Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Heather and Mike

His large, loose ball sack smacked into my dangling one as he slid
quickly into me, stretching my ass around his cock. He pulled on my hair as
he took my left earlobe between his teeth and sucked at it. I could feel
his hair chest rub against my back as he put his full weight on me. His
teeth release my ear, and he growled, "Are you hard?" into my hair.
He hunched his hips backwards, pulling his erection out of my guts
and leaving an almost total emptiness behind. His question was rhetorical,
for Mike's girlfriend Heather was under me, sucking on my dick with all of
her considerable talents. If I could have gotten my hair out of his hands,
I would have been making a feast of her labia and clit, but Mike was
pulling my head back, exerting a control that was both exciting and
unsettling. Heather was thin and pale and possessed of an indescribable
sexiness that I can't, to this day, explain.

This wasn't how I had intended for Heather and I to end up, her
sucking my dick while her boyfriend sodomized me. She had been living with
him for years, first to spite her ex-husband, then because it was too hard
to get away and start over. We had met on the job, and eventually her
desire overwhelmed by judgment. And we ended up sleeping together after
Mike and she had a fight. That was the start of a year of Heather and I
sleeping together, trying to hide our sexual relationship from Mike, from
my boss, from everyone in the town of eighteen thousand we lived in.
If you live in a town of eighteen thousand, either don't start an
affair, or be ready for what happened to me.

