Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bombay to Goa

I was nineteen at that time. My curiosity regarding sexual
matters was like any boy of that age. At times I fantasized
about indulging in all kinds of things with girls. But all
in all I was unsure of myself and didn't know when my dreams
would come true. I wasn't totally innocent at that time.
Just naive maybe. Little did I know that my cousin sister
and her husband would help me realise my dreams and make it
the most memorable period of my life. They didn't just
initiate me in sex but, I feel, they taught me love.

Payal, my cousin sister, is three years elder to me and was
married a year back at that time to a very handsome man
Gaurav. I had been to their wedding and they made a very
becoming couple indeed. He was a chartered accountant in a
private firm in Bangalore and she an interior decorator in a
very reputed company. I was studying in a college in
Bombay. Everyone in the family knew that I was going steady
with a classmate of mine named Vandana. Vandana was my type
except that she was very serious about studies. I would,
once in a while, miss classes to go to movies, but, Vandana
won't even think about anything like that.

Gaurav and Payal wrote to me that they were contemplating
having a week's holidays in Goa and it would be nice if
Vandana and I would join them. They had booked two
adjoining shacks with attached kitchenettes on a remote
beach. It took quite an effort convincing Vandana. In
India, unmarried girls spending holidays with men, however
trustworthy, were unheard of at that time. After getting
over her qualms it was a Herculean task convincing her
parents. Finally they relented since they too knew that I
was quite serious about Vandana and Payal and Gaurav would
be around to keep a watchful eye on us.

For the next few days I was on cloud nine. This was the
first time Vandana and I were going to be alone, for a
considerable period of time. In the past, we had kissed and
groped but never really done anything more than that.
Vandana was no prude. On the other hand she was hot and I
had frequently masturbated thinking about getting between
her shapely legs and guiding my eight incher in her.
Indeed, the night after obtaining her parents' okay, I
furiously masturbated in my hostel room thinking of all the
possibilities that the forthcoming vacation offered.

Goa is a fun place. At one time it was a Portuguese colony.
There are lovely beaches, good eating and drinking places
and a much laid back lifestyle. The sun and beaches attract
a host of foreigners. Indeed, at that time, it was the
favourite place of the foreign tourists in India. I love
the sea, the beaches, swimming and water sports. Hence, it
was not just sex with Vandana that held attraction with me.
I knew Payal, my sister, very well. We had grown together.
She too loved the sea and I knew that the choice of Goa for
a week long holiday must have been largely influenced by

Payal was the most beautiful girl that I had come across.
One doesn't ever think of one's sister as sexy, but, every
pore of her tall and slender body oozed sex. She was a
craze in the college before marrying Gaurav and I am not
sure how many bed sheets in our hostel had curious stains
because of boys of her age having pictured her whilst taking
their manhood in their moving hands. Many times, my senior
male students had mentioned to me that Payal was a "bomb"
and they would do anything to get within her pants. Most of
the comments had made me nervous, but, every now and then, I
also landed up picking fights with boys who exceeded the
limits of decency whilst describing their feelings for her.
After all, brothers are meant to be protective of their
sisters. I had often thought that it would have been easier
protecting Payal if she was less sexy and dressed a little
more conservatively. I hadn't met her after their wedding
and they had moved to Bangalore but I was hoping that Gaurav
would have reined her feral instincts.

Sometimes, one's plans come apart in unpredictable ways.
Just two days before our departure for Goa, Vandana's uncle
expired and the family called off her going with me on a
holiday. I was shaken and wanted to drop the idea of my
going too but Payal told me on the phone that all
arrangements had been made and that I should come alone.
She acknowledged that for me it won't be the same fun as
being with Vandana. But, she said that it was next to
impossible to change the bookings now. The adjoining shacks
that they had booked had a common bathroom and toilet
between them and it would spoil all their fun if someone not
known to them would occupy it. My heart was not in it
anymore but I gave in when Payal said that she would
consider it a personal favour.

The flight from Bombay was the first to arrive and hence I
had to wait for Payal and Gaurav. Goa has a peculiar air
about it. The sun and sand are so invigorating that
everyone is instantly infected by the spirit of the place.
All around me people were moving around in a holiday mood.
Colourful beach shirts and sandals for men, and sarongs for
women were totally in order.

My prayers about Payal being reined in after wedding were
not answered. If earlier, in our college days, she had
oozed sex, now she looked like the reincarnation of Venus.
When she walked out of the Arrivals every eye was turned on
her and a taxi driver closest to me whistled appreciatively.
As her brother, I still felt protective but also reasoned
that now she would be her husband's responsibility. She
gave me an unabashed hug and thanked me for accepting her

If I have not described Gaurav to you so far it is only
because at that time my focus was totally on girls. He was
tall, well built and handsome but I had a secret grudge
against him for having stolen the prettiest of my sisters
away from me. I guess all brothers are jealous of their
sisters' husbands or lovers.

The drive up to our beach shacks was exciting. As our hired
car went over hills with cashew plants, we longed to see the
beach, lined with palm and coconut trees. The last part of
the drive was close to the coast and I looked at the
shimmering waters of the Arabian Sea and felt a lump in my
throat that Vandana was not with me. Gaurav was driving and
Payal was next to him and I sat in the rear seat. Every now
and then, whenever we saw some lovely sight, Gaurav would
lean over and kiss Payal on the lips, or they would squeeze
hands. This added to my longing for Vandana.

