Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Neighbors, Part 1

Chapter 1

Our neighborhood is one of the older ones in town. The houses are close
and sit on small narrow lots. Most are two story and around 100 years
old. My wife, Annie, and I, Larry, bought it because we liked the
neighborhood and the price was right which would allow us extra money to do
things like vacations, eat out occasionally etc. Annie says I am too

Annie is a Dental Hygienist in a small dental clinic. I am a CPA and have
my own business. I spend a lot of time at home. Sometimes doing client
work, sometimes not. Of course my busiest times are January through mid
April for tax season. My commercial clients require 3 or 4 days of my time
at the beginning and end of each month and I usually go in for a few hours
on Mondays and Fridays. The rest of the time I let the 2 girls who work at
the office take care of the other stuff. Yeah, I am on call for them.

I spend a lot of time working out in my small yard, or, just being outside
doing nothing which sometimes is more fun. Our next door neighbors are a
younger couple and like us, have no children. I think they are like, 24 or
25 years old. She, Cara, is a nurse and he, Mike, works construction and
is out of town a lot. I am 32 and Annie is 28.

Being outside a lot I see a some of what goes on in the neighborhood. I
noticed that almost every Tuesday around noon, this extremely attractive
young woman came to Cara's house. So, I began to make sure I had something
to do out front on Tuesday just before noon and again just before one
o'clock. She would just walk up and open the door and go in. Cara is fair,
blonde, tall, slim and easy to look at having long shapely legs but small
breasts. The visitor is about the same height but with dark complexion,
almost black hair and dark eyes. She also has gorgeous legs and much
larger breasts. I would have guessed about 34 and at least a C cup while
Cara is more like 32 A. We have said "Hi" to each other a couple of
times. Her visits usually last about an hour. Lunch time? I was really

Soon I discovered that this "other woman" works at the bank where I have my
accounts. She had transferred from another branch office. So, anytime I
went in I tried to get to her teller window so I could get good close up
looks. I found that her name was Amanda, she wore no rings on her left
hand and her smile was as gorgeous as she was with loads of bright white
teeth and slightly fuller lips that always had just a hint of color on
them. We would chat a little if she wasn't busy and our greetings became a
bit more than just "hi" when she came for her Tuesday visits. She was HOT
and I had strong visions of hitting the sheets with her.

One Tuesday when I was outside a little earlier than normal and was on my
way to the garage, which was in back of the house and accessible by car
from the alley, I heard Cara's sliding doors open and also heard voices. I
looked around and over the fence to see Cara and some red haired man
standing in the opening kissing. When they separated I could see she was
wearing a robe which looked like it might fall open at the front any moment
and it appeared that she was probably nude underneath it. She saw me
looking but he didn't and she apparently didn't tell him.

When I came out of the garage, I heard the doors open again and when I
looked up there, Cara was walking toward the fence.

She said "Larry, may I talk to you a minute?"


"I know what you saw and I am not going to try to lie about it. I just
hope I can count on you to not tell Mike."

"I wouldn't do that. If he asks me anything pertinent, I won't lie but I
won't volunteer anything."

"Thank you. I get lonesome and horny sometimes when Mike is gone. I am
sure you understand that don't you?"

"Of course, we are all only human."

"I could.....................uuhh........... repay you for helping me keep
my secret if you wanted." she said with a wink.

I thought , "Oh shit, .. what an opportunity, good looking blonde and right
next door," but then I also thought..."Oh NO, toooo close to home, better

So I said "That is a sweet offer, Cara, and I wish I could take you up on
it since you are so pretty and sexy. But I think I had better decline.
Just too close to home, you know what I mean.?"

"Yeah, I guess you are right. Well, if you think of something else or
anything I can do for you, let me know."

"OK, will do." as I turned to walk away and my mind remembered it is
Tuesday ...Amanda Day!

I said "Wait Cara, maybe there is something you can do for me."

"Just name it, Larry."

"This friend of yours, Amanda, who works at the bank? I see her at the
bank and I see her sometimes when she visits you. Quite frankly, she
really turns me on and I was wondering if you could put in a word for me
and help me out with her?"

She grinned and said "You mean Amanda Durbin? I understand your
feelings. She is a looker isn't she? I will do my best for you but don't
get too anxious or in a big hurry OK? I think we can work something out."

I felt a twitch in my groin as my dick began to fill with blood at the
possibilies of getting alone with her.

"OK, Cara. I will appreciate whatever you can do for me along that line.
See ya' later."

"Bye," she said as she headed back in.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter 2

I had my back to the street when I heard a car stop across the street at
the curb. I knew who it had to be. When I heard the "beep-beep" of the
doors locking, I turned and looked at her. Sunglasses, hair pulled back
from her face and neck, wearing a pale green blouse, thin but not sheer, a
black skirt not quite reaching her knees and green wedge shoes about 2
inches high. Beautiful I thought.

She saw me looking and said "Hi, how's your day going?" flashing that heart
melting smile of hers.

"Doing fine here. How about you?"

"I'm good. See you later." as she went inside.

A while later, I heard the door open and she came out, looked my way and
smiled as she shook her head.

"Looks like I am gonna be late again," she laughed as she kind of ran
across the street to her car.

I stood and watched her legs and ass as she got in, seeing the skirt ride
up on her thigh. She rolled the window down and as she drove away I could
see her wave and lip read "bye bye" from her. I waved back and said to
myself "Hope you can help me, Cara. The sooner the better."

This scene played over on the next three Tuesdays, getting a little more
conversational each time and the few times I went to the bank, she seemed
friendlier as well, calling me Larry instead of Mr. Jackson.

The next Tuesday, I was outside when she arrived. She came close instead
of going into Cara's. I was on my knees digging in the flower bed. I knew
she was behind me but I didn't acknowledge until she said "Hey, Larry,
what's up?"