I was closing the store, so I wasn't expected at to arrive at work
until noon. After Heather had sent her kids to school and seen Mike off to
work, she drove across town to my house. My soon-to-be-ex-wife had moved
north, leaving me a house, and I was sitting in a lawn chair smoking a
cigarette, watching the fall morning develop, when Heather arrived, parking
her tan antique Toyota in front of the house. Somehow, the street in front
of the house seemed "safe."
She walked around the house, crunching through the piled leaves,
and came up the stairs onto the porch. She was a pale blonde, small
breasted and tall, accused by Mike of "walking like a man." Honestly, if
she had not pursued me, I would not have pursued her, assuming that she was
committed to her relationship, and too young and too good looking for me.
But at this point, as she walked up the stairs to the side porch, I was
already turned on by her, by the fact that she was turned on by me...
There wasn't even a pretense of conversation on the porch. She bent
over me in the chair, grabbed my belt and tucked her fingers inside my
pants and shorts, rubbing my pubes with her fingernails. She pulled up on
the belt, then kissed me, and then disentangled herself and opened the side
She left the door open, and as the screen door automatically closed
behind her, she turned to face the street and started unbuttoning her plaid
shirt. I walked inside, and pulled my gray T shirt up over my head as she
dropped her shirt to the floor. I kicked the door shut behind up, grabbed
her in a bear hug, and then leaned her back, sucking her left nipple
between my lips before licking at it and enveloping the triangle of
freckles in my mouth. Her small breast would fit almost completely in my
mouth, and I loved to suck and lick and bite gently on them.
I slid both my hands down to hr waist, and then to the front of her
jeans, pulling the fabric together to release the button in the front.
Heather will never be wasp waisted, but I loved the warm softness as I
pulled her jeans and panties off of her. I keeled in front of her and
pulled her closed down to her knees, then leaned in and began to nuzzle her
public hair, coarse and the color of honey.
Her knees went weak as I licked at her saltiness, and began to suck
at her clit and drive my tongue into her. As her knees weakened, I helped
her lower herself to the red carpet in the dinner room. I stripped her
jeans off and tossed them into the living room, on the floor next to her
shirt. As she laid back, I wrapped an arm around each of her legs and used
my fingers to open her labia and continue to lick and suck at her. Her
juices continued to flow, sweet and salty on my tongue.
After several minutes of oral sex, she pulled me up on top of her.
As she tugged, I kissed my way across her soft belly. She rolled her head
from side to side, spreading her shoulder length hair across the
carpeting. As I rose up onto hands and knees, she opened her legs and
hooked her ankles behind my ass, opened by jeans and pulled them around my
thighs, then guided me into her with one hand as she french kissed me. As
our tongues met and swirled past each other, with the slight negative
pressure of sucking, she opened her eyes, meeting my dark brown eyes with
her green marbled eyes.
I nibbled my way from her lips to her ear and licked around the
outside of her ear before pointing my tongue and licking at the inside of
her ear. She exhaled hard into my cheek, and then turned toward me and
began kissing me again. I pumped in and out of her, my hardness slipping
into and out of her as I thrusted, grinding my pubic bone into her
clit. She began gasping and thrusting back at me, grinding into me as I
ground into her.
I was on my fifth or sixth complete thrust into her, lowering my
hips to meet her, when there was a loud "crack" and the side door flew
open. The morning sun drew a rectangle of bright light on the carpet, and I
heard the slinky sound as the spring on the screen door closed. Mike, ten
years older and thirty pounds lighter than I was stepped inside. I tried to
get up on my hands and knees, but Heather latched onto me and pulled me
back down to her. Mike stepped closer and stood over us, then he slapped
the door and it slammed shut, the latch clicking into place.
He stood over us for a split second, and then he started talking as
he unbuckled his belt. "OK, slut, if you want him to fuck you I'm going to
fuck him!" He dropped his jeans to the floor and stepped out of them, and
then tossed his sweatshirt into the kitchen. Heather was locked onto me,
using both her legs and arms to hold me on my hands and knees, my dick
buried in her as she swung below me, ass off the floor.
Before I could move or object or think, I felt Heather's hand
moving against my ass, stroking Mike's dick to full hardness. It was such a
sudden experience, an almost animalistic occurrence of Mike bursting into
my house and suddenly going from a fully clad intruder to a naked
participant, from an injured life partner to an angry male eager to assert
dominance, that I was unable to shake Heather off of me, or force her to
the floor and let me up.
Instead of escaping, of getting free and defending myself and
Heather from him. Instead, she whimpered and wiggled as Mike knelt behind
me,plunging his right middle finger into my ass as he accompanied Heather's
hand in stroking his rapidly hardening penis. He leaned forward, pressing
his naked thighs against the back of my legs, the head of his penis
catching and stretching the skin of my balls.
"I'm going to let you have it," he breathed heavily in my ear as he
bucked his hips forward, driving the warm stiffness of his penis into the
crack of my ass cheeks. I could feel his beard against the back of my
neck. I felt what seemed like Heather's fingernail across my asshole, then
the blunt head of Mike's cock lined up on it.
I knew there was not point in resisting; I knew that Mike was going
to have his dick fully impaled into me and there was nothing I could do. As
Heather guided his warm stiff penis toward my ass, I pushed out, reducing
the resistance as Mike put his penis through my spincter.
"Hold still, slut," Mike said, bucking his hips forward as Heather
grabbed my lower lip between her teeth and tugged at it. She wrigg;ed put
from under me, disengaging from my penios as she rotates one hundred eighty
degree, then reaching up and swallowing my penis to my pubic hairs.
Mike grabbed my hair and twisted it, grabbing control of my head an
neck through my head. Pushing his cock into me, using my hair as leverage,
he reached out and bit into my ear lobe. "Ohhh, " Mike moaned, deep into my
ear," You're tight and hot." This is not the expectation I had of him; I
saw Mike's motivation as revenge, not satisfaction, as he took control of
me and began thrusting into my asshole, over and over, feeling the friction
of his shaft against my ass muscles as he thrust in, bottoming out against
my prostate.
As he thrust into me, going from merely the head of his cock
resting inside my ass to rubbing his pubic hair against my wide split open
ass cheeks, as Heather sucked from the head of my penis to my pubes, I was
torn between denying the pleasure of Heather on my dick and Mike in my ass,
and forcing them tol et me up and taking control of the situation.
Suddenly, without warning, Mike stiffened into me, grbbing my hips
and pullng me into his groin as I felt his cock jerk and pulse. As he shot
into my rectum, I heard him grunt, and then he stiffened and I felt him
squirt into me. As he pulled on my hips, pushing into me as he came, jet
after jet of sperm into my intestines, Heatrher squirmed around, locking
onto my penis with her lips. As she slid across my dick, speeding up as my
urgency increased, Mike slowed and allowed me to begin thrusting forward,
leaving his dick hanging in midair as I pushed into Heather's mouth.
Finally, as Heather swallowed the first jet of white hot cum from my slit,
I pulled out of her mouth and tossed Mike to one side, trapping my cock
against his stomach and against mine as it jetted cum between us, coating
our bellies with cum.
I felt his cock against my body, and before Mike could say
anything, I was on top of him, my legs atop his, holding him down against
the red carpet. Heather was slowly getting up, ignoring the open blinds she
was standing in front of, exposing herself to the street.
I slid down, tracing a wet slick trail from his jaw line to the
wet, erect end of his dick, the hot spongy fl;esh of the dickhead opening
my lips as he thrust into my mouth and as I tightened my lips around his
shaft. "MMMMM" Mike groaned, as he half thrust into my mouth. "Use your
teeth on my balls," he exhaled, as I let his iron hard dick slip from my
mouth as I went to suck at his testicles. I bit down, half closing my sharp
teeth around his grape sized testicles, and then I rolled them on my tongue
and felt his hairy balls roll in my mouth.
As I sucked at his balls. Heather got on hands and knees behind me
and began fondling my balls as she licked as my ass, sucking her man's
sperm out of my ass. As I sucked and she sucked and Mike enjoyed, I
realized that I love sucking Mike and having my balls and dick sucked by
him, loved making Heather and Mike feel loved and making them both feel in

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