Our shacks were right up to the beach and very tastefully
furnished. There was a common bathroom between the two
shacks and a common verandah in front. Each shack had
outside showers to get rid of the sand and hammocks hung
between trees. The refrigerators and kitchenettes were full
of all that we required. The bars were well stocked with
all kinds of spirits including local wines and Feni. The
beach had many other shacks but these were so planned that
everyone had a little privacy. In fact since ours were the
last shacks on the beach, we had one curved end of the beach
to ourselves.

It was about eleven thirty in the forenoon when we arrived.
The company's representative who handed us the keys was also
there to help us with other needs such as cooking and
laundry. The staff quarters were a little distance from the
shacks, in the woods. We took only half an hour unpacking
in our rooms and we were then ready to experience the sea
and the beach. Gaurav and I came out wearing boxers and we
were bare chested. Payal came wearing a skimpy and see
through shirt and a sarong through which her bikini panties
were visible. If she weren't my sister I too would have
whistled at her sensuality. I had to admit that Gaurav and
she were well matched and he looked very handsome indeed.
He had muscles in the right places and his total appearance
was like that of a Greek god, including long curly hair.

To my surprise and glee, they appreciated how good I looked.
Payal's compliment was well received but I thought I
deserved a little better than being called `cute' by Gaurav.
We dashed into the sea and played in the breakers and threw
water at one another. We came out and sat on the beach
chairs in front of our shacks. Payal wanted beer but Gaurav
suggested that we should all have the local Feni (a spirit
brewed from Coconut or Cashew fruit) with lime. I went
inside and mixed the drinks and carried them for all.

As we sipped our drinks I could not help glancing at my
sister. Her skimpy shirt, after getting wet was clinging to
her body and the outline of her well rounded tits was
clearly visible. Indeed, when Gaurav leaned over to kiss
her and she leaned forward to receive his kiss, one of her
tits was briefly exposed. As I said, I had been kissing and
groping Vandana in the past and had seen her tits sometimes.
But Vandana had nothing in comparison to my sister's pair.
I had tough time in hiding the bulge that was forming in my
wet boxers. Fortunately, neither Gaurav nor Payal were
looking at me.

After a couple of drinks, it was time to get into the water
again and once again we raced to the sea. At one time when
we played in the water in mock fights, Payal lost balance
and fell against me and I felt the full force of her tits
against my chest. She made it look like nothing had
happened. We were up to our waists in water and she could
not have noticed how my hero had formed a tent pole in my

Gaurav and I came out and lowered ourselves on the lounge
chairs since Payal wanted to play some more. We were
sipping fresh glasses of Feni when Payal stepped out of
water. I nearly spilled my drink. Payal, with her wet
shirt and sarong, stepping out of the sea and walking
towards us, certainly looked sexier than Ursula Andress I
had seen in Doctor No. Her tits were now as if totally
naked. This time my bulge could not have been missed and
Gaurav was looking at me with strange eyes. I felt
embarrassed and for the first time in my nineteen years of
experience of life, I felt that God had not given me a
sensible cock! Sometimes, I felt, the fool of my cock was
not under my control and did not understand the sensitive
situation at all. Here we were on the beach and he had
perked up at the half naked sight of my married sister.
Utter foolishness, I thought. I must train it better as I
grow older! At the same time I did not want to be harsh on
him. Since Vandana hadn't come with me, my hero, I thought,
was the only close friend I had on the beach for the next
seven days!

Payal had another Feni and lime and went inside to keep the
lunch ready. We, that is, Gaurav and I were sipping our
drinks and generally lounging around on our chairs.
Suddenly Gaurav put his hand on my thigh, gave it a squeeze
and said, "Quiet a girl she is; isn't it?"

I was taken aback. Even though Feni had dulled my senses I
knew it would be dangerous to make any comments since Payal
was, after all, my sister. Gaurav squeezed my thigh once
more and I felt odd having my thigh squeezed by another man.
At the same time it sent electric current racing through my
body and straight to the idiot of a cock that I had. What
Gaurav said next left me totally shocked, "Oh come on,
Kiran, I saw how your cock perked up when you saw her
approaching from the sea,"

I was about to protest but then Payal came out and announced
that lunch was ready. We quickly ate our lunch and retired
to our rooms. I lay naked in my bed and thought of the
events of the day and felt ashamed at not having been able
to hide the reaction of my hero. I started stroking it and
closed my eyes to think about Vandana but the pics of
Payal's naked tits kept coming to my mind. Finally, when I
came in uncontrollable eruptions, I pictured myself holding
on to Payal tits. Thankfully, I thought, it would never
come to that and I would be spared the agony of succumbing
to incestuous thoughts.

Feni is a strange drink. One can drink lots of it and it
would appear as if nothing is happening. However, suddenly
it would hit you as a wet towel in the face. I had gone to
sleep in the afternoon and got up late in the evening.
Gaurav had entered my room through the common bathroom
between the rooms and was looking at my naked body. I had
been naked many times with my hostel mates but after Gaurav
had called me cute, I felt strange lying naked with him
gazing at me. I put the sheet on and covered myself and
perched up against the back rest to talk to him. I had no
idea how long he had been in my room but I was not going to
give him any wrong ideas about myself, especially when he
had changed into pajamas and shirt and I was still fully

There was a chair close to the bed but he preferred to sit
at the edge of my bed. I was feeling very uncomfortable
indeed. He told me that not having been accustomed to
drinking Feni, Payal had got up with a splitting headache
and nasty hangover. She had taken Aspirin and a sleeping
pill and had requested that she be kept out of the evening
programme. Gaurav, therefore, said, with a meaningful look
in his eyes that we had the evening to ourselves.

