Monday, May 11, 2009

George-and-Karo Part 1

George and Karo Get to Know Each Other

George and Karo are a couple in their mid-50s who had known each other
professionally for a while but are just now getting to know each other
better ... George writes this fantasy to Karo, describing the beginning of
his fantasies about them hosting a dinner party together. It's written
from George to Karo, from his perspective ...

I imagine that you and I are hosting a dinner party on a Saturday night,
and we have spent the late morning and early afternoon out shopping for the
ingredients we need. It's been fun, even though a rather dreary, rainy
day, and we've had a good time poking around the farmer's market and some
small shops, stopping for coffee and a bit of lunch, talking to some of the
vendors, etc.

It's now late afternoon and we're starting to cook in the kitchen, you
directing things, me acting as your sous chef, slicing and chopping,
cleaning up as we go along, etc. We're sharing a bottle of wine, listening
to some music on the stereo, stealing a kiss every so often (OK, maybe more
than that!!).

Faith Hill's song "Breathe" comes on the radio and I insist that you put
down the whisk you're using to stir a sauce and set down your wine glass
and dance with me ... You melt into my arms and we dance close together for
a little while, though we both have the sense that dinner preparation may
have to be put on hold for a little while ... As we dance, I feel your
beautiful chest pressed against mine, our hips close together, and the pace
of our hearts and breathing quickens perceptibly ...

I kiss your cheek and nibble gently on your ear (do you like that?),
pausing only briefly before kissing down across the top of your chest and
unbuttoning the top of your blouse so my kisses can reach the swell of your
beautiful breasts. I unbutton the rest of your blouse and unsnap your bra,
freeing your breasts as I take first one nipple then the other into my
mouth, feeling them stiffen even more as I do ... After a moment, I pause
to take off my own shirt so that I can feel the heat of your breasts and
nipples against my bare chest .... oh, what a fabulous feeling that would

We move to the living room and sit on the couch, and I take you in my arms,
continuing our marvelous kissing as I caress your chest ... I kneel on the
floor at your feet, again kissing your chest then down across your stomach
... You lean back on the couch as I lift your skirt, planting a delicate
kiss on the inside of your thigh, from where I gradually but persistently
kiss higher and higher, sensing our mutual arousal and pressing my kisses
up high between your legs ....

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