Monday, May 11, 2009

potential - 2

For several days Devon has been purposely avoiding his roommate
Flex, afraid to see him face to face after sucking his dick on a drunken
night of weakness. For the most part, Flex has been trying to check in on
Devon, to make sure he was okay after their encounter, but Devon had
decided to hide out over his girlfriend's apartment instead. 20 yr old
Yolanda Greene was ecstatic that her boyfriend wanted to spend so much time
with her lately. She looked at it as a sign that he wanted to be closer,
while her female roommate found him underfoot and intrusive.

Flex had gone about his normal routine, working as a Para-Transit
driver by day while attending night classes in Community College. Still he
made time to shoot hoops with his boiz, and romance the ladies every
opportunity he got.
Having had his dick sucked by one of his best friends and
roommates, certainly touched Flex in ways he never expected. While he's had
better head by women, he found the taboo of letting a man blow him somewhat
enticing. He wondered how Devon felt about it, but could never seem to
catch him at home. Even at night when Devon is usually in watching TV or
sleeping, he'd been suspiciously absent lately. Flex was beginning to
wonder if Devon was starting to have problems coming to terms with what
happened. He hoped it wasn't too serious, as it could destroy their
convenient living arrangement.

The third roommate (Theo Jones) was totally oblivious to what was
going on with his roommates. Currently holding down two jobs to help
support his 3 yr old daughter Brittney (whom lived with his mother in the
house he grew up in), he wasn't usually caught up in the daily grind of his
roommates' affairs. So long as the rent, the electric, and the cable bills
were paid on time, he was content. He didn't both himself with which guy
had which girl over the night before, or who drank the last of the milk
without replacing it. He lived a simple life with a simple code; to do
right by others and they in turn with do right by you.

It wasn't until the fifth day after "the encounter" that Devon
stayed home for good. Having caused a brief rift between his girlfriend and
her roommate for over staying his welcome, Devon decided it was time to go
home and face his fears. He made sure Flex was nowhere in sight when he got
there, and prepared to stay the entire night locked away in his room to
avoid making contact of any sort.
Devon was usually the first one home, as Flex was usually either in
school after work hours or prowling for his female conquest. Theo works his
normal 9 to 5 as a mechanic, but then moonlights on weds, thurs, fri, and
saturday as a bouncer in a night club. Devon was lucky enough to choose a
day where both roommates would be out late.

Having spent the better part of a week at his girlfriend's place,
did help Devon in avoiding his concerns, but it didn't stop him from
worrying. Devon knew he liked what happened between he and Flex, and it
scared him as well. Scared him to the point where he could see himself
whoring himself on his roommate much too often for his own comfort. Devon
didn't want to be gay. His biggest fear was he would somehow be converted
over against his will. But that was stupid, right? People were either born
gay or they aren't. They don't become gay after they'd already established
a heterosexual lifestyle and consummated it with a girlfriend!
Nevertheless, Devon felt it simpler to just avoid Flex until this
"phase" passed. He was later relieved when he heard Flex come home with a
woman in tow. He took her up to his room which was next door to Devon's,
and fucked the living daylights out of her. Devon could hear the woman's
moans and lustful screams through the walls over his television as Flex's
headboard bang against the wall separating their rooms. Devon found himself
daydreaming about what the woman may be experiencing, having first hand
knowledge of what Flex's hard dick looked and tasted like. He could imagine
the curved 9 inch monster dick moving in and out of the woman's pussy as
she gave herself to his handsome suave roommate. Devon found himself sexual
aroused just listening to them fuck. After what must have been an hour of
screwing, he heard them go into the bathroom to freshen up, before leaving.

Devon ventured out of his room when he heard the front door slam
shut. He looked out the front room window (Theo's room) and watched Flex's
car drive off. Devon felt compelled to sneak into the scene of the
crime. He wandered into Flex's room and turned on the lights. The bed where
Flex had obviously fucked the girl was in disarray. The sheets were wet
with sweat, and slight soiled with stains. Devon's dick grew rock hard in
his pants as he looked down at the bed he sucked his roommate's dick
in. Devon was just about to leave, when he noticed a discarded condom in
Flex's wastebasket. Devon walked over to it, and retrieved it from the
He held the yellow colored condom up by the opening, having the
contents face downward. A full load of Flex's semen was trapped
inside. Devon could tell by the weight of the condom that the sperm was
plentiful. He examined the contents as he licked his lips, unconsciously
hungry for the load. On instinct, he turned the condom up to his mouth, and
tilted it so some of the semen ran freely into his mouth. He tasted Flex's
sperm, swallowing the salty evidence as his taste-buds perked. Turned on by
the taste, he tilted the bag upright until he took the entire contents into
his mouth and swallowed it. His dick throbbed in his pants as Flex's sperm
slithered down his throat and into his belly. Devon felt his body trimmer
as his dick pulsed, then came in his pants. "Oh shit..." he moaned as his
semen pumped forth, filling his pajama bottoms as it ran down his legs in

Suddenly scared of getting caught, Devon replaced the used condom
back into the trashcan, hoping Flex would think it all drained out into the
small can. He turned off the lights and closed the door, before heading
into the bathroom for a shower.

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