He went over to the bar and mixed a drink each for us. He
came back and sat at the edge of the bed and offered me the
drink. I did not ask him what it was but it tasted very
good. Said he, "The only way to beat the hangover is to
stay drunk."

We talked of this and that and then he went and made another
round of drinks. Soon I was warming up to the evening and
my inhibitions about having him next to me in the bed were
melting away. Soon, I discovered that my bias against him
was ill placed. Gaurav turned out to be well mannered,
witty and considerate person. He was easy to talk with and
soon we were sharing jokes and stories. When our glasses
got over he looked at me questioningly and I offered to make
the next drink. The only problem was that I was fully naked
and my boxers were nowhere in sight. Anyway, since the
drinks had already made me bolder I tossed the sheet aside
and walked up to the bar stark naked. His eyes followed me,
I could make out. I asked him what we were having. "It is
a drink called Between-the-Sheets", he replied, "You put ice
in the shaker and put a measure each of brandy, cointreau
and rum with a dash of lemon juice."

I did as told by him and carried the drinks to the bed.
Gaurav subjected my body to a closer examination and said,
"Like I told you, you look cute indeed." I blushed.

After I got between the sheets with my drink of the same
name Gaurav suddenly asked me, "Tell me, Kiran, did you
think about her when you masturbated this afternoon?"

This was a loaded question and I knew that he was talking
about Payal but I still pretended otherwise and so I said,
"Oh, Vandana really is a lovely girl and I wish she was

Gaurav persisted, "I was not talking about Vandana at all.
I was asking you if you thought about Payal (he laid
emphasis on her name) when you masturbated this afternoon."

I parried a little more and said, "How do you know I
masturbated this afternoon?"

"Well", he said, "It is only natural. You are young, there
was sun and sea and Feni and frankly, Payal had put up quite
a show. Also, when you got up to make our drinks, I noticed
the large stain on the bed cover. What do you say?"

I was totally embarrassed and shy and looked down and prayed
that he would change the subject. But he persisted, "Don't
take it too hard. All of us are human after all. Since
Payal was drunk this afternoon and not in any condition to
make love even I masturbated whilst she slept."

Now it was my turn to do the questioning, "And did you think
of anyone when you masturbated?"

The way he looked at me I knew the answer straightway. A
shiver went up my spine and I started looking down at my
hands holding the drink. Finally he said in almost a
whisper, "I thought of you".

There was an uncomfortable silence between us for quite some
time. It was as if time had stopped altogether. I did not
have the heart to look up and meet his eyes. I had hoped
that my cock wouldn't show any reaction but it had already
perked up and I felt disgusted with it for having done so.
It was totally humiliating for me to have been talked about
as an object of desire. Only nineteen, yes, but I was a man
and here was this another man telling me that he had thought
of me whilst masturbating. My cock should have shriveled
instead of doing the unimaginable act of becoming stiff.

Gaurav put his drink aside and put his hand through the
sheet and touched my cock and said, "I say, your cock
appears to be excited about the whole thing."

I had a strange feeling now. No man had ever touched me
there. My innate bias told me that it was all wrong. At
the same time I had to admit that it was a lovely feeling:
the gentleness of his touch, the warmth of his hand, and the
joy of doing something forbidden.

"May I get between the sheets?" he asked me. I did not know
whether he wanted another drink or wanted to share my bed
but by this time I was in a trance and moved over in the bed
and made place for him. I was now trembling with excitement
and as soon as he got in the bed next to me, he put his arm
around and held my trembling body. His hand was actively
stroking my cock now and I closed my eyes with the wonderful
feeling. With my closed eyes I could not see when he leaned
over and kissed me on my lips. I did not open my eyes since
I did not want to face myself for having given in to amorous
feelings about another man. I had regarded myself as a
totally straight man and I did not want to see myself in any
other light.

Gaurav must have taken it as a sign of acquiescence for he
took my hand and put it on his own cock, even though through
the fabric of his pajamas. This was too much for me. I
repelled and took my hand right back. "Don't", he entreated
and guided my hand back to his cock. This time I just kept
it there on top of his boxers like a dead mouse; afraid of
making a scene with him since throughout the evening he had
been very nice with me. He did not do anything else with
his hand but I felt the movement of his cock under my hand.
It was rising in a slow, languorous way.

"Kiran, be an angel and take it out of the pajamas", he said
and added, "Please." I was transfixed and my hand did not
move. Once again he said, "Come on, it won't bite you.
Take it out and feel it like I felt yours."

Even to this day I don't know why I felt compelled to do
what he wanted me to do. Sheepishly I put my hand through
the elastic of his pajamas and touched his cock. Electric
waves went through my spine and my own cock now stood up
rigidly. I yanked his cock out and gripped it to feel it.
It was rock hard by now but smooth textured. Indeed, it
felt silky.

I was totally out of my trance by now and knew exactly what
was going on. One part of me wanted it to get it over with
as quickly as possible. So I asked him, "Do you want me to
stroke it for you and make you cum?"

My heart made a flip when he replied, "I want you to do more
than that."

"No", I replied with sudden revulsion.

"Please Kiran", he persisted, "We have come this far. Don't
back out now."

"Listen", I told him with exaggerated seriousness, "You got
me totally wrong. I am not gay, you know."

"I know Kiran", he replied sweetly, "Neither am I. I am
happily married to your sister. It is just the need of the
hour between us and later we would just forget about it. No
one would know."

It made sense but I still had my doubts. "Will you do to me
after I do to you?" I asked earnestly.

