Sunday, May 10, 2009

How I became Bi Part 11

It's been some time since I've had anything to add. Had a few adventures
but nothing exceptional enough to write about....... until two weeks ago.

All started out with a trip back to see our friend Michael. His wife was
gone for a week on one of her family visits and we were invited to stop by
for another private pool party and sleepover.

This time he mentioned that he had met a new co-worker and his wife that
would be good company and asked if we minded if they were invited. Of
course we agreed and wondered if that would add a new twist to our visit.

Michael told me to just go along with whatever he told them and I agreed
that would be fun and couldn't wait to see what was going to happen.

When we arrived, it was just getting dark and our new 'soon to be friends'
were already there.

Michael introduced us to Bill and Kim.

A friendly handshake from Bill and very warm hugs for both me and Leanne
from Kim got us started. Kim said that Michael had told them "all about
us". I just laughed and said.... Oh Oh!

After some wine and small talk, Michael said that he forgot to mention that
I was an experienced massuse and on a previous visit, had given him one of
the most enjoyable massages he had ever had.

I looked over at Leanne and she just smiled and said.... "yes, that's true".

Remembering to just go with whatever Michael said, I couldn't help but laugh
and say... "yes, Michael likes a good rubdown".

Michael suggested that I should give either Bill or Kim a sample and Kim
immediately said she wanted to watch me give Bill one just like Michael got.
Leanne chimed in with a big grin, saying she wanted to see that too.

Michael said.... Looks like the vote is in. What do you think Bill? Are
you up for a relaxing massage from Steve?

Bill looked at me and said...... Sure, if Steve is as good as you say he is.
Is this going to be a naked kind of massage?

We all laughed when Kim and Leanne both said yes at the same time.

Michael suggested that we take our wine to the bedroom where we could be
comfortable and Bill could undress and lay on the bed.

As we entered the bedroom, Bill asked.......... am I going to be the only
one getting undressed here?

Kim says..... Well, I think it's only fair that Steve is naked too if he's
going to be rubbing all over Bill.

Leanne agreed, and that Michael should also be naked and "helping" with the
oil. She added..... "Me and Kim will just watch".

Michael said..... "looks like the girls are in charge" and started to
undress. I noticed, as I took off my shirt, that the girls were together
and wispering in each others ears like old friends.

Bill layed down on the bed, while me and Michael finished undressing.

I saw that Bill was trim and nicely toned, and close to my size at about
5'9" 160 lbs. It's obvious that he had been tanning in swimtrunks, as he
had a nicely shaped and very white ass in contrast to the rest of his body.

I noticed that my cock was half hard as I pulled my pants off and looked
over at Michael to see his thick meat looking large and swollen. At this
point, the three of us were undressed and on display for Kim and Leanne, who
were now standing arm in arm together and obviously enjoying the situation.

Michael handed me the bottle of massage oil and I started rubbing it into
Bills back. I took a position stradling his ass and was enjoying the
feeling of my cock resting in the length of his crack as I moved back and
forth massaging his shoulders and upper back. That got my cock up to full
mast and I could feel him just slightly pushing back at me, as he could feel
my cock sliding in the groove as
I moved.

Slowly I began to move down through his lower back and began massaging his
asscheeks. They were hard and tight and he started to arch his back to move
his rear up to meet me as I dug my fingers into his muscles and slightly
spread his cheeks to expose him to the cool air in the room.

He knew at that point that the girls watching from the right vantage, would
be seeing his asshole and he let out a slight moan to express the fact he
liked where things were heading.

This was one of those times where I was thinking that I needed to capture
the moment and remember everything that was happening. Besides watching
Bill, I was also watching to see what everybody else was doing.

The girls had moved into a position to see what I was doing with my hands
and were gently rubbing up against each other like a couple of cats. I
noticed that Leanne was lightly pinching one of her nipples, making it stand
out under the light top she was wearing, and the next moment..... Kim was
doing it for her.

Michael was stroking his cock now and it was at it's full 8 inches as he
moved it closer to Bills face for him to watch.
I could see it was slightly shiny in the dim light of the bedroom and his
large pisshole was opening with the movement of his hand. I could see that
Bill was enjoying the show but wasn't sure what he was going to do next.

What he did was..... move up onto his knees, keeping them widely spread to
improve my access to his cock and balls, and raised his upper body onto his
elbows and to take Michaels cock into his mouth.

That was the sure sign to me that Bill was going to be into whatever I
wanted to go forward with so I started to spread his ass to massage more
deeply around his asshole with my thumbs.