I turned and said "Oh hi, Amanda. Not much, just getting the weeds out."

Stepping close she said "I hear you have been asking about me."

I couldn't help looking at her legs. They were bare as usual and she was
wearing a dark blue skort with white trim and a white belt along with a red
blouse and white sandal type shoes. She was gorgeous.

"Well,... yeah... I have. I hope you aren't mad or anything."

"I know you are married but I had no idea you were interested in me."

"So, Cara told you?"

"Yes, ... and I am flattered, thank you."

I know I was blushing but she didn't say anything about it. I was just
thinking how pretty she is and how good she looks dressed like that.

"You are welcome.... and I might add.... looking even more attractive today
than usual," I said as I looked her in the eyes.

"Thank you. Maybe I had better get inside. Cara is waiting for me,"

"OK, see you later."

When she came out later, I was sitting on my front step with a glass of ice
water. I looked her way as I heard the door open and she smiled but instead
of going toward her car she walked over to me.

"Larry, would you like to have lunch with me next Tuesday?" she asked.

That was an unexpected bolt from the blue for me. I stammered a bit saying
"Uh......yeah Amanda, I would like that. Where would you like to go?"

"I thought you could meet me at my place around noon. Does that sound OK
to you?"

"Sure....if I knew your address," I quipped.

"Well.....I wasn't going to give it to you if you didn't agree to have
lunch with me" she threw back at me with a beautiful smile.

She extended her hand with a folded piece of paper which I took and opened.
On it was her address and phone number. I read it, memorized both and
handed it back to her.

She looked puzzled as she said "You don't want my address and number?"

"I have them now. They are committed to my memory. No tangible evidence
that way," I laughed.

"I see. OK then, trusting your memory I will see you Tuesday at noon." as
she blew me a kiss and turned toward her car.

I watched her as she walked away. Her butt swaying side to side as her
calf muscles rippled with each step of her beautiful bare legs. I was
daydreaming of having those legs wrapped around me while our sweaty bodies
slid against each other. She knew I was watching as she turned to look back
and I blew her a kiss this time.

Chapter 3

Next Tuesday seemed to take about a month to arrive. After Annie went to
work I showered, shaved and doctored myself with a few smell good items. I
left early so I would be in the parking area when Amanda got there and
parked where I could see the entrance driveway.

She pulled in and parked next to me. I was confused as she motioned with
her hand for me to stay in my car. Then she got out and came to my door,
opened it and extended her hand to me. I took hold of it and she pulled
indicating for me to get out. I did and after I closed the door she led me
toward the building entrance. Nothing was said, no hug, no nothing. She
was being mysterious. She punched her code into the keypad and the door
unlocked. She opened it and held it for me to go first. We rode the
elevator to the fifth floor and she led me to her apartment door which also
had a keypad. Just inside was tiled entry with a small rug where she
removed and placed her shoes. I put my shoes there as well leaving my
socks on. It was a spacious, nicely furnished apartment but rather sparsely
decorated. She toured me through the unit. It was a two bedroom, one small
and and one huge. Of course hers was the huge one with a king bed, walk-in
closet, private bath and windows on two walls .

I said "Very nice but I thought you would have it filled with pictures and

"Well, if you look around you will find some of that but I prefer
simplicity. Makes it easier to keep clean and take care of."

She busied herself with lunch which took very little time as she had
apparently prepared things earlier. She had made tuna salad for
sandwiches, sliced tomatoes, chips and a fruit cup.

"I am pretty short on drinks. Would you prefer iced tea or water?"

"Water is fine for me, thank you."

We ate slowly and talked about numerous subjects. She seemed well educated
and knowledgeable about many subjects including current events. Time was
slipping away and I was beginning to wonder if this was a preliminary thing
to see if she wanted it to go any further. I looked at my watch several
times and the last time I did, when I looked up it was directly into her
smiling face.

"Do you have another appointment, Larry?"

Embarrassed I said "No, I was just thinking that we have talked away your
whole lunchtime and you're going to be .... late again as you put it one

She snickered a little then smiled that gorgeous smile of hers as she said
"Not to worry. I took the afternoon off since I was having a special guest
for lunch."

I was relieved and I am sure it was obvious to her. She stood up and
walked around the table to me, sat on my lap and kissed me on the forehead.

"Would you like a glass of wine?" she offered.

"Only if you are having one." I replied.

So away she went and came back with two glasses of white wine.

We sat on the sofa and sipped wine as we talked more. This time it was
more personal and intimate as she asked about Annie and I asked her if she
had ever been married. We scooted closer together as we talked and
eventually worked it into a short kiss on the lips. I went for more
kissing but she held back. I guess there was disappointment on my face.

She said "Don't rush. We have all afternoon don't we?"

"Well... yeah.... but you are so beautiful and you lips are so tasty
....Ok. You're right. We do. At least until about four o'clock I guess"

She put her glass on the coffee table, turned more toward me and reached
for my face. Pulling us closer together, she closed her eyes as she got
closer and I knew another kiss was coming. This one was much more animated
with wet lips sliding around on each other. I opened my lips a little more
and her tongue immediately slipped into my mouth. I began to suck on it
and play with it with my tongue then I pushed mine into her mouth as she
sucked it in and closed her lips around it. I reached for her breast and
she responded with a moan and pushed her shoulders back to make her breasts
more accessible. I felt her hand as it slid to the inside of my thigh
moving up almost to my crotch. I put my hand on her knee and slid it up
her bare smooth thigh to just under the hem of her short black skirt.