"Of course", he replied, "Love is all about giving and

By now I had assessed him quite well. Gaurav would do what
he said he would. He was a thorough gentleman. I was still
thinking about it when he asked, "Tell me, Kiran, are you

I nodded shyly and he stood up in the bed and removed his
pajamas and shirt and asked me to first learn the technique.
He leaned between my legs and showed me how to cover teeth
with the wet lips before sliding the cock in mouth. He
demonstrated the movement up and down my cock, with never a
moment when the teeth would touch the flesh of the cock. He
also showed me what can be done with the tongue both on the
cock and the balls.

Now it was my turn. Never in my life was I so excited as
then. Gaurav lay flat on the bed with his legs opened
slightly. I kneeled between his legs and bent down with my
mouth ready to take his cock in. The first thing that I
noticed was his musk. It was so overpowering that it
engulfed all my senses, even those that still regarded it as
wrong to suck another man's cock. So far I had approached
the task with still persistent doubts but now it appeared
most appealing. I was younger than Gaurav and hence I had
the desire to do better than him even though it was he who
had taught me the technique. I lovingly kissed the tip of
his cock and caressed his huge balls with my fingers. I
looked up to see the effect and noticed that Gaurav had
closed his eyes. Wonderful. I proceeded further and took
my tongue out to lick the pearl drop that had formed on the
tip. After that I tongued the entire length of the cock and
promptly realised that my deep bias about tasting another
man's cock was not right at all. What the mind thinks of as
degrading and humiliating is thought to be smelling and
tasting bad too. It was nothing of that sort with Gaurav's
cock. It smelled nice and tasted even better. I tongued
his balls as well and liked it when his curly black pubic
hair got into my mouth. After that I returned to the tip,
opened my mouth how Gaurav had taught me and slid it down on
his cock.

"Oh, Kiran", he moaned, "It feels wonderful. Start sucking
when you are ready." I liked him even more. He was so
considerate that his own pleasure did not dictate to him to
demand quick result from me. He wanted me to start sucking
only when I was ready. Very soon I was ready and I started
sucking him in all earnestness. I familiarized myself with
everything his cock had to offer, every texture, taste,
smell and feel. His moaning became louder and provided me
with a barometer of the effect of my efforts on his cock. I
tailored my sucking to his moaning and did whatever produced
the best moaning. "Oh, Kiran, my darling", he moaned, "It
feels so great. You are not only a quick learner; you have
gone far ahead of my demonstration. Faster now, love.

Suddenly I felt his cock swelling in my mouth and felt a
slickness engulfing my mouth. This is something that I
hadn't thought about. He had cum and instinctively I knew I
should keep sucking until the feeling lasted with him. But
it wasn't easy at all. It was choking me and I suddenly
coughed and splattered his cock, balls and my own mouth with
his cum. "I am sorry", I said, "I didn't know how to

"Don't", said Gaurav, "It is only your first time. Next
time you can experiment the way you like."

Now that I had finished the act and made him cum the
degrading part of doing an unmanly thing of sucking
another's cock had returned full force. I immediately hated
myself for having done what I did. How would I ever erase
this stain of having become a cocksucker? What would
Vandana say if she ever found out? All these thoughts raced
through my mind as if a dam had been broken.

"I am sure there won't be a next time", I responded
determinedly, "It is not something I wish to ever remember."

"Don't take it this hard, Kiran", Gaurav said softly, "Let
me now suck your cock and make you cum."

It was the decent thing to do but I guess I was more angry
with myself than with him and hence I snapped, "Gaurav, now
please go and leave me alone."

He left immediately without any further attempts to pacify

I made myself two cold sandwiches and tried to sleep but
sleep won't come. The proceedings of the evening went
through my mind over and over again. Initially I was filled
with extreme abhorrence against myself for having allowed
myself to become a fairy. I was of an age whence boys
boasted of their conquests over girls. And here I was
having sucked another man's cock and tasted his cum at the
age of nineteen. It was utterly demeaning. At the same
time I had to admit that his cock tasted great. My own cock
once again stood up in acknowledgment of this pleasure I had
derived from sucking Gaurav's cock. As I started stroking
it the self hatred slowly gave way to all the small and big
pleasures that came my way that evening. I masturbated with
increasing ferocity and when I came, in my thoughts I had
reached the point of Gaurav's cock erupting in my mouth.
This was the most earth shaking climax that I had ever

I slept like that but two hours later I was awake again.
This time no degrading thoughts invaded me and I stroked my
cock thinking only of the pleasure derived from sucking
Gaurav's cock. Once gain I came like a fountain.

I woke up next day with the sound of breakers hitting
against the rocks. The sun was already up. I put on my
boxers and went out to the verandah. Gaurav and Payal were
already out and their wet clothes were indicative of their
morning swim. Gaurav greeted me cheerily but by now since I
had already cum thrice the previous day, the feeling of
despondency had returned. Seen in the new day's light it
appeared like the most humiliating thing that I could have
ever done. How could I? I should have stopped it with more
will power.

Throughout the forenoon I hardly ever looked at Gaurav. It
was demeaning for me to remember that I had been used as a
whore the night before. Somehow I needed to re-project my
masculinity - if not to Gaurav but at least to myself.
Hence, when we all got into the water I grabbed Payal from
behind and lifted her out of the water like a man would. My
hands were close to her tits and she could not have missed
how I pressed myself against her - not as a brother but as a
man about girls. I turned around to show this conquest to
Gaurav so that it would register with him too. He didn't
make any comments. When we came out of the water I
challenged Gaurav to a race till the end of the beach. He
tried his best but I won easily. When we came back Payal
wanted to reward the winner by giving him a kiss. This was
the forbidden limit of incestuousness but when she moved her
mouth to give me a brotherly kiss on my cheeks I
deliberately held her and kissed her on the lips in full
view of Gaurav. Once again he didn't say anything. By
lunch time I had got out some of the pent up feelings and
thought that I had regained my honour as a straight man.