I also started to massage his balls and the underside of his cock with my
fingers while pushing my thumbs slightly into his hole, spreading it open
for the girls to see when I pulled them back out again.

I looked to see if the girls were watching and saw that Kim had her eyes
closed with a dreamy look on her face. Leanne just smiled and changed
position slightly so that I could see that she had Kims dress up in the back
and was obviously fingering her from the rear.
Whatever she was doing, Kim was liking it.

I looked forward to where Michael was slowly fucking Bills mouth and then
back to Bills ass.

His hole was a light pinkish brown with only a trace of fine light brown
hair around it. It was tight and smooth around my finger as I pushed one in
and gently began to fuck him with it. He was starting to respond and had a
rythm going between Michael fucking his mouth and me at his rear.

As I slid a second finger in, Bill really started pushing his ass back onto
my fingers...... that got the girls attention and they stopped what they
were doing and started 'helping' by touching Bills ass and cock as I

Leanne wispered to Kim that Micheal had fucked me in the ass the last time
we were together and I loved it. So........ "Bill would like it too".

Kim said... "Lets do it. Get some oil and we'll help you put it in."

Kim put her fingers on mine and slowly slid them into Bills hole along side.
After a minute of sharing the moment with her, I let mine slip back out
and she took over.
I grabbed the bottle of oil and let some run down over her fingers as she
continued to slowly fuck them in and out of her husbands asshole. That was
a sight that I had to just stop and watch with my wife for a minute.

After lubing up my cock, I stepped up onto the bed behind Bill and squatted
down, pushing the head of my cock against Kims fingers. As I pushed, I felt
her slowly withdraw her fingers and I started to slide in.

She started massaging the underside of my cock, helping to keep it lined up
at the right angle to her husbands asshole. Rather than just push it in, I
figured I would let Bill do the work and get it in at whatever pace suited
him best.

Leanne was behind and below me now and watching as Bill started pushing back
onto my cock. She had her hands on my ass to give me the suport I needed to
keep my position as Bill gave a couple of slight adjustment pushes and then
one slow push back and I felt my cock slid all the way in. That surprised
me but it was obvious that he just couldn't wait any longer once he was
stretched open enough to take it.

I started to pump in sync with him, holding onto his hips so I could control
my penitration. I was pulling out to the point where the head would come
all the way out and just as his hole started to close back up, I would
slowly push it back in, watching his hole open in a circle around my cock as
I slid back in as deep as I could go.

The 'massage' thing was definately all over now and the girls decided it was
time to get involved or get left out. The dresses quickly came off and I
got to see Kims beautiful body for the first time.
Nice little B-cup sized titties with swolen nipples and a freshly shaved
pussy with very pink inner lips and clit protruding in plain view.

She moved to the head of the bed where she could watch her husband suck
Michaels dick and started to encourage Michael to cum in his mouth. She
said she wanted to watch Michael fill his mouth with his load while I filled
his ass with mine.

That was some pretty nasty talk comming from a cute little wife of a guy
getting fucked from both ends. The whole thing was definately a turn-on for
us three guys and I could feel my orgasm building.

Michael looked like he was doing everything he could to hold back and when I
finally said I was going to cum, he pulled out and without touching his wet
cock or saying anything.... started shooting streams of cum into Bills open

Seeing that really sent me over the top and I buried my cock one last time
into Bills ass and unloaded as I could feel his sphincter squeezing around

Kim was busy kissing Bill and sharing the taste of the seman Michael had
shot into his mouth while Leanne milked and sucked Michaels softening cock
for the last of it.

It was a great sight to watch but after holding my position for a minute or
so, I could feel my cock starting to deflate, so I relaxed and slowly slid
out to go sit on the corner of the bed and watch the girls. They were
definately turned on now.

At first Kim just continued to kiss Bill but then she invited Leanne to join
in. Soon they were making out and sharing the taste of Michaels cum.

Me and Michael were spectators now. When Bill started stroking his hard
cock, the girls realized he hadn't gotten off yet and redirected their
attention to that unfinished bussiness.

Bill finally did get his load off with Leanne sitting on his cock and his
wife planted on his face as the two faced each other and continued to make

Afterwords....... With my wife on her back and her tight little cunt full of
Bills cum........ Kim ate and sucked her out to start the hottest lesbian
sex any of us have ever seen.
Those girls fingered and ate every hole and then some. I didn't know my
Leanne could get that hot with another girl. Live and learn. What a

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