She backed away and reached to pull my shirt up and over my head. Then she
lowered her head and began kissing my chest. I reached further up under her
skirt and felt her silky thong panties at the top of her thigh. She moved
to lie back on the sofa with her head on a pillow as I unbuttoned the tiny
buttons on her thin white blouse. Her eyes were closed, her hands sliding
over my shoulders and chest as I opened her blouse and lowered my face to
kiss the bare flesh at the top of her bra. I reached behind and she raised
a little to allow me access to the bra hook which I quckly found and
opened. I slid her cups up and off her beautifully shaped breasts and
proceeded to kiss and tongue each protuding, hard nipple. My hands were
working at her skirt which I found had an elastic waist. I pulled it down
and she helped by raising her hips as I pulled it to her knees.

She sat halfway up and removed her blouse and bra while I was enjoying her
globes and nipples.

"You have on too many clothes, Mister. Let me help you, now."

She knelt on the floor and removed my socks, tossing them over her
head. Then she unhooked my belt and unzipped my fly. She obviously knew
how men's pants were made as she undid the hook at the waistband and pulled
them down my thighs. I raised my butt off the sofa as she pulled them down
to my feet and then she lifted my feet one foot at a time as she slid them
completely off. They too were just tossed aside. My boxers were my only
clothing as hers was just her thong.

Pushing me back she laid on top of me, kissed me long, deep and wet. Then
she stood up, took my hand and tugged me off the sofa.

She put her arms around me, her face by my ear and whispered "Carry me to
the bedroom."

I put my arm around her back and leaned to slip the other behind her knees
as I swept her up and she put her arms around my neck. Into the bedroom we
went and I deposited her on the bed.

Chapter 4

"Close the door and pull the shades, please."

I closed the door and when I pulled down the shades I was surprised to see
that they were heavy and black on the inside to keep out the light. After
my eyes adjusted, I could see everything but it definitely was dark in

I got onto the bed and her arms were open and waiting for me. I slid my
hand down her to her belly button where I rubbed my fingertips a few
seconds before I slid my hand on down discovering that she had removed her
thong herself. I anxiously removed my boxers and put my hand back at the
top of her crotch. It was smooth and hairless. Her hand found my
throbbing cock and squeezed it gently as she stroked it a few times and
then massaged my balls a bit.

"Nice balls and cock."

"Thank you. You're nice and smooth. I like that." as I slid a finger down
though her slit.

She moved around and got above me in a 69 position. I felt her lick the
head of my cock as she held my balls in her hand. I could see her shaven
pussy and mound now that my eyes were really adjusted to the darkness. It
looked so beautiful up close. I licked the outer lips with the tip of my
tongue and felt her shudder a bit. Her warm wet mouth engulfed my cock and
she began to bob up and down on it sucking hard, scraping it lightly with
her teeth and licking now and then as well. I had one hand on her hip and
buried my face into that beautiful slit, pulling the lips apart with my
fingers to gain the more moist inner lips. Knowing this gorgeous creature
was sucking my dick down her throat made licking her secondary right at
that time. So I gave it token licks and pokes with a stiffened tongue as
she brought me to a quick climax with her skillful maneuvers. I started
licking and sucking on her in earnest as she began to gyrate in rhythm with
me. She seemed to be working as hard as I was when I slipped a finger
inside her. A long loud moan escaped from her throat and I started to put
in a second finger but it wasn't easy to do. She was really tight it
seemed, so I continued with just one. Soon she too was on the edge and I
exposed her clit and lip sucked it while I fingered her and she bucked hard
as she gasped for air through her loud moans and her orgasm racked her

She laid on top of me for a minute or two and then moved around to be
beside me with her head on a pillow.

After a few seconds she said, "You're good. You did that very much like a
woman would do it. I had a really good orgasm."

"Well... I can't say you did me like a man would do 'cause I don't really
know. But I do know this.....you gave me a fantastic blow job. And you
swallowed. I like that."

I got up on my knees and started kissing around on her breasts and nipples.
I was amazed how firm her large breasts were. The areolae were also large
and dark with long nipples. I could tell she liked having them played with
like that. As I moved over to be between her legs, her knees came up and
her feet spread wide apart. She reached between us and took hold of my

"Condom?" I queried.

"Only if you want one. I believe you are clean and I don't like them

"Neither do I. Are you going to guide me in?"

"Yes but not exactly, I have a small tight vagina and I want to make sure
you don't just plunge in because you have to take the entry slow with me or
it will be very painful. I am very tight but everything is fine once it
gets in. You're probably going to think I feel like a virgin but I am
definitely not."

"OK, I certainly don't want to hurt you. I am not really that big but if
you are small and tight it probably will seem like I am."

"I will guide you and talk you in, just listen to my voice and do what I
tell you, OK?"

"Sure. You're the teacher and boss on this one."

She pulled on my cock and I moved in closer. Her eyes were closed and I
could feel the wetness as my cock head was led up and down her wet slit.
The pull was steady as I slipped deeper into her wet lips. I felt my tip
when it got to her entrance. She stopped and kept her hand wrapped around

"Push in just a little bit.'

I pushed forward and she flinched a little. Only the head was in but I
could tell she wasn't kidding about being tight.

"Hold it."

While holding onto me she just kind of moved it around in a small circle
like she was working it in for me... which is exactly what she was doing.

"OK.. pull all the way out and come back in."

I did and this time it was in about halfway. I could tell she was plenty
wet but it was just a tight fit. It felt like she was squeezing me with her
hand but I knew it was her vaginal walls gripping me.

"One more time but not all the way out OK? Just to the head this
time.....then very slowly give me all of it then just stop and hold still
for a bit. No stroking."

As I started back inside her I heard her moan "mmmph.... yes... .like
that.....hmmpf... good...keep going.... oh....yes...all the way.....yes
... mmm."

"Amanda, I have never been in anyone so tight as you. The feeling is
awesome and the heat inside you...."