When Payal went inside to keep the lunch ready for us and we
lounged on the chairs nursing our beers Gaurav told me
tenderly, "Kiran, please don't take it too hard. I loved
you last night and I love you still immensely. You are a
good boy but you don't have to prove your masculinity just
because you went down on me. Love is not about conquests at
all. It is about giving. You gave yourself freely at that
time and I admired you for it. Now you are restricting
yourself. It is not you. It is the ego in you who is
driving you."

I kept quite and closed my eyes and did not know how to
adjust to his innate tenderness. It occurred to me that he
neither intended nor abused me anyway. It was I who was
feeling abused for nothing.

Once again we slept in the afternoon. Early evening Payal
drove off to the town to order a cake and buy Gaurav a
present as it was his birthday in two days. The next day
was Sunday and all the shops would be closed. I offered to
drive with her but she said it won't be right because Gaurav
would be alone. I gave her money for getting a present for
him from me too.

After Payal had gone Gaurav entered my room. I was
expecting him and hence I was dressed. In any case I had to
dress to meet Payal before she left.

"Kiran", he told me as he sat on the chair next to the bed,
"I am not very good with words but I love you."

Tears swelled in my eyes both with the shame caused by the
harshness of my earlier feelings towards him and the present
joy of having discovered a true friend. "I love you too", I
sobbed, "and I shall never again behave in the manner I
did." He bent down to kiss me and the volcano of my
feelings erupted. I kissed him hungrily and started
removing his clothes. When he was in his underwear I knelt
down in front of him and kissed his cock through the fabric
of his underwear. He protested that it was his turn to suck
me but I would have nothing of that. I had loved sucking
his cock and I wanted to resume without any interruption
caused by his having to suck me. I yanked down his
underwear and once again came face to face with the
instrument of my desire. Gaurav and Payal had sex in the
afternoon and I could smell their sex on his cock. If last
night I had planted a few kisses on his cock, these were
nothing in comparison to what I did now. I knew at the back
of my mind that by tasting his cock I was also tasting a
little bit of my own sister's sex on him but I quickly got
over the feeling. I slurped up his lovely flesh with my
tongue and wanted to gulp him down in my mouth when he said,
"Kiran, why don't we move to the bed where we can take our
own time rather than rushing through. Also you can take
your own clothes off."

I did as he told but I could not wait to get into the bed
and attack his cock again. I kissed, nipped, tongued and
slurped with increasing intensity. At the moment of cumming
he held my hair with helpless urgency and burst into my
mouth. I was determined to devour every drop of his
precious cum and I nearly did, except that it was too much
for me and it trickled down my chin on to my chest.

Afterwards we lay in each other's arms. Once again Gaurav
offered to suck my cock too but I wanted the feeling of
having sucked his cock to last with me and so I declined.
He, therefore, moved me into a position with my back to him
and took me in his arms and stroked my cock until I came in
bursts of ecstasy. I noticed that just before I came he
inserted his finger in my asshole which increased the
intensity of my eruption.

Once again we lay in each other's arms and between kisses I
asked Gaurav, "What were you doing with your finger in my
asshole? I am not a homo you know."

"I know", replied Gaurav softly, "It was only for your
pleasure. Did you like it?"

"I don't know", I told him truthfully, "It certainly made me
cum more."

"Tell you what", said Gaurav, "I shall give you a dildo that
Payal uses sometimes. You try it out in your own time and
let me know if you like it. If you do we can proceed
further in our relationship. If you don't, I am quite happy
with your sucking me."

Before I could stop him Gaurav had hopped across to their
room and brought a box and kept it on the bedside. It was
getting late and Payal would be back any time and hence we
dressed and waited for her outside in the verandah.

In the night after dinner when I started getting into the
bed naked, I noticed the box with the dildo on the bedside.
Initially I tried to forget about it and switched off the
lights to go to sleep. But later curiosity got the better
of me and I switched on the bedside lamp and kept the box on
the bed and opened it. The box contained one cock shaped
dildo and a bottle of gel. I kissed it thinking of it as
Gaurav's cock and then applied a liberal amount of gel on
it. I opened my legs and put a pillow under my buttocks and
applied gel in and around my hole. There was a reckless
feeling in me, a strange wantonness of unbridled
exploration, when I took the dildo in both my hands and put
its head to my lubricated asshole. My virgin hole shrank
into sudden stiffness making it hard for the head to enter.
By this time I was too far gone in my promiscuous thoughts
to abandon the whole idea as impracticable. I inserted it a
little and it pained a lot. Instead of pushing it out I
held it there until the pain subsided. It was only after
that that I pushed it in a little more. Again I encountered
shooting pain and hot feeling around my hole. Again I held
it there until the feeling wore off. Slowly, I had about
half the dildo in me when it crossed the last of my
resistance and made place for itself. The other half was
then easy to push in all the way to my rectum. I was
perspiring but elated at this personal conquest of mine. I
had done it and felt proud of myself that I did not give up
in between. For now that it was all the way up my asshole
it had found my G spot and filled me with indescribable
pleasure. I moved it in and out of my hole with one hand
and stroked my cock with the other hand. It was simply like
paradise. I was also conscious that Gaurav, the gentleman
he was, did not force it on me but left it to me to conquer
my fears. I increased the speed of both my masturbation as
well as the fuck I was getting with the dildo. My ass went
up to meet every stroke of the dildo and indeed when I came
my ass was in its upward movement. This was a cumming like
never before. The eruptions were so powerful that some of
the cum drops reached all the way to my neck and face.
After they subsided I lay like that for quite sometime
without doing anything. The hot feeling between my legs was
contrasted by the cold pool of cum on my navel. Afterwards,
I slowly took out the dildo, went to the bathroom to wash
and dry it and came back to my bed to sleep.

