Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Playing With Friends 2

The next morning at work started out awkward. Neither Mike or I
mentioned the threesome with Kelly; in fact we hardly talked at all. We
loaded up all our supplies at the shop and headed off for the kitchen
install we had scheduled and the whole time we just talked
business. Finally, I decided we needed to discuss it before we actually got
to the job. We were on a little country side road when I pulled over and
stopped the van.

"You okay with last night, Mike?" I asked.

He nodded. "Yeah, Tom. I'm cool. Last night was awesome."

"Then why aren't we talking?"

"Shit, I don't know. Couldn't figure out how to start a
conversation. Just awkward, I guess."

"So, you enjoyed yourself?"

"Are you kidding? I had a blast. Best sex of my life."

I grinned. "Now that's cool."

Mike thought for a moment. "I do have a question, though. When you
and Kelly were planning for last night? Did you have sex?"

"Oh, yes. Several times. Is that a problem?"

"No, not really. Guess I'm just a tad jealous."

"It was just sex, Mike. You're the one she loves."

He laughed. "You got it backwards, dude. I'm jealous of the extra
time she got to spend fucking you."

I could feel myself blushing. "Well, damn, Mike. We can always
spend some time evening that out."



"Dude, I'm so hard you could use my cock as a sledge hammer. Would
you mind sucking me off?"

"Unzip and pull it out. Can't have you all distracted at work."

I leaned over and lowered my mouth over his raging hard on. He let
out a moan as I closed my lips around him and bobbed slowly up and down. I
was really enjoying the moment; all the more special because of the
countless morning drives in the van when I had silently fantasized about
doing just this.

He ran his fingers through my hair and started talking as he
moaned. "Oh, yeah, Tom, just like that. Suck my cock. Oh, yes, oh god,

I pulled back for a second and looked up at him. "Who gives better
head," I asked, "me or Kelly?"

"Jesus, Tom, you do, hands down."

I grinned for a second, then took him back in my mouth. He
continued to moan and to mutter encouragement for a few minutes and then I
could tell he was getting close. He started to buck his hips up at me and
his whole body tensed. I pulled back so just the head of his cock was in my
mouth, then I tickled it with my tongue while I used my hand to stroke his
shaft. Seconds later he was filling my mouth.

I reached across him and pulled the lever on the side of the seat
and it reclined all the way back. I climbed on top of him and cupped my
hand behind his neck, pulling him forward as if to kiss him. When his lips
were just inches from mine and parted slightly, I let my lips open and his
cum drizzled out slowly, dropping the few inches into his mouth. He opened
wider and swallowed eagerly. I leaned forward the few extra inches and
pressed my mouth to his. He sucked out all the remaining cum and we ended
with a gasping kiss.

I climbed back into my seat and Mike raised his seat back to an
upright position.

"Wow." He said.

"Feeling better?"

"Oh, yeah. Much better. Want me to do you?"

"Hell, yes, but not right now. I want to enjoy the anticipation."

I started the van up and we headed for the job.

When we got there and met the owners, I knew it was going to be a
good day. They were an older couple, Dan and Julie, in their early fifties
I'd guess, and I knew them. I had met them in a bar one night a few months
back and had invited them back to my place. We spent several hours sucking
and fucking then went out to breakfast together before they left. Dan
didn't show any signs of recognizing me, but Julie kept giving me
significant glances.

They showed us the kitchen and what we had to tear out before we
could put in the new cabinets. Once we had our bearings, they excused
themselves and we headed back to the van for some tools.

"This is going to get interesting," I said to Mike. "Hope you don't
mind spending twelve hours on a five hour job."


I told him about the night I had spent with Dan and Julie. "She
gives great head and loves to watch her husband take it up the
ass. Luckily, he likes it as much as she enjoys watching it."

"No shit?"

"Yeah. This is going to be a fun day."

"What do we do?"

"Just follow my lead and do what I tell you."

We got our tools inside and I took a quick peak out the kitchen
door to see where they were. They were in the next room, sitting on a
couch, their backs to the kitchen. They were talking intently; she was
probably reminding him who I was.

I closed the kitchen door and told Mike to get down on his
knees. He looked uncertain, but did as I said. I took my pants off and
stood in front of him. I'm going to be a bit more vocal, I want to make
sure they here me."

He grinned and took hold of my cock and guided it into his mouth. I
let out a loud groan. I had my back to the kitchen door, but there was a
mirror on the opposite wall and I could see the door's reflection
perfectly. I moaned and groaned as Mike sucked my cock and soon I saw the
door open a few inches. I could see Dan and Julie watching us through the

I turned sideways so they could get a good view, then I grabbed
Mike's head and began thrusting forward, fucking his mouth. I pushed
forward hard, my cock sliding halfway down his throat and I held him there
as I shot my load. He gulped eagerly; draining every drop from me, then
pulled back and let me fall from his lips.

I looked over at the door. It was all the way open now. Dan was
just watching but Julie had slid a hand down her pants and was obviously
playing with herself.