"I know. I feel it too. You have nice size and stretch me pretty good. I
don't have trouble taking it but it just has to be done slowly. Let's
start now but don't get too vigorous the first few strokes. After that it
will be fine."

I pulled back and pushed in slowly then back out , then back in. Her
pelvis began to rise and fall with my strokes and I speeded up a bit and
increased the force of my pushes. The friction was unbelievable. I had
never felt anything like that. I was glad she had sucked me off because I
didn't think I was going to last very long even now. We were working
together as I felt her legs go around my thighs pulling me into her. She
seemed to sense when I was getting close to climax and she would change the
rhythm, alter her hip thrusts and all of a sudden my urgency passed. When
it built up again she worked it back down for me. We continued like that,
changing positions slightly with our legs and bodies but still with me on
top. Finally she knew I was about to explode and she threw her legs over my
hips, crossed her feet and began to hump me like a wild woman. I shot my
hot load inside her, spurt after spurt as she squeezed and pushed against

"Keep going, mine is coming too," she hissed through her teeth. So I kept
up the pace and led her into what must have been a really strong orgasm for
her, the way she bucked and squeezed me as she let out a muffled scream
followed by guttural moans.

After we quieted down, I thought I heard some sounds from the other room
but I quickly passed it off as being from outside. I didn't say anything
and Amanda didn't act as though she had heard anything. Her eyes were
closed and we were still humping.

A short time later she said "Larry, I want to keep going if you can. I
think I would like to be on top now. Is that OK with you?"

"Sure, I can usually go twice like this.... you on top will make it easier
for me to kiss and suck your nipples."

So we changed positions it felt really good having her weight presssing
down on my pelvis and thighs like that. I felt some liquid ooze down to my
balls. She leaned forward a bit and her gorgeous breasts were right in
front of my face begging to be loved. I began alternately kissing, sucking
and gently nibbling her smooth flesh.

Chapter 5

After a few minutes the bedroom door opened, quickly closed again and I
heard a familiar female voice say "I hope you don't mind the invasion but I
couldn't stand not being here with such a handsome couple."

It was Cara. She apparently knew the codes and had let herself in.

Neither I or Amanda said anything as Cara continued with "Surely there is
room for one more in that huge bed."

"What do you say, Larry?" Amanda asked looking down at me.

"It's your home, if your OK with it, I am not going to complain about being
in bed with two beautiful women."

Amanda patted the bed beside her and said "Come join us, Cara."

She got onto the bed on her knees, kissed Amanda full on the mouth, then
kissed me, tongueing my mouth and lips. Then she moved in front of Amanda
and leaned with her hands against the headboard placing her crotch over my
face. Even though she is blonde and the hair would be light colored, I
could see even in the darkness that she too was clean shaven. I took the
cue and touched her vaginal lips with my tongue tip as she lowered herself
to me. She was wet and had a sweet taste not unlike Amanda. Gyrating
against my face, my lips and tongue were all over her, in and out between
her lips and my nose bumping her clit hood now and again. She moaned and
grunted as she worked me over with her thrusts.

I heard Amanda say "I would like to have some of that too, Cara."

"Well, you'll have to trade places with Larry,"

So Cara moved off my face as Amanda and I shuffled to swap positions
again. Amanda's wet canal still felt tight but it seemed more pliable as it
still gripped tightly on my cock.

Cara moved back into position and lowered onto Amanda's waiting face. I
could hear the slurping and licking as Amanda starting servicing Cara as I
now knew she must have done many times before. I started playing with
Cara's small breasts. They were not much more than a handful but they were
firm with good sized nipples.

After a couple of minutes, Cara raised up from Amanda and moved to get off
the bed.

"Finished already?" I asked.

"No way, Hun. I will be right back."

As she returned and approached the bed from the bottom end, Amanda put her
arms around my shoulders, her legs up and locked over my hips and whispered
"Are you having a good time, Larry?"

"Fantastic, Baby.......just absolutely fantastic."

Cara's voice from behind me said "And it is just gonna get better and

I felt her move up behind me, her legs touching mine as she worked her
knees between my lower legs up to my knees and spread my legs with hers. I
was kind of dumbfounded but when she spread my ass cheeks and I felt
something hard against my hole, the realization hit me. She wanted to fuck
my ass!!

I tried to look over my shoulder but I couldn't see anything but her upper
body. She had hold of my hips and Amanda pretty much had me immobilized
with her arms and legs. I could have wriggled away but I didn't want to
hurt anyone.

"You can't do that Cara. I am not into this gay type crap. I am straight
as can be."

Amanda whispered "Chill a little, Larry. You don't have to be gay to enjoy
things like this. Cara and I are not lesbians. We are bi-sexual and enjoy
the pleasures of both sexes. I think everyone is really a bi-sexual but
most are afraid to act on their feelings. Mike isn't gay either but he
likes to play our games with us."

Cara said "It isn't a big dildo either. It is only six inches and not very
thick. Amanda and I use it on each other as well as doing Mike's ass with
it too. You eased into Amanda without hurting her and I can do the same to

I said "Well, I have never been with another guy in my life. So I haven't
had a blow job from a guy nor an ass fucking from anybody and I am not sure
I want one."

All this time she kept the pressure on me with the head of that
dildo....not hard enough to penetrate but to let me know it was there. My
cock was still hard and to the hilt inside Amanda but no movement was going

Cara said "I promise not to hurt you. Mike was just like you the first time
I wanted to do him this way."

"Mike really does this with you?"

"Of course. He loves it doesn't he, Amanda?"

"Yes. He does. And you will too, Larry if you just open your mind to the
fact that it isn't a gay thing. It is sexual enjoyment and even if it was
with another man it doesn't make you gay. You love being with a woman so
how could you think of yourself as gay."

