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Chapter 30 - Jack - Senior Citizen's Eden

Chapter 30


Jack was an easterner by birth. However, of the 75 years of his
life, he had spent 55 of them in Ohio. Jack arrived at Carter Court three
years ago and settled into a happy retirement with Carter Court providing
the amusement he needed, both social and sexual. Socially, he met an
assortment of people who occupied his days in a variety of ways. Bridge
and poker was one; dancing was another; and, traveling another. Sexually,
he had more than he could handle. His sexual preferences were quite
catholic and ran to the extremes that his childhood had provided when he
was a boy. One was a mild exhibitionism. His thoughts ran back to the
days of naked swimming at "the rocks," as his peers called it. It was an
isolated area along a saltwater bay where huge granite blocks ran about a
mile or so, protecting the Pennsylvania railroad tracks that ran beside the
water. The kids used to congregate here and swim naked as well as moon the
passenger trains that ran often along the shore route on their way to New
York City. Sexual play was always in evidence but never overt. He
remembered the time when his neighbor playmate sat on the "rocks," alone,
sunning and massaging their cocks into firmness and shooting all over their
stomachs. It was this same neighbor kid who introduced Jack into sucking
his first cock, albeit reluctantly. It was not a pleasant experience, but
an experience on which he looked back in later years with a certain
fondness. He concluded that the size of Red's cock, as his playmate was
called, was what created this aura of fondness. At this time, too, it was
where Jack often went to swim alone, often wading far out into the water
and massaging his cock into hardness and masturbating under the waters over
and over again. For some reason, this form of masturbation in the warm
waters of the bay excited him in ways he could not describe. But he went
with the feeling and frequently masturbated 4 or 5 times in
succession. Once, while walking along the beach with his father, he asked
for permission to take a dip. His father sat on the rocks and watched as
Jack, in his underwear, waded out into the deep water. Certain that his
father wouldn't notice anything unusual, Jack slipped his underwear to his
ankles and masturbated in full view of his father, coming not once, but
three times. The excitement of his concealed exhibitionism gave new
intensity to his orgasms. He imagined his father doing the same, since, on
two occasions, he walked in on his father in the act of masturbation, once
in a shed and, again, in the living room when he and his father were home

The regular beaches where the townsfolk swam were about a mile north of the
"rocks," where Jack encountered other forms of sexual excitement. Most
people donned or removed their bathing suits in the tall reed bushes that
formed a perimeter around the beach. Jack was able to conceal himself in
these reeds on occasion and observe the sensual nudity of the bathers.
Sometimes, the actions went further than the donning or removal of suits.
He sometimes caught glimpses of men massaging their cocks into hardness and
masturbating with complete abandon in the reeds before returning to their
families or friends. On particularly hot days, Jack would prolong his
sexual escapades on his way back home. He most often took to the woodsy
area on his way home and paused at his favorite hiding spots to masturbate.
Often, they were grassy plots hidden in the woods where he would strip
naked and fantasize while he played with his cock and balls.

Once, along the isolated beach area, he ran across an old fisherman
casting into the surf. He stopped and talked, mostly friendly banter, but
eventually, the subject came around to sex and masturbation. Jack sensed a
mutual interest and excused himself on the pretext of going to the bathroom
in the bushes nearby. He stripped naked and lay on the reeds with his hard
cock in hand and watched the old fisherman stow his gear and slowly walk to
where he lay. Without a word, the old fisherman knelt beside him, removed
his dentures, and took his cock into his mouth. It was the first time he
had ever had his cock sucked free of dentures and the sensation sent
shivers through Jack's spine. It didn't take Jack long to cum. He shot
into the old man's mouth, moaning deliriously. But there was more to come.
The old man stripped completely, standing naked before him, revealing a
slight paunch, gray chest and pubic hair, and a sizable 8-inch cock with
huge balls.

"Turn over on your stomach, sonny," I'm going to give you some hot
cum. Spitting on Jack's receptive asshole and wetting his hard bulbous
cock with additional spit, he gently inserted his hard cock into Jack and
fucked him slowly. Since this type of casual encounter had always been one
of Jack's greatest fantasies, he was ecstatic and signaled his delight to
the old man with load moans.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck that hot ass of mine," he cried. "Take me,
do what you will to me. I'm yours," he exclaimed louder.

