Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Good Mate

My wife went up to Waikanae on Sunday to visit our daughter and grandson. I
have a garden area in the reserve behind our section, and have transplanted
excess trees and plants from our garden there, and mulch it with grass
clippings as it is pure sand. I needed a bit of driftwood to mark the path
that runs through the reserve, to protect some prostrate hebes I had
planted there. I decided to take a walk along the shore of the inlet, to
see if anything suitable had washed up. It was a pleasant surprise to bump
into a mate who I used to run with when I lived in Pukerua Bay. We chatted
about what had happened to us both since I had left the Bay, and I
discovered that he had moved to live locally as well. He asked me up for a
beer, as he lived on the hill just above where I had met him and with
nothing better to do, I agreed.

He showed me around his home, and I was a little disappointed that his
wife, who I had lusted after, was out for the afternoon. We had a couple of
beers on his deck, overlooking the inlet, and the talk got around to
running. I told him that I hadn't been able to run for six months, and he
asked if I had tried massage for my ankle. We moved on to talking about
massage, and then saunas and then Stu asked me if I knew the Wakefield
sauna in Wellington. I think I have mentioned the Wakefield to you
previously; it is a men's sauna and on a good day you can be guaranteed a
sucking or a good ride. I cautiously acknowledged that I knew the place,
and Stu admitted that he had been there a couple of times. The atmosphere
became a little charged, and then Stu told me that he and Margaret
practised massage on one another, and asked if I would like one. I readily
agreed and he disappeared for a few minutes, and then called me inside to
the lounge. He had spread a couple of large towels on the floor, and
invited me to strip off and lie face down on the towels. I was undressed
and lying down in seconds, as I was only wearing shorts and a tee
shirt. Stu stripped to his shorts and knelt and poured oil on my back and
worked it into my shoulders.

Stu gave a good massage, and I was really relaxed when he got down to my
buttocks and told me to spread my legs. He massaged down between my legs,
letting his fingers brush my balls and I could feel myself growing
hard. Stu told me to roll onto my back and as I did so I felt my cock
stiffen to full erection, causing him to give a little whistle of
appreciation. He massaged briefly over my belly, letting his wrists and
hands brush my cock, and when I didn't object he asked if I minded him
touching it. My voice was a little gruff with excitement as I told him it
was fine. He gently stroked my cock and balls, then suddenly bent and took
me into his mouth. It felt fantastic as he gently and expertly sucked
me. The unexpected nature of the experience made it even more exciting, and
before long I could feel my climax approaching. I reached down and squeezed
the base of my cock to stop from cumming. Stu took his mouth from my cock
and asked what I was doing, and when I told him he said to let it
go. Cupping my balls as he resumed sucking me even more vigorously, he
brought me back to the verge of climax in mere minutes. My back arched to
thrust deeper into his mouth as my spunk exploded from my cock, and as if
from a distance I heard Stu swallowing greedily.

He continued to suck me gently even after the last dribbles of spunk had
oozed from my tip, keeping me hard, and then let my cock slip from his
mouth. Quickly standing, he tugged his shorts and briefs off before
straddling my chest and dropping to his knees to present his slim, erect
cock to my lips. At the same time he reached for the oil to pour a little
into the palm of one hand, feeling behind him to find and massage my
still-hard cock. The tapered cock-head shining and glowing red, was fully
extended from his foreskin. the tip dribbling clear drops of
pre-cum. Extending my tongue I ran it over his knob, tasting the slightly
salty yet sweetish flavour of his liquid. His cock lifted from my lips, his
balls sliding over my chin as he reached for a cushion from the settee,
sliding it beneath my head to lift it from the floor, then his knob was
butting more forcefully against my lips. Opening my mouth, I let his knob
and hot, smooth yet solid shaft slip past my lips and over my tongue until
his balls rested on my chin and his wiry bush of pubic hair was tickling my

He gave a grunt of pleasure as I ran my tongue around his gristly-feeling
shaft, and began to flex his hips, gently moving his cock back and forth in
my mouth as I tightened my lips around his shaft. My mouth filled with the
tangy taste of his pre-cum as I sucked on him, my tongue washing over and
around his pumping cock. He fucked my mouth for maybe fifteen minutes,
speeding up and then slowing down, all the time fondling my achingly erect
cock with his oil-slick fingers. My jaw was beginning to ache a little when
he drew back, his rigid cock springing from my mouth, trailing a silvery
thread of saliva.

