legs, and
telling him to give me his pepperoni. Andy just grins, and fucks me
with no mercy. He kept slamming my ass, telling me how tight I was, and
pulling my hair. Andy just kept giving me his big fat prick, humping my
ass like there was no tomorrow. I had to ask him if he was sure he
hadn't done this before. He just
said shut up and take my dick. I slid my ass back into his pubes, as he
slammed his dick and balls up into my fuck pole. Andy started kissing my
neck, putting sucker bites on them, and then he shoved his tongue in my
ear, saying , "Get ready, I am going to let my seed loose in your ass. "I
felt volley after volley of jazz hit my ass. After that, Andy spread my
legs wide, and ate his freshly deposited sperm out of my butt. He ate ass
like an old pro. Andy kept licking around and took my hardening fuckpole
in his mouth, devouring it inch by inch until he had his nose in my
pubes. Although he was gagging, and not breathing easily, he was doing
well enough to make me spit down his mouth. We decided to take a beer
break. After downing some cold ones, we noticed the neighbors lights were
on. I could see Tyler and his girlfriend were looking out the window
right at us. "Hey, Andy. bend over the couch, "I instructed him. He bellied
up to the couch, bending over, as I got behind him, and started pumping in
and out of his tight boy pussy. After jizzing deep up into his rectum, the
phone rang, and Tyler says, "Hey, ask Andy when he's working next, Nicole
and I want some of his pepperoni. "I asked him, and he said tell them to
come over and I'll give em some pepperoni, and gooey white stuff. It
wasn't long before Tyler and Nicole were walking in the front
door. Andy and I were on the couch, still naked, Tyler and Nicole, both
going to graduate high school in May, and are 18. I nudged Andy, and saw
the life going into his penis. Tyler just stood there and stared at
us, Nicole grinned, and said Ty. lets get naked , we can have some fun before
I need to be home. They got naked, and NIcole dives between Andy's
legs, sucking his dick. I grabbed Tyler, pushing him down on the floor, and
eating his tight ass. Tyler was in awe as his girlfriend was
deepthroating the pizza dude as I was getting ready to plow him. Tyler
was begging for it, so i started fucking him Andy was enjoying his
blowjob, judging from his loud moans. Tyler always did like getting his
ass plowed. Suddenly, Andy spews all over Nicolas face, which in
turn, caused me to fill Tyler's hot tight ass. After we pulled apart
from each other, Nicole walks over to me, asking, "Would you like to make
love to me?"I pulled her to me, kissing her, fingering her
pussy. Tyler, who was always kinds jealous, said , "Damn, she's doing
everybody but me. "Andy, being the gentleman he was, spread his legs
wide, saying"Hey, I got a hole for that major boner, big boy. "So, much
to my surprise, Tyler turned Andy over, and started fucking his
hole. Tyler looks back at his girl and I , as I entered her twitching
vagina, and said "I feel your sperm still in Andy's butt. " We were all
getting into it, as witnessed by the moaning. It seemed like about 10
minutes before Tyler and I shot our jizz. Nicole said, "Tyler, honey, he got
me off twice. "Tyler grinned, evilly. saying, "I got an idea, we got time for
one more before I have to get her home. Let's try something, if you guys
all trust me. "We agreed. Tyler got on his back, and told Nicole to get
on top of him, so she could take his cock up her pussy. She did. Then he
looked at me , saying "You want her to suck your dick, don't you?"So I
got in front of her, and dangled it in front of her face, and watched as
she started sucking it. Tyler said"Hey pizza dude, she got one hole
left, you want it?"Andy eagerly entered her tight ass. Before long, we
were humping Nicole in rhythm. She was digging it, big time. Tyler was
the first to cum, Andy and I lasted longer since we had cum several
times already. I asked if she swallowed? Tyler answered for her, saying
Fuck ya , she swallows. So I filled her mouth, and she swallowed every
drop. Andy grunted and filled her butt. Tyler told us, "We would love to
stay, but her dads strict about her curfew. But can we come play
again another time?"Andy and I were readily agreeable to this idea. So
Andy, Tyler, and Nicole got dressed, ready to go. They all kissed me
before they left, promising to return and continuing the fun we started.

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