"Let me do it, Larry. I need your approval but I really want to fuck you
from behind."

"Well..... I am not sure about it...... but if you are promising that I
won't bleed and it won't hurt....."

Cara said "I guarantee no hurt or blood. You are going to enjoy it. I have
lots of K-Y on it and I will lube you as well."

"OK. I think..... oh hell, go for it. I may never in my life have another
opportunity like this."

I felt a coolness as she smeared jelly between my cheeks and using her
finger, pushed some into my anus. The finger felt good. I have had
Annie's one finger in there on numberous occasions. Cara's was longer it
seemed but no problem. I felt her pull her finger out and then with some
more lube, work two fingers into me. There was a feeling of tightness but
it didn't hurt and I told her that.

"Good. You are gonna be fine, Larry."

Amanda started moving against me as her wet tightness moved my cock in and
out of her. She deep kissed me and I felt her arms and legs tighten around
me as I knew what was coming from behind. I could feel the pressure of the
dildo pressing firmly against my entrance as Cara was holding my hips and
pushing more firmly. All of sudden, I felt it pop inside me. It was a
sensation like nothing I had ever felt before. It didn't hurt although it
did kind of sting a bit at first. I felt full in there. I felt like I
needed to take a dump. She stopped just after it got in and held still for
a few seconds before I felt more of it slowly sliding inside me. I soon
felt her pelvis against my cheeks as she pulled me back tight against her.

Pulling back to take another stroke, she slowly pushed back in then began
to fuck my ass just like it was a pussy. I felt the sensations of the
action and I had to admit that it was not painful and I actually thought it
felt good. I was beginning to understand why people liked it as I got into
the action with her.

"Cara, you and Amanda were right. No pain. I do like it. It is a
pleasurable feeling."

"I knew you would come around to our way of thinking if you would just try
it. I am going to start moving faster and pushing harder now. If it
causes pain you let me know, OK?

"For sure."

So here I am fucking a beautiful brunette while getting back doored by a
beautiful blonde. All of a sudden something hit me. How did Cara know that
I had 'eased into Amanda and not hurt her'?

So I asked how she knew that. Both of them kind of snickered a little
bit. Then Amanda told me that ever since we had arrived, her phone line had
been open to Cara's cell number. She had heard everything that was said,
every grunt and groan that Amanda and I had made. That was how she knew
when was just the right time to make her entrance into the bedroom so they
could get on with the rest of their plan.

They had planned all this together. Both had been in on it and I was a
willing victim. I felt used but I wasn't about to complain. This was a
fantasy come true and I may have even gone along with it if they had clued
me in on it.

After a while, Amanda asked "Would you like for me and Cara to trade
places? Would you like to fuck her?"

"Oh yes...... I would and why not?" I answered. "We are all just one big
happy family aren't we.?"

Cara said "Yeah, almost I guess. It seems that way doesn't it? Is anyone

So the swap was made. Amanda slipped into the strapon belt while the dildo
was still inside me. Cara slid underneath me and took hold of my sticky
cock and pushed it into her mouth. She sucked me for a minute or two and
then moved underneath to take it inside her vagina. She placed the head at
her entrance and I pushed slightly as I felt it start in. She was not as
tight as Amanda but it was a good fit and sliding into that warm wet tunnel
was a great feeling. Then I felt Amanda begin to work on me from behind.
Her stroking was different from Cara's in that she liked to push it all the
way in, hard and fast, hold it in for a few seconds before slowly
withdrawing for another plunge. Needless to say, I enjoyed both methods.

Cara was enjoying having me inside her. Her sounds and movments let me
know that and her legs went around me like Amanda had done. I am always
amazed at the increased penetration from that position. She alerted me that
she could feel her orgasm coming and I told her that I didn't think I could
come again yet but I wanted to help her. She wanted her own release.

So we humped and bucked as Amanda continued my reaming from her. Cara's
orgasm rolled in and she tried to keep the noise down but it didn't work.
A coarse scream emerged from her throat as her body quaked with the
pleasures she had needed. Amanda all of a sudden starting pounding in and
out of me very rapidly with shorter but violently hard strokes. Just then
I heard her hissing and moaning as she had an orgasm too from the effects
of the smaller nub of the dildo which was massaging her clit as she
serviced me.

All three of us just kind of collapsed into a heap on the bed as our bodies
succumbed to the rigors of expending that much energy. We separated and
just relaxed as we recovered our breath and composure.

Chapter 6

After a few minutes, Amanda said "Cara, do you think he's ready for the
next chapter of this adventure?"

I started to say something and Cara put her hand over my mouth so I decided
it wasn't my turn to speak.

Cara said "Yeah, I think so. He's still breathing so I think it will be OK
to continue."

They both snickered as I wondered what was going to be next.

Amanda got off the bed and went to the dresser, opened a drawer and came
back to the bed with something in her hand.

"You have to be blindfolded for this next part, Larry. I hope you aren't
claustrophobic. Everything is going to be good and you can trust us, OK?"

"Well, it has been fantastic so far. Why would I not trust you now. Go for

The blindfold, actually a daytime sleep mask, was placed over my eyes. I
felt them moving around and when I stretched out my arms and legs I
couldn't touch either of them so I assumed they had gotten off the bed. I
heard the door open but of course couldn't see a thing.

Amanda said "Don't go away, Larry. We will be right back. We just have to
get something from the other bedroom."

Shortly I heard them come back into the room and the door closed. A minute
later I felt a hand on my cock and it was rising to the occasion. Light
touches, fingers in my pubic hair, a squeeze and a couple of strokes and
the hand was gone.

I heard Cara's voice as she whispered but not too softly "You want a little
more light so you can see better?"

I didn't hear an answer but Amanda spoke "OK. But instead of the ceiling
light let's just open that shade part way to let in some outside light."