The old man responded to his passion with hard thrusts of his cock
into his asshole, digging his bare feet into the beach sand. He came hard
and passionately. "Take it baby. Take it. Taaaakkkeee it," he screamed.
He withdrew his throbbing cock from Jack's hot and moist asshole, turned
him over, and fucked his mouth for his finale, shooting the last drops of
cum into Jack's receptive mouth. They lay still for a long time
afterwards, Jack licking the old man's shaft dry of its juices, taking his
large balls into his mouth, tasting the saltiness of the sweat in his groin
and asshole. Coated with sweat, they lay in the grass and sand of the
beach for another half hour, toying playfully with each other's body until
the old man remarked, "Sonny, why don't we wade into the surf and wash off
a bit." The cool waters of the bay were calming and sensuous and they
waded out and stood chest high in the water. The old man's hands took
charge and washed Jack's body as he stood in the surf. He embraced him
from behind and Jack felt the stirrings of a new arousal. It was
reciprocal. The old man's cock found renewal in their playfulness and
penetrated Jack's ass once more. He fucked him deeply and vigorously until
he came a second time. Jack's excitement spilled over into another orgasm
as he masturbated in sync with the old man's deep thrusts.

"Do you come here often, sonny," the old man queried.

"About once a week," Jack responded. "But, after this, I'll be
coming here as often as I can find you here," he added. In fact, there
were many other encounters. Later, they would meet in other places and the
old man would take him home when his wife was absent, either out shopping
or on a trip visiting her elderly parents. On those occasions when the
wife was away, Jack would often offer some excuse to his parents that
allowed him to stay overnight with the old man. At these times, the sexual
escapades were only limited by the imagination of the two. To begin with,
they would sleep together, naked. But usually, there was no sleep to be
had. Each would explore the other's body throughout the night. For the
old man, Jack's body provided the stimulus he needed to maintain an almost
constant erection, something, he confided to Jack, that was nigh impossible
with his wife of 50 years. He introduced Jack into the world of foot
fetishes and Jack responded with his own fantasies that coupled sucking
toes and feet with massage, foot and body. For Jack, having access to the
old man's body for whatever suited him was ecstasy. So he often had the
old man lie on his belly or his back and massaged him tenderly. This was
sexual foreplay for Jack at its highest degree. He often had to suppress
an orgasm as he massaged the old man's body, delving into each and every
crevice of the old man's body with his hands, mouth and tongue. If he lay
on his belly, Jack would begin his massage at the nape of the neck where
the spine met the head. He would massage the warm oil into the neck and
shoulders as he knelt over the ass of the old man. Always, Jack's cock was
rigid and wet with excitement. He could even insert his cock into the old
man's ass as he massaged slowly but firmly. He would work his way slowly
down the body to the ass where hands, mouth, and tongue took over. As he
straddled the old man's legs, his warm hands would knead the old man's
cheeks, allowing for an ever so slight penetration of his ass hole, usually
with his thumbs. The sighs and moans of the old man aroused Jack to new
heights of sensuousness and he would, at these times, let his mouth roam
tenderly over the old man's buttocks and asshole, his tongue playfully
penetrating the relaxed anal opening. As Jack's lust grew ever stronger,
his tongue would probe deeper and deeper into the old man's asshole that
yielded to louder and more pronounced sighs and moans on the part of the
old man. But this was just the beginning. Jack, now in control, would
turn the old man over on his back and continue his sensuous massage on the
front. By this time, the old man's cock stood rigid and Jack would sit on
it allowing it to penetrate deep as he began his massage of the old man's
shoulders and chest. He lingered long here, gently tweaking the nipples
into heightened sensitivity. As he massaged, his own ass, filled with the
old man's 8-inch cock, rode it gently. For Jack, this was ecstasy since he
could control the depth of the old man's penetration and take time to savor
its size and hardness with squeezes of his sphincter muscle. This would
send the old man into a frenzy of passion and he would often plead for Jack
to ease off lest he would come prematurely. In that, there was total
agreement, namely, that they would postpone the orgasms until they reached
an intensity neither could bear. By the time Jack reached the old man's
feet, the massage took on new meaning. For now, Jack coupled the gentle
massage of the old man's feet with the warmth of his mouth and tongue as
they glided over the soles, instep, heels, and toes of his feet.
Sometimes, at this point, Jack would reverse his sitting position with his
back to the old man's head and sit on his rigid cock. For Jack knew that
once he began to massage the old man's feet with his hands, mouth and
tongue, orgasm would be imminent for the old man. And often it was. His
whole body would gyrate and pump to meet Jack's asshole as it rode up and
down. Coupled with the massage, the old man would experience his most
intense and violent orgasms, shooting his hot load deep into Jack's ass.
At these times, too, he would turn Jack over on his side and suck deeply
Jack's semen covered asshole, drinking the fruits of his labor and passion.
Now it was Jack's turn to reach Nirvana. It happened in various ways.
Sometimes, Jack would kneel over the old man's chest and with a few quick
strokes of his now hot and stimulated cock shoot on the old man's face and
chest. What the old man didn't swallow, Jack did. He would bend over and
lick the old man's face and chest dry of his cum. Often, they would share
the cum, kissing deeply and passionately, tasting, then swallowing, then
napping. Sometimes, Jack would move him to the edge of the bed and, with
the old man on his back, raise his legs high and penetrate deep into his
hot, moist asshole. This way, he could caress the old man's feet as he
fucked him deep and hard. The foot caress along with the deep and rhythmic
movement of Jack's cock in and out gave new meaning to fucking for both.
Jack would come in a torrent, often withdrawing his cock midway, and shove
it into the waiting mouth of the old man who milked Jack's cock of the
remaining vestiges of his hot cum and passion.