The next morning the look on Gaurav's face told me that he
had already guessed about my experiment with the dildo. I
still had much to learn in life. When I was angry and
agitated it showed in my actions and face. Now that I was
madly in love with Gaurav I couldn't hide the feeling if I
wanted. On the breakfast table it was I who buttered his
toast and poured tea for him. I was sure even Payal would
have noticed the sudden change in me. I would have wanted
Payal to leave so that I would be with Gaurav again but it
happened the other way round. Gaurav was called to attend a
phone call in the resort's office (there were no cell phones
at that time) and for about ten minutes Payal and I were

"Isn't Gaurav a darling?" she asked me.

"I agree", I told her.

"He is caring, loving and a wonderful being", she resumed.

"I totally agree", I told her.

Then suddenly she asked, "Did you like him in bed with you?
He had the hots for you from day one."

I had grown in the last two days more than in the rest of my
life. Earlier I would have been shocked and annoyed with a
question like this but now, love had changed all that.

"So you know everything?" I asked her resignedly.

"Yes", she replied with becoming pride, "He tells me
everything and so do I. We love each other a lot and would
do anything to satisfy each other's desires."

I was filled with overwhelming love and admiration for both
of them. They were a great couple and in just two years
past their wedding they had totally gotten over vain
jealousies and envies and gave each other maneuvering room.
What she said next confirmed my opinion even more, "You
know, Kiran, the intensity of his making love to me has
increased since the time he exhibited hots for you."

I straightway decided that when Vandana and I would get
married we would try to have the same liberal feelings:
that is, giving rather than demanding; trusting rather than
suspecting; and loving rather than arguing.

That evening Payal and Gaurav called me to have drinks and
dinner in their room. We were all casually dressed and
Payal had chosen soft music. Whilst offering a drink, she
asked me, "You would prefer between-the-sheets; won't you?"

I suspected that the question was somehow at two levels,
though the second level was still far away. Anyway, now
that we knew one another so well, there was no harm in
replying at both the levels, "I shall always like between-
the-sheets." The husband and wife exchanged glances at my

Slowly and surely the sexual tension between the three of us
kept increasing as the evening progressed. Gaurav and I had
crossed one threshold but I knew both Payal and I, because
of our strict upbringing, would be very apprehensive about
incest. Hence, other than the between-the-sheets general
remarks, whenever Gaurav made any attempt at my reaction at
Payal's near nakedness on the beach, both of us quickly
looked down and changed the topic.

The dinner was superb. Payal had picked up a few delicacies
from the market and we were totally satiated. After dinner,
Gaurav suggested that we watch a movie together on the VCR.
He had selected `Blue Lagoon', a movie about a boy and girl
having been shipwrecked on an island. Since the TV was
tilted towards the bed, there was no way all three of us
could watch it except on the bed together. We kicked off
our shoes and got into the bed, with Gaurav lying between
Payal and I.

A few minutes later I saw Gaurav's hand extending to catch
mine. Initially I resisted but knowing that Payal already
knew about us, I let him hold it. It sent shivers up my
spine when he lovingly squeezed my hand and took it to his
fly. I glanced at Payal on the other side. She was aware
of what Gaurav had done but we all had had a few between-the-
sheets before dinner and were much bolder in our response.
She leaned over to kiss Gaurav on the lips, a clear
indication to me to go ahead.

I rubbed my hand on Gaurav's bulge that was clearly visible
now. Payal unbuttoned the top of his shirt and put her hand
through to his chest and once again kissed him on the lips.
Gaurav now guided my hands to unbuckle his pants and lower
the zipper of his fly. His other hand moved on to Payal and
rested on her left tit over her shirt.

As Gaurav moved his hand through Payal's shirt on to her
tit, I got up and lowered his pants and totally removed
them. At this stage the movie was going on with Brooke
Shield revealing her near naked body but now no one was
really watching. Gaurav, meanwhile had managed to unbutton
Payal's shirt and her left tit had already sprung out. I
got back to my side of the bed and moved my hand to place
over Gaurav's cock in his jockeys. Lo and behold I
encountered a hand already there. It was Payal's hand and
as soon as I touched it over Gaurav's cock she took away her
hand hurriedly.

I put my hand through his underwear and gripped his lovely
cock. As I yanked it out of the elastic I saw how Payal
blushed, not because she had not seen her husband's cock
naked but because this was the first time she was seeing it
in her brother's hand. She protested but Gaurav deftly
removed her shirt and revealed both her tits to me. She
covered her face with her shirt rather than face the
humiliation of being naked from the waist up in front of her

I gripped Gaurav's naked cock and he leaned over to give me
a kiss on the lips. At the same time he helped me remove my
own shirt. When he threw my shirt away from the bed, Gaurav
also took Payal's shirt covering her face and threw it away.
She immediately covered her face with her hands. Gaurav
squeezed her tits in full view of me and then lowered his
hand down to her skirt. He put his hand through and the way
she trembled I knew he had reached her pussy through her
panties. With one hand over her pussy, Gaurav, with the
other hand, forced her hands open over her face. She
resisted but I think the feeling of his finger going in her
pussy was making her gradually bolder. He moved her hand
over his cock and once again she encountered my hand already
there. This time she did not repel but grabbed the top of
the cock whilst I held on to the bottom. Payal's and my
hands were now touching but we resigned to this arrangement.
Gaurav removed his shirt too and now he was the first one
fully naked. Payal's skirt was still covering her modesty
and I had my pants on.