I heard the roller shade being adjusted but no light was seen by me. The
blindfold kept me in total darkness. My cock was standing straight up in
anticipation of the mysterious events going on around me. They tugged my
arms and legs as they wanted to position me somewhere else on the bed.
Finally I was at the very edge of the bed lying long ways. My arms were
pulled above my head and a loop of rope or something similar was placed
around each wrist. I heard some velcro being adjusted just before I was
rolled to face the edge of the bed.

"OK. He is ready now," I heard Amanda's voice announce.

A hand fondled my balls, then squeezed and relaxed several times then moved
up to my shaft and rubbed it lightly with fingertips before taking hold and
stroking it slowly with intermittent squeezes. I felt a tongue make a lap
around the head and lick at my precum on the tip. The tongue made several
trips up and down my shaft from scrotum to tip and made a few circles
around and just below the head. I moaned when I felt the lips slide over
me as my throbbing cock was sucked into that warm wet mouth. Not being able
to see all that was agonizing but exciting to me. The blow job began in
earnest with a really hard suck as the lips descended all the way to my
base. I was completely inside that mouth and I could feel tightness around
my cock head as I knew I was being deep-throated. I was moaning and
grunting as the best blow job ever was being delivered.

I said between moans "This is fantastic.....the best..... blow job....I
have ever had. Whoever you are...... you are the greatest."

Disappointment hit me as the mouth left my cock. Then I felt someone's
warm breath on my ear just before they kissed it.

"Are you really enjoying it?" a soft voice whispered into my ear. I knew
that voice. But my mind was in such a state that it didn't immediately
register with me. Then the sucking began again and the owner of the voice
faded from my mind.

Amanda spoke to me then and said "Make sure you let me know when you are
almost at your climax. I have a surprise for you at that time."

I just nodded as the pleasure I was receiving was taking over my body and I
knew I wasn't going to last much longer. Knowing what a fantastic sucking
I was getting along with an occasional deep-throat was pushing me to the

"I'm gonna come......oh yeah... keep going........suck me.....suck.... "

Just then Amanda ripped the mask from my eyes. I raised my head to see
none other than Cara's husband Mike sucking my cock just as I exploded into
his mouth. I shot several spurts and he never looked up as he swallowed
and sucked me dry. He raised his head and had a big grin on his face as he
moved up and kissed me on the mouth and shoved his come coated tongue into
my mouth. I had no choice but to suck his tongue as it was almost choking
me. He withdrew and his hand went to my cock where he fondled it and played
with my balls.

I couldn't speak. I was so flustered I didn't know what to think or say
anyway. I looked around the room to see Cara and Amanda sitting at the end
of the bed. Someone else was there too but my eyes hadn't quite focused
yet. Then it hit me. Everyone in the room was stark naked. Me, Amanda,
Cara, Mike and Annie. Annie? It was Annie who whispered to me.

"Annie....what are you doing here? What the hell is going on?'

She had a big grin and said "Maybe I should ask you what the hell is going

I just looked at her and she said "Did you enjoy your blow job. Your first
ever blow job from another man?"

"You knew about this didn't you? You were in on it with Cara and
Amanda. And Mike. Don't want to forget him. You all plotted against me."

Annie said "We didn't plot against you. We plotted for you. Has anything
happened to you that you didn't enjoy?"

"Well....no, but......"

"But what? Your not knowing was the only way we could pull this off. We
led you on and you took the bait as I hoped you would because I had heard
you dreaming and talking in your sleep about fucking Amanda. I, your
loving wife, am the driving force behind all of this. Now I have just one
more item on your schedule."

"What could that be?"

"For a long time I have wondered what it would be like to see my husband
having sex..........with another man. I want to see you suck Mike's cock
and then fuck his ass then see him fuck your ass since I have already seen
him suck your cock."

"What the hell is wrong with you, Annie? I am straight and you know it"

"Up to now you have been straight. I have known for quite a while that you
had some interest in gay sex. Your trail on the computer told me. Some of
the pictures and videos you have downloaded were pretty convincing of

"Guess I am busted, huh?"

"Yep, you are, big time. Now shall we get on with the activities?"

"I don't see any way out of it so I guess I'm ready. You know that never
in my life have I sucked another guy's cock and I have never fucked anybody
in the ass except you, Annie."

"I know sweetheart and I love you dearly for that. But I think too, I
should tell you that Cara, Amanda and I have been getting together on those
Saturdays when you are playing golf and we have spent the entire night
together a couple of times when you were gone out of town. So, in essence,
the whole bunch of us is bi-sexual and I think it is absolutely wonderful
to have such friendly neighbors. When I learned that you wanted to fuck
Amanda, or at least in your dreams you wanted to, I thought it was a good
idea and my mind began to race. One more thing I want you to know. I have
never fucked Mike or any man other than you, but I am going to today after
you give him a blow job and you are going to watch your Honey in action
with another man."

I was stunned. My wife wanted to fuck another guy in front of me. My wife
was bi-sexual and I had no idea. I guess since I have been a latent
bi-sexual for quite a while myself, I really have no right to complain
about her activities. This news was not at all upsetting to me. I had
conjured up fantasies similar to this on numerous occasions but they were
always just fantasies and I would go jack off to them.

Chapter 7

She untied me and I went right to Mike. He was waiting and I hesitatingly
kissed him on the mouth before I started kissing my way down to his cock. I
stopped just above the hair and Annie knew I was holding back.

She said "Go on down Baby....all the way... you know you want it ...don't
stop......just go on and suck him."

"I want to...but ... I don't know.... if I can."

"You can do it, Honey. Just slide down and touch it with your cheek. Then
turn your head and kiss it."

