Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Vicky and I had decided it would be fun to have another partner in bed with
us, so we put an ad in a couples' magazine indicating that we would like to
meet a manor a couple for sex play. A single man answered our ad after only
a couple of weeks. His name was Richard, and after conversing on the phone,
I met with him at his apartment, and after a few drinks we took our clothes
off and he let me suck his nice, hard cock. I ended up lying on his couch
with my head on the end, while he stood over me and fucked my mouth with
his beautiful cock. He came on my face and chest, and I decided then and
there that he would be a good one for Vicky and me to meet together.

On the appointed evening we went to his apartment together, and after
having something to drink, he sat down on the other side of Vicky on the
same couch where I had taken his cum in my face. As we sat there I played
with Vicky's breasts and slowly opened her blouse to his view. She had not
worn a bra, so it was easy to do.

After asking her permission, Richard began fondling Vicky's right breast
while I took over the left one, bending to suck on the nipple. Richard
followed suit, and soon we were both nursing at my wife's breasts.

About this time I worked my hand up her left thigh, pulling her skirt up
with it to reveal her bare pussy. Her pubic hair is thin and curly, and it
is easy to see the slit. Both of us then began to ply her pussy with our
fingers, and she started squirming in pleasure, taking turns kissing both
of us.

Now it was time to move to the bedroom, which we did, Richard pouring us
another drink and all of us getting "nekked" as they say in the South. We
tried various positions, and I'm not sure I remember them all, but here is
a sampling. . .

Both Vicky and I sucked on Richard's cock for a while, both of us laving
his pole with our tongues and taking his balls in to suck on as well. At
one point Vicky got on top of him and pushed her cunt in his face, which he
enjoyed immensely. I sucked on his cock for a while, then Vicky moved down
and I guided his cock into her juicy cunt, which I also licked just to get
the taste of her sweet pussy syrup in my mouth.

Then he fucked her, missionary style, and I hovered at the juncture of cock
and cunt, licking at both of them while they fucked. Soon he shot his wad
into my wife's cunt, and as he began to pull out, I got a nice mouthful of
his cream in my mouth and crawled up and deposited it all over Vicky's
breasts (she doesn't like cum in her mouth).

It was a glorious evening, and we always wanted to repeat it, but we moved
away and lost touch with Richard.

We had encounters with several other men, but none of them were quite as
perfect as our evening with Richard.

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