Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Neighbors 2: The Pizza Man Cometh

A couple of weeks after my first trip into the bi-sexual world Annie and I
decided it was time to host the next meeting of our clandestine
committee. She made the calls and set the schedule for the next Friday

We met and got things rolling around 5:30 when Mike finally arrived after
his workday and stripped off joining the rest of us in total nudity. The
girls had already been enjoying themselves and I was content to watch the
show. It was awesome and Annie was amazing to me, the way she was into
this lesbian type action.

Mike and I got together right away and began playing around with each
other, kissing and getting warmed up. He had just slid his lips around my
cock when Annie came in and announced that she had just ordered pizza for
us and it should arrive in about 45 minutes. I watched as her twitching ass
cheeks passed through the doorway. The play kept getting more and more
serious until Mike began sucking in earnest as it was obvious he wanted a
"cum appetizer".

Shortly I heard the doorbell and then Annie said "Oh shit. That must be
the pizza man. He's early."

She quickly threw on a short semi-sheer cover up and went to the door. It
was indeed the pizza man. More like pizza boy in age but in stature, man
was more appropriate. He was probably 6'2" and around 200 pounds. He
looked to be maybe 20 and was most likely a college student. His blonde
hair was cropped short and his blue eyes were like lasers. He was wearing
shorts and a t-shirt emblazoned with "Pizza Ur Way."

I heard Annie tell him "I wasn't expecting your for another 15 minutes.
Come on in and close the door. I will have to go get your money."

"OK" and he stepped through the door. Mike was still bobbing up and down
on my cock and I saw "Pizza Man" peeking around the doorway. He stood and
watched intently as I gave no indication that I knew he was there. I saw
him reach down and rub his crotch as he eyed us.

Meanwhile Annie came back downstairs and could see him from the back as he
stood peeking around the door frame. She tiptoed up behind him to see what
we were doing.

She whispered to him "Are you enjoying the sights here?"

He almost fell over her trying to get away from the door. Then he said "I
was just admiring your house when I looked into that room. I had to keep

She handed him his money with a generous delivery tip and asked "What is
your name?"

"Bart" he answered.

"Hi Bart, I am Annie. The one on his knees is Mike and the other is my
husband Larry. Would you like to stay and visit a while?"

"Oh,.. uh.... man..... yeah.. but I got more pizzas to deliver and I have
to go back to the shop til 8 tonight."

"Well, why don't you drop back by here when you get finished? I am sure we
will still be here." making no mention of Amanda and Cara in the bedroom.

"Wow..... I hope you are serious. I will be back."

Annie raised up on her tiptoes and kissed his cheek before she said "Don't
forget now, we'll be expecting you."

She opened the door for him and he went out apparently in somewhat of a
daze as he walked very deliberately and slowly to his car turning to look
back at Annie.

So we all relaxed and had a leisurely pizza dinner. Sitting around nude
like that was a bit strange but I got used to it pretty quick. Amanda
dripped a dab of tomato sauce on her breast. I got up and offered to clean
it up but Annie beat me to it. We laughed and joked a while and finally the
pizza was all gone. Mike and I picked up the boxes, plates etc and did the
clean up.

Annie and Cara went to the bedroom together while Mike, Amanda and I went
to the living room. She and I got into a 69 with her on top while Mike
started lubing her up for a little back door action. Just as he was about
to push in, the doorbell rang and all of us just kind of froze.

Annie went to the front door, still nude, and looked through the
peephole. It was the pizza man she announced as she opened the door and
said "Bart....Come on in. You are earlier than we expected."

"Yeah, things slowed down over there and I begged off the rest of my

She closed the door, threw her arms around his neck and wrapped her legs
around his waist as she kissed him full on the mouth. I saw his hands go to
her ass cheeks as he held her against him. He still hadn't seen Cara or

Annie pulled away and stood as she started to pull his t-shirt up saying
"You got toooooo many clothes on, Bart. Strip down like the rest of us."

While he pulled his shirt over his head she started unbuttoning his shorts
and pulled the zipper down. She worked his shorts down his thighs and he
just stood as she bared his body. The rest of us had now come to watch and
when he saw the whole bunch his face showed his surprise but it was showing
through a very pleasant grin.

