Sunday, May 10, 2009

Good Neighbour

Emma moaned, a little with pleasure, a lot with pain,
as the hard young cock filled her anus. The boy straddling
her began to move slowly at first then faster, his smooth
balls tight against her spread cheeks. She felt his hand
slide around cupping her belly then moving down to her wet
slit searching for her clitoris.

"Cut" sounded off in the distance and suddenly she felt
empty as 7 inches of cock was abruptly withdrawn.

"Lets go for the cum shot now. Emma on your back please,
Stephan kneel over her and let's see that cum fly"

Emma rolled over and looked at the young boy hovering over
her. He couldn't have been more then seventeen, blond hair,
muscles in all the right places, shaved to leave a light
brown patch of hair just above his cock, tight young balls
filled with cum, which she knew any moment now would be
hitting her face, filling her mouth, stinging her eyes if
she didn't close them in time.

Stephan stroked himself, eyes closed he came, hot wet cum
filling her mouth and nose.

"Thanks folks, that's it for today"

Emma reached for the tissues under the couch she was lying
on and wiped off the sticky mess. She had a few rules one of
which was never swallow if you wouldn't go out for a drink
with them, and as Stephan didn't look old enough to drink
she spat into the tissue.

What the fuck am I doing she thought to herself, as she did
up her sensible shoes, the ones which went with the sensible
office skirt and white blouse. I have to find another way of
making money.

As she drove back to the flat she shared with her partner of
4 years she thought back over the last six months and how
she had ended up making cheap internet porn just to keep a
roof over her head.

The day she had been fired still haunted her, the look on
the faces of her colleagues, the people she had thought her
friends, the people she had drunk with on Friday after work,
who she had shared confidences with, and one or two who she
had shared more than that with at the sales conference only
a few weeks earlier.

Her boss seemed to go out of her way to be as nasty about
it as she could, well when you are getting the better of a
younger , more attractive member of staff why not enjoy it,
especially as at forty no one in the office even thinks
about fucking you, let alone tries it on.

"Emma your work has not been up to standard lately, you have
failed to meet your targets, you're a disappointment.
Collect your things, security will escort you off the
premises. Your pay will be in the post". The two burly
security guards took up position behind her as she packed
her few belongings and was marched from the office, tears
running down her face.

She hadn't told her partner she had been fired, it had
seemed the right thing to do at the time; she knew she would
walk into another job within a few days. But that hadn't
been the case, and finally she had answered the advert. `Do
you want to do something different with your life, make a
new start....'

Well she certainly had, even though the pay was good, �500 a
day, let's face it she was a 23 year old porn actress!

The flat was quiet as she opened the door, no music, no TV.
The envelope on the kitchen table. She knew what it said
even before she opened it. `Love you but...lying to me...
not the same.' and then the words she had been dreading
`I've found someone else'

She curled up on the sofa and sobbed.

A tap at the door brought her back to her senses. The flat
was dark she had no idea how long she had lain there.

"Hello is anyone in; your door was open, are you ok?"

Emma raised her head over the back of the sofa to see who it
was. The light from the landing shone through the door
surrounding the visitor in a halo.

"Who is it?"

"Its Sam from next door, are you ok? I heard something and
it didn't sound right so I came to look and your door was
open so I thought there might be something wrong"

Emma reached over and turned on the table lamp, throwing a
pool of light on the floor and allowing her to see her
neighbour. She was a tall woman, about 5'11" with dark brown
hair, and a slim fit figure, Emma knew she was a runner as
she had seen her once or twice dressed in shorts and T-shirt
as she left for her morning jog. This time however she
wasn't wearing shorts, she had on a dark blue silk gown
which reached just above her knees. And her hair looked damp
as if she had not long been out of the shower.

"Hello Sam, I'm fine"

"Well you don't look it to me; you look as if you need a
stiff drink and a shoulder to cry on"

With that she pushed the door to and stepped inside.

An hour, and two bottles of wine later they were friends.
Emma hadn't meant unload her problems onto her, but it had
just all spilled out. The sacking, the lying to her partner,
the letter on the table when she had got home.

Now they were side by side on the sofa, half cut and Emma
decided that she might as well come clean about what she did
now to earn money.

"Erm.. there is something else I need to tell you, how I
earn money now"
You're not on the game are you?" Sam giggled drunkenly

"Not quite, I'm a porn actress"

The look on Sam's face said it all. How can you be, you are
a young attractive woman, but also a look of interest.

"So have you been working today?"