"So, how have you guys been?" I asked.

They both broke into laughter. I walked over and gave them each a
kiss. Then I introduced them both to Mike and they exchanged kisses with

Dan put an arm around each of our shoulders and said, "Would you
young studs like to join us in the hot tub?"

"What about your kitchen," Mike asked.

Julie laughed. "Fuck the kitchen, it can wait."

We all walked through the house to the back deck. At this point I
was the only one without pants and Julie took hold of my cock and stroked
it gently as we walked. There were no neighboring houses, so privacy wasn't
an issue. Outside, Dan uncovered the tub and got it started up while the
rest of us undressed.

Julie had a gorgeous, hard body for anyone and it was even more
remarkable considering her age. Lean and toned with small hips, the only
meat on her body was her breasts, healthy c-cups and they only sagged a
little. I pulled her close to me and gave her another kiss, longer and
harder this time. I could feel her shudder at my touch.

The three of us climbed into the tub as Dan stripped. He was a thin
guy, but muscular. His cock was hard and I grabbed it and gave it a quick
lick as he was climbing in.

I sat on one side of the tub, with Julie beside me, and Mike was on
the opposite side, facing us. Dan sat next to Mike and wasted no time
pulling my partner into a hot kiss and groping him. Julie and I just
cuddled and watched, her gently stroking my cock, me slowly sliding my
fingers along the edges of her pussy. Dan ducked under water to give Mike a
quick suck, then bobbed back up.

"If only I didn't need to breathe," He joked.

I looked at my partner. "Mike, I think Julie and I would really
like to watch you fuck her husband in the ass, think you're up for that?"

Mike stood up and proudly displayed his hard on. "What's it look

Dan hopped out of the tub. "Be right back," he said. "Lube's in the

Julie reached across and tugged on Mike's cock. "Can I have a quick
taste while we wait for Dan?"

Mike moved forward and plunged into her waiting mouth. At the same
time I stopped teasing her pussy and slid three fingers deep inside
her. She gasped in surprise and thrust forward on Mike, deep throating him.

Dan came back and laughed. "Getting him ready for me, darling?"

She pulled Mike from her mouth long enough to say, "Yes, dear,"
then started sucking again.

I stood up and climbed out of the tub. "Let me help you with that, Dan."

"I was going to climb back in first."

"No, stay out here on the deck so Julie and I can have a good view. We
don't want all the good action to be underwater."

"Fair enough."

I kneeled down in front of him and said, "First, let's give this a little
attention." I guided his cock into my mouth and cupped his balls in my
hand, rubbing them gently. I sucked on him for a few minutes to relax him,
then told him to get on his hands and knees. Spreading his ass cheeks, I
lubed him up good.

"Okay, Mike. He's ready."

Mike climbed out of the tub as I climbed back. As we passed I gave him a
kiss and whispered, "Enjoy yourself."

I had just got seated beside Julie again when Mike grabbed Dan by the hips
and rammed his dick into his ass. Dan grunted and Julie squealed with
delight. "That's it, stud, slam him hard, fuck him till he cries."

She grabbed my face and kissed me, her tongue dancing inside my mouth. I
lifted her up by the waist and pulled her into my lap, easing her down onto
my cock. Once I was all the way inside her I held her there, not letting
her move, just letting her feel my cock filling her up.

"Stay still," I whispered.

Dan was breathing hard and grunting furiously as Mike thrust into him again
and again. He was pumping so hard that every stroke sounded like a rifle
crack as he slammed against Dan's ass.

Julie tried to slide up on my cock, but I held her firmly in place. "I said
hold still." Her back was pressed against my chest and we were both facing
the action. I slid one hand around and began to massage her tits while my
other hand slid under the water and gently teased her clit. Every once in a
while she'd try to move and I'd have to hold her down. It was driving me
crazy, too, but I wanted to prolong her excitement as long as I could.

Soon she was moaning louder than Dan and Mike combined and I could tell
that my cock resting inside her and my finger working her clit were close
to getting her off. Just as I felt her start to shudder I lifted her up and
slammed her back down on my cock. That pushed her over the edge. I could
feel her pussy clench around me as she came, biting her lip and whimpering.

I lifted her up and off my cock, into my arms and carried her out of the
tub. I told her to wait a moment as I lay on the deck and slid my head
under Dan's grunting body so that it was right below his cock. Once I was
settled, Julie mounted me and began moving up and down. I took Dan's cock
into my mouth and savored the taste. We were all close to the edge and the
mixture of grunts and moans sounded almost feral. As I approached my climax
I sucked more urgently. Dan came just seconds before I did, filling my
mouth with his salty seed. I swallowed each hot stream and felt myself
letting go load after load into Julie's hot cunt. Then Mike yelled out and
with one final thrust he filled Dan's ass with hot cum.

Exhausted, we all climbed back into the hot tub and relaxed in each other's
arms. Eventually, we installed their new cabinets. With a few group breaks
here and there.

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