Annie pulled down his jockey shorts and I heard her gasp a little. Then she
said "Damn......what a gorgeous cock. Come over her you guys and see

She was right. It was gorgeous. Hairless and sticking up like a
flagpole. It was close to eight inches long and about two inches thick. She
dropped to her knees and kissed up and down its length before she tried
stuffing it into her mouth. He had a silly grin on his face as he held her
head and she quickly sucked him to a climax and swallowed his load.

Cara just stared before she snickered and said "Wow....that looks a lot
better than the pizza he delivered the last time he was here."

Mike and I were both envious. Neither of us had anything to be ashamed of
but Bart's was ... like a picture to be used as an example. I had to agree
with Annie. It was gorgeous.

Amanda liked it too but.... she knew anything that thick meant pain for
her. Her comment was "It is beautiful. But no way Jose am I going to fuck
that thing. I tried one like that one time and it was just too much pain so
I know better now. However I will be glad to give it my best orally and I
will love being rear-ended by it."

Bart just stood and grinned at all the compliments before he said "You all
certainly make a sexy, good looking group. I have never been involved in
any group stuff so if I get out of line or something just let me know. I
have always been in one-on-one action but I am a quick study."

Bart walked around Annie and kissed me, then Mike and went to his knees as
he started blowing Mike and giving me a hand job. I laid down on the carpet
and scooted under Bart and was trying to push my lips over his cock head
when Amanda took hold of it and helped me get it in. It really was thick. I
began sucking him off and he started humping my face as he was working on
Mike. Amanda slipped around to the other side and got in position to suck
my cock.

Mike came first and Bart graciously swallowed everything. A couple of
minutes later I flooded Amanda's mouth with my own hot liquid which she
promptly gulped down her throat. I had to work on Bart awhile since he had
just a short time ago fed a huge load of semen to Annie. When he did shoot
off it hit the back of my throat with some force. The ensuing spasms were
not so forceful but I could feel each one as it spewed forth.

Annie and Cara were spectators and were justly rewarded with our
display. They clapped in appreciation and Cara said "What a sight. Four
bodies engaged in oral sex all together. Awesome."

Annie hugged me, kissed me deep with her tongue and then whispered in my
ear "Honey, I love you. I am so glad you have taken to your bi-side with
such vigor. Enjoy the evening. Do anything and everything with the others
and no regrets. You and I will have our time later."

Meanwhile, Amanda had fitted herself with her favorite tool, the strapon
and was busy getting Bart in position for a good reaming. She seemed to be
more into the oral and anal activities than the straight sex. I wondered
if it was because of her tightness and her desire to avoid any pain or
whether she just enjoyed the other things more.

While she was pounding away at Bart's ass, Cara moved in front of him and
offered her ass to his face. He immediately responded to her satisfaction
as he buried his nose and mouth between her round cheeks. When I looked to
the other side of the room, Mike had his cock buried in Annie's pussy and
was humping like it was his last chance. Her legs were around him as were
her arms as she worked with him, her head thrown back as ecstasy flowed
from her face. Since I was the only one not involved, I got in front of
Cara and offered her my cock which she willingly sucked into her hot wet
mouth while she enjoyed her ass licking. All of a sudden the room was
filled with moans, grunts and guttural sounds as it seemed all six of us
began climaxing at almost the same time. It was an awesome medley of sounds
of pleasure just before we all collapsed in sheer enjoyment.

Good 'ole Annie was the first to say anything. "I want to see Bart do
Larry's ass. Are you ready for more action, Bart?"

"I think I am."

"How about you, Honey? Are you ready too?"

"I hope so but I want you to lube both of us really good. You know
fingers, Mike and that dildo are the only things I have had in there. So I
want to make sure."

"No sweat my darling. I will see to it that it all goes as easy as

With that she picked up a tube of KY and began to smear Bart's stiff member
with it. Then she placed a big gob right on my anal entrance and worked it
inside me with her fingers. Then another gob was pushed into me just for
insurance I guess. She took hold of his menacing cock and squirted jelly
all over the head before she began to guide him toward my butt. I was on
my knees with my head on my hands on the floor as she led him up behind me.
I felt the head of that enormous thing touch my pucker and I began to grit
my teeth.

He took hold of my hips and began to push with Annie still holding his cock
in position. I felt my sphincter expanding as I relaxed a bit and began to
feel the pressure as it slid into me. It wasn't as painful as I had
anticipated. More just a feeling of being really full as he slid in more
and more. The KY was definitely doing its job and soon he was sliding in
and out of me with ease. Each stroke sent waves of pleasure through me as I
felt his balls hit my ass cheeks.