Sam inched closer, her voice became huskier. The silk robe
slipped open slightly exposing more of her breasts. She
could feel her nipples swelling, showing through the robe,
the thong she had hurriedly slipped on when she had heard
the noise from next door and plucked up the courage to come
round and check, seemed tighter cupping her swelling lips.

She been aware of Emma for a while, her short blonde hair,
the way her bottom swung as she walked down the street,
imagining what she must be hiding under the sensible office
clothes she wore.

Her nipples brushed Emma's arm, hard nubs pressed against
the soft skin, she leaned even closer, urging Emma to speak,
but before she could Emma turned and looked at her. A spark
passed between them and they were kissing.

Emma sensed the change come over Sam. As soon as she
mentioned the acting she knew Sam would understand, wouldn't
criticise, would accept her for what she was. She knew she
was going to make love there and then.

Turning she noticed Sam's robe had slipped exposing her
small breasts, the hard pink nipples. She wanted her, she
needed her. She leaned into her and their lips meet.

Tongues sliding over and around, soft pink lips, sucking her
tongue deep into her mouth. Sam climbed onto Emma's lap;
straddling her she reached down and freed her breasts from
the robe. Emma reached for her, finding her left nipple,
diamond hard, her thumb caressing, cupping the breast she
moved down, her mouth desperately seeking, her tongue
brushed the tip and then she engulfed the breast with her
mouth, wanting to taste as much as she could.

Sam leant back giving Emma full access to her body, the robe
now fully open, she ripped it away, casting it to the floor
luxuriating in the sensations as Emma suckled her.

In her sexual haze Sam wanted to fee and see everything Emma
had, she had imagined it for long weeks, now she was only
moments away from her desire. Reaching down she began to
unbutton the white blouse revealing the lacy bra underneath
encasing tanned mounds. The front clasp made her life easier
as she freed Emma's breasts. Perfect 36c's with dark brown
nipples at least half an inch long.

She stood pulling Emma to her feet, reached round and
virtually tore the zip out of her skirt in her haste. The
skirt tumbled down revealing matching white panties. She
knew she couldn't stop. She pushed her back down and knelt
between her thighs to reach up and hook the band of the
panties. She slid them down to reveal a perfectly bare,
perfectly formed, perfectly inviting pussy. She ran her
tongue along the length of Emma's thigh and then brushed
against the swollen pink outer lips. Tasting her arousal she
used the tip of her tongue to part them, the inner lips a
darker red, she pushed her tongue as deep inside Emma as she

Emma squirmed in ecstasy. She could feel she juices flooding
between her legs. She grabbed Sam's hair, disengaging her
tongue then dragged her up to devour her, sucking her tongue
dry of her own taste. She wanted to taste her, to cover her
face in Sam's love.

They wiggled onto the floor assuming the most natural
position, Emma underneath, Sam on top lowering her pussy
down to receive the tongue of her new lover.

Sam's lips were hairless and smooth, recently shaved from
her shower, her dark brown hair just a tiny triangle,
guiding Emma's tongue to its destination as safely as a
landing strip. A tiny pearl of love juice dropped onto her
tongue as she inhaled the creamy, sweet aroma. Her tongue
brushed against Sam's hood, exposing her clitoris, a half
inch long firm swelling which she eagerly engulfed.

Emma's mouth and tongue caressing her engorged clit pushed
Sam over the edge. Her orgasm building deep in her belly,
spreading outwards to overwhelm her, her nipples harder then
she could ever remember, her legs quivering, her whole body
blushing a deep red she moaned long and loud.

As her first orgasm subsided she leant forward to slide her
hands over Emma's belly down over the smooth mound, parting
her lips she drew her nail over Emma's exposed clitoris,
feeling her tense she used the pad of her thumb to tease it,
stroke it, caress it as it swelled to at least an inch.
Parting the pink lips she slipped first one then a second
finger deep into Emma's love tunnel, using the copious
juices to lubricate her finger she withdrew and swirled them
across Emma's pink bud, opening her, entering she manoeuvred
her thumb back and entered her pussy. Her whole hand now
involved in the ac of pleasuring the young woman between her

Emma tensed as the finger traced its way to her anus,
probing entering. For a moment there was a flashback of
Stephan's cock entering her this morning, waiting for the
pain, but this time there was only pleasure building between
her thighs, Sam's thumb deep inside her, Sam's breath on her
belly as she lowered herself to lick her swollen clit and
the building electricity in her soul, expanding throughout
her body, tingling her toes and fingers, sparking across her
sensitive nipples as she exploded.

This time there was no shout of "cut"

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