I closed my eyes and followed her voice as I moved my head down and felt
the wet tip of his cock push against my cheek. I turned my head and kissed
the end of it and tasted his precum. My tongue went out and licked the head
then I pulled back a little.

Annie with her face down very close to the action site, was ecstatic,
saying "Go Baby, go.... you need it in your mouth, lick it.... open up and
slide down on it. Suck it in."

My mouth opened and I felt myself slipping down on his hard hot cock. It
hit the back of my throat and I gagged. So I eased back a bit and closed my
lips around it. As I began to bob up and down and suck as I went, Mike
placed his hands on my head and helped me and I heard my cheering section.

Annie, Amanda and Cara all clapped as Annie said "Way to go.... give it to
him. Suck him hard Honey. I love it. It's such a beautiful sight. Make
him come. I want to see you swallow his come."

Amanda said "I wasn't sure he was going to blow him. But.... he is doing
great. I love watching two guys get it on."

Cara chimed in and said, "I just love watching people have sex. It is so
erotic and stimulating. Gets me all hot myself."

Just then Mike really began to get into it. He was feeling the urgency for
release building up in his balls. I was really getting into it myself. I
was sucking cock, I was going to make somebody else come, I was going to
have fresh hot come in my mouth and I would swallow it. I was heated. I
was going after his cock like it was my last chance ever. I was having fun
at it. I really loved the feel of his cock in my mouth. I sucked hard and
bounced up and down on him as I licked, sucked and scraped it with my teeth
now and then. I felt him begin to jerk and I knew what was next. His shot
of hot semen hit the back of my throat and I felt it sliding down as I
swallowed while he just kept shooting into my mouth. Spasm after spasm. I
thought I was going to choke but I sucked it all down until finally he was
spent. I pulled off of him and then did as I had been treated in the past
by Annie. I licked up and down to clean him up. Then I went down on it
again and sucked for a short time. Then I licked it base to tip and back
again before I swallowed the whole cock as deep as I could get it. I
sucked hard and he moaned almost in pain. I knew what he was feeling and I
was in love with sucking cock. I pulled back and his spent cock slipped
from my lips.

I looked over at Annie who was smiling in awe of the way I had taken to
Mike and his cock. She reached for me and pulled us together. She deep
kissed me. Her tongue was hot and all over the inside of my mouth searching
for remnants of Mike's come. She likes come, I know. She has told me that
on many occasions when blowing me how much she likes the feel and taste.
She loves to roll it around in her mouth with her tongue before she
swallows it.

She went to Mike and started kissing him. Then she told him that whenever
he got back to normal, she was ready and wanted him to fuck her. He nodded
and kissed her again as he played with her engorged nipples. That just
fueled them both as they explored each other's bodies and got into position
for him to get inside her. He slipped between her spread legs and she took
hold of his still hard cock to guide it where she wanted it. This would be
a new experience for her as she had been a virgin when we met and she had
never fucked any other man. He slowly slid inside her as she encouraged
him with her moans and grunts. I watched as her wet hole was filled with
his hard cock.

As soon as he was all the way in, the gyrations began. I knew how animated
she got during sex but I had never actually seen it. Watching her get
pounded like that was a super turn on for me. She moaned, groaned,
squirmed, humped, wrapped her legs around him, pulled his head down and
kissed him, let him go .... and then did it all over again.

Amanda had gotten into the strap on and was pounding Cara's ass on the
other side of the bed but I didn't even want to watch. I was totally into
watching Annie and Mike. She was on a high like I had never seen before.
She wasn't doing anything she hadn't done with me but it was just so wild
for me to be watching her do that with someone else. It wasn't long until I
could tell she was nearing an orgasm and about that time it hit. The way
she screamed and bucked was almost unbelievable but I saw and heard it.
Mike was getting the squeeze of his life as she gave in to the waves of
pleasure racking her body. Just as she settled down, Mike blew his wad
inside her. He grunted and snorted as he pushed hard and fast in and out
of her. With one final thrust and grunt he collapsed on top of her. Her
face found his as she kissed his lips and tongued him. The she said "Don't
stop, Mike. Keep going. I want more. Keep going.... keep going.. .keep

He started up again and with her encouragement they were soon into it
again. She was snorting as he pushed into her and relaxing as he drew
back. Then she tried to roll over and when he added his efforts they
managed to get her on top. Her eyes were closed as she rode him hard. It
wasn't long until I could hear her tell-tale breathing changes and I knew
she was about to erupt again. She did. She sat up straight and bounced up
and down on his stiff cock. Then she went chest to chest with him as their
sweaty bodies slid back and forth on each other. Then she went stiff, held
her breath for a few seconds and when she let it out it was like a whistle.
Then she just went limp on top of him.

He said "Annie... you are great."

"So are you, Mike."

Then she moved him off and turned to suck his cock with all the vaginal
secretions and remnants of his come all over it. She sucked and licked
like a mad woman. I have never seen her so exuberant but she wanted it,
was loving it......... and so was I. Then, quickly, she left Mike, came to
me and kissed me, tongueing me and sharing all those sexy juices with me. I
sucked her tongue like I had sucked Mike's cock.

Chapter 8

She laid down across my legs and just looked up at me with such a look of
satisfaction and accomplishment on her face. She was glowing and I had
never seen her look more beautiful except maybe on the day of our wedding.
After a couple of minutes she raised up, kissed me again and then took hold
of my cock.

"Come on, Big Boy. It's time you got you some male ass."