Once, when the old man's wife was to be away for the weekend, Jack
got permission to spend the entire time with the old man. A new
contrivance greeted Jack. In the basement, the old man introduced Jack to
a homemade leather sling. Both could lay in it with legs raised high and
assholes wide and receptive and enjoy hours of slow and sensuous fucking.
The old man wanted Jack to be the first to experience his ass. And they
got right down to business. In minutes, the old man lay in the sling,
totally naked and receptive to Jack's advances and felt the slow and deep
penetration of Jack's 7-inch hard cock. This was unhurried sex at its
best. Hardly a word was spoken. But from the groans and sighs of both, it
was apparent that both had found another plateau of sexual excitement. For
the first time, Jack had an unobstructed view of his cock entering and
withdrawing from the old man's ass. His position allowed him to watch as
the head of his cock expanded the sphincter, as it drew out and then into
the hot receptive asshole of the old man. Better yet, he had access to
both the old man's cock and feet. As he fucked slowly, he massaged the
rigid cockhead of the old man and, simultaneously, licked his feet and
sucked his toes. And because the sling offered a relaxed mode of fucking,
there was no hurry to reach a conclusion. Jack fucked the old man for over
an hour, pausing every now and then to suck his rigid cock and swallow his
balls whole. They fucked this way for over an hour, each enjoying the
benefits of the sling. For Jack, there was the feeling of utter
sensuality, the presence of a totally naked body on its back, being fucked
slowly, deeply, and tenderly. For the old man, there was the same feeling
of utter sensuality, watching a naked body and a hard, rigid, throbbing
cock enter his asshole. But there was more. The old man felt the sense of
trust, the sense of another man penetrating him at his will, the sense of
submission to this act of sexuality. He could have cried out at this
moment: "Take me Jack. Do with me what you will. I'm yours. My ass is
yours. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fuck me deep." And Jack did, coming,
finally, with an intensity that began deep in the muscles of his balls and
asshole and shooting hard into the old man, shooting in long thrusts of his
cock, not once or twice, but ten or more times. Afterwards, they rested.

Then they showered and napped. But it wasn't long after that,
perhaps three hours, that Jack woke aroused. He remembered the enjoyment
of the sling and felt the tingle of arousal in his loins at the thought of
him experiencing the same. He looked toward the old man next to him
asleep. But he also noticed beneath the sheet, the throbbing hardness of
the old man's 8-inch cock. He gently moved the sheet back to gain a better
view and was astounded at the magnificence of his hard throbbing cock. It
was too beautiful to resist and he moved closer to the old man and took his
cock deep into his throat as the old man slept. He tasted, licking the
underside of the glans with his hot tongue, allowing his mouth and lips to
slide down the cock to its hairy base of gray. He took each ball into his
mouth, then both and sucked intently, massaging the cock with his free
hand. His tongue found the groin and the asshole and tasted the sweat of
their earlier labor of love. It wasn't long before the old man woke and
responded to Jack's passionate advances with thrusts of his own, moving his
cock in and out of Jack's mouth as he sucked. By this time, Jack could
stand it no longer.

"Take me on the sling. Let me feel the wonder of that magnificent
cock in me, now," he begged the old man.

"It's yours," he responded and they moved to the basement and the
sling, naked, the old man's hard cock throbbing with excitement, Jack's
cock dripping with strings of pre cum as it poured from his cock. In a
wink, Jack was on the sling, his legs raised high, his hot asshole relaxed
and open to the old man's 8 inches and thrusts. The old man breathed hard
with excitement and moved his cock into Jack's receptive hole. They both
sighed simultaneously, Jack at the wonder of the penetration; the old man
at the warmth and tightness of Jack's nubile asshole. But it was Jack's
moans that dominated. He had never experienced the feeling of lust
connected with being fucked deeply and tenderly. The tightness gave way to
a feeling of relaxation and passion and all Jack could think of and beg for
was continuity. His only wish now was that the old man would fuck him
forever. The feeling in his groin and balls and ass was pure sensuality
and he succumbed to it totally. An hour of bliss passed and the old man
began to move toward closure. The pace of his thrusts increased. Jack
felt these thrusts in the throbbing rigidness of his cock. And then it all
came. The old man screamed, "Jack, baby, take it. Here it comes. Ohhhh
myyyy Godddd! Jack, take it all."