I heard Annie say "Awesome. Did you all see how easy that was? Pump him
hard Bart. I want to hear him moan."

Next thing I knew Mike was behind Bart pounding his ass while Bart was
spearing me with his big cock.

Then Cara spoke up and said "You need a girl over there," as she came and
laid in front of me and scooted until her pussy was under my face.

I started licking her in rhythm with Bart's plunges into my ass. She put a
hand on the back of my neck and pushed herself up to meet me and held my
face tight against her. I could taste her cum from the earlier things she,
Annie and Amanda had been doing together. It wasn't long until I shot my
stuff all over the carpet beneath me. I tried to hold it but.......no way.
Amanda, seeing what was happening came over and picked up some of it with
her fingers and fed it to herself. Then she milked my cock and collected
the remainder in her hand and offered it to Cara who licked her hand and
fingers dry. I looked around for Annie and found her on her back with her
heels on a chair arm as she fucked herself with an enormous purple dildo.
Just as Bart flooded my insides with his hot cum, I felt Cara reaching her
peak as she tried to force my whole head inside her pussy as she gyrated
amid grunts and moans and was taken by a wave of two or three orgasms.

She rolled away from me and I pulled away from Bart as I laid down on the
wet carpet beneath me. Mike was still stroking away into Bart and they
both were breathing heavily. Soon I heard a change in Mike's breathing as
it turned more to gasps and he groaned and snorted like a horse as he shot
his white cream into Bart. They both collapsed beside me as all of the
guys plus Cara tried to gain their composure.

Just then I heard the familiar voice of Annie as she was moaning and almost
screaming her way through an orgasm. I looked her way and saw that Amanda
was between Annie and the chair with her face buried in Annie's cheeks
while she tongued Annie's ass to help her come even harder.

After all that furious activity, we were all spent for a while. We just
lounged around in the nude. Annie pointed out the fact that the guys
needed to get washed up since we had done a lot of ass fucking. So we took
turns at quick showers getting ready for another round.

The girls were ready sooner than we were. They got on the bed in a
triangle and had a pussy licking threesome. Then they switched and kept
going so that each one had eaten both the others. I looked at Bart and his
cock was standing straight up. Mine was pumping up but it wasn't full yet.
Mike was stroking his but it was about as far along as mine.

Cara came over and climbed on Bart's lap with her knees under her and
started stuffing his stiff cock into her sopping pussy. She groaned a bit
as it slid in, inch by inch.

"Ummph...... damn..... that's the biggest real thing I've ever been fucked
with. Oh... shit..... " as she started sliding up and down on it.

Amanda came over and got up really close watching it slide in and out as
Cara's lips gripped it and seemed to be pulled out and pushed back inside
as his cock did its duty.

"That is beautiful, but no way for me. When you get finished don't wipe it
off, Bart. I will clean it up for you."

He just grunted as Cara bounced up and down on him with her face buried
into his shoulder.

Then Amanda took hold of my now hard tool and said "Let's you and I go to
the bedroom."

So away we went. She was as tight as the other time we were together but I
didn't need any instructions now. I took my time and used some KY to help
everything along. She wrapped her legs around me and squeezed me so tight
I almost couldn't stroke in and out of her. Then she relaxed a bit and I
began full plunges into her tight hole.

Through her breaths, she whispered "Larry, you are great. You are the only
man that I have ever really enjoyed fucking. You know what I need and how
to deliver it. Hmmpf... oh yeah..... mmmm.... I am going to come..... work
with me....faster...... harder.... ... yeah.. like that.. ..right
there..... oh....oh ... oh............."

And just then she squeezed me again and her arms were around my shoulders
as she pulled me against her so tight I could hardly breathe as an orgasm
racked her body and tremors coursed through her. She quivered all over
during her spasms. I kept trying to pump in and out of her but I wasn't
allowed much movement the way she was wrapped around me. Her body relaxed
a bit but she still held me tight. I pumped in and out a few strokes and
another orgasm overcame her but not as violent this time. She was kissing
my neck and shoulder and I felt her teeth sink into the muscle by my neck.
That pushed me over the edge and I blew a wad inside her followed by
several spasmic squirts.