Cara and Amanda laughed as they turned to watch and see Annie literally
drag me by the cock over to Mike. He got up on his knees and Cara did the
honors of lubing his ass for me. Annie took a big gob of K-Y and smeared
it on my cock. Then she moved away and let me move up to Mike. I pulled his
cheeks apart and could see his hairy crack with that dark colored pucker in
the middle. I guided my head up to it and just pushed a bit to let him
know I was there. Then I pushed a little harder as I held his hips. He
pushed back against me and I felt it pop inside him without much problem.
He had apparently be filled from that end more than once. Between the two
of us we got my cock all the way in and he seemed to really like it. It was
tight in there. Almost as tight as Amanda's pussy. But it felt so
different on the inside. Not soft and pliable like her. More rigid and
unyeilding but slick and pleasurable nonetheless. I began to stroke in and
out and he was rocking on his knees and elbows with me. As I plunged deep
into his bowel, he would push back to make sure the penetration was
maximum. We continued like that for a while as we both seemed to enjoy it.
Annie came to my side and put her face close to mine.

"Are you going to be able to come? I know you have already come at least
three times and I realize you may not be able to again for a while."

"I doubt that I will but I want you to know .... I like this. I never
thought ass fucking could be this good."

"Well, if you don't think you will come. Why don't you switch around and
let Mike do you in the ass?"

"If he wants to. I am ready."

So I got a grease job between my cheeks and soon Mike had is cock buried up
to his balls, in my ass. He was a little rougher than Cara and Amanda had
been but not too much. He held my hips and pounded into me. As he
continued I could tell he was getting more and more hyped as his strokes
became shorter, faster and more forceful. His snorting indicated that he
was about to come inside me. Another new experience for me since the dildo
Cara and Amanda had fucked me with didn't know how to come. Just then he
slammed me hard from back there, held it deep inside, pulled
back... slammed me again and held it. Then he pulled almost out of me and
buried it hard and deep as he pulled on my hips and smashed me against his
pelvis. I felt the hot come inside me and I knew he was spent. After a
few seconds he pulled out and just flopped back on the bed. I just laid
down on my stomach to rest.

Annie hugged me from the side and said "You were awesome Honey. I
masturbated while you were doing that and I had another orgasm of my
own. Watching you do that, knowing it has been a strong desire of yours for
a long time, is just so hot and erotic. I couldn't believe the excitement
I felt seeing you two together."

Amanda came over and took Annie by the arm as she said "Come on, Annie.
You are the only one who hasn't been ass fucked today. It is your turn."

She just followed along like she was on a leash. Amanda had never taken
off the strap on dildo and was lubing and getting into position while Cara
as lubing Annies rear.

Mike and I just sat and watched as the scene developed in front of us. They
got Annie in position and Cara moved away as Amanda came up behind her and
started the action. Annie has had me in there numerous times so entry by
Amanda was not difficult at all. Soon she was inside Annie and stroking
away with Annie grunting and obviously enjoying herself.

Cara moved over and slid under Annie in a 69 position. As she moved her
face under Annies pussy, she began to lick and suck while Amanda did her
duty. Annie started to go down on Cara but she told her not to, that this
was all for Annie.

I could hear her slurping away at the puffy red lips as Annie moaned and
worked against Amanda's service on her rear. It didn't take long with all
the attention she was receiving until she was showing signs of another
orgasm. It hit pretty quick and she held her mouth shut to stifle the
scream but it was too much for her. She let go with a scream like none of
us had ever heard before. Then she just collapsed on Cara's face as Amanda
pulled out of her ass.

I rolled her off of Cara because it looked like she had passed out and was
going to suffocate poor Cara.

Chapter 9

After a rest period for all of us. We took showers and dressed as Amanda
had ordered pizzas for us all. Mike took off and went to get some cold
beer to wash it down with.

Later on the way home, Annie asked me how I enjoyed Amanda's tightness. I
looked at her and the smile on her face told me the answer to my question
before I asked it.

I said "So you were listening to Amanda and I on the phone too?"

"Yes. Mike, Cara and I were all three listening to everything. Not
because we wanted to invade the privacy of your fuck fest with her but we
had to know when things were happening and when to start the next moves."

"Are you pissed at me for making plans with her?"

"I was at first but then when I thought about the whole thing, that I had
been having sessions with Cara and Amanda, I decided that I wasn't going to
be mad or hurt. After I decided that, is when I got the idea for all of us
to have a get together and push you into the bi-sexual experiences that I
knew you so desperately wanted."

"Thank you for all of this. I love you, Annie."

"I know you do. And I love you too, Larry. Besides that, I think we are
going to be even stronger after this day."

"I think so too. But do you want to get together with them again?"

"Absolutely, I do. I want all of us to get together again and again. This
has been a fan-fucking-tablulous day and we need more like
this. And...... it's OK with me and I hope you feel the same way..... if
either of us wants to have a one-on-one with any of them........that is
fine too. As long as it doesn't happen frequently for either of us."

I just nodded but I didn't say anything. Why would I disagree with an
arrangement like that.

She said "Have you noticed that I am a little tighter than I have been

"Yes I did notice but to tell the truth I thought maybe I was getting

"I think I am tighter. Amanda taught me the exercises she does to keep
hers so tight and I have been doing them for about 2 months now. She said
it would take probably 6 months to notice a real difference but I think it
is working."

"She is really tight. Almost too tight really. It was a chore getting
inside her but after I was in eveything was fine."

Annie snickered "I know. I know how tight she is. She and I have been
together a few times before. And...... I heard you on the phone, remember?"

We drove into the garage. I parked and turned off the ignition and looked
at her. She had a silly grin on her face and was just staring out the

Turning to me she said "Fuck me."

"Right now? here?"

"Yes. I want to fuck right now, right here in the car. You fucked
everybody except me today. Now it is my turn," she replied as she was
removing her clothes.

We got over into the back seat like a couple of teenagers and fucked like
it was our first time ever. I think she has turned into a nympho and I am
loving it. When we were finished, it was dark outside and we gathered our
clothes and strolled naked to the back door.

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