Monday, May 11, 2009

George-and-Karo Part 2

I seem to remember that, when I left off before, we had been having a
marvelous day and evening ... things had gotten rather steamy in the
kitchen, so we had adjourned to the couch ... your blouse and bra were
undone, revealing your beautiful breasts, and I had loved taking each of
your stiffening nipples into my mouth ... mmmmmmmmm!!!

Then I had moved to your legs and was kissing up higher and higher between
your thighs, until I could feel the wetness dampening your panties ... oh,
writing this to you makes me ache to have you!!!

I lick your pussy through your panties for a moment, then pull them aside,
probing with my tongue until you shudder just slightly as I find your firm,
swollen clit ... I love how you taste and want us to possess each other
entirely!! We stand up to get undressed, but I take off my shirt first and
pull you to me so that I can feel your full breasts and nipples against my
bare chest ... what a marvelous sensation! As we stand together, you can
feel the stiffening bulge in my pants and you reach down with your hand to
cup me ... I can barely wait for us to be completely undressed!!!

We step out of our clothes and you settle back on the couch so that I can
continue to explore the warm delicious wetness between your legs, probing
and tasting and kissing and touching until you explode with what we hope
will be the first of many such climaxes ...

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