Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Joys of the Dentist

This is why I like going to the dentist. I always seem to have
cavities and no matter how much I brush my teeth it doe not seem to help. I
have been going to see her for about two years.

I arrived at my dentist appoint 15 minuets early just so I could look at
the beautiful employees. The appoint was for 11:00 a.m. and I was told they
should be done by lunchtime.

My dentist is a female Asian women and who is extremely beautiful. She has
the pretties skin tone and of course a wonderful smile. It started as just
another visit and she was looking as good as ever. I greeted her just as I
did with every visit. Her name is Mrs. Lee and she is about 40 years and it
was no wonder why she was married, but she looked around 30 years old. She
has some huge D cup breast that looks just amazing in her dentist uniform.

All the employees are just as beautiful as Ms. Lee is. The assistance that
went by the name of Ashley led me to the dentist in the back of the
room. She was a young blonde headed around 27 years old with a nice C cup
that fit in the palm of my hand. The assistant sat me in the chair, she
laid me back in the chair, and she told me to get comfortable as she left
she smile and then left the room.

After about 10 minuets Mrs. Lee and Ashley, walk in the room. She took an
adjustable swivel barstool that placed in the corner of the room. She
rolled the chair behind my head and sat down on it. When she adjusted the
chair her breast when pressed against my head as she leaned over my head
and she said open your mouth wide. I opened my mouth and turned my head
towards her face and put a slight smile on my face and Mrs. Lee said closed
your eyes. After about 30 minuets of work, Mrs. Lee left the room with a
phone call.

Ashley took the cleaning device and rinsed my mouth out and then she said
close so I would soak up all the water and when I opened my mouth, I gave
her a smile and said thank you and she returned the smile. Shortly after
that Mrs. Lee walked in the room and apologized for her absence and I asked
her if everything was all right and she replied yes but I could tell that
she was upset about something.

When she sat back down in the chair she leaned over and I could feel her
soft breast on my head. I made a small smile with out opening my mouth and
she then said open up. While she was working on my mouth, I started to
fantasize about what I would do to her. After a few minuets, I stared to
get a bulge in my paints and Mrs. Lee and Ashley could tell. At this time,
I did not know because I had my eyes closed.

The appoint was running longer than it was supposed to so Mrs. Lee told
Ashley she could leave and go on her lunch break.

Once Ashley left, Mrs. Lee continued working and then she paused and said
"do you like that my boobs are against your head. I replied that yes in a
low voice. She replied, "Since you are so nice to me and my husband is a
jerk, I am going to give you a treat." I replied by saying what you
mean. She rolled her chair back and unbuttoned her shirt and her hard
nipples were being pressed against her bra. Then she unsnapped her bra
letting her lovely boobs being exposed to the cold air. She rolled the
chair and said I have a few more minuets before I am finished.

Now I could feel her nipples moving around my head and now I started to get
even harder. She paused for a moment and I decided to make my move. I
leaned my head up, stuck out my tongue, and licked her right nipple. She a
slight moaning sound and said that feels good. Then she lifted up her boobs
and placed them on my face and I started to lick and suck on her nipples.
I took my tongue, made circular motions around her nipples, and then
started nibbling on her nipples. A few moments she broke away and then we
started to kiss. Then her tongue broke the barrier, her tongue entered into
my mouth, and we started into a passionate French kiss.

The kiss was shortly broken up by a gasp and an apologize and it was
Ashley. She quickly said I forgot my purse and grabbed it and she
apologized again. Then I said its okay and then Mrs. Lee spoke up and said
its okay why don't you join us. Ashley paused for a moment and then
agreed. My paints had a huge bulge now and Ashley knew exactly where to
go. She unbuttoned and my jeans and I lifted up my hips as she her pull my
jeans away. Then she pulled my boxers down and she saw my throbbing 8" cock
was waiting for some attention. Ashley grabbed my cock with her right hand
and slowly giving me a hand job.

Mrs. Lee planed her boobs on top of my face she took off her pants and
thong and started fingering herself and her moans started to get louder.

While Mrs. Lee was doing, this Ashley took off her shirt and bra she leaned
down and started to suck on my dick. She was amazing; she started slowly
sucking on my cock moving up and down. She moved to the tip and started
sucking on my cone. After that that she continued sucking on my dick and
then she started to deep throat my cock. When she went down, she just left
her head on my dick. Then I took my left hand and started playing with her
left boob and I could feel her left nipple quickly get hard with the touch
of my hand. Then as Ashley went down on me I took my right hand and pushed
her head all the way down on my dick and I held it their until she started
to chock and I let go of her head. When Ashley removed mouth from cock, she
asked me if I liked it and I replied yes, I said you are amazing. Then she
moved around to the front of the chair and pushed my legs to the side, she
took my balls and started to massage them in her mouth, and she took her
right hand and started to give me another hand job.

Ashley had put me into another world and I almost forgot about Mrs. Lee.
That is when she lowered the back part of the chair closer to the floor,
she stood up, and I could see her pussy glistening just a few inches
away. That is when I took booth and grabbed her waist and moved her pussy
on top of my mouth. She bent her legs so there was no space in between my
face and her pussy. Now each hand playing with her breast but it was time
to attack her wet pussy. I started by licking her pussy back and forth,
then I stuck my tongue deep into her pussy, and then I started to fuck her
with my tongue. A few moments later, I started to nibble on her clit. While
I was sucking on her clit, I took my right hand and stuck my index finger
into her pussy. Then I soon entered two then three fingers into her pussy.
When I entered my third finger into her pussy that is when she let out a
loud moan and I sigh of relief. She was I am getting ready to cum. After a
few more seconds of eating her pussy I felt a sudden flow her sweet cum
entering my mouth and a little of her cum flowed down my cheek and that is
when Mrs. Lee licked it off my cheek and she said I want to taste my
cum. Then I tilted my head up and started french kissing and that is when I
let her cum flow into her mouth.

Not wanting to be out did by Mrs. Lee Ashley was facing me, she stood my
cock straight in the air, and she lowered her pussy onto my cock. She took
my entire cock and sat on it. Then she started to ride my cock up and
down. Every once and awhile Ashley stopped and let me know what it felt
like when she left my entire cock in her pussy. I absolutely loved when she
sat on my cock, I could feel my cock throbbing inside her pussy. Then with
my dick still in her pussy, she leaned forward and we started to make out.

This is when Mrs. Lee went behind Ashley and bent over and started to suck
on my balls, then Mrs. Lee stuck her index finger into Ashley's asshole,
and she gasped with excitement. Then Ashley started moving her hips back
and forth while we were still kissing. While still was going on Mrs. Lee
continued to massage my balls in her mouth.

After what felt like eternity, I told Ashley she needed to pull my dick out
of her pussy because I have to cum. She said that I what you to cum inside
of me. So sat up straight and she started to ride my cock some more then
she stopped and she lowered her pussy so she was sitting on my lap with my
dick completely inside her, then a few seconds later I shot a load of cum
inside her pussy. When she finally got off of my dick, she saw that my dick
still had some of my cum and of her juices that she started sucking on my
cock for a few moments until it was gone.

Then Mrs. Lee said it was her turn and continued to have sex until their
lunch hour was over with and we all promised each other that we would
continue this later tonight.

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