"I love it when you shoot your wad inside me like that. I can feel it when
it hits my pussy walls with force. You really shoot hard,
Larry............ the best fuck I have ever had."

"Don't tell Annie I said this.... but you are wonderful.. so fucking
tight.... the way you grip my cock.... I have never in my life fucked
anyone like you Amanda. I love Annie but you ... you are without a doubt
....oh hell... I just can't even describe it. You are the best ever."

"I think you must know, I have mostly been into women. I enjoy giving head
to men and having them anally but I just have never been comfortable
actually fucking them. But with you it is different somehow. I don't know
what but it is wonderful with you. It isn't related to size because I have
had some smaller guys and didn't like it with them either and you know I
don't care for the big ones at all."

I kissed her long and hard and our tongues fought for a while.

She said "Maybe we better go see what Annie is up to. She might need some

I laughed "Annie...need help? I doubt that but we should put in an
appearance I guess."

"I owe Bart that clean up I promised him. I am going to enjoy that. He
does have a gorgeous cock."

Bart was sitting alone watching as Annie was fucking Mike again. Amanda
went to him, fell to her knees and stated licking his half hard cock clean
of all the juices he and Cara had left on it. She had to work at it to get
it in her mouth but then she was sucking and bobbing on it as Bart's head
was back and he had a smile on his face. Amanda is a master cock
sucker. She had him groaning and squirming quite soon. And it wasn't long
before he shot his load into her mouth and it oozed out between her lips
and his cock as she kept sucking and swallowing. Finally she stopped,
pulled off of him and kissed him as she shared his own stuff with him from
her tongue.

Now Annie was on top of Mike moving up and down on him as her tits bounced
in rhythm with her movements. Bart was watching and moved over behind her,
lubed her ass and his cock and proceeded to hold her by the hips while he
pushed his big sausage into her cute little ass. Double penetration was
something to see, especially with my sweet little red headed wife in the
center of it. Her face was screwed up in sheer ecstacy as they pumped in
and out of her in alternate plunges. When one hole emptied the other was
being filled. She moaned and groaned as they fucked her and I could tell
she was having one orgasm after another. It wasn't long until she just
collapsed. Bart pulled out of her and his come ran down the crack of her
ass and dripped on Mike as he rolled her off of him so he could breathe.
She was on her back and the juices were running out of her body so it
looked almost like she was taking a pee. Her eyes were closed and her
breathing was just very short shallow gasps. I had never seen her like
that before but I know she felt satisfied.

Amanda said "Bart, you haven't had my ass yet and you are not leaving until
you do."

He didn't say a word. He just crawled over to her on his knees and she got
on all fours in front of him. His slick cock didn't need any lube but she
smeared a handful on her ass. He put his huge head against her pucker and
she reached around to hold it while he worked it inside her. She let go
and put her hand back on the floor for support as he began to pound her
from behind. Her head was down and she was looking back past her stomach
watching his balls as he fucked her ass. She began to rub her clit wildly
and I knew she was close to coming again. Then it hit and she jerked with
spasmic tremors as she rode it out. She fell to the carpet and his slick
shiny cock slid out of her ass.

But Amanda wasn't ready to quit. She looked around and saw Cara and asked
if she needed any help. Cara had been lying on the sofa servicing herself
with a dildo as she watched the action in front of her. She told Amanda to
come and help her which she did. Amanda took over the dildo and got above
Cara's face so Cara could suck her pussy. Amanda pulled the dildo out and
started licking Cara's pussy as well while she pushed the dildo into Cara's
ass. Soon they were both reaching another orgasm as they writhed together
on the sofa.

Everyone was so spent, we just laid around trying to recover some energy.
Bart came in from the bathroom after washing up and started getting dressed
as he said he was done for the night. I think we were all done. What a
bash it had been for all of us.

Annie was so out of it she didn't even seem to know what was happening so
Cara got Bart to write his phone number down for future reference before he
left. He came around and kissed everyone goodbye as he made his way to the
front door.

In a short time I think everyone was asleep. It was around midnight when I
woke up and was the only one with my eyes open. Annie was still where she
had landed when she rolled off of Mike. Cara and Amanda were still on the
sofa but in each others arms now. Mike was on his belly beside Annie and I
was on the other side of her. I turned over and went back to sleep. The
next thing I knew light was streaming through the front window and it was

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