"Suck me", whispered Gaurav and it wasn't clear as to who he
was addressing. I looked at Payal over Gaurav's nakedness
and she looked back at me questioningly. I was more than a
little shy to suck a man's cock in front of my sister even
though she knew about my sucking but then I heard her
whisper her command, "You suck him first, Kiran."

All my resistance melted away. Her use of the word `first'
left me in no doubt that she would do likewise later. I
lowered myself and got between Gaurav's legs. Payal was
still holding his cock in her hand and she guided it to my
mouth. I gulped it all the way up to my throat and looked
up to see Gaurav leaning over to take Payal's nipple in his
mouth whilst fingering her pussy with his hand.

After sometime I heard Payal telling me to move over and she
took my place between Gaurav's legs. Her tits were bouncing
up and down as she kneeled down to suck Gaurav's cock. It
was too hot for me and hence I got up from the bed and
removed my pants and underwear and started stroking my own
cock. When I got back into the bed, Payal could not have
helped noticing that I, her brother, was totally naked now,
with my cock only a few inches away from where she was
sucking her husband's cock. She was still not ready with
any incestuous move and she had turned her face away.
Gaurav opened his legs even further and I did not know what
he had in mind until he told Payal, "Make some place for
Kiran to join you."

She edged towards his right leg a little but there wasn't
enough place for both sister and brother. So I straddled
Gaurav's left leg and then bent down towards his crotch
where Payal was already happily sucking. I tongued the
lower part of his cock and balls and it was impossible for
me to keep my tongue away from Payal's lips.

Soon Payal and I got into the rhythm of alternately sucking
his cock and tonguing his balls. Our spittle got mixed over
his cock and we actually tasted each other's spittle,
tongues and lips. It was impossible not to. Both Payal and
I prolonged his ejaculation as much as possible by
disengaging just when we sensed he was about to erupt. In
the end he was begging us for release. We stopped sucking
him and at this stage realized that it would be possible to
make him cum simply by tonguing. Both Payal and I did it
together, in unison. Soon we were rewarded by an earth -
shaking climax. Big hot drops fell on our tongues, lips and
cheeks. Since there was no end to his cumming, he, with his
right hand, pointed his cock directly at our faces and
sprayed us. Gaurav wanted us to lick each other clean but
one glance at Payal told me that she wasn't ready for it.
So I picked up a towel and cleaned us both.

Gaurav now realized that Payal was the only one not fully
naked. He took her in his arms and kissed her, first on her
lips and later on her buxom tits. She needed release of her
own and hence she did not protest when he put his hand once
again through her skirt in full view of me. He must have
known what exactly to do with her clitoris because soon she
was profusely moaning. I just lay on my side of the bed and
stroked my cock whilst watching my sister being readied for
a fuck. Gaurav undid the zipper at the back of the skirt
and lowered it to her feet. She kicked it down the bed. I
saw a wet spot on her panties and guessed that she must have
already cum a number of times earlier.

Gaurav bent down and kissed her pussy through the panties
and by now she was really hot and well past the stage of
shyly protecting her modesty. She had reached for his cock
and her magic touch brought some life into his limp cock.
When he put his fingers through the elastic of the panties,
she looked at me briefly. Her look said it all. She was
pleading with me not to look. At the same time she was sure
I would. The fact was that even though I had fingered
Vandana's pussy, this was the first time I was to see one
fully naked. This time when my cock perked up at the sight
of her beautiful triangle I agreed with him that there was
indeed a reason. After waiting for nineteen long years, my
first sight of a naked cunt was that of my own sister but I
wasn't complaining. In fact as Gaurav put his cock inside
her, I briefly closed my eyes and imagined my cock going
into her.

Gaurav must have fucked her hundreds of times earlier but I
think he too was excited about fucking her in front of her
brother. To add to the excitement, he asked me to feel her
tits, loudly enough so that she too could hear. I glanced
at her but I think she had resigned herself to it and her
eyes told me to go ahead and get it over with. I touched
her tit and it felt wonderful. I explored here and there
and familiarized with everything that comprised her breasts:
the smooth mounds, the erect and dark nipples and the
areolas. In the meantime, Gaurav who was actively fucking
her, suddenly stopped and in his sweetest voice told her,
"Payal be an angel and feel Kiran's cock. After we cum he
would be the only one without a release."

The way he gyrated and touched her G spot with his cock
probably drained the last of her resistance. She extended
her left hand and first put it over my right thigh and then
advanced it to my groin. As she zeroed on my cock I
couldn't help but close my eyes. I wanted to save the
moment forever and I did! Vandana had masturbated me a few
times earlier but her touch was not as electric as my
sister's. Payal started stroking it and soon I thought I
was about to cum. When I glanced at both of them I realized
that the pace of their fucking had become frantic and even
they were about to shoot. All of us nearly came together.
Gaurav told me to direct my eruption to her tits and I did
that quickly before she could object. I had cum gallons of
white, gooey stuff and beads of it were all over her tits
and a few on her chin.

We cleaned up and went to sleep stark naked, with Gaurav
sleeping between Payal and I.