Releasing my cock and shuffling back on his knees, Stu crouched above my
hips. Reaching back between his thighs he worked oil into his hole and then
grasped my cock once more, holding it upright as he slowly began to lower
himself to present my knob to his opening. I felt my knob press against his
hole, lodging firmly at his puckered entrance, and then stop as his tight
muscle rebuffed me. Stu pressed down harder and I felt the muscle slowly
spread to allow my knob to begin to enter him. He slowly lowered himself
onto me and I felt my shaft slowly slipping past the tight ring of muscle
until I was buried deep inside him and his buttocks rested on my thighs. He
exhaled with a rush, saying that he had never taken a cock as thick as mine
before. I hadn't realised that I too had been holding my breath in
excitement, and gave a mixed laugh and gasp as I caught my breath, telling
him that it had been a long time since I had had another guy.

Moving around on my shaft while he adjusted to the sensation of my cock
filling him added to my arousal as I felt my knob moving around in his hot
core, and I could feel my cock swelling and stiffening even more. Stu
slowly lifted partway off me before dropping back onto me, gradually
establishing a regular rise and fall of his hips as he fucked himself on my
cock. The exquisitely tight grip of his muscular sphincter on my shaft as
he rose and fell was fantastic. I watched his rigid cock bobbing before me
as he moved, his tip drooling a constant stream of clear and sticky fluid
over my belly. His tight hole gradually relaxed until Stu was moving more
freely, sliding up and down the full length of my shaft. He suddenly
stopped; wiping sweat from his brow as he told me that it was time for me
to do some work.

Easing himself off my cock, which slapped wetly back against my belly, Stu
crawled to the settee, pulling himself up onto it to lie on his back with
his hips on the edge of the settee, holding his knees drawn back to his
shoulders. Rolling over onto my knees, I had a clear view of Stu's hole,
red, open, and glistening with oil. Moving closer to kneel in front of his
hips, Grabbing the massage oil, I dribbled some over my cock, guided my
knob to his hole and pressed forward, sliding into him easily until my hips
pressed against his arse. Immediately I began a steady thrusting in and
out, looking down to watch my thick shaft surging back and forth in the
grip of his tight hole. Stu lifted his legs and lowered them to my
shoulders. I gripped his hips with both hands and began to pump into him
more urgently, my thrusts jolting him as I slammed home. Having already
cum, I knew that I could make this last for hours, however I wanted Stu to
cum. Releasing my grip on his hips I picked up the bottle of oil, poured
some into the palm of one hand and began to stroke Stu's slim but
angry-looking cock in time to my thrusts, however after a minute or so he
reached to still my hand, telling me that he wanted to save it; to have me
cum so that he could then do me. I slowed my thrusts as a brief wave of
trepidation washed over me. I hadn't had a cock up me in years, and then it
had been even smaller than Stu's. But then, I thought wryly, eager
girlfriends had worked bigger toys into me in the intervening years.

As I resumed my thrusts, Stu began to screw his hips and clamp down on my
shaft, each time I withdrew, effectively milking my cock. The combination
of his movements and the clasping of my shaft in his hole soon had me close
to climax and I thrust harder into him, grunting and panting as I spurted
helplessly deep into his bowels.

We remained locked together for many minutes, panting and with perspiration
running from us, until my shrinking cock slowly slipped from his hole.
Letting his legs slip from my shoulders Stu slowly eased himself from the
settee to stand, informing me that it was now my turn.

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