And with a rush, Jack experienced something totally unexpected. He
felt the warmth of the old man's hot cum, mingled with driving spurts of
urine, filling his asshole to satiety, causing his own hard cock to jump
with excitement at the feeling of fullness in his lower intestines. With a
few strokes of his hand, he shot high into the air as the old man continued
to pump his hot cum and piss into Jack's body. The old man's hand moved
along Jack's stomach, mopping up his hot cum, tasting, licking, sharing it
with Jack. They stayed in this position until the old man's cock grew
soft. Then they showered and slept blissfully for the rest of the night.

These thoughts flooded Jack's mind this particular night because he
had just received notification of his high class reunion. The more he
thought about it, the more he liked the idea of returning to see some of
his old classmates. But more, he felt the urge to revisit some of the
areas of his childhood sexual exploits to see if anything had changed or if
anything had remained the same.

The class reunion was as he expected it to be. Everyone had grown
older but had retained the personality traits of their younger days. It
was hard, in some instances, to recognize the person. But when personality
traits insinuated themselves into the conversation, invariably, recognition
occurred. After the reunion, Jack spent one day revisiting the beach area
and "the rocks." Shore erosion and backfill from sludge dredged from the
bay changed the whole character of the area so much so that Jack had
difficulty recognizing the areas of his earlier sexual escapades. Then he
remembered his early boyhood friend, Red, and wondered if he still might be
around. After some discreet inquiries, he found Red, living alone in a
nearby small town. He was now 76. His wife of some years had passed away
and there were no children. He drove to the town and looked up the address
and decided to make a call. It was a true reunion. Red had indeed
remembered Jack and they sat around for hours reminiscing about the past.
But the reminiscences revolved mainly around who was around and what they
did. After dinner and a couple of drinks, Red insisted that Jack check out
of the motel and move in with him for a couple of days. Then, as Red put
it, "We can reminisce to our heart's content!"

Jack agreed and they drove together to the motel where Jack checked
out. They decided to make a day of it and continued exploring the old town
and the old haunts, followed by dinner and drinks. When they returned
home, instead of being tired, both felt rejuvenated and changed into
relaxed clothing to continue their discussion of the past. After a few
more drinks, things relaxed even more. Red changed into a pair of shorts.
Jack did the same. Red said it first: "Do you remember how we used to play
around when we were kids, Jack. Over the years, I've often thought about
those days and how much fun we used to have."

Jack smiled that knowing smile and responded, "Yes, I still
remember when you tried to get me to suck your cock. I don't think I did a
very good job of it. But I never got a chance to explain why."

"Oh! I remember it well. I remember better those times we came
together," Red volunteered.

"How's that big cock of yours now, Red? Still working'?" Jack

With that, Red opened his shorts and the same large cock that Jack
remembered from his youth appeared before him. "There it is Jack. Needs a
little encouragement but still workin'. How about yours?"

Jack's cock was already hard with anticipation. He opened the top
button of his shorts, unzipped the fly, and out popped his hard throbbing
cock. Red rose from his chair, dropped his shorts, and moved toward Jack,
kneeling before him, taking his hard cock into his mouth. "I've been
wanting to do this for the last 60 years," he mumbled, taking Jack's cock
deep into his throat.

The unexpectedness of the moment took Jack by surprise, but, when
he recovered, he whispered to Red, "Let's get in bed."

Only seconds passed before they lay naked before one another.
Red's cock stood hard and throbbed uncontrollably. Jack needed no other
invitation. He knelt over Red and, taking his cock deep into his throat,
he sucked rhythmically and passionately. The newness of it all was too
much for Red. He screamed, "Take it Jack. Here it comes. Take it.
Taaakkee iiittt!" The hot load of cum hit Jack's uvula and he sucked him
deep. Red's moans accelerated as Jack knelt over him and shot his hot cum
into his warm, expecting mouth. After cumming, they lay in a 69 position
savoring each other's cock, balls, and groin and slept. During the night,
each woke hard and continued to explore their fantasies, Jack begging for
Red to fuck his hot ass with his big 10-inch cock. Red, too, clamored for
fulfillment and sought Jack's 8-inch cock for his own pleasuring. The next
three days of Jack's stay passed quickly, too quickly. In fact, both
saddened at the thought of departure, but, after some discussion, agreed to
continue their newfound friendship with reciprocal visits. They separated
happily, Red, at the thought of a trip to Jack in Ohio in the next month;
Jack, at the thought of the fulfillment of an old fantasy and the
realization that the fantasy would continue.

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