Next morning, the sound of the breakers brought me half
awake. My first reaction was that the events of last night
must have been a dream. I slowly opened my eyes and saw
Payal sleeping in the bed across from me and I looked down
at my own nakedness and concluded that it wasn't a dream.
It was real. Gaurav seemed to have gone for his morning
swim and Payal and I, fully naked, were by ourselves in the

I was conscious that the sexiest girl in the world was lying
naked next to me, even though she was my own sister. My
cock was already showing attention to her. I closed my eyes
and tried to dream about the events of last night.
Suddenly, I felt Payal taking a turn in the bed and putting
her naked arms around my body. She was naturally doing it
in her sleep, I thought, and imagining me to be her husband
Gaurav. She groped with her hand and found my half erect
cock and gripped it. The languorous rolling of her
somnolent body was so erotic for me that I nearly came in
her hand. Since I was thinking that she had mistaken me for
Gaurav, I was not at all prepared for it when she whispered
in a barely audible tone, "You have a lovely cock, Kiran."

I was now fully awake. I rolled over her and kissed her on
her luscious lips. She stuck her tongue in my mouth in
acquiescence of my move. I squeezed her tits, initially
tenderly but later with increasing ferocity. Meanwhile she
was busy rubbing my now fully erect cock over her already
wet clit. I mouthed her tits, alternately savouring the
wonderful taste of her nipples. She opened up her legs for
me exactly how she had done for Gaurav last night. I must
have been clumsy and awkward, this being my first experience
with a girl. So, she held my cock and guided it to her
entrance. Inch by inch, with her active guidance, I
inserted my cock into her and lay on top of her not wanting
to ruin everything by hurrying, even though my hero would
have wanted quick relief.

It was at this stage that the door opened and in walked
Gaurav in his wet boxers. It was alright that he had
allowed me to feel his wife's tits last night. It was
alright that she was related to me as my cousin sister. It
might have been alright that he had allowed her to
masturbate me. But now he was confronted by the sight of
another man in the act of fucking his wife. I had frozen in
my position on top of her not knowing his reaction. But he
made light of it by just saying, "What a lovely sight. Both
of you look so good."

He started going towards the bathroom but then I remembered
something. I whispered to Payal, "Tell him to fuck me in my

Payal told him in louder voice, "Darling, my brother wants
you to fuck him in his ass."

Said Gaurav to her (as if I couldn't hear it), "Ask him if
he loosened his ass with your dildo or not?"

She did not have to ask me because I heard it directly and
so I whispered to her, "I did. Initially it pained but then
I soon got over it. I think I can take his cock in me."

She repeated my reply to Gaurav loudly, "He did, honey, and
he is ready for you."

All this while my cock was deep inside Payal's cunt. Gaurav
told Payal as he took off his boxers and got into position
behind me, "Tell him it might hurt." She leaned over and
got out a tube of gel from the bedside drawer. She applied
some on her right hand and then advanced towards my ass. I
parted my ass cheeks to make it easier for her. She found
my hole and put her gelled finger inside. She lubricated my
hole both inside and out and then took some more gel to
apply it on her husband's cock. After that she whispered to
me, "Now tell him directly to make you his bitch."

I mustered all my courage and told Gaurav, "Fuck me please."

Gaurav just put the cock head at my hole and gave a push. I
winced with the pain and tears rolled down my cheeks.
Payal's sisterly concern surfaced and she said, "Gaurav
please be very tender with my brother. He has never been
fucked there before."

He gave another push and some more of his cock entered me
and once again it pained so much that the entire area around
the hole became hot as if on coals. It was very different
from my experience with the dildo. I was holding the dildo
and moving both my ass and dildo into such movements as
would cause me the least pain. However not only that
Gaurav's cock was much larger, I was totally at his mercy.
To give him credit Gaurav was as tender with me as possible
and even kissed my back to make it more bearable. Soon I
felt him up to the hilt in my perspiring ass. It was a
great victory for me. I felt on top of the world - a much
stronger feeling than merely having a dildo in me.

"Fuck me now Guarav, I am ready", I told him joyfully.

He started testily and slowly and I too started fucking
Payal keeping pace with his strokes inside me. He continued
with the act of asking me everything through Payal, "Ask him
how does it feel."

"It feels great even though it pains", I whispered to Payal.
I noticed that when he was on his extreme downward movement,
it caused a tingling sensation in my own cock. It was as if
I was fucking Payal with the extension of Gaurav's cock.
Gaurav increased the pace gradually and so did I. In our
frenzy, my balls were hitting against Payal's buttocks and I
could also feel Gaurav's huge balls against my bums.

"Tell him to fuck me faster and deeper", I told Payal and
she repeated to Gaurav, "Darling, my brother wants you to
fuck him faster and deeper."

Gaurav obliged us straightway. At one time he went so deep
that I thought Payal would have felt him directly rather
than through my cock in her! "I am cumming, oh God, I am
cumming", I heard from both Payal and Gaurav and I had to
increase my pace to time my own orgasm with theirs.

Gaurav erupted inside me. All the heat that was generated
by his fucking was suddenly drenched by his honey going in
me. I erupted in Payal and from the look on her face I
could make out that Payal too had a huge climax.

For quite sometime none of us moved. I whispered to Gaurav,
"Happy birthday, Gaurav, my love." At the same time Payal
whispered, "Happy birthday, Gaurav, my darling." And Gaurav
said, "Thank you both for the wonderful gift of love you
have given me. I shall cherish it always."

We spent that day and the next three days experimenting. We
made love in the nights on the sands of the beach and in the
daytime in a boat that we had hired and which we took a
little distance away into the sea.

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